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 The Secrets of the Wicked Strawberries
Adam Verity

Chapter Three
In Which Jeremy and Papa Erect a Christmas Tree!

Jeremy's little penis felt so good! He stirred a little in the warm bed, reaching over in his half-sleep state to put his arm around his Papa, but there was no one beside him. That was strange, but the moist warmth enveloping his boyhood was shoving all other concerns aside.

Oh, God, it felt so good, so wet, so warm. The suction was almost too much and he squirmed with the incredible feelings in his penis. Something was sliding around underneath his penis, even reaching down almost as far as his boyish balls. It was almost too much.

Jeremy opened his eyes and found the shock of his young life! Papa was crouched between Jeremy's two splayed legs. He was naked, leaning over, and sucking, sucking Jeremy's cock! He actually had Jeremy's boyish penis in his mouth, just as he had last summer. He had never imagined that anything could feel so good, and Papa and he had done a lot of things that felt good!

Papa!” he muttered in his half-awake state, “my penis! Oh, God, my penis! It feels so good! Oh, God, it feels so good!”

Papa's eyes looked up at Jeremy's shocked, sleepy face and the boy could see them twinkle as the man's head slowly bobbed up and down. The sight of his grandfather, his beloved Papa sucking his penis was the most arousing and exciting thing he had ever seen, and suddenly the feelings exploded through him. Jeremy threw his head back and cried out as his body arched upward and began to twist and buck under his Papa's incredible sucking.

And, when it was over, Papa pulled off the little penis and it boinged stiffly back and forth over the boy's tummy. Jeremy lay gasping on the bed, his half-open eyes unfocused toward his grandfather. He was unable to completely comprehend what had just happened as he lay under his beloved Papa.

For his part, Papa was not finished. Naked, his long, thick penis pointing outward between his big thighs and from under the big patch of silky, red hair and his almost chubby tummy, Papa wrapped his right hand around his manhood as he gazed down at the hard, naked boy through a haze of love and lust, and began to masturbate. His thighs open wide, he rose up on his knees as he gazed down at the slim, beautiful boy with the strawberry hair and the scattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks, and stroked himself while gasping for breath.

Jeremy, oh, sweet Jeremy,” he moaned softly to the boy, “you are so beautiful. You are so beautiful! I've never seen a more beautiful sight. I love you, Jeremy. I love you so much!”

Papa,” Jeremy muttered sleepily, but with love in his voice, “I love you, too! I love you, Papa.”

Jeremy watched as Papa's hand pumped his big man cock above him, his big Papa balls hanging below and swaying back and forth.

Oh, God, I love you! I love you!” Papa moaned fervently as Jeremy saw his face grow redder and redder.

Wanting to be as beautiful as possible for his sweet and wonderful Papa, Jeremy raised his arms and lay them above his head and smiled as he whispered, “Do it, Papa. Do it. Make yourself feel good, Papa! I love you. I love you, Papa!”

The man's breathing grew ragged and faster and he thrust his hips outward over the boy and he pumped harder and harder on his big, manly penis. And, then, something happened that completely shocked Jeremy. Gazing upward in wide-eyed wonder, he saw his grandfather's face contort in what appeared to be agony and white stuff, big globs of creamy white stuff shot out Papa's penis and landed all over him. Some of it hit his face, some landed on his still stiffly bobbing penis. But, most of it hit his chest and tummy, one glob landing squarely on his right nipple as Papa shook and bucked and pumped.

When he was finished, Papa remained on his knees above the little boy, gazing down at him in the same wide-eyed wonder that Jeremy was gazing up at him, his shoulders thrown back and his arms hanging limply down, and some of the white stuff dripping off the fingers of his right hand.

The second time Jeremy and Papa had made love, the previous summer, he had felt some warm stuff pumping out of Papa's penis when the explosion hit him, but he hadn't seen it. Now, he lay in wonder with it all over him and it was incredible. Jeremy was harder than ever as he lay there gazing up at his naked Papa and his thick penis as it began to droop and hang above him.

Papa, what is that stuff?”

Papa smiled and shifted his knees from within Jeremy's splayed legs to the sides of the boy's hips, scooting the slim legs together and sitting down, the tip of his penis lying on Jeremy's left thigh, a little of the white stuff seeping out onto the boy's soft, smooth, precious skin.

That is what makes babies,” Papa explained. “Your Daddy told you about when a man places his penis inside a woman's vagina to make a baby?”

Jeremy nodded.

Well, that 'stuff' contains millions of little human tadpoles that swin around in the liquid looking for an egg to fertilize.”

Jeremy placed a tentative finger in one glob of it on his tummy.

This stuff makes babies?”

Papa nodded and reached down with his right hand to scoop some up off the boy's body. Then, he wrapped his wet, gooey hand around Jeremy's now painfully throbbing penis. The boy threw his head back again and cried out as Papa began to pump his hand up and down, slowly as first, but faster and faster.

I'm masturbating you, baby, with my sperm, with my cum,” Papa whispered. “I'm going to make you explode, sweet Jeremy, with my cum. I'm going to make you cum.”

Jeremy was unable to speak. As Papa stroked and pumped his boy penis, the sperm in his hand was growing thicker and whiter, but it was so smooth and it made rubbing his penis feel a million times better! It was too much! It was just too much.

Jeremy cried out and squirmed beneath his Papa a second time as he exploded, as he came. The knowledge that this was his Papa's sperm, his Papa's baby stuff made it so much more intense!

Papa grinned down at the gasping boy and said, “Good morning, Sunshine!”

Jeremy grinned back and weakly gasped, “Good morning, Papa!”

