Saturday Morning Splendor, a series of stories by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Bonding with Reese -

Walking down the hallway from Evan's bedroom to Reese's, I cracked a grin and had to suppress a chuckle. My little guy was so horny that he couldn't be bothered to pull his hand out of the seat of his pajamas. Even more telling was the fact that he had interrupted his walk down the hall, stopping dead in his tracks so that he could give his boy hole the attention that it so badly needed. As soon as I stepped out of Evan's room, I was greeted by the site of my 15 year old hanging his rear end out while his middle finger slid in and out of his rectum. He had a look of sheer need on his face, looking up at me with tortured eyes while he bit his lower lip and let go of a whimper.

Setting my gaze on the seat of his yellow pajama bottoms, I could see the outline of his knuckles moving back and forth, telling me that he was fingering his boy pussy at the same furious pace that he was when he was standing in the doorway of his brother's room. In the confines of his pajamas and underwear, his middle finger was buried all the way to the last knuckle, giving him the deep stimulation that he was so hot for. His other digits were pressing into his plump globes, the tip of each one surrounded by their warm flesh and manipulating their otherwise round contours.

As I made my approach, his expression remained unchanged and he made no move to pull his invading digit from the hot, tight hole that it was stimulating. Knowing that he was in no hurry to end his pleasurable act, I leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips. A luscious moan escaped from my boy, pouring into my mouth and prompting me to add some tongue to our loving lip lock. He eagerly parted his lips and allowed my tongue to slip into his mouth, then he grinned hard and gave me a hungry kiss.

While our tongues danced, he increased the pace of his fingering, the passion of the moment starting to sweep him away. Knowing that he was starting to climb the mountain of carnal bliss, I used my palms to rub his torso and his back at the same time. I could feel the warmth of his young body radiate through his yellow pajama top, causing my already hard cock to pulsate with lust. I rubbed his chest with gentle, circular strokes while I ran my other hand all the way down his back until I found the already stretched waistband of his pajama bottoms.

Using his skinny wrist as my guide, I slipped my palm into the seat of his jammies and let my fingertips trace along the back of his hand. His soft knuckles were still flexing over and over while his middle finger ran in and out of his boy hole, and even as my hand joined his, he made no move to stop. Knowing that my middle finger would be much more satisfying to him, I very lovingly hooked his digit with my forefinger and carefully eased it out of his yearning hole. He moaned again, knowing that his daddy was there to service his needs, and acquiesced with a warm glow in his eyes.

As soon as he pulled his digit out of his hole, I pressed my middle finger up to his moist entrance and let it slip in. When my first knuckle sank in, I felt the incredible heat of his love tunnel start to envelop it. When his tight rear end wrapped itself around my second knuckle, I felt his amazingly silky tissue throb hard around it. When my finger completed its journey into the depths of my baby boy's rectum, I pressed my finger up against his young prostate and gave it a gentle massage. Almost immediately, a powerful burst of his pheromones erupted all around our heads, adding to the carnal bliss that we were both feeling. He moaned passionately into my mouth and rested his free hand on my shoulder, digging into it with his fingers while I pleasured his horny rear end in the hallway.

Knowing that my little guy was swimming in naughty feelings of joy, I settled into a rhythmic finger fucking of his hole. As soon as I began moving my finger back and forth in his hole, I felt his whole body tense up and he moaned with a joyous inflection, batting his gorgeous brown eyes at me while we continued to kiss. Not wanting him to cum just yet, I buried my finger all the way up his ass and broke our kiss with a gentle smile.

Are you ready for daddy to take you to your room?” I asked softly, still rubbing his warm torso through his pajama top. With a contented sigh, he nodded up at me through starry eyes. I leaned down and planted another kiss on his mouth, adding some tongue while I lovingly ran my finger back and forth a few more times, then I pulled it out with tender care and broke our kiss again.

As soon as I pulled my hand out of the back of his pajamas, Reese lovingly took my hand and leaned into my side. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders, pulling him into a warm embrace while we walked down the hall to his room. His 5'3” frame is comparatively small when contrasted against that of his big brother, but I know that in time, he'll grow into his body. Like his brothers, he has stringy brown hair and expressive eyes that can melt my heart, though he has a tendency to throw tantrums that make him less than lovable at times. But just like this morning, he also has a very loving side that shines through, especially when he's in the mood for romance.

