There is a sense of misery the first night after the treehouse burns down. By the second night there is full blown depression. The humid weather has brought mosquitos by the tons. They feast on our bodies. A lot of people are losing weight. We've lost so many supplies in the fire as well. It's so bad that the Spanish girls literally spend all day exchanging cry sessions. I guess they think that shit is going to help. It's really fucking annoying. Helen is talking to herself. I think she's losing her mind like Jessica did.

The girls aren't the problem though.

It's the boys.

“Where's Syx?” Richie asks me.

It comes out of nowhere. Richie asks me as though I'm his keeper or something. While the girls are more on the depressed side, the guys are showing a different sort of desperation. They are pointing the finger. They are finding who to blame for the treehouse burning down. I expect they think Syx knows about my sister helping Sevyn escape. I'm not sure. All I know is that the tension is rising.

“He's just getting some firewood,” I say.

“You covering up for him?” Richie asks me.

“Fuck would I do that for?”

“Because you’re a faggot---”

“Richie fall back,” a voice says.

It's Billy. He doesn't have any clothes on except this small tight little underwear. They are wet and you can basically see everything. I guess that's the only good part of being out here. It's so humid that the guys are walking around with basically nothing on. Twice a day I have to go behind a tree and jack my dick just to keep from being hard all day looking at this. I mean Billy's body was sick. He'd managed to keep on his weight while others have lost it. He spends most of his time working out to keep busy. He mixture of fruit, vegetable and high protein diet has him looking fucking spectacular.

This isn't the first time Richie has tried to start a fight in the last two days. He's fought Syx a total of 5 times. He's attempted to fight me every single time that Syx wasn't around. The other guys aren't much better. Aaron and Joey whisper a lot. Everything is real weird.

“Whatever you say.”

Richie responds in a slick way. There is so much shade underneath what he is saying. I wonder if it bothers Billy. If it does, he doesn't show it. He just shakes his head and comes and sits next to me.

“Here...” Billy says.

He slides me over a bottle of toothpaste. I'm beyond excited to see it honestly.

“Thank god. I ran out.”

Billy nods, “I know. I've been paying attention. Don't let anyone know you have it. Aaron's been asking for some for a while. Fuck him though. Someone's been stealing supplies around camp. The little supplies we do have. I think it's fucking Aaron. People are getting kind of crazy out here.”

Billy is staring over at the boys. Stoney is with them. They are working on building some sort of shelter. It sucks. It's nowhere near the treehouse. I can feel the moisture in the sky. It's only a matter of time before it rains and the piece of shit shelter they are trying to build isn't going to stop us from getting wet from the rain. A couple people can feel it coming. It's becoming more clear each day that we might not be able to survive the rain without the right kind of shelter. We all see it coming from miles away but no one wants to talk about it.

“Do you blame them. “Someone burned down the treehouse. I can see why they are scared.”

Billy shakes his head, “They aren't scared. They are angry. Richie is going to do something. I've been keeping that gun close to me man. I think he's going to try to do something to Syx sometime soon.”

“You'd protect Syx?” I ask.

Billy hesitates for a minute.

“I'll protect you,” Billy says and shakes his head, “And you want to protect Syx. So I'm not going to let anything happen to him.”

I am hesitant when I hear Billy say that. There is a silence for a few minutes.

“Why you being so nice to me?”

“Maybe I want something from you.”

“What can I possibly give you?” I ask him, “Most of my shit burned in the fire. All I have is fucking soap bars at this point and some clothes. My breath would have been killing it if you hadn't brought me that toothpaste .”

“Your breath smells just fine to me,” he smiles, leaning in.

He takes a deep breath. He stays there for a while. I think that Billy is going to move back but he doesn't. He is sitting on this log with me and he's just smelling my breath. For a moment I'm sitting there and I'm just kind of blown away by it.

“What are you doing?”

