I heard the clippers running in the bathroom, and I knew what he was doing. I had spied on my dad before when he was grooming with the clippers, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. The bathroom has two entrances and I knew I could sneak through the guest bedroom and look through the doorway that never gets closed.

As I tiptoed into the bedroom, I saw the light shining from the gap in the bathroom door. I heard the buzz of the clippers and my tongue went dry in anticipation of what I was about to see. I ducked behind the bed so that I could peek over without being seen. As I shimmied over, I felt my dick swell in my pants, with the pre-cum beginning to flow.

I edged up over the bed, so that I could take a peek, and what glory. There he was! My dad standing nude in front of the bathroom mirror running the clippers down his chest, stomach and groin. He trimmed his body hair about every 2 weeks, and I was making a habit of checking out the action. As he trimmed, the light hair fell to the floor. He left a small bush around the top of his penis, but he trimmed it very short. He was always semi-hard as he trimmed, and sometimes he got fully hard when he moved on to step 2.

His dick was fat, even when flaccid. It hung at a 45 degree angle when semi-hard, and it looked to be about 5 or 6 inches.

He turned the clippers off, and wiped the hair from his skin. His hand gently coddled his large balls and dick as he gave them a quick bounce. The next step was the best. He ran water in the sink and splashed some up on this body, and then squirted shaving cream on this chest. He rubbed it from neck to pubes, and then began the methodical routine of shaving his body. His dick began its growth spurt as he gently shaved around his nipples, and grew to its full 8 inches as he got near his navel and shaved just above his closely trimmed pubic hairs.

My mouth watered as I reached down to my own dick and began to rub.

I was home for the Summer from my freshman year in college, and this Peeping Tom action was the highlight of my week. Dad and Mom had divorced while I was in high school, and I spent most Summers with Dad. He worked about 30 hours a week, so we spent a good bit of time together when I was at home. I had always admired my dad's body, but it wasn't until I found out about his shaving routine that I got to see him in all his glory.

As dad finished up his shaving, he wet a towel down and rubbed his chest and stomach and groin. He applied skin care lotion to the shaved area, and managed to lube up his dick and balls as well. He massaged his rigid dick and as he ran one hand over his newly shaven belly, he stroked his cock with the other. His head rolled back slightly, and he stroked his tool rhythmically. Then. .. it all changed.

I was rubbing my own cock through my pants, when my leg made an involuntary movement under the bed and knocked into some stored boxes of Christmas ornaments. The `jingle' was very audible. I held my breath as I moved my head back into the shadows. I could see my dad move toward the door, and look into the guest room. He looked around, and turned on the light. He stood there with his now flaccid dick looking at me over the bed hunched in the corner.

"What are you doing, Stephen?"

"Well .. .. Dad, . . . . I'm sorry, but I was looking for my shoes."

"Oh really!" " That's interesting. . because if I didn't know better, I'd assume that you are spying on me".

"No way, man. I didn't even know you were in there".

"Is that why your pants have a huge wet spot in the crotch?"

I looked down and realized that I had been caught in the act. I began to stand up, but after only making it to my knees, dad came over to me, and stood in front of me. He held my hand and rubbed it over his chest. I felt the smooth skin. He ran my fingers around his nipples .

I had gotten my hard-on back within a split second. He was fully erect as he used my hand to explore his body. Finally, as I knelt in front of him, he moved his large erect cock toward my lips. I opened my mouth and took his member in without a second thought. The skin felt cool and there was still a slight taste of lotion and shave cream.

I licked his prick all over and let him use my mouth as a bath cloth.

He backed up and pulled his dick from my mouth. He pulled me into a standing position, and began removing my clothes.

As he took off my shirt, he ran his hand through my small patch of chest hair. As he pulled down my gym pants, he ran his hands all over my ass, asscrack and balls.

"It looks like you're already getting to be hairy like your old man", he said, as he finished removing my socks.

I nodded and just stood there with my 6.5 inch dick poking through the air, and feeling my dad's prick up against my thigh.

