"Jurnee, I can't believe your stepbrother is flying 30 of us to Bermuda to celebrate his graduation," Stoney says, "I'd kill to be a Valentine."

My best friend has the same reaction that a bunch of other people have. The problem with his statement is that my last name isn't Valentine. My name is Jurnee Edwards. Everyone has this reaction when it comes to Syx Valentine though. He is our school's very own Bernie Sanders. He got more attention than the Kardashians. People thought he was the second coming or something.

"I'm not a Valentine," I remind Stoney.

"You know what I mean. If I wasn't your friend I wouldn't even have been invited to this," Stoney says.

Stoney is right. Stoney was attractive and he was athletic. He had two of the three requirements that fit the popular kids of Twin High. To be popular in a school like Twin High, you had to be attractive, fit and obnoxiously rich. Stoney's family didn't have money. I don't care though. He was a true friend and I wasn't the type to try and climb the social ladder like the rest of the kids at Twin High. I've known Stoney since we were kids. He was my best friend. Honestly he was one of my only friends.

When your father dies things get complicated. When your mother remarries things get even more complicated, especially if your new stepfather has two children of his own.

My mom didn't just marry anyone either. My mother married Io Valentine. The Valentines were rich. Io was a billionaire inventor. People called him the next Steve Jobs. They were probably right. The man was a genius. His family lived in the lap of luxury. I notice as we pull up to the gate. I'd heard about them.

"How big is the house?" Stoney asks me.

"My mother, my sister and I moved in two days ago...and I still haven't seen 10 percent of it," I explain to them.

"You do realize your stepsister is THEE Sevyn Valentine. You might get to see her naked," Stoney tells me.

I laugh. Stoney has no idea that I'm gay. Twins High only had one openly gay kid named Chester and he was literally the most unpopular person in school. Let's just say I wasn't going to be Chester. Stoney is like most of the other guys at school. They all have crushes on Sevyn. All the girls have crushes on her twin brother Syx. It's just how things are.

"My sister thinks she's the devil," I state.

"Where is your sister?"

Stoney and I look around the terminal. The Valentines have cleared this part of the terminal out for this fucking trip. There are just a bunch of really excited kids from my school going. Most of them aren't even the popular kids. I'm sure a bunch of these kids helped Syx get his 4.0 GPA, his athletic scholarship to college and helped make him a High school god.

"I don't know. I don't see her. I text her. She didn't want to carpool with me to the airport. You know how Jolie is. Independent woman. She's probably stuck in traffic or something."

"You guys married into Valentine money. You never have to drive again," Stoney laughs.

"Hopefully they don't leave without her," I state.

"The Valentines wouldn't leave their new stepsister," Stoney replies.

"You think? Here they come. It looks like we're boarding," I state shaking my head, "The Dollhouse don't seem like they wait."

"Fuck...introduce me," Stoney says to me.

Stoney gets nervous. I know why. Syx and his friends are walking up. We call them the Dollhouse in a joking way. Stoney always wanted to be a part of that group. Everyone did. Stoney didn't have a chance. He was handsome but way too dark. Word on the street is you can't roll with this group if you are any darker than a paper back. That disqualified both Stoney and I.

"You guys ready to party!" a guy says to the crowd, "We starting to board now!"

I recognize him almost immediately. Richie Jenkins. Richie was handsome. He wasn't as handsome as the Syx but that was kind of impossible. He wasn't even the second most attractive guy in the Dollhouse, but Richie is loud and aggressive. People respect him. Plus, he's rich as fuck. His father is an oil tycoon.

"We're gonna leave without my sister," I state.

"You should say something to one of the Dollhouse people," Stoney says.

That was easier said than done.

"Um..." I don't move. I'm beyond nervous as I look back over at the Dollhouse people arriving. All eyes are on them.

"You Ok?" Stoney asks, "Everyone is going to start boarding. Jolie still isn't here yet."

Stoney is right! I'm starting to panic. I try to call Jolie again. No answer.

The two girls of the Dollhouse are standing behind Syx. Jessica was a white girl with long blonde hair that looked like she walked straight off the Victoria's Secret Angels runway. She's tall, probably 5'11, which was my height. I recognize her from television. She's an actress. She's famous. She has long beautiful hair that falls all the way to her ass. She's skinny with not much of a body. She is blonde but her face looks European like a Kardashian but her aura gives off Queen Elizabeth or something. She stands there with these expensive looking glasses covering her face and her hand at her hip as though her shit doesn't stink. She leans over and presses up against Syx. I don't know if they date, but I would be really surprised if Syx isn't fucking Jessica by how flirtatious I've always seen her with him.

