Skip - Part 14


Skip – Part 14

The spring semester of college was winding down quickly. Too quickly, actually. I was afraid of losing the boys for the summer. I asked if we could keep in touch. The boys gave me a list of their full names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. We decided to record our birthdays too. I gave them mine as well, both in New Hampshire and in Boston. We made copies of the list and gave them to everyone. Except for Jake and Jeremy, who were from upstate New York, and Jessie, from Long Island, all the boys were New Englanders. Jake and Jeremy wanted an invite to a summer picnic and weekend at my place. Jessie said he worked for his dad, so he could come anytime with an invite.

I talked to Skip on Sunday night. Billy had told him about the harassment, his resolution of it, and my reaction to it. His voice was hoarse.

"Spring-time cold," he said. I'm on a three-year cycle with them, and this is my on year. Not a big deal."

Well, just because he said it, it did not make it so. It turned out to be a very big deal. Skip ended up in the school infirmary with the worsening cold. He could not shake it, even after about ten days. It would take more than cold meds to get rid of his lung infection. Skip's cancer had made an appearance, not on his testicles, but on his lung. He had started radiation treatments four weeks ago. He had not told Billy and me.

"So you've suffered in silence. You didn't tell Billy because he needed so much. You didn't tell me because you figured I'd been through enough, after `losing' Billy."

He nodded.

"You're pissed at me. I did what I thought was best for us."

We were in my apartment, on another Sunday night, in the oversized chair, in our jeans-only mode, holding on to each other.

"No, love, I'm not. I don't do `pissed'. You know I would have done the same thing if I were in your shoes. You should have told someone. I don't find fault with either of those reasons. But, not alone."

"I told Andrew. He was removed from Billy within the Mass General complex. He hooked me up with a radiologist. Billy's team didn't have to know. You were being taken care of at Billy's school, very much in good hands. Andrew and Claire helped me. Now that Billy's good, I just need you to help me finish this off; I'm doing okay, but of course I need you."

"You have anything you need from me, any day and any time. Only one thing; you need to share this with Billy. If you don't and someone slips later, Billy will be hurt."

He agreed, reluctantly. I sat beside him while he called Billy.

"Hi bro. How was your day? You okay?"

I heard only his side of the conversation, but I knew pretty much what Billy said.

Twenty minutes later, the conversation wrapped it. "I know, love. I am. I love you, so much. Can't wait to hold you in my arms, bro. See you Friday night. Here's Aaron."

"Hi love. I won't keep you. I'll see you tomorrow at school. Yeah, I love you too, a lot. G'nite, Billy."

I hugged Skip again. I kissed him deeply.

"I'm so sorry, Aaron."

"No need to be, bro. I love you so much, Skip. You didn't do anything wrong. You did good, believe it or not. You weren't being selfish. Going to Andrew made perfect sense, and I'm very glad Claire was there for you, too."

"We shouldn't have secrets, especially like cancer treatment."

"Agreed. But you should always take care of you first, no matter what. It's more than good enough that you need me now. I don't know if you always will, but now is nice."

"I can't picture ever not needing you, love. I went to Andrew right away, so I didn't suffer one moment alone."

It was getting late. We two had had a busy day. My phone rang. I knew who was calling.

"Hi David," I said as I answered the phone.

He laughed on the other end. "Yeah, of course I want to hear it . . . Really? Sweet! . . . Yeah, tomorrow morning. G'nite, my bud. I love you very much."

I hung up, smiling.

"So how is our newest brother?"

"He's great. What a sweetheart he is. Any night that we're not together, he calls me around this time to tell me he loves me. Billy is sitting next to him tonight. Billy was as thrilled as you were when I told him about David and me. David was feeling very uncomfortable when he told Billy he wanted to talk to him. Billy hugged him, kissed him, and said it was great having a new brother to adopt. David cried."

"For you to bring him into our circle, it's so heartwarming. We got the warrior connection, but it means so much more when we add love, good love, to it. Will he come back again this Thursday for your chemo?"

"No, he wants to give one of the other guys a turn at looking after me. We may not be just three anymore, but this circle of friends is all so nice to be a part of. I could never have imagined it, and it makes me sad that I could have missed out because I thought dying was better. Now I know."

"So does he believe he's gay?"

