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Secrets and Friends


Chapter Four

It was twenty minutes until eight, Monday morning, as David Stuart helped his son into his winter gear. He gave the boy a kiss on the eye, the only part of his face exposed, and smiled.

"You have a wonderful day at school, sweetheart. And, have a wonderful time with your new friend. I'm sure you and Jeff are going to get along famously! And, after school, we'll have hot cocoa down in the bookstore and you two can do your homework together at the big table. How does that sound?"

"It's sounds wonderful Daddy," Sean's muffled voice responded from underneath the layers of protective clothing over his face.

"Good, well, I love you, Sean," David said as he opened the door.

"I love you, too, Daddy!" Sean replied as he walked out into the hallway. Dave closed the door and Sean knocked on the door across the hall. Inside, he heard Jeff, in a panic, declare, "Eric! Put something on! Quick. Alex! Please!"

Sean heard Eric's roommate mutter something in French that didn't sound very friendly. After a moment, the door opened a crack and Jeff peeked out.

"Oh, hi Sean!" he said with obviously fake friendliness. "I'll be out in a minute!"

Before Sean could respond, the door quickly closed and he could hear Jeff running and muttering something to someone. Eric chuckled and yelled, "Relax! I'm sure he's seen one before."

Sean giggled and suddenly began to swell as he imagined the tall red-head and wild-haired Frenchman naked in the apartment as Jeff ran around gathering his things. He wondered if the muffled conversations he had heard between his father and Grace, his father's partner in the bookstore, about Eric and Alex being boyfriends, were true. And, if they were true, could it possibly apply to Jeff as well? Maybe it would make it easier for Jeff to be his friend, to remain his friend after he saw the way Sean was always treated at school.

It was a minute more, during which Sean heard more muffled imprecations from Jeff and a louder and sarcastic response from Eric, "Oh, calm down. You act like a Southern belle about to be courted by the famous Colonel."

Suddenly the door opened just enough for Jeff, in his coat and hat, to slip through. Sean's scarf obscured his laughing smile, but Jeff could see his eyes twinkling and he realized his new friend had probably heard everything. He closed the door and said, "Come on. Let's go."

As they were walking down the steps outside, Jeff tried to cover for his embarrassment by explaining, "Eric and Alex are kinda lazy and slobby in the morning before they go to class."

"That's OK," said Sean softly through his scarf. "They're college guys."

"Yeah, well," Jeff replied disgustedly as they reached the sidewalk, "they're pain in the asses."

"Pains in the ass," Sean corrected as they waited for a break in the morning traffic on Main Street.

"What?" Jeff asked, surprised at Sean correcting his grammar. Sean blushed and looked down, not realizing he had verbalized what he was thinking.

"Sorry. I do that all the time. I don't mean to." Sean looked downward in embarrassment and anger at himself.

Jeff grinned and pulled him along as a break opened in the traffic.

"Don't worry about it. I need help with my grammar. Who know? I might be an English teacher someday!"

Sean sighed with relief as they reached the other side of the street. He was always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and ruining any chance of having a friend. Jeff seemed pretty easy-going. Maybe this would work out after all.

There were a few other kids walking along the sidewalk in front of them, past the church and toward the school. The sun was brilliant in a perfectly clear, blue sky and the sidewalk was wet with melting snow. Suddenly, Sean was hit in the back of the head with a snowball. He flinched at first, but kept on walking as if nothing had happened. Jeff turned around and spied a couple of laughing boys about their own age,

"Hey, BB!" they yelled. "How's it going?"

When they saw Jeff stop, however, and the look on his face, they stopped laughing. Jeff said nothing as he looked them over carefully. There was something about that look that seemed to strike fear in the tormentors, who immediately stopped and stood nervously behind Jeff and Sean.

Jeff turned around and caught up with Sean. They crossed the street between the church and the school and Jeff asked, "What's the deal with them?"

"Nothing," Sean replied quietly. He was humiliated that Jeff had witnessed something so soon and he knew it was only going to get worse. They started up the steps to the ancient red brick school building and Jeff opened the door. Sean entered and Jeff followed.

