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Secrets and Friends


Chapter Three

"I can't believe you're making me go to church."

Jeff stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom Sunday morning, a bedroom he had yet to sleep in, and struggled with his tie as Eric stood in the doorway and grinned.

"Oh, quit whining. Alex and I go to Mass every Sunday. Sometimes more. You and Dad went every Sunday. Dad would want me to take you. Besides, after three days of wild and disgusting sex, you probably need a little religion."

"I need some sleep," Jeff replied sarcastically. "I need a rest. Man, you wore me out."

"Me? You're the one that kept saying, 'Let's do it again.' You're crazy. You're a damn sex maniac. I swear, when those hormones kicked in, they really kicked in."

Jeff gave his brother a sideways glance that said, "You're exaggerating." Eric rolled his eyes at his brother's pathetic attempt at a half-Windsor and strode over to him, declaring, "Here, moron. Let me."

"Kiss my ass," Jeff replied as he turned toward his brother and allowed him to take over.

"No, thanks. Sixty-seven times in three days is enough."

Eric repaired his brother's mistakes and then swatted him on the butt.

"Get your coat. We gotta go."

He walked out of the room, grabbed his own coat in his room, and waited impatiently for his brother at the front door. When the boy finally appeared with his winter coat, hat, and gloves on, Eric opened the door.

The door to the opposite apartment opened at the same time, revealing a tall, dark blond man in an overcoat and trilby.

"Well, good morning, Eric!" the man declared. "I see you survived the blizzard."

"Yeah, we're still alive," he replied with a smile as Jeff came up behind him. "We've decided to venture out and thank God for sparing us."

The man chuckled and replied, "I see your brother made it in safely this weekend."

"Yes," Eric said stepping aside. "Jeff, this David Stuart, our landlord. He owns the building and the bookstore downstairs. David, my brother, Jeff Graham."

"How do you do, Mr. Stuart," Jeff replied as his father had taught him. He extended his hand, which David shook with a grin.

"Please, call me Dave," he replied warmly. "Aren't you the well-trained gentleman!"

Jeff blushed slightly, as he always did when complimented by adults, though he enjoyed the attention immensely.

"So, Jeff, how do you like Corinth, so far?"

"Well, I haven't seen much of it. We've stayed inside for most of the weekend," he replied.

"We ventured out a couple of times to see Diane at the Diner," Eric added. "We're going over to pick up Alex at the station later this afternoon."

"Great. Well, would you like to walk with us?"

"Sure," Eric replied as he closed and locked the apartment door. Dave looked back into his apartment and called, "Sean! Let's get a move on!"

Almost immediately, a boy with very light blond hair peeking out from under a winter hat and bundled up for a trek across the Arctic ice pack appeared behind the man. His blue eyes met Jeff's for a second before his face turned a bright red and he looked down in deep embarrassment.

"Sean, this is Eric's brother, Jeff, from Westchester. He'll be in your class at St. Joe's."

"Hi," Jeff responded with a smile, unable to take his eyes off the bashful boy as he hid halfway behind his father. Sean nodded as he continued to look downward and muttered a barely audible, "Hi."

"Well," Dave replied after an awkward moment, "Shall we?"

He opened the door to the outside and a freezing blast of cold air hit the four. Eric and Jeff led the way down as Dave gently coaxed his son out the door and followed down the icy metal steps. The sun was out and was almost blinding in the white-covered landscape around them. The sidewalks had been cleared and the street plowed.

"Well, I'm sure Jeff and Sean will be great friends, living right across the hall from each other and being in the same class, won't you?" Dave declared encouragingly as they crossed Main Street.

"Yeah," Jeff replied, automatically falling behind to walk at Sean's side, "sounds cool."

Sean's bundled head merely nodded.

"Jeff's a serious bookworm," Eric declared as they reached the sidewalk opposite and turned to the east.

"Oh, really?" Dave replied. "Well, you've certainly found the right home then, upstairs from a bookstore! Sean spends almost all his free time down there reading my entire stock, it seems."

