Rearing Derick, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Derick was grinning up at me with an eager smile as my pole slid deep into his hungry bottom. His hazel eyes were filled with yearning as I bottomed out in his hole, then he bit his lip and his boy pussy came to life. Knowing that he was horny for a deep tissue massage, I began an in and out thrusting that had him moaning and writhing around in no time flat. His 3 ½ inch boy boner was drooling with precum that poured into his tiny patch of pubic hair, leaving a shiny trail in its wake. His size 7 feet were pressed flat against my chest, his heels digging into my skin and his toes pinching me as they curled tight.

Knowing right where his itch was, I focused every ounce of energy and friction on his spot and began to scratch it. When he felt my long, thick shaft probing deep in his tight bottom, he shut his eyes tight and began to pant heavily. Soon, the sharp ridges of my glans began to administer the relief that he needed, scratching his itchy boy pussy with constant strokes. I could see his lips moving, but there was no sound. His expression was one of sheer Eden as the itch began to subside.

As I ran my scratcher deep in his hot rectum, I could feel it thanking me with tight hugs that encased my entire length. Over and over again, his tight boy pussy gripped my pole with a ripple of appreciation while Derick moaned with unbridled passion. Soon, I felt his flexing hole kiss the tip of my manhood with a fresh flow of ass juice as it bottomed out.

With his itch now in its final throes, I added even more force to my scratching. I could feel the hot tissue that surrounded my man sized shaft, juicing hard as I massaged every nerve that tortured him. His tummy began to roll as I continued to administer his treatment, then he moaned femininely and arched his back. His hot, tight rear end was beginning to close around my scratching pole for longer and longer periods of time as I maintained my pace. I felt his boy pussy juice hard, then his eyes opened and he moaned with a helpless expression on his cute face. He reached between his legs and rubbed the stretched lips of his boy pussy, holding his fingertips in place as my cock made continuous passes between them. While he was rubbing the outer lips of his dilated boy pussy, he fixed his eyes on my face while his mouth hung open and his moaning became erratic.

I looked down at his boy cock, watching it drool with a continuous stream of precum while it raged against his pubic bone. I let my gaze move downward, where he was still rubbing his outstretched pucker with continuous, circular motions. I could feel his small digits working their magic as I plumbed his hot hole, eradicating the itch that brought him to this point. The naughty itch that my nephew couldn't ignore, even if he wanted to.

Earlier that day, I was working in my garage when I got the call on my cell phone.

He's at it again with that boy,” my mother said, clearly frustrated that she had to call on me to intervene again. “They're up in his room and he won't answer the door.”

I'm on my way,” I sighed, shaking my head with bemusement as I buttoned my flannel coat and prepared to walk across the property that I share with my mom.

I walked out of the house and trudged across the grass, keeping an eye out for errant land mines that Derick's dog seemed to leave anywhere he so pleased. For years he begged me to convince his grandmother to let him have a dog, and I finally took up for him. On his 13th birthday we took him to the pound and he brought home a beautiful but neglected beagle that he aptly named Pooh Bear.

He promised us that he would feed it and give it fresh water every day. He was supposed to clean up after his beagle at least every other day, but he always waits until one of us tracks dog shit into the house before actually doing what he promised. Then, in typical 13 year old boy fashion, he looks up at us with a dumbfounded expression and says, “I forgot.”

Before stepping onto the porch, I checked my shoes while my mother opened the door and waited for me to come inside.

I tried knocking but he won't answer,” she said with a flustered look. “I've had just about enough of his acting out.”

Let me get up there and sort this all out,” I told her, then we heard Derick's bedroom door open and two sets of footsteps trudged across the ceiling above us. When the boys appeared at the top of the stairs, I nodded with knowing eyes at my mom while she shook her head with disappointment. Jeffery was fully dressed for the walk home, but Derick was wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs that he put on after his shower the night before. From the bottom of the stairs, they looked slightly disheveled and their precum soaked pouch was barely disguising his rigid boner.

