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Secrets and Friends


Chapter Five

Jeff walked into the living room wearing only his new robe. He was bored out of his mind. Eric and Alex were sitting at the dining room table working on their studies. He considered going next door and seeing if Sean might want to play some backgammon, but he was afraid, after what he had witnessed in the office of the bookstore that afternoon, that he might be an unwelcome intrusion. He sighed and turned on the television.

Slowly the set warmed up and when the picture finally appeared, I've Got a Secret was on. He flipped the channel and found Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. He sighed and sat down on the couch.

"Jeff, do you mind?" Eric said irritably from the table, pointing toward the television. "We've got work to do here. It's important."

Jeff stood and disconsolately turned off the television.

"I'm bored."

Eric rolled his eyes and replied, "Why don't you do your homework?"

"I already did. I did it with Sean this afternoon down in the bookstore."

Eric sighed and tried to look understandingly at his younger brother.

"Look, Jeff. We had a fun weekend and partied and everything. But, during the week, Alex and I have to work. College isn't like grade school."

Jeff looked longingly at his brother.

"You think maybe after awhile we could fool around maybe?"

Eric looked down at his book in frustration.

"I don't know. I'm gonna be up pretty late tonight. Go listen to some music in your room. Quietly. Maybe read a little. OK?"

Jeff sighed in defeat and trudged to his room. He closed the door and turned of the ceiling light until he could turn on the lamp by his bed. He turned the ceiling light off and went over to the radio on his dresser. He turned it on and found it playing Perry Como. Quickly, he changed the station and stopped when he was surprised that he could pick up WABC. They were playing "A Hard Day's Night," and Jeff leaned on the dresser, suddenly missing his old home, his old life. That was the station he used to listen to, that and Mad Daddy on WINS.

He turned around and dropped onto his bed, his arm across his face, remembering his old life, the happiness, the peace, the security he had known before that awful car wreck had taken it all away.

Oh, sure, Eric loved him and they had had fun over the weekend. But, it wasn't the same and it wasn't going to be the same. Eric was in college and needed to maintain his grades. He had Alex in his life and it wouldn't be fair to expect him to drop everything for him.

He felt so alone. Across the hall was a beautiful sweet boy who liked him. Maybe Sean would be what he needed, someone to care for, a friend, someone who would depend on him. That would be nice. But, he still missed having someone he could depend on. He wanted Eric to hold him. But, that wasn't going to happen that night. He crawled under the covers and turned the lamp off.

Tuesday morning, he was buttering some toast for breakfast when Eric came stumbling naked into the kitchen. He started fumbling with the coffee pot before he seemed to notice Jeff standing at his side.

"Hey, Little Brother. What's happening?"

Jeff shrugged and replied, "Toast."

Eric nodded and said nothing further. Jeff sighed and walked out with his toast and a glass of orange juice.

Alex was standing naked in the doorway between the dining room and the living room, staring blankly at the table.

"Are you alive?" Jeff asked sarcastically.

Alex muttered something in French and staggered into the kitchen.

"Are you making real coffee or that watery American piss?" Jeff heard Alex mutter to Eric. Eric farted. Jeff rolled his eyes in disgust.

As he finished the last of his toast and drank the last of his OJ, he got up and went back into the kitchen, almost knocking Alex's coffee cup out of his hand. Alex gave him a deadly look and Jeff simply ignored him. As he made his sandwich for lunch, Eric stood leaning against the counter, watching him through sleepy eyes. Jeff was trying to avoid looking at Eric's long cock hanging down. He felt very solitary and he didn't want to acknowledge any need on his part.

"Are you OK, Jeff?"

The boy concentrated on his making his sandwich as he replied evenly, "Yes. I'm fine."

Eric frowned and thought for a moment.

"Say, how about you and I go over to the pizza place after I get back this afternoon. My last class is over at four-forty five. I'll probably be home by five or five-ten."

"Fine," Jeff replied, putting the sandwich in a paper bag and walking out of the room. Eric sighed.

It was almost twenty until eight when Jeff walked through the living room in his winter coat and hat and carrying his books. Eric was sitting naked on the couch reviewing some notes with The Today Show on the television.

"See ya after school," Jeff said quietly as he stood at the door. But, Eric's mind was on his notes and couldn't hear Jeff over the chatter of Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters. The boy shrugged and opened the door. Disconsolately, he closed it and stood in the hallway until Sean opened his door.