"Where's the office?" Jeff asked. "I have to go there first."

"It's right there," Sean replied, pointing to the first door on their right.

"Neat. OK. I gotta get some stuff, so I'll see ya in class."

Sean attempted to nod through all his winter gear and proceeded on down the hallway. He prayed that the events of the day wouldn't chase Jeff away and convince him of what a loser Sean was. He already missed his Daddy and could hardly wait for the blessed moment when he could sit down in the sanctuary of the bookstore with his cocoa and his book. Even better, he could hardly wait until later when he and his Daddy could cuddle on the couch and read together.

As he proceeded down the hall and his thoughts wandered around the evening he dreamt of, he didn't notice a couple of boys following him by his side until he was almost to the sixth grade room. He became aware of them as he suddenly felt himself thrown against the green-painted wall.

"Hey, BB! Whose your friend?" one of them asked.

"Yeah, BB! Is he your boyfriend?"

The other one shoved him against the first, who pushed him toward the wall again, repeating the other's question, "Yeah, BB. Is he your boyfriend?"

Sean became limp and looked downward. He made no attempt to defend himself. Indeed, his eyes had become vacant, as if he were unaware of what was happening to him and he simply fell, first one way, then another.

"Come on, BB. Tell us. You kiss him?"

The crowds were thinning in the hallway as kids entered their classrooms before the bell rang, but the two bullies suddenly heard the sound of running feet coming from down the hallway. They turned and saw Jeff running furiously toward them, some papers clutched in one hand, his other balled up into a fist. They both stepped back.

"Leave him alone!" Jeff barked as he arrived, breathing hard from both the run and from anger.

"Hey, settle down," one of them said. He had slick black hair and dark eyes. His teeth were yellow and his thin coat looked as if he might have been its third or fourth owner.

"Yeah," replied the other, a severely freckled redhead in a red plaid coat darker than the copper of his hair. He was missing a front tooth. "We're just having fun, aren't we BB? He likes it, don't ya, BB."

Sean seemed unaware of what was happening as he stood limply staring off into space.

"Gentlemen, is there a problem?"

Jeff turned toward the door and saw a man in a black cassock watching the proceedings.

"Hey, Brother Tim!" the black haired boy said enthusiastically. "We're just telling Sean 'good morning!'"

"I see. Well, I'm sure he appreciates that. Why don't we all come into class now."

The two bullies sauntered on in as Jeff watched them, fuming. Sean seemed to become aware of his surroundings as Brother Tim put a gentle hand on his shoulder and whispered something to him. Sean walked slowly into the room. Jeff followed.

As Sean walked to the cloakroom in the back, Jeff followed the man to his desk.

"I'm Brother Timothy," he said to Jeff in an encouraging voice. He almost looked too young to be a Brother or a teacher. "And, you are Jeffrey Graham, I see. You go by Jeff, I presume?"

Jeff nodded.

"Good," Brother Timothy replied. "You can take that empty desk in the back next to Sean."

"Thanks!" Jeff replied heartily, which was rewarded with another warm grin from the teacher.

Jeff walked back to the cloakroom just as Sean was emerging. He hung his coat and hat on a peg and returned to the classroom. Sean smiled nervously as Jeff took the desk beside him.

When the bell rang, Brother Timothy called out, "Stand." A dozen boys in blue slacks, white shirts, and blue ties and a dozen girls in white blouses and blue plaid skirts stood placed and their hands over their hearts as the recited the Pledge of Allegiance. They then crossed themselves and said the "Our Father," before taking their seats.

The next few hours were uneventful. They progressed through Arithmetic and Science before Brother Timothy announced Morning Recess. The students had a choice of going outside or remaining behind in the classroom. Jeff stood, expecting Sean to join him in the cloakroom before heading out into the brisk, sunny morning. However, the boy remained seated, pulling a paperback copy of Nineteen Eight-four from the bin under his desk.