Eric laughed as Jeff turned and smiled encouragingly at Sean.

"What do you like to read?"

Sean shrugged and muttered, "Lot's of things."

Jeff took a breath and pressed on.

"Well, I'm reading Charles Dickens right now. I just finished Oliver Twist and now I'm reading A Tale of Two Cities."

"Nineteen Eighty-four," Sean muttered almost inaudibly. "It's double-plus good."

"What?" Jeff asked.

Dave chuckled.

"That's a joke. You have to read the book to get it. That was good, Sean."

As if to emphasize the point, Dave fell back to Sean's side and hugged the boy. Jeff could see a light in the boy's eyes as he looked up at his father. They had a close relationship and suddenly, Jeff felt very alone.

Fortunately, they had reached the front steps of St. Joseph's Church and began climbing. Eric opened the door and allowed the other three to enter. They found a pew near the back of the church. After genuflecting, Eric led the way in, followed by Jeff, Sean, and Dave. Eric took Jeff's coat and hat and set them to his side. Sean started to lay his between Jeff and him, but his father took them and set them on his other side. Sean blushed and looked downward as he knelt to pray.

As Jeff knelt beside the blond boy, his mind was definitely on the profane rather than the sacred, despite the three days of sexual Olympics in which he and his brother had just competed. He could feel himself getting hard as he looked out of the corner of his eye at the cute boy beside him.

Sean was almost, but not quite, chubby, with a round, baby-face. His puffy lips almost seemed to beg Jeff to kiss them. His pug nose was so cute Jeff wanted to pinch it. Sean's eyes were closed, so Jeff couldn't gaze at their blueness, but the blond lashes were the longest he'd ever seen on a boy. There wasn't a freckle or an imperfection of any kind on the angel's face. He was definitely the prettiest boy, not the handsomest, but the prettiest boy he had ever seen.

A sharp elbow in his right side from Eric reminded Jeff that he was supposed to be praying, not lusting for the angel beside him.

"This church was built in the 1890's," Eric explained to Jeff as they sat back down.

The boy gazed around at the tall pillars, the stained glass, the elaborate carving. It was a much fancier-looking place, in his mind, than the more contemporary church he had attended back home. However, there were a lot more people in this one. He looked around and saw lots of elderly people, but lots of kids as well. In a pew to their left and up a little were two boys who appeared from the side to be twins, with identically dark hair and clear slightly olive skin. They were cute and they looked as if they might be in the sixth grade. He hoped so.

Jeff also lusted for the altar boys, especially the one who carried the Crucifix in the procession. He looked like a teenager, with thick, auburn curls and freckles. He forgot to nod as they passed and Eric elbowed him again.

"You're in church, for God's sake!" his brother whispered to him. "Get your hormones under control!"

Jeff was afraid that Sean had overheard him, because the boy seemed to smile a little, something he hadn't really done much since they had met. But, he gave no other indication he had heard, so Jeff allowed his attention to drift in other directions.

He did notice, however, that as time passed, Sean seemed to move closer to his father and, at one point, Dave put his arm around the boy and Sean leaned against him, a look of utter serenity on his face. It was a beautiful scene and Jeff suddenly felt a well of emotion. He bit his lip and forced himself to stop the slide into grief.

It was one of the longest Masses Jeff could remember attending and when it finally ended and he was gazing lovingly (lustfully) at his favorite altar boy Eric leaned over and whispered, "His name's Brian, he lives next door in the house across the alley, and his has a girlfriend with humungous hoo-haa's."

Jeff sighed and slowly followed Sean and his father out into the aisle. As they moved ahead, Jeff turned back to Eric and whispered, "I don't believe you. You said Sean wore glasses, had zits, and ate boogers. He's an angel."

"Well, he could eat boogers," Eric replied with a grin. Jeff rolled his eyes.

As they approached the door, Jeff saw the priest talking with Dave. Sean was looking downward bashfully again.

