Saturday Morning Splendor, a series of stories by Josh Terrence


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A Wakeup Call for Scotty -

Laying in my son's warm bed, I listened to the familiar sounds of my 11 year old paying a long overdue visit to the commode. While he was unleashing his painfully full bladder, I heard another set of footsteps moving across the hall, telling me that my oldest was about to join him in front of the toilet. Soon, the loud rumble of two piss streams hitting the water at once carried into both mine and Reese's ears, though I'm sure he was less cognizant of them than I was. Mainly because he was still moaning softly around my cock, swallowing its length over and over with a decadent smile on his face. I was running my fingers through his stringy head of hair, having just told him that he would need to cease the blow job that we were both enjoying so that I could pay his baby brother a visit. Much to Reese's delight, though, a loud moan carried into our ears that afforded him a few more minutes of sheer heaven.

Indeed, as soon as both boys were finished with their morning piss, they shared a long, tongue filled kiss that ended with my oldest on his knees, pulling his baby brother's pajama bottoms down far enough to reveal his bare bubble butt. As soon as Scotty's 11 year old keister came into view, my 18 year old parted his cheeks and tongued his hot, sweaty hole with a naughty grin. Both boys were in a state of bliss as Evan's tongue burrowed into the steamy orifice, sending my littlest one into a near orgasmic frenzy. Neither one was concerned with the fact that the bathroom door was wide opened and that their mother could hear them while she sipped her coffee and browsed the Internet for news. Scotty's little body was wracked with shivers while Evan's own libido was stirred by the strong pheromones that were dancing all around his head.

After a full minute of deep rimming, Evan pulled his talented tongue from Scotty's chute and got up while his baby brother took a seat on the edge of the tub. Soon, it was Evan who had his pajama bottoms around his knees, moaning hotly while his 11 year old brother treated him to a world class rim job. He could hear his baby brother sniffing between licks, adding to his pleasure as he contemplated the feelings that Scotty was no doubt experiencing at that very moment. The sense of fulfillment that my boys get from pleasuring one another gives me nothing but pride, knowing that their joy comes from a place of selflessness and devotion to one another. When Scotty pulled his little tongue out of Evan's already well eaten hole, the boys shared a tender smile and pulled their jammies up.

In a fashion typical of all three of my boys, they came out of the bathroom without flushing or even washing their hands, then the sounds of a deep French kiss filled the hallway. I could hear both boys moaning into each others' mouths while their tongues danced, then their lips parted with a moist smack and they both sighed.

Thanks, baby brother,” I heard Evan say. “I love you.”

I love you too, Evan,” Scotty answered, then he reported what he heard through the wall in his bedroom. “Daddy made love to Reese this morning.”

I know, I heard them,” Evan said. “He saw me earlier.”

Did he make love to you?” Scotty asked curiously, but I didn't hear my 18 year old's answer. Instead, I heard them fall into another romantic lip lock in the hallway while Scotty moaned urgently. When their lips separated again, the door to Reese's room opened and my two puppies walked in, holding hands as they approached the bed.

Good morning, daddy,” Scotty said with a glowing smile, then he leaned in and planted a sweet peck on my cheek.

Good morning baby boy,” I told him, wrapping my free arm around his 4 ½ foot frame so that I could steal a hug from my little one. “Did you have a good time in there with your brother?”

He nodded with a dreamy smile plastered to his face, then he smiled up at Evan with sheer devotion in his eyes. I turned my attention to my oldest.

What about you, sweetheart?” I said. “Did you have a nice time with Scotty?”

Yeah, we had fun in there, dad,” he said a little shyly.

I could hear you two,” I said, still running my fingers through Reese's stringy hair. Even while he was moaning around my cock, he let his gaze travel to his brothers and I, giving us all a knowing smile, then he grinned at Evan and sighed.

I think your brother might want to spend a little time with you, pal,” I said to Evan, earning me a hot moan and a nod of approval from my 15 year old. “Do you think you can sit with him while I fix your baby brother up in his room?”

Evan nodded at me with a warm smile, then he leaned down and planted a long one on Scotty's mouth while Reese and I looked on. Through their hungry kiss, their tongues danced in plain site while they moaned softly, prompting Reese to use his tongue to mimic their actions against the head of my prick. When my boy's broke their kiss, Evan sat on the side of the bed, putting himself eye to eye with Reese, who was still tonguing the head of my aching cock.

