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Secrets and Friends

by Raven1.618

Chapter Two

It was after five o'clock and dusk was settling over the snow-covered town now as Eric and Jeff stood at the register and paid Diane for their dinner.

"You two handsome men come back and see me," she said with a wink to Jeff as she handed Eric his change. Jeff blushed and smiled and replied, "Thank you. We will."

As the two turned toward the door, however, a large, brawny, not very intelligent looking hulk approached the register with two equally primitive looking Neanderthals and made some comment to Diane. The only word Eric and Jeff could hear was "queer," and the two sidekicks chuckled ignorantly.

"You're an ass, Rocky," Diane replied loudly. "You always are an ass."

"Maybe you just need me to get a hold of your ass and you might think different!" Rocky replied.

Eric immediately turned and approached the hulk, fury on his face. Jeff stood beside him, scared out of his wits.

"Show some respect to the lady," he declared, "and apologize for your rudeness."

"Kiss my ass, Queer Boy," Rocky replied as the accompanying goons moved toward him. However, two policemen sitting at the counter suddenly stood and moved in between them.

"Come on Rocky. Settle down. It's Thanksgiving."

"Since when's the police taking up for faggots?"

The policeman moved into Rocky's acne-covered face and said evenly, "Apologize to the lady. I don't want to have to spend time booking you in for disorderly conduct."

The other cop signaled for Eric and Jeff to leave. Jeff was more than happy to; Eric took his time, glancing back to meet Rocky's eye as he stepped outside and looked back through the window.

"Man, that was scary," Jeff commented as they trudged through the snow on the sidewalk toward Eric's Volkswagen.

"Not really. He's mostly show," Eric replied. "He's a real loser and everyone knows it. His old man was a star on the Corinth football team back before the war, Gunner Pitman. But, Rocky was put on the team just because of who he was and then they kicked him off 'cause he was no good and too arrogant. He's a real loser. I don't know why he's still in school. He was only here because of football."

They climbed into the VW and pulled out into the snowy street. Slowly, they crept forward. The Christmas lights decorating the town's downtown light poles had come on and left eerie red and green halos in the falling snow.

"The university is up there at the end of the street," Eric pointed. "And, there's a really boss pizza place over there, next to the dance studio. And, there's your school, next to the church."

"I'm still going to Catholic school?" Jeff asked happily.

"Uh huh. Uncle Jack said that he can pay for it out of Dad's estate until the will's all settled."


They drove another block and Eric pointed to a bookstore on the corner.

"That's where we live,” he declared as he turned left onto a side street.

"In a bookstore?"

Eric rolled his eyes.

"Above a bookstore. The landlord lives in the front apartment, overlooking Main Street, and we have the back apartment, overlooking the alley."

"Sounds like a great view," Jeff replied sarcastically as the Beetle pulled into the alley and parked.

"Actually, it's not bad 'cause you can look out over the neighborhood. Kind of. You got that big house there blocking your view. You got the back bedroom. Me and Eric have the front one."

They unloaded the suitcases and started trudging through the snow to the double fire-escape at the side of the building.

"This is to the front door," Eric explained. “There's one from both directions on this side and another for the back door on the other side between this building and the jewelry store next door. So, if there's a fire, it's easy to get out."

Jeff said nothing in reply as he struggled up the icy metal steps to the landing, where Eric was already unlocking the door. When he entered, he found a long hallway with two doors on each side up front and two on each side in the back. The hall was painted a faded greenish-yellow and was lit by a faint incandescent bulb near the front and another near the back, both hanging down from the ceiling by chords.

Jeff was not too enthused by the arrangement.

As Eric unlocked the door to the left, Jeff looked to the right and said, "It must be a real pain living across from your landlord, always having to watch your music and parties and everything."

"Not really. He's actually a pretty cool guy," Eric said as he carried the suitcases into to apartment. "And," he added as Jeff dragged his suitcase in, "he's got a son your age. You'll be going to school with him. He's kind of a twit, though. He wears glasses and has zits all over his face and he always eating boogers. But, he's really friendly and likes to attach himself to you. Once you meet him, you'll be inseparable."

Terrific,” Jeff muttered as he looked around the living room. It was done in a mixture of different styles, much like a lot of college student living rooms. There was weird and bizarre art on the walls, lots of books and magazines strewn around, a small TV in one corner, a record player in the other, and a big shelf full of records.

It’s kinda crowded,” Eric commented as he turned on a lamp. “I guess when all of Dad’s books arrive, we can put them in your room.”

Yeah, I’d like that. It’d make me feel closer to him. “

He walked through the apartment and looked around. In the back bedroom, he yelled, “So, is Alex moving out of here because of me?”

