ShaveTime, Part III

Dad smiled at me as I peered out of the shower, `How was your day, Stephen?', he asked as he walked straight to the toilet to let go of a long awaited piss.

"Great, . . . how about yours, pop?", I asked, not really knowing whether or not I should close the shower door.

"Another day, another dollar." he said as urine fell loudly into the toilet water. His left hand rubbed the globe of his left asscheek as he stood there.

I decided to proceed with my shower, and I turned my thoughts to other things to try to calm my semi-erect penis. I heard the flush of the toilet, and my dad turned and looked into the small gap that I had left in the shower door. I looked back.

"Do you think you could do me a favor?", he asked looking rather sheepish.

"Sure", I replied beginning to feel the blood flow south.

"I've got a `sort-of date', this evening, and I really didn't get to complete my shave job last night since `someone' rudely interrupted me, .. ." he said smiling. "Do you think you could help me finish it up?"

My mind was a little confused. I was thinking that dad and I had plans this evening, and now he's talking about a date with someone else. Then again, he is asking for my help with something that I've learned to love. . . so, my response was, "I'd be more than happy to help you out."

"Thanks", he said seeming to be relieved, "Join me in my bathroom after you're done with your shower." He disappeared from the gap in the door, and I peered out and just caught a glimpse of his backside as he walked out the door and to the right.

I finished up pretty quickly, and toweled off as I walked on back to his bathroom. As I approached my dad's bedroom, I heard the familiar sound of clippers going. As I wrapped my towel around my waist, I poked my head around the corner and saw that dad was clipping the remainder of his pubic hair. He paused as I entered the room.

"I really liked the look of your bare skin all around your crotch, and I decided to do the same for mine." he said as he turned back for the last couple of swipes with the clippers.

As I waited, my towel tented somewhat as I watched this beautiful specimen of a man trimming himself.

"What I need for you to do is shave my crack and ass, . . . I never finished up the job last night and I think it will be easier for a second set of hands to do." he smiled as he turned around to run warm water in the sink. He placed his towel on the floor, stood on it, and bent over as if he were touching his toes for morning exercises. He stood back up and grabbed a condom from the counter top, peeled it open and pulled it onto his semi-flaccid cock. Although I thought it a little strange, my thoughts were quickly diverted.

He bent back over and his crack spread a little and I was faced with the best job I'd ever been offered.

I turned off the water and dabbed a cloth in it and rubbed water along the crack of his ass and all over his bubble butt until it was moist. I slathered the shave cream on the same area, and began the careful shaving of my dad`s ass. It took me a little while and I could tell that the position was tiring him a bit. I asked him about this, and he said that he was really enjoying it.

I wiped down the area and found a couple of missed places on the back side of his balls. I reached through his legs and pulled the balls back and carefully ran the razor over the missed spots. As I pulled his balls, I could tell that he was erect by the way that his cock waved above his sac. I wiped everything down, gave him a little slap on his freshly shaven ass, and announced that he was ready for his date.

He stood up, and turned around. "While your at it, go ahead and shave what's left of my pubes." he directed as his condom-covered penis waved in the air towards my face.

I repeated the wetting, shave cream and razor regimen around his cock. He held his cock downward so as to keep it out of the way. He watched me very intently as I serviced him in this unusual way.

When I finished, he surprised me by giving me a hug and saying `thanks'. He pulled off the condom and held it up. The reservoir was full of pre-cum. He handed the condom to me and said, "This is yours to do with as you please."

I took the condom, and my mind was filling up with ideas about what I wanted to do, but as I turned to leave, dad asked, "I passed Barry on the way out as I arrived home today, did you guys have a good day?"

"Yep, we had a decent work-out.", I replied.

"Don't you usually work out around lunch time?", he asked continuing to wipe his crotch with a warm wet cloth.

"Yes, that's the usual.", I answered.

"Well, it appeared you had been working out here at home as well since Barry still had wet hair at 5pm, . . . and then I catch you in the shower? Don't you want to tell your old man what happened?", his devious smile was evident as he caught me off guard. He was rubbing lotion around his cock and between his legs onto his ass.