Giving my mom a challenging look, my nephew took the hand of his john and offered him a sweet kiss, which the taller boy accepted. I had to admit that my nephew had good taste in boys, and his current conquest was no exception. Jeffery was a year older than Derick and easily six inches taller than him. He had dirty blonde hair that was styled to look messy on top. His hair complimented his still young face, which hadn't been ravaged by the storm of acne that puberty can often bring with it.

Unfortunately, Mother and I found out the hard way that Jeffery's young body had already been affected by the onset of puberty. We were in the garage working on a dog house for the beagle when the soft, muffled moans of my nephew carried into our ears. We knew that he had taken the cute boy to the backyard for a spell. He asked if he could have a boy over to sit on the swing, and we gave our blessing as long as they didn't go up to his room. Figuring that they were probably locked in a kiss, mother thought it would be clever to pry. I followed behind her, trying to implore her not to intrude on their private moment, but it was no use.

That was when we stumbled upon the site of Derick with his head in Jeffery's lap. He had his legs curled up and there was a blissful smile on his face. Jeffery's fingers were running through his brown strands while he took full swallows of his lover's erect penis. Derick was using his small hands to fondle his older beau's ball sack, which already had wiry wisps of hair growing around the seam. My mom gave me a troubled look while I gave her a look of knowing condemnation, then I steered her back to the garage and told her to let me sort the matter out.

When I sat down to speak with my nephew about his oral ministrations that he gave to his new beau, he admitted to his deed. I asked him what he could have done differently, and he gave me a sheepish smile.

Maybe we could have gone for a walk by the pond,” he suggested, and I nodded.

I don't want your grandma to catch you having sex with boys,” I told him.

I promise to be more careful, Uncle Roger,” he swore.

The next day, the boys were busted by Jeffery's mom, who came home from work earlier than normal. When she walked in, Derick was bent over with his naked rump in the air, accepting full strokes of her son's rigid cock. After a terse phone call from my mother, I was summoned to pick my nephew up and we had another talk on the way home.

Two days later, Derick got caught by my mom in the same predicament that Jeffery's mother had discovered him in. Discouraging her from calling Jeffery's mom, I convinced her to let the boy's finish in peace, then I would take a firmer hand with Derick.

Which is why neither one of us were surprised when Derick scaled the stairs with his lover in tow, his horny rear end swaying in a lascivious fashion as they walked. Jeffery gave my mom and I a sheepish look and hung his head as they passed, knowing that my mom was furious that Derick hadn't answered the door when she knocked. Letting them pass, we watched as they stood at the front door and said their goodbyes. My nephew stood on his toes and planted a kiss on his blonde stud's mouth, then he slipped his tongue in and rolled his satisfied bottom around.

That's my nephew's tell, so to speak. When he's in a sexual trance, he gives off certain signals that communicate his state of mind. Mother and I know them all, and he does little to nothing at all to hide those signals from us. When he's been sucking cock, we know it because he wears a starry eyed smile while the afterglow wears off. When his rear end needs service, we know it because he let's it swing in a fluid side to side motion as he walks. When he's been on the receiving end of a deep lay, we know it because his rear end rolls around in a slow, sensual motion whether he's walking or standing still.

When he saw his lover out the door, he turned to my mother and I, his face registering remorse. His hazel eyes were filled with trepidation as he looked up at us, squinting from the glare of the light overhead. I took a seat on the love seat and motioned him to come to me, and he dutifully complied while my mom took a seat beside me and watched. His olive toned skin seemed to glow against the white cotton briefs he was wearing as I let my gaze travel up and down his 4'9” frame. Now directly in front of me, the moist pouch that contained his boy boner looked dark with precum. I raised an eyebrow and he looked away with a deep blush.

Did your grandma knock on your bedroom door?” I asked in a solemn tone, and he nodded slowly. “Did you answer her or open your door for her?”