"Aren't you going outside?" Jeff asked.

Sean seemed to cower slightly as he muttered, "No. I like to stay in and read."

"How come?" Jeff asked. "It's beautiful outside."

Sean frowned and said, with slightly more insistence, "No, thank you. I like to stay in and read."

Jeff stood for a moment, looking down on his friend, gazing at the thick blond hair that swept down across the forehead, at the cute ears, the almost pudgy hands holding the book open on the desk. He shrugged and said, "OK. So you mind if stay, too?"

Sean looked up hopefully and replied, "You really want to?"

"Sure, why not. You're my friend. We can have fun in here."

Brother Timothy was just walking out the door. He turned and smiled at the two, saying, "Keep it down, you two. I don't want to come back and find your two swinging from the lights or drawing naughty pictures on the chalkboards."

Jeff chuckled and Sean grinned before shyly placing the book on his desk.

"I've never had a real friend before," Sean said softly, afraid to look up.

"Really?" Jeff replied with disbelief.

"Well, one, when I was in First Grade, but he had to move away and I never saw him again. He was sweet."

He suddenly looked nervously up at Jeff and corrected himself, "I mean, he was neat."

Jeff smiled encouragingly.

"That's OK. I think you're sweet."

Sean looked downward with a cross between a smile and sadness on his face, obviously moved by Jeff's statement.

"So, Sean, can I ask you a question?"

The blond boy nodded.

"How come they call you 'BB?'"

Sean frowned and looked down in humiliation.

"I can't tell you."

Jeff sat down on the edge of his seat and leaned over, placing a hand on Sean's back. It felt nice, warm and soft. He wanted to hug the boy, but he felt, under the circumstances, it might be safer to just place a hand on his back.

"Sean, I'm your friend. I won't laugh. I promise."

Sean swallowed and clutched his hands. Softly, he muttered, "It means, 'Boner Boy.'"

"Boner Boy?" Jeff replied at a normal voice. "What the heck does than mean?"

Sean's face was burning with embarrassment.

"Shh! Someone might hear you!"

"Sorry," Jeff replied softer. "But, what does it mean?"

"Don't you know what a boner is?"

Jeff's look told Sean he hadn't a clue. Sean hand his hand up and slowly extended his index finger.

"Oh, a hard-on."

Sean frowned and looked down again.

"It's because I get boners all the time."

He looked up plaintively at Jeff and said, "I can't help it. It just happens. And, everyone makes fun of me because of it."

Jeff waived a dismissive hand.

"Ah, that's nothing. All guys get boners when they're twelve."

"I'm eleven."

"So? It happens to everybody."

"Just not all the time. And, this has happened to me my whole life."

"Really? Man, you are one horny dude!"

"It's not funny!" Sean cried as he looked up in frustration.

"I know it's not," Jeff replied, scooting over and putting his arm around Sean. Automatically, Sean seemed to lean toward him, as if he needed the hug.

"I know it's embarrassing," Jeff said softly. "It's gotta be hard, I mean, It's gotta be difficult to hide it or to face the jerks always laughing at you. But, you don't need to worry, Sean. I'm here and I'm your friend and I'll help you out. I kinda know what it's like to get teased and laughed at. I was teased all the time back home 'cause everyone thought I was the teacher's pet. So, I know what it's like. So, I'm gonna help you out. You don't have to worry anymore."

"You mean it?" Sean asked softly, disbelief mingled with hope in his voice.

Jeff nodded and was about to lean over and kiss Sean on the cheek, (he had no idea why he would do anything so wreckless, but it seemed the thing to do). However, Brother Timothy entered the room at that moment and raised an eyebrow at the unseemly intimacy of the two boys.

"Mr. Stuart," he said with a grin, "I understand that Mr. Graham is a new student here at St. Joseph's, but I don't think it's necessary for you to try that hard to make him feel welcome."

Sean wanted to die from embarrassment. His face was burning so much that Jeff though it might just ignite spontaneously. He jumped back, blushing furiously as well, and sat at attention in his desk.