When we got to his room, he didn't wait for instruction. Instead, he smiled up at me, watching as I studied his tented crotch. The length of his boy boner hasn't reached five inches yet, but the tent in his pajamas was still quite visible, to say the least. He let his own gaze travel down to his modest tent, then he looked up at me and batted his eyes before climbing into his bed. Knowing how noisy my 15 year old can get, I mindfully shut his bedroom door, not wanting to disturb his brothers. While I did this, he laid flat on his stomach, parting this legs just far enough for me to get between them as I crawled in from behind. The shape of his pajama clad bottom was accentuated by the way the small of his back dipped, just enough to create a perfect, apple shaped pillow. His yellow jammies were so snug to his rear end, their elastic waistband resting just where the valley of his crevice started to form below his tail bone. My hard cock was trembling with need, oozing precum out the end that streamed down into my hairy taint. Still, I made no move to pull it out or even touch it. This was all about my baby boy, and taking care of his needs was my only priority.

I lowered my face into his warm rump, breathing his pheromones in through my nose and my mouth, sending a thrill through my loins that I couldn't deny. I wanted to stay there and nuzzle my cheeks into his plump bubble butt all morning, but knowing what my little guy was after, I soldiered on. I used both of my hands to massage his globes, pressing into them with my fingertips while he sighed with satisfaction beneath me. I could feel the heat of his boy pussy permeating the knitted fabric of his white briefs and his yellow pajama bottoms, letting me know that he was still heated from the action I gave him in the hallway.

Using my hands, I parted his cheeks and opened up the valley of his crevice, then I planted my nose in the seat of his jammies and found his puckered entrance. I nuzzled his sizzling hole with the tip of my nose and drew in through my nostrils, pulling his strong pheromones in through his pajama bottoms while he moaned with desire.

Is this what my baby wants?” I asked softly, and he nodded his answer with more moans. Spurred on by his sensual moaning, I lanced out with my tongue and centered it against the folds of his boy pussy, feeling its heat thrusting through the cloth barrier of his pajama bottoms. Giving into my own desires, I swirled my tongue in a counter clockwise motion, rimming his anus from the outside of his warm jammies. I could hear him cooing and moaning almost uncontrollably while I gave him the action that he needed, then he called out for me to give him more.

Take my jammies off, daddy,” he whined into his pillow, prompting me to interrupt my feast so that I could give into the needs of my precious boy. I hooked the waistband of his pajama bottoms and gave them a gentle tug just as he pressed his knee caps into the mattress, raising his midsection far enough for me to ease them off of his hips. When they came down, I found myself face to face with his luscious rump, which was still clad in his white underwear. The blue striped waistband was snug against the small of his back, hugging his skin so perfectly. As I continued to pull his yellow pajama bottoms down from his plump bottom, I saw the white, knitted seat of his briefs, practically bulging with the two juicy half moons that made up the whole of his bubble butt. With his midsection raised, his horny bottom stuck out in such an enticing manner that I felt a strong current of electricity course through my body with a shudder. I drew in a sharp breath through clenched teeth, prompting my little boy to look over his shoulder at me with a naughty smile.

You know how to get daddy in the mood, don't you baby?” I practically panted, and he responded by wagging his eyebrows at me mischievously. Without lowering his rump, Reese rested his head back down on the pillow while I used my hands to grope his warm buns. The smile on his face was pure pleasure, giving me the incentive that I needed to press into his crack with three fingertips and rub up and down its length with force. I could feel the scorching heat of his boy pussy through the thin fabric of his briefs, its puckered lips moistening with desire with each pass that my molesting fingers made. Finally, I settled my hand against his opening and started to rub it with firm, circular strokes that made him pant and moan while his powerful pheromones danced around my head.

While I rubbed his boy pussy, I let my cheek rest against his soft, warm buns and savored the welcoming aroma that my baby boy was giving off. When I could hold off no longer, I pulled my fingers out of his crack and buried my face between his cheeks, breathing in his sweet essence through my mouth and my nose. While his boy pussy was filling my senses, I hungrily pushed up into his crack with my tongue, treating myself to several deep licks of its entire length while Reese moaned boyishly into his mattress. Finally, I settled into an indulgent feast of his pucker, eating it deeply through his white briefs. I could feel the goodness wash over me as I used my tongue and my teeth to devour the tight, wrinkled entrance that rested just on the other side of the fabric barrier that adorned his plump bottom. My son's hot moaning suddenly turned to high pitched whining, then a guttural call filled the air and I knew that he needed more.

