Rite of Passage, a short story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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How's that, buddy?” I asked, thrusting my hips slowly but forcefully as I watched my cock slide deep into my son's hot, tight hole.

It feels so good, dad,” he panted, almost whispering as his chest heaved up and down.

I responded to this by reaching out and running my fingers through his curly brown hair. As I did this, he rewarded me with a smile over his shoulder that melted my heart. His green eyes were sparkling with joy as he batted them my way while his barely noticeable overbite accentuated his adorable grin. He was laying on his side, facing away from me with his left leg propped up so that I could gain easy access to his always horny rear end. His soft, smooth skin was warm and creamy, as always, and his plump buns provided a cushion for my pelvis as it touched down with every inward stroke.

It was no surprise to me that my son Sammy joined me in my bedroom as soon as he was awake. At 18 years old, his sexual appetite is almost as insatiable as his appetite for food. His tender body is developing quite nicely, but not too fast for my liking. He stands at 5'8” and weighs in at just 125 pounds. Everything that he eats seems to burn away as soon as it goes into his tummy, which is graced by the presence of a cute, boyish navel that sticks out.

Further down, his boy cock is developing at a nice pace, too. At full mast, he packs five inches of teenage equipment that fills out a diameter of just three inches. In its flaccid state, which is now almost never, he still looks like a little boy with barely two inches to his name. At the base of his boyhood sits a tiny trail of pubic hair that forms an almost razor thin circle. His balls are still bald as an eagle, as is his smooth pubic bone. When his hard boyhood is on display, it stands straight up and the slimy head practically embeds itself into his flat abdomen.

His slender legs are still smooth, but the signs of his approaching manhood are starting to sprout just along his shin bones. His size 10 feet are always a treat for me to rub when he's had a long day, or when he decides he wants to rest them in my lap. Even more of a treat is when I have him on his back, making love to him in the missionary position with his ankles resting on my shoulders. I always take the opportunity to lick the underside of his feet, then I spend as long as I want sucking on his adorable toes. He still calls them his little piggies, a childhood habit that I secretly hope he never breaks.

As I slid my rod back and forth in his tight bottom, I could feel the spastic reflex of his anal ring communicating his pleasure. I let my gaze travel deeper between his luscious buns where I spotted his bright red pucker, stretched tight around my manhood. It was moist with hot juices that my boy was excreting, juices that were filling my nostrils with their pheromonal properties. The smell of his desire was strong this morning, making me weak at the knees for his boy pussy as soon as he appeared in the doorway of my room dressed in nothing but a pair of white boxer briefs.

I was already awake, reading the newspaper in bed when I heard the patter of his light footsteps moving across his bedroom floor towards the hallway. In the room next door, his little brother Bryce was sleeping soundly with his door closed. I heard the toilet flush but made no move to look up from the sports section until I heard his groggy, boyish voice from the door.

Dad?” he said, scratching his messy hair as he set his tired eyes on me.

Good morning champ,” I said with a warm smile, taking stock of his body while the scent of his boy pussy wafted into my nostrils. Setting my eyes on his boxer briefs, I took note of the outline of his stiff boyhood, which was blatant in their crotch. The pouch which was damp with precum and a little bit of pee that had leaked out after his trip to the bathroom. At the same time, his buxom bubble butt filled out their seat so perfectly. I could practically feel the heat rolling off of his horny hole from where he stood, and I knew what he needed from me. So I folded the paper up and set it on the nightstand while he grinned sleepily and crawled in at the foot of the bed.

As soon as I eased his drawers down, his boyhood sprang free and a strand of precum sailed through the air. When it landed on his tummy, I playfully scraped it up with my forefinger and brought it up to his lips while he grinned up at me. After he sucked my digit clean, I leaned in and planted a long, tongue filled kiss on his mouth while at the same time, using my hands to encourage him to roll onto his side. My boxers were still up and my man cock was raging at its full eight inches, but I paid that minor detail little mind at the moment.