"No. Not one of those thirteen likes labels. David did talk to his family. He told them about me. His dad is pleased. He and his dad have always had a very close relationship. It was harder on his mom. She thinks she failed him somehow. They'll talk it out when he goes home next time. They know about Billy's attack and are appalled by it, and were angry as hell about his needing brain surgery. Whether or not anyone supports a `gay' person, you don't try to kill, or kill. That really gets people fired up."

"Thank God.

"David is staying with us in New Hampshire for the summer though, instead of going home to Connecticut all summer. He wants to work with us to get our business up and running."

"Really? That's awesome. Staying with us, as in at your townhouse?"

"Yeah. He wants the second bedroom, which he can have, of course. I don't have any desire to crowd him, because he is a friend way more than a sex partner, same as with you and Billy. I told him he could sleep with me whenever he wants to, but it'll be his choice, not mine. I also told him he could sleep with us, if he wants to, when we're all at my place. He does know that we share townhomes."

"Would he want to, you know."

"He wants to try, yes. Will he? I dunno. I want him to decide. If he's willing to give up his family this summer, I want him to be as comfortable with us as he would be at home."

"I'm glad. It's tempting to have a young boy in your house."

"Yes and no. I'd be more blessed to have David as a very long time friend."


"Time for bed, love. Come and let me hold you all night."

We did not have sex. He was tired because of his radiation sessions. Being able to hold Skip was good enough, any day of the week. He was struggling very hard at school, but he was determined. Determination went a long way with this young man. If he wanted it, he had it. That included me. Amen indeed.

Skip went back to school on Monday and I headed to the place of my many brothers. Jerry and Henry met me at the T.

"Hi bro, welcome back. I gotta tell you, when you're not here, the just aren't the same."

"Thanks, Jerry. That's nice to hear. Coming here really is like coming home. I got fourteen brothers here who love me, and who I love just as much. Did you ever expect this from college, guys?"

"Oh yeah, I knew as soon as I applied here that there would be so much companionship and an angel descending upon us to make us awesome brothers," joked Henry. Then he rolled his eyes. "Love, in my wildest dreams I could never make friendship so good. You obviously have a great heart for people. The angel—that would be you—did descend, and brought love to our little dorm suite."

"Hey, bro, you blush pretty good too," said Jerry. "I never expected to have a man who loves a man as a roommate, for one, and second, that I would accept him wholeheartedly. That was his doing, before you arrived, but I can accept it from all guys now, not just my roomie."

"So, bro, when you ever feel worthless, remember what you've brought to us. I never had a Grinch heart by mentality, but by size for sure. I'm three sizes larger now, too," said Henry. I really thought I might be an outcast here."

"And look what happened, you also got family in Matt and Billy, and me."

"Gee, you're gay?" Henry said, teasing me.

"Only to the ignorant, bro. That's what you tell other people when they want to put you into their own neat little package. Don't let them do that. You love a man, and that's pretty damned incredible if you ask me."

"And I love you, too, Aaron. That's more than incredible."

"And for me, too," said Jerry. "I love you and I love your philosophy. You bless us."

"And I am blessed by you, all of you. I told Skip the other night that to have died and missed out on loving you would have been tragic."


By now, we were at our dorm. `Our'—gee I like that. Home. When I walk through the doors to the common room, it's as if I haven't been away for a moment.

"Hi guys, the man of your dreams is here. And I came, too."

Jake and Kenny got off the sofa, came over to Henry, and hugged him. They patted him on the back and welcomed him home. We all laughed, even though it was true that our model-type boy really could be the man of our dreams.

"Hey guys, look who I found at the T station. Can we keep him, huh, can we?" said Henry, playing up his enthusiasm.

Jake and Kenny stepped back to look me over, as if making sure the `stray' was safe to bring inside the house.

"Yeah, whatever," Kenny said as he and Jake walked back to the sofa. Then they cracked up.

"Ha ha, funny man," said Henry. "Your loss, my gain."

He then yanked me out of the common room, down the hall to his bedroom, and laid me on his bed. He lay partly on top of me and covered me with kisses. He, of course, had left the door open. Six guys lined up at the door to watch the `show'. We kept it light, except that the kisses were real and quite nice. The guys cheered us on as more guys showed up. Henry and I took our shirts off, and then tweaked each other's nipples. This made the guys roar in laughter.

