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The Secrets of the Wicked Strawberries
Adam Verity

Chapter Two
In Which Jeremiah T. Brunswick Becomes a Yankee

Betty! You can't let the boy live with that man! You just can't!”

Why not? He's the boy's grandfather and the boy hates me. He always has and I have no use for him. His father's dead and I refuse to keep him.”

But, his grandfather's... well, he's... he's sick.”

So is Jeremy. He's ruined him and I don't want the boy anywhere near the others. I want him out of this house and if his grandfather's the only person who wants him, so be it!”

The words of his stepmother and her sister reverberated through his mind as Jeremy sat on the plane, holding his grandfather's hand as they flew from Texas to his new home in New York. Every time he thought of the woman's cruelty, of her harsh words, and the way she had treated his dear father, Jeremy wanted to cry. When he thought how unhappy she had made his father, he could feel only hatred for the woman. And, when he thought why a good and decent man such as his father would die in a senseless accident, but evil and cruel people such as his stepmother could prosper and be happy, he doubted the existence of a supposedly loving and benevolent power in the universe. He felt lost in a world of senselessness and pain.

He looked up at his Papa, sitting in the seat beside him, and leaned his head over against the man's arm. Papa smiled down at the boy and lovingly squeezed his hand. At least he still had his Papa, Jeremy thought to himself. He felt tears form in his eyes and he looked up again at the man who had rescued him from that horrible woman.

Papa, after what happened last summer, I thought I would never see you again.”

The man looked down and kissed Jeremy on the top of his head.

I know, sweetheart. I thought I would never see you, too. It broke my heart to think that. Never to see you again, not to see your laughing eyes or to hold you, not to see you grow up into a fine and kind and generous man.”

I miss Daddy, but at least I have you,” the boy said as the tears rolled down his freckled cheeks.

I miss him, too, little one, more than you can ever imagine,” Papa replied. “He was my son and he was the finest man I ever knew. And, you can never know how grateful I am that you are coming to live with me.”

Jeremy wrapped his other arm around his grandfather's and leaned his head down against him again, muttering, “I love you, Papa.”

For several minutes, the two sat silently, listening to the roar of the engines and the air rushing past the plane. As he felt the subtle shifting of the plane indicating that they had begun their decent, Papa looked across Jeremy to the window. The clouds were growing darker and he couldn't see the landscape below. He had hoped that Jeremy might catch a glimpse of New York City as they came in, but it didn't look as if he would. The flaps descended and the ride suddenly became rougher as the roar outside grew louder. Jeremy looked up in alarm and Papa gave him a reassuring smile.

Suddenly, the clouds broke as a glorious sight appeared outside the window. As the 707 continued it's descent into JFK Airport, the Statue of Liberty and the towers and lights of Manhattan loomed outside the window.

Jeremy! Look!” he declared as he pointed excitedly toward the window.

Jeremy did indeed look and his eyes grew wide with amazement.

Papa! It's the Statue of Liberty!” he cried as he gazed with wonder out the window. “And look at the giant bridge! And, New York City! Look!”

Papa grinned at the boy's excitement and it warmed his heart. This was the first time since the death of the boy's father several weeks before that Jeremy had shown any real joy, excepting of course when he had learned that he would be living with his Papa.

Look over there, just to the left of the tip of the island,” Papa said as he pointed. “In a few years, they're going to build the world's tallest building there. In fact, it's going to be two buildings, and they're going to be taller than even the Empire State Building! Can you believe it?”

Wow,” the boy uttered as he watched the scene below him. “It's beautiful.”

Bigger than Dallas?” Papa asked with a grin.

Oh, yeah! A lot bigger than Dallas!”

Papa was happy to see the sudden change in Jeremy's attitude and he chuckled as the boy squirmed impatiently after fastening his seat belt. Even after the plane landed, he kept asking, “When are we getting to the terminal?”

Patience, little one!” his grandfather would reply with a chuckle.

As they pulled up to the gate and the jetway was rolled up to the door, Jeremy started to get up as the other passengers crowded the aisle.

Let's wait for the crowd to thin out a bit, first,” Papa said, “and, I can tell you about Scott.”

Who's Scott?”

