"Kill him," Jolie says.

Jolie is being referred to as Eight in this room of IDENTICAL looking people. I count three girls that look like Sevyn however. One girl has short gray hair. The other girl has hair similar to Sevyn but just seems not as attractive. Sevyn is standing there however. She is the prettiest among the group. She shakes her head at Jolie.

There is only one boy that looks like Syx. He's standing over Syx. He looks paler than Syx...almost sickly. He looks like Syx if Syx hadn't slept for a couple of days. His hair is shorter and has strands of gray in it. He has an eye patch over his right eye. Under the other eye is a tattoo.

"Look at him. Perfect...just like Father wanted," the boy who looks like Syx with the one eye says.

He stares down at Syx. He has this look on his face. I swear it's full of jealousy I think. He crosses his arms as though annoyed that Syx even exists. Syx just stares at the ground attempting to put on a brave face. He looks so confused though. He's tied up on the chair and just seems like he has no idea what's going on here.

Jolie responds to the strange boy, "He's not one of us."

Sevyn seems to want to argue about it, "Father will want him back. We can use him to make the call."

The call? What call was she talking about?

"We can use Jurnee to make the call."

"It's be better if we had more than one person to trade him. It'd be better if we kept Syx alive."

"He's not one of us," Jolie repeats again.

"He's not one of us."

"He's not one of us."

"He's not one of us."

The echo is scary. I'm not sure if Sevyn was the leader in this room but if she was the others definitely didn't know it. The way they seem to connect to one another scares the fuck out of me. The gray haired strangers surround Syx. My heart is racing for Syx. He's putting on a brave face. He isn't screaming out for help. He isn't crying.

Syx was alive and I be damned if I was going to let him die again.

For the first time in my life I was rooting for Sevyn.

"We can't Eight," she tells Jolie.

I notice Jolie's hair. There are gray strands starting to form in it. It's the same Jolie from before except she isn't as quiet and her hair is starting to turn gray a little bit. The more I look at all of these people the more I realize that something is strange about them. The way they communicate is strange. The way all their hair has gray in it is strange.

"You've become soft," Jolie argues with Sevyn, "Too much time away from the island. Close your eyes. I'll handle it."

I don't expect Jolie to run forward and grab a scalpel from the table near me. She is going to stab Syx. I can feel it at that moment. I don't know what gets into me. I run forward from behind the table when she is getting back to Syx.

I grab Jolie from behind!

"Jurnee, what the fuck?" Stoney calls out.

Just at that moment I notice the stares aimed at me. Stoney comes by my side. I have a scalpel at my sister's throat. I'm holding it there. I feel like I'm in some kind of horror movie as I see all the duplicates of people just looking at me. All their eyes are pretty much the same. All of their expressions are the same.

"Back the FUCK up!" I state.

Silence. They just stare. All of these strangers just stare at me with these haunting stares. It's almost like they are looking right through me. They don't seem to have that humanity that I expect from other people. They just have blank stares on as though just analyzing the situation. I just stare at them wondering if they could be humans.

They don't back up. They don't panic. They just stare. Quietly.

"Holy fuck. You're alive," Syx tells me.

I was thinking the same thing about Syx. I look over at Syx. He is breathing heavy. He's sweating. He is different from these others. It's clear he has to be the real Syx. The humanity is in his eyes. I can see the emotion. He misses me. He's happy that I'm alive. He has all of these emotions that the others lack. I hold onto this girl. I hold the knife onto her throat.

"Release him," I tell the boy that looks like Syx.

The boy doesn't move. He stands there like a statue. He stares at me with his one eye. My breathing is so heavy that it fills up the entire room. My hand is shaking with the scalpel in my hand.

"Do you hear him?" Stoney orders in a more aggressive way, staring at these strangers, "Release him!"

No one moves.

No one budges.

A few awkward moments pass in the stare down. Soon there is nothing but this laughter. The laughter is coming from Jolie. I'm holding her and my sister is laughing in my hands. All my years I'd never heard this kind of laughter from Jolie. It's dark, strange and menacing. It's scaring the fuck out of me that she would be laughing so hard that the hairs on her throat are scraping against the scalpel and I have to loosen my grip to make sure I don't puncture her.