"Okay, okay, Henry, you can keep him, but you MUST share your boy-toys," said Jake.

The guys all took off their shirts and sat on Henry and Jerry's beds, tweaking each other's nipples in fun.

Billy was standing in the doorway, shirt off, tweaking his own nipples. "I hate late classes. I miss all the good stuff. "Henry, you and I are going to have to talk. Later."

He smiled wide, and quite evilly. He walked over to me, picked me up, threw me over his shoulder, and took me back to our room. He closed the door. Oh boy!

The boys knew exactly what Billy and I were doing. We did not make much noise and I was not a screamer. However, we did not waste much time. Billy was inside of my ass in only a couple of minutes. This is the first time we fucked in his/our room at school, but a lot had gone on and we needed each other. The guys knew that, still fresh with the harassment that happened to Billy last week. They would be a bit jealous that Billy and I were getting some, but they also knew that we really are a couple, or a three-some, for that matter.

Billy made sweet love to me. It was a big turn-on that we are in the dorm. Not long after he came inside me, I flipped him over and entered him. I gave him just what he gave me, no better, and definitely no worse. I knew what he loved and he always knew what I loved. Mostly, we just loved each other. That was usually the thought that was in my head when I shot my loaded inside of Billy. He loved me. What greater turn-on is there? Well, thirteen other guys, but who's counting?

When we were done, we headed for the shower. The guys did not say or do anything. We all had our fun earlier. Henry had purposefully saved a seat for Billy. Billy winked at him on the way to the bathroom. He and I showered, got dressed, and joined the rest of our mates in the common room. Billy sat beside Henry and they held on to each other, good-naturedly. Paul was reading vs. writing, so he held me. Semester papers needed to be finished, and exams were only a few short weeks away. We looked ahead to summer vacation.

Skip was the only moderately needful person now. He too was studying hard, finishing semester papers, and working full time instead of part time at his internship. He had radiation treatments to get through. Other than a couple hours nap in the mid-afternoon, he just kept plowing through.

Despite all the work, he spent each weekend with me. Billy came too. On this particular weekend, David was also with us.

"I don't want to be too busy for you, Aaron. I got cancer again. Who knows what'll happen? You matter most."

"Getting rid of the cancer matters most."

"Not without you. No you, not life—no happiness."

"You have me. Right here," I said, kissing his forehead. "And here," I said, kissing his lips.

"And here?" he asked, putting my hand on his heart, and then putting his hand on mine.

"Especially right there. Do you know that I love you?"

"I might have heard you say that once, maybe twice. Do I love you?"

"With every breath, every heartbeat," like Billy says.

"Wow, that's a lot! I love Billy, too. Can I do that?"

"You can, and you may."

I hugged Billy and kissed him deeply. I looked into his eyes and saw him loving me very much.

"And may I love David?"

"You may, and you can."

I hugged David and kissed him deeply. I looked into his brilliant eyes and saw him loving me very much. "I do love you, bro," I said to him.

Damn, you're good, to love us three. What did we do to deserve you?" Billy asked.

"I dunno, but that'll teach you to do it ever again, won't it now?"

"I don't think so. I'm a slow learner," said Billy.

David and I lay on my bed, facing each other. Skip lay behind David, Billy behind me. David was thrilled that Skip would hold on to him for the night. He had not known for sure, until the boys hugged and kissed him tonight, that it was okay for him to love me, too.

"You love our bro, David. How could we not want to love you back?" Skip asked him. "Warriors are we, as our scars show as evidence. Our battle scars are reason enough for us to love and hold on to each other."

There was a fire in the fireplace. The neighborhood was quiet. It was nearly midnight. We shared kisses all around. David and I held hands and snuggled into each other's necks, while the boys held us.

David and I woke first. We lay quietly and kissed until the brothers woke up. We showered two at a time, Skip and David first, once again letting David know that we is a part of four, not alone, or not just my mate, an outsider to Skip and Billy. Skip toweled David dry when they were done showering, and then kissed him warmly.

"Good morning, love. You okay?"

"I am now. Thanks Skip. This feels nice for me."

"And to me, my bro. You're now part of my heart. Is that okay by you?"

David teared up. One fell to his cheek. Skip kissed it away. They hugged each other and Skip kissed him again. When they came out of the bathroom, David looked at me and nodded.

