Copyright 2012
By Lee Mariner

This  ADULT  adult fantasy depicts homosexual acts and erotic situations.  Should you not be of legal age in your locality to be reading this material, or should you not approve of such material, PLEASE LEAVE.

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I was in the process of undressing and was about to remove my briefs when there is a light scratching at the door followed by Jeff entering the bedroom.  Snatching my shirt off of the chair where, I had thrown it, I half-ass wrapped it around my waist exclaiming,  "Damn, Jeff, you almost caught me naked."

"I'm sorry, Uncle Kevin, I didn't think you would be ready for bed this early," he said softly.

"I'm almost ready, Kiddo, what's up?" I asked, a little self-conscious at being half-naked.

"Noth...nothing really," Jeff stammered nervously. "I...I just wanted to thank you for taking me with you, and getting mom and dad to go along with it."

"You should be thanking yourself, Jeff, you did most of it, not me,' I replied, gazing at him intently and watching the way his eyes beautifully expressive hazel eyes moved as he looked at me.

"Uncle Kevin, can...can..., I," he started to say, stopping before he finished, his eyes looking past me out the window into the darkness. 

"Can you what, Jeff?" I replied softly, tying off the arms of the shirt around my waist and watching the emotions on his face.

"I...I want to hug you," he said, moving quickly before I could reply, wrapping his arms around me squeezing us tightly together, pressing his hard flat pelvis against mine. Snuggling his head into the cavity below my chin he whispered, "I just want to hold you for a minute."

A warm feeling of compassion washed over me and his strong youthful body felt like it was melding with mine. Breathing deeply, I put my arms around his neck and a feeling of excitement rushed through me.  His heart was racing and the scent of his shampoo was intoxicating but, I knew what I was feeling was wrong.   There were feelings now where none should exist or could exist.   Removing my arms from around his neck, I placed my hands on his waist just below his ribs, I started to gently push him away when he compounded the consternation that I was feeling by kissing my cheek and whispering, "I love you, Uncle Kevin."

The touch of his lips on my cheek sent a fiery bolt of fire rushing into my loins, and I knew if I didn't break off the contact, I would succumb to the intense desire to take him, enjoy him, make him more than just my nephew. Breathing in deeply and gathering the little strength left to extricate myself from the erotic web that was being woven around us, I moved back  as I said, "Your my nephew, Jeff and I love you, but it's late and we better turn in and get some sleep if we want to leave in the morning after church.

"Yes, Sir," he replied meekly, his arms dropping limply to his side as he stepped back.  His eyes held a forlorn look of uncertainty for a brief moment before he moved toward the door. Placing his hand on the doorknob, he looked at me, and in the subdued light, I detected the hint of a  provocative glint in his eyes as he said,  "I'll be ready when you are, Uncle Kevin".

For a moment, I couldn't help but wonder if I would be, I thought as my briefs dropped to the door. For a brief moment, I was wishing Jeff would re-enter the room before I went into the bathroom.  The need for relief was so intense that 'spanking the monkey' was almost anticlimactic.  "Whew!" I thought as I milked the seminal driblets from my deflating cock.

"It's been a hell of a re-union."

Chapter #2

The pressure in my bladder and the noise of movement in the house awoke me.  Remembering, Jeff's impromptu visit of the previous evening, I jumped out of bed and went to the bathroom posthaste to avoid another unannounced visit.

It seemed as if my bladder would never empty although, I was enjoying the exquisite feeling of relief as the heavy stream of urine slowly diminished in strength to a weak dribble.  Thoughts of Jeff and the scary feelings that had been caused by his hugging me skittered through my brain while I was milking and shaking the remaining golden drops from the urethral aperture in the crown of my semi-flacid cock.  Giving my cock a final tug, I flushed the toilet just as I heard,   "Kevin, are you awake, it's, Karen."

"Hold on a second, Karen, I'll be right with you," I called out, the sound of her voice forcing any thoughts of Jeff from my mind.