“You asked me what you can give me. I want that kiss...” Billy tells me, “I want to continue on that night we were playing truth or dare.”

“That was a dare...”

“Fine. I dare you to kiss me. Right here. Right now.”

I look over at the boys. They aren't too far away. Stoney is staring my way. I don't know why I am worried about Stoney. He's straight right. Why the fuck should I care what he thinks of me? I sit on this rock and I'm just thinking about it. I want to kiss Billy. I do...but the guys are so close. It's not right.

“Syx could be coming back...”

“I knew something was going on between the two of you,” he tells me, “I knew that guy was gay...”

“Nothing's going on between us. He's not gay.”

Billy rolls his eyes, “Right. He's not. Just like I'm not gay, but a dare is a dare. So what you going to do? You going to not take my dare.”

I am about to deny Billy but I don't get the chance. I watch him sneak a kiss. It's quick and fast. He pecks my lips and looks over at the other boys. Billy is pushing it. There is already tension in the group. Still. His lips are so soft. I think he enjoys it because Billy kisses me again and again. His hands slowly start rubbing on my inner thighs. He's massaging them and acting like he does not care if someone sees him doing it. He kisses me for the fifth time. His tongue is in it now. It's a longer kiss. It's more daring. There is something sexy about the fact that he's risking other people seeing us.


“We should stop. We might get caught.”

“Think we did...” I notice.

I turn at that moment and see that Syx is back. He's walking back over my way. He has firewood in his hand. Syx is dripping with sweat. He sees Billy and me kissing but he doesn't respond. He just shakes his head and walks away. He drops the firewood near the logs and walks away. I attempt to wave at him but Syx ignores me completely. He looks like he's pissed.

Billy must notice it too. He crosses his arms on the log, “Thought nothing serious was going on between the two of you.”

I look at Syx's reaction. He makes his way as far away from me as possible. It's clear he's ignoring me. He's been spending literally all day with me and now he was acting as though I didn't exist. It was very obvious.

“I didn’t think there was but I guess I was wrong” … I shake my head.

Night time comes and the whispers are getting louder especially with Syx in camp. The guys are sitting by the fire. I think Billy is trying to get control of everything and be the leader or something. He's telling everyone how to improve the piece of crap shelter made of sticks, branches and wet cloth. I know he has a real reason for doing it. He's trying to make sure that everyone stays busy and out of trouble. I have to admit that Billy is natural at this. He knows how to motivate everyone.

I'm sitting there next to Stoney and I can hear that the conversation goes left really quick.

“Syx isn't helping,” Richie comes out of nowhere and says.

“He hasn't done shit all day,” Stoney butts in.

I elbow Stoney hard in his side. I hate the fact that Stoney is joining in on this. Stoney's face gets a little pale. He just stares into the fire, probably noticing that he's instigating this situation.

“We should tie him up to a tree...torture him. Make him tell us where his sister is,” Joey says.

“Because torture worked so well on Sevyn,” I add.

The others look at me. I know I'm putting a target on my back. I know I should probably just shut the fuck up. I haven't been depressed like the girls in the group but I haven't been helping much around camp either just because I didn't have the physical stamina a lot of the other guys had.

Richie is about to say something. It's no doubt he's about to argue but Billy cuts him off, “As far as we all know Jolie released Sevyn. The two of them are working alone. I don't know what they are trying to do or why. All I know is that we need to focus on survival. The rains are starting. It's getting cold at night. If we are going to survive this. We need to stick together.”

Just like that Billy saves the day again. I give him a short nod and look out into the distance. Syx hasn't joined the group. I get up after the meeting while the others are going to sleep near the fire. They wrap themselves up with blankets and those circular airplane pillows and struggle to get comfortable on sticks.

It's easy to sneak away without them noticing.

I find Syx on the other side of the stream. He's kneeling down. He has a book bag in his hands. He is packing up supplies.

“You're the one taking supplies,” I state.