She doesn't seem to have any fear. She doesn't seem to have any understanding of death. It's like she is so far removed from this world that she is ready to die right now.

"You won't do it," she tells me, "You won't kill your sister..."

I look down at Jolie. My hand is shaking so much. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know how I could try to threaten my sister like this.

Syx stares me down, "Do it...Jurnee."

"He won't..." Jolie replies.


My hands are shaking. That's when I hear a voice behind me. It's Billy.

"It's not your sister," Billy tells me.

"What?" I ask Billy.


Just at that moment Billy pulls off a sheet from the table in the lab. All of a sudden I see my sister there. Jolie. She is blue. She is dead. My sister is LAYING on a fucking lab table. Her body has been fucked with...mutilated in some sick sort of experiment or something. She has tubes coming out of her.

I don't know why I react the way I do. I almost lose it completely. I drop the scalpel and run over to my sister. I'm panicking seeing my dead sister. Tears stream down my face so fast and hard. How the fuck could this be possible? How the fuck could this be possible?

"I don't get it," Stoney says, "Jolie is standing right there. How is this possible?"

Stoney, Billy and I turn. There are guns pointed towards us now. All of these strange people with gray hair now have their guns pointed towards us. Billy and Stoney raise their hand as though surrendering. I can't. I'm still just looking down at my dead sister's body. Then I look back at the girl who is standing in the room that looks just like my dead sister.

They are almost identical. They are almost fucking identical.

Jolie shakes her head, "My name isn't Jolie. It's Eight."

Billy, Stoney, Syx and I are thrown in a meat cellar. The cellar is cold. The boy who looks like Syx throws us in there. He gives Syx a hard look as though having some sort of issue with him. I don't get it. Soon after he closes the door of the meat cellar.

As soon as he does Stoney starts panicking knocking on the meat cellar door.

"LET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! YOU HEAR ME! Oh my god. We're going to freeze to death in here. We're going to fucking freeze to death. HEY! LET US THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

Stoney is screaming.

The panic in his voice is taking over at that moment. Billy walks over to him in an attempt to try to calm him down. It isn't working. Stoney is getting louder and louder. His panic is increasing. He has every reason to panic, he has every right to panic. We'd seen some shit that just didn't make sense. Jessica used to say that we were in hell before she died.

Maybe that was the only explanation for this.

Maybe we were in some sort of Purgatory.


My lips are cold as fuck. It's freezing in here. I'm so sure that I'm going to die in this fucking meat locker. I'm so sure this was how everything was going to fucking end. I feel my body grow so cold but I sit in the corner of the meat locker and just start crying. Seeing my dead sister in that condition was the worst thing that I'd ever imagined.

She wasn't only dead. She had become some sort of lab rat.

"I'm sorry about that. I'm sorry you saw that. I couldn't imagine..."

I don't even notice Syx is over me at that moment. I don't even notice that he is staring at me. His arms pull me in close. He hugs me tightly. I look up at him. Our eyes make a connection. I'm so glad that he's alive that I pull him in close and hug him as tight as I can. I cry like a little kid remembering the look of Jolie laying on that table. I can't believe my sister is really gone.

"Get away from him," Stoney says.

"Yo what the fuck. He just found out his sister is dead. I'm comforting him," Syx replies to Stoney.

Stoney doesn't hesitate. He walks over and grabs Syx by his collar and pull him up. I attempt to separate them but I watch as Billy comes out of nowhere and holds me back. Before I know it Stoney punches Syx dead in his eye once or twice.

Syx fights back. He elbows Syx in the stomach. Stoney hits the ground.

"I don't want to fight you. You can't beat me Stoney. Stop trying to fucking fight me," Syx tells Stoney.

Stoney is on the ground when he just charges at Syx when Syx has his guard down. He nails Syx to the wall. The two attempt to wrestle control of each other. I'm screaming for them to stop. It falls on deaf ears. Stoney gets on top of Syx. He's bashing his head in.