He's my friend,” Papa replied. “He's the reason I chose Strawbury when I had to leave Dallas. He's my best friend. We grew up together and when we were boys your age...” Papa leaned over and whispered into Jeremy's ear, “we used to play with each other the way you and I have.”

Jeremy's eyes grew wide and he grinned.

Do you still?” he whispered.

Papa smiled mysteriously and looked up and down the aisle at the other passengers crowding their way toward the exit.

I think you'll like Scotty. He's a really nice and funny guy and the sweetest man you would ever want to know. And, he's been a wonderful friend to me, especially when things got really rough for me back home.”

Well, if he's your friend, then he's my friend!” Jeremy declared.

Papa chuckled and replied, “I'm glad to hear that!”

Finally, as the aisle opened, Papa stood and pulled their carry-ons out of the overhead bin and the two made their way to the door. Jeremy started to run ahead up the jetway, but Papa had to call after him to slow him down.

When they emerged from the jetway and entered the terminal, Jeremy looked around at the crowds and then up at his Papa.

Where is he?” he asked. “What does he look like?”

They both inspected the crowds of people, but the only person to stand out was a jolly looking Santa Claus standing to the side. Papa waved at him and suddenly Santa waved back and began to shake like a bowl full of jelly.

There he is!” Papa announced with a laugh and Jeremy laughed as well as they approached him.

Well, hello there, little boy!” Santa declared. “And, what do you want for Christmas?”

I've already got my Christmas!” Jeremy replied proudly. “I get to live with Papa!”

Santa laughed and replied, “I think that's better than any Christmas present I could bring!”

Papa laughed and hugged Santa.

You crazy man! What are you doing?”

Santa removed his big, red hat and his heavy white beard to reveal the round and laughing face of a chubby, balding, blond man with blue eyes and a huge smile.

I came to welcome your grandson,” the man declared in a florid and extravagant manner, “but I see now that he's far to old to believe in Santa Claus! I thought you said he was nine!”

I am nine!” Jeremy declared.

No!” Santa replied. “That's not possible! You look much more like your twelve!”

Jeremy grinned proudly and Papa said, “Scotty, I would like to introduce my grandson, Master Jeremiah T. Brunswick!”

Scott grinned as Jeremy extended his hand politely and said, “Pleased to meet you, sir.”

The honuh, suh, I say, I say the honuh, suh, is all mine!” Scott replied in a near perfect imitation of Foghorn Leghorn.

Jeremy grinned and giggled as his Papa smiled and said, “Jeremy, this is my best friend in the world, Scott Bergman.”

Jeremy blushed and grinned and said, “You're funny.”

And, you are absolutely delightful!” Scott gushed as he gazed down at the boy. “And, you are so cute, I could just eat you up! Davy, he looks just like you did at that age! He's beautiful!”

Papa smiled and said, “Well, not exactly like me. There is one major difference.”

And, that is?”

Papa raised an eyebrow and grinned, replying, “The curse of the modern male baby.”

Scott nodded and smiled as he placed a loving hand on Jeremy's head as the boy looked curiously up at his grandfather.

Well, I'm sure,” Scott said, “that we won't throw him away for that!”

In response to Jeremy's curious look, Papa leaned down and whispered in Jeremy's ear, “You're circumcised.”

Papa!” Jeremy cried as his face turned scarlet.

David chuckled and placed his hand atop Scott's on Jeremy's head.

Sweetheart, Scott and I have no secrets and let me assure you that you can say or do anything with Scotty that you would say or do with me.”

Jeremy bowed his head and looked upward with his eyes in a shy, unconsciously coquettish way before turning to his Papa and replying, “Anything?”

Papa smiled and said, “Anything.”

Still blushing, Jeremy smiled shyly at Scott, who swooned, “Oh, my God, Davy, I love him! I swear, I absolutely love him!”

I knew you would,” Papa replied as they started walking down the concourse. “Jeremy is a very special and wonderful boy.”

As they walked, Jeremy looked up at his Papa and grinned mischievously, saying, “Davy?”

Papa smirked and replied, “Hush, Brat. My name is David, after all. You have to remember that Scotty and I have known each other since we were younger than you are now.”

What did Mr. Bergman look like then?”

Mr. Bergman?” Scott replied with melodramatic horror. “Please! It's Scott or Scotty! Never, ever refer to me as Mr. Bergman!”

