Saturday Morning Splendor, a series of stories by Josh Terrence


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The Duties of Fatherhood-

The unmistakable aroma of anal sex was powerful in Reese's room, where my boys and I were laying in a pile on his bed. In the crook of my left arm, my son Evan was glowing with contentment, his smooth chest heaving up and down under his pajama top. I had slipped my hand up the back of his shirt so that I could rub his warm back, adding to his bliss and making him purr like a kitten. I gazed down at my boy's grinning face, taking note of the fact that he had a listless look in his eyes as he stared up at the ceiling, and felt an overwhelming urge to kiss him on the cheek. As soon as my lips smacked against his smooth skin, he diverted his eyes up to my face and sighed.

I love you, daddy,” he said softly, nuzzling tighter into my side.

I love you too, sweetheart,” I said, tightening my embrace around his lithe, 18 year old frame. “Did you get your bottom serviced well enough?”

Yeah,” he said with a glowing smile, then he planted a kiss on my left nipple. “I feel so good right now.”

I'm glad to hear that, buddy,”I said softly, using my right hand to brush the bangs away from his smooth forehead. “Did you work up an appetite?”

He nodded his answer with a sleepy yawn, then he cast his gaze toward his little brothers, who were locked in a deep kiss that neither of them wanted to break. My Reese was laying flat on his back, holding his baby brother in his arms while their tongues danced. Scotty had his little arms hooked beneath his brother's shoulders, moaning softly into his mouth with a dreamy smile on his face. As their makeout session carried on, my 15 year old treated himself to several handfuls of his little brother's well serviced bottom. His boyish hands were running all over Scotty's naked rump, feeling it up while their respective boy boners raged between them.

It looks like your little brothers are enjoying themselves, doesn't it?” I observed with a tender smile, and he nodded his head.

I want to make out with you that way, dad,” Evan admitted with a sheepish smile, melting my heart.

Then let's make out, baby,” I told him, combing through his stringy head of hair with my fingertips as he rolled over and pressed his lips into mine.

He let go of a soft moan as his eager tongue invaded my mouth, then submissively allowed my tongue to dominate his while I wrapped my arms around his frame. Knowing that he was hoping for me to take more liberties with him, I slid my hands down to his boy butt and took a firm hold of his warm buns. With two handfuls of teen bubble butt, I kneaded his bottom with firm squeezes, then I used my fingers to spread his buns and open his crack. He moaned boyishly into my mouth as soon as he felt the morning chill flutter across his exposed pucker, the blast of cool air sending a shudder through him. I let my pinkies roam into his crevice and toyed with his wrinkled entrance, pushing them into its opening and gingerly stretching it while his moans got wilder.

As soon as I pulled his puckered hole open, I felt the sticky remnants of my own precum and my cock throbbed. At the same time, Evan raised his rear end up into the air and gave his hips a sensual stir as the pleasure of anal penetration consumed his thoughts all over again. He broke our kiss momentarily and smiled hopefully into my eyes, and I knew what he needed from me.

Daddy's not going to last much longer, sweetheart,” I said softly, but he bit his lip and looked at me with puppy dog eyes that I couldn't deny. “Okay, baby, you win. Let's trade places so daddy can pleasure you again.”

Okay daddy,” he grinned, then we both looked to my right, where Reese and Scotty were still kissing deeply. He extracted himself from my embrace and sat on his legs while I got up, then he quickly took my place on the pillow and opened his legs, his boy boner hard as steel and drooling with precum as I got between his legs and lifted them into the air.

Fifteen minutes earlier, Evan was laying in the exact same place, grinning up at me with loving eyes as I lifted his legs onto my shoulders. I had precum pouring from the end of my cock, a byproduct of the almost nonstop stimulation that it had been given since I walked into Reese's room. After using it to pleasure my 15 year old, then being immediately called upon to do the same for my youngest, I was in a state of heightened arousal. Through it all, though, I kept my composure by staying focused on their pleasure, which is my own self imposed rule. It's never about my own pleasure, though the boys certainly go to great lengths to give me as much as they can.

When Evan announced his need, I urged little Scotty to join his brother Reese on the bed beside me, then I sat up to make room for my 18 year old. As soon as Evan was resting comfortably on his back, I crawled between his legs and treated him to a kiss on his moist lips and spoke in tender tones.