"There is only one problem with that," I state.

"What? That's your stepbrother and stepsister over there. Go say something," Stoney explains.

He points over at Sevyn and I slap his hand away nervously. You don't just POINT at Sevyn Valentine. Stoney was fucking embarrassing me. Luckily Sevyn doesn't notice. She's laughing at something Richie said. Not too far behind her I see her boyfriend Billy Badass Miles. Billy Badass got his name because his dad was supposedly in the mafia. He was half Italian and half black. Billy and Sevyn were the famous couple in the school. Sevyn has an innocent face with long beautiful eyelashes. She looks like Ariana Grande but don't tell her that. She thought she was way prettier.

Then there is Billy Badass. The 2nd sexiest guy besides Syx, of course in my opinion. Some people thought differently. Billy Badass was the kind of guy you looked at and just...sighed.

You were either Team Billy Badass or Team Syx and personally I was Team Syx.

"The problem is," I swallow, "I've never actually spoken to Syx."

Stoney turns over to me and stares at me in my face as though I'm speaking another language.

"You're joking."

"No. Syx actually never said two words to me before. Sevyn asked me to move one time because I was blocking her car back at the mansion, but Syx never actually said anything to me."

"That is your stepbrother. You both were in your parents wedding," Stoney explains.

"I know. It's awkward..."

Stoney doesn't understand.


He grabs my hand.

"Wait. What the fuck are you doing?"

"We're going to make sure your sister doesn't get left."

Stoney was using this as an opportunity to talk to the Dollhouse. I knew it. He was always looking for an opportunity. I'm sure that he kissed their asses on a daily basis back in school. I was sure that he did with Richie all the time and even with Syx and Billy Badass. Stoney just idolized these guys for whatever reason.

As we walk up to them I feel my palms sweat and my heart beating heavy. Syx, Richie and Billy Badass are standing there. Richie is talking. He's always talking. Whatever he is saying is entertaining the others because they are laughing. They are all 'redbones'. Billy Badass is the darkest but that isn't saying much. He's is a light brown color and has curly hair which he decided to dye blonde for some reason or another. The three of them standing together look like some kind of boyband or something.

"Hey Syx..." Stoney says.

"Hey uh...what's uh..." Syx says clearly not remembering his name before throwing out, "Rocky right?"

"Stoney actually," Stoney corrects him.

Syx flashes Stoney a smile. All perfect white teeth that aren't even Veneers. Rumor has it that Syx bleaches his teeth once a month. I believe it. There is no reason someone should have a smile like Syx. It should be illegal. He has one of those smiles that says "I dare you to be mad at me". It was impossible and Stoney knew it.

"Oh damn sorry about that. It's early," Syx says in his smile.

Stoney is smiling right with him. I never saw someone so happy to get their name forgotten. I'm standing behind Stoney wanting to fade in the background.

"It's OK. No. It's my mom's fault," Stoney says, "Rocky sounded dope. You can call me Rocky if you want Bro. That's a cool nickname. Or...whatever."

Stoney is talking super-fast. He's so excited. He's embarrassing me. Syx and his friends start laughing. Stoney laughs too. I don't think they are laughing with him but I don't think Stoney really knows the difference or cares. He probably feels like he is getting more popular every second he's standing here.

"Was there something you wanted from my brother...Pebbles?" Sevyn asks out of nowhere.

She walks over. Stoney stares down at her breasts. My face flushes at that moment.

"Actually we noticed we were about to take off, but wondered if we could wait a few minutes. Jolie isn't here yet."

Sevyn raises an eyebrow, "Who?"

Her brother interrupts her, "We know who Jolie is, Stoney. Did anyone call her?"

Syx stares over at me. I want to be anywhere else then here right now. Syx Valentine was staring at me. Since we moved into the Valentine mansion a few nights ago I'd been trying to avoid him with a passion. It wasn't that I didn't want to be around him. It was because he was beautiful. People stated he looked like the model Clinton Moxam. He has light skin the color of sand.

"Jurnee..." Stoney says.

"You ok bro?" Syx asks me.