Jeremy looked frightened for a moment before he realized that Scott was giving him a hard time. Papa chuckled and said, “Don't worry, Jeremy. It's okay. And, in answer to your question, Scotty was the most beautiful boy in the world. He had the most delightfully white blond hair and blue eyes that you could get lost in and the sweetest lips.”

Jeremy giggled and said, “Papa,” as he looked around at the crowds rushing past them as they walked up the concourse. Then, with another mischievous grin, he leaned over to his Papa and softly asked, “Did you kiss him?”

I told you, sweetheart,” Papa replied softly, “we did the same things with each other that you and I have done.”

Jeremy looked bashfully at Scott and smiled as he met the man's eyes. Scott leaned over as they walked and said, “Your grandfather is a wonderful lover, isn't he?”

Still blushing furiously, Jeremy looked down and whispered, “Yes, he is.”

Davy,” Scott said to Papa, “you're the luckiest man in the world.”

Papa nodded and replied, “Sometimes, it would have been hard to convince me of that, but anytime I look at my precious grandson, I know it's true!”

It took several hours for them to retrieve their luggage, make their way to Scott's Lincoln Continental, negotiate their way out of Kennedy Airport and across Queens and the Bronx and out of New York City. Along the way, they stopped at a White Castle for a couple of sacks of burgers and three Cokes for sustenance on their journey. It was dark as they headed north and once their food and drinks had been consumed, Scott and David passed the time for awhile by singing songs from their youth. Jeremy, sitting between the two men on the front seat, giggled and laughed and applauded before he finally yawned and slid over to snuggle against his grandfather. Papa smiled down at him and put his left arm around the boy.

As he snuggled closely to his Papa, Jeremy glanced over at the other man and examined him for several minutes, trying to imagine him as a cute, nine year old blond boy back in the twenties. He thought about the young Scotty and the young Davy kissing each other in bed and then touching each other, rubbing their hands against each other's naked bodies, caressing and stroking each other, their penises rigid and stiff and throbbing the way his had gotten with his Papa and the way it got every time he thought about his Papa, the way it was getting at that very moment.

Yes, his little boy penis was rapidly growing stiff and hard in his pants. He shifted slightly and tried to reach down to adjust it without Papa noticing. Papa did, however, and smiled knowingly as he glanced over at Scott and met his friend's smile.

Jeremy, closed his eyes and imagined the little boy Scott and little boy David feeling each other's penises, rubbing and stroking them, the two of them squirming on the bed as they stroked each other, their mouths locked together. Papa had said they had done the same things he and Papa had done and, then, Jeremy's mind went back to that night the previous summer and those glorious moments in bed with his Papa, touching and kissing and loving. He was going to live with his Papa now and the two of them no longer had to worry about snoopy stepmother's catching them, or anyone else. They could love each other any time they wanted to now, every night if they wanted to, all day long and all night long! The thought was so wonderful, so exciting!

Papa shifted slightly beside him as Jeremy's head lay against this grandfather's chest. The two men were discussing Papa's trip back to Texas and the family's reaction to him taking Jeremy.

His stepmother is a selfish, hypocritical bitch. If Robby were still alive, knowing that woman the way he did, he would have wanted me to have custody of Jeremy.”

Papa placed his hand on Jeremy's knee. He didn't move it; he didn't squeeze. He simply placed it on his right knee. Jeremy smiled and closed his eyes as he lay against his Papa. He felt safe and secure and loved with his Papa's left arm around him and his right hand on his knee. After several minutes, he felt Papa's hand slowly move across his knee and onto the inside of his thigh. Jeremy softly whimpered, hoping that Papa would move onward and touch him in his special place.

Scott glanced over at David and smiled as he saw his friend's hand lying against the boy's thigh, and when Jeremy spread his left leg outward slightly, he took a deep breath and looked back at the road.

Papa's hand moved upward more and slid back and forth over his lower thigh and knee. It was enough to send chills through the young boy's body. Jeremy's penis throbbed in his pants as he wondered if Papa was really going to touch him there while they were riding in the car, if he was really going to do something right there in front of Scott! The thought was embarrassing, yet exciting. It had been almost six long months since he and Papa had last been together and he had terribly missed his Papa's love.

