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The Secrets of the Wicked Strawberries
Adam Verity


Chapter One
Two Prologues



Jeremy had to pee.

Opening his eyes, he looked around his grandfather’s den. It was still dark outside, but he could see that the eastern sky through the window was starting to lighten some. His two half-siblings were sound asleep in their pallets on the floor. He listened carefully, but could hear nothing in the house. It was cold in the room and the couch felt so warm and snuggy. Slowly, he sat up and crawled out from under the covers. His pee pee was hard and stuck out the hole in the front of his jammies. Carefully, even though he was still half asleep, he padded across the carpet to the hallway.

There was a glow emanating from the living room at the end of the hallway. He smiled as he made his way down the hallway to the bathroom. He grandfather, his Papa, was already up and, no doubt, reading the Sunday paper on the couch. After he peed, he would go in and curl up with him on the couch. He loved his Papa.

His pee-pee had lost some of its stiffness as he entered the bathroom. Quietly, he closed the door and stumbled toward the toilet in the dark. When he was finished and had flushed, he washed his hands and then carefully opened the door. He peeked around the doorway to the living room and saw his Papa sitting on the couch, as he suspected, in his pajamas, slippers, and robe, and holding the front section of the Sunday paper up so that he couldn’t see Jeremy as he tiptoed into the room.

Jeremy planned to startle his grandfather, but just as he was about to reach out to hit the paper and say, “Boo!”, his Papa beat him to it, suddenly dropping the paper and saying, “Boo!” himself!

Jeremy jumped and cried out and then dropped his shoulders.

Papa! You weren’t supposed to do that!”

Why not?” the red-haired man asked. “You were going to.”

Well, that’s why!” Jeremy replied. “I was going to.”

But, I knew you were coming,” Papa responded with a grin. “Did you want me to pretend?”

I guess not,” the boy replied sheepishly.

Oh, come here and quit moping!” the man said patting the couch. Quickly, the boy’s face changed to a grin and he hoped up next to his Papa, who had opened his robe so the boy could cuddle inside it. He wrapped his arms around his grandfather and the man wrapped his left arm around the boy and resumed holding the paper.

Giving the boy a kiss on the forehead, he asked, “Did you sleep well?”

Jeremy nodded as he lay his head against his grandfather’s chest. He loved the smell of his grandfather in the morning, the smell of toothpaste and aftershave and, well, his grandfather. He snuggled closer and his grandfather gave him another kiss.

Jeremy looked up at the newspaper and the confusing headlines. President Johnson was considering sending more troops to Vietnam, someone called Wilson was criticizing someplace called Rhodesia, and some Gemini astronauts had just returned to earth after two weeks in space. He didn’t understand any of it, so his eyes dropped down to his grandfather’s lap as he cuddled closer.

That’s when he first noticed it. The front of Papa’s pajamas were slightly pushed upward and the fly was open. Jeremy gazed into the opening and suddenly saw something. Was it Papa’s pee-pee? It was! It was his pee-pee and it was getting hard, just like Jeremy’s did when he had to pee or when he lay on his tummy in bed, or when he saw a cute boy on TV. Papa was getting a stiffy!

He watched as it slowly pushed upward through the hole, the tip of his pee-pee pushing both outward and upward. It was so big! And, it was shaped funny. There wasn’t the big red cone at the end, like on Jeremy’s pee-pee. It was smooth, though it seemed to flare outward a little where Jeremy’s did. And, there was hair down there, too, bright reddish hair, the same color as the reddish blond hair atop Jeremy’s head. How cool! How neat!

Should he say something to Papa? Should he let him know so that he could cover it up? Maybe Jeremy should reach down and do it for him. But, maybe he shouldn’t. Maybe he shouldn’t say anything and just watch it. It was so beautiful and interesting and... exciting to see Papa’s pee-pee getting so big.

As the end of his grandfather’s manhood rose above the folds of his pajamas, Jeremy looked up and found his grandfather looking downward at him and smiling.

Papa,” the boy whispered, “your pee-pee is getting big.”

The man nodded and replied in a soft voice, “Yes, and so is yours.”

Jeremy hadn’t noticed, so intrigued was he by his grandfather’s stiffening member. But, he looked down at his own pajamas and found his pee-pee standing up proudly through his fly. The boy blushed as he looked back up, feeling a wicked pleasure at showing his pee-pee to his grandfather and feeling special and even grown up because his Papa was allowing him to see his.