Are you ready for daddy to service your bottom, honey?” I asked, and he nodded with stars in his eyes. “Why don't you give your brothers a little sugar while I get you ready?”

Okay,” he sighed, then he turned his head to the right and puckered up just in time for Scotty to lean in and plant a wet kiss on his lips. I watched as their tongues met in the tiny gap between their lips, then both boys moaned softly. My 11 year old used both of his hands to cup Evan's grinning face while my oldest reached up and wrapped an arm around his brother's neck, then the two shared a long French kiss. While my oldest and my youngest were letting their tongues wrestle, Reese ran his palms up and down Scotty's back, letting his palm run up the back of his little brother's shirt. His eyes moved down to the foot of the bed, where his baby brother's bare bottom was sticking straight up into the air, and he felt his young body shiver with instant desire.

Putting himself in position right behind his brother, Reese parted Scotty's buns and treated himself to a taste of paradise. As soon as his tongue slithered between his little brother's cheeks, he felt his taste buds explode with flavor and a rush of endorphins spread out through his 15 year old body. I could hear him taking deep whiffs of Scotty's deeply fucked pucker while he licked it with all of his might. He was moaning into it with depravity while the moist crackle of his saliva coated tongue lapping away at its gaping entrance filled my ears.

While Reese was feasting at his back door, Scotty felt a familiar set of shivers travel up his spine and down his legs. I could see the pleasure washing over his face as soon as his brother's tongue made contact with his sphincter, filling him with the sensation that can only be derived from a deep ass eating. His moaning became erratic and his sizzling rear end started to churn against his brother's face, which was also fixed with a hard grin. He could feel his boy pussy start to moisten as a fresh flow of ass juice ran from his glands and filled the room with his essence.

Satisfied that my youngest was being pleasured, I placed the mushroom head of my dripping cock against Evan's hungry boy pussy and shuddered. The energy that was pouring out of it was incredible, almost like an oven, and I could feel it rolling up the length of my prick. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then I felt the intense heat wrap itself around my dangling balls and spread into my pubic mane. I opened my eyes to examine my baby boy's wrinkled entrance and was greeted by the site of it winking up at me. His anal ring was delectably transparent under the force of its constant throbbing, causing his pucker to bulge out from the soft, hairless skin that surrounded it. The sweet pheromones that were drifting up into my nostrils were distinctive from Scotty's and Reese's, a scintillating aroma that served as an indicator of my youngster's passion.

I heard the wet smack of Reese's lips against Scotty's boy pussy, snapping me out of my spell just in time to see my 15 year old pull his face out of his brother's rear end. He smiled over at me with glassy eyes, then he leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. I used my fingers to brush his bangs, which were plastered to his brow, earning me a sigh of contentment. I ran my palm gently over his cheeks, which were bright red from the imprint of Scotty's buns, listening as he took a deep breath.

While I was tending to my little guy, I felt Evan's hole flex against the glans of my cock and knew he was ready for me. I wrapped an arm around Reese's shoulders and pulled him in for a deep kiss, letting my tongue explore his mouth while he moaned submissively into mine. Feeling my loins stir with dominant passion, I carefully pushed against Evan's moist entrance and felt the head of my cock melt into it. Goosebumps started to break out across my face as the heat and tightness of my son's bottom wrapped itself around my sensitive crown, then I felt the hair stand up on my chest. As I continued my journey deep into Evan's tunnel of love, I could feel the moist membranes that lined its walls easing my way in. It felt like his young pleasure palace was swallowing my cock, even as the soft tissue clamped down around its diameter.

Does that feel good?”I heard Scotty's young voice ask in a soft, almost whispered tone.

Instead of verbalizing his pleasure, Evan let loose with a long, boyish moan while he nodded his answer. Reese and I broke our kiss and gazed down at Evan, who was grinning from ear to ear as my pole continued to travel into the depths of his boy pussy until I felt my pubic bush smash into his taint. Scotty was resting his small head on Evan's chest, his eyes switching back and forth between his brother's cherubic expression and his boy pussy, which was now stretched around the girth of my daddy dick. Just inches away, Evan's boy boner was sticking straight out from his body, streaming with precum that pooled up at his navel.