Good morning baby brother,” he said tenderly, and Reese responded by batting his brown eyes. “Can I have a kiss?”

Mhmm,” Reese moaned, still sucking and licking my knob with passion. In reply, Evan leaned in and planted a kiss on his brother's mouth, letting his tongue run around the ridge of my crown and sending a strong shudder through me. Soon, the boys were kissing passionately with the head of my cock trapped between their mouths, both of them moaning wildly while I panted in pleasure. I was watching them with a labored look, knowing that they were both enjoying the tongue bath they were treating me to. I felt the toes on both of my feet curl while the boys kissed around my cock, then I felt a familiar set of hands fondle my heavy nut sack. Evan's warm touch on my scrotum was almost enough to send me into orbit, but I maintained my composure, knowing that my duty as a father was far from over that morning.

Just as I started to get control over the powerful shivers that were running through my loins, my littlest boy leaned down and planted a kiss on my mouth. I let my lips part and was rewarded with a moist, tongue filled kiss while I groped his bubble butt. I felt Evan kissing his way down my shaft, taking his time with each smooch until he took my sack in his mouth and sucked hungrily. A luscious concoction of my precum and Reese's saliva was pouring down over them, and with his new position, he was able to lap it all up while it streamed down my shaft. He stayed where he was for two minutes, licking and sucking my nuts with a greedy smile while he swallowed precum and spit.

With Evan posted up at my nut sack and Reese using his tongue to spit shine the helmet of my cock, I slid my right hand down into Scotty's underwear and toyed with his already well eaten hole. There was an oven like heat dancing around my fingers, so I took the initiative and slipped my middle finger up his bottom, eliciting a hot moan from my boy. As shivers beset his small frame, he began to kiss me with vigor, running his little hands all over my chest while I let my finger probe his horny rear end. I could feel his hips moving back and forth in time with my finger fucking, telling me that he was in no hurry for me to stop.

I was about to break my kiss with Scotty and beg my two teenagers off when I felt Evan start to kiss his way back up my pole. When he was face to face with Reese, they shared another tongue filled kiss around the end of my dick, then Evan gently pulled his little brother off of my cock and they wrapped their arms around each other as their makeout session carried on. Seeing this as my window of opportunity, I lovingly eased my probing digit from his hot hole. When my hand was out of the seat of his pajamas, I broke my kiss with Scotty and petted his head.

Are you ready for daddy to service your rear end, honey?” I asked, offering him the finger than had just been up his ass. He leaned in and took a deep whiff, then he sucked lustily on it and nodded with stars in his eyes. “Turn around, baby, so daddy can get a taste of your bottom.”

My little guy obediently followed my instructions, turning to face away from me while I ran my fingers through his messy hair. As soon as his plump rear end came into site, I felt almost electric with pleasure. I quickly seized on my opportunity, hooking the waistband of his pajamas and underwear at the same time and easing them off of his hips. As they came down, his fleshy globes came into view and the luscious aroma of his boy pussy filled my nostrils. I gently pulled his pajamas and briefs down to his knees, then I brought my hands up to his flesh filled buns and ran my palms over them. Their plump contours never failed to push my buttons, so soft and warm, yet smooth as silk. There was a searing heat rolling out of his crevice that I could feel against my face, which was still a good 9 inches away from his body. It was the kind of heat that beckoned me to part his cheeks, and I quickly acted on my impulse. With a feeling a sheer lust dictating my every action, I used both hands to pull Scotty's globes apart, revealing his puckered hole and sending a shiver of desire through me.

I quickly buried my face between his cheeks and dug in with my tongue, anxious to eat at my baby's back door. As soon as I began my feast, the heat and flavor of my son's boy pussy wrapped itself around my tongue, making me feel breathless. I could hear him letting go of adorable moans while I dined on his rear end, letting my scratchy tongue torture the nerve endings that lined his moist entrance. I felt Scotty part his feet just far enough for his skinny legs to form a triangle, then he used his hips to push his tasty rear end back against my face. I responded by increasing the force of my ass eating, sending an unrelenting series of shivers up his back.

Scotty responded to this heightened level of ecstasy by reaching back and running his little fingers through my messy head of hair while his moans got louder. I added to both of our pleasure by using my own fingers to knead his plump, warm cheeks. Feeling the hot flesh of his buns surrounding the tips of my fingers while I manipulated them gave me an added thrill, knowing that my little guy was experiencing pleasures untold. At the same time, there was an intense heat pouring out of his entrance that filled my mouth with the distinct essence of my little boy.