Seeing his friend all bundled up for return of the Ice Age brought a smile to Jeff's face.

"I'm gonna start calling you 'Nanuck of the North."

Sean tried to shrug, but was unable to. Jeff put an arm around his shoulder and guided him to the door.

The clouds had returned and a bitter wind was introducing them to the first day of December. Jeff shivered as they walked down the fire escape and he wondered if Sean didn't have the right idea after all.

"How are you doing?" Sean asked as they reached the sidewalk.

"Oh, I'm a lot better now that you're here."

Sean grinned at him, though Jeff would have no way of knowing it except through the sparkle in his eyes.

"Was something wrong?" he asked.

Jeff shrugged as they stood at the corner waiting to cross the street.

"I don't get it. Over the weekend, Eric acted like he was thrilled to death to have me living with him. Now that Alex is back, he acts like I'm in the way. We're gonna go eat pizza after his last class today, but it's like he's only doing it because he thinks he has to. I feel like I'm in the way all of a sudden."

As they stepped out into the street, Sean said, "Well, maybe this will cheer you up. Daddy's going to a meeting tonight and he said you can come over and keep me company until he gets back!"


Sean tried to nod, but couldn't. Instead, he said, "It'll be neat. We can play games and do all sorts of stuff!"

"Far out!"

He looked at Sean and his eyes twinkled with mischief. Sean blushed as Jeff added, "We can get into all kinds of trouble."

But, before Sean could respond, he was hit with a snowball again from behind. Jeff spun around furiously and saw Mickey Pitman grinning with his yellow teeth. He dropped his books, balled up his fists, and stormed toward the kid, a look of wild fury on his face.

Pitman, apparently not accustomed to people standing up to him, had a surprised look on his face and started to back up as Jeff reached him. Jeff shoved him hard and Mickey landed on his butt on the sidewalk.

"Get up!" Jeff ordered.

"Hey, man! It was just a snowball!" Mickey protested, remaining on the sidewalk.

"I said, 'Get up!'" Jeff barked.

Mickey looked at the crazed expression on Jeff's face and said, "Man, you're nuts. What's up with you?"

"I don't like it when people give my friends a hard time. Leave Sean alone."

"Man, I just threw a snowball at the little pussy. Jesus!"

Jeff pointed his finger at Mickey and declared, "No more!"

Mickey snorted and shook his head as if Jeff were nuts. Jeff turned around and stormed back to where Sean was standing. He picked up his books and declared, "Come on."

Sean was taken aback by the tone of Jeff's voice to him. He followed his friend past the church, across Fourth Street, and into the school. He was afraid to say anything and Jeff certainly wasn't talkative. Even as they entered the classroom and Brother Timothy greeted them, Jeff merely nodded to the teacher. It was not until they were in the cloakroom and had removed their coats and hats that Sean worked up the courage to speak.

"Jeff," he said timidly as they were left alone just seconds before the bell was to ring. "Are you all right?"

Jeff looked down at his friend and had to smile. Sean looked so cute, so sweet, so scared. He nodded and pinched Sean's nose.

As they took their seats in the back of the room, Jeff glanced at his friend and, feeling the last of his earlier anger dissolve, asked with a nasty grin, "You got one?"

This time, knowing what Jeff meant, Sean blushed and looked down at his desk as he tried not to grin. He barely nodded and Jeff grinned.

"Me, too."

The bell rang at that moment and class began.

Kenji joined them later in the day as they lined up to walk to the gym for lunch.

"So, how are the other Untouchables doing?" he asked with a grin.

"Touchy," Sean replied with a grin. Jeff and Kenji laughed until a voice behind them asked, "What are you faggots laughing at?"

Jeff spun around and before he or anyone else near by knew what was happening, he had punched Bobby O'Reilly, the obnoxious redhead, in the mouth and knocked him down. All the students in line backed away and Brother Timothy immediately appeared.

"Class, go on to lunch. Single file. Bobby, are you OK?"

"He broke my nose!" the bully whined as he sat on the floor.

"Oh, he did not," Brother Timothy scoffed. "He just bloodied it. Now get up and act like a man."

Seeing he wasn't going to get any sympathy from his teacher, Bobby sullenly stood and gave Jeff a murderous look. Jeff wasn't about to back down. Sean stood nearby, about to burst into tears for his friend, clutching his hands nervously.