Eric entered and replied, “Alex sleeps with me in the other room. This was like a guest room or a trick room.”

Trick room?”

You know, if one of us brought somebody home for sex. We could go in here and not bother the other one.”

Jeff was astounded and outraged.

You mean, you two go out on each other?”

Eric nodded.

We understand each other. We love each other, but we still like to have sex with other guys. As long as we’re honest with each other about it and we’re considerate of the other, it’s OK.”

Eric hesitated, then added, “Like if you and me were to do it. Alex wouldn’t care.”

Jeff didn’t know how to react, so he skipped over the issue and asked, with a grin, “Are the sheets clean?”

Yes, the sheets are clean,” Eric replied pulling Jeff’s hat down over his face.

Eric walked out and brought the rest of Jeff's suitcases in. The younger boy took off his coat and hung it in the closet, setting the hat on the dresser. He turned on a lamp by the bed and raised the shades. The windows on the back wall looked out at the building next door. No view there. The windows on the side wall looked out at the house across the alley. He could look around the house at others in the area as well as some trees. Well, that wouldn't be too bad.

"It's cold in here!" Jeff yelled to his brother.

"I'll turn the heat up," Eric replied from the other bedroom.

As Jeff was unloading his suitcases into the dresser and the closets, Eric entered and asked, "So, you want a Coke or a beer or something?"


Eric smiled and shrugged. "Sure, if you want one. We're not gonna like make it a habit or anything, but you've had a rough day. A rough few weeks, really. Finish up in here and go take your shower. Then we'll sit in the living room and listen to some music and relax and talk."

He turned around and left but stopped in the hallway outside and called back, "Oh, by the way, I don't want you to be shocked, but Alex and I don't usually wear anything around here when we're by ourselves. Maybe a robe if it's cold."

"Um, OK," Jeff replied uncertainly. He opened the final suitcase and was transferring its contents to the dresser when Eric returned with two Rhinegolds. He handed one to Jeff, who took a drink and then made a face.

'Yuck," he replied.

"You'll get used to it," Eric replied with a chuckle.

Eric had brought a coaster with him and set in on the dresser for Jeff's bottle.

"So, where's Alex?" Jeff asked as he resumed unpacking.

"He went home to Montreal for the holiday."

"He's Canadian?"


"Is he romantic?"

Eric smiled and hummed softly, "Hmmm. Very."

"How'd you meet?"

"Well, we were roommates in the dorm last year. And, pretty quickly, we figured out that we both liked to fool around and by the end of the year, we were in love. So we rented this apartment and enrolled in summer session. Did Dad ever say anything about me and Alex living together?"

"Naw. Not really."

Jeff looked out of the corner of his eye at his older brother, who was leaning against the door frame and looking wistfully into space.

"I've often wondered if he knew about me."

"You were dating girls."

Eric snorted. "That doesn't mean anything. That was just a cover, anyway."

"I don't think Daddy ever thought anything about it. He was proud of you. You got a scholarship to one of the best universities in the country. You're handsome. You aren't a great athlete, but you're gonna be famous someday. Daddy was proud of you."

Eric sniffed quietly and looked down at the bare hard-wood floor.

"Yeah, I guess."

After a moment, he looked up and added, "He was proud of you, too, Little Brother. He was always bragging about the prizes you won in the Science Fair and how good you were in Scouts. You gonna stay in Scouts here?"

Jeff thought for a moment. "I dunno. It's not that much fun without Daddy."

"Yeah. I know what you mean."

Jeff took another swig of beer.

"After awhile, this stuff's not too bad."

Eric grinned.

"Go take your shower and wash away the bus trip. You got a robe?"

"Um, no. I think I left it in Chappaqua."

"OK, I'll bring you Alex's."

Jeff began to undress, aware that Eric was going to see him naked and aware, as well, that they hadn't messed around with each other since the previous spring, when Eric had come home for Spring Break. He didn't want to provoke or encourage him, but at the same time he didn't want to be a prude, either.

He chose to remain in his underwear and was walking to the bathroom that separated the two bedrooms as Eric approached with the robe.

Here you go,” he said, handing it to his brother. “The towels and rags are on the shelf there. Have a good shower.”

Thanks,” Jeff replied.

The hot water felt great on his body after the long bus ride. He stood still for a long time allowing the water to flow over his neck and shoulders and down his back, relaxing him more than the beer could have.