With 98.6 degrees of sheer indulgence overtaking my senses, I angled my head so that I could eat Scotty's delectable boy pussy even deeper. As soon as I felt the tip of my tongue slip past his well eaten sphincter, an almost overwhelming shudder rolled through my body like a thunderstorm. I responded by bringing my hands down to his preteen sized thighs, gripping each one tightly while his cheeks closed around my face.

It feels good,” I heard him pant in a near whisper to no one in particular, and I felt compelled to continue. I knew that my little one was on the cusp of his ecstasy, and I was determined to take him there. So with the devotion of a loving daddy and the enthusiasm of an insatiable ass eater, I began using my teeth to scrape his pucker with light passes while I probed even deeper with my tongue. The sweet burn that Scotty felt in his ass was instantly intensified, and I could feel goosebumps forming on the skin that surrounded my face.

All of the sudden, Scotty's moaning became muffled and I felt his stance change, just slightly. Letting my gaze travel up his back, I saw that Reese was now standing in front of his baby brother and they were sharing a deep kiss. Scotty's little head was tilted to the right and his arms were hanging off of his big brother's neck. Reese had his own arms wrapped around his baby brother's shoulders, holding him in a romantic embrace while their tongues danced almost rhythmically. Adding to my 15 year old's pleasure was the fact that his big brother was on his knees behind him, pushing his face up into his rear end while he ate it with horny moans. I could hear Evan's deep licking, knowing that he could never get enough of his brother's tasty bottom.

When my two youngest boys broke their kiss, it was only because I had ended my feast. As much as I would have loved to stay there all morning and dine on Scotty's 11 year old bubble butt, I knew that time was running short. Evan and Reese had soccer practice that morning and Scotty had chores to do. My wife, who was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the morning paper, was waiting for our fun to end so that she could start on our breakfast. So when Scotty broke his kiss with Reese and smiled affectionately at him, my 15 year old didn't balk. Instead, he watched with a lecherous smile as his little brother dropped to his knees in front of me and wrapped his cute lips around the head of my cock with a moan. I reached down and ran my fingers through Scotty's disheveled mane of brown hair, encouraging him to use his little tongue to get my knob as wet as possible.

When he finally pulled off, I had a bounty of precum and saliva coating my glans, trickling down the length of my shaft in multiple streams that ran into my pubic bush. Scotty examined his handy work with an analytical expression, then he looked up at me and smiled hopefully. My heart instantly turned to syrup when I gazed into his adorable face, causing me to nod my approval with a sigh of contentment. Scotty's smile stayed plastered to his face as he got up from his knees and used his feet to push his pajama bottoms down to his ankles, then he stepped out of them and crawled into the bed. I watched him lay flat on his back, then he spread his legs and pulled them up to his chest, presenting his yearning love tunnel for me to pleasure.

Never one to deny my children the relief that I know they need, I lovingly crawled into the bed and saddled up to his exposed entrance. I took charge of the situation by grabbing him at the ankles so that I could hold his legs in place, then I lined up to his hole and felt it nibble a little on the head of my cock. He was smiling up at me with starry eyes and an opened mouth, letting go of soft whimpers and the occasional sigh as I slowly added pressure. I could feel my glans slowly melting into his hole, pushing past his anal ring with a moist crackle until I felt the almost impossible tightness closing all around it.

I kept my gaze fixed on Scotty's smiling face, taking note of the fact that he was practically glowing with satisfaction as he accepted my length and thickness into his boy pussy. Much like his brother's, the heat and throbbing tightness of Scotty's rear end never ceases to amaze me. I've been pleasuring my littlest one for years, and it always gives me chills when I'm inside of him. His thirst for anal sex is almost unquenchable, but his bottom always stays taut and hot as a broiler. But also like his brother's, my goal is never to get myself off while I'm with him. My job is to pleasure my boys, and I could never put my needs in front of theirs.

Which is why I steadied myself as soon as I was buried to the hilt in his bottom. His hard little boy cock was pressed so tight into his hairless pubic bone that it was practically bedded in the soft padding of flesh beneath the skin. I gazed into his eyes, letting myself get lost for a moment in the love and affection that I feel for him, then I leaned in and planted a soft kiss on his lips. He let go of a deep sigh when our lips parted, then he batted his eyes.