No sir,” he said in a small voice, nervously running his middle and forefingers along the blue dashed waistband of his underwear while he gauged my reaction. He was digging the arch of his right foot into the carpet and turning his leg from side to side as he studied my furrowed brow and waited for me to talk.

I want to know why you didn't have enough regard for your grandma to answer her when she knocked,” I said tersely, and he gave us both a measured look.

I couldn't, uncle,” he said in a small voice, and I raised an eyebrow.

What do you mean?” I demanded, and he looked at me with pleading eyes.

I was kissing with Jeffery,” he admitted, then he sighed with a defeated look on his face.

What else were you doing in there, Derick?” I snapped, and he looked up at us with sorrowful eyes and admitted what we already knew.

We were going all the way,” he confessed, nervously shoving his hand into the seat of his briefs and pressing his fingertips into the knitted cotton.

That's what I thought,” I said, placing my hand on his small shoulders so that I could have his full attention. “When was the last time you picked up dog crap?”

I don't remember,” he said with a look of sincerity while I frowned.

Were you waiting for someone to track shit across the carpet?” I asked him with a sharp tone, and he shook his head no with sad eyes.

Three things are going to happen, Derick,” I told him. “First, you're going to apologize to your grandma for not answering the door.”

Yes sir,” he said in a barely audible tone as he nodded his head obediently.

Next, you're going to get dressed and your going to go outside and pick up after your dog,” I told him. “I better not find anything out there when you finish.”

I promise, uncle,” he almost whispered, then he gave my mom a pleading look. Seeing that he was silently begging her to intervene, I used my finger to turn his head back my way so that I had his full attention.

When you finish picking up dog shit, you're going to come straight to my house for a long talk,” I said in a firm tone. “I hate to have to be hard on you buddy, but you've taken things way too far.”

I'm sorry Uncle Roger,” he said with moist eyes, then he went to my mom for a hug. “I'm sorry grandma.”

I know you are, baby,” she said, wrapping her arms around him for a warm hug while she cupped his small head. As he leaned into her, his plump bottom was pointing in my direction, and I quickly detected the smell of hot butthole. In the seat of his briefs were several dark cum stains that had run out of his hole and accumulated there, telling me that Jeffery wasn't his only conquest. Taking a whiff of Derick for herself, my mom planted a kiss on his cheek and released their hug.

When you get home from Uncle Roger's house, I want you to get in the shower,” she told him, and he nodded with a cute smile.

Come give me a hug, buddy,” I said with a warm inflection, wanting him to know that I still loved him. With an eager smile, he melted into my embrace and hugged me tight with his short, skinny arms. My mom noticed the cum stains in the seat of his underwear right away and ran her palm over his plump bottom. When he looked over his shoulder, he followed her gaze down to his briefs, then he blushed deeply.

I'll tell you what, buddy,” I offered him, and he diverted his gaze back to me. “You run upstairs and get dressed, and I'll help you pick up poop. Does that sound good?”

Yeah,” he grinned, then he smiled at my mom. “Do you want me to put clean undies on, grandma?”

There's no sense in it until you wash your bottom, honey,” she said, shaking her head no.

With that, he dashed upstairs and got his clothes back on, then he hurried back down to join me in the yard. Between the two of us, it only took 10 minutes to pick up after the dog. When it became obvious that it had been a full week since the boy had been outside to do his chores, I gave him a friendly but firm reminder that he made a promise. When we finished up, I watched him rinse the pooper-scoopers off and put them away, then we washed up in the laundry room and reported back to my mom.

We're all done, grandma,” he said with a sweet smile. “Is dinner ready?”

I think you're forgetting something, buddy,” I reminded him, and he gave me that same dumbfounded look, but this time it was manufactured.

All the dog poop got picked up,” he said, looking at my mother and I with a hopeful smile.

I know it did, Derick,” I told him. “Now there's the matter of that talk.”

With that, his smile faded and he gave me a sad look.