"At ease, gentlemen!" Brother Timothy declared with an even bigger grin as he sat down behind his desk.

Sean had his book to retreat behind, but Jeff was left with simply looking around. Fortunately, however, the end of recess bell rang and within minutes, the classroom was filling up again.

During lunch, as their class gathered at tables set up in the gym, Sean and Jeff sat alone at the edge of a table of the periphery eating their sandwiches. No one seemed particularly interested in sitting with them, which didn't seem to bother Sean. He kept looking at Jeff and smiling sweetly before blushing and looking down. Jeff had an incredible urge to just grab him and hug him and plant a big wet kiss on those thick kissable lips. He was as hard as Sean was, (having glanced at his friend's pants as they marched single-file into the gym).

"Hey! No Japs at this table!"

The harsh voice came from behind Jeff, who turned around and saw the bullies from earlier that morning looking viciously at an Asian boy who looked defeated.

"You can sit with us, Kenji," Sean offered. Kenji looked shocked.

"Um, thanks," he replied with no trace of an Asian accent. He pulled out the chair beside Jeff and sat down, opening his sack to reveal... a ham sandwich and an apple.

"My name's Jeff."

"I know. We're in the same class."

Jeff was taken aback by the sarcastic tone of the kid's voice.

"Well, excuse me. I was just trying to be friendly."

Kenji looked down and sighed.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I'm used to everyone being hateful or rude or sarcastic."

He looked at Jeff and gave a weak smile. Jeff nodded and grinned.

"Schools here in America are a lot different than schools in Japan," Kenji said as he took a bite of his sandwich.

"Were you born in Japan?" Jeff asked.

Kenji nodded.

"My father was an American soldier who married my mother over there. When he left the army, he stayed there. They had my brother and then they had me. And, a couple years later, we moved here."

"Do you miss Japan?" Sean asked.

Kenji shrugged and replied, "I wasn't really old enough to remember much. Mom tells me a lot about it and I read a lot about it, too. It was cool watching the Olympics last month 'cause I got to see a lot of Tokyo, which is where I was born."

"That's cool," said Jeff. "You know, if nobody else wants you, you can always eat with us."

"Yeah," said Sean."Who are those people in India that everyone hates?"

"The Untouchables?" Kenji replied.

"Yeah. We're the Untouchables."

All three laughed and the rest of the lunch went by pleasantly, with all three making comments about various personalities around the school and sharing good-natured insults of each other. Indeed, the rest of the schoolday went by without incident as well, until the class was gethering in the cloakroom after the final bell to don their coats and hats.

Most of the girls had already left and the majority of those still in the cloakroom were boys. Sean was pulling his coat off a peg in the middle as Kenji and Jeff were buttoning up and zipping up at the side. It was Kenji who noticed the two goons from that morning positioning themselves on both sides of Sean. He nudged Jeff and pointed as the blond boy pulled his hat on and tried to ignore the filthy and insulting whispers of the bullies. Instantly, Jeff and Kenji were at Sean's side, pushing their way in between Sean and the bullies.

"Hey, Jap! Who're you pushing?" the redhead demanded.

"You," Kenji replied as the other kid tried to shove Jeff out of the way. Jeff held his ground, however, even as the kid muttered, "Faggot," under his breath.

"Well, isn't this nice. Five boys all helping each other get their coats and hats on."

All eyes turned to the doorway, where Brother Timothy was watching with an amused smile.

"I really don't think Mr. Stuart needs all that help. Mr. Pitman, why don't you and Mr. O'Reilly come out here and help me clean the blackboards and the erasers while the rest of you head on home?"

"Aw, come on Brother Tim," the dark-haired boy whined.

Brother Timothy immediated cracked a long wooden pointer he had been holding against the doorframe and Messrs Pitman and O'Reilly jumped. As soon as the two miscreants were out of the cloakroom, he gave the three friends a wink and a grin. Quickly, they scampered out.

When they reached the steps outside the front door, Sean turned to his two friends with watery eyes.

