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Secrets and Friends

by Raven1.618

Chapter One

He was lost. Both literally and figuratively. He stood outside the storefront that served as the Corinth bus station, the only person to have gotten off the bus. He had never been to Corinth before, though an intended visit a month before had ended in tragedy before he had arrived. He had no idea where to go or what to do. His brother was supposed to have met him and taken him to his home. However, as he stood alone in the bitter wind, watching cars pass on what he assumed was the main street in town, he saw no sign of a familiar face.

The tiny ice pellets that had begun falling just before the bus entered the town had now turned to snow flakes and were accumulating on top of his suitcase. His shoulders sagged in utter defeat. He brushed the snow off the top of the ancient leather suitcase and sat atop it.

Down the street, through the white of the falling snow, he could see several cars in the middle of the street and some flashing red lights. It looked like an accident. His stomach constricted and he felt a stiffness in his chest as an unpleasant sense of deja vu settled over him.

He jumped up, startled by a Volkswagen horn beeping from behind him. With an incredible sense of relief, he recognized his brother behind the wheel of the red, battle-scarred Beetle as it pulled into the parking space, just inches from his suitcase. However, the relief was immediately replaced by anger as he watched his brother jump out of the car with his usual "What, me worry?" look.

"Hey, Jeff! Sorry I'm late. There was a wreck up the street and I had to go around it and I got blocked in and everything. Anyway, how ya doing?"

The boy sighed, pushing his anger back below the surface, and shrugged.

"I've been on a bus all night and all day. Whaddaya think?"

His brother smiled understandingly and wrapped his arms around the younger boy. Jeff didn't respond; he merely stood there. After a moment, the older brother released his hold and stood back.

"You don't look so good," he commented.

"I just spent eighteen hours on a bus with every freak in the tri-state area. My aunt and uncle couldn't wait to get rid of me. Oh, and my father's dead. Yeah, I probably don't look too good, Eric."

The older brother sighed and nodded. He turned to the side, opened the truck in the front of the VW, and set Jeff's suitcase inside. As he slammed the trunk down, he said, "Well, you're probably starving. We'll stop at this diner I know near the apartment and get you something to eat. Then we'll go home and you can take a shower and wash the bus off you."

Jeff nodded silently and walked over to the passenger side door. Eric climbed in and unlocked Jeff's door. He started the car as Jeff climbed in and closed the door. The heat felt good to the boy as Eric backed out of the angled parking space and started forward. Jeff said little as they passed several blocks of stores and pedestrians bundled up against the frigid weather. Just before reaching the accident, they turned onto a side street; but Jeff's eyes were morbidly glued to the mangled cars until they were out of sight. Eric noticed and put a hand on his younger brother's leg. Jeff angrily knocked it away.

"Hey, I'm sorry," Eric responded. "I know you're upset."

"Yeah, I'm upset," the boy replied petulantly. "I'm real upset."

Eric took a deep breath. If this was going to work out, he was going to have to put his foot down.

"Look, don't take it out on me. I'm making a big sacrifice taking you in. I'm not complaining; you're my Little Brother and I love you. But, don't bite my head off. OK?

"Why not? It's your fault Daddy's dead."

Eric looked at his brother in shock before setting his jaw and pulling over to the curb.

"What the Hell does that mean?"

Jeff looked at his older brother with hatred.

"If you hadn't whined and begged Daddy to come up that weekend, we wouldn't have had the accident."

"Whined and begged? It was Parents' Weekend! I'm somebody on campus! Dad was proud of me!"

Jeff looked away and replied, "Yeah. Eric Graham. Big Man on Campus. Everyone's always proud of the great Eric Graham. You're so smart and so good-looking and everyone loves you."

He looked at his brother viciously and said, "If they only knew you were a faggot and turned your little brother into one, too!"

Eric looked as if he had been slapped. Then, he raised his hand and slapped his brother. Jeff was shocked for only a second before he became enraged and started throwing punches at Eric, constrained by his coat and the close space of the Volkswagen's front seat.

"You bastard!" the boy screamed as he struggled against his brother's attempts to restrain him.