Am I still in trouble?” he asked in a small voice, so I knelt down and wrapped an arm around him.

You aren't in trouble, kiddo,” I assured him as he leaned into me. “But that doesn't mean we don't need to talk about what happened upstairs.”

Okay,” he relented, then he looked up at me with hopeful eyes. “Should I go into my nightstand?”

Would you like that?” I asked, and he nodded his answer while he looked up at my mother for permission to lube his bottom up. She reluctantly nodded, and a cute smile spread out across his face.

I suppose that's what he needs,” she conceded as we watched him walk toward the stairs. Out of the blue, his bottom started its dance of desire and I knew that he was back in the mood.

I'll try to scratch his itch, mom,” I told her, and she planted a kiss on my shoulder.

My mother's been raising Derick for the better part of 10 years with my help. Being a widow when Derick came to live with her, I knew she needed my help. Luckily, he's a smart boy with a huge heart, and that's made things easier on both of us. I'd be lying if I said we didn't have our challenges with him, but he's still a great kid and I love him more than anyone in the world.

For the first several years that he was with us, Derick was a boy's boy. He was more interested in building forts and riding his bike than he was in taking a bath or coming inside to go to the bathroom. When he was eight, I found a makeshift fort at the edge of the property filled with old tools and a paper sign that read, “Derick's Repair Shop.”

In the summer months, he was out the door with the sun, exploring the property and swimming in the pond behind my house. For a long time, our only concerns were getting him to come inside at lunchtime and making sure he took a bath every few days.

When Derick was ten, his proclivities took a curious turn. He began openly gushing over boy bands and asking for magazines that are specifically marketed toward little girls. His mannerisms started to change and he was no longer the rugged, stinky boy who left an odorous tail everywhere he went. He stopped being the adventurous little boy who played outside all day around the pond. Instead, he was a dainty boy who began talking with a feminine inflection and telling mom and I which boys were cute. Two weeks before his 11th birthday, he casually announced that he was gay.

Shortly after he started middle school, he came home with a cute 7th grader named Jacob. The 12 year old was just a hair taller than Derick, with green eyes and brown curls that gave my nephew chills. Jacob's smile revealed a set of pearly white teeth that were lined with braces, an adorable indicator of his age. Mother and I watched from the sidelines as Derick fell hard for the boy, then the day came that we caught them mid liplock in the backyard. It was so cute watching them blush when they realized they had been caught, and they quickly separated. When I spoke with Derick about what he was doing, he looked stricken with shame and swore never to do it again. With a loving tone, I explained to him that he hadn't done anything wrong, and that his feelings were natural.

A week later, mother was cleaning downstairs when she heard the rumble of Derick's bed post hitting the wall. Not knowing what to expect, she opened his door and was greeted by the site of him moaning in the doggy style position while Jacob mounted him from the back. Too traumatized to act, she closed the door and called me up to address the matter. By the time I arrived, the stunned boys had separated and Jacob had beat a hasty retreat. I closed Derick's bedroom door and we talked about what he was doing.

In short order it became known that he started taking it in the ass shortly after our talk, and that he had been enjoying this new activity. Taking a gentle approach, I explained to him that while I understood, his grandmother was not on board. Derick was concerned that he would have to break up with Jacob, but I assured him that this wasn't the case. Kissing my gay nephew on the cheek, I told him to bring his little lover across the lawn to my house and I would disappear until they were finished.

Thanks Uncle Roger,” he said with an adorable smile, then he gave me a long hug while the smell of freshly fucked boy butt stirred my own desire.

At first, my mother wasn't pleased with the arrangement. She insisted that the boys were too young for sex, but I convinced her that they were going to find a way to copulate no matter what we did. Reluctantly giving in, she would watch from the window as Derick and Jacob walked hand in hand to my house after school. Derick's rear end always switched from side to side as he hurried up the driveway to have it serviced, and I always kept my promise. When the boys would emerge from my house, Derick's satisfied derrière would inevitably roll around as he strolled hand in hand with his lover to the end of the driveway.