"Thank you," he muttered softly.

"Hey, nobody hassles my friends," Jeff replied.

"Yeah," Kenji added.

He and Jeff grinned at each other and knocked their fists together in a sign of solidarity.

"See you guys later," Kenji said as he took off in the opposite direction from Jeff and Sean.

"He's a cool guy," Jeff commented as they descended the steps and headed up Main Street toward the bookstore.

"Yeah. I like him. I glad he's our friend," Sean replied, adding after a moment, "You think with the way he wears his hair that he looks like a Japanese Paul McCartney?"

Jeff giggled and said, "Yeah, he does. He really does. That's funny. Yeah, I like his eyes."

"Yeah," Sean agreed. "He's cute."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Sean took a deep nervous breath and awaited Jeff's response. Jeff, however, grinned at Sean and said, "Yeah. He's cute."

The two giggled and said nothing further until they walked in the front door of the bookstore. Sean's father was behind the register ringing up a customer. He waived and smiled at the boys as they entered.

"Come on," Sean commanded as he led Jeff to a round table in the back near the reference section. They removed their winter gear and sat down as Grace, David's partner in the store, emerged from the back hallway.

"Hello, boys!" she declared. "Did you have a good day?"

They nodded just as David appeared.

"Hey, Daddy!" Sean enthused as he held his arms up. The two hugged tightly and kissed each other on the cheek. Jeff smiled, but on the inside, he thought of his own father and their own greetings. They were not quite as effusive and demonstrative, but they were heart-felt nonetheless. He quickly looked away before tears could form in his eyes.

"Sean, I have cocoa warming on the hot-plate back here," David said. "Why don't you come help me with it?"

As Grace walked up front to help a customer, Sean disappeared around the corner with his father, leaving Jeff alone at the table, guarding their schoolbooks. He was jealous of the attention David lavished on his son. He almost wish Eric would show that kind of affection and attention to him.

Suddenly, he stood, intending to go back and help Sean and his father with the cocoa. But, when he turned the corner, he was shocked to see the two standing in the doorway of the office. David was leaning down slightly and kissing Sean very passionately on the mouth and as wide as his mouth was, Jeff was certain his tongue was in on the kiss. But, that wasn't all. David's fingers were rubbing and twisting Sean's nipples rather intensely through his white dress shirt and the boy was squirming madly. He could hear him whimpering as David broke his kiss and began to whisper something in Sean's ear.

Quickly, Jeff turned and went back to his chair at the table. He was stunned. He had suspected that something might not be normal about the relationship between Sean and his father. They seemed unusually close; but, to actually see it was shocking. And, arousing. He was hard as a rock.

What was he upset about, however? Who was he to judge Sean and David? Didn't he, Jeff, have sex with his brother? Well, yes, he told himself. But, a brother is different than a father. Is he? Yes! No. Maybe. Jeff sighed. He would ask Eric what he thought about it that night.

After a few minutes, Sean appeared with two cups of cocoa. He had the sweetest smile on his lips, a flush in his cheeks, and a rather prominent rise in his slacks.

"Here," he said shyly as he placed the cup down to Jeff's right.

"Thanks," Jeff replied, blushing fiercely, but trying not to show his confusion and consternation.

David came around the corner and smiled as he held a cup as well.

"So, did you have a good day at school, today?"

Sean turned and smiled.

"It was great. You should have been there. These two guys, Mickey Pitman and Bobby O'Reilly, were giving me a hard time and Jeff just went right up to them and made them stop! He didn't even blink! It was so cool! Jeff is so brave."

He turned and gave his friend a huge grin. Jeff looked down at the table in embarrassment.

"Did you really, Jeff? Well, how impressive! And, I must thank you! That took a lot of courage. I know that Mickey's older brother is quite a trouble-maker around town."

"I know," Jeff replied. "Eric and I met him at the Diner Thursday night. He was giving Diane a hard time and Eric just walked right up to him and told him to apologize to her! It was great. Eric was cool."