Why don't you and I take a good, thorough shower and then Papa will fry up one of his world famous breakfasts. We have a lot to do, today. It's Friday and tomorrow's Christmas Eve!”

The boy smiled and nodded and then sat up. Papa picked him up and stood naked by the bed with the boy's arms and legs wrapped lovingly around him as they kissed before he carried him to the bathroom.

Half an hour later, showered and dressed and ready for the world, Papa in gray slacks, a white shirt and red v-neck sweater, and Jeremy in burgundy cords, and a forest green ski sweater, his damp strawberry-blond hair neatly combed, the two emerged from Papa's bedroom as he said, “You weren't really aware of much last night when we got home, so maybe I should take you on a tour of the house now!”

Jeremy eagerly looked around the hallway. They were obviously in an older house, possibly from the turn of the century or before, as they walked to the back.

This will be your bedroom,” Papa explained to Jeremy. “All you have right now is a bed and a dresser, but we'll go out today and get you what ever you want to decorate it. We'll also pick up the boxes of your books and things we shipped from Dallas, too.”

Jeremy nodded and then looked tentatively up at his Papa.

But, I don't want my own room,” he replied. “I want to sleep with you, Papa.”

His grandfather put his arm around the boy and kissed his forehead.

Sweetheart, you can sleep with Papa anytime you want to. You do need your own room, though, for your things and in case you need to sleep alone sometimes, or maybe you meet your own friend, like my Scotty was for me, and you want him to spend the night with you and you want to get all lovey with him and everything.”

Jeremy giggled and said, “If I do, I want you to get lovey with us!”

Papa chuckled and replied, “Well, we'll see about that. And, who knows, there may be a time or two when Papa has a friend over.”

Like Scotty?”

Papa nodded and Jeremy asked, “Can I sleep with you when Scotty's here, too?”

Papa chuckled even more and replied, “I think Scotty would probably insist on that!”

As they turned around and walked toward the living room, Jeremy remarked, “I really like Scotty.”

Yes,” Papa replied. “I could tell. You seemed to have a lot of fun with him last night!”

Jeremy blushed and chided, “Papa. I couldn't help it. You just made me so... sexy and crazy and, I don't know. I couldn't help it.”

Papa affectionately squeezed Jeremy's shoulder as the entered the living room. It was a nice room, Jeremy thought, with a big couch to their left as they entered and the front door to their right. Beyond the door were a table in front of the window and two chairs. In front of them was a fireplace with a big, elaborate mantle, two fancy bookshelves on both sides. To the left, past the couch, was a dining room, and past that, the kitchen. But, Jeremy's attention was immediately captured by what was above the mantle.

It was a painting of two young men, perhaps in their teens, one blond, the other red haired, on a sandy beach before large rocks and a cliff. One was lying on the sand, the other sitting beside him and looking down at him. Both were naked, though very little could be seen of their privates. Jeremy stared at the painting, almost hypnotized. They were beautiful and the scene looked so peaceful and happy and... loving. He immediately became hard again, even as he admired the beauty of the scene.

Do you like my painting?” Papa asked.

Jeremy simply nodded and Papa explained, “It's a copy of a work by Henry Scott Tuke, an English artist who specialized in nude males. It was painted in 1911, just a few years before I was born. It's one of my favorites. I like the casual, happy friendship of the two. You know, back then, nude swimming was the norm. People weren't offended or paranoid about it the way they are today. It's a shame.”

Jeremy looked up at his grandfather and said, “I like it, Papa. It's beautiful.”

Papa smiled and led him on to the kitchen.

An hour later, wrapped in coats and hats and scarves and gloves, Papa led Jeremy out the front door and the boy stood in awe on the walk outside, gazing up at the house and the others along William Street.

Papa! Your house is huge!”

Papa grinned and said, “I have the first floor, a couple of men who live together have the second, and a college boy from the University has the third.”

All the houses look the same!” Jeremy declared looking about the snow-covered neighborhood with awe. “They big and... it looks like Santa Town!”

Indeed, all the houses were large, surrounded by wide porches with either wooden or brick balustrades. Papa's was green with red or white trim, a tall turret on one corner, and lots of gingerbread. It could have been German or Dutch or English. And there were lots of evergreens around it. With Christmas decorations on each of the houses, they could, indeed, have been in “Santa Town!”

This is a great place!” the boy enthused as Papa took his gloved hand they walked across the street.

Only a couple of blocks away, the two came to the main street of Strawbury, lined with quaint shops and restaurants and offices. Christmas garlands, tinsel, and lights hung on the light polls and all the buildings and, with the snow, it looked to the boy like the ideal little Christmas town. He giggled with delight as they walked down the busy sidewalk, past the other bundled up people carrying sacks of Christmas presents or briefcases.

Papa opened the door of a florist shop and waited for Jeremy to enter. Surrounded by hundreds of beautiful flowers and bouquets and enveloped in a mesmerizing cloud of a myriad of fragrances, they walked up to the counter and were greeted by a smiling, elderly lady wearing a red elf hat.

Merry Christmas, David,” the woman said to Papa, “and who is this delightfully handsome young man?”

Placing his hand on the boy's shoulder, he replied, “This is my grandson, Jeremy.”

I'm living with Papa, now!” Jeremy proudly declared.

Oh, I'm so happy for you, David!” the woman cried as she clasped her hands together! “Jeremy is a fine-looking lad! You're going to be very happy here in Strawbury, Jeremy! It's a wonderful town with the nicest people in the world!”

From the back of the shop, a voice boomed, “Is that my little Jeremy boy?”

Scott suddenly appeared in the doorway, wearing a tight Christmas sweater over his pudgy frame, his eyes twinkling behind his wire-rimmed glasses, and a brilliant grin on his face.