"You should have died the first time," Stoney is saying.

He's bashing Syx's head against the cold ground. He's really trying to finish what he did the first time. I don't know what happens but I manage to break away from Billy long enough to pin Stoney down. As soon as I get Stoney on the ground I punch him as hard as I can. He struggles and I hit him again in his head. It's as though I'm trying to calm him down or something like that. Stoney soon stops trying to fight to get from underneath me.

"You going to calm down? Look at me. Stoney. You going to fucking calm down or you going to keep going off being all immature and shit."

Stoney's maturity had always been a big issue. Now it was just growing. Ever since he came to this island he has been really starting to lose it. I guess we all had been losing bits and pieces of ourselves. Maybe that's why when he stops struggling I get up off of him. I allow Stoney to slide to the other side of the room away from us. He still looks mad but at least he isn't acting out violently.

He just sits there quietly steaming at the entire situation.

"How is he still alive?" Billy asks me, "How are there others like Syx?"

I shake my head. I don't know.

"Ask him..." Stoney says pointing at Syx.

Syx is just staring out into the blankness.

"I'm not sure," Syx replies.

"He's lying."

"No he's not," I respond, "That person you killed that you thought was Syx wasn't Syx. It was someone else. Something else."

The others look at me. Stoney and Billy are clearly taking sides right now. The side is against Syx. I don't know why I want to protect him but I just do. Maybe it's because I have feelings for Syx. Maybe it's more than that. Maybe all my life I felt how it felt like to be the odd man out. Syx just seemed to not belong. He didn't belong with us and he didn't belong with those other people with the gray hair. He just seemed like he was lost right now and I wanted to help him find himself...somehow.

"What?" Stoney asks.

Silence again.

"They go by numbers," Billy says, "We know that much. Eight is the one that looks like Jolie. We all know Seven. We all know Syx. We've always known them. Then there are the others. I don't know who Five is, but they did mention Four. Didn't they say he was killed?"

"Four may have been the one Stoney killed thinking it was Syx," I say.

"Wait. He killed someone thinking it was me?" Syx asks.

Syx gets up at that moment. He's nervous. He has every right to be. I attempt to calm him down. I grab him at that moment. I pull him up against the wall to make sure that he doesn't try to pre-emptively attack Stoney. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if he did. There is so much tension in this room right now.

"Let him go. Let him come at me," Stoney tells me, "He's one of them, Jurnee. Look at his gray hair. It's not natural. It's never been natural. Now we know why. Those...things out there. Those copies...aren't natural. And Syx is just another one of them."

"Shut up," I say.

"He's right," Billy responds, "Syx is one of them, Jurnee. I'm sorry, but you can't deny that. Is he even human?"

Billy and Stoney stare at Syx. It makes me sick the way that they stare at him. He acts like it doesn't bother him at first but I watch him turn away from them. He is trying to gain his composure I think. He collapses to his knees. He's crying. It is a silent tear. It really tears me apart. If Billy and Stoney don't realize that Syx has no idea what is going on, then they are truly blind. Right now Syx is tearing himself apart trying to understand what is happening here. It can't be easy on him.

"That's enough..." I tell Billy and Stoney.

"Jurnee be realistic."

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" I bark at Billy, "I'm sick of this shit. Syx is one of us. I know because he's been there with me. I've looked in his eyes. I've seen it. This entire time we are fighting each other. We aren't the enemy. Over and over I've said there were other people on this island. This entire time it was true. There are other people on this island and they are dangerous. They brought us here. They killed some of us and they were ready to kill more of us if necessary. When are we going to stop fighting each other and come together?"

I feel like I'm preaching to Stoney and Billy. I feel like I have to though. Whatever I say seems to at least cause them to shut up for the moment. Billy stops trying to be in charge of everything. Stoney stops being immature. They get quiet.

As the rooms gets colder it feels like my hands are numbing.

"Are you OK?" I ask Syx.

