This story is a work of fiction. The characters, names, incidents, dialogue, and plot are the products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.

Seattle Rain

Part I

It was on a Tuesday. I remember the day so clearly in my head. Of course, that was natural. At the time it hadn't seemed like a big deal. I was going to meet my cousin for the first time.

I didn't actually think it was going to happen. My aunt and her family live completely across the United States from us - them in Miami, us in Seattle. Even with those circumstances, my aunt visited at least twice a year. Rarely did she bring anyone along with her.

So I was understandably doubtful that this time would be any different. But it really happened. That memorable Tuesday I saw their car pull in the driveway, and two people step out. I recognized him right away - from pictures sent to us. Short stylish brown hair, dark complexion. Living in Florida would do that to a person.

I was excited and a little nervous. My only hope was that we would get along okay. Two weeks with someone I didn't get along with would be pure hell. Luckily for me, we were going to get along fine.

I was thirteen at the time. About thirteen and a half to be accurate. I was aware, and comfortable, with the fact puberty was taking effect. My voice didn't crack often, and yet it still hadn't changed. I felt like I was on about the same pace as my seventh grade classmates. The reason for that was that I had a built frame. At 5'7" I weighed 130 pounds, and wasn't anywhere near fat. Needless to say I took pride in having the size I did. I'd also noticed that my dick was a little over six inches. Although I was curious about it, I never bragged about or mentioned it to anyone.

Now that I think about it, it was a little odd. A fairly developed body, yet practically hairless and an unchanged voice. Not a common combination. Regardless, I was comfortable with it, and it didn't affect my social life with either girls or boys. Boys were just people to hang around with. Girls were rapidly becoming more and more important to me. So the feelings I felt for my cousin were completely out of the blue.

That day they came to visit was the first month of summer following seventh grade. Caleb was nine. I guess he looked about like the average third grader would look. I wasn't thinking any unusual thoughts when he got out of the car.

Be that as it may, I remember what he was wearing. A loose-fitting T-shirt with black shorts. I recall thinking he must not know what the weather was like in Seattle, even in the summer.

That particular day was pretty calm, but not sunny. The winds were hardly blowing, and it was partly cloudy. It was a kind of day you could easily enjoy. So my mom and I went out to greet them. The usual uncomfortable scene followed - my mom embraced my aunt and I stood there feeling like an outcast. Only this time it was worse. I was unsure how to greet Caleb, and he didn't seem to know how either.

He grinned at me, and I grinned back, relieved for some sort of acknowledgment. Then my aunt grabbed me and went on about how tall I was getting. After she made sure I'd been introduced to Caleb, we all went inside.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I didn't mean to avoid Caleb, but I wasn't sure what we'd have to talk about. It wasn't until late at night we had a conversation.

My aunt was sleeping on the couch, forcing Caleb to sleep in my room. Our house had just two rooms; I'd always been an only child. Since my dad had died, it had been just me and her.

So I didn't mind too much. Even though it meant I'd have to share my bed with Caleb, I had been optimistic about the whole visit. Once we were alone in the room, he noticed my many entertainment sources.

After that, he didn't shut up. Even though I grew tired of talking to him after a while, I was aware that we shared many interests. He was a big sports fan, and he loved PC games. Sometimes he'd get off the subject slightly, but I was pretty patient.

As the night grew later, I decided I'd just have to tell him I was tired. I began, without thinking, the nightly ritual of stripping down to my boxers. I guess he realized I wasn't answering, so he turned around as I was pulling off my pants.

At first he looked surprised. Then he stared for a few seconds, finally recovering and asking if I wanted to go to bed.

When I answered yes, he seemed disappointed, but understanding. I told him to turn out the lights when he was ready. He looked a little unsure, and I sensed he was bashful at undressing in front of others. I was good at dealing with awkward moments most of the time; one of my better qualities.

Before I gave him a short speech I grinned to let him know it wasn't a big deal. "If it makes you feel better, you can turn off the lights first. Don't let me make you uncomfortable, but I promise it won't hurt you to undress in front of me."

My words worked well on him; I could see him relax. I still didn't feel any sexual desire toward him, but I guess it was nearing that. He was just a real likeable person. As he started to disrobe, I turned away so as not to put him on the spot. A few seconds later he turned the lights off and got in bed with me.

I recall feeling that the next few weeks were going to go well. It took me almost no time to fall asleep. I did so with Caleb close beside me.