Skip - Part I

Note to readers: I'm writing this on the 10th anniversary of the events taking place. This is a true story, I'm happy to say. I've had some great friends in my life. Skip and Billy are two of the better ones.

The clock radio went off at 6:00 a.m. Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" was playing. I automatically reached for the snooze bar. Damn. I had to get up. The alarm clock was across the room now, on my dresser. It had been too easy to keep hitting the snooze bar and catching nine more minutes of sleep for another thirty minutes. I had it set so that I would get ten minutes of music and then the secondary buzzer would go off. The sound it made was that of a construction vehicle backing up. I hated the second buzzer. My discipline needed to be re-enforced, so this little change was going to make me get up and actually get into my running gear to go outside. It took a little doing but I managed. My general rule was that once I was awake, I was up. This is 1989 and at 33, I needed to keep in shape and stay disciplined if I was going to stay well.

A long bout with the flu earlier this year had convinced me that I'm too young to be so sick from a lousy flu bug. But then there was the tumor. God I didn't even want to think about that. I would though, later, when my head was clearer than it was now. That's not something I was going to be able to handle alone. I needed someone to talk to, preferably someone who had been there.

I slipped on my jock, running shorts, tank top, socks, and Nikes. I pinned my key to the inside of my shorts and headed outside into the April morning fog. It was so peaceful at this time of the morning. The sun was up enough that I knew it was going to be a nice day. I heard birds starting their morning symphony and decided that they were singing just for me, since I was the only one in sight. I loved the morning, and had since I was a little boy. I also was a night owl, which is why I had trouble getting up in the morning.

I soon settled in to my six minutes per mile pace, feeling my heart beating strong and my lungs expanding easily in the fresh clear air. I loved my life, sometimes for no particular reason at all. My friends called me "upbeat", seeking out my company in times when they were not. I enjoyed the friends I had too, both male and female. I wouldn't trade any one of them for anything. Life was good.

"But you got a tumor inside you," taunted my consciousness.

"I know," I answered back out loud.

As I ran, I thought about Skip. I had to stop thinking about him though because surely I would get hard and the world would know that I was as horny as I really am. Running around the country roads with my shorts tenting out in front of me would look hysterical, but would be very embarrassing. Not wanting to think about Skip made me think about Skip, to the point where I had to sit down for a few minutes and wait for my erection to fade away. Damn I was horny. I couldn't help it. Skip made me that way.

I got home a little while later, successfully finishing my run, but not in record time. I took off my running gear and lay down on my bed. I wrapped my fist around my dick, yet again hard from thinking about Skip. With my luck the man was straight as an arrow, but fantasizing about him sure made me feel good. I stroked my shaft up and down and I pictured his handsome face and body in my mind's eye. He was tall, slim and in terrific shape, and boyish in his face. He had eyes that made me melt and an impressive basket. I guessed that he was at least seven inches hung. Mmmm, yummy.

Before I could slow down and take my time, my cream spurted out of my cock, splashing my stomach and chest, shooting as far as my chin. I licked my fingers, cleaning my thick white load off my body and letting it slide down my throat. I'd been eating my own cum for as long as I could remember. I got into the shower and washed up thoroughly, letting the hot water run down over my muscles. I couldn't keep my hands off my dick though. In a few minutes I was shooting another juicy load. Maybe it would help me keep my dick under control later in the day.

So why did I lust after this boy? Well, even though he was only 19 or 20, he wasn't really a boy. He was an incredibly hunky man. He was 6' tall, had dark brown neatly trimmed hair and green eyes. A guy's eyes are the first things that I always notice, and Skip's drew me in. His smile was sincere and full of expression, and very kind. I've heard him time and again dealing with everybody's problems. You couldn't rattle the man if you tried. His heart had to be made of gold. He spoke kindly of everyone, no matter if he liked him or her or not. He was not conceited about his looks. In my eye, he was perfect, and little would convince me otherwise.

Skip works in my building. He's a summer, vacation and holiday fill-in for the building facilities department, which makes him a jack of all trades. He's a junior in college, down in Massachusetts, outside of Boston. I keep forgetting to ask what he's majoring in. My guess is being a likeable stud, which means he's got a 4.0 GPA.

We've known each other for a year now, at a little more of a distance than I wanted to keep. I wanted to get closer to him, to be called a friend. We weren't best of friends or anything, but we talked every day at work and slowly grew to see we had a lot in common. I've talked to him enough to know that he's a good man, works very hard, and is a great listener. He also drives the van from a company parking lot to the headquarters building. Parking there helps keep the busy streets a little less traffic-snarled. I could park in a city pay garage right next to my building, but taking the van wasn't bad. I did it just so that I could see the dude at least twice a day, once at 8:00 a.m. and once at 4:30 p.m.

One afternoon I was sitting by myself at lunchtime. It was raining that day and I begged off going out to eat. I took a late lunch on purpose. I must have looked out of place, being a little down instead of my usual upbeat self. I was having problems with backaches recently. I thought I was either working out too hard or not taking care of my back properly. There had also been a possibility of something being wrong, but I didn't want to think about that. After a month of putting up with a near-constant ache, modifying my workout at the gym and changing my running routine, I had had enough. I went to my doctor's office for a checkup.