As soon as Sammy was on his side, I broke our French kiss and planted a trail of loving pecks all the way down the back of his body, starting at the nape of his neck. When I reached his apple-shaped bottom, I planted a kiss on the peak of each of his ass cheeks, then I used my fingers to part his buns. My nostrils were taken by the sharp, almost copper like scent of his desire as soon as his moist pucker came into view and I felt my insides jump with anticipation. I planted my nose against his rose bud and inhaled slowly, taking my time and enjoying the essence of my baby boy. I used a fingertip to massage the folds of his wrinkled entrance and was rewarded with a thrust of pheromones that wrapped themselves around my head.

The aroma of my son gives me so many feelings as a father that I have trouble processing all of them, especially when they all come on at once. The most urgent feeling I feel is the need to bring him the relief that I know he's in need of. As a dad, there's nothing more pressing than easing the burden of discomfort in my son. I'll do anything to make him smile and give him the joyous feeling of fulfillment.

The other feeling I have is one of pride. Not because he wants to have anal sex with me. No, this is a feeling of pride that comes from seeing my little guy grow up and become a young man. I know that he's well on his way, and some day he won't be my puppy anymore. As much as it pains me to see his boyhood starting to fade, I know that he's growing into his own.

Naturally, this leads to feelings of desperation. I want my Sammy to stay young and innocent, but Father Time has other plans for him. Now that he's 18, I know that it won't be long before he finds a young man to make him happy. The days of my little buddy laying on his tummy and watching cartoons with his little brother Bryce are undoubtedly numbered. I just hope that they last for a couple more years so I can enjoy them as much as possible.

Of course, the fourth and final feeling that I experience as I draw in the core of my baby boy through my olfactory senses is sheer desire. A desire to consume his boy hole and eat as deeply as I can. His moist, puckered treasure is nothing short of delectable to a boy pussy aficionado like myself. So hot and spicy, it's a tasty treat that I can never get enough of. Were it not for the limits of my own endurance, I would stay in position and eat Sammy's young rear end all day and night and never tire of its flavor.

So when my tongue made contact with his juicy peach this morning, my mind started to swirl with thoughts of feasting at his back door in perpetuity. I gave it a few gentle swipes, then I licked all around his creases with a little more force. As soon as I pressed my scratchy tongue against his hot pucker, it flexed and a fresh stream of ass juice started to flow. Encouraged by this, I added a little more force to my tongue bath and was rewarded by the sweet song of pleasure that escaped from Sammy's lips.

Indeed, the sound of Sammy's boyish moaning was music to my ears, a magical melody that only drove me to eat him deeper and deeper. As the notes of his tune carried through the house, I was spurred on and began to suck on the lips of his boy pussy while I used two fingertips to pull his blooming hole open and slide my tongue in deep enough to tease his rock hard prostate with the tip. This brought an even more glorious hymnal out of my puppy while the oven like heat of his boy pussy encased my probing tongue.

When my tongue started to ache from the delicious feast that I was indulging in, I reluctantly pulled it out of Sammy's rear end and planted a long, grateful kiss against his pucker. I heard him sigh with a note of contentment in his tone, so I gently kissed my way back up his body until my head was on the pillow and I was nuzzling his curly mane with my chin.

I love you, Sammy,” I told him gently as I eased my boxers down and nestled the head of my raging cock against his hot, tight entrance.

I love you too, dad,” he sighed dreamily just as I planted a wet kiss on his cheek. He was clutching a pillow tight to his chest and I realized that he had been hanging on for dear life while I ate his boy pussy.

Are you ready for daddy to service your horny bottom, kiddo?” I asked, and he only nodded as the heat of his anus encapsulated the glans of my manhood. I felt a surge of precum run out of my piss slit, so I took that as my cue to penetrate him. I ran the flat of my palms along his slender waist, then I took a firm hold of his hips and pushed in. As always his hole bloomed and I was granted entry, then the heat that was already dancing around the diameter of my dick intensified and my eyes rolled back in my head. At the same time, the moist lining of his chute planted firm kisses along the length of my shaft as I buried it all the way inside of him. His membranes were so moist and reactive that they grabbed my stalk with unrelenting force while precum and ass juice coursed over its head.

Who's my special boy?” I asked tenderly as I began to thrust with slow, gentle motions.

I am, daddy,” he said in a small voice, turning his head and smiling at me.