For several minutes, as David and Scott chatted, Jeremy lay quietly against his Papa feeling the big hand moving back and forth. And, then, it moved upward more and Jeremy shivered. His upper thigh was more sensitive and he was feeling more and more excited. Why couldn't Papa just go ahead and rub the front of his pants? As if to hint at what he wanted, Jeremy scooted his butt down a couple of inches and spread his left leg further outward. In response, Papa's hand moved closer and closer until the side of his hand was stopped by the inseam. Jeremy whimpered a little louder.

Now, Papa's hand was slowly rubbing all the way from the his knee to the edge of his crotch and Jeremy squirmed, hoping Papa would go ahead and slide his hand across the front of his pants.

So, do you think Jeremy will have any problems making friends in Strawbury?” David asked Scott.

Oh, no! Not at all,” Scott replied enthusiastically. “Of course, all our friends will be in love with him the second they see him! But, there are a few boys in the neighborhood, I think, who will get along just fine with him.”

Breathlessly, pretending nothing was happening as, apparently, Papa and Scotty were, Jeremy said, “I hope they like me because everyone at school back home hated me and called me 'sissy' and 'fairy' and 'pansy.'”

Scott shook his head angrily and replied, “Oh, don't I know! I can't tell you how difficult it was for Davy and me when we were in school! And, that was the twenties! Can you imagine? I know how awful it must have been for you, Jeremy. But, I really don't think you'll have to worry about that in Strawbury. It's a nice, liberal college town and most of the kids are the children of faculty at the university. Besides, you'll be attending the University School and not the public school, so you won't have to worry about the thugs and bullies, you sweet boy!”

Papa's hand finally slid upward and across Jeremy's crotch as he replied, “I...I, uh, I hope so. I want to go to a school, uh, uh, where the kids will like... me.”

Scott smiled as he looked at the boy and winked.

Sweetie, everyone is going to like you,” he said as he watched David's hand slowly sliding across the front of the boy's pants.

Jeremy leaned back against the seat, giving his Papa more room to rub the front of his pants. He moaned softly. His penis throbbed stiffly against the cloth of his underwear and pants as the good feelings shot from his rigid boyhood and through his body. He felt such a powerful need inside him, deep inside, beneath his penis and... up his butt? Did he feel it inside his butt? Oh, it felt so good, so awfully, awfully good.

Deliriously, Jeremy squirmed on the seat beside his grandfather, as Papa's hand applied slightly more pressure against the front of his pants.

There's snow on the ground now, Jeremy,” Scott said. “You're going to have a white Christmas. Have you ever had snow on Christmas?”

No, I've...never... seen snow on Christmas... before,” the boy replied between gasps for breath. “This is going to be a wonderful Christmas!”

Papa smiled down at him and said, “Yes, sweetheart. You're going to have a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful life. You're going to be loved and everyone's going to like you and you're going to have so many friends. It's going to be wonderful.”

Jeremy was squirming madly now as Papa's hand continued to rub harder and harder against the front of his pants. The feeling was building and growing stronger and stronger and Jeremy's whimpers were almost whines by now.

He reminds me so much of you, Davy,” Scott said. “He moans the same way you did.”

Papa smiled and said, “Yes, Jeremy is very expressive. He loves it when his Papa loves him.”

Uh, uh, you and Scotty, uh, used to do this?” Jeremy was barely able to mutter.

Oh, yes,” Papa said. “All the time. Scotty and I loved each other very much. We made love to each other all the time.”

Yes, your Papa used to spend the night at my home quite often,” Scott added as he smiled down at the writhing boy. “We'd sleep naked together and kiss and love all night long. It was dreamy.”

Jeremy's whimpers and whines suddenly grew and he threw his arms out, his left hand grasping the car seat, his right squeezing his Papa's slacks as his orgasm hit. He thrust his hips up against Papa's hand, which tightened against the throbbing, pulsing lump in the boy's pants, as Jeremy cried out.

And, then, his head fell back and he lay gasping.

Dear God,” Scott muttered.

But, Papa wasn't finished. David's face was flushed and his hand remained on the boy's crotch, squeezing and kneading and rubbing. Jeremy squirmed uncomfortably, the feelings in his hypersensitive penis almost too much.