Skip came up and said hi. He was dressed in blue jeans that fit his shape very well. Good thing I was sitting down, leaning against a table with my lunch in front of me. Even with a backache from hell, there was nothing wrong with my libido. If he knew what he did to me every time I saw him, I think he would beat me to a pulp. But then again, maybe he would accept it and feel flattered. One could always hope.

"Jeez Doc, you look like you've lost your best friend. You okay?"

I shook my head. I wasn't close to Skip, yet, but I also didn't want to keep my thoughts to myself. He did really care about people in general so it was easy to open up to him.

"No. I'm feeling shitty, physically and mentally. Found out last night that what I thought was a kidney infection is a tumor instead. Didn't sleep enough last night to make it worthwhile going to bed."

"A tumor? Cancer?"

I nodded. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. We looked each other solidly in the eye. He didn't flinch, obviously not turned off by my mood. His gaze never even faltered as we talked.

"Talk to me, man. I got a good ear. I don't know if I can help, but I can listen. And I've got personal experience with a tumor too. I hope I'm not being too forward, but I had to have a testicle removed because of a lump three years ago."

"Skip, I'm sorry man. No, you're not being too forward. I was thinking to myself this morning that it'd be easier to talk to someone who had already been there. Did some magical power send you to me?"

He smiled wide at me and I smiled at him. No one would have guessed that this young man had been through some shit himself. His attitude was incredible, based on what he had just said.

"Maybe man, maybe. I can say I know how you feel, to a point anyway. It scared me, but it worked out okay. I won't blow sunshine at you and say that you will be, but I can hope you will be.

"My doctor is making a plan now to see what needs to be done. Chemotherapy and radiation are the two likely starting points; surgery may follow if necessary. I hope it doesn't go that far though."

"I'm sorry, buddy. It doesn't seem very fair to me, especially considering you've had other crap to deal with in the past."

"The car accident. Gee, words gets around, huh?"

"Yeah, well..." he said, a little embarrassed.

I hadn't told him about the accident, so I knew he heard it from someone else at work. I didn't talk about it much. I was trying to get beyond it, even though that in itself was proving to be very hard.

"Don't worry about it, dude. It's no secret, I just don't share it with many people."

"Okay. I wasn't being nosey, in case you were wondering. It came up in conversation one day with Jason."

I smiled. Jason was my best friend at work -- another good guy. We'd known each other since we were in college, 15 years ago. He and I had worked together since then, including having summer jobs as waiters for our four years of college.

"Listen bud, would you like to come out to my place after work? I usually order pizza on Friday's and kick back because I'm too bushed to do much else. Other than listening, I'm not sure what else I can do, but I'd like the chance to at least do that."

"Sure. I got no plans. I'm done by 4:30."

"I'm done by 4:00 today. Here's my address and phone. It's only a few miles from here. Come by when you're ready."

"Okay. I know the area. See you around 5:30. Can I bring anything?"

"Nope ... just an appetite."

We parted company for the afternoon, each of us going back to work. I was somewhat productive, figuring that Friday afternoons are better when you keep busy and let them pass quickly.

I pulled into the driveway beside Skip's pickup truck at 5:45. I had stopped at my place long enough to trade my suit for jeans and a T-shirt. His apartment looked a fair amount like mine -- no showplace, but lived-in and comfortable.

I smelled pizza in the kitchen. Skip brought out the box and a couple of beers. I handed him the six-pack I'd bought in exchange for a cold one of his. We sat on the sofa and dug in.

"After I thought about it this afternoon, I was sorry that I butted in on you at lunch. You looked really out of place with that expression on your face, though, and I didn't feel right letting it pass at the time."

"I'm glad you didn't. My mood started eating on me after midnight last night and seemed to get progressively worse. I came to work more to get out of my apartment than to get anything done. Even though I know a lot about cancer because of a friend in college, it really scares me."

"Do you think it's been caught early?"

"I don't know. We've been treating it for the past three weeks as a kidney infection because that's what the initial test showed. It was infected, like the doctor saw, but follow-up tests showed that we'd better look further. He did a tissue biopsy on Tuesday and called me late yesterday."

Skip winced when I said 'tissue biopsy'. He would know about that.

"I know enough about it to know that it had to hurt you. I hope you'll talk to me or call me when you need someone to talk to. If you need someone to go along when you have treatments, call me, or let me know at work. If I can't go for any reason, I think I could get Billy to go with you. Okay?"

"Okay, man. I appreciate it. You really are a good man, like I've been thinking all along."

"Thanks. Billy helped me a lot when I was getting used to the idea of having cancer. He was a bigger help when we found out that surgery was my only viable option."

"I've never seen a guy with one testicle. Is there pain still?"

"No, not any more. There was for several months after the surgery, but the surgeon did a good job. He was right that there wouldn't be any lasting effects. It might sound weird, but I can still jack off like I used to."