It is! It is my Jeremy boy!” he cried as he hurried out from around the counter.

He grabbed the surprised, but delighted boy and hugged him tightly as Jeremy exclaimed, “You own this store?”

I am this store!” Scott replied with a grin. A lady standing at a nearby display turned and declared, “Scott is the best florist in the valley! People in New York City demand his services!”

Scott smiled happily as Jeremy said, “This is a cool place! The flowers are beautiful! I bet you love working here!”

It is a wonderful job and I love my customers and I love my Jeremy boy!”

A slim, blond man, younger than Papa and Scott, was standing nearby and approached.

David! Don't tell me this is the famous Jeremy!”

Indeed, it is,” Papa replied with a proud grin. “Jeremy, this is Tim Daugherty, another dear friend of mine who owns the art gallery next door and is a gifted artist himself.”

Jeremy extended his hand to shake and Tim took it, though he raised it to his lips and kissed it, instead, sending the boy into a blush.

We have heard so much about you, Jeremy!” Tim declared. “Your grandfather speaks of nothing but you! We all feel as if we already know you!”

Jeremy smiled at his grandfather and said, “I love my Papa! I'm so happy I'm living with him now. And, Strawbury is such a cool town. I feel like I'm in Heaven now!”

Oh, he's so adorable,” Tim gushed. “Did you have a pleasant trip here?”

Scott grinned and replied, “I think he enjoyed the drive up from the City more than the flight from Dallas!”

Tim raised his eyebrows significantly and pursed his lips as Papa simply looked innocently away. Jeremy blushed fiercely and hid his face in his Papa's coat.

You are coming over tonight, aren't you Tim? We're decorating the tree and having our Christmas party and our Welcome Jeremy party!”

Of course, I'll be there!” Tim replied. “I'll be there with bells on!”

I won't be there until later,”Scotty replied. “We have a lot to finish before Christmas Eve tomorrow!”

I understand, dear,” Papa said. “And, I appreciate you picking us up, yesterday. I know how busy you are right now.”

Oh, no!” Scott responded. “Believe me! It was well worth it to meet my Jeremy boy and... well, to get to know him!”

Jeremy blushed again, though he grinned at Scott rather mischievously.

Papa bade everyone good-by, then, and ushered Jeremy out the door, past Tim's art gallery, to a bookshop on the other side. As they entered, Jeremy stood in awe at the floor to ceiling shelves of old books and the tables displaying ancient volumes. A young man with dark blond hair hanging over his ears and looking rather like someone from The Byrds or The Vogues or The Zombies, though wearing khaki slacks and a green crew neck sweater approached them from around a counter and a look that made Jeremy feel warm inside.

This has to be the famous Jeremy Brunswick!” he declared.

It is!” Jeremy responded proudly as he turned to his grandfather and asked, “Papa, did you tell everyone about me?”

Yes, I did,” Papa replied.

Little one, he took out a full page ad in the Strawbury Bugle to announce your arrival!” the man replied.

Papa laughed and Jeremy realized the man was joking.

Jeremy, this is Brian Westfall and he is the most reputable book dealer in this area. He is also a very dear friend and if he isn't at your party this evening, he will never be forgiven!”

Wild horses couldn't keep me away,” Brian replied. “Oh, I wish Sean could be here for Christmas! Wouldn't the two of them make perfect friends?”

Papa smiled as he look at Jeremy and replied, “Yes, I think they have several things in common.”

Really?” Brian replied as there were a hidden meaning. Jeremy wondered if they were talking about he and Papa loving each other. But, Papa had told him never, ever to tell anyone. He decided that he would ask Papa later.

Do you have my package?” Papa asked.

Oh, yes! And, it's just what you wanted... and more!” Brian replied. “Shall I bring it tonight?”

Indeed, yes!” Papa replied.

And, I'll also bring a lasagna!”

Good. I'll have salad.”

Brian grinned and added, “And, I suspect Tim will bring his brownies!” as he looked down at Jeremy with a mysterious smile.

Well, we'll have to see about that!” Papa replied dubiously.

This was something else Jeremy decided he would have to ask about!

Their next stop was the Christmas tree lot next door to the Episcopal church where Jeremy had fun running around among the many offerings and searching for the perfect tree for Papa's living room. When he and Papa agreed on a final selection, Papa paid for it and the two struggled to carry it home the three blocks. Never, had Jeremy felt such an excitement at Christmas, such a sense of belonging, of acceptance, of love.

The Party That Evening

God damn son-of-a-bitch!”

Jeremy looked with shock at his Papa as the man crouch on the living room floor before the undecorated Christmas tree. Walter Cronkite had just signed off on the television in the corner, snow flurries were falling outside the living room window, a spectacular fire was blazing in the fireplace and the doorbell had just rung, but Papa had the strings of Christmas lights laid out on the floor, testing each individual bulb.

There has got to be a better way to do Christmas tree lights than this!” he declared with asperity as he held one bulb between his teeth. “Having to unscrew every damn bulb just to find the one that keeps the entire string from lighting is absolutely assinine! For God's sake, if we're going to put a man on the moon before the end of this decade, why can't someone invent a string of Christmas lights that doesn't completely go out when just one bulb is blown?”

Jeremy had heard the same argument from his Daddy every Christmastime before, so he wasn't caught completely unawares. He was just surprised at his Papa's profanity. He carefully slipped around the frustrated man as he made his way to the front door and as Papa triumphantly declared, “There you are, you little bastard,” Jeremy opened the door to reveal Brian wrapped in his coat and scarf, holding a giant casserole and a large package in a brown sack.

Ho, ho, ho!” the man declared as he grinned at Jeremy and entered the living room. “Merry Christmas!”