"Robe, robe," I thought anxiously as I looked around the bathroom before going back into the bedroom.  "Where in hell did, I put the damn thing." 

Still looking as I tried to recall what I had done when I last wore it, I grabbed yesterday's jeans and slipped them on, hopping on one leg and then the other toward the door.  Stuffing my cock inside my fly and zipping it shut, I opened the door with a cheery, "Good morning, sorry for the delay."

Grinning, Karen held out her arms containing several neatly folded items of my clothes, a twinkle in her eyes as she said, "Good morning, I hope you don't mind me gathering these from your room and washing them but, I can't let you leave here with unwashed clothing."

"You didn't have to do that, Karen; but, I do appreciate it," I said as I took the clothes from her.  "I always carry a dirty laundry bag with me."

"So do we, but I try and keep up with the laundry whenever I can while we travel," she responded.  "Breakfast will be ready in thirty minutes," she said as she turned away.

"I'll be down in fifteen," I called out.

Placing the fresh smelling clothes that Jeff's mother, Karen had washed with my other things, I stretched my still sleep groggy frame and  glanced narcissistically at my reflection in the dresser mirror.  "Damn," I said to my reflection, loudly lip smacking my foul tasting mouth.  "You are one ugly sucker in the morning."  My hair looked like a rat's nest, all over my head in every direction of the compass, my five-o'clock shadow had deepened to about half-past midnight and the overnight sleep crust felt like it was an inch thick on each eye.  "Damn," I said again as I removed my jeans and my briefs. Tossing them on the bed. Before, I turned away from the mirror, I glanced at my reflection. My piss heavy, semi-flacid cock arched away from the thick hair that covered my pelvis. Inhaling deeply, my chest expanded and the muscles drew taught. 'Nooooo, not that ugly," I mused while turning toward the bathroom.  Moving slowly, I was performing the universal exercise of all males in the early morning - I was scratching the hair on my pelvis and around my balls when I heard, "Uncle Kevin, are you up yet?"

Spinning around, I saw Jeff stepping into the room and I, exclaimed, "Jesus Christ, Jeff,  if I wasn't awake before, I damn sure am now what with first your mother and now you."

"I'm sorry," he replied, holding the doorknob in his hand with the door ajar behind him.  "I just wanted to be sure you were up and see if you wanted me to carry any of your stuff down to the truck, that's all," he said, with a big grin on his face and his eyes focused on my nakedness.

'Damn,' I thought to myself. 'f he is brassy enough to stand there with me naked, I've got balls enough to let him see it all.'

"I didn't know you were getting ready to take a shower," he said, his eyes unwavering in their focus.

"That is why people knock before entering through a closed bedroom door, Jeff," I said in a soft rebuking tone but not attempting to criticize him to sharply.

"I know," he replied awkwardly. "I just didn't think."

"Teenagers have a way of not doing that - sometimes," I said.  "You can take that big bag down if you want to and then, I'll see you at breakfast."

"Yes, Sir," he said quickly. "Except for a few things Mom has, I've already taken my stuff down to the truck." 

"After we eat, we can load them," I replied noticing that his eyes were still trained on my crotch.

He was wearing tight fitting, beltless Levi's and there was a  respectable bulge in the crotch of his dark-blue jeans. There was a needless cuff folded into each leg of his jeans just above the top of his white Nike's, and he was wearing a dark blue, sleeveless muscle shirt that very distinctly showed the sculpted muscles of his tapering torso, the breadth of his shoulders and the definition of his bicep and forearm muscles.  I could not help but admire how well he was developing. 

"You've really been working out haven't you, Jeff?"

"Yes, Sir," he replied. "For awhile, I was sort of lazy about how I looked until the last time you were home and I saw how good you looked. I figured that if I was going to have a build like yours, I better work out."

"It never hurts to improve on what Mother Nature provides," I said, gazing at him and patting my flat stomach and unconsciously, entangling my fingers in the thick pubic hair as I spoke.

"That's what, Dad says," he replied grinning broadly, his eyes twinkling as he opened the door and left.