As I stood there holding his condom full of pre-cum, I decided to answer truthfully. "Barry and I came back over here after the gym, and I showed him a little bit about shaving. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was sucking his cock, and then he stuffed me up the ass." I paused before saying huffily, "Is that what my old man wanted to know?" I smiled at him and noticed that the story had caused him to get an erection.

He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me and said, "Hey, I was just kidding, man. You are a grown man, and you can do what you want. It actually sounds pretty exciting. Barry is a cute guy, and I'm sure he could be fun. You`ll have to tell me about the details later on."

His erect cock rested against my own towel-covered cock. I took the opportunity to rub my hands over his smoothly shaven ass. I could already feel a little stubble on his chest eventhough it had been less than 24 hours since he shaved it. He kissed me on the forehead and said, "I won't be long this evening. I had forgotten that I had promised Robert, from work, that I would tag along with him tonight for a planned event. Hopefully, I`ll be able to get back by 10:30 or so."

He pulled away, and his now-flaccid cock looked huge without its usual crop of surrounding hair. His smooth body glowed from the lotion that he had put on. He turned towards the sink and mirror, and I felt his eyes watch me in the reflection of the mirror as I left the room. Just to tease, I pulled my towel off as I walked out letting him catch a glimpse of my ass as I walked out. I heard a `wolf whistle', and I smiled feeling like we had had a very honest exchange. I felt like dad was turning into my best friend.

I entered my room and I immediately sucked the contents out of the condom that dad had given to me. The light tasting pre-cum was like nectar. The slight thickness filled my throat, and I felt like I was tasting the `experience' of shaving my dad's body. I reclined on my bed and began stroking my dick. I tried to remember every detail of the last hour, hell. . .every detail from the last 24 hours was enough to make me crazy. My own pre-cum flowed and my hand slipped easily up and down my erection. Within 2 minutes, cum was spewing up onto my clean belly. As I continued milking my dick, I used my other hand to rub my semen into my skin.

I pulled the sheet up over myself and quickly fell into an incredible nap. I didn't even hear my dad come in to kiss me on the cheek before he was gone for the evening.

. ... ..........................................

I awoke at about 8pm, and I realized that I was starved. I jumped up, threw on some shorts and headed towards the kitchen. I fixed a sandwich, pulled a beer from the fridge and went into the breakfast room to eat my dinner.

A casual survey around the room, and I realized that dad's car was in the driveway outside the breakfast room window. That seemed strange, but then I thought that maybe Robert had come to pick him up.

I ate my sandwich and finished my beer. I returned to the kitchen to grab another beer, when I heard a noise in the back of the house. I stood very still straining to listen, and sure enough, I heard slight noises in the house.

I tiptoed back into the hall, and I saw that dad's bedroom door was closed. I very quietly went into the guest bedroom that connected to his bathroom and listened to see what I could hear. Between quiet grunts and coos, I heard the bouncing of bed springs. The rhythmic sound was pretty obvious, and I was dying to see what was going on.

I gently proceeded into the bathroom and saw that the bathroom door to dad's bedroom was wide open. Faint light entered the dark bathroom from the bedroom, but I tried to stay hidden in the shadows. I moved over to the shower and looked into the vanity mirror knowing that it reflected part of dad's room. The mirror showed quite a movie. I could see dad's ass as he was clearly fucking someone lying back on the bed. The bottom's legs were straight up and he still had on socks. Dad was in a regular rhythm as he seemed to be pistoning in and out the entire length of his eight inch cock.

My shorts held my cock in place as it began to rise out of my pant leg.

Dad pulled all the way out, and leaned down to give the bottom some head. The guy came up on his elbows to watch dad sucking his cock as he held his legs around my dad's head. I recognized Robert, who I had met a couple times when visiting dad at work. His eyes were glassy as he seemed to worship the action going on at his crotch. He mumbled quietly and rubbed my dad's hair as my dad seemed to take him very close to the brink. I watched as my dad's clean-shaven ass glowed in the light, and his beautifully clean nuts were swinging between his legs.