His cock began to react as well, slowly plumping up and extending outward from his body. He hadn't beaten off since Tuesday night, almost forty-eight hours, and he was definitely feeling horny. But, he was torn on whether he wanted to do it with Eric that night. He loved Eric, but there was still a little resentment underneath everything. He didn't want sex to become the defining characteristic of their relationship now that his father was gone and the two brothers were living together. Yet, he didn't want to prohibit it completely, either. He was torn.

He was tempted to just go ahead and beat off right there in the shower. His cock had risen to it's full and rigid three inches and it was just begging to be attended to. Jeff picked up the soap and started lathering up his body. Outside, the phone rang and he heard Eric's voice. His brother.

No. He wouldn't beat off in the shower. He would wait and see what happened. Besides, that beer was making him feel pretty good. Maybe he could talk Eric into another one. Then, maybe, they'd get naked and then...

He immediately turned his face into the water and jarred his thoughts into another direction.

When his shower was finished, he deliberately ran the cold water over his body in the hope that his hard-on would wilt. It didn't. He succeeded only in making himself cold. Frustrated, he dried off and wrapped himself in Alex's heavy robe. To hide his hard-on, he tied the belt low around his waist with his cock standing up underneath it.

He opened the door and carried his underwear to his room, dropping it on one of the empty suitcases. He took his toothbrush and toothpaste to the bathroom and re-emerged after a couple of minutes. When he finally entered the living room, it was dark, but the curtains were open and the shades were raised. Eric was sitting on the sofa before the windows in only his robe, holding a beer and gazing out at the falling snow. As Jeff approached, Eric turned his head. His face was serious and Jeff felt a sudden concern for his brother.

What's the matter?”

Eric patted the couch beside him and said, “Have a seat. I put your beer on the coffee table.”

Jeff climbed up on the couch, sitting sideways as he held his beer, and leaned over the back of the couch as Eric was. Outside the snowflakes were enormous and falling straight down with no wind. The clouds were a light gray, reflecting the lights of the town, and the branches and limbs of the trees along the street in front of them rose in spidery silhouettes above. Up Main Street, the steeple of the church rose in the whiteness, barely visible. The scene was sad and beautiful and lonely and pristine.

Before you were born,” said Eric in a soft voice that almost sounded like a little boy, “Dad and I used to go out in the old apartment before we moved into the first house and build snow forts in the courtyard. And, then we would have snowball fights. I always won, but I never let on that I knew he had let me.”

Jeff was moved. He could see his brother's eyes glistening in the faint light. Piano jazz was playing softly in the background on the radio as he reached forward and put his hand on Eric's arm.

I used to think that nothing ever bothered you,” Jeff said. “You were always my Big Brother, so confident and cocky and always in control. I used to hate that about you, that you were always so sure of yourself. Then Scotty killed himself and I saw you breakdown for the first time and I realized you were human, just like the rest of us. But, before long, you were back to your old self, cocky, almost stuck-up. And, then Daddy died. It was all an act, wasn't it?”

Eric looked at Jeff in the eyes and slowly nodded.

Do you remember that talk we had the night we fooled around the first time, when you were seven and I was fourteen?”

Jeff nodded.

You remember how I said you could never tell anyone you liked guys 'cause you could get called names or beaten-up or killed?”

Once again, Jeff nodded.

Well, I never told anyone at home and I don't think Dad ever knew, but starting in, I guess, the fifth grade, guys at school started teasing me and calling me sissy boy and Nancy boy and things like that. And, then, in the sixth grade, they started beating me up. We moved and I started seventh grade at a new junior high where nobody knew me. That's when I changed my personality. I became what everyone wanted. And, nobody suspected the truth. Except Scotty. One day in the showers, our eyes met and he knew. He was the only one who did.”

Eric turned back from the window to Jeff with a stricken look on his face.

It was all an act, Jeffy. I was never that confident, self-assured brother you though you had. On the inside, I was scared shitless that someone would learn I was a faggot. Your brother's a fraud. I just hope and pray Dad never knew I was a fraud.”

He turned back toward the window, unable to look at his little brother, tears building in his eyes.

Jeff scooted closer to his brother. Their legs were touching. His erection had subsided and fallen down within the robe to lie on his thigh, the last thing in Jeff's thoughts at the moment.

Eric, you're still the best brother a guy could have.”

Even though I turned you into a faggot?” Eric responded, echoing Jeff's words from earlier. Jeff looked down at his lap.

You didn't turn me into a faggot. I was already on the way. I was looking at cute boys and getting hard long before that night. You just speeded up what was already gonna happen.”

Eric snorted.

Good for me.”

