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Seeing Double

So here I am sitting in front of my computer on a Saturday night surfing gay chat sites. (Saddo I know tell me about it.) Ok so maybe I should tell you a little about me, I'm your typical teenager, well not quite am 15 but Iíll be 16 in a couple of months. Iím currently on my summer hols (boring). Am 6' long jet black hair bight baby blue eyes, am a Goth but Iím also gay.

Do you know how hard it is to find another gay Goth virtually impossible? So thatís why I started cruising the gay chat sites. I was on a site called I lied about my age and said I was 18. I could get away with it because I look older. So I thought I would search for any gay Goths in the Glasgow area. I was surprised when I got 15 hits. I looked through the profiles but none really stood out, there was couple old pervs in their 50's trying to recapture the youths. Suddenly I thought I was seeing things. My picture came up; I thought my profile wouldnít come up in a search. Then I looked at the profile name Demonevil69. I thought this was weird because my screen name was devilevil69. So I thought someone was trying to be me (weird I know lol). I looked at the profile it said he was 18 like mine but it said he was from a different part of Glasgow.

I decided that I had to find out who this guy was so I decided to create another profile without a picture. I sent him a message saying that I was a Goth and was looking at his profile and was liking what I saw even if he wasnít 18. I logged off in time. I heard dad shouting me for tea. When I got down we did the usual chat about his day at work and my day at home. I loved hearing bout dadís work he was a sergeant in the police force. He looks so handsome in his uniform. So did my uncle Steve he is dads twin brother but unlike dad heís a fireman not a cop they decided not to do the same job so no one could get them mixed up.

Their dad was a cop too so, my gran thought they would both follow in his footsteps but Uncle Steve decided police was not for him he wanted more action and joined the fire fighters. Again Uncle Steve looked just as handsome in his uniform as dad did in his.

After tea dad went over to Uncle Steveís for a game of poker like they usually did on a Saturday night. I didnít mind he was still a young man only 32 so he still had a life. I was happy he was going out socialising. I was just happy for some peace and quiet. I hugged dad as he left it aint strange for us to do that were a very huggy family. When I heard dadís car leave the driveway I immediately run up stairs to my room and stripped off all my clothes and turned on my computer. I logged on to I logged onto my normal account to check my mail, I had some from my buddies I replied quickly and logged onto the other account to see if my imposter had written back yet.

When I got on I had 13 emails. I scanned through them quickly noticed a couple from desperate old men couple form my closest friends who was asking if it was me (god they know me too well lol). I then noticed I got an email from. I almost fainted I paced around my room wondering whether to open it or not. After swigging a shot of vodka down I sat back at the computer and opened the message. He said his name was Tyler and he admitted he was only 15 and that he lived with his mom. He went on about the music he liked they were all my favs. He told me that like me he was surprised to see another gay Goth on the site.

I wrote a quick message to him giving him my msn addy as it was quicker. I wasnít stupid I created another msn account when I created the new account. I logged of my usual msn and into the new one. As soon as I was logged on I had the request from him. Once he was added we started chatting about the things we had in common. He was really friendly we started to get to know each other better.

We talked for hours (At this point I still thought it was a mate pulling a prank) but to be honest I just didnít know what his game was. I asked if he had any tats or piercings or moles or that. He laughed and told me that he had a mole on his left butt cheek. This was scary I had a mole on my right butt cheek. Then I heard dad coming home I looked at the clock, it was weird he was late home dad always got home before one now it was twenty past two.

I told Tyler I had to go and I hoped to chat to him tomorrow. When I got downstairs Uncle Steve was trying to drag dad in. It seems dad had too much to drink. With Uncle Steveís help we got him stripped and into bed. When dad was finally asleep me and Uncle Steve went down to the kitchen. I poured him a cup of coffee and asked him how dad got into such a state. I wasnít like my dad to drink himself into a stupor. He told me that dad had a lot on his mind at the moment and that I should really ask him. I agreed after he drank hi coffee Uncle Steve headed home. I hugged him and thanked him for bringing dad home, he laughed and said it was ok patted my arse and headed for his car.

When I got back up to my room, I peered in at dad he was laying on his back snoring. I laughed to myself, shut his door and headed to my bed I was knackered. I woke up about 7am and headed downstairs I cooked us both a beautiful breakfast I out dads on a tray and took it up to him luckily he didnít start till 3 today. When I got up dad was still on his back the covers were on the floor his boxers were down to his knees and he had morning wood. I gently pulled up his boxers out the cover over him before waking him loudly. (Thatís what he gets for drinking too much lol). He woke up with a start

ďWhat were am I fuck? What did I drink last night?Ē

I laughed and told him what had happened. I gave him his breakfast ad headed to the shower, once Iíd finished in the bathroom I checked on dad. He wasnít in his room so I guessed heíd be in his bathroom washing away the memories of last night.

It still bugged me why he drank so much. It so wasnít like him. I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling; my morning woody still hadnít gone down. I decided to stroke it slowly then thoughts of my dad and Uncle Steve popped into my head. God I was really horny. I sat up with a jolt I could hear dad coming up the hall. I grabbed my nearest boxers wasnít caring if they were clean or not. I ran downstairs to see of dad was ok.

When I got there, dad was singing along to the radio, and was heading to work. I grabbed his arm and told him we needed to talk when he got in tonight. All day at school I kept worrying what was worrying dad. Heíd never been like this before.

When I got in that night I found a note from dad saying he was being sent to Edinburgh for 2 weeks training he was a last minute replacement. I tried to call his mobile (cell) but it was switched off. I was frantic. I emailed him hoping he would read it telling him to get in touch with me. I went msn hoping Tyler was on, luckily for me he was. I told him what was happening with dad he said his mum was acting strangely too. He asked if we could meet I was scared but thought fuck it I need to know who this guy is. And ask him why he was impersonating me so we arranged to meet the next day at a park near me. He knew it as he grew up round the corner but moves when he was five.

The date was set I was nervous as hell. Just who could he be and why pick me? All will be revealed tomorrow I guess. I went to bed early but couldnít sleep for the excitement.


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