"See, I told you, love. We do love you, all of us."

Billy and I hugged David, and then Skip, and went to shower while they got dressed. Billy and I shared our moments, too, as the boys had done. When we came out of the bathroom, Skip and David were in the big boy chair, listening to Enya.

"Looks like you are okay, huh David?"

"I am. I'm not going to worry any more. Skip has made it clear that I belong here, too. I never dreamed . . ."

Tears flowed again, this time from both of his eyes, down his cheeks. Skip wiped them away with his thumbs. He kissed David again.

Once Billy and I dressed, we went out to Jillian's place for breakfast. It was only 6:30 a.m. She opened at 5:00 a.m. Monday to Friday and at 6:00 a.m. on the weekends.

"Morning boys. Welcome back, honey," she said, touching David on his shoulder. She looked at me and I nodded. "Coffee all around?"

"Yeah, Jillian. Thanks," I said.

By the time she got back with our coffee, we knew what we wanted. I ordered a Western omelet with wheat toast. I told her to put Billy's breakfast on my check. He nodded to thank me, and then ordered pancakes and bacon. David ordered next, after saying he wanted to treat Skip. Skip said okay to that. David ordered French toast with blueberries. Skip said to make it two.

"Thanks David. I'm a poor starving college boy," Skip joked.

"Must be starved for cash, but certainly not for love," I said.

"Nah, I don't get nearly enough love. I'm tapped all the time. Geez, it's so hard."

"You mean it's hard all the time and you're always tapped, dry."

"Yeah, that too," said Skip, smiling at me. "Thankfully I'm a renewable resource."

A few minutes later, Jillian came out with our food. She also refilled our coffee cups. She made it clear to us that we were not to leave a tip. I knew she would say that, as did Billy and Skip. We each produced a birthday card for her, including David. She did not know it, but we were coming back in later with a cake from an Italian bakery from the North End. We each got a hug and a kiss on our cheeks as we left.

Skip and I had a surprise for Billy and David. We walked to Government Center, but did not turn toward the North End as they expected.

"Nope, not there yet."

In a few more minutes, we were on Long Wharf, near the New England Aquarium. Skip and I went over to a ticket booth. The boys stared. We handed the guys each a ticket.

"Our treat, loves," I said. "Good surprise?"

"We're going on a whale watch? Way cool!" said David.

When we got underway, we were headed to the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay, north of Cape Cod. We could possibly see humpbacks and finbacks this time of year. A bonus would be to see dolphins. The guides pointed out the rich life within the sanctuary. We did see a pod of finbacks that morning. Boston Harbor Cruises guarantees we will see whales, or else we get a free ticket for a future trip. Skip and I each paid $48 for two tickets. We got our money's worth, but the trip was just spectacular by itself. The weather was excellent, other people on the large catamaran were very nice, the smell of the salt air reminded me of the fishing village I had lived in North of Boston right after college, and I had my three best buddies with me.

We got back in time to pick up the birthday cake for Jillian. She would flip to know that we four paid $15 each for that cake. Then again, she did not have to know, did she? We knew the quiet time of the day, so we would not embarrass her too much. Just inside the entry, we put four candles on it and lit them. It had been a chore to remember matches because none of us are smokers. In elegant script, it read "HB from your four best boys!" Jillian smiled when she saw the candles from across the room, coming through her front door. Then she teared up when she realized it was a cake. We put it up on her kitchen counter.

"Oh, my boys, this is so sweet of you. I don't mind being another year older now. What a treat you are!"

"Happy Birthday, Jillian," we all said at once.

She got two kisses on each of her cheeks. We gave her full hugs—none of the half-hug stuff that people like to do. Ick! Give a real hug! I gave her a cheesy grin as we were eating our thin slices. We insisted on her keeping most of the cake to share with her husband and two sons.

"What are you up to, Aaron? I have two boys, and I know that look."

I reached behind me, took a package from my belt, under my shirt, and gave it to her. It was wrapped in brown wrapper. I was not great at wrapping. She un-wrapped it.

"Thank you, honey," she said, opening a 9x7" journal for making entries, with a lighthouse design on the front. She shared my passion of lighthouses. I got another hug for that effort.