"Why are you protecting me?" he asks me, "Your friends are right. You shouldn't trust me. I don't even trust me anymore. Who the fuck am I, Jurnee? What am I?"

Syx has tears in his eyes. The others are close enough to hear him. Stoney crosses his arms. He's shivering. Billy is walking back and forth in an attempt to stay warm now. Every once in a while Billy's eyes set on Syx with this non trusting glare. They don't trust him and honestly I understand it, but it still doesn't' make it right.

I pat Syx on the back at that moment, "Do you---feel human?"

"What does feeling human even mean?" Syx asks.

"Do you feel emotions. Looking at those people they seemed like they didn't really have a fear of death. It seemed like they didn't understand that I could kill Jolie at that moment. Maybe...they didn't understand life either."

"Maybe they've been on this island too long," Syx tells me, "I understand death Jurnee. I understand life. I have emotions if that's what you're trying to ask me. I've felt pain. I feel love..."

His eyes twitch at me as he says it. My mouth gets dry. I'm not sure if it's the nerves or the intense cold. Syx stares at me so deeply when he says that.

"I believe you," I explain.

Stoney lets out a grunt. I can tell he's not liking this conversation or where it's headed. Billy rolls his eyes as he starts jumping in place probably attempting to keep his toes alive.

"Why do you trust me so much?" Syx asks, "Your friends don't. Look at them. They are going to try to kill me as soon as they get the chance. Look at them."

"If you haven't noticed we are all stuck in a fucking meat locker with freezing temperatures," Billy argues with Syx, "We're all pretty much going to die in here."

I give Billy a hard stare. He is eavesdropping on the conversation that I had with Syx. It's not like Syx and I had much of any privacy or anything like that. Truth is things were a little bit more complicated than all that. They heard everything we were saying and they were judging. It was hard to make Syx feel comfortable in a room where he had two clear haters. I can't imagine how Syx feels knowing that Stoney would kill him again if he had the chance and Billy would probably allow it.

"No one's going to die," I try to calm the group down.

Syx looks over at me, "How can you be so calm? Jurnee. You should be panicking like Billy and Stoney, right now. Let's be serious. There is a boy out there that looks exactly like me with one eye..."

He was right. The eye was definitely strange.

It had to mean something.

"There was another boy who attacked me that looked like you. With a limp. Isn't that weird?"

"Fuck is weird about a limp?" Syx asks.

"What did you always say your father wanted out of you?" I ask.


"Exactly. There are two other boys. One's named Four. The other's name is..."

"Two..." Syx states, "I heard them call him Two when they attacked me in the forest."

Two and Four were like Syx. The others looked like Sevyn.

"Perfection. Your father wanted to make you perfect. Two has one eye and looks sick. Four has a lame leg. Then you're Syx and you're perfect."

I don't know what I'm getting at. All I know is that I'm connecting the dots here. I know that I'm starting to at least make sense because Stoney has stopped grunting. Billy has stopped pacing back and forth. He stands completely still and just looks at Syx and I. It's almost as though he's trying to understand this as well.

Syx still seems like he is resisting even trying to understand this though.

"I'm far from perfect," Syx says.

"You're perfect," I tell him more forcefully this time, more stating a fact than anything else, "Syx I need you to think. You said that your father discovered this island. Is there anything else that you know?"

Syx shakes his head, "My father was private. I didn't know anything really about him. All I knew is that he wanted me to be the best at everything. He made it his goal that I was. And I always made it my goal to make sure he was kept happy."

"The perfect boy."

We look at Syx. Perfect teeth. Perfect eyes. Perfect smile. His body was sculpted like a God. Billy was handsome as fuck and he still had his flaws. Syx wasn't like that. Syx looked like he was made in some sort of lab or something. I look around. If Syx was made in a lab, then what if it was this lab.

"I'm not perfect," he says again before pausing and looking at me seeming more scared than anything else, "Am I?"

"He's perfect," Stoney agrees.

Billy nods, looking Syx up and down, "I hate to admit it. He always has been.