A month later, Derick showed up at my house with a different boy. Mother watched from the window as he led this new boy to my door, wondering what I would do. When I gave the boys the run of the house, she was a little aggravated but I calmed her down. Little by little, my nephew began bringing different boys to my house with increasing frequency. As he led each knew boy up the driveway, his eager bottom would be swinging freely. When they would emerge, his just serviced rear end would be rolling around with pleasure.

When he turned 12, he begged me to host a birthday sleepover for him and a few boys from school. Once again, I had to convince my mom that this wasn't the end of the world. The night before his party, I stayed in my room while Derick had his sleepover with four boys. The sounds of five moaning boys seemed to echo off of the walls for hours. When the moaning stopped, I came out of my room to look for something to drink. As I rounded the corner, I saw my nephew smiling up from the missionary position at an older boy whose cock was impressive for his young age. The boy was feeding Derick full strokes and they were both gazing into each others' eyes.

At his party the next day, his bottom continuously alternated between a horny switch that served as his mating call and a contented gyration. It was impossible for his grandmother and I to ignore his signals because they were so blatant. Each time his rear end would begin to swing, he'd take the hand of a different boy and they'd disappear for a while. Each time he reappeared, his bottom would be doing its dance of delight while he gazed up at his lover with stars in his eyes. When he asked to have a special boy spend the night, mother didn't even bother to argue with him.

By the end of the school year, it became apparent that my nephew was running the gamut, luring as many cuties to bed as possible. When he showed up at my door with a group of horny eighth graders, I conceded that it was time to act.

When his romp was over, I greeted my nephew in the driveway. I walked with him down to the pond so we could be alone, and I noticed that his rear end was doing its pleasure roll the entire time. Sitting in the grass, we skipped rocks while we talked about his voracious appetite for boys.

So your grandma and I noticed that you've been entertaining a lot of different boys, kiddo,” I said, and he gave me a guilty look. “What's going on?”

If I tell you, do you promise not to get mad at me?” he asked, and I wrapped my arm around his lithe shoulder for security. Smiling up at me, he said, “I like being slutty for boys, Uncle Roger.”

With a warm smile, I took a deep breath and told him, “I see that, Derick.”

There's so many cute boys at my school, and I want to do stuff with all of them,” he sighed, looking up at me with an adorable expression.

What kind of stuff have you been doing with them, kiddo?” I asked, and he grinned as he looked out at the pond.

I take it up the butt every day,” he said with a blissful tone. “I really like it.”

I imagine that makes you pretty happy, buddy,” I agreed, and he smiled sweetly.

The boys at my school all know that I want it up the butt,” he told me. “I like to suck their dicks, too.”

Do they know that, kiddo?” I asked, and he nodded.

Are you ashamed of me?” he asked, and I gave him a warm smile.

No way, buddy,” I assured him. “What what I be ashamed of you for?”

For having a slutty butthole,” he said, looking down in shame.

Lifting his chin with my fingertips, I told him, “I'm not ashamed of you, and you shouldn't be ashamed, either. I love you, buddy, and I'm very proud of you.”

Thanks, Uncle Roger,” he said. “I love you too.”

With that, I laid flat and he snuggled into my chest while I rubbed his warm back. I noticed that his bottom was up in the air, then it began to swing from side to side.

Is everything okay, buddy?” I asked, and he nodded.

It's my butthole,” he said, resting the side of his head on my chest while we talked.. “I feel like being slutty with some more guys.”

I see that,” I said, giving his switching rear end a playful swat. “Maybe Uncle Roger needs to invest in some toys for your bottom.”

Really?” he asked with an excited smile, so I smiled back and planted a kiss on his cheek. “Uncle Roger?”

Yeah baby,” I said softly.

Are you really proud of me?”