"Settle down, Jeff! Calm down!"

Soon, Eric had the boy's arms pinned, while Jeff screamed insults and threats. Gradually, the younger boy gave up, breathing hard as tears streamed down his face. Then, he began to sob, great wails of grief welling up from deep inside. Eric understood and immediately put his arms around the boy. Jeff clutched his older brother and the two held each other as Eric began crying as well.

It was sometime before the older brother took a deep breath and looked down at the younger boy. He reached in front of Jeff and opened the glove box, removing some Kleenex. He handed a couple of tissues to the boy and took some himself.

"Are you OK?" Eric asked his brother quietly.

Jeff nodded and blew his nose. Eric waited a moment and then asked, "You still want to grab a bite?"

Jeff nodded slightly and looked down at the floorboards.

Eric put a hand on the boy's shoulder. This time, Jeff looked over and attempted a sad smile. Eric responded in kind and put the Volkswagen into gear.

"So, how are Uncle Jack and Aunt Millie?" Eric asked quietly. Jeff snorted and looked out the window at the passing houses.

"OK, I guess. They couldn't wait to get rid of me. I had to leave Wednesday instead of this weekend 'cause they had a big Thanksgiving Dinner planned for today with all their society friends and they didn't want me around depressing everybody."

"That sounds like Jack and Millie. Well, fuck 'em. Who needs 'em? We got each other. Look, Jeff, I know I haven't been the best brother and I wasn't really around much. I'm like seven years older and everything. But, man, I'm gonna do everything I can for you. I want you to know that."

Jeff looked down at his shoes as they came to stop sign. The snow was heavier now, but the VW had no trouble on the slick street.

"What about Alex?" he asked nervously.

"What about him?" Eric asked.

"What if he doesn't want your little brother hanging around?"

Eric shrugged and replied, "Well, he'll deal with it or he'll move out."

Jeff looked up in surprise.

"But, I thought you loved him?"

Eric smiled and glanced over his brother before turning back toward the town's main drag.

"I do. But, I love you more. You're my little brother."

Jeff looked down in shame.

"Eric, I'm sorry I said what I said."

"I know, little guy. Don't worry about it."

He turned onto Main Street.

"It's just that I get so mad," Jeff explained disconsolately. "Sometimes, I just want to hit something."

"I understand. It's cool. It's all part of dealing with it. Look, it's hard to lose a father at anytime, but it's gotta be the worst at twelve 'cause you're old enough to understand what happened, but you just don't have all the skills to deal with it yet. And, you were really close to Dad."

They passed a diner and drove to the end of the block before finding an empty parking space. Jeff frowned as he looked down the block toward the fogged-over window.

"Eric, I'm not really hungry."

"Of course you are," his brother replied. "It's Thanksgiving! You have to have turkey and dressing. This place has the best food in town."

As Jeff reluctantly opened his door, he muttered, "I was afraid of that."

Eric led the way up the sidewalk, seemingly oblivious to the frigid wind and the snow pelting him in the face. Jeff shielded his face with his arm as if he were traversing the Arctic tundra. He looked ahead at his brother with a mixture of admiration and irritation. Eric walked with such confidence that he looked as if he just didn't give a damn what anybody thought. And, he didn't.

Eric opened the door and stood aside for Jeff to pass, muttering, "Ladies first."

"Kiss my ass," the boy replied with a roll of the eyes. Eric grinned and followed his brother in.

They stood beside the cash register looking about the crowded diner for an empty table. Eric pointed to one on the far side and as the two made their way through the crowd, Jeff asked, "How come there are so many college guys here? Doesn't anyone go home for Thanksgiving?"

"Maybe they can't afford to. They could be on scholarship, like me. Or, maybe it's too far. People come from all over the country to go to Corinth."

They pulled their chairs out and took their coats off, draping them over the back of the chairs. Jeff pulled his hat off and set it on the table, while Eric crammed his cap into the pocket of his coat. As they sat down, a waitress with fiery red hair and even redder lips stopped and grinned.