Syx gives me a hard stare, “I'm only taking my share. I'm leaving...”

He doesn't seem to want to talk about it. He has a pissed off look on his face. Even with his pissed off look Syx is damn near perfect. Every line on his face is perfectly drawn. He's the most handsome man I'd ever met and that includes Billy. His pink lips, his symmetrical face, his perfect eyebrows and his chiseled body make him like some sort of work of art… literally. How could a man be so fucking perfect? He doesn't even seem to notice it either.

“Where you going, Syx? Um... Syx...” I state, “Syx. I'm talking to you. Hello? Really? You going to give me the quiet treatment.”

“Ain't you on Billy's good side now. Why you worried about me?” he asks.

I know he's talking about the kiss. There is an awkward silence where we both acknowledge what he saw earlier. Syx gets up. He's done packing his stuff in this book bag of his. He looks like he is about to take off.

“Where you going to go?” I ask him.

“Look for my sister. Find out why the fuck she did the things she did,” he responds, “I need answers and I plan on getting them.”

“It's dangerous out there.”

“No one wants me here. Are you blind? Look around. Billy is the only one who doesn't look at me like he wants to kill me and that's probably because he wants know what he wants to do with you. So don't feed me the bullshit. I'm not welcome here. Hell it'll be easier for you and Billy once I'm out of the picture...”

“Yo. Cry me a fucking river,” I respond.


“Cry me a river. You know how long I've been picked on and outcast. How long have you been the outcast? A week? I've always been on the outside. I've always been bullied. You are the son of a billionaire. Everything has been handed to you. Take a look at yourself. I look like shit. I'm growing hairs in ungodly fucking places. You look perfect like you out here on this island doing a fucking model shoot.”

He shakes my head, and starts walking away, “Perfect. You think it's so easy being perfect huh? If only you knew...”

He starts walking away.

I grab him by his arm, “Tell me then. Explain it to me. Don't walk away. I don't want you to leave. Listen. Maybe I don't know the half of your story but I'm here for you. I want you to stay.”

Our eyes connect. There is this deep bond that I can't explain between us. He is hearing me. I know I sound like I'm begging him to stay here but honestly I don't care if I am or not. I don't want Syx to just leave like this. God knows what was in that forest.

“You do?”

“Yeah. I mean who cares who the victim is. We are all victims. We're all stranded on this fucking island.”

“I want to stay...with you. At the same time though...I have to find my sister.”

“I'll come with you.”


“Yeah. Let’s wait till everyone goes to sleep and then we'll leave first thing in the morning. We'll go try to find her. Together.”

I'm holding his hand. He notices me holding his hand. Syx stares down at our hands touching. He doesn't pull away. He welcomes it. The warmth between us drives me crazy.

He hesitates, “Ok...”

I know how he feels. I know how Syx feels to be the guy left out of the mix. I lay next to him that night. I start falling asleep before I know it. I wake up to realize that it's a bit cold out.

Everyone is sleeping I believe. I hear Joey snoring in the distance. I feel a shiver and as I move I notice Syx's body pressed up against mine.

“Sorry. I felt like we should get closer. It's getting cold out here at nights now and you were shivering and shit,” he explains when he notices that I've woken up, “Probably too close.”

He tries to pull back. I grab him and hold him there.

“No. It's Ok,” I tell him.

“I can't sleep...” he responds.

“What's wrong?”

“I need to tell you something. Something I've been meaning to tell you,” he explains, “I know where we are...”

My heart is beating hard.


“You're scared of me...” he says, “Why are you trembling?”

I hadn't even noticed I'm trembling. A part of me wants to trust Syx but a part of me thinks that he has something to do with this. The fact that he keeps saying that he knows where we are is becoming weird.

“Where are we?”

“When my sister said that we are on the Phantom Island it reminded me of something,” he says.