My dad stopped the blowjob before Robert climaxed. He stood up and pulled Robert up into sitting position. My dad jumped up on the bed and planted his own dick into Robert's mouth. I couldn't see the details, but I could see him fucking Robert's mouth just as he had slammed his ass. The slurping sounds were getting more vocal, and at one point, I thought dad was about to cum, but he didn't.

He pulled out of Robert's mouth and again jumped down on the floor. He sat next to Robert, and they laid back to kiss. I heard my dad say to Robert, "When you're ready, I want to fuck you from behind until you spray all over the place." Robert responded with, "I am so ready."

The contrast between the two men was striking. My dad with his almost hairless body and Robert with his generally bear-like appearance. Robert's balls were low-hanging and his dick seemed to be matted in the hair on his belly. Robert got up and moved over to the chair by the window. He moved the chair a little to the side. I watched as his fleshy dick bounced slightly. He bent over the back of the chair and said, "Don, come over here and feed me that clean, hairless shaft."

My dad went over and obliged with no hesitation. He fucked him with real zeal, and almost pulled his nipples off as he reached around to Robert's chest. Robert's legs were slightly spread and he rode my dad a couple of times as he was lifted momentarily off of the floor. Robert reached for his own rod, and began stroking as dad went for the finish line. As far as I could tell, they came together, and without making enough noise to even wake me up if I were still asleep. But I wasn't. I was standing here in the shadows stroking my own cock (again) while watching my own private porn show.

Dad stood up and slowly pulled off his condom. Robert also stood up, and they embraced.

"As usual, you're the best." Robert said as he stretched to get himself back into normal standing pose. "This was a little more comfortable than the bathroom stall at work.", and they laughed quietly together.

I figured a washcloth would soon be sought out, so I decided to depart. As quietly as I entered, I exited the bathroom back through the guest room.

I went back to my room but left the door open so I could see how the evening ended for dad. I sat down in front of the computer and found Barry online, and so I chatted with him for awhile. Barry was still excited by the feel of his hairless chest and balls.

Within 5 or 10 minutes, I heard my dad's bedroom door open and I heard my dad and Robert talking as they headed up the hall. Dad stopped by my room, and re-introduced Robert to me. Robert was dressed in his business suit except for the tie, but dad was only wearing gym shorts. Robert said that he had to go, but he hoped to see me again soon.

Dad walked him out to the door, and I finished up my chat with Barry.

Dad returned and came into my room. He smiled in an accomplished way. "Did you have a nice nap, sleepy head?", he asked as he tossled my hair.

"I had a great nap, . . . . the last 24 hours had made me a little sleepy." , I responded.

"I've had a good 24 hours myself", he said. "Robert decided that he'd rather have a little private time together than spend a lot of time at a party, so we headed home early."

"I noticed." , I replied.

"Don't get smart with me, boy.", dad playfully responded. "I know you snuck into the bathroom while Robert and I were having sex. Since last night, I've learned your tricks."

"Oh well, I guess we're even now since you got me to reveal my story about Barry." I chided back.

"Well, anyway, I brought you a present as a reminder of your spy session.", he said as he pulled something from the waistband of his gym shorts. He held up the condom that he had obviously just used on Barry. "I thought you may want a little snack."

He tilted my head back with his left hand, and used his right hand to empty the contents of the condom over my face and mouth. My mouth opened and I took most of the contents in my mouth. The rest spilled down my chin and onto my smooth chest. The thick liquid was alot more pungent than the pre-cum, but I immediately knew that I would be hungering for this treat on a regular basis.

His hand came down and scooped up the spilled seed on my chest, and brought it up to my mouth for deposit. I licked his hand clean everytime he cleaned my chin or chest with his finger.

I was again in a sex stupor. All I could think about was my dad's big cock up my ass. My dick was as hard as if I hadn't had sex in a week.

Dad again leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. "Sleep well, bud. I'll see you in the morning." He then turned and left the room.

Breathless, I was left with the sticky liquid on my face, and an erection between my legs.

I got up and moved over to my bed where I again shucked my shorts and stroked my own cock until semen covered my belly. This time, I decided to try out my own load, and I scooped the cum from my naval into my mouth. It was a little more acidic than dad's cum, but it seemed to mix well.

Within 2 minutes, I was again falling into a deep slumber.

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