"Sean, you and Kenji go on to lunch now," said Brother Timothy with a soft voice.

"But, Brother Timothy," Kenji protested, "Jeff was just taking up for us. Jeff didn't do anything wrong."

"Thank you, Kenji, but I'll take it from here. Please, go to lunch now."

His voice indicated he would accept no protest. Sean looked at Kenji, who nodded and pulled him along. As they turned the corner into the gym, Sean looked back fearfully as Brother Timothy led Jeff and Bobby to the principal's office.

Jeff was feeling rebellious and righteous as he waited outside. Brother Timothy was in the principal's office for some time before the door opened and he waived them in.

"Well, Mr. Graham. I'm Father Donovan, the headmaster. I understand you're a new student and this is your second day with us. I wish I could have met you under more pleasant circumstances. Would you like to explain the reason for your pugilistic exhibition?"

Jeff paused for a moment, trying to translate the principal's comment into English.

"Well, Sean and Kenji have been bullied by O'Reilly and Pitman for a long time. And, I'm their friend and I just thought someone should do something about it."

Father Donovan nodded and asked, "Do you feel somehow that Brother Timothy or I have been deficient in exercising our responsibilities?"

Jeff was in a bind. He didn't want to criticize Brother Timothy, whom he liked, or Father Donovan, whom he didn't know. He frowned and bit his lip before replying, "I don't know, Father. But, I know that O'Reilly and Pitman have made Sean's life miserable since he's been here. And, yesterday they called Kenji and 'Jap,' and I know that's not right. I hate bullies. A friend of mine killed himself because of bullies a couple of years ago and I'm not gonna let 'em get away with it anymore."

Father Donovan's face softened considerably at this, as did O'Reilly's. Brother Timothy looked down and semed thoughtful for a moment.

"Jeff, Sean's going to have to learn to fight his own battles. You're not always going to be there to protect him. Now, it's noble of you to want to protect your friends, but sometimes you can hurt them by not allowing them to protect themselves."

O'Reilly was smirking at Jeff as Father Donovan spoke, but the principal immediately turned his attention to the bully.

"As for you, Bobby, I don't know what to do. There has to be a reason why you end up in my office time after time. It just doesn't seem to do any good to punish you. Why do you persist in causing trouble?"

"I wasn't. It's just that I hate faggots."

Bobby, you will not use that word in this school. That is a foul and profane word and I will not tolerate it. Now, what have Jeff and Sean and Kenji done to make you feel this antipathy toward them?"


Father Donovan rolled his eyes.

"Why do you feel the need to call them that name?"

"Well, they're pussies. Sean's always just acting like he wants to get beat-up. And, Kenji's just a Jap and he never stands up for himself."

Jeff looked furiously at Bobby and said, "That's not fair. Kenji's just like you or me and Sean is a nice guy. He really is and if you'd give him a chance, you'd see he's a good guy."

Father Donovan closed his eyes and thought for a moment, during which time Jeff refused to look to his side and Bobby looked defiant. Finally, the priest sat back and looked at both boys.

"Jeff, we can't tolerate fighting at St. Joseph's, no matter how noble the cause might be. You will get two swats. O'Reilly, you must have callouses on your seat by now after the number of times you've been paddled, but two more for you for provoking this incident. Leave Sean and Kenji alone. Do you understand? Because my patience with you is growing strained."

Father Donovan stood and picked up his paddle. He had Jeff lean over the edge of the desk. Jeff was not pleased, but he was determined not to let the adults see him flinch.

The first swat stung and he clenched his jaw firmy to avoid shoing any emotion. With the second swat, he head thrembled and he was breathing hard, but he took it. Father Donovan shook his hand and said, "Good show," with an approving twinkle in his eye. He stepped out of the office as O'Reilly leaned over the desk, but not before Brother Timothy gave him a smile and a wink.

As he walked down the hall to the gym, he felt a sense of pride and satisfaction that he had stood up for his friends and taken his punishment. He still wasn't convinced that he had done anything that merited punishment and he knew that if he were given the same choice again, he would react in the same way. But, he had shown Mickey and Bobby, as well as Brother Timothy and Father Donovan, that he would stand up for and protect his friends.

When he arrived in the gym, all eyes were on him. He walked proudly to the Untouchables table, though he did sit with a bit of care.