Kiss my ass,” Papa replied. “I've forgotten what a pain in the ass tree lights can be.”

Well, I am here to relieve that pain!” Brian replied as he swished past on his way to the kitchen. “Let me put this in the oven and I shall return to rescue you from your travails!”

As Brian left the room, Jeremy looked uncertainly at his grandfather and said, “Papa, I've never heard you talk like that before.”

Papa looked up and smiled sheepishly, replying, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Jeremy grinned and knew that everything was all right. As Brian returned and sang, “Here I am to save the day!” Papa replied, “Don't worry, Mighty Mouse. I've got it now.”

The two men picked up the strings of lights and began to wrap them around the Christmas tree as Jeremy watched with growing excitement. When there was another knock on the door, Jeremy opened it to find Tim, wearing a Santa hat, bright red pants, a green sweater, and strings of bells wrapped around his shoulders. Holding a large pastry box, he blew a kiss to Jeremy, threw his right arm into the air, and announced, “I'm here with bells on!”

Darling!” Brian replied from under the tree. “The police emptied the jails for Christmas, I see!”

Papa grinned from behind the tree and declared, “No, no. The bath houses in the City closed for the holidays!”

Bitches,” Tim declared as he waltzed past toward Papa's bedroom. After a few seconds, he returned sans coat and bells and handed Jeremy a brownie from within the pastry box. As the boy took half of it in his mouth with a grin, Tim announced, “Just for that, this sweet boy here is the only person who gets to partake of Auntie Timmy's Mystical Brownies!”

Papa looked over with alarm and said, “Don't give him one of those!”

Too late,” Tim replied lightly as he sat down on the couch.

With his mouth full of brownie, Jeremy grinned and said, “This is delicious!”

Jeremy! Spit that out. Now.”

Jeremy looked with surprise at Papa and with hurt in his voice asked, “Why, Papa?”

Papa's eyes shot daggers at Tim, who smiled innocently and said, “Trust me, David. By one o'clock tonight, you will be singing my praises!”

Papa's face did not soften and Tim leaned forward. In a more serious tone, he said, “Come now, David. We all know the situation and we all approve. In fact, we're all envious of you and we can't think of anyone who deserves this more than you. You are a very fortunate man and Jeremy here,” he said as he roughly pulled the giggling boy over to him, causing the boy to fall on the couch with his head on Tim's lap, “is a very fortunate little boy!”

Tim started tickling Jeremy and the boy started to choke on his brownie as he shrieked with laughter. Papa's face softened and his sighed with a reluctant smile as Brian stood up and nodded, adding, “Tim's brownies are safe and Jeremy's in a safe environment and, besides, tomorrow's Christmas Eve. Let's have fun tonight.”

What's the matter with the brownies?” Jeremy asked nervously, seeing the concern on his grandfather's face.

Papa sighed and looked down for several seconds. Brian whispered into his ear, “Believe me, David. You won't regret it, later. He'll hug you so tightly. When you look into his eyes, you will truly see all the love he has for you. It will be so loving and so intense.”

How do you know about...”

Brian looked at him askance and replied, “Come now, David. We all know and we all understand.”

Papa sighed again and said, “All right. But, not another one until after dinner!”

Brian chuckled and said, “I'm glad a made large lasagna!”

Papa prepared drinks for his two guests and the four of them set at decorating the Christmas tree. Tim and Brian both managed to stand close to Jeremy as much as possible and compliment him on his taste in decorating the tree. Both would grin at the boy as they caught him looking at them and Jeremy would blush and smile shyly. At one point, as Jeremy was stretching to hang an ornament on a high branch, Tim nudged Brian and looked obviously down at Jeremy's pants, where a rather obvious tent at been erected.

How are you feeling, Jeremy?” Brian asked as Papa watched with a suspicious smile.

I feel wonderful!” the boy replied, unconsciously adopting the speaking style of the others. “Absolutely wonderful!”

And, you look absolutely wonderful, you sweet thing!” Tim declared. “Davy, I think this Jeremy is the most darling boy I have ever seen!”

What about Sean?” Brian asked with mock offense.

Oh, Brian! Your little Sean is in a class by himself!” Tim replied effusively. “But, then, so is Jeremy!”

Suddenly a thought occurred to him and his eyes grew wide as he exclaimed, “Oh, wouldn't it be just fabulous if...”

Yes, it would,” Brian replied with a grin.

Yes, it would,” Papa added with his own grin.

Jeremy was blushing and giggling. He felt so peaceful and happy. He looked up at Brian and asked, “Is Sean your son?”

Yes, he is and he is just like you! He has the same beautiful grin and the same darling personality. I wish you could meet him. I wanted him to come up for the holidays, but his hateful mother … well. You and Sean would be terrific friends and you would be so cute together.”

Suddenly, a look of horror came over Brian's face as he cried, “My lasagna!”

He ran to the kitchen just as there was another knock on the door. Papa opened it and found Scott before him. Smiling with love, he leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, but suddenly pulled back quickly with a look of shock on his face.

Another figure was standing beside him, a tall, slim, strawberry-blond older teenager who was watching with wide-eyed surprise.

Davy,” Scott replied with a grin, “I found this poor boy wandering the streets all alone. The poor lad has no place to go for the holidays and so I have brought him along for food and friendship. I'm sure you won't mind.”

Hi, Mr. Brunswick,” the young man said with a nervous blush.

Hello, Eric,” Papa replied with a smile. “Come in.”

Don't worry,” Scott replied as Eric stepped self-consciously inside. “Eric is definitely one of us!”

Tim froze as Eric entered and their eyes met. The younger man blushed as Tim gushed, “And, who is this absolutely fabulous creature?”