"Hey, as someone who jacks off too, I know what you mean. I think I'd be a basket case if I couldn't relieve the ache."

"So how long from onset to surgery?"

"Seven months. We tried radiation right away but it didn't shrink it. I was afraid of getting it twice, so I told the doc not to fool around long. I was the one who raised the idea of surgery. He wanted to do chemo first, but I didn't want to wait and see. I could live without one, but ... "

"I hear you. I got at good idea what it would do to your sex life, but what it would do to you psychologically would have had to be worse. Still, I think you're a brave guy for letting them take it. I wish I'd known you back then. I would have helped Billy make sure you were okay."

"Thanks, man. I know you would have, too. That's why I want to do the same for you."

He reached over and rubbed my shoulder. He looked in my eyes. True friendship began when you could hold your buddy's eyes, not needing to look away in shame or embarrassment. I loved his eyes. I loved the smile that accompanied them. We were closer friends from this moment on. Sharing your fears and sharing strength at the same time made it important.

We finished off the pizza and another beer apiece and watched "Big", with Tom Hanks, on HBO. We had both seen it before, only once, when it first came out, so we hammed it up and mimicked some of the antics. We talked more about everything we could think of during the evening. He had a lot of interests, and most of them were in line with mine. He was curious about my car accident (which he knew a little about). We talked about music, movies, family (his brother Billy also worked summers and holidays in our building), and life in general. Before we knew it, it was approaching 1:00 a.m.. I was especially tired since I hadn't slept last night.

"If you don't have to rush off, you're welcome to stay here for the night. I'm not even sure, based on how tired you look, that you could make it home. The sofa's not bad for sleeping on, or you can bunk with me if you'd like."

Now wasn't that an idea of the week. Should I just say that I ought to go home? It was Friday night. Saturday was open. So I would miss my morning run. Let's see -- bunk with Skip for the night, or go home so I could get up and run at 6:00 a.m. -- on a Saturday. Well, since I did not have a screw loose, that was your basic no-brainer. The idea of having someone close to me again while I slept was inviting. Sleeping alone wasn't easy to do when you had gotten used to not sleeping alone, which was probably the reason behind Skip's offer to bunk with him. I thought about sex, naturally. But I also thought about being close to someone again -- needing to be close. I was a creature of comfort and being held by someone was the epitome of comfort. I need love, too, but a half-step forward is okay.

We picked up the pizza carton and empty bottles, turned out the lights in the apartment, and went to Skip's bedroom. We discovered that neither one of us wore briefs under our jeans and that we were also pretty equally endowed. Neither one of us was obvious when we checked each other out. I lingered for a second longer though seeing that he did indeed have one testicle, not two. This made me think of him more as a buddy now than as a sex partner. But I also thought about him as a sex partner, because he would be good to and for me. Tonight, all I wanted, worse than anything, was to sleep and to be comforted. The rest would happen or not.

When we got in to bed, Skip put his arm around my shoulder, hugged me close, and said that he was glad that I came over instead of sitting at home brooding. He knew brooding and it did no good. I returned his hug, thankful for the consolation. He was sincere, comforting, and a good friend. We fell asleep in each other's arms.


A noise in the street outside woke me up. Skip's alarm clock showed 7:45 a.m. He was waking up at the same time. He wrapped his arms around me again and pulled me to him.

"Mornin' buddy. Did you sleep okay?"

"Probably better than I have in months. I was really beat, but I also think having you close to me made a world of difference. I hope that doesn't sound like a come-on. I mean it in the sense of friendship. I'm glad we've taken our time getting to know each other."

"Good, I'm really glad. My parents raised Billy and me to be good to people and to watch out for anyone who was having a bad time. I'm really sorry that you're sick, but I also want you to know that I'll be here for you anytime."

"My college buddy Jeff, would tell you that you and I are a lot alike. His friends pulled away from him, which made him and me even closer because he knew that I'd be there for him 24 hours a day. There's a lot of comfort in that. I'm glad you're not afraid to give a hug when it's needed. Lots of guys, and some women, too, just aren't into it. Too bad."

"I came from an affectionate household. Billy and I still hug when we feel a need to. When you grow up accepting it, it doesn't seem weird."

"I didn't grow up with a huge amount of affection, though I certainly wasn't neglected. But hugs were few and far between. Jeff always felt that a hug did him more good than chemotherapy ever did. I can't think of a better way to show that you really care about someone.

We lay together in bed for another half hour. Neither one of us had to work today and had no reason to be up very early. He asked if I wanted to hang out with him today. He had errands to run, and would be meeting up with Billy around noon to grab a bite.

"You're more than welcome to come along. Maybe we can make a day of it and then do take-out tonight. Got anywhere you need to be today?"

"Nope I don't. I run during the week, so if I take a break on any given weekend, no damage done. I tend to take offers as they come because when you say no too many times, the offers disappear."