I pulled my probing tongue out of my son's crevice and took site of his bottom. His briefs were in a state of dishevelment, wrinkled and dripping with my spit. I could see teeth marks where I had bitten into them and they even looked worn where my feasting tongue had been working. I reached out and pulled my boy up at the hips, watching the backs of his legs as they formed a perfect “L” shape. I ran my hands all over the seat of his rumpled briefs, then I hooked the waistband and eased them off of his hips.

As soon as his beautiful bottom came into view, I felt my loins stir hard. He was smiling over his shoulder at me, watching while I parted his plump cheeks and took site of his already deeply fingered, well tongued boy pussy. It was bright red and practically dripping with juices, its tight folds running into the soft skin that surrounded it and tapering off in perfect uniformity. I could see it flexing as waves of passion and pleasure throbbed through my son's body, giving me a thrill as I prepared to finish what I had started.

Between his thighs, I could see his hard member pointing out from his body, dripping with precum while his hairless nut sack pulled tight to his crotch. With my hands pulling his buns apart, I let my pinkie and my ring finger travel into his crevice and go straight to his pucker. I pressed them up against his opening and let them rub the silky folds of his boy pussy, my reward another rush of pheromones that emanated from deep inside of my 15 year old son. As they wafted up into my olfactory, I let my instincts take over and used my tongue to lap away at his hole. I used the scratchy, sponge like surface of my oral love muscle to swirl all around the lips of Reese's yearning hole, feeling him shudder while goosebumps erupted all over his body.

Longing to give my baby what he needed, I pushed my mug up into his crack and began yet another indulgent feast. I took care to let his plump buns close around my face, letting my stubble scrub the insides of them while I ate him as deeply as I could. His delectable juices were flowing so heavily, and I couldn't deny myself the pleasures of pushing my tongue through his anal ring, eager to enhance my feast. As soon as I felt the lining of his hot, tight rectum squeezing my tongue, I moaned into his ass and gave it a long French kiss. I could hear him moaning loudly into his pillow, the muffled sounds of his pleasure almost echoing off of the walls while I pleasured his needy hole. With my tongue sliding back and forth in his hot rear end, the pleasure in Reese's young body was starting to build at an almost unstoppable pace. The tip of my tongue was stopping just short of his throbbing prostate, but the nerve endings that lined his boy pussy were ablaze, causing it to clamp down hard. At the same time, my teeth were gently brushing over the outside of his pucker, sending his pleasure receptors into overdrive.

Oh daddy!” he called out, then I felt his body start to shiver hard with pleasure and he begged me for more. “Daddy, I need you to put it in!”

Hearing my youngster's call for me to sodomize his yearning bottom was almost enough to send me over the edge. But I knew that I had a responsibility to pleasure my son, so I stayed where I was and dined on his boy pussy for another full minute. He was whining out loud, his call for anal penetration loud enough that even his mother could hear it from downstairs. She smiled to herself when her son's pleading carried into her ears, realizing that he was shamelessly begging to be mounted. Down the hall, my oldest was roused from his post orgasmic slumber by the sounds of his little brother begging for sex at his back door. In the room right beside us, my youngest was resisting nature's call in an effort to listen in on the union that I was sharing with his big brother, hoping that his room would be my next stop.

With my face still buried in Reese's crack and my tongue still moving relentlessly in his boy hole, I reached down and eased my boxers down to my knees. When my throbbing dad dick sprung loose, the tip brushed against the waistband and a shiver rolled through my body. I reached down and wrapped my hand around the end, gathering up as much precum as I could and slathering it all over the head while another set of shivers shook me to the core. I eased my tongue from Reese's delicious bottom, then I planted a long French kiss right against his pucker, sending a torrent of pleasure up his spine while he moaned feverishly. I pulled my face out of his hot crack and placed the slimy head of my cock right up to his opening, feeling its heat encase my glans as soon as I made contact.

Is this what you want, sugar?” I asked him with a tender note in my voice, and he nodded hastily. “You love it when daddy services your tight bottom, don't you?”

Yes,” he whimpered, then he panted through his nose and bit his lower lip. “I'm so close, daddy.”

I know that sugar,” I assured him, rubbing the small of his back tenderly. “Daddy's going to finish you off, okay?”