"Eric!" Dave said, extending his hand toward the two brothers, "Father Mike wants to meet your brother."

Sean immediately stepped behind his father and out of sight of the priest. Eric shook hands with the priest.

"Hey, Father Mike. This is Jeff, my brother from the City. Jeff, this is Father Mike, the coolest priest in Corinth."

Father Mike laughed as he took Jeff's hand. The boy was immediately at ease with the young priest. He had laughing eyes and his dark hair was styled almost in a Beatle cut!

"Jeff! Your brother's been telling me all kinds of horror stories about you. We had to lock up all the valuables this morning and we're posting armed guards in the school Monday!"

Everyone laughed as Jeff rolled his eyes and nodded sarcastically.

"Very funny. Ha, ha!"

Father Mike grinned.

"We've been looking forward to you joining us, and," the priest leaned forward. "Eric says you're a really strong and mature guy, but I know it's been rough for you lately. So, if you need to talk to somebody, let me know. I lost my dad when I was thirteen, so I know some of what you might be feeling."

Jeff smiled gratefully.

"Thanks, Father. I will."

As they moved down the steps, Dave turned to Jeff and said, "You know, that Father Mike can be a real card."

Sean was still averting his eyes as he seemed to pull up beside his father. Eric and Jeff joined them on the sidewalk as Dave added, "Say. Sean and I are going to dinner across the street at Franklin's. Would you like to join us?"

Jeff looked at the fancy exterior of the restaurant and turned toward Eric. His brother, however, had a reluctant look on his face.

"That place is a little out of our league, Dave. But, thanks."

"Nonsense! I'm paying. I'll just take it out of December's rent, which is due day after tomorrow, by the way."

Eric thought for a moment as Jeff whispered, "Please, Eric. Say yes!"

Reluctantly, Eric nodded.

"Well, all right. Thanks, Dave. It's kind of you."

"Don't think anything of it!" the man replied. "We need to celebrate Jeff moving here, don't we, Sean?"

Sean was still averting his eyes, but he nodded quickly and nervously glanced over at Jeff, who smiled reassuringly.

With a break in the after-church traffic, they jaywalked across the street to the restaurant and entered. After leaving their coats and hats with the attendant, Dave greeted an older gentleman in formal attire.

"Franklin! How are you today?"

"Very well, Mr. Stuart. Excellent. I see you and Sean have guests today. You're usual table?"


Even though he was wearing a jacket and tie, Jeff felt a bit underdressed as they made their way through the dining room and past the other patrons. A man played a piano off to the side and a fireplace blazed near the table to which they were led. Dave smiled proudly as Jeff sat down, Sean to his right, Eric to his left, and Dave in front of him. He ordered two Bloody Mary's for Eric and him and two Virgin Mary's for the boys.

As Dave and Eric began to discuss President Johnson's victory over Senator Goldwater in the election earlier in the month, Jeff turned to Sean, who was sitting with his hands folded in his lap and looking down at the table.

"So, what's St. Joseph's school like?"

Sean looked up nervously and bit his lip for a moment before replying, "It's OK. The brothers are nice."

"Brothers? Jeff asked. "No nuns?"

Sean shook his head silently.

"Well, that's cool," Jeff responded encouragingly." What are the kids like?"

Sean shrugged uncertainly and replied, "Well, they're kids."

Jeff smiled, but began to wonder what was up with this guy. He was the most beautiful kid he had ever seen, but he had a pretty dull personality. There had to be a reason.

"So, what do you like to order here?" he asked.

Sean swallowed and replied, "Chicken Kiev," as the waiter brought their drinks and menus. Jeff looked Chicken Kiev up on the menu and decided it looked pretty good.

"The filet here is excellent," Dave said to Eric.

"I'll have one, rare," Eric replied.

"Same here," Dave replied. "And four Caesars, Thomas. But, give us a little while first."

"Of course, the waiter replied. As Dave and Eric resumed their conversation, the waiter turned, but not before a wink at Sean, who blushed and smiled before looking down at the table again. Jeff grinned to himself.