"Eric, you came to see me on Thanksgiving! You are too sweet."

"Hey, Diane. Whaddaya know?"

The waitress leaned over and replied, "I know that if Rocky Pitman pinches my ass again, I'm gonna accidentally pour coffee all over his teeny-weeny."

Jeff stifled a giggle as Diane stood back up and grinned.

"I never have to worry about Eric," she said to the boy. "He's always the gentleman."

Jeff stifled another giggle and Diane winked.

"So, who's the heartbreaker, Eric?"

"That's my brother, Jeff, in from the City. He's gonna live with me."

Jeff noted that Eric didn't describe him as his "little" brother, the term he usually referred to him by. He smiled at his brother, who winked.

"Honey, in a few more years, you're gonna have to work to keep the sorority girls off him. They'll be after this boy like piranhas!"

It was Eric's turn to chuckle now as Jeff felt his face flush.

"What can I bring you?" Diane asked with a flirty look at Jeff.

"I just want a Coke," he replied bashfully.

"No way!" Eric declared. "Two turkey dinners with extra cranberry sauce! And, two Cokes!"

"You got it, hon," she replied with a wink.

When she left, Jeff frowned.

"I'm really not hungry, Eric."

"Don't worry about it. What you can't eat, we'll put in a box and take home for later."

Jeff shrugged in surrender and looked about the crowded diner. Cigarette smoke hung in a thick cloud below the ceiling. A long counter crowded with customers took up one side of the diner. On another wall, a large picture of President Kennedy hung with black ribbons still draped over it, a year after the assassination. Several waitresses in peach-colored uniforms bustled about as a crowd of guys in plaid shirts and blue jeans crowded around a jukebox in the corner. Jeff could just barely hear The Supremes singing "Baby Love" over the cacophony.

He looked at his brother, who was waving to someone several tables away and smiling. He felt an unwelcome surge. His brother. He admired him, worshiped him. He was so smart, so confident, and so independent. Yet, even though Eric was everything Jeff wanted to be, the boy resented him because he was everything he wanted to be.

Eric looked back at Jeff and smiled. That smile. So understanding, so warm. Girls loved Eric's smile. That reddish-blond hair was so hot. Those green eyes seemed so captivating and mature, yet the freckles across his nose made him look several years younger than nineteen.

Eric was chattering away about something Jeff was paying no attention to. It wasn't important, just small talk to distract the boy from his problems. Jeff's eyes wandered away, as did his mind.


"Now behave yourself, Jeffrey. Don't give your brother a hard time. He's making a sacrifice, tonight, to watch you. OK?"

"I suppose," the red-haired boy pouted. He rearranged the books scattered about him on the living room couch and frowned.

"As long as he doesn't get bossy," he added with a look to the teenager standing near the front door.

Stephen Graham turned to his older son and put an understanding hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Eric, I know you wanted to go out tonight, but I've had this planned for weeks and it's very important to me. I promise you can go out tomorrow night. I'll even give you a bonus."

The teenager shrugged disconsolately.

"And, please, son, don't take it out on Jeff. It's not his fault."

The teenager sighed and nodded.

"I know. It'll be OK, Dad. Have fun."

His father smiled and shook his eldest son's hand.

"You're a real friend, Eric. I appreciate this and I'm proud of you."

The teenager smiled and shrugged and gave a final wave to his father as the man turned and walked out the door.

"Now remember," the younger boy cautioned in a voice that verged on bratty, "Daddy said to be nice to me."

As Eric fell on the couch at the opposite side from his brother, he sighed in response.

"I know, I know. But, he also said for you not to be a brat, either."

"He did not," Jeff corrected. "He said not to give you a hard time."

"Same thing," Eric replied.

"Is not."

"Is, too. Now, shut up. I'm trying to watch Rawhide."

Jeff frowned, holding his book, and looked at the black and white screen.

"That's dumb."

Eric turned with irritation.

"Now, see? That's just what Dad was talking about! Don't sit there and try to irritate me all night! Now, shut up and read your stupid books."

"They're not stupid. They're smart. They're better than dumb old Rawhide."