I smiled, figuring Skip wasn't the kind to do that. He smiled back, telling me he wasn't. Being spontaneous made life a little more interesting. He was glad I could hang out with them today. He told me he'd worry if I went home alone, wondering if I'd spend it hidden away.

"I won't now. Thanks to you, man."

"Good. I've done it, for a short while. It sucks. Billy would dog me until I'd give up and say yes to whatever he was doing. I'm not above doing that either."

"In that case, I guess I won't have to worry about spending too much time alone. Like I said yesterday, did some magical power send you to me?"

"Maybe. For the benefit of both of us I think."

"Yeah. Amen."

We spent the day running all over the city -- auto parts store, mall, Wendy's for lunch, video store, and home center. I lived in an apartment so I rarely hit the home center, but I found some stuff I could use on my balcony anyway. The video was for later, after dinner. We stopped at my place long enough for me to get a change of clothes for tomorrow. I'd accepted and invitation to stay over night with the guys. Skip told me if I wanted to keep a change of clothes in the car I could feel free to stay over after work. We lived 35 minutes apart, so I kept a duffel bag in the car and to let myself be spontaneous. It was nice to go and do something without worrying about what I was wearing, especially if we did stuff after work.

Saturday night brought seafood takeout and the video. It had started to rain late in the day so we decided to forego any other running around in favor going home and doing a couple of projects.

Sunday morning I woke with the sun on my face, and Skip's arms wrapped tightly around my chest. It was past 3:00 before we finally shut up long enough to sleep. I held on to his arms and lay where I was, with my eyes closed, enjoying being held. The warmth of his body against mine felt nice. I drifted back to sleep. It was another two hours before I woke again. Skip was lying beside me, watching me, being quiet so as not to wake me up sooner than I wanted. I put my arm around his shoulders and drew him close. He put his head on my chest.

"I can hear your heart beat, man. It sounds cool."

"Funny, but I can feel yours ... I think I felt it as you held me during the night.

My stomach growled, which I took it to mean that we needed to get up and get some breakfast in us. The clock said 8:45. I was about to get up a bit later when I reconsidered.

"What's up?" said Skip, noticing my aborted attempt to get up.

"Uh, er, actually I am."

I turned a bit red and pulled the sheet back on top of me.

"Huh? Oh. Ha ha. What's to be embarrassed about? I've had a boner since we went to bed last night. After all you've been through, it's probably good to know that you can get it up."

"Well, true. Actually, the morning I don't wake up with a hard-on, I'll be surprised. I just didn't want you to think, well..."

"Come on, buddy. I don't think anything. To tell you the truth, you turn me on. I'm glad to be better friends with you today then we were yesterday at this time. Friendships, good ones like ours, are enough to make me hard because they also make me feel great. Billy and I fool around, even now, because it keeps our friendship strong, not just because it's sex."

"Really? Would you want to 'fool around' with me? It's been a long time. Jeff and I used to, for basically the same reason."

Skip slid the sheets back and took my cock in his hand. His touch was gentle and easy. He pulled me to him and kissed me on my lips. I instantly returned the kiss and flashed back to Jeff. This felt so natural that we just let it go where it would. Yeah I was gay, but who liked labels? I liked feeling good, and if it took a guy to do it, fine.

I took his cock and stroked it gently, imitating Skip's movements. We kissed and stroked each other for a half hour or more. My breathing changed and he knew I was about to come. He stroked my cock more firmly and I shot a hot, creamy white load all over my stomach. I increased my grip on his dick and he shot only moments after me, matching me nearly spurt for spurt in a thick, juicy load. Mine was the best load of the month and I told him so. He smiled.

We lay in each other's arms, kissed contentedly, and cherished the newfound joy. He whispered something in my ear. I laughed out loud and nodded. He moved to my mouth, throat, nipples, navel, and finally to my cock head. He kissed and licked the purple head and then licked up and down my flesh. He returned to the cock head and sucked the full length of my cock into his mouth. Skip sucked me, in and out, up and down, shaft to head and back for 20 minutes. He once again heard my breathing change and increased his mouth work on my hot, throbbing dick. I shot a load at least equal to my first and filled his mouth and throat with my juice. He sucked my dick until the spurting ended and until I softened. He lay beside me once again, placing his body half on mine, and kissed me again. His breath tasted of my cock and cum.

"Damn," I said.


"That was wicked. I loved it."

"Me too."

We still were not in a rush to get up, so I rolled him over on his back, and retraced the trail, this time on his wonderful firm body, that he had taken on mine. I hadn't had cock in my mouth for several years, but his reminded me of Jeff's -- firm, long, thick, and throbbing. I licked and kissed his head, licked his shaft, sucked each and then his remaining testicle into my mouth, and then went down the full length of his manhood. It tasted and felt wonderful. I looked up at his eyes while I sucked his dick. He smiled and put his hand on my head, stroking my neck and hair. I enjoyed the feeling of his dick in my mouth for a half hour. I sensed that he was close, picked up my pace, and was rewarded with what seemed like a gallon of creamy, sweet cum.