As Papa shut the door behind Scott, he said, “This is our neighbor from the top floor, Eric Fischer. Eric these are the perverts. Of course, you know Scott. Over there is Tim Daugherty who owns the art gallery on Center Street. And, Chef Boyardi over there with the lasagna at the dining room table is Brian Westfall, the rare book seller, and here...” he ended triumphantly as Eric eyes met Jeremy's and locked, “is my grandson and the guest of honor, tonight, Jeremy.”

Eric said a weak hi to Jeremy, seemingly unable to look at anyone else, and Tim gave a significant grin to Scott and David.

Down boy,” Scott said with a grin as he placed an affectionate hand on Eric's shoulder, “before we douse you with a bucket of ice water.”

Eric looked away, blushing fiercely, as David chuckled.

Don't be embarrassed, David. Everyone's been gushing over poor Jeremy tonight and he's just basking in the limelight.”

Eric smiled weakly again and David added, “I didn't know you're gay. I'm so glad. You know, you really are quite a handsome young man.”

Um, thank you,” Eric replied shyly.

Oh, my God, this poor thing needs a brownie!” Tim declared as he rushed to the coffee table and picked up the box. He handed a brownie to Eric, who looked at it dubiously before Tim said, “This is one of Auntie Timmy's Mystical Brownies. Trust me, after the second one, you'll be dancing the tarantella naked in the living room!”

Ooh!” Jeremy cooed. “I want another one!”

Everyone laughed and Scotty declared, “Jeremy boy! Give your Aunt Scotty a big kiss!”

No tongues, now!” Papa warned as Jeremy ran into Scott's arms. The two kissed on the lips, but maintained Papa's prohibition.

Brian was bringing Papa's salad into the dining room and called, “Dinner is served, ladies!”

Jeremy looked at Papa curiously and started to ask why Brian had called them that when Tim declared, “Well, I am absolutely famished! I sold three paintings this afternoon and I am completely used up!”

Oh, I doubt that,” Brian replied as he pulled a chair out for Eric. “I'm sure you have some reserves.”

As the group took their seats and scooped lasagna on their plates, Scott remarked, “You know, Eric looks just like he could be Jeremy's big brother.”

Numerous comments of assent were made as Jeremy's eyes met Eric's again and the young boy blushed before looking away and surreptitiously squeezing himself under the table. Eric softly replied, “Actually, I have a little brother back home who looks a lot like Jeremy!”

Where's home?” Papa asked.

Kansas City,” Eric replied.

Well,” Tim declared. “I'm sure Jeremy wouldn't mind being a surrogate little brother, now, would you, Jeremy?”

Jeremy blushed yet again and, looking into Eric's eyes, said, “I wouldn't mind being your little brother. I could use a big brother.”

Before Eric replied, Tim remarked, “Oh, that would be wonderful. You know, Jeremy needs a big brother to teach him all those things that big brother's are supposed to teach their little brothers!”

Brian and Scott chuckled as Eric shyly replied, “I think that would be fun, Jeremy.”

The younger boy beamed as Brian declared, “And, Davy can be his surrogate grandfather!”

Eric nodded and Scott raised a hand in objection, declaring, “But, I thought I was your surrogate grandfather!”

Eric shrugged, the effects of the brownie starting to make him less inhibited, and replied, “Well, you can never have too many grandfather's.”

Everyone applauded and Jeremy announced, “Papa's my main grandfather, but Scott's my assistant grandfather!”

Scotty winked at Jeremy and replied, “Sweetheart, I am proud to be your assistant grandfather, you sweet, beautiful thing!”

As dinner progressed and the conversation became more lubricated, Jeremy noticed that the actions of the men at the table were becoming more animated and even more effeminate. At one point, as he giggled hysterically at one of Tim's more flamboyant declarations, Jeremy leaned forward.

Can I ask something?”

Of course, sweetheart,” Papa replied with a warm grin.

I mean, this is kind of a... I don't know. I mean... I really like everyone. I mean, Papa has really cool and funny friends and you all are so nice and I like you so much.”

We love you, Jeremy,” Scotty declared.

Yes, sweetie,” Tim affirmed. “You are just the most scrumptious little guy in the world!”

We like you very much, Jeremy,” Brian added.

Well, I, um, I don't understand something. I mean, you all keep calling each other girlfriend and darling and Timmy calls himself 'Auntie' and everyone is acting kind of, well, I mean...”

Are you calling us sissies?” Tim suddenly demanded with exaggerated offense.

Jeremy's eyes grew wide with shock and he started to vigorously deny it when everyone at the table burst into laughter, including Eric.

Sweetheart,” Papa replied as he put an arm around his obviously relieved grandson, “all of us at the table are what are called homosexuals. You know how babies are made. Well, as you have probably guessed, there are some males who prefer to be with other men instead of women. Papa is one of those men. I told you that Scotty and I liked to have sex with each other when we were your age. Well, we still do. All of us here at the table prefer to have sex with other men. And, sometimes, we joke around and act like, well, what other people might call sissies.”

So, when...”

Papa raised a finger and looked at Eric.

Eric, I trust that if you hear some secrets expressed here tonight, that we can trust your discretion.”

Oh, of course!” Eric replied quickly, secretly adjusting himself under the table.

Papa then turned to Jeremy and said, “Sweetheart, you can speak openly in front of everyone here.”

Jeremy blushed and then asked, “So, does that mean that... I'm a homosexual? “

You may be. I have suspected it for quite some time, but who knows. You might grow up to like women. Just because you and I make love doesn't necessarily mean you're homosexual. It does mean that you and I have a very special love, though.”