Just at that moment someone gets up. It's Aaron. He gets up to go pee. Syx puts his finger over his lips as though hushing me. Aaron pisses, comes back to his sleeping area and heads back into his trance. I notice he's lying with Maria. I think the two are getting a little bit close as well. We wait until Aaron goes to sleep before we continue talking.


“My father. When I was young I found some recordings of my father finding a place. It was called Antillia: the phantom island. I remember reading that during the 15th century age of exploration it lied in the Atlantic Ocean. Stories of the mythical island were written forever. It hadn't been found in forever since the 15th century. He was so excited about the idea of this private place. This place that was off the radar. There were so many videos my father had where he was talking about trying to find this place.”

I shake my head, “Did he ever find it?”

“You don't get it, Jurnee. What if we are on Antillia? What if this really is the Phantom Island?”

My heart races, “Shit.”

He nods, “Some legendary island that shouldn't exist. Maybe that would explain how my sister had a map of this place. Maybe if we knew more about this place it would explain why she brought us here. Maybe it will take you home.”

“You mean take us home right?”

Syx sighs.

“A part of me doesn't want to go home. You said I was so happy back at home with my perfect life. That wasn't the case. It was so much pressure to be perfect for my dad. Honestly I feel freedom here. This island...this island is special man...”

“You can be yourself back home.”

“Can I? You do realize we kissed under that waterfall right,” Syx explains, “I never would have done something so crazy back home. Here... it’s different. Here I don't care about being perfect. I don't have to impress my father. You know what the sad thing is about it all?”


“He still wasn't impressed with me enough. He was about to give you and your sister the entire inheritance.”

Syx has this heaviness on his chest at that moment. It's clear that he's upset. I want to kiss him like under the waterfall. I want to lean over and just kiss him and let him know how handsome he was to me. We are just staring at each other. It seems like we are both afraid to act right now.

“About that kiss...” I start off.

Syx sighs, “What about it?”

“Do you regret it?”

Syx shrugs, “I don't know. I never thought about it before. I guess I just wanted to try something new...”

“Is that it? Just an experiment?”

“No. My dad does experiments. I'm not calling you an experiment,” he responds shaking his head, “I'm just saying...I'm saying. Man. I'm confused. That's all. But don't make it about me. Clearly we all are trying to find ourselves. I saw you kissing Billy man. And don't think I haven't seen you flirting with Stoney...”

“You saw that?” I asked.

“And a lot more,” Syx says.

Things are awkward.

“That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the kiss.

Syx sighs and shrugs, “I never said I didn't enjoy it. I'm just saying we need to find ourselves. It's not just me. Maybe that's why we are on this island. Maybe we are finding new things about ourselves. Things we didn't know before. I'm not sure where that is going to lead me. And who knows where that leads you. Billy clearly seems to have a thing for you.”

I shrug. He keeps bringing Billy up. It bothers me.

“Yeah man. Whatever.”

“I'm not trying to be negative...I'm just saying clearly you kissed him for a reason...”

I shrug, “Maybe it's like you said. Trying to find myself. I don't know. I'm going to bed man. I should wake up early if we are going to head out.”

I roll over. We face away from each other. Even though we are still close it feels like a mile between us. I wonder if it's my fault for being confused between Billy, Stoney and him. It wasn't just an easy pick by any means. They were all sexy. They were all different in a way.

Still why did it bother me that Syx was mad way more than it bothered me when Stoney or Billy was.

I wake up in Syx's arms the next morning. He isn't holding me but his arm is laid over me. It feels so...right. That's the only way to describe it. I don't know how we went from a passive aggressive argument the night before to this in the morning. He's still asleep. The others seem like they are up.

I let him sleep and start getting a book bag and start packing my things. God knows how long Syx and I are going to be out there alone. We are going to have to make sure we have our stuff situated. I make sure to pack the toothpaste. There is definitely going to be a lot of kissing going down. I am sitting there packing and smiling. I think it's one of the few times I've actually been smiling.