Dad said, "Come on in here with me".

I followed him into the bathroom, and he motioned for me to sit on the bathroom counter. I followed his order, and sat my ass down on the cold marble. As I got used to the cold seat, he pulled out the old clippers.

As he turned them on, I looked down to see that he was beginning to work on my body. First, he trimmed the patch of chest hair between my pecs. He clipped the few hairs around each nipple and then moved down to other areas. Unlike his own trim job, he began to trim my pubes to nothing. My bush fell to the floor as his clippers skillfully went over the skin around my dick and balls. He turned me sideways on the counter and told me to lay back. He pulled back one of my legs to reveal my ass. He trimmed my balls, and then the area in my ass crack. As he trimmed, he blew his breath over my asshole, and it winked as the hair continued to fall to the floor.

After he was done , I was pretty hairless. I looked like a boy from pre-puberty. It was kind of cool to feel the difference.

He took a warm wet towel and rubbed it over all the trimmed areas and began preparation for the shaving that followed.

All of this was making my dick leak like a faucet. There was so much pre-cum on my belly, that he could have used it as shave cream. He was erect like a fence post, and he was also dripping lots of pre-cum. This activity seemed to be a favorite for us both.

As he shaved my body, I felt the cool, tight sensation of the freshly shaved skin. My balls felt really free when the shave cream was finally cleaned away from them. My asscrack was a little awkward to shave, so eventually, he had me get off the counter and bend over the bathtub edge with my ass in the air. He spread my ass cheeks, and continued more easily with the shaving ritual.

Just as he finished shaving my ass and asscrack, I felt his finger brush over my ass hole. I shivered as he continued to massage the area with his fingers. He reach between my legs, and grabbed my penis head and squeezed so as to get a glob of pre-cum from the end. He used the natural lube to rub over my ass hole and to begin the entry of one of his fingers. The shaving ritual had me totally relaxed, and as his finger entered me, it felt as if it were a simple extention of the shaving ritual. After massaging the inside of my ass hole for a minute, he reached down to his own dick and squeezed another glob of pre-cum and rubbed it into my asshole with 2 fingers. His slow , easy method made me push back towards his hand and grind my ass around in the air.

My erect penis was banging betweening the tub wall and the bathroom floor, and as I reached down to stroke my cock, I felt alot of the hair from the shaving session clinging to my pre-cum laden cock. I rubbed it all over my groin area, and I reach back through my legs to feel my dad's fingers exploring my asshole.

As he pulled his fingers from my ass, he knelt behind me and teased the entrance of my ass with his wet cock. I wanted it so badly I literally screamed for it. "Fuck me, now, man". "I want to feel that huge cock up my clean shaven ass."

Dad replied with a `Not quite yet', and he leaned down and gave my ass hole a tongue bath. This was an unexpected pleasure, but the sensation was intensified due to the shaved skin and my dad's rough tongue probing the entire area. He darted his tongue in and out of my hole, but generally bathed my ass and asscrack with his hungry, horny tongue.

He got up and pulled me into standing position, and pulled me into the huge tile shower that filled an entire wall of the bath. He held me gently as we stood under the overhead shower with water pouring over us.

After a moment of watery warmth, he grabbed my ass and again reinserted his fingers into the hole. I ground down on his fingers, as he pushed my prostate to the brink. He then leaned me over, and I knew that I was finally going to get what I wanted. In the showery steam, I felt my dad's cock enter my ass. I was so worked up that there was almost no resistance. He moved in and out slowly at first, but the speed began to build. I felt his dick swell inside of me as he slammed relentlessly into my ass. My prostate was being hit full throttle, and the cum was literally being rammed out of my dick in streams. As he climaxed, he tensed up and left his cock in my hole to the hilt.

As our breath calmed down, he pulled out of my ass, and turned me around to give me a hug. We both kissed as the water continued to stream around us.

All I've got to say is that I can't wait until its time to shave again.