Papa folded the newspaper and set it aside before looking back down at his grandson and commenting, “Yours will be as big as mine someday. Maybe bigger.”

How long?” the boy asked. “When I’m fifty?”

Oh, no, sweetheart. Long before then. Maybe when you’re fourteen or fifteen. Maybe sooner. Yours is bigger than most eight year olds, I would guess.”

Jeremy looked down at Papa’s manhood again and asked, “Why does your pee-pee look different?”

His grandfather smiled and replied, “Well, first, it’s really called a ‘penis’ and my penis looks different from yours because yours is circumcised, which means that when you were born the doctor cut off this extra skin. Jewish people do it and it’s become something of the norm today in America, but not necessarily in the rest of the world.”

Papa reached down and pulled the skin back on his penis, showing Jeremy that he, too, had the cone at the end of his penis, just as Jeremy did.

Wow,” the boy muttered.

Papa took a finger and ran it affectionately along Jeremy’s cheek before holding the boy’s face lovingly in his soft hand.

You’re such a beautiful boy,” he whispered to Jeremy. “I love you, Jeremy.”

I love you, Papa,” the boy whispered in reply, feeling such a rush of affection that he could have cried.

Then, Papa leaned down and gently kissed the boy on the lips. Jeremy was surprised, but thrilled at the same time, and it made his penis throb as it stood up rigidly from within his pajamas.

And, then, he thought he might cry out. Papa’s fingers were touching his pee-pee. He was running his fingertips up and down Jeremy’s penis and the feeling... the feeling was...

Jeremy felt like he needed to thrust his hips forward. He began to whimper and squirm against his grandfather as Papa continued to kiss his lips. Papa’s fingers wrapped around Jeremy’s penis and moved up and down and the feeling was exquisite! It was heavenly! It was beyond anything he had ever known!

Pulling his lips off the boy’s, Papa smiled at Jeremy and asked, “Does that feel good, sweetheart?”

As if in a trance, squirming and twisting under the glorious fondling of his Papa’s soft, warm hand, he breathed, “Yeah. Oh, yeah. It feels so good.”

Good, Jeremy, because Papa wants to make you feel so good. He wants it to feel so good, because I love you so much.”

Oh, feels so good,” the boy whispered as he gazed with greater interest at Papa’s now upstanding penis. As his grandfather’s fingers explored Jeremy’s balls and the sensitive area between his balls and his butt, the boy suddenly reached forward with both hands and grasped his Papa’s penis. It was spongy, yet hard, soft and warm, yet he could feel it throb beneath his touch.

He felt, rather than heard a low moan from his Papa as his hands explored his grandfather’s penis, pulling the foreskin back, fondling the head, stroking the shaft. His fingers delved into the soft, but thick red hair around his penis.

Leaning over, Papa whispered into Jeremy’s ear, “Mmm, that feels so good. That is so nice. Do you like feeling Papa’s penis?”

He was starting to sense that Jeremy was getting close. The boy could feel the intensity growing rapidly in his penis and his squirming was becoming frantic as he began to audibly cry out, “Nnng, nnng, nnng!” Feeling the boy’s penis suddenly grow even harder, he released his hold on his grandson’s rigid boyhood and, instead, caressed his balls, fondling and holding them in his warm, soft hand and making him whimper and whine.

In the meantime, Papa’s penis was feeling better and better as Jeremy’s soft boyish hands frantically explored ever millimeter of his manhood. Every few seconds, he would groan softly, letting his grandson know how good he was making his Papa feel.

And, then, suddenly, Papa let go completely of Jeremy’s penis and slid his hands up the boy’s slender torso and up to his underarms. He lifted the boy up and stood him on the couch, Jeremy’s feet planted on both sides of his hips, the boy’s stiff erection pointing rigidly out the front of his pajamas, just inches from his mouth. He slipped Jeremy’s pajama bottoms down, letting them fall to his feet and leaving the boy exposed from the waist down. Jeremy watched in frantic amazement, his stiffness bobbing before his grandfather’s face and the cool morning around his bare legs sending chills through him. Jeremy had never felt so excited, so wicked, so alive!