Jeremy gazed dreamily into his Papa's eyes and his grandfather leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

Eric waited until they broke their kiss and softly said, “You're not alone, Jeremy. I, um, mess around with my little brother.”

Tim breathed hard and said, “Oh, I would love to see that!”

Brian rolled his eyes and then smiled at Jeremy.

Jeremy, I have a very loving relationship with my Sean, when he comes to visit, too. You and your Papa aren't alone.”

Jeremy smiled and replied, “That's cool. I love Papa.”

The rest of the evening went by much more festively. Jokes and good-natured teasing were the norm. At one point, Tim was tickling Jeremy on the living room floor after the boy's second brownie, (which was actually his third as one had been sneaked in behind Papa's back!). Jeremy and Eric continually exchanged meaningful looks, which did not go unnoticed by the others, and Jeremy deliberately sat in everyone's laps, enjoying the hugs and the kisses on the cheek, as well as the hardness in each man's pants as he sat there!

Just before midnight, as Jeremy sat in his Papa's lap, with his arms wrapped lovingly around the man, as the effects of his fourth brownie became apparent in his rather obvious affection and flirting, Scott raised an eyebrow at Eric, who smiled and nodded.

Well, it's getting late,” Scott announced, “and tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I have lots of flowers to arrange and I think Eric's going to need the same kind of attention from his surrogate grandfather that Jeremy is going to get tonight from his real grandfather! So, if you will all excuse me...”

Brian stood and took Tim by the hand, declaring, “Come, brat. If Jeremy and Davy are doing it and Scotty and Eric are doing it, I absolutely refuse to spend the night with just my right hand.”

Well!” Tim replied with disgust. “You sure now how to sweep a girl off her feet! Someone could use some work on their seduction techniques besides, 'Well, everyone else is getting it on, so you and I might as well!'”

Everyone laughed until Brian took Tim in his arms and kissed him deeply and passionately for almost a minute. When he finally broke the kiss, Tim stood breathless and dizzy.

Um, never mind.”

Everyone laughed and as they were walking out the door, Tim said, “I left the brownies . They're my gift to you.”

Papa nodded and smiled as Jeremy clung to him, cooing and whispering, “Papa.”

When the door closed, Papa looked down at his loving grandson.

Sweetheart, why don't you get ready for bed while Papa cleans up a little.”

But, they already cleaned up,” Jeremy whispered. “Love me, Papa.”

Papa kissed him on the lips softly and whispered, “Go get ready.”

Carry me, Papa,” Jeremy whispered. “Please. Carry me.”

Jeremy squirmed around until he was face to face with his grandfather, his arms and legs wrapped around the man.

You love your Papa,” David whispered in Jeremy's ear.

Jeremy cooed as he kiss his Papa's neck. Jeremy started grinding his hips against his grandfather's stomach as his fierce erection pressed against the cloth of his pants.

Love me, Papa,” he whispered. “Love me.”

I love you, Jeremy,” Papa whispered, slowly feeling his self-control dissolve after having eaten several of Auntie Tim's brownies himself.

Their lips met as Papa's arms wrapped tightly around the boy and soon his tongue was pushing between Jeremy's lips and entering the boy's eager mouth. Jeremy whimpered as Papa's tongue roamed across his little boy tongue, loving it and crossing deeper toward the boy's throat. Papa almost growled as he deeply kissed the boy and Jeremy was in heaven as he felt his dear Papa taking control of him, as his Papa's tongue rampaged through his mouth.

Jeremy squirmed, thrust his hips around and sending waves of pleasure through his agonizingly hard little penis. Papa grabbed his head with one hand as he fiercely pressed his mouth against Jeremy's and hugged him tightly with the other arm. Jeremy cried out into his Papa's mouth, afraid, yet excited by his grandfather's sudden burst of energy.

Finally, Papa forced himself to break the kiss and he gazed in lust at the nine year-old's half-closed eyes as the two breathed heavily through their open mouths.

I love you so much, Jeremy, that I can't stand it,” Papa whispered as he brought his right hand up and held Jeremy face. “God, you are so beautiful. You are so beautiful.”

Suddenly, Papa stood and deposited Jeremy on the couch. The boy watched in confusion as Papa walked through the living room and the rest of the house, turning off the lights until the only light in the living room came from the flames in the fireplace. Papa put another log on the fire and then stood before Jeremy's slouched form on the couch. Jeremy gazed hungrily at the long, thick rise in Papa's slacks, a ridge pointing upward and to Papa's right. He wanted to feel Papa's penis. He wanted to hold Papa's hard, thick penis.

Papa reached down and removed his own shoes and socks before removing Jeremy's. He then picked up the boy again, sat down on the couch, and smiled at his grandson as he once again caressed the boy's face.

Papa, let's take our clothes off,” Jeremy whispered. “Let's get naked.”

We will, sweetheart. We will,” Papa reassured the boy.

Love me, Papa,” Jeremy whimpered.

Do you want Papa to make you feel good, sweetheart?” Papa whispered in the boy's ear. “You want Papa to touch you in your special places and make you feel so good?”

Yeah, Papa, make me feel good,” Jeremy responded breathily. “Love me. Make me feel good.”

Papa started pulling Jeremy's shirt from within his pants as he asked, “Do you want Papa to run his hands all over your body? You want to feel my hands loving you all over?”

Jeremy felt his passions and lust rising with each word of his dear Papa's. His little penis was so painfully hard in his pants, he wanted to rip them off and free it.

Get me naked, Papa. Please!” he begged.

Papa's hands slipped inside Jeremy's shirt and as they caressed and explored the boy's slender torso, he softly said, “Mmm, Jeremy. Your body feels so soft and smooth and warm and sweet. I love feeling your body.”