Skip put on an appropriate cheesy face next. She gave him a raised eyebrow. He too pulled a package from his belt in the back, under his shirt. She un-wrapped a matching diary.

"You guys are too much. Thank you, Skip. Your timing is spot on."

Billy cleared his throat to get her attention. Cheesy face from him followed by a raised eyebrow from her. He pulled a package from behind his back. She opened a slim box containing one ticket for a Boston Red Sox / New York Yankees ball game. Of course, that brought the mother of all hugs. She loves the Sox, and likes the Yankees second best. Billy even surprised the rest of us.

"I wanted to buy two, but . . ."

"No no, Jimmy can buy his own. No worries, love."

She looked over at David. "You better not . . ."

Cheesy grin.     

Raised eyebrow.

He handed over a gift from behind his back, also from under his shirt. It was a homemade coupon. She read it.

"Good for one home-cooked meal for two, from your four boys, at Aaron's Place—West End, Boston, Massachusetts. RSVP with a hug to the bearer of this gift."

"Oh my," she said, smiling proudly. She gave David a tear-filled hug. "You make me proud, boys. You are so special to me. God bless your love for me, and for each other."

We all hugged Jillian and then headed for home. We did very little at home that evening, tired from the shopping and the whale watch, well relaxed after giving Jillian our birthday greetings. David looked through my CD collection and chose a Yanni CD. Billy and Skip took the oversized chair. Skip was in the mood to hold on to his brother. David and I sat on a comfortable rug on the floor, him between my legs, my arms wrapped around his belly. We talked about how great the day was.

Near midnight, we pulled down the Murphy bed. We stripped out of our clothes. David decided if he was also going to take off his boxer briefs. He did.

"Whoa!" Skip said, seeing David's cock. Then he blushed brightly. "Sorry bro, I didn't mean to be so rude. Please forgive me."

"It's okay bro, I'm used to the looks. My high school buds joked that 40% of my weight is in my dick. They might be right. What do you think?"

He walked over to the brothers. He put his hands on his hips and stood still. They each hefted his cock.

"40% isn't enough credit. That beast weighs a ton," Billy said, smiling.

"I have to admit, I've never seen bigger," said Skip. "You took David, bud, the whole thing?" he asked me.

"I'd rather not brag," I said jokingly.

"Oh yeah, the whole thing," said David. "I figured he'd look at it, and tell me I wasn't sticking no beast up his ass. By the way, boys, you ain't shy in the dick size department either."

"No, but I'd rather have that than this," Skip said.

"You're just right, my love," I said. "You're as good inside me as my two brothers here, no better, and no worse."

We got into bed. David got behind me this time, while Skip got behind Billy. Billy took my hands as David had done last night. He and I kissed for a few minutes. David leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Now that's an offer I'll never refuse," I said.

He started to enter me. I nodded. David's cock made a long journey into the bottom of my ass. The brothers knew what David was doing to me, but they were not about to embarrass him.

They each kissed David. It surprised him, but he smiled and sighed. Skip reached around and turned off the lamp. In mere minutes, we all fell asleep.

In the morning, David and I woke first, as usual. When he saw that I was awake, he wanted to enter me again. I told him to go ahead.

"From the front this time," he said shyly. He blushed.

I rolled onto my back. Billy mumbled, woke slowly, and kissed me. He watched as I put my legs over David's shoulders.

"Hey, check it out, bud," Billy said to David.

He raised his leg a bit. Skip's hard cock was already inside of Billy, moving in and out slowly. Skip was excellent at feigning sleep. He opened his eyes and winked at David.

"Hold on for a second, okay, bud? I want to join you."

David looked a little nervous. Well, a lot nervous.

"No, no, love. Beside you both. I want to do to Billy what you do to Aaron. Is that okay?"

"Sounds hot," David said. I agreed, of course.

Billy lay beside me, but not too close, not wanting to crowd out David, or diminish what David wanted. Skip put Billy's legs over his shoulders. He looked around Billy's leg over to David. David nodded that he was ready. Both hot cocks slid inside of tight assholes. We all moaned. David leaned in to kiss me. Skip kissed Billy. The boys both found their rhythm together. Their cocks slid in and out of our asses in perfect rhythm. It was not a race because the boys concentrated on us.

"I'm close," David said.

"Me too," said Skip.

"In our mouths, guys," I said.