As he watched his grandfather’s mouth opened and grow closer and closer to his penis, Jeremy’s mouth opened in shock. Was this actually happening? Was his Papa really going to do it? Was he going to suck Jeremy’s penis?

With his hands holding Jeremy by the hips, his fingers pressing against the soft cheeks of the boy’s bare butt, Papa slowly enveloped Jeremy’s penis in the moist warmth of his mouth, closing his lips around the stiff little penis at the base and sliding his tongue slowly forward underneath it.

Jeremy cried out and thrust his hips forward. He grabbed his grandfather’s head and began to thrust over and over, completely losing all control of his actions and thoughts, his only awareness being of the most incredible feeling in his life.

And, then he exploded.

The wonderful feelings grew so intense, so profound, so good that he couldn’t stand it and he suddenly felt his whole body stiffen and spasm and buck and twist.

And, then, his knees gave and he collapsed against his grandfather, panting and exhausted, stunned and unable to comprehend the astonishing and magnificent thing that had just happened to him.

As he lay against his grandfather’s chest, his eyes closed as he slowly caught his breath, he was aware that his Papa was whispering in his ear, whispering loving comments about how beautiful and sweet he was. At the same time, he was aware of his grandfather’s body rocking back and forth, of his right arms jerking rapidly up and down, over and over, his Papa’s breathing growing shaky and erratic, his whispered endearments growing erratic and incomprehensible until, suddenly, he groaned and his whole body stiffened. And, then, as he jerked several times, his left arm held Jeremy tightly to him.

I love you! I love you!” he whispered intensely in Jeremy’s ear.

I love you, Papa! I love you!” Jeremy replied as he tightly hugged his Papa.

And, then they sat quietly together, holding each other in their embrace before Papa finally stirred, giving the boy a loving kiss on the lips before he whispered, “Why don’t we go in the kitchen and get the bacon frying before everyone else wakes up?”

Jeremy grinned and whispered, “Yeah.”



Jeremy lay in his bed crying. It was dark in his basement bedroom, the only light coming from under the door of his bedroom from the den beside it. Upstairs, he could hear his father and grandfather speaking harshly and angrily. It broke his heart. He loved his father more than anything on earth! But, he loved his grandfather, too. He had not seen his grandfather since Christmas time and that glorious morning when he and Papa had shown how much they loved each other. And, then had come the news that Papa was moving away and they could no longer drive over the weekends to visit. He was moving too far away from Texas, to someplace near New York City. Jeremy had cried and cried when he learned the news and when he begged over and over to be told why, all his father had said in reply was that it was necessary. And, now, Papa had come to visit, flying all the way back home from New York. Jeremy had been thrilled. He loved his Papa and had missed him terribly. But, now, as he lay in bed in the dark, the sound of the crickets chirping outside almost lulling him to sleep, his father and grandfather sat in the kitchen above arguing.

His stepmother had gone to bed, for which he was grateful, upstairs in her bedroom on the second floor, across the hall from his younger half-siblings. He hated his stepmother and knew that the feeling was mutual. He also could sense that his father no longer loved her. He knew that if she had been in the kitchen with his father and grandfather, the angry discussion would have been much worse.

Dad, this church has been the center of our lives for decades. You and Mom were married there. Her funeral was there. I was baptized and confirmed and married there. Jeremy was baptized there. Dad, you’ve been told that you’re no longer welcome in a church that has been the center of our lives for thirty-two years!”

Oh, quit being so melodramatic. It’s not my fault.”

Not your fault? Dad, the boy was fifteen years old!”

Nothing happened, damn it! I was hugging him. He came to me for friendship and understanding. His parents have been giving him hell because he’s homosexual. He came to me for help. I understand what he’s going through. I was trapped in a loveless marriage. I’ve been unable to live freely. I have a wonderful son whom I would never give up, but I know what that boy was facing and so did he. He came to me for advice and understanding.”

Dad, he killed himself!”

Son, he killed himself because his parents drove him to suicide, not because I hugged him. He was halfway there before he even came to me. And, before you get any more self-righteous, let me remind you of Elizabeth Wesley and Thad.”

There was a moment of silence. Jeremy didn’t understand what they were saying. It was all too confusing. Surely Papa wasn’t responsible for a boy killing himself! And, who were Elizabeth Wesley and Thad? What did they have to do with his daddy?