Jeff scooted closer again, slipping his right leg over Eric's left, and leaning toward his brother. Eric slipped his left arm around the boys shoulder. For quite some time, Jeff leaned his head back on Eric's arm and sipped his beer until the bottle was empty. Eric noticed and leaned down. He kissed his brother on the forehead and stood up, walking to the kitchen. He returned a few seconds later with two more bottles. This time, when he sat down, the two snuggled close, as they slowly drank their beer.

Eric, I'm so sorry about yelling at you earlier,” Jeff whispered.

Eric slid his hand into Jeff's robe and held his torso, pulling the younger boy closer and tighter to him.

Jeffy, you don't have to apologize, man. You have no idea what an ass I've been to Alex since the funeral. Thank God he understood. It's OK.”

After a moment, Jeff took another sip of beer, feeling much more relaxed now, and added, “Eric, I'm not gonna give you a hard time any more. I mean, not the way I used to, being a brat and all. I know you didn't have to take me and I know it's gonna be a pain in the ass going to college and having to support your little brother. I'll try real hard not to get in the way and if you want to throw parties or stuff, I'll stay in my room and it'll be OK.”

Eric smiled and lifted his hand up from Jeff's side. He pushed the boy's chin up so that he was looking directly into his eyes. Jeff's face showed the same worshipful gaze it had when he was only seven.

Little Brother, you're never going to be in the way. Never. I know I can't take Dad's place and I won't even try. I promise I'm not going to boss you around. I am responsible for you and there may be times when I have to say 'no,' but I promise you, I'm never going to lord anything over you and be cruel or take advantage of my position or anything. I promise.”

Jeff nodded as his eyes remained locked on Eric's.

One thing, though,” Eric said with a grin. “This beer thing isn't going to happen again for awhile. I don't want you thinking this is gonna be one big beer and sex party.”

I know,” Jeff replied. “It's just nice to have a night like this with my big brother. But, I expect you to teach me everything I need to know.”

Eric smiled and nodded and leaned down. His lips met his little brother's and the two boys, one nineteen, the other just barely twelve, kissed softly and lovingly for several minutes.

Jeff finished his beer and handed it to Eric, who set it on the coffee table. The younger boy then leaned against his brother and lay his head against Eric's chest. During their kiss, his penis had regained its former stiffness and was now standing rigidly erect within his robe. It was, however, perfectly visible to Eric looking down from above, who smiled as his own erection rose to perfect stiffness within his robe.

Slowly, Eric allowed his hand to re-enter Jeff's robe and slide across to his side again. Gradually, he slid it up and down the boy's smooth skin, sending chills through his little brother's body. After a long moment, he began to move lower toward Jeff's hip. His arm brushed the tip of Jeff's cock and the boy moaned as his brother's arm slid across the hypersensitive tip. Eric's hand slid across Jeff's thigh until his fingers cupped his brother's balls.

Mmm, my Little Brother's growing up,” he whispered as he fondled Jeff's balls. Slowly, he moved his fingers upward and gently grasped the three inch erection.

Yes, you are definitely growing up. You have any hair yet?” he asked as his finger slid over the smooth skin above the base of Jeff's dick.

The boy shook his head. However, he proudly added, “But, I can sperm, though.”

Eric smiled as his fingers wrapped around the boy's erection again.

Good,” he said as he felt Jeff's hand slip under his robe. As the boy's fingers slid up his leg and cupped his own fat balls, he whispered, “I'm going to have the honor of making you cum in my mouth tonight.”

Jeff moaned softly as Eric's hand gently fondled his cock, making his hips squirm and churn beside him. Jeff's fingers ran through the thick red hair around Eric's cock, the feel of which made Jeff's cock pulse and throb in his brother's hand.

As the snow fell outside the window, Eric and Jeff slowly stroked each other, in no hurry, just enjoying the feel of the other's hand on his hard-on and the warmth of the other's body against his. Eric's face was buried in Jeff's hair and as he breathed in the sweet smell of his little brother, he felt his cock throb in the boy's hand.

At one point, Jeff whispered, "Stop," as Eric felt the boy's hard-on suddenly stiffen in his hand. He released the boycock and slowly slid his hand up Jeff's tummy toward his chest. Slowly, almost teasingly, he moved toward Jeff's left nipple. His middle finger traced wide circles around it that gradually narrowed until he was running along the bumps on the outside. Jeff's breathing became ragged and his hand lost some of its rhythm 0n Eric's cock as he felt the finger teasing him, coming so tantalizingly close to where he needed it.

Jeff's moan was almost a whimper when Eric's finger finally landed atop the rigidly hard nubbin of the boy's left nipple. Jeff inhaled audibly and pushed the left side of his chest outward, forcing Eric's finger harder against the nipple. At the same time, the boy leaned his head over and moved the folds of Eric's robe with his chin as his mouth sought his brother's right nipple.