Suddenly, the boy was delivered a reprieve as Papa's hand stopped rubbing, but his fingers began to explore his zipper. Even as Jeremy fought to stay awake in his post-orgasmic bliss, he realized with a surge of excitement that Papa was unzipping his pants. He started to help him, but decided to just lay there land et Papa do it. He liked the idea of Papa doing it, of Papa taking over, of Papa being in charge.”

As Papa's fingers lowered Jeremy's zipper, he looked at Scott and said, “I think Jeremy's a lot like you, Scotty. I think, how shall I say this, that his attitude is a lot like yours.”

You mean,” Scott replied, “that you play the same role with him that you played with me?”

Papa nodded as he unfastened Jeremy's belt. The boy knew they were speaking cryptically and he tried to figure out what they meant. But the knowledge that Papa was unsnapping his pants and soon would open them forced out any other thoughts.

Papa opened Jeremy pants and then ran his fingers across the fabric of the boy's tight briefs, tracing along the outside of his hard boyhood and making Jeremy gasp and whimper again.

Pull your pants down,” Papa whispered.

Would you do it?” Jeremy replied breathlessly.

Scott raised an eyebrow as he looked at David, who smiled and nodded at him before replying to his grandson, “Of course, sweetheart. Of course.”

Papa unwrapped his left arm from around Jeremy's shoulder and then grasped his pants and underwear by both hips. Jeremy lifted his butt slightly as Papa slide the clothes down his hips. But he didn't stop there! He slid them down his legs and past his knees, completely exposing the boy from the waist down. He reached down and removed Jeremy's shoes and socks, taking his time as they boy trembled beside him on the seat, his rigid stiffness bobbing perpendicularly in the warm air inside the car. With his feet bare, Papa then slid Jeremy's pants and underwear completely off, leaving him with only his shirt.

Papa!” Jeremy cried with a quivering voice, to excited by the danger, the wickedness, and the wonder of what was happening.

Sweetheart,” Papa replied

Scott gasped as he looked at the half-naked boy on the seat. Jeremy's legs were splayed as he slouched on the seat and his hard boy penis stood vertically up from between his legs, vibrating with his heartbeat and the pulse of his lust.

Davy, he's... he's beautiful.”

He's the most beautiful boy in the world,” David replied. “I have never seen a boy more beautiful.”

Jeremy didn't wait for his Papa this time, however, and in one motion, grasped his shirt and sweater and pulled them over his head and tossed them down on the floor with his pants beside Papa's feet. He looked at his Papa breathlessly, unable to believe that he was completely naked in another man's car as they sped up the highway from the City.

Papa gently pulled his legs around until Jeremy was lying length-wise on the seat, supporting himself on his elbows as he looked at his grandfather.

Rest your head against Scotty's hip,” Papa told him and Jeremy nodded hypnotically as he lifted his elbows and rested his head against his Papa's friend. Scott's eyes were wide as he gazed downward at the naked boy beside him, running his eyes up and down Jeremy's slim body, glancing back at the road long enough to guarantee they wouldn't have an accident.

Oh, my God,” he whispered. “He's...”

Yeah, he is,” Papa whispered back as his own eyes explored his grandson's naked form. Jeremy trembled with excitement as he lay between them, thrilled that they thought him so beautiful as his penis bobbed stiffly above his abdomen.

His arms and torso and those incredible legs,” Scotty muttered in awe, “and that magnificent little boy cock.”

Jeremy looked up at Scotty's face. He had never heard his penis referred to as a cock before. It sounded nasty and naughty... and thrilling.

You like my cock?” he asked daringly, thrilled at saying something he knew was forbidden.

Scott could only nod as Papa smiled at him.

Touch it,” Papa whispered. “Touch my grandson's little cock.”

Scott focused his eyes on the road, but his right hand gently traced circles around Jeremy's cheek before he cupped the boy's face in his hand. Papa's hands began to gently massage Jeremy's feet, rubbing the muscles and pulling his toes and making the boy wriggle with the pleasure. As Scott's hand caressed down the the boy's slender neck, loving his throat, the man moaned softly and whispered, “Oh, Davy.”

Merry Christmas, Scotty,” David said.

All Scott could say in reply was, “Oh, Davy!” as his hand continued down to Jeremy's chest. He lay his hand against the boy's flesh, caressing in circles across his chest and tummy and sliding across his nipples. When he touched the hard little nubbins, Jeremy reared up from the seat and cried out.