His only reply was a sweet sigh of contentment while I ran my palms all the way up his back, letting them glide right over his shoulder blades to his trapezius muscles. Through his yellow pajama shirt, I took a firm hold of the tops of his shoulders, gripping them tight while I pressed the head of my cock into his blooming rosebud. By now a well practiced top for my boy, I quickly achieved penetration and felt a powerful tingle run up my spine as his hot, tight membranes engulfed my pole. I heard him moaning softly as I pushed my long, thick member into his gripping rectum as a moist crackle carried into my ears. When my entire length was buried, I looked down and took in the awesome site of my little guy's hungry rear end, which looked so disproportionate in size compared to my one eyed monster. But Reese has been taking my dick in his ass for so many years that it's academic for him at this point.

How's that, sugar?” I asked softly, wanting to make sure that my boy was comfortable.

It's perfect,” he hummed, a hard grin plastered to his still babyish face. “I'm ready for you to start, daddy.”

With that, I started a slow, sensual thrusting of my cock while Reese's 15 year old body sizzled with passion. His lips were pursed and his eyes were shut tight, and I could feel the moist lining of his love tunnel ripple under the force of our lovemaking. He was letting go of needy moans while at the same time, digging into his sheets with his fingertips. I knew that at any moment, I could get him off with a series of hard, forceful strokes of my cock, but I wanted to make this a special union for my little guy. Knowing that he was drowning in waves of passion that were crashing into him, I spoke softly of my love for him.

You know that daddy loves you, right?” I asked, and he sighed blissfully.

I love you too, daddy,” he sang softly, then he moaned and opened his eyes so that he could look over his shoulder at me.

It makes me so happy that my boy wants to share his love with me,” I told him, and I could see his heart melting with my words. “You have such a special boy pussy, Reese. Daddy loves keeping it busy for you.”

I love it when you take care of my boy pussy, daddy,” he moaned softly. “You make it feel better than anyone else.”

That's because you're my special little bottom boy,” I told him, taking aim at his sensitive prostate and thrusting deep. “You know, when daddy's with you, all he thinks about is pleasing you. Daddy doesn't need to cum when he's with his boy, because it makes him so happy when he brings you off.”

You do it every time, daddy,” he confessed, and the love that I felt in my heart for him swelled.

Tell daddy how close you are, sugar,” I encouraged him, feeling his love tunnel close hard around my shaft while he let out a delirious moan.

I'm too close to stop,” he said, his face starting to glow with the light of his impending climax.

Would you like daddy to thrust harder, sugar?” I asked, and he nodded frantically. Giving into his desires, I began driving in with force. His boy pussy reacted in kind, clamping down around my pole with almost crushing force while he raised his head up and shuddered. I felt the squeezing of his love tunnel start to pick up in pace, first in sporadic waves, then it started to massage my entire length with what felt like a rolling throb that moved back and forth along its depths. As the realization of my son's anal orgasm was starting to register in my mind, his developing package started to pulsate and a luscious burn started to swell in his groin. All at once, the swelling heat exploded, tearing through his pubic region like a blast and sending a torrent of boy batter from his aching balls all the way to the end of his untouched hard on. With the force of a rocket, several shots of boy honey erupted from his hard little cock, shooting into his blankets with unmatched velocity while I continued to pump my shaft in and out of his rear end. His moaning stopped while the hot jets of cum fired out of his boy rod, then he began panting again and his moans picked back up while the last of his load oozed from his cock like water.

He grinned over his shoulder at me with a look of sheer relief, and I knew that my work was finished. I leaned in and planted a kiss on the nape of his neck, then I buried my shaft all the way up his still squeezing rectum and let it rest while he purred with lust. When his bottom stopped grabbing my pole, I pulled it out and let him collapse on the bed. I rested right beside him, gathering his shivering frame into my arms so that I could give him comfort and warmth while he basked in the afterglow of his rear end service. He smiled lovingly at me and sighed, then he told me, “I love you, daddy.”

I love you too, sweetheart,” I said, then we shared a long, tongue filled kiss while I rubbed his warm back through his pajama top. “Maybe while daddy's next door with your baby brother, you can go down the hall and visit with Evan. Do you think you'd like that?”

Yeah,” he sighed breathlessly, then he planted one more kiss on my lips before easing his way down my body. When he was face to face with my still aching cock, he lovingly wrapped his lips around the end and moaned, then he began a slow, sensual suck. He used his tongue skillfully, licking and sucking it clean of all traces of ass juice, then he took it to the back of his throat and fondled my balls. Over the moaning of my boy, I heard the sounds of light footsteps padding down the hall at an urgent pace, telling me that my 11 year old was awake and heeding nature's call. I reached out and ran my fingers through Reese's stringy head of hair, then I told him, “Just a little more, baby. Daddy needs to go tend to your baby brother's rear end.”

To be continued …

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