That's right, buddy,” I assured him. “Daddy's so happy that you came to his bed this morning.”

I'm glad too,” he told me, still grinning from ear to ear as he turned to face forward and rested his head on the pillow.

Soon, the force of my thrusting grew stronger but I kept the momentum at a slow, deliberate pace as I watched my pole run in and out of his hungry hole. I reached around and placed my hand flat on his tummy, feeling it roll over and over again while I fed him continuous strokes of hard cock. I let my fingertips rub his protruding naval with gentle, circular motions that brought a boyish giggle out of him, then I pressed my lips to the nape of his neck and kissed him tenderly.

We were in no hurry to end our love making, so I focused on his pleasure by licking all around his ear. I trapped his soft lobe between my lips while my tongue probed his canal, then I licked around his cartilage while I continued my ministrations to his belly button. Blowing in his ear with a gentle breath, I felt his already throbbing rear end wrap itself tight around my shaft while his decadent moans sailed into the air.

I love you dad,” he panted, then he balled up his fist and a guttural wail rang out. At the same time, I felt his anal ring begin to open and close in a continuous motion, telling me that he was on the verge of achieving ecstasy.

I love you too, little puppy,” I doted on him, then he let loose with a moan that was somehow boyish and feminine at the same time. “Is my buddy having a nice lay?”

Yeah,” he moaned, his voice trembling as I continued to run my aching pole deep in his hot, vice like love tunnel. Gritting my teeth while I drew in a sharp breath, I worked to maintain my composure for as long as I could. I diverted my gaze to his spinal column, taking note of the vertebrae that ran along its length. His warm skin seemed to glisten all the way down his back, right down to his juicy buns, which were jiggling with every inward thrust that I fed him.

Are you ready to cum, buddy?” I asked, and once again, he only nodded as the intensity of our love making overwhelmed him. I knew he was having trouble coping with the disorder that was raging through him as my cock tortured the nerve endings that lined his boy pussy. I could see it in his every action, from the way he was balling his fists and punching into the mattress to the way his mouth was moving but no words were coming out. I could even see it on his face, which was currently displaying a look of frantic pleasure while goosebumps made his skin tingle.

Realizing that my own ecstasy was on the horizon, I let my gaze travel down to his spring loaded boy boner and decided to move things along. I moved my hands back to his hips and took a firm grasp, then I began to drive in hard while his moaning grew more and more erratic. I centered my thrusts on the deepest pocket of his boy pussy, letting it hit the same spot over and over again while his pleasure swelled. I could feel the sharp ridge of my glans tugging at the pocket of pleasure receptors that were begging for stimulation. As soon as I began to scratch the deepest corners of his love tunnel, I felt his membranes juicing with passion while every nerve ending that I was hitting caught fire.

With one final flurry of passionate, boyishly feminine moans, Sammy's young balls pulled tight to his scrotum and his cock began to burn with unbridled fury. I saw him pull the pillow tight to his chest just as his anus began contracting with more force than it had since the start of our union, then he called out with gibberish and his cock jerked forcefully. From my vantage point, I could see his emission as it played out, shooting all over his tummy while he squeezed the pillow with all of his might. I was still driving in and out, watching as his boy honey spouted with each inward thrust I fed him. After six deep thrusts that brought out the true pussy boy in him, Sammy's boy cock stopped shooting cum and he lifted his left leg straight up into the air.

Where do you want my load, buddy?” I asked, and he looked over his shoulder at me with a labored expression.

Put it in my hole,” he panted, then he bit his lower lip and let loose with another guttural moan while I granted his wish. As my load erupted in his boy pussy, he called out, “Oh daddy!”

After my cock was drained, I used it to feed him deep thrusts for another minute. I wanted to make sure that my seed was evenly distributed along the walls of his boy pussy, and I knew that he was loving the added stimulation there. When I pulled out of him, he let his leg fall to the bed and snuggled into my embrace while I spooned up to his back side.

I love you, Sammy,” I told him, planting a kiss on his head.

I love you too, dad,” he said, still catching his breath while cum ran out of his hole and off of his tummy. With a smile, he turned his head and puckered his lips, so I slipped him some tongue while I massaged his seed into his smooth skin.

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