"So, Sean, you play any sports?"

Sean shook his head, still averting his eyes.

"Good. Me neither. You have any girlfriends?"

Once again, Sean shook his head, blushing even more furiously.

"Good. Me neither."

Sean cautiously looked up at Jeff and saw him smiling as if he were sharing a secret with Sean. He gave a quick smile and looked down again, though he seemed to relax slightly.

"So, do you like to play any games?" Jeff asked, a hint of something in his voice.

Sean smiled slightly and said, "Daddy and I like to play…" Here, Dave quickly looked over before Sean said, "…backgammon."

Jeff noticed Dave relax and look back at Eric. He grinned at Sean and said, "I love to play backgammon. Maybe we can play some after school tomorrow."

Sean looked up at Jeff and their eyes met. This time, Sean didn't seem as nervous and when he replied, "I'd like that," he didn't immediately avert his eyes. Jeff smiled.


The two boys began to discuss various aspects of life in Corinth in general and at St. Joseph's in particular. The waiter arrived with his cart to prepare the Caesars and Jeff noted with amusement the number of times his eyes met Sean's and the number of times the blond boy blushed and smiled at him. By the time their main course arrived, Sean seemed to have relaxed considerably and was actually initiating comments and questions, not merely responding to Jeff's inquiries and remarks. When the waiter returned with dessert, Jeff nudged Sean's foot under the table and giggled quietly as the waiter seemed to accidentally lean against Sean as he placed his ice cream on the table. Sean giggled and grinned as well.

By the time Dave and Eric had finished their coffee and Dave had signed the check, Sean and Jeff was talking over each other, grinning, and giggling as if they had always known each other. Jeff was reluctant to leave when Dave and Eric stood. Sean looked sad as well and as they walked back to the apartment, the two boys made arrangements to walk to school together the following morning.

When Eric closed the door to their apartment, he said, "Well, go change your clothes. It's almost time to pick up Alex at the train station."

Jeff didn't reply. He simply walked to his room with a serene smile on his face.

As he was undressing, Eric peeked in and grinned.

"So, what are you so happy about?"

Jeff shrugged and grinned.

"Oh, I don't know."

Eric started toward his room, chanting, "Jeff and Sean, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First come's love…"

"OK, you don't get to suck my dick tonight," Jeff said around the door, naked.

Eric simply shrugged.

"I don't need your teeny-wienie, Little Brother. I've got me a real man tonight!"

But, as soon as he said it, even though it had been meant as a joke, Eric saw the pain in Jeff's eyes.

"Hey, Little Brother," he said turning back and wrapping his arms around the twelve year-old. "I was just kidding. You know I love you. You come first. You always will."

Jeff looked embarrassed and frowned.

"I know, but I'm afraid that with Alex here, you won't have time for me now."

Eric took his brother's face in his hand.

"Look, Little Brother. Remember this. You always come first. Always."

Eric kissed the boy on the forehead and Jeff looked up and smiled.

"I love you, Eric."

"I love you, Jeff."

However, Jeff's fears returned as he rode with Eric through Corinth toward the train station on the other side of town. The radio was playing what the DJ had declared was the Number One song on the Billboard Hot 100 for that week, "Leader of the Pack," and Eric was singing along in a feminine falsetto. Jeff grinned indulgently, but his heart wasn't in it. When they arrived at the small wooden station, Jeff jammed his hands in the pockets of his jeans to keep them from shaking from nerves. Despite the sun, a biting wind caused the rest of his body to shiver, however, and his jaw to quiver.

The train was just arriving as they walked around to the platform. Eric put an arm around Jeff's shoulders and said softly, "It's gonna be all right. Trust me. You will love Alex."

"Yeah," Jeff replied with a lack of enthusiasm. "But, will he like me?"

Eric looked down and grinned. "If I know Alex, he will absolutely fall all over himself for you. When I talked to him last night, he said he could hardly wait to meet you."