In a softer voice, he barely heard his father say, “Dad, we’ve all had moments of weakness that we regret, but I just wish that sometimes you would think of the consequences of your actions.”

The voices stopped. He lay listening for any sound, but all was silence. He rolled over onto his side and clutched his second pillow to him protectively. If only he could cuddle up in bed with his Papa. He had wanted to sleep with Papa and had even asked his Daddy if Papa could sleep with him instead of on the awful fold out couch in the den, but his father had reacted sharply, shocking Jeremy with the vehemence of his rejection. Jeremy didn’t understand, and his father had suddenly become more gentle, hugging the boy and explaining that he might understand some day when he was older.

Jeremy hated it when people told him to wait until he was older, he would understand something better when he was older. Heck. He was smarter than most other kids. He was more mature. Why couldn’t they just tell him now and not make him wait? He wasn’t a little kid anymore. He was almost nine!

He could hear his grandfather’s heavy tread down the stairs from the kitchen to the basement. Jeremy wanted to rush out of his room to the den next door and hug his Papa, but he was afraid to. He heard his Papa go into the bathroom and the sounds of the toilet and the sink. After a long moment, the sound of the water in the sink ended and he could hear his grandfather in the den. A moment later, the dim light underneath the door to Jeremy’s bedroom disappeared.

He lay there in the darkness and the silence, wanting his Papa, needing to feel his Papa’s love, but afraid to move. Finally, though, his need was too great. His little penis was hard, but the need in his heart was greater. Slowly and carefully, he slipped out from under the sheet and stood up beside the bed, wearing only his thin, cotton, pajama shorts, his stiffness poking out the fly in the warm, night air. He tiptoed to his door and listened. Sometimes, his grandfather snored when he was sleeping, but he heard nothing. Carefully, he turned the handle and slowly opened the door. Peeking around, he could see his grandfather’s figure atop the far side of the fold-out couch, lying on his side. Nervously, Jeremy stepped forward, crossing the room until his came to the side of the fold-out. He heard his grandfather sniff.

Papa,” he whispered.

At first, his grandfather didn’t reply. And, then, he slowly raised the thin sheet and Jeremy immediately crawled onto the bed and across to slip under the cover. His grandfather wrapped his arms around the slim boy and pulled him tightly to him.

Tears formed in Jeremy’s eyes and, his whisper quivering, he muttered, “Papa.”

Sweetheart,” his Papa replied, tightly holding the boy to him. He kissed Jeremy’s forehead gently, and then with more passion, kissed his nose and cheek and finally his lips. Jeremy kissed back, passionately loving his grandfather’s lips. Jeremy could feel his Papa’s hard penis against his thigh and he pushed his hips firmly against his grandfather’s, pressing his own stiffness against the man.

After a long moment, the two broke their kiss and Papa whispered, “I love you, Jeremy. Always remember that. I love you more than anything or anyone on earth.”

Papa, what’s wrong?” Jeremy asked fervently. “Why is Daddy mad at you? Why did you have to move to New York? Why can’t things just be the way they were?”

His grandfather squeezed the boy tighter and sniffed. After taking a deep breath, he whispered, “Papa’s made some people very angry because they don’t quite understand him. Some people see evil where others see love. It’s hard to explain to someone as innocent and loving as you, Sweetheart.”

Papa, you’re not evil!”

I don’t think I am, either, but there are people who do and that’s why I had to leave home and move. Your father is quite angry with me, too, but I don’t want you to be angry with your father. Your father loves you and would do anything in the world for you, and don’t you ever forget it! Your father is a wonderful man, but he doesn’t understand me, either. So, remember, Jeremy, I love you and your father loves you.”

Papa,” a tearful Jeremy cried as he clung to his grandfather. “Papa.”

The two held each other tightly for quite some time before the man slowly began to caress Jeremy’s back. He leaned his face down and kissed the boy’s cheek and then his ear before whispering, “I love you, my sweet Jeremy. I love you so much.”

Papa, I love you.”

“”We may not have a chance to do this again for a long time,” the man whispered in his ear as his hand cupped the boy’s rear, “so I want to love you and make you feel good and show you how special love can be.”

Papa, I love you. I want you to love me. Please.”

I will. I am. I’m loving you, sweetheart.”