"What happened?" Sean demanded fearfully as he handed Jeff's lunch to him.

"Yeah, did you get swats?" Kenji asked.

Jeff nodded.

"It was no big deal."

"No big deal?" Sean asked incredulously. "You got swats for taking up for us? That's not fair."

"It's OK," Jeff said, opening his bag and, frankly, enjoying the attention. He knew others were watching and listening and he liked the reputation he was getting from the experience. "It's really nothing. It hurt little, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be."

Bobby walked into the gym at that moment. His eyes avoided the Untouchables, but he was smirking proudly as he strutted to his table. Sean was contemptuous.

"Look at that jerk."

"It's OK, Sean. Just ignore him. I don't think things are gonna be as bad as they've been. I think I made a point with Brother Timothy and Father Donovan."

But, Sean was gazing worshipfully at Jeff for the rest of lunch and even during the remainder of the school day.

After school, the wind had turned decidedly colder as they boys walked back to the bookstore. Sean was so bundled up that he didn't notice. Snow flurries danced about them as they crossed Main Street and when they entered the bookstore, David was waiting for them at the door, holding two steaming mugs of cocoa.

"Here they are!" he declared happily.

"Mey, Maddy.Mumph a mumph mumph!" Sean muttered through his double scarf. Jeff and Dave both laughed as they guided the boy to the back. When he was unwrapped enough to engage in normal conversation, he declared, "Daddy! You would have been so proud of Jeff today! Bobby O'Reilly was calling us names in the line going to lunch and Jeff just spun around and punched him in the face! It was great. And, Father Donovan gave him swats and he took them without crying! He was so cool!"

David raised an eyebrow and said, "That's the second time in two days you've gotten into an altercation, Jeff. You aren't somehow encouraging this, are you?"

"No way," Jeff replied, hanging his coat over the edge of the chair at the back table. "I just needed to make a point with the bullies that they can't puch Sean around anymore. And, I think I did. I don't think I'll have to do anything anymore. I'm really not a fighter, Mr. Stuart. I just don't think they should be pushing Sean around."

He looked at the boy, who was gazing at him proudly, and declared, "Sean's my friend and I won't let anything happen to him."

David placed the cocoa mugs on the table and then hugged Jeff.

"Thank you," he whispered.

Then he wrapped his arms around Sean, as the boy squealed in delight, and said, "And, as for you, young man, quite being so sweet! Maybe Jeff can teach you a little self-defense."

He kissed the boy on the cheek and put his down. Sean continued to hug his father and lean against him as they discussed the other events of the day. Soon, the boys were seated at the table and working on their homswork as David attended to customers up front. Jeff looked up and found Sean gazing at him with a sweet smile.

"What?" he asked.

"I'm just thinking about how cool you are."

"Stop it," said Jeff, loking down at his Arithmetic book and blushing.

"You're still coming over tonight?" Sean asked hopefully.

"Of course. Eric's gonna take me to the pizza place when he gets back from class and then I'll be right over."

"Cool. And, be sure to take your bath before you come over."

"Why? You think I'm dirty?"

"No! No," Sean replied quickly. "It's just that I like to take mine after dinner and then sit around for the rest of the night in my robe. It's just more comfortable. And, that way, you can stay later."

Jeff smiled, knowing the real reason and replied, "OK. I will. Of course, I don't wear anything under my robe."

"Neither do I," Sean said breathlessly.

Jeff looked at his friend for a moment with a smile on his face and then whispered, "You got one?"

Sean nodded.


"Me. too," Jeff replied. "Real bad."

Sean giggled and Jeff suppressed the urge to wrap his arms around the boy and kiss him all over his face. He was certain, however, that he would get to that evening.


"So, what kind of pizza do you want?" Eric asked as they stood before the counter of the pizzeria down the street. Jeff shrugged.

"Anything. I don't care."

"OK. We'll have a large pepperoni. And, I'll have a beer and he'll have a Coke."

As they made their way through the hot, crowded restaurant to an empty table against the wall, Eric looked carefully at Jeff and pulled a chair out. As he took off his coat, he asked, "So this fighting thing at school, it isn't some reaction to your feeling alone or anything, is it?"

Jeff looked at him as if he were crazy.

"What do you mean? I was just taking up for my friends. Sean can't take care of himself, so I am."

"It's not because you're angry about Dad dying or me not giving you enough attention or anything?"

