by Jordan King


Although the true events described herein involve sexual activity between an adult father and a consenting minor child the author in no way supports, encourages or condones any kind of sexual activity involving minors for any reason whatsoever.

This story is true.

I was always the smallest kid in my class at school. Bigger kids, bullies, would pick on me mercilessly and there was nothing I could do to fight back. Around the age of 12, I talked to my father about what I could do and he told me that, if I wanted, he could show me some exercises that would make me a little bigger, not taller but at least stronger. I was excited and asked him when we could start--the next weekend we did.

He started me out with light weights and jogging-which he did together. Over the next few months as we increased the weights I began to see a difference in my body. This change fascinated me, probably because it started around the same time I began to see hair sprouting in strange patches on my body. Before bed each night, for like an hour, I would stand in my briefs in front of a full-length mirror that I had in my bedroom and just look at my body, admiring my quickly developing muscles. I'd slowly flex my arms and watch as the small hill would appear. I'd grab its hardness and rub my hand over it. It was so cool! When I'd tighten my stomach I could see the beginning of ridges just like my dad's and my chest was starting to look like a small smooth version of his too.

Watching myself would always get me hard and after I was finished I'd turn off the light and play with myself as I lay in my bed. After shooting my sperm onto my body, I'd wipe it off with my underwear, take a quick smell and then throw them over by my laundry hamper. After that, I could go to sleep. I don't know if my mom ever noticed the collection of stiff underwear in my laundry--if she did she never said anything.

It was almost 6 months after dad first started helping me get bigger. The change was noticeable and the bullies at school stopped picking on me. I loved dad so much for helping me to do this. I was standing in front of my mirror in my briefs (as usual) one night when there was a quick knock at my door, which then opened. I looked over and saw my dad--I wasn't embarrassed or anything and just said "Hi". He asked if he could come in or if he was interrupting me and I said "Sure come in", which he did closing the door behind him. I was still admiring myself as I saw my dad, in his boxers, appear behind me in the reflection. Seeing us together, I noticed how much I was starting to look like him--all I needed was some hair on my chest and stomach. It had started coming in, but was still soft and blond (barely noticeable) not thick and black like his.

He complimented me on my progress which made me pretty happy and I told him "thanks". He asked me what I was doing and I told him about my nightly ritual of admiration before bed. He thought that was pretty neat and he knelt behind me, so his head was at the same level as mine, giving him the same view I had.

He asked me to flex my arms for him, which I did happily. My biceps weren't huge, but bigger than they had ever been. His hands rose up and landed on top of the muscles as he grabbed and massaged them telling me that I was developing into a "strong young man". It was nice to have my dad complimenting me--he was my idol after all. In the mirror, I watched as his hands slipped off my arms and down my sides as he traced the outline of my body. It tickled a little when his hands swept down my sides and I let out a little giggle, which he returned.

He had his hands on my waist for a while as our eyes met in the reflection. He smiled at me lovingly and I gave him the same look back. He said "OK. Now how about those legs". I spread them a little further apart and tensed them up as much as I could. He put his hands on either side of my left leg and slowly ran them down to my ankle and back up, stopping at the bottom of my briefs. He did the same with my other leg. By this time I could feel the heat radiating from my hard little penis in my underwear. As great as it felt to have his hands on me, I kind of hoped he would leave so I could masturbate.

Next, his hands grabbed my wrists and he had me put my hands on top of my head. I watched as his hands reached around and grabbed at my chest, kneading the small mounds of new muscle. As he grabbed and rubbed my pecs, I felt a new sensation on my nipples--they were getting hard. I thought they only did that when I was cold, but now I was very warm and I watched them get all pointy. At the same time I saw my penis getting bigger and stiffer under my briefs. I was kind of embarrassed about that and hoped that dad didn't see it too.

I guess he did because he put his mouth to my ear and said "I guess this feels good, huh?" All I could do was nod to which he replied "feels good for me too". Now I was confused-I didn't know what he meant. My confusion ended rather quickly as his hands left my hard nipples and slid down my stomach, passing my belly button and going onto the bulge in my underwear. I let out a deep gasp as I felt someone else's hands touch my penis for the first time. It felt so much better than when I did it. As he watched my face in the mirror, he grabbed the top of my briefs and pulled them down on my thighs. My penis flung up quickly as he released it and he let out a little chuckle.

His fingers ran up the inside of my legs which drove me wild. His left hand stopped and grabbed my balls while his other hand continued up to my rock-hard penis. It was so cool to feel him doing this and to be able to watch it all happen in the mirror. With his thumb and finger he grabbed my penis and started to move the skin back and forth very slowly as he massaged my tight balls. I felt his tongue on my neck and started to moan watching him lick and kiss me as he held my penis.

After a while of playing with my cock he whispered "put your legs together" which I did. He continued to rub my pecker and balls as I felt his wet penis start to slide between my smooth thighs. In the mirror I watched as it poked its way through and emerged on the other side until I could feel his bush of hair on the back of my legs. I was amazed at how big and thick he was. The head alone was bigger than my whole penis and it was deep red unlike the rest of it which was pink. The feeling of his penis sliding against the bottom of my balls was…well, it was the greatest feeling I had ever had up to that time.

I knew I wasn't going to last much longer with all of this stimulation. As I kept watching and feeling his hard shaft appear and disappear between my legs, my own penis was swelling to it's ejaculation size. He started to masturbate me faster and massage my balls harder and my body began to shake. I leaned back against his hairy chest for support and started to cum. We both watched it happen in the mirror--it was so cool to watch my self shoot from that angle and with dad's hands grabbing me there. My semen shot far that time, hitting the mirror and running down the smooth surface. After I had finished, dad moved his hands back to my chest and played with my nipples, which at this point were more sensitive than I even knew they could get.

I made a circle with my hand and put it under my balls so I could feel the top of his penis each time it slid forward between my legs. The head was so warm and moist. He whispered into my ear "that feels so good buddy" and started to slide slower in long strokes, letting me squeeze his cock head in my hand for a few more seconds each time.

He started to lick and kiss my neck again then let out a loud moan and pushed as far forward as he could grinding his pubic hair against the back of my legs. My hand wrapped around his penis and squeezed the top as I felt it start to pulsate. I watched it expel long thick lines of white cum--at least 6 or 7--which flew into the mirror and mixed with my own.

He rested his head on my shoulder as he slid back just enough to make the head disappear between my legs where he rubbed it back and forth. I held my legs together as tight as I could. He grabbed my head and turned my mouth to his and kissed me. I kissed him back. It was weird to feel his tongue in my mouth--weird but kinda good too. He kissed for a few minutes as he rubbed his hands over my whole body. I could feel his cock getting softer between my legs and eventually he pulled back and rubbed his soft, but still long and fat, cock against the back of my legs and butt.

He pulled his mouth back from mine and said "Thanks buddy-that was great" and got up, pulled up his boxers and walked out of my room. I pulled my underwear down to my feet and took them off. I wiped the copious amount of fluid from the mirror and threw my soaked briefs over by my hamper. I had to jack off twice more before I could get to sleep that night. That was the only time that happened.

Years later when I would relate this story to others they'd always say that they were sorry I had to go through that kind of abuse. But honestly, I never thought of it like that. I loved it then and still love thinking about it today. His touch was so soft and loving it couldn't have been abuse.