Jeremy simply whimpered as he writhed on Papa's lap under his grandfather's soft, insistent touch. As his hands roamed higher and his fingers grew closer to Jeremy's nipples, he asked, “Do you want me to touch your nipples, Jeremy? Do you want Papa to love your nipples and make them feel good?”

Jeremy was whimpering and nodding.

Yeah, yeah, touch my nipples. Rub my titties.”

Did you like that last night when I rubbed your titties?”

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,” Jeremy whimpered as Papa's fingers circled around them. Then, his fingers diverted toward Jeremy's underarms and his thumbs continued to circle around the boy's nipples. He gently caressed the soft, smooth skin under the boy's arms.

Did you like it when Scotty loved you?” Papa whispered as his thumbs grew closer and closer to Jeremy's nipples.

Oh, yes,” Jeremy whispered, his breath ragged with anticipation of the delights to come. “I love Scotty.”

Suddenly, Jeremy cried out and his young body bucked as Papa's thumbs slid across the stiff little nubbins of Jeremy's nipples. Loudly whimpering as he twisted and writhed about on his Papa's lap, Jeremy's head began to roll about as he thrust his chest outward.

Uhh, uhh, oh Papa, nnng, nnng, nguh!”

Jeremy, sweet Jeremy,” Papa whispered, his own breath ragged as his lust grew. “Does it feel good, sweet Jeremy? Does that feel good? Is Papa making you feel good?”

Jeremy was unable to speak. All he could do was whimper and cry incoherent moans of love and lust as his Papa's thumbs rubbed and rubbed his hard little boy nipples.

That's it, sweetheart. Let it feel good. Just let it feel so good.” Papa cooed as he began to gently pull Jeremy's nipples. The boy cried out louder as he clutched at Papa's shirt and suddenly Papa reached down and pulled Jeremy's shirt and sweater up and over his head. Jeremy lifted his arms and before the shirt and sweater had completely cleared his head, Papa had planted his mouth on his grandson's left nipple. Jeremy was crying and babbling incoherently as Papa's mouth sucked his nipple and his tongue slid back and forth across it. Jeremy twisted wildly under his grandfather's love and tightly wrapped his arms around Papa's head.

After a moment, Papa moved over to Jeremy's other nipple and the boy's wild cries and writhing resumed. Papa's cock was so hard in his slacks. At fifty-two, he seldom experienced really hard, full erections, but Jeremy had taken care of that problem!

Suddenly, his arms wrapped around the boy, he pulled his mouth off Jeremy's nipple and kissed him again, thrusting his tongue into Jeremy's hungry mouth as he rose up off the couch. Jeremy wrapped his legs and arms around his Papa and whimpered into his mouth Papa carried him to the bedroom. With one arm holding the boy, he pulled the covers back and lay the boy on the bed. After lighting a candle on the side table and with the boy bathed in a soft, golden light, Papa gazed down at his sweet grandson and then leaned over to unfasten his pants and slide them down his hips and slender legs. The boys rigidly stiff erection bounced above his tummy as Papa tossed his pants aside. Jeremy lay naked on the bed, feeling vulnerable and totally aroused as Papa stood above him. Hands trembling, Papa removed his sweater and then unbuttoned his shirt, his eyes never leaving the sight of the naked, angelic boy below him. Jeremy's eyes focused on the obscene rise in Papa's slacks, knowing that his hard Papa penis was just underneath and waiting for Jeremy to love it.

Then he looked up at Papa's chubby tummy and his slight man titties and smooth chest. Jeremy whined as he looked up. His Papa's creamy white skin glowed in the golden light and Jeremy had never felt more excited. He had never loved his Papa more or wanted him more than he did at that moment.

Jeremy,” Papa whispered as he gazed down at the naked boy. His grandson's strawberry blond hair positively glowed in the candlelight as his stiff boy penis throbbed above his tummy.

Papa,” the boy replied, “love me.”

Papa began to unfasten his belt and Jeremy trembled. As he watched, his grandfather unfastened his slacks and pulled the zipper down. Jeremy's lips parted as he watched his Papa's slacks open. In one swift motion, Papa hooked his thumbs inside his slacks and boxers and shoved them down, stepping out of them and standing gloriously naked before his equally naked grandson.

Jeremy's mouth was open, but he wasn't breathing as he gazed at his grandfather's erection standing out before him. Rising hard from the nest of soft, bright red hair around it, his Papa's big balls hanging beneath it, Jeremy could see the foreskin had retracted behind the wide flange of his penis head. A drop of clear liquid appeared in the slit and Jeremy was almost beside himself with arousal.

As if hypnotized by the sight, the naked boy slowly crawled up onto his knees on the bed before his grandfather. Papa stepped forward until his cock was directly in front of Jeremy.

Papa, your... your penis, your... cock is so...”

Jeremy couldn't finish his statement. He slowly reached forward and grasped his grandfather's penis with both hands, gently at first, lovingly running his soft boyish hands up and down the thick shaft. His Papa shuddered at the touch and took a deep breath.

You're hands feel so good on Papa's cock,” he softly told the boy. He gazed down at the naked boy, his eyes glued to the Jeremy's rigid boy cock pointing upward and outward and vibrating with the boy's heartbeat. As Jeremy ran his hand over the sensitive tip of Papa's cock, the man shuddered again. Jeremy pulled the foreskin forward and then back again before running his fingers through Papa's red public hair. His left hand gently cupped and fondled Papa's balls when Jeremy's right hand pulled the foreskin back again. Another drop of clear liquid appeared in the slit. His half-closed eyes glazed over, his mouth moved forward.

Papa, can I... put your penis in my mouth like you did mine?”