Jeff shook his head in irritation.

"What the heck are you talking about?"

"I'm a psych major. I can't help it," Eric explained as Jeff sat down. "I have to analyze everything. I just want to make sure you're happy."

Jeff looked down at the table.

"Eric, I'm OK. I miss Daddy and I'm lonely and I miss my old life. I was feeling pretty down last night, but I got you and I got a couple of good friends and I'm probably going to... well, you know, tonight. So, I can't complain too much."

Eric smiled at his sibling and said, "I just want to make sure. I love you, Little Brother, and I just want to make sure I'm doing everything I can for you."

Jeff smiled at him.

"Well, there's something you could do more of."

Eric rolled his eyes.

"Maybe I can work you into my schedule tomorrow night. How's that?"

"You sure?"

Eric nodded.

"I need to spend some time with my brother. Besides, you gotta tell me all the filthy and disgusting details about tonight!"

"Aw, Eric!"


It was all Jeff could do not to beat-off in the shower after they returned home. His erection was pleading for release. But, he had to save himself for Sean. He wasn't totally convinced something was going to happen, but he was certain enough. As he dried off, he moaned slightly as the towel passed over his hard-on. He finger combed his red hair into place, rather than using a real comb, because he didn't want it to look too neat. It would be more attractive if it was just a touched messed up. He spent several minutes adjusting his robe, debating whether he should allow his hard-on to tent the front of the robe or if he should hide it under the belt. He decided to start off with it under the belt, then let it tent the robe, then, if need be, poke out from between the folds. Oh, that would be exciting for both he and Sean.

Finally satisfied that he achieved the perfect look, he opened the door and stepped out. As he entered the living room, Alex and Eric were sitting at the dining room table, their books and notes spread chaotically about it. They immediately began to sing, "Here Comes the Bride," as Jeff blushed fiercely and gave them an obscene gesture. Eric stood up and came over to his brother. He put his arm around him and smiled, whispering, "Have a wonderful time, tonight. Your first love, your first crush, is always special."

He kissed Jeff on the forehead and the boy smiled gratefully up at him.

"Thanks, Eric."

He walked to the door, but hesitated as he heard the door to the Stuarts' apartment open. Through the door, he could hear Sean's father say, "I'll be home around ten. OK?"

"OK, Daddy," he heard Sean respond. "I love you!"

"I love you, too, Sean. Bye-bye."

Jeff listened as the apartment door closed and then the outside door opened and closed. He looked at Eric and took a deep breath. He opened the door and stepped outside into the chilly hallway. Just as he closed the door, Sean opened his.

He was beautiful. His blond hair was damp and mussed up. He was wearing nothing but his blue robe and the front was tented out. Jeff lifted the belt on his robe slightly and his hard-on popped out. Sean giggled.

_Come on,_ he said eagerly. Jeff stepped inside and Sean closed the door behind him. He walked quickly over to the television and turned it off.

_Come on,_ he said softly to Jeff as he turned the living room lamp off. The entire apartment was dark except for a faint light coming through the windows in Sean's bedroom. _We have the whole place to ourselves until ten._

He walked over to Jeff and, for a second, the redhead thought he was going to kiss him. He stood before Jeff and smiled sweetly, the front of his robe still tenting out. But, instead, he took Jeff's right hand and turned, leading him through the apartment to the bedroom.

Once inside, he closed the door. The curtains and shades were open and the street lights outside the second floor windows shown into the room. What's more, the green and red Christmas lights lining the light poles were on and cast a festive glow in the room.

The end of Sean's bed was about two feet from the windows in the corner. He led Jeff by the hand until they were standing at the foot of the bed. The snow had picked up since the flurries that afternoon and Sean looked out the window with an angelic look on his face.

“Isn't it beautiful?” he whispered.

Jeff was niext to him and nodded.

“Yeah, it is.”

“It's romantic,” Sean whispered.

Jeff realized what Sean wanted. They weren't going to get wild and crazy the way he and Eric did. He wanted romance. He wanted Jeff to take charge and woo him. Jeff smiled and felt his cock twitch under the robe. He placed his hands on Sean's shoulders and the blond boy automatically moved back and leaned against him.

They stood silently for several minutes until Sean pointed to the left.

“Look. You can see the bell tower at the university and the steeple at the church and the clock over the library. And, if you look over there,” he added, pointing to the right, “you can see St. Joseph's. And, there's the Lutheran church and there's the Episcopal church. The snow makes it look so clean and pure.”