“Where the hell do you think you're going?” Stoney says.

I turn and see Stoney standing there with his arms crossed. He's looking down at me. What's weird is that Stoney is not alone. He has Billy right next to him. Billy has the same worried look on that Stoney has. The two of them just are watching me pack.

“What is this, some sort of intervention?” I ask them.

“Syx has his bag packed and now you're packing your bag,” Stoney notices, “Are you going somewhere?”

“I'm leaving with him to find Sevyn.”

“You shouldn't go out there. You don't know what's out there,” Billy explains to me.

“That's the point...”

“Well you can't go out there with him,” Stoney replies, “I told Billy about what we heard that night. Syx wants to kill you. We both heard what he said.”

I shake my head. Right now honestly I just think it has to be some sort of mis-communication or something like that. Maybe I heard Syx talking to Sevyn about something completely different. Maybe I took it out of context. I want to argue with Stoney but he knows what he heard. I know what I heard as well. Still. It's different. My heart is saying something completely different. My heart is saying that I trusted him. I trusted this guy.

“I don't know,” I state, “This is my choice. Thank you guys for caring honestly. The two of you are...great...but...”

“...But he's in good hands,” Syx interrupts.

He's up. He's not only up. He's up and packed. He walks over to me and grabs my hand. I notice Billy looks a little bit sad with a weird looking frown while Stoney just has pure disgust on his face. He purses his lips, wrinkles his nose and contorts his face. When Syx grabs me up, neither of them move to stop me.

They aren't the only ones in camp though. The boys are there. Aaron, Richie and Joey are in my face in a matter of seconds.

“Where the fuck do you guys think you're going?” Richie asks.

“Richie this isn't necessary,” Stoney argues with him, “Let him go.”

“Fuck that,” Richie argues, “Syx going to join his sister or something. They probably know a way off this fucking island. There is no way in hell I'm letting all the Valentines out of my sight.”

“Richie's right! They crashed the plane remember?” Aaron adds in, “They brought us here.”

Stoney looks like he's finding it hard to argue with that. I know if I wasn't involved Stoney would probably be right with these guys. Instead right now he just looks torn. I think he honestly does blame the Valentines. A part of me wonders if I should blame Syx in this as well even a little bit.

“I'm not running away. I'm going to find out what's going on and we are headed right back here,” Syx explains.

“Through my dead body,” Richie answers him.

“Step aside...” Billy says to the guys, “Let them pass.”

He takes a step forward. Billy looks over at me. I wonder if he's doing this for me. I don't know. Regardless he doesn't expect Richie to straight up SWING on him. Richie punches Billy hard in his face. As soon as he goes down Aaron kicks him.

“Yo get them!” Joey screams.

The three guys are going towards me and Syx. I hear a gunshot in the air. The gunshot is out of nowhere. It's Billy. Billy has the gun in his hand at that moment. He had the gun pointed at them.

“Really bro?” Richie asks Billy, “You going to point a gun at me because of these fucking faggots? Really Billy? Dam. You used to be my homeboy. What? You a faggot too Billy?”

The other boys are looking at him. It's clear whatever respect they had for Billy is now gone. The camp was about to hit a boiling point. We all knew it. Most of all Billy seemed to know it.

“You guys leave now,” Billy says to us.

I look at Billy. It's hard to just leave him like this.

We start walking away. I don't look back but I know all hell is about to break loose in that camp. A part of me is scared as fuck for Billy and Stoney honestly. Richie and the others are losing it. They are losing their minds.

Out of nowhere I hear fighting.

I start turning back.

“No. The only way we can fix this is to find out what's going on,” Syx tells me.

He has a point. I nod and continue to follow Syx.

Syx and I walk for what seems like forever. He doesn't rest. He's a lot more athletic than I am clearly. I follow behind him. We are just trying to make our way as far to the other side of the island as possible. There has to be another beach on the other side of the island. When we climb on the mountain we can see the other side of the beach with deep forests all around us. The heat is crippling almost as we make our way through.

