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Story: Rent my Son

Chapter: 8 Happy Birthday

Codes: Mb; incest, oral, anal, urination


July 4th, 2011 Aaron McWilliams - #68

Greg was born ten years ago, this very day. That's right, my son Greg was born on the 4th of July. When I was a kid my favorite holiday was the 4th of July. My family, two older brothers, mom and dad, had a semi-large fireworks party at our house. We invited all of our friends, provided games and food for everyone and then usually around 9:30pm we started the fireworks. I guess, also being somewhat of a pyro helped that I loved fireworks. So when my wife gave birth to Greg, it was an added joy that he was born on my favorite holiday. We all know that she left, thankfully, if not this story would probably never have taken place.

Living in Michigan we were lucky enough to have local communities near us to offer great fireworks displays. The biggest one was up on the bay, that had three nights of fireworks, but biggest one meant you had to get there at least four of five hours earlier to secure your spot. It was a tradition that Greg and I had since he was one-year old. We made the day of it; I always made sure I had no projects going on to spend enough time with my son. In the morning we would sleep in and around noon, Doug (yes Doug the babysitter from previous chapters) would come over and enjoy a cookout. Also, Doug would somehow always have to end up fucking Greg not that there wouldn't be countless other times he could just come over and do it. He had a key to the house anyways.

It was during this time, I thought that Greg had reached a plateau of men out there wanting to rent him, but it was just because of the holiday season that most of his clients just wanted to spend time with their own families. Checking my special email account that I was surprised to see an email from a new guy, which was referred by one of Greg's favorite guys Grandpa Al.

`Grandpa Al gave me this email address and told me if I ever wanted to fulfill a fantasy then let you know. I have a few days off of work and my wife and daughter are heading away to see family down in Texas so I'm heading up to my cabin. If you wouldn't mind an overnight or two I would be deeply appreciative."

He included his cell phone and the mandatory picture and was already surprised. Seems like in our small little town, things do run in circles. Our mystery man was Greg's soon to be 5th grade teacher. The picture he sent was pretty decent, not being gay myself I've seen my fair share of naked men that have emailed me their pictures for a chance to be with Greg. Aaron McWilliams was 35, married with a 10yr old daughter. I've seen the daughter before and knew where she got her good looks from. A little over 6', Aaron was a soccer player in college and still kept his fit by running around town after school got out. The picture he sent showed himself in all his glory, a mirror picture that would have been great for GWIP, a smile on his face and an 8-pack abs, and a long thin cock that I knew Greg would enjoy. It always surprised me who was your closet type, but once they paid the money I couldn't care less.

With a few quick response emails back-and-forth it was all set up. He had no issues renting one of his future students, and asked me what he could and couldn't do. I told him that if he would like to come to the fireworks with us on the 4th we could discuss it later. It seems like the nicer the person looks the freakier it gets; good thing Greg loves it all.

Around 3pm, Aaron pulled up into the driveway and knocked on the door. His wife and daughter had already left the day before, so he was thankful he had something to do instead of watching the fireworks on the tv. Welcoming him in, he was greeted by my naked just turned 10 yr old son running down the hallway. A smile came across his face and then I introduced Aaron to Doug. Doug was just in a pair of shorts with sweat all over him as just a few minutes prior he had his fat cock stuffed up Greg's hole.

"Well, would you like to meet him?" I asked as he took a seat on the chair.

"Yes." Aaron spoke firmly. No nervousness at all detected in his voice. This man knew exactly what he wanted.

"Greg, would you like to meet your new teacher for the 5th grade?" The sound of bare feet could be heard coming down the hallway and soon my naked son rounded the corner and stopped right next to me. "Greg this is Mr. McWilliams. He would like to take you up north after the fireworks to get to know you better. How would you like that?"

"Really daddy, I get to go with my teacher?" Greg said, excitedly. Looking up at me with his deep brown eyes with hair covering them up a little, there was no way I could say no to my little angel.

"Yes you can. By the way Aaron did you know that today is Greg's birthday?"

A look of lust in his eyes, his eyesight never left off of Greg. "Is that so? Do you have the same rule in my house that anyone that comes over on birthdays gets to give a spanking as well?