When Eric didn't respond, Jeff pouted for a moment and then added, "Daddy's proud of me, too. Mrs. Denton said I'm the best reader in the Second Grade."

"That's just because Dad taught you to read before Kindergarten."

"So?" Jeff responded, feeling hurt.

Eric noticed the way the boy seemed demeaned by his comment and felt a flash of guilt. Yes, the kid was a pain in the ass; but, then, all little brothers were. There was, however, something about Jeff that had always tugged at Eric's heart. He scooted over, gathering the collection of books at Jeff's side into a pile that he placed on his lap.

"Let's see what you're reading," he said trying to sound encouraging. "Hmmm. Old Yeller. That's a good one. I read that. Black Beauty. That's a good one, too. So, what do you have in your hand there?"

Jeff smiled, pleased that his older brother, the brother he worshiped and tormented, was paying attention to him.

"Tom Sawyer."

"Oh, yeah. That's a really good one."

Jeff nodded.

"I like Tom. I think he's neat, the way he gets in trouble and then figures a way out. I think he's cute, too."

Eric froze and his eyes grew wide. Jeff was pointing to a drawing in the book of Tom and Huck at the cemetery. Tom had freckles and a mop of unruly hair, was barefoot, and wore tattered overalls. He was kind of cute. Eric remembered having a crush on Tom Sawyer when he was seven, too.

He was about to agree with Jeff when the boy, as usual, changed the subject abruptly and asked, "Where's Daddy going tonight?"

"He's going out on a date."

"A date? What's he need to go out on a dumb old date for? I want him to stay home and read with us and play games and stuff."

Eric grinned.

"I know, but Dad likes ladies and it's been four years since Mom died and he deserves a little time out with people his own age instead of bratty sons like us."

"I'm not a brat," Jeff replied. "You're a brat, but I'm not a brat."

"Listen, doofus," said Eric with a grin and a playful shove, "we're both brats. OK?"

Jeff seemed to ponder this for several seconds before finally answering, "Yeah, OK. We're both brats. But, you're a bigger one."

"Give it a rest, Carrot Top, or I might have to give you a noogy."

Jeff started to protest vociferously at this injustice, but stopped when he saw the grin on his brother's face.

"OK," he replied sheepishly. He turned his attention back to Tom and Huck in the cemetery as Eric glanced down at the boy in the picture and the boy sitting next to him. Red-haired and freckled, in a pair of ragged overalls, Jeff could make a reasonable Tom Sawyer, if he just had a little more spunk and wasn't so bookish. But, then, Eric thought ruefully, who was he to criticize bookishness?

Jeff suddenly looked up.

"Eric, is Daddy gonna get married again?"

"God, I hope not. The first one was bad enough."

Jeff pondered this for a moment and then said, "You and Daddy don't talk about Mommy much. I don't remember her too good. What was she like?"

"She was always depressed and miserable and whining about everything. She made Dad miserable. But, if Dad finds a really nice lady who would make him happy, we should be cool if he wants to get married again. Dad really deserves to be happy."

"Yeah," Jeff replied. "I love Daddy. I don't want him to be unhappy, even if I don't want another mother."

"Well, don't ever say that to the Old Man. It would hurt him real bad and if he did find a nice lady, he wouldn't marry her because of you."

Jeff frowned and looked down at his lap. Eric felt more remorse and put his arm around the kid's shoulders. Almost automatically, Jeff leaned into his brother, snuggling close. Eric smiled and felt a softening toward the little guy, even as something else was getting hard.

He looked down at the cute face of the seven year-old.

"So, what other boys do you think are cute?"

Jeff thought for a moment and replied, "Timmy's cute."

"On Lassie?"

Jeff nodded and Eric replied, "Yeah. He's a real cutie. I like Ricky Nelson. He's got the dreamiest eyes."

Jeff giggled and said, "You sound like a girl."

Eric smiled.

"Well, I can't help it. He's cute."

Jeff giggled again and asked, in a teasing way, "You want to kiss him?"

Eric nodded and replied, "Oh, yeah. I'd love to kiss him. And, hug him and lot's of other things, too."

