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Robbie's Birthday
By Kevin Knox

I am in bed when my son, Robbie walked in from brushing his teeth naked as the day he was born. He was to sleep in my bed, just like every night since he could walk into the bedroom on his own. But tonight was special, and he knew it. Today he turned 10, and tonight I would give him what he had been begging for since we started pleasuring each other a while ago.

I watch his hard dick sway as he walks across the room while a knowing grin formed on his face. He climbs under the sheets, snuggling up to me, pressing his erection into my side. Playing around I pretend to ignore him, though my dick was stiffening by the moment. After dry humping my leg for about a minute, he begins to pout and complain. Mockingly, I enquire to the source of his frustration, but quit the ruse as I see the hurt look on his face. Instead I pull him up to my chest and kiss him deeply. Experienced, we swap tongues for a few minutes, as I rub his tight little ass, and he presses his hard dick into my stomach.

As tonight was the night, I allow my fingers to begin to explore his just-cleaned rosebud, eliciting a moan from Robbie. I break our kiss for a moment, asking him one more time if he is sure he wants to do this. I have told him it will hurt, but we have been preparing for weeks. I've also told him that once I start I will not stop until I am satisfied. He nods his head enthusiastically, as only a 10 year old boy can do.

I sigh, hoping I won't hurt him too much, but excited beyond belief. This was the day I was dreaming of since before Robbie was conceived. Having Robbie lift up, I reach over to the night stand and grab some Vaseline, as well as two different size dildos that we have been training with, the largest slightly smaller than my 7" dick. As I lube up my finger, I once again wonder how I am going to fit into my boy.

I place my lubed digit at the entrance of his rosebud, and begin by pressing in slightly, but not penetrating him. I feel his small sphincter muscle resist at first, but gradually give way, allowing the intruder in. Robbie moans and pushes his penis harder into my stomach while his eyes roll back in ecstasy.

While my right hand penetrates my boy, my left is busy rubbing up and down his body, kneading his thin legs and lightly stroking his back. I know better than to touch my dick less I cum before I am in his glorious hole.

After a few minutes, my finger is fully inside of him, and I begin pushing on Robbie's prostate which always drives him crazy. Tonight he is so excited at the prospect of what is to come that after only a few moments, he has his first dry orgasm of the night, convulsing lightly and holding on to me tightly.

I laugh to myself as Robbie comes off his orgasmic high, slowly removing my finger and lubing up the smaller of dildos. Once Robbie has recovered, I slowly begin to push the dildo into his ass. Robbie whimpers a little when I go a bit fast, but once the rubber rod is in all the way I feel his 3" prick go hard once more against my stomach. I smile to myself as I realize that, after tonight, my boy will become my very own butt boy.

I move the small rod in and out of his ass for a few minutes, getting him used to the movement. Robbie continues to kiss my neck and nibble my ear, driving me wild. It takes a lot of effort on my part to not flip him over and take him now.

Taking the smaller dildo out, I lube up the larger one. We have only been using the larger one for a few weeks, and I can still see Robbie's fear as I place the larger one at the entrance of his boy hole. I push the bigger rod in slowly, causing Robbie to whine a little. However, unlike before, he doesn't go soft as the larger device drills ever deeper. Although he has said he doesn't like the bigger one entering him at first, he loves it once he gets used to it. While I feel bad for hurting my son, it gives me a big high to be able to have him beg to be fucked, and an even bigger high knowing that he will both cry and beg for me when my dick enters that tiny hole.

Once the bigger dildo is in. I motion for him to move off of me, and to lay flat on the bed. I get behind him, and prop a pillow under his mid-section, propping his cute little ass in the air, with the dildo pointing out of it. I turn on the vibration feature of the device, causing Robbie to sigh, moan and pump the pillow slightly.

I stop and look at the obscene way the device is stretching his asshole open. Unable to resist, as I move the device in and out of Robbie, I begin to lick his tiny balls and the taint between his legs. Robbie begins to plead for me to fuck him. I pull back from him, and on a slight power trip, tell him to beg. He begs over and over again for daddy to fuck him, louder each time, turning me on even more.

While I debated the first way to fuck him, and I was tempted to let him slide onto my dick on his own, I decided that if he really wanted it, then at least the first time he would really get it. I warned him earlier that I would not be gentle, and still he begged for me to plow him. So, I made the decision that the first time, I would do him doggie style, deep and hard.

I keep a hand on his back as I pull the dildo quickly out of him. I am already beyond the point of no return, and even if he were to be for me to stop at this point, I would still fuck the boy. He cries out at the loss of the large device, and I can feel the boy shaking in both fear and excitement as I lube my dick. As I line up the head of my cock at his entrance, I remind him that I love him.

Although, I really want to just ram it in him, and know that someday I will, I remain somewhat kind and only push the head of my rock hard member into his bowels. Still he cries out in pain, and begs me to stop. I remind him that I won't stop now and he just has to deal with the pain. I push in quickly, bottoming out in about 45 seconds as Robbie howls into the pillow.

Once all the way in, I hold it there, and let the boy get used to me. Although I will use him tonight, he is my son and I want him to eventually enjoy this. After a few minutes of me kissing his ears, and telling him that I love him, he calms down, and stops crying. After another minutes or two I can even feel him push back a little, and I know he is ready.

At first, I just slide my dick out a little and back him, causing him to grunt and moan as I slide across his prostate. I inquire if it feels better and he indicates that it feels really good. I continue put push in and out a bit faster, causing him to moan loudly. Suddenly, I feel his already tight ass clamp down on my dick, and I realize Robbie is having another dry orgasm. This sends me over the edge, and I pump 8 strong volleys of cum deep into his bowel.

As Robbie comes down from his high, I am at first disappointed that I came so quickly, but then realize that I am not going soft. Grinning, even before Robbie recovers, I begin pumping his ass, speeding up, and listening to the sloshing sound of my dick pressing the cum that made him deeper into the boy.

Having just blown my load, but more excited than I have ever been, I pump hard and fast into the child, causing both moans of pleasure and whimpers of pain. About 10 minutes into my fuck session, Robbie cums again I am able to just able to resist cumming this time, but in the throes of his orgasm, I pull all the way out, flip him over, lift his legs over my shoulders and push hard back in, causing him to scream. I continue to plow him, staring into his eyes. After another minute he is hard again, and I reach down to touch his dick for the first time tonight. He moans, and I can feel his ass clench against my dick.

I ask, knowing full well I won't, if he wants me to stop. He shakes his head meekly no. I tell him to tell me what he wants. He whispers for me to cum in him again. I tell him to say it louder... and louder again. Soon he is yelling for me to fuck him hard and cum deep in him. His hand replaces mine on his dick, and I plow him for all he is worth, pulling almost all the way out and thrusting back in hard. We both cry out together, him in his fourth orgasm and me in my second. I pump load after load into his ass, feeling the cum dripping out the sides.

I finally collapse onto him, and holding him tight flip over so he is laying on me. After breathing heavy for a few minutes, and before we both fall asleep, I ask him if he is ok, and if he enjoyed it. He smiles at me, says he loves me, and that it was the best birthday present ever.

---- End ----

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