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The Seduction of Devon

Written by woodcutter

I'm a 40 year old father of three, two boys a ten yr. old and a nine yr. old, and a daughter that's 15 yrs. old. My ten year old is very short for his age he's the smallest in his class, both my boys has ADHD and they are a hand full the oldest loves sports and competing at every thing the other is a chatter box his mouth goes non stop. It all started with my ten yr. old his name is Devon, I was watching TV one day and he can in and sat on my lap he asked me "daddy can you play tent with me" I looked at him and said "I don't know what's tent" he said "it's a game me and Amanda plays in my room" I said "really what do you do when you play tent?" "we make a tent on my bed and get in it naked and she sucks on my penis then I lick pee pee" he said, I was shocked I didn't know what to say, put the more I thought about it the more I was getting interested in trying this with him its not like I never thought about it. I was in deep thought then he shock my arm and said "daddy can you play with my please" I looked at him and said "sure baby you go in and make your tent I'll come in a few minutes" I put my other son's favored video in I know that well keep his attention for some time and since my wife and daughter was at the mall I'm pretty sure I was covered for a while. I walked in his room and locked the door, he made a tent on his bed I went over and looked in, he was setting there waiting for me he was already naked, he's three inch dick was standing straight up he laugh and said "come on daddy come in the tent" I crawled in and laid down next to him I put my hand on his small balls and dick rubbed a little I felt his balls they were the size of grapes I rolled them around some then put his dick between my finger and thump and played with him a little, he got inpatient and said "daddy you have to suck my penis now" he moved up and laid down, opened his legs up, I looked at him and he's dick then thought to my self what the hell am I about to do here. I was about six inches from he's dick when he put he's hands on the back of my head and pushed it down on he's penis and balls I took them all in and started to suck my own sons dick, he laid his head back and moaned "ooohhh" he was holding on to my hair and pushing down trying to get more in put it was all in and I was sucking him hard it wasn't to long before he arched his back and started shacking he pulled my hair hard and moaned loud "aaawww daddy yes" when he came down in a few minutes he opened his eyes and smiled at me then said "oh daddy that felt really good Amanda never did that to me" I said "well I'm glad you liked it baby put you can never ever tell anyone that we did this together ok" he shook he's head yes then said "daddy can we do this again sometime" I told him "sure we can if you keep our secret we can."

About a week later Devon and I was alone and he can to me and asked "daddy can we play again like before" I said "sure put we don't need the tent since there's no one here" he said "ok daddy" I been thinking about this all week, I told him "come here babe" he came to me and I stood him in front of me, I pulled his shirt off him and pulled him into me and hugged then rubbed his back and turned him around and rubbed his chest and tummy, played with his tiny pink nipples I leaned over and started kissing his neck and nibbled his ear some, he laugh and said "daddy that tickles" I turned him again to face me and pulled his pants down and off him there he was just in he's underwear I hugged him and picked him up, he hugged me back, I was rubbing his back and started to move my hand lower when I reached the elastic band on his unties then went down and held his tiny butt cheeks in my hands and kneaded them though his underwear then I moved inside them and rubbed his butt some more I slid my finger in his crack and found his little rose bud I robbed and circled around it he laid his head on my shoulder a little moan escaped him. I carried him into his room laid him down on the bed and pulled his unties off once again his dick was hard as a rock I leaned over and kissed his ear then moved to his cheek then I kissed his mouth softly he started kissing me back I started to press my tongue on his lips until he opened his mouth and in it went he got the idea fast because his tongue went in my mouth and we kissed passionately, after a few minutes of kissing I moved down to his neck the his little pink nipples I sucked on them he moaned again, I licked and sucked my way down his tummy then down to his penis and balls he was holding my head the hole time and trying to push me down there he wanted me to go put I wouldn't let him control the sex, I was doing and going were I want to go. I lifted his legs up and raised them up to his chest, there in front of my eyes was the most perfect pink anus. I couldn't hold back any longer I put my mouth over it and started licking it he started to laugh a little and said "that tickles" I pressed my tongue on it then he moaned I kept on pressing until I gained entrance with my tongue now he was moaning a lot I tongue fucked him for a while then moving back up to he's dick, I sucked and sucked after some time he had his orgasm with a scream, wow that was amazing.