He called me "bro". He is staring at me. I'm speechless. I'm too busy staring at his lips. His lips are pink and his eyes are green. His nose is perfectly contoured. He has a goatee that is always shaved perfectly. He doesn't have any tattoos which is think is so unique nowadays. He wears suits all the time, even in class. They fit him perfectly. His hair is curly and naturally this sexy fucking gray color. His gray hair stands out like shit. His sister has gray strands but her hair isn't completely gray like Syx.

"Ok this is getting weird," Sevyn interrupts my trance, "Is something wrong with him? He's just staring at my brother."

"He's OK. He's just worried about his sister," Stoney replies.

"We all are," Syx says.

He's such a sweetheart. That's when he nods. He nods my way. The first and only words Syx ever said to me were "You OK, bro". He's so caring. I'm in love with my fucking stepbrother. It's sick. I'm a pervert. I feel this forbidden love thing. In those matter of seconds, I imagine Syx going up to my mother and telling her that she'd have to divorce my father because he's deeply in love with me and there can't be two marriages in the family. Then he sweeps me off my feet, with his perfectly tailored suit, we board his private helicopter and fly away.

I can see all of those things happening. Maybe that's why I'm still looking at his lips.

"Actually the plane needs to leave," Sevyn says.

"I chartered the plane. It'll leave when I say it leaves," Syx tells his sister.

"We told everyone to arrive at a certain time," Billy Badass jumps out of nowhere.

"I wasn't speaking to you. I was speaking to my sister," Syx argues back at him, "Besides. I can make an exception."

Sevyn looks annoyed, "You do realize who we are waiting for right. Her mother is trying to steal our money."

I'm shocked.

"Excuse me?" I ask.

Sevyn laughs, "Oh so you can finally speak all of a sudden. How convenient."

She laughs. Did this girl just accuse me my mother of being some type of gold digger or something? I'm beyond shocked. She does it as though I'm not standing right here or something. She does it as though she doesn't give a fuck that I'm here.

Just at that moment I see my sister walking up. The look on my sister's face is priceless.

"You BITCH!"

I don't expect it. I don't expect my sister to come out of nowhere and PUSH Sevyn Valentine. Sevyn falls back and the only thing that stops her from busting her ass completely is her boyfriend Billy Badass. He catches her. We all look over at my sister. My sister has never been the type to hold her tongue but I know she didn't hear what Sevyn said because she just arrived.

"Excuse me?" Sevyn asks.

My sister has her suitcase in one hand and a bottle of shampoo in the other hand, "It was you. I know you did it."

"Calm down," Syx says, "Jolie...are you OK? Why are you so late?"

"My hair is falling out. Look!" Jolie says.

I almost want to find a bed and hide under it when Jolie grabs Syx's hand and runs it through her hair. Locks of her hair fall out when it happens. Syx jumps back beyond disgusted. A couple people laugh at this but a majority of people are more disgusted. Jolie isn't embarrassed. It takes a lot to get my sister embarrassed. Right now she is mad as hell.

"Oh that's a mess, I guess you can't go," Sevyn states.

Sevyn says it a little too quick almost like she was hoping that was the case. She must not know my sister.

"Oh bitch. You thought that was going to stop're wrong. I'm going on this trip," my sister states.

We all look at Sevyn but she has on that innocent look. You would think she was some sort of saint by how she looked right now.

"I didn't do anything...Ms. Ratchet USA."

"Someone mixed Nair in my shampoo this morning," Jolie states.

My eyes get wide. What the fuck? I look over at Sevyn. I don't know Sevyn too well. We'd only been living with the Valentines for a few days now. I know that Jolie was very outspoken and that she might not get along with Sevyn. What I didn't know was that Sevyn would do something like this. As if it isn't enough Jolie passes the bottle around so people can try to smell the NAIR in the bottle. Chunks of my sister's hair is falling out.

It is fucking disgusting and embarrassing.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Sevyn says.

Syx shakes his head, "Sevyn did you..."

"NO. I said I had nothing to do with it," Sevyn replies.

Syx looks at Jolie, "Do you have proof?"

"No I---"

"Is it going to a problem with you on this trip?" Syx asks her, "With you not having proof or anything like that. My sister said she didn't do it. And she doesn't lie."

I feel sick to my stomach. I want to defend Jolie. Jolie wouldn't make up something like this. At the same time, I can understand why Syx is sticking up for his sister. We are supposed to be a blended family now. It didn't feel like it. Syx and Sevyn stare at us. They stare right through us. There is so much tension. I know Jolie. I know her well enough to know that she isn't going to let this go. She is heated and she has every right to be.