“Billy seems to really like you,” he says after a while, “The way he pulled out that gun for you. He's a good guy Billy. My sister always treated him like shit. He always felt like he was in competition with me...but that doesn't make him not a good guy.”

“Are you trying to hook me up with Billy?” I ask.

Syx laughs.

“Nah, just making conversation.”

“Well if we are just making conversation you and Jessica looked really good together,” I explain, “I don't know why you broke up with her.

I'm fucking with his head. We've been walking for hours. God knows why he would bring up Billy like this but I knew I was going to bring up Jessica to give it right back to him.

“Stop being a dick, you know I wasn't into Jessica like that.”

“Stop being so serious,” I roll my eyes, “I was just saying...”

“She's dead. Respect that. Stop being a dick.”

I stop walking.

“Is there an issue between us?”


I can't take it any longer. We are in the middle of the forest following the stream of water so we have enough water to drink and so that we'd know how to get back to camp. The stream has been going on for miles now. Syx stops walking and looks back at though he's annoyed with me.

“We had a heart to heart yesterday. We ended the conversation in a weird place. This morning I wake up and you have your arm over me. I get the whole 'let's find ourselves' thing but don't you think you are leading me on?”

Syx laughs.

“Leading you on? That's a little bit dramatic, don't you think? I told you that we are just finding...”

“Bullshit,” I cut him off, “I get finding ourselves but if you want to figure out what that kiss meant then we can figure it out. If not, then that's fine too.”

Syx's smile fades. He looks serious at that moment. I hate that I have to call him out but it's driving me crazy not to talk about it.

“How about you choose first,” Syx says.


“I'll admit I don't know much about my sexuality. That kiss was me trying to figure it out. But I'd be willing to explore it more if the guy I was trying to explore it with didn't have a crowded table right about now. I saw how those guys were upset you were leaving with me.”

“They were just concerned.”

“They were jealous. So how about you choose. Choose. Who do you want to pursue? Stoney, me or Billy?”

I get quiet.

I hadn't even thought about it that way.


“Exactly. So next time you start giving ultimatums maybe you should look at yourself in the mirror first,” he states.

“No mirrors in the jungle,” I reply.

He grunts, “Whatever man. I'm going to go find us something to eat for lunch. I'll be back.”

Syx walks away clearly irritated with me. I guess he has a reason to be. It's hard having so many guys interested in me that previously showed no interest at all. I understand everyone was doing all this self-exploration and somehow that shit ended up on my doorstep. I was just trying to figure out how to handle it. I liked Stoney, I liked Billy and I liked Syx.

I sit on a rock and think about it. Syx was everything. I mean he was the one who I always had a crush on. He was the one who I wanted the most.

If I were to pursue anything then why not Syx?

Could I trust him?


I turn to see Syx. He's back. He's back in glorious form at that. He's standing just inches away from the water butt naked. He's wrapped a towel around his head.

“Really?” I ask looking at his naked body.

“Decided to take a dip.”

“That was random. Thought you were getting something to eat...”

He has his dick in his hands. He bites on his lips, “I brought you something to nibble on right here...”

Syx is showing his aggressive side right now and I have to say that I like it. He is soaking wet having spent some time in the water. I watch him massaging the towel on his head drying it. I stare at his naked body and feel this awkwardness between us.

“Very funny,” I laugh.

“I'm serious...”


“Here...” he says throwing me an orange he's been hiding behind his back, “Something to nibble on...”

I laugh at him for fooling me.

He looks over at me with his perfect body. It shimmers in the light. I'm staring at it. I swallow my spit. I'm looking at Syx and I can't help but to see his mouth glimmer a little bit. He walks over to me. He has a little bit of a limp as he walks over to me.

“You OK?” I ask him.

“Fucked up my leg in the water. Can you take a look at it?” Syx asks.