“Yeah. It makes me want to snuggle,” Jeff said softly into Sean's ear. Sean giggled.

“I was hoping you'd say that.”

Jeff stood behind Sean, his boner pressing into the boy's butt through their robes, and wrapped his arms around him. Sean leaned into him and sighed. Jeff leaned his face down and kissed Sean's cheek. Sean turned his head and smiled at him. Slowly, still wrapped in Jeff's arms, he turned facing Jeff, their boners now pressing against each other, still trapped inside their robes.

They smiled at each other, gazing into each other's eyes. Jeff brushed his fingers across Sean's soft face the way Eric had done to him. Sean closed his eyes and lay his head on Jeff's shoulder.

“I love you, Jeff,” he whispered softly.

“I love you, Sean.”

“Do you really?”

Jeff nodded against Sean's head.

“Yeah. I love you. Do you want to like be boyfriends?”

Sean lifted his head and smiled into Jeff's face.

“You mean, like, going steady?”

“Yeah. You want to go steady?”

Sean nodded, thrilled that Jeff had taken the initiative.

“I don't have anything to give you,” Sean whispered, as Jeff delighted in the boy's minty, toothpaste breath.

“I do,” Jeff said, his face lighting up. He released Sean and said, “I'll be right back!”

To Sean's amazement, he ran out of the room and the apartment. In a moment, he returned, closing the door again behind him and in the semi-darkness of the room. He grinned as he spread a thing chain out before Sean bearing a small medallion.

“It's the St. Christopher medal my father gave me when I was little. You can wear it.”

Sean looked at it with wonder.

“You mean, you'd give me that?”

Jeff nodded.

“That's how important you are to me.”

Tears formed in Sean's eyes as lowered his head and allowed Jeff to put it around his neck. Then he looked up and Jeff kissed him softly on the lips.

Sean smiled through watery eyes and walked over to his dresser. He opened a wooden box on top of it and pulled out a similar chain and medal.

“My grampa gave this to me when I was little. You can wear it.”

Jeff smiled and lowered his head, allowing Jeff to slip it over and around his neck.

Together, the two kissed soflty, their lips touching briefly over and over, their hands caressing their faces and moving to their shoulders.

After a moment, Jeff looked into Sean's eyes and asked, “What do you think your dad with think?”

“He'll think it's cool,” Sean replied with a smile.

Jeff hesitated a moment and then said, “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” Sean replied. “Anything.”

Jeff waited a moment and then softly asked, “Do you have sex with your dad?”

Jeff smiled, trying to take any sting there might be out of the question. Sean colored and took a breath.

“Why do you ask?”

“Because, yesterday, I was gonna help you and your dad with the cocoa and when I went back there, I saw you two kissing like crazy and he was playing with your titties and you were like going crazy.”

Sean stood speechless, looking down at Jeff's chest.

“It's OK, if you do,” Jeff said quickly. “Me and Eric have sex, too. I love it when he plays with my titties.”

“Really?” Sean asked. Jeff nodded.

Sean swallowed and replied, “I love having sex with Daddy. He's so good and he loves me so much and makes me feel so good. I love it.”

“I know what you mean. Eric and I get crazy when we do it.”

Sean grinned with relief and Jeff could feel his boyfriend's boner pulsing between his legs.

“What do you and your dad do?” he asked.

“Mostly, we sit on the sofa and cuddle and kiss and Daddy rubs my titties and rubs my dick and sucks me. And, when we go to bed, he kisses me everywhere, all over my body, and licks me everywhere and sucks on my titties, and...”

Suddenly, Sean moaned and threw his head back as Jeff started playing with his nipples.

“You like to get your titties played with?” Jeff asked softly.

“I love it,” Sean replied dreamily. “It's my favorite thing. I love it.”

Jeff grinned and pulled them, causing Sean's eyes to roll upward as he gasped. Jeff leaned forward and kissed him on the lips again. Sean raised his hands and took Jeff's nipples, rubbing them and pulling them. Jeff moaned and the two stood leaning against each other before the window, playing with each other's nipples and moaning softly into the other's ear.

“How long have you and your dad been doing it?” Jeff asked.

“As long as I can remember, Sean replied breathily.

“Really? Like when you were a baby?”