Spinning my son around, I showed him my sons' perfect bubble butt that was red from hand prints. Not sure if he would buy that they were from birthday spankings but still showed him that my son was there for whatever he wanted. After showing him my sons' ass I pushed my son over to Aaron, who grabbed him by the arm and leaned him over his knees. His hand glided over the naked boy, feeling every curve he had, with the biggest one being his smooth bubble butt. Aaron could still feel the heat from the previous sex spanking he had and as his hand got closer he could see that cum was leaking out of his redden hole. A slight smile came across his face and with a quick hand movement he slapped Greg's ass right in the middle causing his whole butt to shake. The second slap came down even harder on his right cheek. The third one landed on the left, the sound it made echoed throughout the room. Little Greg's feet began to shake. The fourth and fifth ones came in quick succession. Doug and I watched as the boys butt turned a brighter shade of red right before our eyes. The sixth spanking was a downward slap on the right cheek, seventh was on the right also but an upward motion. Number eight was aimed lower and with the look on Greg's face we knew that Aaron had slapped his immature ball sac. Ninth one hit the back of his left thigh and the final spanking he gave was a wicked slap that he used all his force to give.

"Perfect." Aaron said calmly as he helped Greg off his knees. With each step my son flinched a little as he could see his ass all red and burning. "Happy birthday by the way."

"Thank you sir." Greg said as he stood by my side.

"Ok, now that the introductions are over I think we should get around and get going. Don't want our spot taken if we end up being late." I looked down at my son and told him to just put on some shorts and shirt.

"Do you mind if I help him out?" Aaron asked. Waiting for my response I nodded and with that, Greg led him up the stairs

The four of us rode all the way to the fireworks festival, in almost near silence. The a/c was cranked up high and we listened to music that Greg liked. We parked my car; walked, paid to get into the park, and walked some more and finally we found our usual spot. Covered with some trees behind us to give us some shade, we set up our chairs and blanket. Doug carried the cooler that had our drinks and snacks. Greg spotted some other kids playing soccer and asked to go play.

"So what do you think Aaron?" I asked as we all sat back and watched the small group of boys playing soccer.

"I think he's an amazing boy and I will truly enjoy the opportunity you are giving me. So any limits?"

Looking over at Doug to my left, I asked him the very question. Doug took a drink of his beer and said "none that I know of."

"Listen, I know that some people may think this is crazy and wrong, but really I'm helping Greg grow up to be a better person. But I look at it like this, I would rather be here helping Greg get the sexual experiences he is begging for than for him to meet up with who knows up at the mall or just walking down the street. But, there are no real limits on what you can do. Just don't end up in the hospital somewhere." Aaron just nodded and drank his beer. "He's yours for the time we agree upon. He's pretty good and will do as he's told, he will get to know you pretty fast so if you like him to play the part of son he will do that perfectly. You look pretty young still Aaron so if you want him to be your younger brother just tell him. Spank him till he's raw with your hand or belt or shoe, go ahead. Feed him piss fresh or in a glass he loves it. Calls it apple juice." The three of us laughed at the innocence of being a kid all over again. "He's a bottomless pit but please remember to feed him. If you feed him sugar be warned, I try not to give him too much junk food, not that he can't wear it off. Same with pop he isn't allowed any at home but that's up to you."

"Is that why he's such a skinny fuck?" Aaron asked as his cock tented in his shorts.

"Don't think so. He just has a super active metabolism, that and I keep him pretty busy myself."

The three of us talked some more, Greg would run over to us now-and-then to get a drink of water. Each time he came back his shirt became sweatier more and more. By the time the fireworks started he laid down on the blanket giving all three of us a perfect view of his nylon gym shorts that were snug against his ass. A few minutes later he started to get a little cold so he jumped up on my lap and snuggled in close, his hand rubbing against my chest. He stayed like that for a while as the hour long display exploded in the sky above us. During the last few minutes I realized that my little boy had fallen asleep.

Aaron pulled his car into the driveway of his cabin after a three hour drive. He had picked up Greg at 6am so no surprise, Greg slept most of the way up there. No worries for Aaron as he had the boy in just some batman underroos in the passenger seat. Once inside the still sleepy boy walked into the living room and saw the huge picture window that overlooked the lake. "Wow" Greg said, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

Aaron finished brining in the groceries as he found the boy in the living room just looking out the window. "Ok let's get you in some proper clothes. And then we will go out for breakfast." He led the boy into one of the rooms that was his daughters' room. Pictures of his daughter Britney lined her room. "I know her, she's in my grade."