"Well, it sounds like you're taking after your brother!" David said with a smile. Jeff seemed to sense something a bit more in that statement than might be taken at face value, but he merely blushed and shrugged.

Jeff is the coolest guy at St. Joe’s,” Sean declared. “And, we made another friend! Kenji Collins is this really neat guy and no one would let him sit at their table at lunch, so Jeff and I let him eat with us and he’s really cool and after school, he helped Jeff when Mickey and Bobby started in again.”

David frowned.

These boys bothered you twice?”

Sean blushed and looked down.

Yeah, but it’s OK. Jeff and Kenji took care of it. And, Brother Timothy. He’s cool, too.”

Hmm. Well, we may need to talk a little more about this later,” David said as he leaned against a shelf of dictionaries and thesaureses. “In the mean time, ‘Kenji’ sounds like an interesting name.”

He’s half-Japanese,” Sean explained. “He’s really neat.”

Well,” David said as he stepped forward and ran his fingers lovingly through Sean’s hair, “I’m glad you’re making friends. I’ll go away now and let you two get your homework done.”

As he walked toward the front of the store, Sean glanced over at Jeff and grinned.

I'm glad you're my friend,” he said softly.

Me, too,” Jeff replied as he opened his Arithmetic book.

Several minutes later, finding he was having trouble concentrating on the mulitplication and division of fractions, Jeff glanced at Sean out of the corner of his eye. The boy was concentrating hard on his arithmetic and his tongue was peeking out the corner of his mouth as he worked. He looked so cute to Jeff, who glanced downward toward Sean's waist. He couldn't see it.

Sean looked up suddenly and whispered, “What?”

Jeff grinned and asked, “You got one?”

One what?”

Jeff simply grinned more and Sean realized what he was referring to. He blushed and looked down at his book, trying to suppress his own grin.


After a moment, as Jeff had returned to his homeowork, Sean whispered, “Do you?”

Jeff looked at him with a nasty smile and nodded. Sean smiled sweetly. It was as if the two boys had a bond uniting them. He felt a sense of of elation as he turned his attention back to his Arithmetic.


Sean was lying on the living room floor in only his robe that evening, his head propped up on his hands, watching I've Got a Secret on the television as his father emerged from his bedroom, also wearing nothing but his robe. He walked around to the couch and sat down, picking up Gore Vidal's latest novel from the side table.

"Turn the idiot box off and come read with Daddy," he said to the boy. Sean smiled sweetly and scampered over to the television. He switched it off and almost ran to his father. He crawled up on the couch and snuggled up with his father's arm around him. David handed him his copy of Nineteen Eighty-four and the two opened their books and read.

However, after only a couple of minutes, David realized he wasn't paying attention to his book. He looked over at his son. The boy's beautiful hair fell down over his forehead. He needed a haircut if he was going to remain within the St. Joseph's dress code; but he looked so cute with his hair longer. It was a shame that he could let it go a little more.

He loved the boy's face as well, the cute pug nose, the precious puffy lips, those incredibly long eyelashes. He was without a doubt the prettiest boy he had ever seen. It didn't matter that he was starting to grow just a tad pudgy. He was sweet and beautiful and David loved him more than he could express.

Suddenly he frowned and Sean looked up at him.

"What's the matter, Daddy?"

David tried to smile as he put his book aside.

"Come here. Sit on my lap."

Sean smiled and set his book aside, crawling up on his father, his legs stradding his father's hips. He leaned against his father and wrapped his arms around him. As David wrapped his around Sean, he could feel the boy's erection growing and pressing against his own swelling penis. He kissed the boy's cheek.

"I love you, Sean," he whispered. "I love you more than anything. I would do anything for you."

"I love you, Daddy," the boy responded. "You're the best Daddy in the world."

David sighed.

"I wonder."

Sean pulled back and a look of concern came over his face.

"What's the matter, Daddy?"

David thought for a moment as he looked at his son and then said, "I'm concerned about what happened today, the boys at school giving you a hard time."

Sean frowned and looked down.