Jeff suddenly became serious and in a soft voice asked, "Like what?"

Eric was growing more excited. Was he really talking about this with his seven year-old brother? Sure, he talked about this sort of thing with his buddy, but Scott was also fourteen and shared the same horrible secret as Eric. But, the teenager was curious how his little brother would react. So, he answered.

"Well, I'll tell you, but you have to swear not to tell anyone else. Or laugh at me, either. I'm serious. You swear?"

Jeff nodded, his eyes big and his heart pounding. He was about to hear something secret and forbidden; he just knew it. This was good.

"Well, I'd like to get naked with him and lie in bed and kiss and feel him all over."

"Even his wiener?"

"Oh, yeah," Eric replied, now hard as steel. "Especially his wiener."

"Would you kiss it?" Jeff almost whispered, trying to think of something even more outrageous than feeling another guy's wiener.

"Yeah," Eric answered. "In fact," he paused for effect, "I'd even suck it."

"You'd suck it?" Jeff replied, torn between revulsion and curiosity.

"Oh, yeah. I'd make him feel so good. Isn't there a boy you'd like to get naked with?"

Jeff was quiet and looked down at the picture of Tom and Huck. Slowly, fearfully, he nodded.

"Who?" Eric asked breathlessly, his cock painfully rigid in his jeans.

"Ben Sullivan," the boy replied quietly.

"Who's that?"

Jeff squirmed next to his brother, who smiled as he saw the boy pull his book over his lap.

"He's this guy at school."

"You like him?"

Jeff nodded and said, "He's cute and funny and smart."

"What's he look like?"

Jeff smiled bashfully and hesitated before replying.

"Well, he's got black hair and freckles on his nose and he's always real funny and showing off and stuff."

He looked carefully up at Eric and said nervously, "Last week, he showed us his wiener in the bathroom."

Eric chuckled and with the same conspiratorial voice asked, "Cool. What did it look like?"

Jeff giggled.

"He had a hard-nard."

Eric giggled as well and asked with a grin, "Was it big?"

Jeff nodded, to which Eric asked, "Did you get a hard-nard?"

Jeff blushed again and looked away. He didn't say anything.

"Hey, it's OK if you did," Eric said soothingly. "I get 'em all the time."

Jeff looked up in surprise and doubt, asking, "Really?"

Eric nodded and smiled.

"Sure. Every time I see a cute guy or when I'm laying in bed at night thinking about cute guys, I get hard. I even get hard talking about getting hard."

Eric noted with satisfaction that Jeff's eyes immediately darted down to his pants, where a prominent bulge had expanded the fabric. Breathlessly, Jeff asked, "Are you hard now?"

Eric merely nodded. Jeff thought for a moment and then asked, "Do you get hard if you see a cute girl?"

"Not really," said Eric with a shake of the head. "You see, there are different kinds of guys. Some guys get hard for women and girls. In fact, most guys do. Dad's that kind of guy."

"Dad get's hard?"

Eric chuckled.

"Well, I assume he does. He had to with Mom at least twice."

Jeff looked at his feet thoughtfully before finally whispering, "Wow."

"Then," Eric continued, "there are guys who get hard for girls and guys. My friend Scott's one of those. And, then, there's guys who only get hard for other guys. I'm one of them. But, if you are one of them, you have to be real careful, because most people don't like guys like me if they know. If you only like guys, you can get called ugly names like faggot and queer and cocksucker. And, you can get beat-up, arrested, or killed."

Jeff looked at his brother with shocked eyes.


"Because a lot of people think it's real bad to be this way. They don't know that that's just basically your nature. That's the way you are. Like having red hair or brown hair, or being white or colored."

"Daddy says that if Kennedy wins the election this fall, he's gonna make colored people equal. Maybe they'll make guys who like guys equal, too."

Eric chuckled and shook his head. "Don't hold your breath. It's gonna be a looong time before that happens. Meantime, if you are a guy who likes guys instead of girls, you gotta be real careful and not let anyone know unless you're sure they're one."