Oh, yes, sweetheart,” Papa replied with a shaky voice. “Please, Jeremy. Kiss it, first. Kiss my cock.”

Jeremy was trembling all over as he leaned his face closer and closer. He puckered his lips and then kissed the tip, the drop of moisture coating his lips. He kissed the head on top and on the side, pulled the foreskin back as far as he could and kissed the sensitive areas behind the head, and then kissed all along the shaft until he came to his Papa's pubic hair. As if someone else were controlling him, he closed his eyes and buried his face in the soft, silky red hair and whimpered, all the while fondling his Papa's balls.

Suck it, Jeremy,” Papa whispered. “Suck your Papa's cock.”

Jeremy opened his eyes and pulled away. He positioned his grandfather's penis in front of his lips and opened his mouth as wide as he could. Slowly, he moved forward and slipped the head of Papa's penis into his mouth. Papa whimpered, much the way Jeremy had been.

Suck it,” he whispered. “Suck my cock.”

Papa reached down and began to rub Jeremy nipples with the tips of his middle fingers, sending Jeremy, suddenly, into a frenzy. No longer moving slowly, Jeremy suddenly took as much of his Papa's penis in his mouth as he could, frantically feeling and caressing the cock with his left hand, and whimpering madly as he reached down with his right and began to desperately stroke his own rigid little boy penis.

Papa watched the boy's crazed stroking and sucking and smiled, even as he gasped and fought not to grab the boy's head and fuck his mouth. The sight of the furiously masturbating boy sucking his cock was almost too beautiful to bear and he was afraid he might cum far too soon.

He needn't have worried, though. As he rubbed Jeremy's nipples and the boy squirmed and writhed as he suck his Papa's penis and desperately stroked his own, he suddenly squealed around his grandfather's cock and his body jerked several times before finally pulled off Papa's pulsing manhood and released his still rigid boy penis. He sat back on his feet, looking up at his Papa with his half-open eyes.

Papa,” he whispered.

But, Papa wasn't tired or ready to quit. He gently pushed Jeremy to the bed and lay atop him. Jeremy cried out as he felt his grandfather's weight atop him, unable to move, barely able to breath, and thrilled at his situation. Papa became crazy as he madly kissed Jeremy, grabbing him and holding him tightly against his body. Papa rolled onto his side and then onto his back, rolling to boy on top of him, his mouth firmly attached to Jeremy's, his right arm holding the boy tightly, his left grasping the boy's butt and shoving him back and forth against him.

Jeremy's lust returned and his penis, as stiff as before, throbbed against Papa's soft tummy as the boy's hips churned against him. Then, Papa rolled over on top of the boy again, trapping him beneath him as his tongue and lips explored the boy's sensitive throat, sending chills through Jeremy as he cried out. His neck was too sensitive and he struggled against his grandfather, yet loving every second of the struggle, loving the feeling of his grandfather controlling him, kissing, making him feel too sensitive, to the point that he couldn't stand it. He was screaming with the intensity of his feelings as Papa's tongue bathed his neck.

Then his grandfather's hand shoved his slim arms above his head and Papa's tongue and lips attacked Jeremy's smooth underarms. He licked and kissed all around the sensitive skin and Jeremy bucked and twisted, crying with the intensity, desperate to escape, desperate for more. Papa licked and sucked his nipples for several blissful minutes and then returned to his underarms, sending the boy into more paroxysms of screaming ecstasy.

Jeremy may have had another orgasm during his Papa's rough and loving kissing and licking of his underarms, but neither was certain. For the boy, the feelings simply remained too intense to bear.

After more minutes of brutal and relentless loving, Papa moved down the boy's slim torso, his tongue licking the skin and following the grooves of his rib cage until reaching Jeremy's sensitive tummy. The boy twisted more and cried out as Papa's hands moved down and grasped his chest, mercilessly holding the boy down as his tongue licked all over the boy's sensitive skin.

Jeremy's little by cock was throbbing madly over his tummy as Papa's mouth came closer and closer. When his grandfather's thumbs began to work his nipples again, Jeremy began to cry out, babbling nonsense as his Papa's tongue arrived at the smooth skin where his pubic hair would one day appear. Papa shoved his hard boy penis aside with his chin, the boy crying out from the stubble, as Papa licked and licked all around. When Papa licked Jeremy's balls, the boy shoved his hips upward and Papa's tongue slid over the boy's sensitive scrotum.

Papa!” Jeremy screamed. “Papa! Aaahhh!”

Papa shoved his hips back down on the bed and immediately took Jeremy boy cock in his mouth, swallowing down to the base and sucking his tiny boy balls in, as well. Jeremy screamed and Papa felt his grandson's penis throb in mouth with the boy's second, or was it third, orgasm.

Jeremy collapsed nearly unconscious and exhausted, his eyes closed, able only to whisper “Papa.” His grandfather, still nearly beyond control, lay back down and wrapped his left arm around the boy, holding him tightly against his body. Jeremy may have passed out, but his penis was still as stiff as ever. Papa stroked him for several minutes as he held the limp, naked boy, whispering over and over, “I love you, Jeremy. I love you, my sweet Jeremy,” until he could take it no longer. Once again, he lay the boy down on the bed, and sat above him, rising up on his knees and masturbating above him, stroking and pumping his cock as he gazed at the sleeping form of his beloved grandson until he groaned and thrust his hips forward, showering the boy's naked body with his seed until he finally collapsed atop him. For several minutes, he lay atop Jeremy, gasping for breath, until he finally rolled over slightly, giving the child a chance to breathe, and pulled the covers over them.

And, as they lay quiet and still in the peace of the bedroom, tears formed in Papa's eyes as he heard the faint, almost imperceptable words of his grandson, “Papa, I love you.”