“Maybe. I don't know. All I know is we've been doing as long as I can remember.”

“You don't think it's weird?” Sean asked.

“Well, it's different, but it kinda turns me on. What's your dad like naked?”

“He's so sexy. He tall and slender and his dick is so long and he has all this beautiful blond hair around it. I love his dick.”


Sean grinned and asked, “You want to do it with Daddy, don't you?”

Jeff grinned.

“Yeah. I think it would sexy, you and me and your dad.”

“We could do it. Daddy's thinks you're cute.”

“He does?”

Sean nodded.

“Eric thinks you're cute,” Jeff said.

“Really? Maybe we could do it with Eric. Maybe all of us could do it. Wow, that would be something. Daddy and Eric and you and me.”

“Maybe Alex, too,” Jeff offered.

Sean stepped back from Jeff for a second. He untied the belt around his robe and it fell open. His three inch erection stood up, reaching toward Jeff, who looked at it hungrily.

"It's beautiful," he whispered. Sean smiled sweetly and untied Jeff's belt, allowing the robe to fall open.

"Mine's not as big as yours," Jeff whispered.

"I love it," Sean replied. He reached up and took it in his hand. Jeff's quick intake of breath told him he liked it. Slowly, Jeff wrapped his fingers around Sean's penis and the two leaned against each other, fondling their cocks and moaning softly at the good feelings that were coursing through their young bodies.

"I love you, Jeff," Sean whispered as Jeff's other hand lay atop his shoulder.

"You are the prettiest boy I have ever seen," Jeff whispered as he kissed Sean on his puffy lips.

"Love me," Sean whispered.

"I am," Jeff replied. "I do."

After a long moment and fondling each other, Jeff slowly dropped to his knees before the pretty blond. His fingers stroked the rigid boycock before him, causing it to pulse and jerk and making Sean whimper with desire. In the glow of the street lamp outside the window, with the shadows of snow flakes darting across their bodies, Jeff slowly moved his mouth toward the Sean's rigid little boner. He opened his mouth and took it all the way in. Sean groaned and pushed his hips forward. His hands began to fondle Jeff's head and his fingers twined through his boyfriend's red hair.

Jeff moaned as well as he wrapped his fingers around his own boner and began to play with it as he sucked Sean. The blond began to whimper louder and louder and Jeff felt his cock grow stiff in his mouth. Sean cried out with frustration as Jeff pulled away, leaving the boy's cock to bob furiously in his face.

"No, make me cum. Please."

Jeff smiled.

"I will, boyfriend. I just want to make it last. I want you to feel good."

"Make me cum and then we can lay in bed and hug and kiss all evening."

Jeff thought about that and smiled.

"You got a deal!"

And, with that, he plunged back down on Sean's boner, sucking it for a could. Sean cried out and began to fuck Jeff's mouth and in a matter of seconds, he almost screamed, bucking and twisting in ecstasy as he his little cock shot his boyish cum into Jeff's mouth.

Jeff for his part, was furiously pumping his own boner and as Sean's orgasm subsided, Jeff's hit. He shot a few clear drops onto the rug beneath him and them sat back on his feet, gasping for breath as Sean gazed down at him past his still rigid boycock.

"That was heavenly," he whispered.

"Yes, it was," Jeff replied. Sean walked over to his nightstand and pulled a tissue from the box. He wiped Jeff's cum from the rug and smiled, holding his hand out and guiding him around to the side of the bed. He pulled the covers back and the two climbed in, their naked bodies intertwining and their lips immediately locking.


David had just sat down on the couch to read the evening paper. He glanced at his watch and smiled. If it was ten-fifteen, and they still weren't up, it was a pretty good bet Jeff would be spending the night.

There was a knock on the door. When David opened it, Eric was standing before him in his robe.

"So, is Jeff ready to head back over here, now?" he asked with a smile.

"Probably not," David replied with a grin. "Come here."

He led Eric into the apartment and toward Sean's bedroom. With a finger over his lips, he carefully opened the door. Eric could see the two boys laying in each other's arms, Sean's head resting on Jeff's chest. They were sound asleep, with looks of complete boyish bliss on their faces.

"Should we leave them?" David whispered. Eric smiled and David closed the door behind them.

"Maybe we should have a talk," David said with a smile as he put a hand on Eric's back. As Eric walked back toward the front door, he grinned and said, "I think we should."

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