Reese looked down at his big brother's occupied boy pussy and licked his lips, then he leaned in and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. At the same time, Scotty and Evan shared a brief French kiss while I rested inside of my boy, then Reese moved back to the top of the bed so that he could join his brothers. When Scotty broke his kiss with Evan, he immediately fell into a deep kiss with Reese while I pulled my length back so that only the head was buried. My 18 year old puppy looked up at me with a set of eyes that melted my heart, so I gently thrusted all the way back inside of him and he sighed.

I love you, daddy,” he practically sang, batting his eyes at me the entire time.

I love you too, sweetheart,” I declared, then I leaned down and planted an affectionate kiss on his lips. “Daddy wants to make sure this is special for you, Evan.”

It's always special for me, daddy,” he sighed, then he puckered up and I gave into his desires by engaging him in a tongue filled makeout session while I began a passionate dance in his tight boy pussy. I could feel his young body reacting to every stroke of hard man cock that I fed him, his fingertips scratching my back at the exact moment that his love tunnel contracted. As my midsection moved up and down, those contractions picked up in frequency and the hunger of our kissing escalated. The heat of his love was incredible, gaining in intensity as our carnal union proceeded to flourish.

I was so enthralled by the passion that I was sharing with my baby boy that I was caught off guard when his boy pussy violently clamped down around my man cock. I felt a strong torrent of juices rushing around my length as it ran up into his body, and I figured he was getting close. But then the hot tissue surrounding my shaft began to open and close in an erratic, frenzied pattern and his legs began to quiver. I looked down at his untouched boyhood and saw it moving around on its own, jerking to and fro like a seismometer as pleasure seized his young body. Overwhelmed with paternal love, I continued to thrust my fatherhood in and out of his boy pussy with authority.

We broke our kiss and I gazed deep into his eyes, feeling a swell of affection for my boy that I can't describe. His young, smooth face was glazed over and his eyes were shut tight. His lips were slick with saliva and moving, but his voice was muted. I saw his top row of teeth catch his lower lip as he tried to verbalize the words, “Feels so good,” but it only came out as a whisper. His pajama top was pulled up to his chest and his hairless tummy was moving up and down. A torrent of goosebumps had long ago spread across his torso and legs, which were rocking back and forth against my shoulders while his toes cracked loudly. I watched from above as a long, visible shiver wracked his young frame, then he dug into my neck with his fingernails and broke the skin.

Oh daddy!” he called out in a frantic, boyish tone as I increased the force of my thrusting.

The heat of his boy pussy surged and its muscles closed so hard that I thought he was going to expel my fatherhood. Undaunted by this, though, I ran my shaft back and forth as if nothing were out of the ordinary while I concentrated on his pleasure. A sharp pheromone overwhelmed my olfactory senses, then a look of sheer euphoria washed over his face and his boyhood erupted. I felt five strong shots of boy honey hit me in the gut, bursting from the end of his untouched cock and splashing into my skin with the force of a cannon. His eyes were still shut tight and his adorable face was scrunched up as the energy of his powerful anal orgasm overwhelmed his teenaged body. When his boyhood stopped shooting cum, a hot flood of his teen sperm poured out of the end like water while I fed him continuous strokes of my manhood.

When I knew he was spent, I slid my length all the way inside of his clutching boy pussy and rested while he caught his breath. His brothers had long ago broken their kiss, eager to watch while Evan achieved his boygasm. As soon as I felt my pelvic bone come to rest against the soft pillows of Evan's rear end, he opened his eyes and smiled blissfully at me. While we gazed into each others' eyes, my two little cum hounds got to work, lapping away the pool of teen spunk that had collected on their big brother's tummy. When there was no more boy honey to lick up, they moved to my abdomen, licking up the strands of cum that stuck in my hair with greedy smiles. When my stomach was licked clean, they fell into another kiss on the bed while I pulled out of Evan's love.

When my cock emerged from his well serviced bottom, my baby boy let me ease his quivering legs down to the bed, then he sat up and kissed me on the lips while we traded places. As soon as I was on my back, he went down on me, wrapping his lips around my fatherhood so he could suck it clean. I could feel my pleasure mounting again and knew I needed to stop him before I blew my load. I gently ran my fingers through his hair and beckoned him to pull off by inviting him to come snuggle with me. With a sweet smile, my precious boy crawled into the crook of my arm and basked in the afterglow of our love making.