Jeff scanned the windows for someone standing up who might look Canadian, though he had no idea what a Canadian might look like. Quite a few college-age men and women were getting off the train and milling around on the platform and Jeff nervously inspected them. Then, a head popped out of the door of a car down the track from them. It had unruly dark hair that fell about in waves and large curls and a long scarf hanging down from the neck.

"Is that Alex?" Jeff asked, pointing down the train.

Eric grinned and waived. The head nodded, disappeared for a moment and then re-appeared. He jumped off the steps holding a brown leather suitcase and waited with his arms akimbo. Eric trotted toward him with Jeff following behind at a slower pace.

"So this is how I am greeted after my international voyage?" Alex demanded as Eric approached. "No, marching bands? No cheering crowds? No naked boys cavorting for my pleasure?"

Eric glanced nervously about and then grinned.

"Oh, we'll have a naked boy, all right. Just not right now."

Alex raised an appraising eyebrow as Jeff approached.

"Hmm. Well, I suppose he will do."

Jeff was taken aback until he saw the twinkle in Alex's eye and Eric giving him a manly pat on the back.

"You're damn right he'll do. Jeff, this is the love of my life, the light of my heart, my reason for living, Alex St. Laurent. Alex, this is the best little brother in the world, the insatiable Jeff."

Alex held his hand out and haughtily declared, "You may kiss my ring."

"And, you may kiss my ass," Jeff replied with a rebellious smirk.

Alex grinned and looked at Eric.

"I like him. He's fun. He has a certain… style."

Eric took Alex's suitcase and started up the platform toward the car. Jeff followed, glancing over at his brother's companion and appraising him. There was an arrogance about Alex that Jeff might have found irritating if Alex hadn't looked down at Jeff several times with a laugh in his brown eyes and a smirk on his face. He and Eric were discussing Montreal and Alex's family. Jeff couldn't quite understand Alex's accent. It was French, yet it wasn't quite French.

As they reached the red Volkswagen, Eric opened the hood in the front and dropped Alex's suitcase in. As he slammed the lid shut, he suddenly looked at Alex and said something in French, which surprised Jeff, who didn't understand the language, though he thought he heard something that might have been, "Mon petit frere," which he assumed was, "My little brother."

Alex's reply was incomprehensible to Jeff, who stood beside Alex, waiting to get into the car.

"Hey, no fair. English only!"

Alex looked down at the boy in outrage and replied, "Do you know what you are saying to me?"

Jeff looked helplessly at his brother, before Alex burst into hysterical laughter and put his arm around the boy.

"Little Jeff," he said warmly, "you have nothing to fear from me. I know you love your brother. I hope you will learn to love me, too."

He opened the door and pulled the front seat forward so that Jeff could climb in. Once the boy was safely tucked in, Alex and Eric both climbed in. As Eric started the car, he looked over at Alex and softly said, "I missed you."

"No you didn't," Alex replied with a smile. "You spent the last three days doing unspeakable things with your brother and you didn't once think about me. But, don't worry. I will make certain to correct that this evening."

Jeff giggled and Alex looked back and grinned.

"You little imp. I will have to find out what it is about you that bewitches my lover so much."

Alex had done much to alleviate Jeff's fears and for the rest of the afternoon, the three laughed and teased and quite enjoyed themselves. Later, after Alex had prepared a dinner of fish and pasta and Eric and Jeff had finished washing the dishes, Eric leaned over and whispered, "It's seven o'clock. Why don't you go shower and then afterwards, we'll have a glass of wine. Alex loves to have a glass of wine before bed."