"How can you tell?"

"You can't really, though sometimes you get it through the eyes or something like that. Guys who act sissy usually are, but not always. And, sometimes, guys who act really tough and everything are. So you can't really tell. You just gotta be careful. As you get older, you learn the signs."

Jeff's face took on a serious look. Eric loved to see him become thoughtful, his forehead burrowed and his eyes narrowed as his mouth took on a pugnacious cast. Finally, he looked up at his brother and declared, "I'm one."

Jeff smiled.

"You're too young to know that right now."

"Am not! I am. I don't like girls. They're icky. They're stupid and talk about stupid stuff and I don't like 'em."

"Well, most boys your age don't like girls, but that'll change when you hit puberty, unless you're one of us."

"Well, maybe we can find out."

Eric's heart was racing and his hands were shaking.


"Well," Jeff said carefully. "You're one and you're hard. I'm hard. Maybe... you know... like we could... do what guys like you do."

Eric was breathing through his mouth and nervously asked, "Are you sure? You really want to?"

Jeff, scared and excited, merely nodded. Eric was screaming for joy on the inside, yet felt strangely frightened. He had fooled around with Scott a lot. And, he really liked Scott. But, Jeff was his brother. There was something taboo about it. Yet, at the same time, it seemed more natural to love his brother that way than Scott.

Eric hugged his brother tightly.

"I think it would be really cool to do it with you. In fact, it would be a real honor to be the first guy to do it with you. It'd be really special."

"Really?" Jeff asked in wonder as he looked up into his big brother's face, all the resentments and jealousies of being a little brother dissolving into hero worship.

"Yeah, Little Brother. It'd be super special. In fact," he said gently raising a hand to Jeff's face, "I'm gonna make this the best night of your life. How's that? I'm gonna make you feel so good. I'm gonna make you feel better than you ever have, better that you can even imagine!"

Jeff could say nothing. He simply gazed up at his brother.

Eric stood up from the couch and set the books aside. Jeff placed Tom Sawyer atop the stack and stood beside him. As they took hands, they both looked down at the rise in each other's pants and grinned at each other.

After turning off the television, Eric led Jeff into the hallway and to his bedroom. He closed the door and turned on the small lamp beside his bed. The shade threw a dim, yellowish cast over the room and boys.

"Dad won't be home until around midnight probably, but get your jammies out just in case. Mine, too."

Jeff ran to his room as Eric sat on the edge of his bed and untied his sneakers. He pulled his socks off and hung them before his face and sniffed.

"Whew!" he declared with his nose turned up.

Jeff had returned with their pj's and smiled. Bashfully, he said, "I kinda like the way your feet smell. I think it's like cool."

Eric grinned and said, "You know Little Brother, you may be right. You may be one of us."

He leaned forward and started to kiss Jeff on the lips. Jeff automatically pulled back in shock and then remembered what they were doing. He took a breath and leaned forward. Their lips met again and they exchanged a long, delicate kiss. Finally, with a little smack, Eric pulled away.

"Did you like that, Little Brother?"

Jeff nodded and smiled.

Eric winked and said, "Let's get naked."

"OK," Jeff replied with a big grin.

Eric began unbuttoning his shirt as Jeff yanked his pullover up and over his head. He dropped it on the floor and slipped off his sneakers as Eric checked out the boy's slender torso. His ribs were visible, but he didn't really look skinny. His belly button was a cute inny and his nipples were like tiny brown pennies with no nubbins. Eric smiled to himself as he thought, I'll change that soon!

Eric stood in front of Jeff, now shirtless and shoeless also. The younger boy looked at his brother's torso. Eric was a few inches shorter than his father and taller than most of the guys in the tenth grade. He had a hairless chest, but there was a thin trail of reddish-blond hair leading down from his navel to under his pants and there were two small patches under his arms. His chest was slim and Jeff could see the ribs, but, like him, he wasn't really skinny. The big difference, Jeff noticed, between he and his brother, besides the hair under the arms and trailing down from his belly button, was his titties. They were big and hard. They had little bumps around them and a big one in the middle and they were hard. Jeff had an urge to touch them, but he controlled it, deciding that he would leave all the moves up to Eric.