I had almost forgotten how sweet it could taste. I sucked it all deep into my throat and let him fill my belly. When he was spent, he pulled me up and on top of him, wrapped his legs around mine, and kissed me until we needed to get up, mostly because hunger made our belly's rumble.

We went out for a late breakfast, picked up groceries at the supermarket, went out to a matinee at the last moment, walked down by the river for a couple of hours, and went back to his apartment. His cock was hard again, outlined in the fabric of his blue jeans. I walked up behind him, put my hand on his crotch, rubbed it until it got even harder, then slipped my hand down the front of his jeans. He leaned against me and I pushed my crotch into his ass. Both of us were hot, as if we hadn't had sex in weeks.

I laid him on the floor, pulled his boots and jeans off, licked his dick top to bottom, sucked his ball and moved down to his asshole. It was warm and moist. My tongue flicked in and out of his hole and he spread his legs as far apart as he could manage. I rimmed his sweet, tight, juicy pink hole, added as much spit as I could work up and then pushed it into him with my tongue. He squirmed and smiled, enjoying every playful lick. I took off my jeans, raised and spread his legs, put my face in his ass and licked again and again, burying my face deep into his funky asshole.

He worked himself around and pulled me down on his face. His tongue found my moist asshole and flicked its way deep as he could manage. I returned to his ball and thick cock and licked and sucked them while he ate my ass. I pushed my ass deep on to his face and he rewarded me with a rim job like I'd never experienced. As I sucked his cock, I put my finger up his butthole, working it around and probing his insides.

"Have you ever had a dick inside your ass?", he asked. "I'd sure enjoy sliding my cock up your sweet, tight asshole."

"Not for a long time. I bet you could fuck me real good."

I lay down on the floor, spread my legs, and invited him in. He spit on his cock and stroked it a couple of times while he added spit to my asshole. I felt his cock head push against the outside of my hot hole, probing, waiting patiently to enter me. His head went in, followed by his long shaft. I had guessed right. He's about seven inches, moderately thick but not so that it hurt. I felt his ball sac against my ass. My legs were up over his shoulders. I put my hands on his arms and then pulled his mouth to mine while he let me get used to his cock. In no time, he was fucking me like we'd done this together all our lives. He pushed and pulled, sliding his juicy dick in and out of my hungry hole. He was good with his dick. For almost fifteen minutes I enjoyed his cock pumping into my ass.

"Fill my belly, Skip. Come inside me and fill me up. I want to feel your load up my hot asshole."

He bent down to kiss me again, pushed faster and harder and moaned as he spurt his creamy white gism inside my twitching asshole. He pumped me until his dick went soft, pulled out, laid on top of me, and kissed me with all the passion he had to give.

We rested a short bit on the sofa and then he asked me to fuck him until I was dry. No problem. I licked his asshole while he lubed my cock with his spit. I spread his legs, put them on my shoulders, put my cock head against his willing hole and was inside him in one, easy, long push.

"Your dick feels as natural in me as Billy's does. I hope you'll come back and have a three-way with Billy and me. We've never done one."

"Me either. It sounds hot. He's a real looker, just like you are, buddy. I love the feeling of my hard, throbbing dick inside your asshole. I feel like I could fuck you all night and come forever."

My cock slid inside Skip's hole like it was meant to be there all the time. I fucked him slow and steady, not having the urge to hurt him. Our sex and lovemaking was slow and gentle and passionate. We kissed as I slid my cock inside him, filling him up with my manhood. My cock seemed harder now than it had ever been. I was getting close and Skip knew it.

"Yeah, let your load fly in me. I want to feel your cum all the way to my gut. Fuck me, buddy, fuck me good.

In a matter of moments, my hot creamy load was filling his insides. It had been a long time since I'd had such an intense orgasm. Nothing we did was strange or unnatural. We were two newfound friends pleasing each other physically and emotionally.

I was a little afraid of leaving and him having time to reconsider all this. I knew he was a good guy. I hoped that he'd keep on liking me. I tried to make it clear to him that sex was good, but if it got in the way of us being friends, I'd rather have his friendship. He told me I had nothing to worry about. We'd be friends for a very long time. I believed him.

He smiled at me on Monday morning when I got in the van at the parking lot. We had a good conversation with our small group of passengers on the ten minute drive to our building. I saw him later in the day in the elevator. We were alone after the only other person got off on the 4th floor. He reached for me and kissed me. I kissed him back.

"That ought to keep a smile on your face today, bud," he said to me as we reached my floor. Why didn't the elevator break down? I'd have to discuss that with him. I wonder if he could arrange it that we'd be stuck together for awhile?

The week went by in a blur. This time I asked him out to my place on Friday. He liked the idea. We agreed that we wanted subs for dinner ... and cock. Hold the mayo. But don't spare the cream. When he arrived at my apartment at 5:30, I greeted him naked and with a smile. I opened the fly of his jeans and put my cock inside, pushing it up against his dick. We stood in my living room for ten minutes, kissing while rubbing our dicks together.