Evan was gazing up at me with a tender smile as I rested inside of him again. His eyes were filled with wonder as I drank in the beauty of his young face, which was glowing. His head was shrouded in the pillow and his sweet lips were beckoning me to kiss them. Unable to contain my feelings of affection, I reached down and caressed his smooth skin, then I spoke of my love for him.

Daddy loves you, Evan,” I told him softly. “You'll always be my baby boy, no matter how old you get. Did you know that?”

He nodded his answer at me while his sphincter flexed around my fatherhood, sending a strong shudder through me.

You and your brothers are the most precious people in the world to me, son,” I continued. “It makes daddy feel so special when you boys share your love with me.”

Sharing my love with you is special for me too,” he sighed, his eyes fluttering as he spoke. “I wish I could share it with you all day, daddy.”

I know you do, sweetheart,” I told him with a tender smile. “Daddy loves spending special time with you and your brothers.”

So do I,” he gushed, then I heard Scotty and Reese break their kiss beside us and I turned to them.

I love you boys so much,” I said, my heart bursting with joy as they smiled sweetly at Evan and I. “How about if we spend a little more special time in here, then we'll go downstairs and help mommy with breakfast?”

All three of my boys nodded in the affirmative, then Reese puckered up and shared a sweet kiss with Evan while Scotty watched. Seeing my two bigger boys being affectionate with each other again, I began thrusting slowly in and out of Evan's boy pussy. Soon, Scotty and I were treated to a show as Evan and Reese let their tongues dance with soft moans. Evan's rigid boyhood was sticking straight out from his body again as he accepted deep thrusts of my manhood in his rear end while he accepted delicious strokes of his brother's tongue in his mouth. My 11 year old watched his brothers' deep kiss carry on with a feeling of desire, then he turned and smiled hopefully over his shoulder at me.

Come up here and give daddy some sugar, little one,” I encouraged him, and he quickly extracted himself from Reese's embrace.

He wrapped his little arms around my neck and planted a long French kiss on my mouth while he moaned hotly into it. As I worked my cock in and out of Evan's tight boy hole and kissed Scotty with as much love and affection as I could, I reached down and slipped two fingers into his crevice so I could toy with his pucker. As soon as I felt my fingertips pressing into his moist creases, his moans became more urgent and his grip around my neck tightened. I gave his wrinkled entrance a firm, continuous rub while we kissed, feeling it moisten with the juices that his boy pussy was flowing.

Evan's powerful pheromones were rolling up into our noses as my rigid fatherhood ran back and forth in his bottom, making both of our heads spin as the smell of copper pennies filled the room. But weaved into the luscious aroma of my oldest son's boy pussy was the distinctive scent of Scotty's pheromones, which were just as powerful but somehow distinguishable from Evan's. As soon as I detected the sweet undertones of his desire in my nostrils, I instinctively slipped my middle finger into his rectum. The searing heat of his rear end made my eyes roll back in my head and I found myself fighting off the familiar burn of a fast approaching orgasm.

My little boy was in a state of carnal bliss as my thick digit slid up his bottom, pressing into his sweet spot with authority while his small frame sizzled. My tongue was still probing his mouth but he was taken by a strong set of shivers that enveloped his 11 year old body. His bottom felt like it was trying to pull my digit in deeper, but there was no more length for it to swallow. Instead of giving in, though, his love tunnel continued to work for more length, causing Scotty to experience a strong, almost instantaneous climax that made his body jerk over and over again while he hung onto my neck for dear life. In the middle of his ecstasy, his climaxing rear end expelled my finger with force while he took two handfuls of my hair and moaned into my mouth again.

When we broke our kiss, I held him close to me while he rested his head against my chest and smiled. I lifted my finger to his nose, watching him take a deep, satisfying whiff of his own boy pussy, then he sucked lustily on it while he grinned up at me. I let my gaze travel back to the top of the bed, where Evan and Reese were still kissing hungrily, and took note of Reese's new position. At some point, while I was concentrating on Scotty's tight rear end, he had rolled over and was now on his hands and knees, kissing his brother from the doggy style position. Scotty watched as his older brother's bottom lingered invitingly in the air, adding to the luscious pheromones that we were enjoying so much. Eager for a taste, my horny little guy planted one more kiss on my lips, then he made his move. With the urgency of a true butt muncher, Scotty posted up at Reese's back door and used his little hands to part his cheeks. I watched as Reese's crack opened up, revealing his glistening boy pussy, which was moist with ass juice. Ryan leaned in and began to French his brother's boy hole while he let go of soft moans of desire. As soon as Reese felt his baby brother's tongue running back and forth against his opening, he panted into Evan's mouth.

