Shave Time, Part II


As the sun shown through the window the following morning, I awoke thinking that my experience with dad had been a dream, but very quickly, I felt the hairless skin around my crotch, ass and chest and knew that `IT' had really happened. The bedsheets made their presence apparent as they draped across the smoothness of the shaven areas of my body.

I had to take a leak pretty badly, but I was hesitant to get out of bed. I wasn't sure how it would be to face dad `the morning after'. We had gone a little crazy the night before, and I felt fairly certain that our relationship had changed significantly. Things always seem different in the morning.

My bladder finally took control and I was forced to rise. I looked both ways out the bedroom door to see if I saw dad, but fortunately, it seemed the coast was clear. I made my way to the bathroom and took a long pee. The mirrors above the vanity reflected my new boyish body. I found myself rubbing my hands over the skin of my chest and groin as I finished up at the john.

I splashed a little water on my face and turned around to head back to my room. As I left the bathroom, I ran smack into dad as he came out of his bedroom.

"Good morning, Stephen. I hope you slept well", he said as he finished tying his bowtie.

"Yea, how 'bout you, dad?", I asked using my hand to sheepishly cover my groin area.

"Never better", his reply as he headed toward the kitchen.

I made it back to my bedroom a little befuddled. If I didn't know better, I would say that this had been just like every other morning since I had been staying with my dad. He hadn't even seemed to notice my nudity as I stood before him in the hallway.

"Do you want coffee this morning?", I heard him call from the kitchen.

"Sure thing, I'll be there in a minute", I responded as I composed myself and grabbed a pair of gymshorts and a t-shirt. I slipped them on and headed for the kitchen. I was beginning to feel comfortable about the fact that maybe everything would be the same.

In the kitchen, dad poured the coffee and began reading the morning paper. He checked his watch, and saw that it was time for him to head to work, so he got up from the table to prepare his usual `to go' mug of coffee.

"What are your plans today, son?", he asked while continuing his ritual.

"I'm probably going to hang around this morning, and then head to the gym this afternoon." I replied.

As he opened the door to leave, he said, "Sounds great,.. oh, and by the way, I left you some baby powder in my bathroom so that your newly shaved areas don't get irritated and begin itching."

He was gone within a split second, and there I sat pondering the whole event. At first, I was thinking he was going to act like nothing happened, and then he throws out a comment about `baby powder', as if everything happened. Very interesting and confusing.

I finished my coffee and decided that I probably needed to heed dad's advise about the baby powder. Just thinking about the powder made me get a little excited, as bit by bit, the memories from the night before replayed themselves in detail. In just a second, I was sporting a hard-on. I was being constantly reminded of the events of last night by the way that my clothing felt against my newly shaven skin. My ass was clearly remembering the presence of dad's 8-inch cock, and although there was some discomfort, I was actually craving more.

I headed to my dad's bathroom and just as he said, he had left a big bottle of baby powder on the counter. I grabbed it and noticed that a lot of powder had already been spilled on the counter. I was guessing dad spoke with experience about baby powder soothing the irritation and itching for freshly shaved skin since he was an experienced shaver. I almost did not notice, but when the light caught the top of the counter in the right way, I saw something written in the powder that was spilled. I leaned over the counter and realized that "2Nite?" was printed in the powder.

Dad may have appeared really forgetful this morning, but clearly, he was also wanting more. I didn't have any plans for this evening, and as of now, I would not be making any other plans.

I pulled off my clothes and sprinkled the cooling powder all over my body. My dick remained semi-rigid as I continued thinking about how the hairless boy in the mirror had become hairless. I began stroking my cock, and within moments of remembering dad clipping and shaving his body and then mine, and feeding me his cock orally and anally, I spilled my load on the bathroom floor. I wiped up my mess with dad's towel and left it on the counter hoping he would know that my cum was in the towel.

The rest of the morning, I cleaned up around the house, and by lunch, I was off to the gym.

I was glad to see that my friend's car was in the parking lot. Barry was a great guy to work out with. He used just enough pressure to make me work harder without pushing me beyond my weight limits.

When I entered the gym, I went to the men's locker to room to change, and sure enough, Barry was already there `dressing out'. I began pulling off my street clothes when it hit me that Barry may find it a little unusual that my body no longer had hair. I turned away from him as I was changing into my shorts, but he was already finished and heading out to the gym area. He turned to tell me that he'd see me out front at the exact point when I was pulling my jock up over my knees. I saw him hesitate as he stared at my hairless crotch, but he turned and left the locker room.

I joined Barry at the first weight machine and we began our usual routine. Everything was going along as usual, when all of a sudden, Barry asked me, "When did you decide to shave your body hair?".

I hesitated a moment and smiled. "It was kind of a spur of the moment thing."

"Oh', he replied with a little smirk.

Towards the end of our work out, I could tell Barry still had some questions about my new look, but could not figure out how to approach the subject. So I decided to ask nonchalantly, "Hey Bar, have you ever thought about shaving your body hair?".