They were starting to think like me. I still don't think they trust him by how they are keeping their distance but Billy and Stoney seem to be trusting me. Their eyes set on mine. They glare down at me and nod slowly. They understand me.

"What if Syx wasn't just born perfect? What if Syx was designed that way...after multiple failed attempts? That kind of experiment wouldn't be legal would it? And if you needed to make an illegal experiment where would you make it? What if there was an island that wasn't on the map? You can hide your experiments on that island."

Syx nods, "I'm an experiment?"

It's a sad thing but I think it's the only thing Syx seems to hear at that moment. He seems to be shaken by the idea. He seems to be scared. Not everyday someone told you that you were born in a lab and that you were designed. Syx has a real look of self-disgust. He seems completely shut down from the entire idea. His breathing is so heavy that the only thing I can hear is the air conditioning and the sounds of his exhales. He's nervous. He's scared. The others go back to being irritated as soon as he speaks. They go back to hating him. I just cross my arms. I come in close to Syx at that moment.

"No," I reply, "Of course not. I was just...thinking out loud. We should all get close together."

"I'm not going anywhere near...that...thing," Stoney tells me.

Syx doesn't even argue. I think he's bashing himself enough. The last thing he needs is for someone to join in and be critical of him. The look on Syx's face says it all. Right now I'm more concerned about Syx trying to hurt himself than anyone attempting to do it for him.

"Stoney shut the fuck up. You want to die or no? We need to keep each other warm. Body warmth."

Stoney raises an eyebrow, "With Billy and Syx? How about no? What. Next you'll be saying that we should all get naked."

"That's actually not a bad idea," I say, "I saw on the nature channel that there was anecdotal evidence to suggest that naked or near-naked body-to-body rewarming is the best method to treat someone with hypothermia."

"No fucking way," Stoney says, "Fuck that.

"Yeah fuck that."

I nod, "Yeah, bad idea right. I mean it's not like the reason they put us in here is because they want to kill us by freezing us so that our bodies would be fresh enough for them to do some sort of experiment on. That's silly isn't it. Yeah. Sure that's bullshit."

Billy and Stoney look at one another.

Panic sets in.


I don't know how the four of us end up butt naked piled up under the few clothes that we do have. I'm sitting in the middle as I manage to feel the heat sandwich around me. Billy and Syx are in close contact with me. Stoney is behind Syx.

"This is an awkward," Stoney says.

He has a point. We've been here for a while now. Syx has gone completely quiet. Billy and Stoney take turns talking to me. The warmth of their naked bodies is making things super awkward.

"It's working," I state, "We're still alive. No one goes to sleep. Syx are you up?"

Syx moves his hands slowly. His hand lands on my chest. His leg is up against the side of my waist. It's so warm. I feel his warm breath up against the side of my cheek.

"I'm up. Don't worry about me. Let me worry about you for once," he says.

He attempts to move closer. He nudges his head up against the side of my neck. I can't help but to be turned on by it as his body slowly massages against mine warming me up. He rubs his face up against mine. He rubs his naked crotch up against the side of my thighs. He breathes down on me. I can smell his breath up against my face.

"He's taken care of," Billy responds quickly.

Billy doesn't hesitate to do the same. He pushes up against me.

"Billy c`mon," I try to stop him from being petty.

It's too late.

"Your ear is freezing."

Billy's mouth is on my ear before I know it. He's sucking on my ear. His warm tongue is wrapping around me at that moment. Billy gets on top of me at that moment. He nudges Syx's body away from us purposely claiming his territory with a show of force and determination. I'm shocked when Billy is on top of me. His mouth is over mine. He leans down and rubs his body up against mine.

"Turn over," Syx tells me.


"I'm not going to lose you without letting you know how I feel I feel about you," Syx says.

"What's that supposed to even mean?" Billy asks.

"Was I talking to you?" Syx ask.

"Fuck you..." Billy tells him, "Jurnee let me show you how I feel."

"Uh guys---wait a sec..."

I can't even let it out before Syx lets out a stern, more aggressive, "Turn over..."