"Jolie," I interrupt, "Let's just get on the plane. Maybe it was all a misunderstanding."

My stuff was on the plane and we've been looking forward to this free trip forever.

I grab my sister's hand and go to the boarding area. I take a look back. Syx is talking to his friends but I notice someone else. I notice Sevyn's face. I notice the smile spread across her lips.


Jolie is on my right hand side on the plane. The plane is a luxury airliner. I'm shocked that this thing actually flies. Richie Billy Badass has home videos playing on the plane that he made. The guy swears up and down that he is going to be the next Spielberg or something. We are forced to watch this thing.

"" Yvette Myers says.

Yvette has been dating Stoney for a while now. She is pretty and her dad is a retired football player. She is one of the few girls who hangs out with Sevyn from time to time. Honestly I think she's so annoying. There's no other way to describe it.

"Thanks babe. You got one for Jolie and Jurnee?" Stoney asks.

Yvette gives us a look, "Sorry. Richie has them up there."

She gives us a look. She wants to be popular so badly. A lot of people do but Yvette is a real ass kisser. She damn near worships Sevyn and Sevyn hardly pays her any attention. Yvette swears that her and Stoney can be the next power couple but the problem with that is me. Yvette hands Stoney the beer and disappears towards the front of the plane.

My sister Jolie says what I'm thinking at the moment, "Your girlfriend's a bitch. There are clearly more beers."

"You jealous?" Stoney asks.

Jolie sighs, "Please. If you had some real pussy you'd never go back to a bitch like Yvette."

Stoney laughs, "How about you give me a sample and we'll see..."

"Guys...I'm sitting right here," I remind them.

Stoney was a flirt. He'd always been a flirt. He really never meant anything by it. Jolie sighs a little bit. She's been in love with Stoney since we were younger but he never gave her the chance. Jolie never understood it but I knew why. Stoney wanted to be someone in the world. You don't become someone by dating a girl like Jolie.

Jolie is clueless about it though. She smirks at Stoney in a flirty way. She's attempting to play coy. She is still playing with her hair trying to see the damage that was done. I am honestly pissed at Sevyn but Jolie has enough attitude for both of us and many more. Stoney is on my left hand next to the window luckily. In the very front of the plane are the Dollhouse members. Behind us are some girls that are giggling. I know one of them named Ashley Dunkin. She's laughing her ass off at Jolie fucking with her hair to the point that when we take off Jolie intentionally throws a batch of her hair at Ashley causing her to scream.

"Jurnee, can you believe that bitch called me ratchet?" Jolie asks me.

Calling Jolie ratchet was hitting the nail on the head. I didn't fit in with a lot of the people that went to Twins High but it was Jolie who stuck out. We weren't raised in the Ghetto but Jolie spent a lot of time watching a lot of Tyler Perry movies. Jolie and I look alike. We are both dark skin with big noses and almond shaped eyes. I wouldn't say Jolie was a pretty girl but I think she could be pretty if she really took care of herself like Sevyn, Jessica and some other girls did. Jolie hated makeup. She never did any real girly stuff. She was loud and aggressive. She wasn't the usual Twins High girl and she wasn't the type of girl that got along with a girl like Sevyn Valentine.

"You are a little bit ratchet," Stoney laughs.

Jolie rolls her eyes, "Boy you're not helping. How long is this goddam flight anyway? A bitch got to get her hair done when we get to Bermuda. I ain't bout to look crazy in these pictures."

"You really think Sevyn would do that to you?" I ask Jolie.

"I told you before and I'll tell you again," Jolie states looking at me hard, "Sevyn the devil."

"You speak of the devil and she shall appear," Stoney says.

Stoney has always wanted to fuck Sevyn Valentine. He signals to the front of the plane. Sevyn is giving out beers with her butt buddy Ashley Dunkin and another one of her home girls that I didn't know. I mean a lot of guys did but he had made it his mission. The only problem was Billy Badass who Sevyn was supposedly deeply in love with.

It was a strange situation. Jolie was in love with Stoney. Stoney was dating Ashley. Stoney really wanted to fuck Sevyn. Sevyn was dating Billy Badass. It went around in circles. That was high school after all.

I'd go on to college. I'd go to med school. I'd start a new life outside of this stupid high school bullshit.