I'm very proud of you, Derick,” I assured him, then I ran my hand across his switching bottom and gave him a silly smile. “I'm proud of you, and I'm proud of your slutty butthole.”

He gave me a naughty grin, his eyes sparkling with happiness, then he let loose with a sigh.

I wish I was spending the night with you,” he lamented. “Then I could have some boys come and give it to me up the butt.”

You really want to have that hole filled again, don't you?” I asked, and he nodded. “How about if we tell grandma that you're spending the night with Uncle Roger, buddy?”

Can I call a boy?” he asked hopefully, and I nodded at him as I let my palm come to rest on his swaying bottom.

You can if you want to,” I told him as the heat of his horny bottom radiated through his pants and encased my hand. “Or if you want, you can just hang out with your uncle.”

Uncle Roger?”


If I spend the night, can I be slutty with my butthole?”

You can be as slutty with it as you want, honey,” I assured him, then his bottom stopped swinging and he sighed contentedly in my arms.

When we walked across the grass to mother's house, Derick's bottom was swinging as gayly as I'd ever seen it. I sent Derick upstairs to pack his pajamas, watching as his horny rear end did its dance. When I told my mom that he was spending the night at my house, she sighed resignedly.

Is he having a special friend over?” she asked, and I shook my head no. Understanding what was about to happen, she kissed the side of my head and told me, “Take good care of him tonight, Roger.”

I promise,” was all I could say, then Derick came downstairs and we walked hand in hand to my house.

The next morning, Derick's rear end told my mother the story that I didn't have the courage to share. He was in a state of deep contentment all morning long, never once asking if he could have a boy or two over for sex. That evening, I was sitting in my living room when I spotted Derick hurrying across the lawn, his rear end swinging with urgency. He was already dressed in his pajamas and he was carrying an overnight bag with a change of clothes. Realizing that my mother sent him my way, I dutifully performed for my nephew and he fell asleep in my arms.

On Sunday morning, I woke up to the site of my nephew in the doggy style position, moaning and swinging his rear end from side to side. Flipping him on his back, I scratched his itch deep while he moaned with pleasure. Once again, his bottom did a dance of delight all day long. At noon I took him to my garage for more maintenance at his back door that painted a deep smile on his face. After our quickie, his sated bottom was tame through the evening. When his bedtime rolled around, my mother urged me to tuck him in while she went to the store.

Derick was laying in my arms with a contented smile while I looked up at the ceiling. My climax was explosive, causing me to pump a massive load into Derick's well serviced bottom. We were both panting in the afterglow of our union, a sleepy warmth encasing our bodies as we rested.

Derick's young frame was shivering hard as I held him, still reeling from the deep rear end service that I had administered. His hard on was still raging between his legs, but his back door was completely satisfied. I could hear his soft moans as he released them into my neck, his warm breath tickling my ear lobe while he rolled his bottom around with a contented sigh.

Is that better, kiddo?” I asked, and he nodded silently while I watched the show.

With his bubble butt still dancing with bliss, he stopped moaning and concentrated on churning his hips. We lay there in silence for a few moments, so I took the time to listen to his young body. His little tummy was heaving and I could hear his circulatory system working. His lungs were humming softly as his breathing began to calm down, then he picked his head up and rested it on my chest.

I love you, Uncle Roger,” he said softly, using his fingers to toy with my chest hair.

I love you too, buddy,” I answered him, then I lifted his head from my chest and puckered my lips. With a sweet smile, he accepted a deep kiss from me, then I patted his contented bottom in an effort to calm it down.

Do you think grandma's still upset with me?” he asked.

I think she's going to be okay, kiddo,” I told him. “Just remember what we talked about.”

I promise, Uncle Roger,” he sighed, thinking back on the conversation that proceeded his back door service. “Do you promise, too?”

I promise, kiddo,” I said, ruffling his hair.