I never would have thought that having sex with your own preteen son would be so satisfying or that I would even do such a thing with him I can't wait to see how far we go with this. My daughter was getting into modeling about this time in her live, my wife and her was starting to be gone a lot now Devon and I now had the nights by play too, I never tried any of this stuff with my other son because his mouth never stops he would defiantly say something to my wife so it was always just me and Devon. One weekend when they where gone I asked him "do you want to play our game tonight after Trevor goes to sleep" he got this big smile and said "Oh yes daddy can we" I said "we sure can put you have to wait until your brothers asleep then you come down stairs, with no pj's on just with your diapers on only" he steal has a problem bedwetting so he wears them at night only, I love seeing him in them. Later that night he came down and I was setting at the computer I sat him on my lap and we watched men-boy porn together, he was very interested in them he asked "daddy can we do these thing to" I said "oh yes baby we sure can" "can we do them now" he asked I said "well not all of those things your not ready for some of it"

I carried him in my bedroom and laid him down on the bed then we started I rubbed his bear chest and nipples then we kissed for a long time I felt his diaper it wasn't wet yet put he was hard I took it off and rubbed his penis then I got up a took my clothes off he watched me and when I took off my boxers his eyes got real big and said "WOW daddy your penis is really big when is mine going to get that big" I laugh and said " it won't be to long son" now I don't think I'm all that big its about nine inches long but not that big around maybe average, he was mesmerized by it and asked "can I touch it daddy" all you want baby that's why were here isn't it he shook his head yes. He put his hand on my dick then slid it down the shaft and my large balls, he played with them in his hands and said "wow there so big daddy I wish mine were like that now" I said "there grow all to soon now why don't you suck my penis like I do yours" he looked at me then at my dick, he leaned over and gingerly touched the tip of my dick with the tip of his tongue he most have liked it because he started to lick harder and down the shaft I told him to lick the balls now he went down farther and was licking like crazy god did it feel good. I picked him up and laid him on my chest so I can suck him and lick and tongue fuck him, After a few minutes of this I told him its your turn to suck he grabbed my dick with both hands and slid it in his mouth he was defiantly new at this ,he scarped his teeth a couple of times I stopped him and showed him the right way to suck a dick after that he was doing a great job, I was getting close so I stopped him I didn't want to scare him by surprising him like that. I pulled him back up and was playing with he anus with my finger to get him relaxed. I put some Vaseline on my little finger and spread it on his butt hole then got more on my finger and started to push it in he clenched his cheeks I told him "just relax baby its ok" he did and I pushed again it went in to the first knuckle he says "ooohhhhhh" I came out a little and back in this time to the secant one "ooohh daddy that hurts" I said "ok, ok, just relax some more I `ll go slow" I came out and back in all the way he made a little squeak I stopped and left it in him so he can get use to it, when I felt him relax I started to finger fuck him slow at first then faster and harder I was hammering him, he was grunting every time I pushed in I stopped and ask him "you ok baby" he said "yea it don't hurt any more" I asked "can I try a bigger finger now" he paused then said in a tiny voice " yea ok" I greased up my pointing finger and pushed it in slow he screamed a little, I kept stopping until I got it all in, slowly I fucked him I was speeding up until I was hammering him with it I reached under him with my other hand and started to jack him off at the same time after a few minutes he screamed in pleasure he arched his back and stiffened up shacking he just had a huge orgasm so big he passed out cold.

He woke up about a half hour later and smiled at me and said "hi daddy what happen" I asked him if he liked it, all he said was "oh yea daddy" I told him when daddies get that feelings there penises squirt white milky stuff out and it taste go. I asked him "do you want to try to get daddies penis to do that" he said "ok daddy well I like it" I'm sure you well son" he started to lick again then put me in his mouth he was sucking like crazy a few times he went in to far and gagged put he never loss a beat after a while I was getting close and told him "here comes the milk baby" I held his head and shoot my load in his mouth over and over he tried to keep up put there was to much the cum was running down his chin and out his nose, when I was done he licked my dick clean and then smiled up at me and said "that was good daddy can I have some more please" I laugh and told him "honey I can't do it again until tomorrow night ok" he said "ok daddy" over time I was able to tech him to take me down his throat with out gagging or chocking. I got my shorts on and picked him up and carried him to his bedroom naked I laid him on his bed and said "now babe lets get you ready for bed shall we" I got his diaper out and powder went to his bed knelt down and opened the diaper put it under his butt and powdered him, taped his diaper up, then I tucked him in and said "there you go babe" I kissed him a long one on his mouth then said "I love you, good night" He smiled and said "good night daddy I love you too" I left and turned out the light and closed the door.