It was Eric's turn to moan as Jeff's tongue went straight for the prize with no preliminaries. He sucked the nipple hungrily into his mouth and forced his tongue roughly back and forth across the rigid tip. Eric squirmed a little as the sensations coming from Jeff's jacking fist and sucking mouth were meeting inside him to build into raging desire for the boy.

After several minutes of this, Eric could take no more. Gently, he took Jeff's head in his hands and pulled it away from his chest. Holding his face, Eric looked down into the boy's eyes and smiled lovingly. Jeff answered it with a loving, (and horny), look of his own.

"I'm going to make you come in my mouth now," Eric whispered, to which Jeff could only reply, "Oh, yeah. Do it."

Eric released his hold on the boy and slid off the couch, pushing the coffee table back and crouching before his little brother. He shed his robe, stood on his knees before the twelve-year-old, and opened the boy's robe. Jeff extended his legs and Eric opened them wide, pulling his brother's butt forward on the couch and bringing his target closer. Jeff's hands were trembling as they lay on the folds of his robe, his eyes glued to Eric's face. His big brother smiled and caressed the smooth inside of the boy's thighs while he leaned forward and brought his face close to the younger boy's genitals. Jeff's cock pulsed in anticipation of his brother's mouth engulfing it.

Eric gently ran his fingertips up and down the rigid shaft of his brother's cock, teasing the sensitive area behind the head. His warm breath tickled the boy's ball sac as he watched one ball slowly move upward as the other rolled over to the side. It was fascinating to Eric to watch Jeff's newly active balls churning beneath his cock. As he continued to touch and tease his erection, he leaned down and extended his tongue to lick the sweet, wrinkled sac around his brother's balls. Jeff moaned as he felt Eric's hot wet tongue on his balls. It was all he could do not to grab his hard-on and start jacking on it, desperate though he was for release. He watched in amazement as Eric's long tongue snaked out of his mouth and bathed his balls in his brother's saliva.

Oh, God, Eric. That feels so good. Lick my balls. Yeah, lick 'em. Suck 'em. Suck my balls.”

Eric smiled as he listened to his brother's horny talk. The boy had moved beyond the gentle, loving stage and had now become a horny mass of pubescent lust. The teenager opened his mouth and took both of the boy's balls inside the moist warmth.

Jeff almost growled as his hips churned and his dick bobbed frantically above his tummy. It was all too much for Eric, who reached back between his legs and began to pound on his own hard seven inches.

Wildly, he sucked and licked on Jeff's balls as the boy babbled nonsense above, stroking himself with wild abandon. His left hand was fondling Jeff's boner and he realized from the kid's movements that he was getting close. Reluctantly, he released Jeff's balls from his mouth and swooped down on his dick, not even bothering to lick or kiss it beforehand. He engulfed the boy's cock in one long swoop and Jeff cried out loudly.


The boy grabbed his brother's head and ran his fingers roughly through his hair, holding the head and fucking his hips up and down as Eric madly sucked the rigid boycock. Jeff's cries became more intense, more plaintive, as the feelings grew to the point he could take no more. With a cry, he released, his cock pumping wads of his thin, boyish sperm into his big brother's mouth.

Eric could taste his little brother's cum as it slid across his tongue. He loved the taste, the creamy texture, the fact that he was the first person to taste and swallow Jeff's ejaculate.

As the boy writhed madly beneath him, his fist beat himself over the top as well, his lanky body crouched over as he knelt on his knees. He shot wad after wad, moaning and groaning as Jeff collapsed below him.

When Eric's orgasm finally subsided, he lay his head in exhaustion down on Jeff's waist, the boy's still hard cock pressed against his cheek. Finally, softly, Jeff whispered, “I love you, Eric.”

Eric roused himself and whispered back, “I love you, Little Brother.”

He raised his head and gave the boy a sleepy smile. Slowly he sat up, grabbing some Kleenex from the coffee table and wiping his cum from the front of the couch. He stood and extended his hand to Jeff, who took it and pulled himself up. Grabbing their robes, the two naked brothers walked through the living room to Eric's bedroom. Eric pulled the covers back and gestured for Jeff to crawl in. Then he, too, crawled in beside him and, taking the boy in his arms, their legs entangled, their still rigid cocks sliding together, their lips met in a long, loving kiss.

I'm going to make love to you all night,” Eric whispered, gazing down at his sweet brother's eyes.

Do it, Eric,” he whispered. “Hold me. Love me.”

I do love you, Jeff,” Eric replied. “I always have. I love you.”

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