"I don't want to talk about. I'm not at school. I'm home with you. Let's be happy."

David brought his hand up and caressed the boy's face.

"Oh, my sweet boy. I love you so much and it pains me to think that people are cruel to you. Please tell me what happens."

Sean looked down.

"Don't, Daddy. Please. I don't want to think about it. Besides, Jeff and Kenji will help me now. Jeff is cool. He'll protect me."

David squeezed the boy to him and whispered, "Do they call you names?"

Sean nodded slowly.

"What do they call you?"

Sean swallowed.

"'Sissy' and 'Pretty Boy' and... 'BB.'"


Sean swallowed again and barely whispered, "'Boner Boy.'"

David's heart broke. He knew Sean was often erect and he knew why. It never occured to him that it might be a problem when the boy wasn't around him. As he caressed the boy's face and ran his fingers through his silky hair, he gently kissed his forehead and whispered, "Sweet Sean. My sweet precious Sean."

Sean sat back and looked his father in the eyes.

"It's OK, Daddy. Jeff will protect me."

"Jeff's a good boy, isn't he?"

"He's the best. He's brave and smart. And, cute."

David smiled sadly.

"Yes, he is cute. I suppose you have a crush on him, don't you?"

Sean nodded.

"Do you think," the boy asked, "that he's like us?"

"Oh, I think there's a good chance he is. His brother and Alex are."

"They are?"

David nodded.

"That's why I rented the apartment to them."

"Do you think Jeff does it with them like you and me?"

"Now that I don't know. But, it wouldn't surprise me. Why are you asking? Would you like to do it with Jeff?"

Sean nodded and grinned.

"I want him to hold me and love me like you do."

David smiled and kissed his son on the lips.

"My sweet little boy is growing up. Soon, you'll be to big for your Daddy."

"I'll never be too big for my Daddy!"

David grinned and kissed the boy again.

"You're growing up too fast. In a couple of weeks, you'll be twelve."

He reached down and opened Sean's robe, revealing the boy's erection.

"And, you already have three beautiful blond hairs there. Soon, you'll have a little nest of beautiful blond curls around your penis."

Sean smiled as his father gazed at the boy's erection.

"And, you penis is growing, too. It used to be so short and cute and sweet and now it's longer and fatter. You must be three inches long now. Maybe more."

"You don't like it?" Sean asked nervously.

"I love it. I love it so much. It just means my little boy is growing up."

"I don't want to grow up."

David nodded.

"I know, son. But, it happens to all of us. But, you'll always be my Sean and I'll always be your Daddy."

Sean smiled and leaned down. He kissed his father on the lips and the two held the kiss for several seconds. As they pulled apart, David's hands slipped inside the boy's robe and slid up his torso. Sean closed his eyes and inhaled in delighted anticipation. David's thumbs reached the boy's wide, hard nipples and began to rub them. Sean whimpered and his head began to slowly roll as the sensations grew.

"So you want to make love with Jeff, do you?" David asked as his son delighted in his touch.

"Yeees. I want to kiss him and hold him and snuggle with him like we do. I want to ask him to be my boyfriend."

"Well, perhaps we should arrange something. I am going to the Town Council tomorrow night. Perhaps, you and Jeff could get together here while I'm gone."

Sean opened his eyes with delight.

"Really? You think so?"

"I think it would be wonderful for you."

"Oh, thank you, Daddy!"

Sean leaned forward and kissed his father, wraping his arms around his head. David chuckled and pinched the boy's nipples, eliciting a squeel and a moan from him as he sat back.

After several minutes of David rubbing and playing with his son's nipples and Sean writhing in delight before him, Sean opened his eyes and reached down to open his father's robe. He grasped his father's long erection and began to fondle it as David moaned softly.

"Oh, Sean, your hands are so soft.. They feel so wonderful on my cock."

"I love your cock, Daddy. It's so long and hard. I love feeling it."

David hummed softly. Sean leaned forward and as he fondled his father and David played with his nipples, they kissed. Sean opened his lips, inviting his father's tongue into his mouth and David accepted. Sean moaned as his father entered him and writhed with extra energy as they made passionate love to each other.