The next day when he got up and can out, I smiled at him and said " hi baby good morning" he smiled and sat down at the table for breakfast I gave him his cereal he eat. After he was done I took him in his bedroom to get him out of his diaper and help him with his cloths his brother was still sleeping, I pulled his diaper off and sat him on his bed I couldn't resets I spread his legs and sucked his dick again until he came then I licked him all over to get him cleaned up I got him dressed, that entire day he wanted to set on my lap when he was there he'd grab my hand and put it down the front of his shorts to play with his dick. About noon after lunch, Trevor asked if he can go over his friends next store, I then went into Devon, I took my camera to take pictures of him I stripped him down to his unties I set the camera up pulled my hard dick out for him to suck as he did I took pictures of him do it I took several of him sucking me then I took his unties off and took some of him naked and playing with him self, I then laid him on his bed and knelt over him and took some more with my dick in his mouth. I jack off and sprayed my cum all over his face and took pictures of his face dripping with cum. Then he was licking his lips more pics. Later that night we were at it again we were kissing when he said "daddy I have to go pee" I said ok you can stand up and pee in my mouth he looked at me and smiled and said with a funny looking grin "ok daddy I'll try" he stood him up in front of me and put his penis in my mouth after a minute he pulled out and said "I can't do it" I told him to relax and concentrate on peeing, he tried again he put it in, I could see the concentration on his face after a few secants I could feel his hot golden nectar start flowing I drank it down when he was done he smiled at me and said "I did it" I said to him "yes you did baby it was good to" he just laugh and laid on my chest and started to suck me again. I was playing with his butt hole I greased my fingers up and shaved it in I heard a muffled grunt I fucked him a few minutes and then started to push a secant one in, he was tight I have the one all the way in the secant one I'm up to the first knuckle then he screamed I stopped to let him get use to it then pushed in to the secant knuckle he was breathing hard by now then it happen I got two fingers all the way in, when he got use to it. I started to fuck him with the two fingers, I also taught him to fist fuck me, we went on for hours until we both came and dead tiered. I put his diaper on and we both fell asleep together.

It was three weeks before I got him stretched out to be able to take my dick in his ass. I asked him if he wants to do that he told me yea so I been working on him when we could. The weekend can when every one else was gone before we went down to my bedroom I told him we have to clean him out first I took him in the bathroom and gave him a enema he didn't even react when I but the tube in his butt when he was done pooping the shit and water out I cleaned him up good and carried him down stairs again I laid him on the bed, I got the Vaseline and lifted his legs to grease him up inside and out I put him on his hands and knees then said "ok baby here we go you ready" He said "oh yes daddy" I greased my dick and sled it in as it went in inch by inch he moans then I felt it go in his intestines he squeaked and said "ooouuuhhhh, oooohhhh" I was all the way in then pulled all way out and in I sped up faster and faster my balls was slapping his, after a few minutes of fucking him like a dog with out pulling out I turned him on his back and fuck he like that for a few minutes I was getting in deeper this way and I can see his face his eyes was closed tight and he was gritting his teeth, there were a few tears running down his face so I stopped and asked him if he wanted me to stop he just shock his head no so I started again and rammed in, my balls slapped his ass he grunted every time I went in. I fuck him a good ten minutes like this he was sweating I was sweating I was close now I told him "here I cum baby you ready" he moans' then said "oh yes daddy OOHHH" I shot the biggest load I ever shot in my life I sprayed his insides I didn't think I was ever going to stop put I did and Devon said "OOOHHH daddy I can feel you cum in me its warm" I pick him up and hugged him to me then I laid down, with him on my stomach and my dick still in his ass as we laid there my dick shrunk and slid out I can feel the cum from his ass was running out and down on to my dick and balls we fell asleep like that. I don't know how long we slept put all of a sudden I felt something warm and wet on my stomach and running down my sides and under me was getting wet to then I realized what it was, oh no his peeing I picked him up, he was out cold I carried him up to his room and laid him down he still didn't wake up I diapered him and covered him up I cleaned every thing up and went to bed.

Devon and I kept having sex for years to come, I always told him any time he wants to play our game and his mom and my daughter are not home we can play it. He can stop playing any time he wants to, he stopped coming for sex when he was about 15 yrs, old and we had a lot of sex together I took a lot of pictures and videos of him and our sex play, which a hole lot of people have enjoyed him and us on the internet. Boy do I miss it, I'm now looking for a replacement. The End.


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