"To be honest, I never thought much about it till today. When I caught that glimpse of you, it made for an interesting look". Barry finished his final sit-ups, and waited as I finished my last set.

We headed toward the locker room, and fortunately, we were the only guys in there. I decided to let Barry get a good look at my body so I carried my towel over my shoulder as we headed toward the shower room. I soaped up my hairless skin, and I caught Barry casting glances my way every once in awhile.

Barry was not a bear or anything, but he did have a good bit of hair on his body. His chest was nicely covered, and he even had a fine layer on his cute bubble butt.

Barry and I had fooled around a little bit in the past, but our friendship had won out over our intimate relationship. In spite of this, I could swear that Barry may have been carrying a bit of a boner during our shower together.

While toweling off, I made sure Barry got a good look at my clean, hairless asscrack as I bent over to dry my legs. My mind was running with a new idea. .. .

We walked out to our cars together, when I decided to `toss a bone'. "So. . you want to come over to my house this afternoon?. .. We could let you see if smooth skin is to your liking." I smiled slyly as I watched Barry's mind spinning 100 mph.

"Well, I guess I could visit for a few minutes." He replied as he climbed into his car.

Next thing I know, Barry and I were in my bathroom at home and I was selectively clippering parts of his body hair. He was fully erect and leaking pre-cum as I carefully trimmed his hair down on his chest, belly, and balls. He had told me that he wasn't sure about his `bush' or his ass, so we left those alone. . . for now.

When I was done, I suggested that he get into the shower so that I could more easily shave his skin. I got naked and we both stepped under the warm water of my shower. After Barry was good and wet, I spread shave cream on his chest and belly, and I began shaving the remaining hair from those areas. When I finished , I got down on my knees and decided to give the boy a break, so I began sucking on his very erect penis. He moaned quietly as I licked all along the shaft, and inside his piss slit. I mixed suction with motion, and within a few moments, he wass bucking like he was going to explode. I pulled away, and left his cock dangling with a mixture of my spit and his precum hanging from the end. He was breathing pretty heavily as he began to calm back down.

I lifted his cock up and spread shaving cream all over his balls. I began the scary job of shaving someone else's balls. I was in heaven. I got hard as I saw the hair falling away with globs of shave cream. It took awhile since I was inexperienced, but after it was finished, his balls were loose, smooth and suckable.

I turned on the warm shower water, and we both washed all of the hair and shave cream down the drain. I pulled a towel from the towel bar and dabbed Barry dry. I took care to get him dry all over. When I completed drying him off, I guided him over to the mirror to see the result. Although I missed his chest hair, he still looked hot with no hair hiding the contours of his upper body. His dick and balls were much better looking now that the remaining hair helped frame them and make them look bigger. Barry seemed to be pleased with the result. He rubbed his skin and cupped his balls in one hand to get a good feel of the new jewels.

He turned to me and gave me a kiss of thanks. "That was pretty hot. I am horny as hell right now."

I returned the kiss, and I rubbed his smooth chest with my hand. We kissed deeply and our erect cocks became sandwiched between our smooth bodies. Barry stepped away and decided he wanted to give me a tongue bath. He licked my nipples, belly button, my groin, penis, balls and then moved around to lick my asshole. I spread my legs as he worked his tongue up into my ass. It felt so good that I was actually riding his tongue and face. As his face bore my entire weight, he grabbed the globes of my ass with his hands a pushed away. He stood up and led me so that I was leaning over the counter. He grabbed some lotion from the counter and lubed up his dick and moved into position to give my lick and lubed ass what it had been craving since dad had pulled his rod out the evening before.

Barry was so worked up that he hit full stride pretty quickly. His low-hanging, and hairless balls were beating up against my back side as he thrust his cock up my ass. I was thinking to myself, "What a Summer I am having", as Barry and I came almost simultaneously.

He pulled out and I felt his cum dripping down my legs. He turned me around, and we hugged for a long time.

"Thanks for that. It has been a long time, and the shaving session made it even more erotic. I can already tell that everytime I feel my shaved chest or balls now, I'll be thinking about plugging your beautiful butt this afternoon".

I kissed him on the lips, and pulled a towel off of the counter so that he could clean himself up.

I sat up on the counter, still naked, and watched him put his clothes back on. I was enjoying just being with my friend.

Barry grabbed his bag, and kissed me on the lips. "Gotta go, and I'll see you at the gym day after tomorrow".

"Its a date", I replied as I grabbed my towel to begin my own clean-up session.

I heard the front door close after Barry`s departure, and I decided that I would take another shower. I turned the water on so that it could warm back up. I reached around to rub my ass hole, and I came away with two fingers full of Barry's cum. It was still draining from my hole. I put my fingers up to my nose to smell his manjuice.

I went to get into the shower. I closed the glass door, and with a startle, I noticed someone on the other side. I slid the door open to see if Barry had forgotten something, but to my surprise, there stood my dad. He was already nude, and although I was freshly fucked, I felt my groin stir as I anticipated more time with his shaved body and rod of steel.

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