"Yes she is. Almost could be sisters with your brown hair and cute face." Aaron opened up the closet and found out what he was looking for. A cute yellow sundress. Holding it up he saw the boy look at him in a quizzical blank stare. "Come on baby, daddy won't wait forever to have his daughter change.

This was the first time Greg had ever been asked to dress like a girl, though many had commented and said that he would make a pretty girl. Greg had long hair for a boy but still not long enough for a girl but with a cute little bow in his hair it was hard to tell. As Greg grabbed the dress Aaron told him to take off his briefs saying `only good girls can wear panties and you are far from being good.' Stripping them off, he slide the dress over his head then had Aaron put the blow in his hair.

"You a good girl?" Aaron asked as he handed the little girl a pair of bow sandals to match with her dress. "You daddies little good girl?"

"Yes daddy. I want to be your favorite daughter."

Greg looked like a little girl now, his smooth skinny legs helped fool anyone that might have questioned. Playing the part of daughter, Greg reached for her daddies arm as the two of them walked out of the house and back into the car where they drove for breakfast. Again, as they got out of the car both dad and daughter held hands as they went to the local bar/restaurant in the small little rural town. The waitress came up with her notepad ready.

"What would you like?"

"I'll have a farmers omelet with orange juice." Aaron spoke.

"And you little girl?" She asked looking down at the boy turned girl.

"May I have some pancakes please and some milk?"

"Sure thing sweetie." Turning back to the dad, "your daughter has pretty good manners there." Smiling back down at his daughter he smile and nodded.

During their breakfast some a local resident came in and sat across from Greg. A bear of a man, he looked like your typical northern country man. He smiled at Aaron and Greg, and when we looked at the girl his eyes trailed down as he looked at her pretty young legs. Greg loved being the center of attention so he unknowingly pulled the yellow dress up his legs showing more of his creamy smooth thigh. Spreading his legs wider he gave the man a glimpse of his private regions. Sadly for the man, the dim lighting in the restaurant hid any glimpse he might have seen. Looking at the man's line-of-sight, Aaron looked down at his daughter and told her to please finish up. Once they were done eating, they walked by the man. "Sorry for my daughter, she's going thru a phase and I need to correct it."

"No worries. If you need some help, just let me know." He said with a laugh as the two of them walked out and drove back home.

Once back at the cabin, things turned serious. "So you like to tease men do you?" Aaron asked as he swatted his daughters young bubble butt. "Fucking slut daughter is what I have." He slapped her ass again. "Need to teach you to be a whore then." He picked her up and carried her into the master bedroom. There surrounding the room were pictures of the mans family. Greg looked around and could have sworn he thought every picture of his wife and daughter were staring back at him. Tossing her on the bed Aaron pulled off his shirt then pulled off his pants. Standing naked in front of the boy he had turned into a look-alike of his daughter he was finally going to act on his desire.

"Suck your daddies cock."

Looking up at the man with hair in her eyes, Greg reached for the long thin cock hanging in front of him. Completely shaved, Aaron's cock hung 5" soft with a prominent cock head; it would grow to a menacing 9" when hard. With his skinny body, it looked ever longer, as it stood proudly over two large egg shaped balls. Greg pulled the flaccid cock to her mouth and twirled her tongue around his cockhead. A moan coming from her dad as he reached for his daughters' silky mop of hair telling his little girl to suck more of his cock. Soon his entire 9" was sliding in and out of her now red lips, like a true cocksucker, Greg took every inch. Even when it brushed against the back of her throat she didn't gag. Just breathed through her nose as her dad fucked her face. Popping his cock out, he looked down at her bright red lips, precum and spit leaking out of the corners of her mouth and those deep brown eyes with the long eyelashes just looking back up at him.

Flipping his daughter over, so she was laying on her stomach with her legs hanging off the bed. Raising her dress up to reveal her smooth ass, Aaron stared down at his daughters prized possession. "I bet you would like any man with a cock fuck your ass."

"Please daddy I want it so bad." Greg looked back and saw the hunk of man standing above him.