I love you, precious,” I told him, watching his brown eyes sparkle with warmth.

I love you too, daddy,” he sighed blissfully, then he smiled up at his brother Reese. “I love you, bubba.”

I love you too, little buddy,” Reese panted with a labored expression, his pleasure still intense as he indulged in the deep ass eating that he was being treated to by his brother. His own boy cock was hard as a rock, sticking straight out from his slender body while it drooled with a new batch of precum.

Are you ready for daddy to make you cum?” I asked, causing him to turn his attention back my way.

Yeah,” he answered, still grinning as his little body shivered. “I need it really bad, daddy.”

I know you do, precious,” I said, then I leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips. With a moan, he parted his lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth, so I reciprocated his show of affection. As our tongues dueled, I began to slowly thrust my hips back and forth. He responded to this by wrapping his arms tight around my neck and kissing me harder, then he moaned almost violently and dug into my skin with his fingertips.

Knowing that bringing Scotty off would be a relatively easy task, I kept my stride, engaging him in a slow, passionate dance of love while we shared a continuous kiss. I disregarded his clawing of my neck and concentrated on feeding him deep, powerful strokes of my fatherhood while his boy pussy responded in kind. I could feel an almost unrelenting quiver that rolled along the length of his love tunnel with every motion I took. It started at the deepest pocket, right where the head of my shaft nestled itself at the end of every inward thrust. Then it traveled up the moist lining of his rear end, taking his breath away as the bulbous head of my pole dragged across his still developing prostate. When I sank my length back inside of him, the overwhelming sensation traveled to the deepest corner of his treasure, then it spread through his groin like a forest fire.

With our lovemaking now in full swing, I heard the sounds of a wet kiss right beside us, but made no move to break my eye contact with Scotty. His older brothers were now watching the show, mesmerized by the site of their baby brother's almost animalistic reaction to the deep penetration that he was luxuriating in. His moaning was continuous and his bottom was now grabbing my stalk with violent spasms. His legs started to jerk and quiver in my grasp, so I tightened my grip on his ankles in an attempt to keep them still. Right before our eyes, Scotty's young body exploded with pleasure, his climax crashing into him like a tidal wave.

His calls of pleasure were so loud and so telling that my wife carried her cup of coffee with her up the stairs and was now standing in the doorway, watching his dry orgasm unravel. His ecstasy was a beautiful site to behold, yet it had a ferocious edge to it that was almost scary. Evan and Reese were standing hand in hand, watching their 11 year old brother almost convulse as he reached the summit of sexual release. I was still feeding him firm strokes, eager to let him ride it out until his young body had reached its peak, then let it wane on its own. His bottom was almost crushing my shaft with its tightness, the rolling throb still persistent along its walls.

A full minute after his climax erupted, it finally started to abate. His little fingertips stopped digging into my neck and his animalistic moaning had softened. Moments later, the powerful heat that was compounding the tightness of his boy pussy began to dissipate and the throbbing started to ease up. A sleepy smile spread out across his cute face and he sighed contentedly into my mouth, then he lovingly broke our kiss and took a deep breath while I sank my shaft deep inside of him one last time.

Did you have a nice cum, precious?” I asked, and he nodded up at me with stars in his eyes. “Daddy loves you.”

I love you too, daddy,” he said, still breathing heavily as he worked to catch his breath. “Thank you for making me cum.”

Anything for my little boy,” I doted, then I planted a sweet kiss on his lips and slowly pulled out of him. When I was out, he turned his head and spotted his mom standing in the doorway.

Hi mom,” he said with a loving smile.

Hi sweetie,” she said with a wave. “Did daddy spend some special time with you this morning?”

Yeah,” he said shyly while I eased his legs down to the bed and collapsed beside him, my shaft still hard as steel.

Scotty immediately snuggled up to my chest, so I slipped my middle finger up his still hot bottom and kissed him on the top of the head while my wife sat on the edge of the bed and planted a kiss on his cheek. She and I shared a loving kiss, then she got up and told Evan, “I'm still waiting on my little chef to come cook breakfast with me.”

I promise to hurry down, mama,” he promised her while Reese nuzzled his head into his shoulder. “I just need to see daddy one more time.”

You need your bottom serviced?” she asked sympathetically, and he nodded with a needy whimper.“Then take a nice ride, baby. Mama won't start breakfast until you're finished.”

To be continued …

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A Feast Fit for a King


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