"I'm going to get us some beers," Jolie state, "These bitches are getting on my last nerves."

"No. Don't..." I state.

Stoney surprisingly jumps in on my defense, "Yeah. Me and Syx will go get them."

I'm confused.

"We will?"

"Yeah. C`mon."

Stoney grabs my hand at that moment and he pulls me to up into the aisle. This plane is pretty much a party plane at this point. I don't know everyone. A lot of these kids have a relationship with Syx and let's just say Syx Valentine and I didn't hang out in the same circles. As we make our way to the front of the plane I see Syx. He's standing there. He's laughing with one of his friends about something. Just at that moment he turns towards me. Our eyes connect.

My heart starts to flicker several times.

"You OK?" Stoney asks me.

I'm surprised when he does that, "Yeah, why?"

"I don't know. You're acting a little weird. You do that a lot though. Is there something I should...know about?"

My heart starts thumping hard. I'd thought about telling Stoney about me being gay a lot of times. I trusted him. He was my best friend after all. I probably trusted him more than I trusted Jolie to be honest. It isn't that Jolie wouldn't understand but it's just that Stoney was always there for me. A part of me starts to wonder if I could trust him with that kind of secret.

I punk out, "I don't know. I think it's raining outside. There is a lot of turbulence."

I'm not even lying. We are flying over Bermuda at this point and the rain is beating up against the window of the airplane. No one really cares. You put a bunch of teenagers on a chartered plane there wasn't a lot that was going to stop the partying. In the distance I see Syx. He's making out with his girlfriend Jessica. Syx has his tongue down her throat. He grabs her underneath her ass and leans her up against a chair. He's so aggressive but in this real gentleman like way. He's making her feel like the only girl in the world.

I struggle not to stare but notice Stoney staring right at me. He stares at me then he stares at Syx kissing his girlfriend, then Stoney stares back at me again.

Stoney gives me a hard look, "Jurnee. I know you more than anyone. I know..."

My heart stops.


Stoney grabs my hand, "Come on this way."

We head to the bathroom at that moment. I'm surprised when Stoney pulls me into the stall of the bathroom. This place is small. It's way too small. My heart is thumping. Stoney and I have always been close so it doesn't matter that we are in this tiny bathroom like this. It doesn't matter that Stoney is only inches away from me. Syx may have actually legally been my stepbrother but Stoney was always "like" my brother. He'd always been the one that I trusted the most out of this situation.

"What are we doing in here?" I ask Stoney.

"Relax. Why are you so nervous?" Stoney asks.

Stoney looks over at me. His eyes glare at me. Stoney has always been handsome as fuck. He should have been one of the popular boys. I don't know who started with this paper bag rule because it was dumb as hell. Sure Stoney wasn't rich either but everything else about him was perfect. His skin tone looked like warm chocolate. His lips were full. He had a lean body and I'd seen him without a shirt on millions of times. His abs were slick and perfect. He has this flirtatious glare that he always shared. I swear I'd thought a million times that he was even flirting with me.

I never thought about even acting on it. Reason Number 1: Jolie would kill me. Reason Number 2: Stoney was like a brother to me. Reason Number 3: Jolie would seriously kill me.

"I'm not nervous," I state.

Just when I say that I feel turbulence. The lights in the bathroom flicker. I jump up and scream at that moment but luckily Stoney reaches over to me and grabs my arm.

"Relax," he tells me, "It's just turbulence. We're over the Atlantic Ocean remember. There's no reason to be nervous. I'm your best friend. Remember. You can tell me anything."

I sigh. He was right. Still. This was a secret that I didn't tell anyone.

"We should go back out there and find those beers," I try to change the subject.

He grabs me, "Wait. I want to talk."


Stoney stares at me for a minute. He laughs, "C`mon. We playing that game? There have been rumors about you for years. I think I deserve to know if they are true or not."


"You get all knock kneed around Syx all the girls do," Stoney states, "You can't tell me you don't stare at him."

Fuck. This wasn't happening! This wasn't happening on a plane. I start to breathe heavy. There is more turbulence. All of a sudden I don't feel too well.

"I mean he is my step brother, I'm just trying to figure him out. No homo."

I think using the slogan is going to help me out of this situation. Stoney moves closer to me as though we can get any closer in this tight ass airplane bathroom. He smells good. I can't help but to see what Jolie and Ashley Dunkin see in him. He smells so fucking good. Our eyes connect at that moment.