We went to the sofa and lay in a 69 position, taking each other's cock into our mouths and sucking hungrily. Damn he tasted so good. I finally got him naked while I kept his cock in my mouth. I put my finger up his ass, messaging his prostate, loosening him up. He squirmed and pressed further onto my finger. In a moment he came in mouth, splashing the back of my throat with his thick load. It took little effort to make me do the same to him. He swallowed all he could, but a little of my cum ran down the side of his mouth. I bent to kiss him and licked it up.

He smiled at me and helped me change positions so that I was lying on top of him. It took a few minutes but I got hard again. I pushed my cock up inside his ass with little effort. I fucked him until I shot another thick load up his butt. My cock softened and slipped out of his ass, reluctantly.

He flipped me onto my back and pushed his cock into me in one smooth thrust. He fucked me on my back, then on my side, then doggy style. He pumped faster when he was about to come, filling my ass with his spunk. Then he leaned down and licked what he could out of my tight hole. We fell asleep right where we were, sleeping very contentedly all night. When he left, he left the way in which he arrived. He had a bulge in his jeans and I had on only a smile.

Skip and Billy - Part II

Skip and Billy are brothers...good looking young guys, both. They work in my building and I manage to see either one or both a couple times a week. They're fun to talk to and they enjoy listening as well. One afternoon I got on to the freight elevator with both. Skip was flustered, trying to make everyone happy and not succeeding with pleasing anyone, especially women, that day. He said that he was swearing off women and wondered what I thought about that. I agreed whole-heartedly, having my fair share of frustration during most of that week as well.

"Women are okay, but the best and longest friends I've ever had have always been guys. Guys just understand each other a hell of a lot better than women understand guys."

We arrived at their floor. I still had five to go, but got off anyway so we could finish our discussion. I needed a break anyway. We got onto the topic of the weekend, thankfully only one day away. I said that I was looking forward to just getting out the door at 4:30 and kicking back to relax.

"How about going out with Billy and me Friday?" says Skip. "We're not doing anything special except a pizza and a six-pack."

I was without a car, temporarily, so Skip offered to pick me up at my place around 5:00. Pizza was ordered from my place, picked up on the way to theirs after a visit to the local supermarket for beer.

We dug in to the pizza and beer and kicked back. I sat on the floor next to Billy while Skip took a chair. We talked a bit about where we came from, how we thought about going to college (for a second time in my case), music, movies, and friends -- most everything except for girls.

I said that I had been a computer analyst for 15 years, working for GE and Digital but had left my first employer after a bad car accident (the need to return to NH from Connecticut). I had left my previous company after nearly burning myself out by 18 hours days, 7 days a week, for over a year.

"Car accident? Really?" asked Billy. Skip already knew about it, somewhat.

"Yeah, drunk driver. It was during the summer, four years ago, nearly head-on. He didn't get a scratch but nearly killed me. I ended up badly hurt and in the hospital for over two years.

"Tell us about it, Doc. We'd like to know what happened."

For about twenty minutes I filled them in on the details. Even Skip hadn't known that I was not the only occupant in my car. But it didn't change how he felt. They asked questions along the way, not put off by my answers. I told both of them to live each day and not take it for granted. You never knew what was going to happen.

Both guys looked in amazement, immediately sorry to hear of such an obvious nightmare. Skip didn't know the details, just that I was involved in an accident.

"Sorry. I'm okay, mostly, about it, but as you might expect, I have my moments."

Billy moved closer and put his hand on my shoulder, offering comfort. Skip leaned forward, taking my hand and holding it in his. I held on because it felt good. It'd been a while since I thought about the accident and was obviously feeling bummed. Billy's hand stayed put, occasionally moving across my shoulder and back, a sign of empathy and strength at the same time.

"Thanks guys ... I appreciate it. It's not that I'll ever forget it, but I also need to get it off my chest once in a while."

"I hear that," said Skip. "Like you, my best friends are guys. Actually, Billy is my best friend and has been since we were kids. We seem to think a lot alike and really watch out for each other."

"I'm kinda at a loss of what to say," said Billy. "I'm glad you're willing to talk about it, because you could go nuts trying to hold that to yourself all the time."

"Glad you're willing to listen. It's hard for a lot of people, guys too sometimes, to feel okay about talking."

Billy put both arms around me. "Talk any time, buddy. We'll listen."

"Bill's right...we will listen. I don't know why we're put on earth, well not exactly anyway, but I do know that we're here to help each other out."

Skip pulled me to my feet and hugged me. I hugged him back. He was sincere, as was Billy. The comfort felt good and I started to sob. Tears of longing for my lost love and relief, finally, of talking about it to someone else for the first time in over a year. Billy stood beside me and joined Skip in comforting me. They led me to the sofa and sat on either side. We talked for a another half hour and I told them about my nightmares and my pain and recovery from the accident. Skip took my hand once more, holding it and giving me strength when I seemed to need it. Billy put his arm across my shoulder and held me close. For awhile, we sat together, saying nothing. We listened to music then talked about our childhood, school, work, and friends for several hours. We finally noticed it was past midnight.