Eric took a deep breath and said, "Well, you ready?"

Jeff was trembling, he was so excited and nervous. He replied with a shaky, "Ye-e-es."

Eric undid his belt and unsnapped his pants. Jeff followed his example. Slowly, Eric pushed his zipper down, feeling his cock pulse as his fingers passed over it. Jeff did the same and his pants fell open, showing an obscene little tent sticking straight out in his little briefs.

"Just drop your pants, first," Eric suggested breathlessly, his own hands trembling with excitement. He couldn't tell if the movement of Jeff's head was a nod or simply trembling from his own excitement.

Together, they pushed their pants down and stepped out of them. The two stood before each other in only their underwear. Jeff's eyes grew wide in astonishment as he saw the long bulge out to the right in Eric's briefs. His torso and legs were so white, even though it was summer. The only tan was on his face and his arms and there was a very noticeable tan line where his sleeves would end. He looked his big brother over and then froze again on the bulge in his underwear.

"You know, Jeff," Eric whispered, "you're really beautiful. You are one good looking kid."

His eyes roamed over the younger boy's body, tanned except for what was covered by his Bermuda shorts. The boy looked up at him with his green eyes and freckles and Eric wanted to grab him right them and kiss him. Instead, he swallowed and hooked his thumbs inside the elastic band of his briefs. He looked at Jeff, who nodded, and he pushed his briefs down and stepped out of them.

His cock popped up and bounced against his abdomen, settling stiffly into an almost forty-five degree angle from a patch of red-blond pubic hair. His balls clung snuggly underneath. Jeff's eyes were glued to the fourteen year-old's cock.

Eric gazed lovingly at Jeff's little penis. Maybe an inch long, it was fatter than he expected, with a fold of skin around the circumcision scar. It was standing up at the same angle as his and the little head looked almost like a helmet.

Wow,” Jeff muttered. “Your wiener is humongous!”

Eric chuckled and replied, “It's actually about average. It's about five inches long, maybe six.”

Wow. You mean they get bigger?”

Sure. When I'm full-grown, it'll probably maybe seven inches. Scott's is even bigger than mine. He's got a great dick.”

Jeff looked down in embarrassment his.

I guess mine's nothing.”

Eric stepped forward and put an arm around the boy.

No way, Little Brother. You got a beaut for a seven year-old.”

I'm almost eight.”

Well, you still got a great dick. It'll be as big as mine when you're fourteen. Maybe bigger.”

You think so?”

Eric nodded and said, “Sure. You're taller than I was at your age, so you'll probably have a bigger dick than me, too.”

You call it a 'dick?'”

Yeah. Older guys call it a dick or cock. Some guys call it a peter, but I think that's dumb. I like dick or cock. Or prick.”

Cock sounds nasty,” Jeff replied with a grin.

Yeah, it does,” Eric agreed. “So, you want me to jack your cock?”

Jeff giggled and nodded. Eric grinned and turned toward the bed. He pulled the cover back and crawled in, patting the empty spot he left for his little brother. Jeff's entire body was shaking uncontrollably. It was as if he were freezing. He lay beside Eric flat on his back, arms at his side, as his brother pulled the covers over them. Eric rolled onto his side, slipped his left arm under Jeff's neck, and brought his right hand up to caress the boy's face. Slowly, he leaned down and brought his lips with Jeff's. Once again the two brothers kissed, though with more passion this time.

Eric's rigid cock lay atop Jeff's left hand. The younger boy turned his hand up and wrapped his fingers around the rigid teen cock in his hand. He just held it, feeling it pulse in his hand, as Eric moaned. The teenager slowly moved his right hand down to Jeff's throat and caressed it, sending chills through the boy, as his tongue pushed forward and touched Jeff's lips.

Jeff was resistant, at first. When he realized his brother wanted to stick his tongue in his mouth, the idea was disgusting. At first. Then, he felt the tongue, so alive, almost like another living thing, sliding back and forth across his lips and it felt so good. The next time Eric pushed gently forward with his tongue, Jeff let it slip between his lips.