Jeremy,” his Papa asked with a smile, “do you like to have your nipples touched?”

Jeremy didn't know what to say. The only time it had happened before was when he and his Papa had loved each other the previous summer on the sleeper sofa in the den. He simply writhed and whimpered as Scott's hand caressed him, sending chills through his body as it lovingly slid across his skin, teasing his nipples and tickling as it caressed his tummy.

His Papa's hands slid up past Jeremy's ankles to his slender calves and squeezed and kneaded them as he whimpered louder. Scott's hand grew closer and closer to Jeremy's little penis as it bobbed stiffly in the air above his tummy. Jeremy was trembling, both from the warm and loving caresses of his Papa and Scotty, but also from anticipation as Scott's hand grew closer to his penis.

Papa was now caressing Jeremy's thighs and running his fingers up and down the sensitive skin inside his legs. Scott's hand was sliding across Jeremy's right hip and then up and over to his left hip as the side of Papa's hand slid across the edge of Jeremy's ball sac, causing him to cry out in frustrated lust.

Papa! Rub me! Please! Rub me!”

Suddenly, Scott's hand, which had been caressing Jeremy's abdomen, and his fingers, which as been sliding across the smooth area above his penis, the area where Jeremy's pubic hair would someday grow but was now clear and soft and smooth, slide past his still untouched penis and enveloped his balls. Jeremy cried out and thrust his hips upward.

Uh! Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh! Scotty! Papa! Oh, my God!”

As Scotty fondled and loved Jeremy's balls, Papa's hands moved up the sides of Jeremy's slender torso and grasped him under the arms. His thumbs then began to circle around Jeremy's chest, orbiting the penny-sized and copper-brown aureoles, circling closer and closer.

Dear God,” Scott whispered as his eyes kept darting back and forth between the road and the naked boy beside him. “This is too much.”

David was unable to speak. Jeremy could feel his Papa's hands trembling. His Papa was as excited as he was and Jeremy was thrilled that he could give his Papa such intense excitement just by lying there and letting him touch him!

And, then Jeremy screamed. Papa's thumbs touched his nipples. They slide around the little bumps around the edges of the aureoles and then slid atop the rigid little nubbins of his nipples and sat there. Jeremy twisted and bucked and cried, “Papa! Papa!”

Scott could wait no longer. He slid his hand up the iron-hard shaft of the boy's young cock and firmly grasped it, eliciting another scream from Jeremy.

Papa's thumbs slowly, teasingly moved across Jeremy's nipples and he cried out. Slowly, back and forth they slid, lightly at first, then heavily, then lightly again, fast and then slow. Jeremy was forcing his chest upward, trying to increase the pressure of his Papa's thumbs against his nipples.

Meanwhile, Scott was simply holding Jeremy's hot, hard, throbbing penis, the entire length of the boy cock enveloped in his warm, smooth, chubby hand. Then, as Papa rubbed Jeremy's nipples, Scott began to slowly moved his hand up and down on Jeremy's stiffness.

The boy's cries and mutterings became incoherent. He was writhing madly between the two men as their hands brought him so much pleasure that he was unable to comprehend completely what was happening. All he knew was that his Papa and Scotty were loving him and making him feel good, so good, so awfully good. And the feelings grew and grew as Papa's thumbs slid back and forth and back and forth across his nipples, driving him insane, and Scotty's hand pumping and pumping his stiff boy penis. Even the hot air from the vents on the dashboard blowing over his naked body felt good. He was in heaven!

And, then, all at once, it happened. His body stiffened, he screamed, and then he began to twist and buck and writhe and wriggle until he collapsed breathless and nearly unconscious.

It was over. He was aware of lying naked on the seat, of soft whispers from his Papa and Scotty, soft hands continuing to love him. He was aware of his Papa slipping his clothes back on him, of the car slowing down and then making a number of stops before all was finally quiet. He felt his Papa holding him and carrying him through the cold and into warmth. And, he was almost aware of being undressed again and crawling under some gloriously smooth, soft, and warm covers, and then his Papa, naked and smooth and soft and warm, holding him, soft lips kissing him, and whispered words of love in his ear.

And, then, he was conscious no more.

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