Aaron's hands grabbed hold of the twin mounds of preteen flesh and pulled them apart so his daughters' tiny hole was visible. Perfect and small just ready for her first time. Aaron got down on one knee and leaned down to breathe in the aroma of his daughters' innocence. Greg could feel his daddy breathe and when he blew air over his hole he squirmed in delight. As he pulled the smooth ass apart he leaned closer and flicked his tongue over the tight hole. Hearing a moan from his daughter, he did it again then again. Each time the moans got louder and loader and when he finally dug his tongue in deep he could feel his daughter have her very first dry orgasm. The tight anal ring clamped down on the man's tongue, but he just kept on poking and prodding making it feel even better for her.

Coming down from her bliss, she felt the man's cockhead pressing up against her wettened hole. Covered in a thin layer of lube, he pushed forward as his daddy cock sunk into his daughter. "Take my cock you bitch" the man screamed as his cock inched further in. Hearing his daughter moan was music to his ears as he wished it was his real daughter instead. Holding her small waist he held her down as he couldn't believe how tight she was. The yellow dress kept his daughter covered and being face down meant the boys immature little penis was completely hidden from view. Once he bottomed out Aaron held his cock in place as he raised his hand and slapped his little slut hard on her ass. Greg felt the slap sting and with the cock deeply implanted inside made him moan like the sex crazed slut he really was. Another slap came a few seconds later and with no time to recover Aaron withdrew his cock and pounded the girl hard and deep for the next twenty minutes. The whole bed shook as he used his powerful leg muscles, conditioned from his years of soccer, to fuck her like a rag doll.

"You love your daddies cock?" He screamed. "Say it!" He yelled with a slap across her ass.

Barely able to get the words out as his cock was taking her breath away with each slam. "Yes...yes...daddy...I...uhhhh...love...it."

Leaning down to lay his body on top of hers, he reached his arms under her body to hug her as he fucked her hole. Greg could feel the hot breath of the man flow across her face. The man's tongue traced the outside of her ear then he kissed his daughter down the back of her neck, and it was a good thing the man was holding him down as it was then Greg could feel the sharp pain in his shoulders as the man started to bite the top of his left shoulder. The pain of the man biting him was taking the pain off the constant hard fucking on his hole. Each thrust meant almost 8.5" was being pulled out and then quickly slammed back all the way in. The heavy sac was slapped hard against the boys thighs, constant please and pain was sending waves all over his body.

Pulling out Aaron fell onto the bed, picking up his daughter and spinning her around so his ass was too him, Greg knew what to do. Reaching for his slick cock, it found its mark all over again and now it was Greg's turn to do all the work. Aaron's view was amazing, as the soft bubble butt was swallowing his cock, the yellow dress hiked up high enough to show off her ass and the brown mop of hair flopping around as his daughter bounced high then slammed herself down onto her daddy.

"Daddy is gonna cum you slut." Aaron moaned.

Aaron grabbed hold of Greg by the top of his shoulders and slammed her down as he flooded his daughters' insides with thick creamy ropes of cum. With the final pulse of the man's cock, Greg pulled off the softening cock and just like he was trained sucked his cock clean.

And that is how the rest of the day went. The two of them took a nap and once Aaron got up he rolled his daughter over so her face was smashed into the mattress and fucked her just as hard as before. Over the course of the day they fucked five different times, all over the house. Each time Greg was face down or riding his cock in a reverse cowgirl position, Greg didn't mind that the man never wanted to see his little boy dick, though he missed the attention most men gave to it.

When it was late at night, Aaron told his daughter that it was time for a bath. He told her to get the tub going and make sure there were lots of bubbles in there. A few minutes later Aaron walked in to check up on his daughter. Finding here in the tub with a ton of bubbles, he bent down and scrubbed her back softly. Once all clean he stood up and aimed his cock at her wet hair and unleashed a hot torrent of yellow piss. Catching Greg off guard, the man aimed it right as her eyes then his nose, then hair. "Wash all that man funk off your body you stupid bitch."

When they drove him the next day the two remained pretty quiet on the ride home. As they pulled into the boys' driveway he turned to Greg, "Thank you so much Greg."

"You're welcome. I had so much fun. Thank you for letting me go with you." Always the perfect boy it made men want him even more.

"I can't wait to have you in my class next year. I have a feeling you will need lots of tutoring."