Then he touches me on my arm. He touches me in the softest way.

"So you aren't love with Syx Valentine?" he asks.

My heart stops. Fuck. He knew!

"No. Of course not," I reply.

He laughs, "Oh ok. Good. You had me worried for a sec..."

I pause at that moment. He seems relieved when he says that. It kind of throws me off. Why would Stoney be relieved or anything like that. Why the fuck did he seem like this huge weight was off of his shoulders or something.

"Why do you say that?"

"I'm just glad you aren't into him," Stoney says raising an eyebrow.

"If I" I hesitate. I take a deep breath.

I stop. I can't believe I'm about to do this. I can't believe I'm about to come clean. My whole life I'd been hiding this secret from everyone. No one knew. Not Jolie. Not my mother. Definitely not Stoney. Stoney wanted to be popular. Syx was graduating. That left one more year for Stoney to take over as the popular kid in school. That could have opened a million doors for him. He wanted to be like Syx. Being friends with the gay guy didn't exactly accomplish that.

"Gay?" he asks.

"Yeah. If I was gay would that change things between us."

"Yeah," he tells me.

Fuck. My heart stops at that moment. I can't believe I was about to tell him. A part of me just wished that Stoney would be more open.

I can't help but to be sad about this. I kind of look away, "I see..."

That's when Stoney grabs me by my face, "If you were gay then me and you could finally do what I've been wanting to do forever."

My eyes get wide.

"Wait. Wh----What?" I ask.

"C`mon," Stoney states and licks his lips all of a sudden, "I've seen you stare at me too. When you thought I wasn't looking. You stare at Syx a lot more but I've seen you stare at me too. When I changed clothes every now and then at your old house. I've seen how you stare at my crotch."

"I wasn't staring..."

That's when Stoney reaches down. He grabs his crotch. My heart stops. His dick is hard underneath his jeans. I can see the imprint. It looks amazing. His dick imprint is huge in his jeans. I can see it pressed up against the denim. I can't keep my eyes off of it. Stoney's dick is big. I'd seen it in passing at the gym or even when he slept over my house a few times. I had never seen the actual dick. I'd just seen the imprint. And right now I was staring at this thing like it was something to eat.

My mouth was actually starting to water as I look over at my best friend's dick. This wasn't happening. I was a virgin. I'd never actually had sex with a guy before.

"You sure you weren't staring?" Stoney squints over at me and licks his lips, "Because if you were staring. I wouldn't mind. I can show you more...but only if you'd like..."

My mouth waters.

"I---I'd like to see...more," I respond.

Stoney smiles, "Ok here."

Just at that moment Stoney opens his pants and unzips his zipper. His dick pops out of the hole. It's fully erect. It's everything that I thought it would be. He has all these veins on his throbbing dick. He holds it in his hands knowing how impressive it looks. He wags it a few times. There is a hint of precum that he uses at that moment to play with. He puts it on his fingers and stretches it out. The precum causes a large string.

"Oh fuck."

"Open your mouth," Stoney says.

I don't hesitate. I open my mouth. Stoney collects the precum on his finger from his dick and shoves it in my mouth. I suck on it. The salty taste hits my taste buds. My dick is so hard at that moment, I think I am gonna bust a nut. My mouth is watering.

"It tastes good," I tell him.

"Yeah?" he asks giving me one of his legendary flirtatious smiles, "Turn around baby. Bend over. I want to fuck you."

I swallow my spit. I'd never been fucked before. I didn't know what that would be like.

"Stoney I don't know. I don't want to mess up our friendship," I hesitate.

"Isn't this what you want?"

I struggle. Fuck. I was in love with Syx Valentine but Syx Valentine was a straight guy who would never give me the time of day. After this trip, Syx was moving away to college. I'd probably get to see him on holidays or what not but it'd probably be eternally awkward. He was my stepbrother after all. I couldn't hold out for Syx. Here was a sexy, chocolate GOD begging for me to turn around and let him fuck me in this bathroom. Best friend or not I had to take advantage of this.

And if I had to experience this with anyone then I wanted to experience it with my best friend. At least I knew he loved me. At least I knew it meant something...

"Ok," I state, "I want you to fuck me. I want it to be you..."

I lower my jeans and turn around. I bend over on the sink. I close my eyes. I'm ready to feel him press his dick into me but nothing happens. Instead of feeling his dick I feel a breeze from the door opening.