"If you don't have to rush home," said Skip, "how about staying with us tonight. Come and bunk with me again. I'd feel better knowing you weren't alone."

"I don't have to rush home and I'd be happy to bunk with you for the night."

We continued our talk, finished off the last bits of pizza, watched a movie together on HBO, and decided to call it quits around 1:30. Billy was snoozing beside me and we gently prodded him to wake him long enough to get him to bed. He didn't rouse very well, so Skip and I took him to his room. We decided it was better to help him out of his clothes than to make him sleep in them all night. After getting him tucked in for the night, Skip and I went across the hall to his bedroom.

"Hope you don't mind sleeping beside someone who tosses a bit during the night. I've gotten better about it since I've grown up, but Billy used to kick me out of bed when we were kids because I kept him awake."

"Sounds like me and my brother, too. He was the one kicking me out of bed. I promise not to kick you too hard, though". He laughed and promised to be kind to me, too. We had done okay the first time I stayed over with him.

Like Billy, neither Skip nor I wore briefs under our jeans. I had silently admired Billy's body when Skip and I pulled off his jeans and tucked him in. The three of us were pretty identical in looks in a lot of ways. Skip, though not overly obvious about it, checked me out as I checked him out. We got into bed. This time I took his hand, echoing thanks for inviting me to come over and for a chance to talk. We switched hands and he put his arm around my shoulder, pulled me close and held me without saying anything. I lay in his arms, comfortable, relaxed, and feeling safe and sound.

"I've almost forgotten what it feels like to be held at night. You're a good man Skip and I really appreciate the friendship you and Billy offer me."

"You're welcome to come over anytime. We usually come home from work and hang out because we work hard all week and also because we can't afford to go out on the town every night. Tonight was one of the best we've had in a long while."

We lay together in the dark, holding each other. The moon came in through the window, setting up a bright blue glow in the room. It wasn't long before we were both asleep, better friendship a good accomplishment for the day.

I heard the toilet flush, opened my eyes slowly, and saw Billy returning to his room. Skip stirred a bit. We both had one arm around each other, having spent the night that way. Billy came in to the room and sat on the bed beside me.

"Did you sleep okay?"

"Well, considering that Skip held on to me all night to keep me from kicking him out of bed, I slept great."

"I heard that," said Skip as he opened his eyes. "I happened to hold you so that I wouldn't end up kicking YOU out of bed for tossing all night."

We laughed, knowing full well why we slept snugly together. I was extremely grateful for my improved friendship with these two brothers. As Skip held me, he looked at Billy. I missed the subtlety of what was going on between them. Skip put his free hand on my leg and worked his way slowly to my cock.

Billy pulled back the sheet, knowing what Skip was doing. He waited to see if I'd pull away. I didn't. He then continued to move his hand until it made contact with my hard-on. Billy slid in beside me. Skip and I made room. He and Billy caressed my dick slowly and with as much tenderness as they showed toward me last night. We were performing a sexual act, but it felt much more like deep friendship than sex. I felt good knowing that we were so comfortable together. The embraces and touching were intimate, comforting and natural. I looked into Skip's deep green eyes, put my hand behind his head, and pulled him to my lips. We kissed long and deeply. Billy's lips joined ours and together we cemented our friendship and caring for each other.

Billy moved down to my throat, to my nipples, to my stomach and navel, and then to the head of my cock. He kissed the head and then slid his mouth slowly down my shaft. Skip relinquished his hold on my cock, letting Billy have it all to himself. He then followed Billy's tongue path from my throat all the way to my balls. He let Billy continue to suck me while he licked and sucked my balls into his mouth.

For nearly 45 minutes, the two brothers licked and sucked my cock and balls, exchanging and sharing fairly. My breathing changed and they both knew I was about to come. They continued to lick my shaft, waiting for my load to shoot from my dick. And shoot it did. I came in large creamy white spurts all over my stomach. Both boys worked their way to my stomach, licking up my load of fresh cum as they met in a kiss across my belly, and then returning to my mouth, sharing their kiss with me once again. They both tasted of cock- and cum-breath.

After 10 minutes or so, we noticed that none of us had lost his hard-on. I looked at Billy, nodded toward Skip, and smiled. Billy knew what I was up to. We put Skip on his back and worked our way down to his stiff, hot cock. We sucked and licked eagerly as he moaned in delight. He tasted so good I just wanted to lay naked with him and Billy all day, getting my fill and then some of juicy dick. I tasted pre-cum on my tongue and knew Skip wasn't far from shooting his load.

"Can I have this one?", I said to Billy.

"Go for it. His cum is nice and sweet, just like yours. You'll love it."

I went back down on Skip's dick, putting my mouth over his head and working his dick into my mouth. In no time, I was rewarded with a thick load of cum as Skip shot into my mouth. I swallowed all that I could get, reveling in the taste. Billy watched and smiled, knowing I was getting a hot load. It was sweet, just as he'd said it was.