Both boys moaned. Eric pushed his hips forward, jamming his rigid cock hard into Jeff's hand. Jeff began moving his hand all over the hard dick, feeling the soft hair above it and the fat balls below it. Eric's tongue was sliding lovingly across Jeff's as his head churned around. Jeff began to push back with his tongue and soon the two boys' tongues were twisting and loving even more energetically than the boys' bodies.

Eric's hand moved down to Jeff's chest and paused over the boy's left nipple. Jeff moaned as Eric's fingers began to rub and slide across the coppery circle. Eric felt the little nubbin in the center come to life and stiffen. Jeff was whimpering as he rubbed it. He pulled it between his finger and his thumb and Jeff's groan was almost a cry. He pulled and twisted and rubbed, making the little boy twist and squirm.

Jeff suddenly turned onto his side, careful that their mouths should remain locked together. Now, he could feel Eric's big teenager cock with both hands. He loved it. It seemed so big and hard. He loved the hair around it. He loved how big and fat his balls felt. He loved the way the head was so intensely hard and sensitive. He loved the way Eric seemed to moan as he fondled it.

Eric suddenly released Jeff's titty and ran his hand along the boy's side down to his hip. He pushed Jeff back down flat on the bed. He hated not to have both of the boy's hands on his dick, but this was more important. He was going to show Jeff just how good a dick could feel.

His hand slid across Jeff's thighs and, as the boy moaned with the thrill of the feel, he automatically opened his legs wider. Eric caressed the soft, smooth inside of Jeff's right thigh. The seven year-old was breathing so hard now. With each caress, Eric brought his hand higher and higher, teasing his brother, until his fingers touched the area between the thigh and the boy's smooth, tight, little ball sac. Jeff whimpered and Eric brought a finger across the sensitive sac, rubbing slowly around the boy's little balls, all the while dominating the boy's mouth with his hungry, probing tongue.

Jeff moaned in surprise as Eric's fingers finally began sliding up the rigid little cock. The feeling was incredible. He had never imagined such a thing and he never wanted it to end. Eric fingers held the boy's stiff penis and gently rubbed up and down as the boy wriggled and squirmed beside him. Jeff's fondling of Eric's cock became more frantic until, suddenly, the younger boy squeaked and quaked. Eric felt the boy's penis click and pulse several times and then Jeff relaxed, releasing his brother's erection. Eric pulled his lips away from Jeff's and smiled at him.

"Well, Little Brother, how did you like that?"

"Oh, wow," Jeff replied, unable to say anything else. "That was outta sight. I can't believe it. Man, Eric, I want to do this every night. I want to do this all the time. I love it."

"Well, we gotta be careful. We can't let Dad know."

"Wow. You do this with Scott?"

Eric nodded and replied, "Yeah, and a lot more."

"You think maybe I could do it with you and Scott, too?"

Eric chuckled.

"I don't think that would be a problem. Scott thinks you're a cutie."

Jeff grinned and said, "Let's do it again."


And, they did. Several times. In various positions and numerous combinations, falling asleep finally in each other's arms after putting on their pajamas. They had awakened several times overnight to resume their playing and lovemaking and as Jeff thought back on that night, sitting in the diner as Eric chattered on about this and that, he awoke from his thoughts to find himself fiercely hard and gazing at his turkey dinner, which Diane had brought while his mind was wandering.

"You haven't heard a single word I've said, have you," Eric asked as he grinned at his little brother.

Jeff blushed and looked down at his already half-eaten plate.

"Sorry, Eric. I've just got a lot on my mind."

"It's OK. You were nodding and everything, like you were listening, but I could see from your eyes that you were someplace else."

Jeff nodded.

"Yeah, I guess so. It was someplace nice, though."

"Good," Eric replied with understanding. "I hope so. I want you to be happy, Little Brother. I really do."

Jeff resumed eating his turkey and dressing with a renewed appetite. He missed his father. He missed him terribly. But, life with Eric would not be bad. He loved his brother.

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