In an effort to squash his new habit of sneaking boys into his room, I made a concession of my own. As usual, his derrière was swinging gayly as we walked across the grass to my house. After a conciliatory cuddle on my couch and a discussion about his recent unnecessary transgressions toward his grandmother, I promised him that I'd tend to his needy hole as often as he needed me to. In exchange for that, he promised me that he and Jeffery would be at my door after school each day, saving his grandmother from the racket created by their union.

While I was getting dressed, Derick took a lap through my house, letting his bottom do its dance of delectation. When I finally corralled him back, he got dressed and cuddled in my lap for a little while. When it was time to leave for dinner, I looked down and saw that my little nephew had fallen fast asleep.

As I carried him home, the smell of his just serviced bottom was heavy in my nose. Realizing that he needed a bath, I kissed him on the head and made my way across the grass. When I got him inside, my mother picked up the aroma of his satisfied bottom and gave me a knowing look.

You put him to sleep this time,” she noted, rubbing his back while he clung tightly to me with his arms and legs.

Yeah, he was in a mood tonight,” I said, rocking his little frame from side to side. “He's going to need a soak in the tub before he goes to bed.”

Did you guys talk?” she asked, and I nodded while Derick nuzzled his face into my shoulder.

We made a deal,” I said, just as he lifted his head from my shoulder and opened his eyes, prompting me to smile at him. “I don't think we're going to have to worry about him sneaking boys into his room for a while, will we pal?”

He shook his head no, then he rested it back on my shoulder while he found his bearings.

Are you ready for supper, honey?” my mom asked, and he nodded. Unwinding his legs, he slid down to his feet and smiled shyly while we doted on him.

Is it ready, grandma?” he asked through a yawn, wrapping his arms around her for a hug.

Go wash your hands, honey,” she told him, planting a kiss on his face. “Grandma made a big dinner for you and Uncle Roger. I'm sure you worked up an appetite.”

After supper, I helped her load the dishwasher while Derick stood at the counter and rolled his rear end around with a transfixed smile. Taking notice right away, my mother lightly swatted his pleasure filled bottom and sent him to the living room. With a sensual strut, he did as he was told while we finished in the kitchen. When we joined him in the living room, we found him on his knees on the couch, stirring his rear end around while he let loose with deep sighs. The scent of his boy pussy was powerful, telling us both that he was probably toying with it while we were cleaning the kitchen.

Honey, did you have your hands back there again?” she asked, patting the spot beside her as she took a seat. He quickly snuggled up to her side and looked up at her while she waited for his reply.

I did, grandma” he admitted as the smell of his busy rear end wafted into our nostrils.

Fanning the smell away from her nose, my mom said, “I want you in the tub, stinky boy.”

I never changed out of my undies,” he said with a cheeky grin, and she nodded.

I can tell, Derick,” she said with a patient smile. “After your bath, I want you to get into some clean undies and come downstairs.”

Is Uncle Roger leaving?” he asked, giving me a distressed look.

Do you want me to wait for you to take a bath, buddy?” I asked, and he looked down shyly.

I wanted you to tuck me in tonight,” he admitted, and I knew what he was asking for.

Motioning him to come to me, I gathered him up for a hug and held him close. I sniffed his body and scrunched my nose, prompting my mom to give me an amused smile.

How would you like to take a shower with your uncle?” I asked, and he looked up at me with a new brand of desire. “Go take your clothes off in the laundry room, then head upstairs and wait for me, buddy.”

Okay!” he said excitedly, dashing off to the laundry room to get undressed.

You know he's still going to want you to tuck him in tonight,” my mom said, and I nodded. With a sigh, she said, “Well, I have some shopping to do anyway, son. I'll let you tend to his itch while I'm out.”

Coming Soon... Daddy's Boy


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Daddy's Little Prancer

Jimmy's Chaperone

Stuart's Insatiable Itch

Home for Lunch

Spare the Rod

Daddy Takes Control

Short Stories:

Phillip's Spending Habits

The Park Toilet

The Party Pooper