Jeff scampered off to the bathroom, but as he was showering, he suddenly realized that Alex would probably want his robe back. He knew that Eric had indicated that the two of them normally didn't wear anything around the apartment and Jeff certainly hadn't had a problem running around the apartment naked for the last few days. However, he wasn't totally certain that he wanted to be so brazen just yet in front of Alex. And, there was the problem of his rather persistent erection. Jeff had been hard most of the time since their ride back from the train station. Alex was a beautiful man. He was just a little shorter than Eric, with the most soulful brown eyes, beautiful curls and waves in his dark hair, and a way of making arrogance seem so sexy. Jeff had found Sean to be precious and had been thinking of ways to get his neighbor naked. But, all thoughts of Sean had dissolved once he realized how beautiful Alex was and that Alex didn't seem as if he would be a threat to his relationship with Eric. When he climbed out of the shower, he decided to wrap himself in his towel, with the knot strategically placed over his hard-on.

Emerging from the bathroom, he found the apartment dark except for a candle burning on a table next to the couch. Eric and Alex were sitting on the couch wearing nothing but their robes, their arms around each other and their mouths glued together. In the flickering light and shadow, Jeff could see Eric's erection tenting up his robe. He tried to check out Alex, but he couldn't see anything. There was a bottle of red wine on the coffee table and three glasses, two almost empty and one two-thirds full.

As he approached, the two broke their kiss and looked his way. Eric smiled. Alex waived his arm.

"No! No towel. You must remove the towel immediately!"

Jeff swallowed and pulled it away, laying it on a nearby chair. He immediately covered his boyish erection with his hands. Alex held his hand out like a gun and declared, "Stick 'em up!"

Jeff took a breath and raised his hands, exposing himself as he did. Alex smiled with satisfaction.

"Yes, very nice. Now come join us and have a glass of wine. You must learn to be French."

Jeff rolled his eyes and stepped toward the two as Eric chuckled. Alex caressed Jeff's butt as he stepped between the couch and the coffee table and sat down between the two roommates. Alex handed him his glass and Jeff took a gulp. His eyes grew wide and his face scrunched in displeasure.

"This doesn't taste like wine. I thought it would taste more like grape juice."

"Cretin," Alex replied. "But, you will learn."

"I think Jeff's developing a taste for beer," Eric contributed. "Maybe wine is a bit much."

"In France, every twelve year-old is an expert on wine," Alex declared as his hand began to gently caress Jeff's thigh. Eric playfully twirled his brother's red hair in his fingers as Jeff's erection bobbed stiffly between his legs, a rigid perpendicular.

"I can see how this imp has captured your heart," Alex whispered to Eric. "He is a beautiful young man. He looks like you must have at that age."

"We do look very much alike," Eric replied as he began to caress Jeff's other thigh.

"Have you always been a homosexual?" Jeff asked Alex as he took another drink.

"Actually, we prefer the word 'gay' to 'homosexual,'' Alex explained. "'Homosexual seems so clinical and academic, and it only seems to cover the sexual aspect. There is much more to being gay than just sex. It is enjoying the company of other men, it is an appreciation for sensuality, for fine things, for beauty. I have been 'gay' my entire life, as long as I remember. There were several men when I was younger who taught me the joys of being gay and I bless them for it."

"When was the first time you and Eric did it?"

Alex smiled and looked at his companion.

It was the second night in the dorm last year. Eric was quietly masturbating under his sheet, trying not to make any noise and I decided to masturbate and truly enjoy it. Soon, we were watching each other and then I joined him in his bed."

Jeff looked up at his brother and smiled. "That sounds neat."

"It was," said Eric as he leaned across Jeff and kissed Alex on the lips. The two held the kiss for several seconds, just inches from Jeff's face, and then slowly pulled away from each other. Jeff finished his glass of wine and Alex took it from him, placing it on the coffee table. Jeff's hands eagerly reached into Eric and Alex's robes and grasped their erections.

"Slowly, little imp," Alex whispered. "You much learn to enjoy making love and make it last. You must not rush the little death."


"The orgasm," Eric explained with a grin as he thrust his hips upward slightly to give Jeff's hand a better grip on his penis.

Jeff's hand was fondling Alex's cock and the boy discovered his foreskin. He was confused as he explored it, pulling it up and down. Alex saw the look on his face.

"Ah, my little American. You are confused by my foreskin?"