"I guess most Marines think that way," I mused while taking my shower.

* * * * * * * * * *

Karen had prepared, in my opinion, an excessive breakfast.  It looked like there was enough to feed seven or eight people but, seeing how Jeff was eating, it was obvious that she knew her son better than I did.  Eddie, my younger brother, was eating and, as it was his wont to do, he was outlining the routes that we should take.  Karen would glance up every now during his long course of instructions, and grin benevolently.  Jeff  was more interested in eating than listening to his father but every not and then, he would lookup from his plate with a full mouth and rolls his eyes as if he had heard it all before - which he probably had.

After loading the SUV, Karen provided us with a small  cooler containing sandwiches and drinks.  We exchanged locations and telephone numbers of where we would be on the different legs of our trips.  I had made advance reservations at the LaConte Creek Motel where I had stayed on other occasions.

Departing became more emotional as time to depart neared and it was Jeff's first trip with someone other than his parents.  It took a couple of "Aw Mom's" before he was able to get in the truck. As we started moving, I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Eddie and Karen waving vigoriously as we drove away.


"Whew!" Jeff exclaimed softly, turning sideways in his seat and leaning with his back against the locked door, facing me with one leg drawn up under him the other hooked around his drawn up ankle. "Mom must still think I'm a little boy, Uncle Kevin,"

"Mother's do feel that way, Jeff," I said. "Especially when they only have one son."

"I guess so, Uncle Kevin but she forgets I'm seventeen years old, and I'll be a senior next year."

"Don't be hard on her, Jeff," I said glancing at him and grinning. "Mother's little boys never grow up, at least in their minds they don't."

Jeff made a typical teen-age observation, he shrugged and then reached behind to pull a school book from his backpack...American History.

I saw the title and thought, 'at least it isn't a comic book."

The interstate traffic south was fairly light and we were passing the Lexington turnoff's when Jeff closed his book and looking out the window he said, "Uncle Kevin, can we stop at the next rest-stop?"

"Sure, you have to go?"

"Not really but, these jeans are tight and it'd be more comfortable wearing shorts." 

My jeans were not as tight as Jeff's but, a pair of shorts would be more comfortable and a short delay wouldn't make us that late so, I agreed and we pulled into the next rest-stop.

There were quit a few cars and trucks but it looked like most of the travelers were having lunch under the several pavillions that were provided by the state.
Karen had packed a small cooler for us but when I mentioned it to Jeff, he shook his head negatively and pulled a pair of athletic shorts from the smaller of his two bags.  The bag with my shorts wasn't that easy but, it only took a minute to find them. 

Jeff had taken off as soon as he had his shorts and it took me a minute before I could join him in the men's room.  There was an older man standing at one of the urinals and, he glanced in my direction and nodded. I didn't see Jeff but when I called out he answered from behind one of the several stall's.

The man at  the urinal was finishing his business as I opened the door to an empty stall.  The walls and the back of the door were covered with erotic scribblings with dates when written and some with 'call me' phone numbers.  Some one had although, I'll never understand how, drilled holes in the walls big enough to see who or what was in the adjoining commode. There was a pair of shoes pointing toward the door in one booth and trousers around the owners ankles and, the other booth was empty. Hanging my shorts on the door hook, I started to remove my jeans when one of the shoes turned in my direction. I knew what it meant but, I ignored it and continued removing my jeans.  It was when I was wearing only my briefs that the occupant of the booth pushed his finger through the hole and wiggled it. I felt my cock starting to swell at the thought of what the guy wanted and for a moment, I was tempted to give in until thoughts of Jeff sprang into my mind.  Quickly pulling on my shorts, I called out, "hey, Jeff, are you ready?"

"Yes, sir," he replied.  "I'll be right out."

When Jeff opened the door to the stall he had been in, I had a quick glimpse of the hole in the wall and someone sitting on the other side. Jeff didn't look flustered but, I could help thinking, "poor bastard, he probably just missed the load of his life."