When Scotty was satisfied with his handy work, he pulled off of his brother's sphincter and gave it a hard rub with four fingers, anxious to draw out as much flavor as he could. As the sharp aroma of Reese's hot chute filled his young nostrils, my little guy moved back in with a naughty grin, parting his cheeks and digging into his boy pussy with his talented tongue. Soon, my 15 year old was moaning shamelessly into his brother's mouth, his entire body covered in goosebumps.

While Scotty was feasting at his brother's back door, I turned my attention back to Evan, whose bottom I was still thrusting in and out of. I could feel his boy pussy starting to spasm as my raging erection did its job, but his focus seemed to be aimed squarely on Reese, whose mouth he was moaning into. He looked so content to be sharing a kiss with his little brother, who he loved so much, while I tended to his back door. When Reese started panting and moaning into his mouth, he felt his own pleasure start to soar, knowing that they were both having their rear ends serviced.

The look of devotion that Evan had on his face as he made out with his brother filled my chest with pride, especially when I considered the bond we were all sharing. My fatherhood was feeding pleasure to Evan, who was sharing that pleasure in his own special way with Reese. At the same time, Scotty was pleasuring Reese with a deep rim job, while Reese paid that pleasure forward to his brother Evan. At the same time, Scotty was enjoying a luscious sensation as the taste and aroma of his brother's rear end filled him with lust in the aftermath of the anal orgasm I had given him with my middle finger.

I felt Evan's boy pussy grab my stalk with its warm lining, then a ripple traveled down its length that I could feel. Evan responded to this by reaching up and wrapping his arms around his little brother's neck, then his palms moved to Reese's shoulder blades. Unable to resist the allure, I let my hand caress Scotty's supple rear end, then I pushed my finger back into his boy hole and he moaned. As if they could tell that all four of us were joined as one, my two teenagers smiled lovingly through their kiss, then Reese's hard boy rod fired off a long strand of honey that landed on the sheet below him. A split second later, Evan's 18 year old boyhood throbbed and his rear end closed around my shaft, then a trio of hot cum shots sailed through the air like cannon balls, painting his abdomen just below his belly button.

Satisfied with my performance, I pushed all the way into Evan's horny rear end and rested while he continued to make out with his brother. When the boys finally broke their kiss, I reached down and scraped the cooling sperm from Evan's tummy, gathering it all up with my fingers and bringing it to their mouths. With a pair of naughty smiles, they got to work, eagerly lapping every strand from my digits, then letting their tongues dance while Scotty finally pulled his face out of Reese's bottom.

While the boys made out, I pulled my rod from Evan's boy hole and Scotty made his move. With a decadent smile, he sucked it clean while I continued to finger his hot bottom. When there was no more ass juice to suck off of my now aching cock, Scotty turned his attention to Evan's boy pussy, diving in head first and eating it with insatiable moans while I strummed his prostate with my middle finger.

When Scotty finally pulled his mug away from Evan's freshly serviced hole, he had shivers of horny desire running down the backs of both his legs. He bore down and expelled my finger with a needy expression, then he smiled shyly as he pulled his jammie bottoms up. As soon as he stood up, he took me by the hand and practically yanked me off of the bed. Allowing him to lead the way, I let him pull me toward the bedroom door while his brothers sat up and watched, holding each other close. As he led me out of the room, Reese and Evan shared a knowing smile, then they stood up and hiked their underwear.

Scotty let go of my hand and hurried into his room, crawling into his bed before I could make it to his bedroom door. I watched from the hallway as Evan and Reese followed us out of the room and made their way to the top of the staircase. They strolled hand in hand and leaned into each other, then they shared a sweet kiss on the lips. When their lips parted, they smiled lovingly at each other and descended the stairs. At the bottom of the staircase, they shared another wet kiss on the lips, then they made a beeline for the kitchen while I went into Scotty's room and closed the door so that I could tend to his rear end one more time before breakfast.

To be continued …

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