I'm confused.

"Jurnee...what the fuck?" Jolie asks me.

I'm shocked to see my sister standing there. She's standing next to Stoney. Stoney has a weird face on. He's staring at the ground. I wonder if it was embarrassment. No. This was a different expression. What the fuck kind of expression was Stoney trying to portray?

"Oh my god. Jolie, it's not what it looks like!" I scream out.

How the fuck did she get in the bathroom? Didn't Stoney lock the door.

"Jurnee what the fuck! It's on every screen in the plane!" Jolie states, shocked and confused.

That's when she reaches past me. She reaches past me and grabs something that is glued to the wall. I didn't see it at first but then I realize it's a small little CAMERA! My heart is pacing. No. This isn't happening. This isn't fucking happening!

How is this possible. I look over at Jolie's face. She is crying. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was gay or if it was the fact that I was about to have sex with the guy she was in love with. If my sister's tears weren't bad enough I realize something else.

It was way too convenient that I was pulled into this bathroom.

"Sorry," Stoney says.

My heart drops.

"What did you do?" I ask Stoney, "STONEY WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!"

Stoney stares down away from me. That's when I see the expression on his face. The expression is regret. Stoney did this. Stoney set me up.

I push Stoney so hard he hits the wall. I have to stop this. I have to stop this somehow. I didn't know how. I was struggling. All I know is that I'm running back to the aisles and my world turns upside down. Everyone is laughing. Everyone is laughing. The 8 televisions in the airplane are all playing video clips of me and Stoney on repeat.

"I want you to fuck me...I want it to be you..." I say in the video.

People are laughing. There is a rumbling of noise. People are laughing and pointing at me. I'm standing there at that moment. I feel completely helpless. I can't sit anywhere. I can't run away. I'm stuck on this plane with this video playing in a loop. Everyone seeing me suck Stoney's finger that was full of his semen. Everyone saw how willing I was to take his dick. Everyone is pointing at me. Everyone is laughing.

The chant fills the cabin. Faggot. Faggot. Faggot!

I can't cry. I just want to die at that moment.

Faggot. Faggot. Faggot!

The chants get louder and louder. My sister doesn't even come to my defense. She's crying enough for the both of us. She's just standing off to the side crying.

That's when I see what caused this. It's Sevyn.

Sevyn puts her arm on Stoney's shoulder, "Nice work Stoney. You can definitely start hanging out with us more next year. You got what it takes."

Sevyn was behind this. I watch as she picks up the camera. The others are watching. I notice Syx. He isn't laughing. He doesn't have any sort of reaction. He just crosses his arms and stares at me. I can feel him judging me right now. I almost wish he would laugh at me. Nothing could be worse than this moment right now. Then she smirks at me. It's the same smirk she had when Jolie confronted her about putting Nair in the Shampoo.

That smirk. That scary smirk.

Sevyn Valentine was the devil.

That is when I pray to God. Kill me. Take me now. Please. I just want to die. This was the worst moment of my life and I couldn't take it any longer.

And that's when it happens.

"What the fuck was that?" I hear Sevyn say.

There is a loud ripping noise. I'm not sure where it comes from. I could care less at first but then the ripping gets louder and louder. Then all of a sudden the plane takes a nasty dip.

A couple of kids fall. I hit my head hard on the seat below me!

"Everyone please get in your seats!" the captain states out of nowhere on the speakers, "We have hit some unexpected weather pattern. Please get in your seats and buckle up."

Buckle up? Next to Stoney? The boy who did this to me?

Next to my frantic sister Jolie who was crying realizing that I was ready to have sex with the guy she'd always been in love with?

I didn't know how to react to this.

"Hey, you OK?" Syx asks me.

I'm surprised when it happens. He picks me up and takes me to another seat. It's an empty seat. People are screaming right now. They are sitting wherever. Luckily no one is going back to their assigned seats. When Syx helps me to a seat we buckle up at that moment.

"What's happening?"

"I don't know...I don't..."

Syx doesn't get the chance to respond. There is a loud explosion towards the back of the plane. The plane drops a few feet. I could swear we've lost power or something. We maintain ourselves again! The next few seconds the plane begins to make louder and louder noises. There is a loud rip. I can feel the back of the plane give way.

It's clear immediately what has happened before it happened.

The plane has ripped in half!

There are screams everywhere.

Before the masks come down one thing is clear....

This plane was going to crash.

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