He limps over to me. He sits on the bank. He's still naked. I swallow my spit again. Usually Syx is the nervous one but it's like we switched roles right now. I get closer. I start touching his lower leg. Syx watches me the whole time.

“Does it hurt?” I ask him.

He shakes his head, “No. Feels good. Yeah. A little higher. You know I love how your eyes look in this sunlight. It really brings out the brown. Mhmm...little higher. Don't get nervous. Are you nervous?”

“A little bit,” I tell him.

“Put it in your mouth,” he tells me.

“You joking again?”

He taps his dick a few times. He helps me lower my head. I'm shocked when I put my head down and mouth on Syx's dick. He LETS me suck him. I feel my head nod up and down on that dick of his. I can feel the way it wraps around my dick. It feels so good. The dick goes to the back of my throat. I choke on it a few times.

He lets me. When my mouth is wet with his precum Syx pulls me up and kisses me.

“I want to feel you,” he tells me.


“Sit on my lap. Ride me.”

His dick is still wet. It's dripping with my saliva when I remove my underwear and climb on top of him. I slowly start to ride him. I can feel his hands wrap around my waist. He's trying to guide me as he rocks me slowly on his waist. It feels so fucking good. He penetrates me deeply.

I'm screaming out, “You don't know how long I've waited for this.”

“I've waited longer,” he tells me.

He leans in and whispers in my ear, “It's so tight. Damn. It's so tight baby. How long has it been like this? Damn...never felt anything like this before.”

It's almost as though he's having sex for the very first time. His body strokes are deep and penetrating as though trying to make the most out of every last stroke. He fills me up. I wrap my arms around his muscular back.

“Damn you're so rough...” I state noticing how he is beating it up, “Slow down a little Syx.”

His strokes are hard. They are fast. They are way more aggressive than anything. All of a sudden it's like he's snapped.

“Shut the fuck up...” he tells me.

“Wait...hold up, what did you just say to me?”

“Shut the fuck up faggot and take this dick.”

“Whoa...ok let's stop.”

I try to get off of him. As soon as I do I feel a hard SMACK across my face. I'm shocked by it. It's like he's acting like Sevyn or something. Another personality has come out of the same body and all of a sudden I'm shocked. All I can think about is that he's almost like a different person. And then I remember the oddest thing. I remember when Billy told me that Sevyn had changed personalities too.

It was almost like a switch had flicked on in Syx's mind and he was someone completely different.

“Syx---did you just fucking...SMACK ME?” I ask.

“You worried about a smack. You have no idea what I'm about to do to you...”


I don't get an answer. Instead he is over me within a matter of seconds. Syx starts choking me. He starts CHOKING the fuck out of me! His hands wrap around my neck. He squeezes. He squeezes so hard.

I'm trying to slap him away. I'm trying to push him off of me. I can't do it though. He's so fucking strong. He's SO fucking strong.

I am losing consciousness and I realize that Syx is fulfilling his promise.

Syx is killing me.

All of a sudden I feel something release him. Someone hits Syx on the back of his head. I turn and realize that Stoney and Billy are there. It's Billy that has the rock in his hand. The rock has blood. I look down at Syx. Billy just saved my fucking life!

Syx is lying there. I don't think he's moving. He's murderous. He's murderous just like his fucking sister!

Stoney runs over to me and hugs me, “Thank god we followed you...”

“He tried to kill me...” I stated shaking my head.

Billy drops the rock, “We told you not to trust him...”

I look down at Syx at that moment and see him squirm. He's still alive. A part of me wants to question him. I want to ask him why he would do something like that. Stoney is pissed though. He's beyond pissed. He picks up the rock and within a matter of seconds he finishes the job...killing Syx.

"I know's just..."

"No. No more. I had enough of this fucking guy," Stoney tells me.

He picks up the rock and within a matter of seconds he finishes the job...killing Syx.

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