I don't even get the chance to respond before Syx pushes me to my side, causing Billy to fall off of me. Syx grabs me from the back and pulls me close. He presses his dick up against my ass crack. He uses his hands to hug me close from the back. As he does that he slowly pushes his lips up against the back of my neck. Syx is kissing me slowly.

"You didn't have to push me man," Billy tells Syx, "I told you I got him."

"Well then why is he still shivering?" Syx responds.

"You still shivering babe?" Billy asks me.


Syx's response is clear as fuck. He's annoyed by it. I'm a little speechless and honestly highly entertained. I can see Stoney staring at me from the corner of my eye. He shakes his head.

"This has to be the most awkward way to die ever," Stoney tells me.

"I'll keep you warm," Billy promises me.

I don't know how it happens but Billy gets close to me. He gets really close. He starts kissing me at that moment. His tongue enters my mouth. As he's kissing me I realize that Syx is grinding up against my back. He thrusts slowly but forcefully up against me. All the while he is kissing at the back of my neck. Syx humps me and after a few seconds his dick is hard and pressed up against my butt cheeks.


I don't expect Syx to open my ass cheeks. For some reason he doesn't seem to care about Billy any longer. Right now in this moment he just cares about pleasing me. He kisses the back of my neck slowly and uses his spit to lube up his dick.

Billy must realize what Syx is doing because he seems to want to step it up. He turns away from me at that moment and pushes his ass up against mine. I'm sandwiched between the two. Billy's muscular firm ass is pressed up against my dick while Syx's dick is pressed up against my ass.

"This is not happening right now," Stoney says in a weak voice.

His face is red with embarrassment, but I think he knows that it is happening as well as I do. Billy bends over laying sideways and presses his ass onto my dick. Syx pushes in at the same time. Both moan, but I'm the one who lets out a deep grunt as I feel Syx penetrating me as I penetrate Billy.

Before I know it Syx is fucking me hard. He's penetrating me with his thick dick and pressing into me. His body thumps into mine. He holds me close the whole time. His stroke is something out of this world. It's almost like he's dancing inside of me.

The whole time he's doing it Billy throws his ass back on me. He's tight to the point that he clenches against my dick.

He lets out exaggerated sounds, "Ah fuck...fuck you're so big. FUCK! FUCK ME! Yeah. That actually feels good. Damn. Just like that. Keep going. Damn that feels amazing. I had no idea it feels like this."

Stoney's mouth is wide open when I open my eyes. He's staring at us shocked at what's going on. That's when I realize he's jerking his dick. He's been jerking his dick the entire time.

"Come here..."

"Stoney wait..." I start off.

I'm feeling it from every angle. I want to stop them. I know this is real disrespectful to Stoney but for some reason it

It's as though we all know we are going to die in this meat locker and we are all trying to make the best of it.

"We're going to die anyway," he tells me, "Come here."

Stoney leans over Billy and attempts to kiss me. His tongue enters my mouth. He muffles my moans and my grunts. Stoney kissing me has to be the most intense kiss ever. Maybe it's because of the pressure Syx is putting on my prostate as Billy pushes his ass up against my dick. I feel all three boys struggling to please me. My heart is racing so fast that it threatens to jump out of my chest any minute. This has to be the best feeling I've ever felt before.

The thrusting gets harder; the kissing gets wetter.

There are loud wet thumps that fill the meat locker. There is the smacking of Stoney's lips and his tongue against mine. I'm grappling onto Billy's hips riding him for dear life. Syx is fucking me from the back with a desperation that I've never felt before.

I'm the first one who stops kissing Stoney and I let out this roar.

I'm nutting all inside of Billy. He takes it. Billy is the next one to nut. Soon Stoney nuts all over his chest. Syx is the last one to nut. He nuts inside of me, turning me around and kissing me as he does it as though wanting me all for himself at the last minute.

By the time we are done...we are sweating.

"What the fuck was that?" Stoney asks.

We're all thinking the same thing. It's awkward. It's beyond awkward.