Papa released Jeremy’s butt and held his face. Gazing down into the boy’s eyes in the faint light from the window, he gently kissed him on the lips and whispered, “I’m loving you, my sweet Jeremy. I’m loving you.”

As his left hand gently held the boy’s bottom, caressing it and squeezing it and holding it, his right hand moved down the boy’s neck to his chest as he kissed Jeremy softly on the mouth, over and over again. Jeremy whimpered as his Papa’s hand rubbed across his chest, pausing over his left nipple. His finger gently circled around it and then rubbed across it. Jeremy’s whole body bucked as the electricity shot from his nipple to his penis. His Papa’s finger rubbing his nipple felt so good, so incredibly, awfully, wickedly good. Papa rubbed it and rubbed it and rubbed it until Jeremy was writhing and twisting beneath him, whimpering and whining as the man kissed him harder and more passionately, finally pushing his tongue through the boy’s lips.

Jeremy was shocked at the sudden invasion of his mouth. He had never thought that a person would ever want to put their tongue in another person’s mouth and the thought was, at first, repellent. Yet, as he felt Papa’s tongue sliding through his teeth and touching his own, it combined with the hand kneading his butt and the fingers working his nipple to drive him mad with the feelings exploding through his body. The little boy had never thought that he could feel so good or so loved.

Papa’s tongue slid back and forth across his own and then thrust downward toward his throat, taking possession of his mouth. Jeremy loved feeling that he was no longer in control of his mouth, that his Papa, his beloved Papa had taken over his mouth, exploring it, rampaging through it, turning it into his own. He loved that Papa was in complete control.

Jeremy’s rigid penis was harder than it had ever been and the boy wildly thrust his hips forward, jamming it against the cloth over his Papa’s tummy. His thrusts moved the pajama top higher and higher until his soft, smooth skin was exposed and Jeremy’s penis was now rubbing directly against the warm skin of his wonderful grandfather, his wonderful Papa.

It was too much for him and as his Papa’s tongue wildly thrust in and out and around the boy’s mouth, as his hand squeezed and loved his butt, as his fingers worked his nipple, sending ripples of unimaginable pleasure though him, the boy suddenly burst through the barrier. His body stiffened, he cried and then held it for a fraction of a second before nearly screaming into his Papa’s mouth as his hips thrust hard once into his stomach and his little penis twitched and throbbed in the most intense boyish orgasm of his young life.

And, then, he collapsed against his Papa. But, Papa was lost in the moment, aware only of his love for the boy, his desire for the boy, for his grandson. He rolled Jeremy over on top of him as he continued to love and caress and kiss the boy. With Jeremy lying atop him, the right hand that had been playing with his grandson’s left nipple now went down to the man’s rigid penis and became pumping it as Jeremy lay atop him. His left hand began pumping Jeremy up and down against his now bare stomach and the boy’s penis, now more sensitive than ever, sliding across his Papa’s warm, smooth skin, began sending chills through him that were too intense, too good, too much. But, lying atop his Papa, even as it was too much for him, he began fucking forward himself and his tongue became to imitate his Papa’s tongue as he himself moved into his Papa’s mouth. Losing himself a second time, Jeremy became the controller, aware only of the good feelings, aware only of his beloved Papa beneath him, aware only of the love he felt for the man holding him.

His Papa was groaning softly by now as he madly stroked himself, feeling the young boy thrusting wildly against him, the boy’s tongue invading his mouth and sliding lovingly, insanely across his own tongue as his passion returned even greater than before.

Now, his Papa was whimpering, much the way Jeremy was, and the two were lost in their thrusting and pumping and loving of each other until Papa suddenly stiffened and grunted and seemed to freeze for just a second. And, then he was squirming and thrusting just as Jeremy had before and as they boy was again, experiencing his second orgasm while something wet and warm was landing on his bare thighs and butt.

And, then, they lay there, silent and gasping for breath, Jeremy atop his Papa, his head against the side of his grandfather’s.

Papa,” he barely whispered. “Papa.”

Sweetheart,” his Papa replied softly.

They lay together in exhausted love, unaware of the figure on the steps, a figure that slowly and quietly turned and disappeared before Papa finally rose and carried the now sleeping boy to his room. He lay Jeremy down on the bed, kissed his lips a final time, and returned to the den, pausing by the steps and sniffing as the hint of a flowery scent penetrated his awareness, only to be dismissed as his imagination.