In no time we were ready for Round 3. Billy's dick was as long and thick as his brothers. He lay on his back and stretched out, letting Skip and I kiss him, lick his nipples, navel, chest, arm pits, ass, balls and finally his throbbing dick.

"Who gets his cum load?", I asked.

"I'll flip you for it," said Skip.

"Okay." And I flipped him off the bed.

Billy propped himself up on his elbows and smiled, enjoying this new playtime. I went back down on his cock, sucking like I'd never tasted sweet boy meat before, enjoying the taste and texture of this hard, throbbing dick in my mouth. Billy threw his head back, moaned a long, steady moan, and filled my mouth will the biggest load of the day. Like Skip's, it was thick, creamy and sweet as any candy I've ever eaten. I continued to suck Billy's dick even after he came, letting it go soft in my mouth, and then taking a turn at his balls. Skip sat on the floor all the while, stroking his dick while he watched me suck his brother's cock.

We all stayed hard. I took Billy's erection in my hand and looked at him, questioning why he hadn't gone soft after coming.

"You make me horny. You wouldn't believe how long I'm been lusting after you at work."

"Me too," echoed Skip.

"You guys lusting after me? I'm nothing special, why me?"

"Ah but you are special, buddy, in a lot of ways. We've been talking about you for months. Billy told me he wanted to fuck you as soon as you two met."

"Really? You wanna fuck me?"

"Oh yeah, man. I wanna fuck you a few times."

"Oooh baby. Go for it."


"Hey Skip, was I a good fuck?"

"You were a very good fuck. Go for it Billy, before I do him instead."

Billy turned to Skip with his dick pointing straight at him. Skip knew what to do, without being told. He bent down and spit-lubed his brother's hard cock. When he was nice and wet, Billy lifted my legs over his shoulders. A moment later he was putting eight inches of boy cock into my tight pucker. Skip leaned back on his heels and watched his brother's dick enter my ass and then settle into a rhythm of hot fucking. Oh man did he feel good. This was my first time being fucked by a 17-year-old. He was young but he was easily up to the task. My ass was probed deeply and expertly, touching the insides like any experienced fuck buddy.

He bent me in half and lay on my legs, kissing me while he put it to me. Skip pushed his cock between us so Billy and I took turns sucking him. He closed his eyes and moaned, letting us lick him like a lollipop and suck him into our throats. I swallowed him down to his ball sac, wagging my tongue back and forth over the base of his dick. I was rewarded with cum in my mouth at the same time I got cum up my ass. I took it all, at both ends.

"Okay Billy, Doc's turn to pork you butt. He gives as good as he takes, too."

Billy lay down on his back and I bent forward immediately to rim is pink pucker hole. When I stuck my tongue in his ass, he moaned and writhed, pressing his ass into my face. Skip sucked my cock to get it wet. When he'd done a good job, I got up on my knees and pushed into Billy in one smooth stroke, burying my dick to my balls. Billy pushed his ass into my thrusts, moaning and calling out my name as I fucked him. Skip got behind me and fucked the fucker. Sandwiched between these two hunks was like gay heaven. I pushed and pulled while Skip drilled me deep.

"I'm coming, man. Keep fucking my brother. Give him that fucking cock of yours!!"

I kept fucking, no problem. My ass swallowed Skip's load of cream while Billy's swallowed mine. Without hardly missing a beat, I pulled out of Billy and pushed my cum-lubed cock into Skip's hot ass, fucking and pumping like I hadn't gotten off in days. He pushed his ass into my cock, using his legs to wrap themselves around me, pulling me deeper into him.

"Skip, I want your cum in my mouth this time," said Billy, not wanting to miss out.

"Okay, little bro, open wide because I'm ready."

He positioned himself as I continued to fuck him and shot his load onto Billy's face. Billy put his mouth over Skip's shooting rod and swallowed as fast as he could. Anything he missed, I got. Not a drop of cum ended up the bed in all the gushers. I fucked Skip until I was ready to shoot another load. His ass gripped my cock, helping my cum to boil up and over until it shot into his hungry well-fucked asshole.

Skip lay on top of Billy and I lay on top of Skip, my cock still buried up his ass.

"Haven't you cum yet?" he asked me.

"Yeah, but I still got some left, somewhere. Hang on tight man, you're in for a man fuck like you haven't seen in awhile."

The two boys lay and kissed while I pumped my rigid cock into Skip's ass. He swallowed my dick whole, squeezing and pulling out my cum load, sucking me dry with his ass muscles. When I was empty, I was really empty. I couldn't come again if you made me. I was drained and shivering all over, feeling my orgasm run through my whole body.

We spent the next couple of hours laying together, snoozing, holding on to each other. When I woke again, they were at it all over again. I may have been empty, but I could still get hard. How could I help it? I had two young men sucking the living hell out of my dick.

The sex was nice, but the companionship was excellent. I was very fortunate to cross the path of these two young, good looking, caring men. We were bound for a friendship that would last for a lot of years. I love them both, not as lovers, but as friends and buddies. And they very obviously love me as well.