"Daddy, make me cum," Sean whispered into his father's mouth.

"Not yet, sweetheart," David replied.

Sean whimpered and writhed as the sensations in body grew. He moved his right hand from his father's cock to his own throbbing boner and began to desperately stroke it. His father reached down and gently slapped it.

"Uh, ah. No cheating."

Sean grinned and went back to fondling his father.

"Do you think you can cum without us touching your penis?" David asked softly.

Sean simply whimpered as he squirmed under his father's relentlessly rubbing fingers.

"Ummm. Maybe you can. Maybe I'll just rub your nipples until you can't take it anymore and you'll cum then. What do you think?"

Sean's moans were growing.

"Perhaps if you think about your boyfriend. I wonder what Jeff looks like naked? I wonder if he has any hair on his boner? I wonder if he's naked with his brother right now? If Alex is naked with them? If they're making love to each other, kissing and sucking and rubbing."

He was pulling and twisting Sean's nipples gently, but with more force. Sean was writhing madly now, his boner pulsing and throbbing just as madly. The boy's hands were feeling all over his father's cock, running his fingers through the thick blond hair, caressing the rigid shaft, sliding across the rock-hard head. His moans and whimpers were becoming more plaintive.

"Daddy! Jeff can do it with us, too! We can all three get naked and make love!"

"Oh, that would be wonderful. I would love to watch you two love each other."

Sean's whimpers were almost one long continuous moan now.

"Please, please, uh, mmmm, uh, ah, please, cum, cum, make me cum, now, please," he begged, on the verge of losing rational thought.

"Cum, sweet Sean. Cum on me. I love you, my sweet boy. I love you Sean. I want it to feel so good. Does it feel good, sweet Sean?"

The boy could only nake incoherent sounds of ecstacy as he writhed and twisted under his father's relentless touch.

"It feels so good, Sean, doesn't it. It feels too good. You can't stand it, it's so good. You cock wants to throb and shoot. Your cock's going to shoot."

Sean's cries were growing louder and suddenly, his body stiffened. As David pulled harder on the boy's nipples, Sean suddenly doubled over and then thrust his hips out. He screamed and began to contort wildly in his father's lap as little drops of his thin boyish cum shot onto his father's stomach.

After only a few seconds, Sean collapsed on his father, gasping for breath.

"Oh, Daddy," he repeated over and over. "I love you. I love you."

"I love you, sweet Sean. I love you," his father muttered softly as he caressed the boy. "I love you so much."

Sean slowly drifted off to sleep in his father's arms, content in the love of the man he loved, secure in his strength. David kissed the top of his head gently and slid the boy to the side slightly. As Sean unconsciously adjusted his arms around his father and raised his leg across David's, his father reached down with his right hand, scooped up his son's thin ejaculate and began to stroke himself.

Taking his time, he gazed in love at the sleeping angel laying against him. He thought of the blissful years he had been blessed with the boy, of the first time they had touched in that special way.

Soon, his arousal was too great to delay the inevitable and as he rapidly stroked himself, Sean seemed to awaken enough to move his mouth over to his father's left nipple. He began to suck on it in his sleep and David went over the edge, shooting streamers of his cum across his chest and even hitting his son in the face.

When his orgasm finally sibsided, he lay gasping and holding his son. Sean was still sucking his nipple in his sleep. He gently pushed his head over and wiped the spot of cum off his nose. After a moment, he carefully wrapped his arms around the boy and stood up from the couch. Sean made a "mmmpphh" sound and wrapped his legs around his father's waist and his arms around his neck as David switched off the lamp and carried him to the bedroom. He gently placed him on the bed, removed the boy's robe and then his own, and the crawled inton the bed with him.

As he pulled the covers over them, he heard Sean mutter softly in his delerium, "I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, Sean," he replied with a kiss to the boy's forehead. And their arms and legs wrapped around heach other, father and son drifted off to sleep.

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