"It was...amazing," I say breathless, "Think I'm actually sweating."


Syx throw the things off of us and starts getting dressed with his clothes. He looks pissed. I turn to my left and see Billy following suit with what Syx said.

"Did I say something wrong?" I ask.

"You have to choose. This isn't right..." Syx tells me, "That was a fucking mistake. I'm not sharing you with anyone."


"He's right," Billy says, "We were cool when you thought he was dead. You saw how we could be. You didn't have to worry about trusting me. Remember?"

"Are you even gay?" Syx asks Billy, rolling his eyes.

"Bitch are you?" Billy responds.

I don't know how the argument is starting. I was just having the best moment of my life and now the guys in my life are arguing. Stoney just shakes his head at that moment. I think he feels like this was all a bad idea too.

It just...happened.

Stoney glares at me, "They are right. You need to choose someone, Jurnee."

"We're all going to die in here. Does it matter?" I ask.

"Choose," Syx states looking at me.

"Choose," Billy responds.

My heart stops.

I wasn't given a choice right now.

"Billy," I blurt out.

I don't even think about it. It just comes out. I don't know why. Billy just had a reason that made sense. Syx was so perfect. I didn't even know that he was human honestly. So I had to choose Billy. I just had to make that choice.

Syx is speechless.

He leans up against the wall. He was the one who started this ultimatum. He just stares at me as though wondering what I just said.

"Wow..." Syx states, "You really chose him? Guess I know why..."

"Syx wait...I..."

I don't know how to explain it. It was the reason that he was assuming. Billy walks over to me and hugs me. He doesn't even attempt to hide it. The entire time Billy is hugging me Syx just stares away. He looks ugly for the first time. He looks like he's in pain. It looks like a physical pain. I feel bad. I wish I didn't have to make this decision right now, but I knew why I made it. I didn't know who Syx really was.

I didn't know WHAT Syx really was.

I couldn't just choose him.

Suddenly there is a sound behind the door. The door was unlatching.

"Oh my god, guys move back!" Stoney says.

We hear the door unlock at that moment and see someone standing over there. It's Sevyn. She has a gun. She looks at us.

"You came to kill us? Couldn't wait for the cold to do its job?" Billy asks.

"Billy?" she asks.

Sevyn looks at him in this weird way. I had no idea why she was looking at him that way but she just seems almost shocked. I am surprised when she drops the gun and runs towards Billy. She holds him and squeezes him. In a matter of seconds Sevyn is crying. At first Billy seems to want to fight it but after a few seconds he doesn't. He allows this BITCH to hug him! Billy then puts his hand over her. He rustles his hands through her hair. He is fucking comforting this random bitch.

I'm so fucking confused.

"What the fuck is going on here?" I ask.

Her eyes light up. She's kind. She's not menacing. She actually walks over to me and shakes my hand. She gives me a warm smile. I never saw Sevyn give me a warm smile.

"You must be Jurnee...I'm Sevyn."

"Bitch---I know who the fuck you are."

"Listen. We need to leave. Billy get your friends. We don't have much time. I'll explain everything later. I came here to rescue you before the others come back," she explains.

Billy doesn't leave. He just whispers slowly, "Sevyn..."

"We're not going anywhere with you," Stoney says.

Sevyn seems confused. It's in her eyes. Something different. They seem more brown than I'd ever seen. She seems softer...sweeter and kinder. It's something natural. I've seen this person so many times before. I've seen this image but I've never seen this soul. I've never actually seen such a kind looking soul in Sevyn before.

She was different. She was sweeter. She had the beauty of Sevyn...but her inside matched her outside. I can see by the concern she expresses on her face.

She is Sevyn...perfected.

"You aren't her...are you?" I ask, "You aren't Sevyn."

"No. I am Sevyn. See. I'm the real Sevyn. Years ago I got sick...too sick to be perfect for my father. So he came to this island he swapped me out. The person you guys know as Sevyn really isn't me. She's a clone, like me. Like Syx. Except she came in much earlier. She is a clone that developed sociopathic behaviors. Her name is Five."

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