"What... I mean, why... I mean..."

Alex grinned.

"No, I am not deformed. It is you and your brother who are deformed. You see, Europeans do not believe in mutilating the penis of the baby boy by cutting off the foreskin, the way Americans do."

Jeff looked up at Eric for confirmation, who nodded,

"Yes, Little Brother. We both had foreskins when we were babies, but they cut them off. It's supposed to be a sanitary thing, but if you wash carefully, it's just as clean. I think its a silly practice. It's one of the things I love about Alex's cock. I love his foreskin."

"It is kinda neat," Jeff commented as he pulled it up and down. His hand moved down the penis to his thick, soft public hair. Alex continued to caress Jeff's thigh as Eric leaned over and kissed Jeff's cheek. The boy turned toward his brother and their lips met. Within seconds, Eric's tongue was pushing into Jeff's mouth and the two were moaning softly into each other. Eric's hand came up to Jeff's face and gently held it as he made love to his brother's mouth. Alex's hand cupped Jeff's balls, gently fondling and kneading them, causing the boy to squirm from the wonderful feelings.

After a moment of watching the two brother's kissing, Alex leaned over and inserted his tongue into Jeff's ear. Eric had never done that to him and the feeling was completely different from any he had known. It was almost too much for him and he tried to jerk his head away. Alex and Eric both held his head steady as Eric's tongue possessed the boy's mouth and Alex's tongue possessed his ear.

Both Eric and Alex had placed arms over the back of the sofa behind Jeff's head and as Eric finally released the boy's mouth, Jeff's head lightly fell back onto Alex's arms. He could smell the arousing fragrance of sweat and arousal from under his arm and it was like an aphrodisiac to him. He turned toward Alex, taking in another deep breath before the Alex placed his mouth over Jeff's. Softly, gently, he kissed the boy, pulling his lips tenderly with his own before running his tongue along them. All the while, he was fondling Jeff's balls and the boy was squirming madly, praying in his mind that someone would take his cock and stroke it!

Jeff continued to fondle and stroke the two penises beside him. Eric leaned down and licked Jeff's neck, causing the boy to cry out in Alex's mouth as his tongue pushed down against his own. Eric licked all over the boy's sensitive throat and then moved down to his chest. Jeff knew where he was heading and the anticipation was delicious. His boycock throbbed above Alex's exploring hand.

Alex's finger was moving below Jeff's balls now, exploring the area between his balls and his butt, tracing the ridge that ran between the two. Jeff moaned and squirmed downward, giving him more access to the forbidden area. Alex smiled, knowing why the boy had done it, even if the boy didn't fully understand the nature of his arousal from that area or what he really wanted.

Meanwhile, Eric's tongue had reached the outside of Jeff's right nipple and begun to trace around it. Jeff was writhing now and moaning loudly into Alex's mouth as his hands wildly fondled the two penises. He could feel both of them pulsing in his hands and he was ecstatic to have such freedom to feel them as he wanted to.

Jeff almost screamed into Alex's mouth and Alex answered with his own groan of understanding as Eric's tongue began to lap at the rigid little nubbin of Jeff's right nipple. The boy was near the point of losing control of his actions, he was so aroused. Alex's eyes looked up at Eric's and the two communicated silently, Eric nodding.

Both of them pulled their mouths away from the writhing boy between them.

"Uh! What? What?" Jeff asked plaintively as he gasped for breath.

"Come on, Little Brother," said Eric. "Let's go to bed."

Eric and Alex stood up, their throbbing erections standing outward from their robes. They both held out their hands to Jeff, who took them as they pulled him to his feet. Shakily, his own stubby little cock standing up at a forty-five degree angle, the three walked around the coffee table as Alex blew out the candle and, in the darkness lit only by the blue light of the street lamp outside, they made their way to Eric and Alex's bedroom.

The curtains were cracked and allowed slivers of blue light to enter the room. The three stood before the bed and the two college students dropped their robes, standing naked before the twelve year-old. The three cocks bobbed rigidly before them.

Eric pulled the covers back and crawled onto the bed, followed by Jeff, who was already grasping desperately from something on Eric to grab. Alex joined them as the two older boys lay Jeff on his back, their mouths both went instantly to his nipples.

Jeff cried out as he felt two warm, wet, writhing tongues working his nipples. The feelings were beyond anything he could imagine. As be twisted and squirmed beneath them, his hands sought out their cocks again and for many minutes, as they sucked and licked and kissed his boy titties, Jeff fondled and jacked their hard-ons.

After awhile, Eric pulled off his brother and sat up. He scooted back and sat on the pillows, his legs spread out wide. He looked down at his little brother with a nasty grin and whispered, "Suck me!"

"Oh, yeah!" Jeff replied and crawled on all fours before his brother. With his left hand wrapped around Eric's seven hard inches, Jeff's tongue began to lick all over his brother's balls and cock while his right hand supported himself. Eric moaned softly as Jeff's face was buried in his thick red pubic hair. He reached under the boy and began to play with his nipples, sending Jeff into a frenzy.

Alex, meantime, had crawled behind Jeff and between his legs. He leaned over and brought his face near Jeff's butt. The boy could feel Alex's warm breath on his cheeks and thought Alex was literally going to kiss his ass. But, what actually happened was the most shocking thing ever to occur in the young boy's life.

Alex stuck his tongue into the boy's anus and began to lick it!

Jeff raised his head in shock and looked at Eric in wide-eyed wonder.

"Oh, my God! He's licking my ass! He's licking my ass! Uh! Uh! Uh! Oh, my God!, it feels so good!"

"Yeah, Little Brother. Get into it," Eric whispered nastily. "Yeah, let him lick your ass. Let him make it feel good. Yeah."

Alex was moaning and stroking himself as he licked and prodded Jeff's anus with his tongue. With his other hand, he reached between Jeff's legs and began to fondle the boy's erection. Jeff moaned even louder and his mouth went back down on Eric's cock.

The three were writhing and moaning loudly and madly as Alex licked Jeff's butt, as Jeff sucked Eric's cock, and Eric played with Jeff's nipples. Alex slowed down on Jeff's cock as the boy's cries became more plaintive and intense. Jeff, however, sped up on his brother's cock as he heard Eric moan, "Oh, yeah. Gonna cum, gonna cum in my little brother's mouth. Yeah, my little brother's mouth. Uh! Uh!"

And, then, with an animalistic groan, he did. His hips fucking upward, he grabbed Jeff's head and fucked the boy's mouth as he sot wad after wad of his thick cum. It was dripping down the side of Jeff's mouth as the boy fought to swallow and hold as much as he could in his mouth. But, it was too much for him. He had his big brother’s cock and cum in his mouth. He kept repeating that over to himself. Eric's cum was in his mouth!

Alex's hand squeezed Jeff's cock and his tongue plunged as deep as it could into the boy's anus. Jeff screamed as his cock began to pulse and his body quaked. It lasted only a few seconds, but when it was over, Jeff collapsed between Eric's legs, laying his head on his brother's hip, Eric long, limp cock, laying just inches from the boy's face.

Alex stood up his knees and using Jeff's thin, boyish ejaculate as lube, stroked himself madly over the top. With a grunt, he fucked his hips forward and shot long streamers of thick, white cum all over Jeff's body.

Alex stood unsteadily on his knees gazing down at the cum-covered boy and the nineteen year-old above. Eric grinned and whispered, "Welcome home, lover."

Alex smiled. The two nineteen year-old scooted around and lay with Jeff between them, passed out with his arms around his brother and his head on Eric's chest. Alex wrapped his arms around Jeff and pulled the covers up.

Alex looked up from above and behind Jeff's head and his eyes met Eric's.

"This was fun, but tomorrow, I want you all to myself."

"Me, too," Eric replied.

"Good," Jeff mumbled. "I need a rest."

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