After a few more moments of long dicking, Skip and David pulled out of our asses. They straddled our chests and dropped their already shooting cocks into our mouths. I swallowed everything David wanted to give me. Billy had no trouble swallowing Skip's hot load.

David lay down on my left. Skip lay down on Billy's right, so we were between them again. David leaned in and kissed Skip, then kissed Billy, and then kissed me deeply.

"Thank you, love," he said to me. "That was nice. You okay?"

"Yeah, bro. I'm just fine. You're `coming out' a little at a time. You know that's okay, right?"

"Thanks for letting me take this slow with you guys. I don't mean to be so shy, but I am."

"No worries, love. You have a very good thing going with Aaron. We're not going to mess with that, no matter what. If you want to add either Skip or me, whenever or never, it's up to you."

"Sometime soon, guys. I promise. It's enough to love one, for now. I don't want it to be all about sex. Aaron's tightly in my heart, so I'm a bit shy on making more room. I'm . . ."

I kissed David to show him I was okay with what he said. "I love you, bud. You know that, but I always want you to know. We're just fine."

David nodded and smiled.

We decided to stay as we were for a while. We were all satisfied, so there was no need for a flip-flop session with our boys. We would go out to lunch in a bit.

"Will you shower with me this time, Billy?" David asked when we decided to get out and about. Billy said yes. "Okay with you guys? You can go first if you want."

"You guys go ahead. Skip and I will just lay here and play kissy face for a while."

"Don't start something you can't finish," said Billy.

"Hey now, I are a hunk. I can always finish. However, Mr. Limpy wants to have more R&R until later," I said. "Should I make a reservation, David?"

"One hole, no waiting," he said. Then he blushed madly. We cracked up. "I can't believe I said that. Actually I meant two holes, no waiting." He blushed again, but laughed at himself along with us.

Billy and David showered, kissed in the shower, hugged each other, and dried each other off.

"What I said about it being enough to love one, "he started to say.

"I know what you mean, bro. There's love between us as classmates, us as brothers, and there's the love between you and Aaron. There are no hurt feelings about what you said. I'm not jealous because I have you for a buddy."

"And to love Aaron, even one step more? It's so cool. My first time with him was everything I'd ever want, but couldn't dream of. He's so gentle. And I do want to be with you, too, Billy. I think we'll know together when I'm ready, if that makes sense."

"It does, because that's how it was with Aaron and me. We got a lifetime to do what feels right. If it's right for you to be with Aaron only, then that's what you should do."

"So, no worries?"

"No worries."

"Bro, you're great. I do love you, a lot."

"I love you, too, bro, a lot. You're very special." Billy gave David one more kiss before turning the bathroom over to Skip and me.

A relatively calm week came and went. We boys were back to my apartment on Saturday afternoon. Tonight was going to be the birthday dinner for Jillian and husband Jimmy. Their boys would be with grandma and grandpa. Timing was going to be important, since we wanted the meal to be warm, but some prep time was necessary. Skip got a recipe for crab cakes from his mom. I got a recipe for au gratin potatoes from a cooking site. The big one, and the romantic element, is a Chocolate Soufflé with raspberry sauce. At 6:00, we started dinner. Jillian and Jimmy were coming at 7:00. I went the Andrew and Claire's place for help with the soufflé. My tiny kitchen could not quite accommodate that. I made it myself, with more help from Claire's gadgets than from Claire herself. She knew how special this was to be, and I wanted this to my creation, and potential failure.

There was a knock on my door at 7:00 sharp. Jillian and Jimmy stepped in and were immediately impressed by my home.

"Welcome to Chez Langille," I said, giving a hug to both.

They saw the total package and then started narrowing in on the details. There is a fire in the fireplace. In front of it are a table and two chairs that I borrowed from Andrew and Claire. There were lit candles on the mantle and in each window. The kitchen smelled glorious. A bottle of champagne was chilling near the table. Wine was cooling in the fridge. I put a wine cork on the table so they would remember. I pointed out my music. They loved Yanni, so that would be perfect. I pointed out the oversized chair and purposefully mentioned that it was a cozy little place for after dinner. A scented candle gave the room a very light honeysuckle scent.

I gave Jimmy my apartment keys. "We're going back to school. I'll pick these up from Jillian on Thursday after my chemo treatment. The place is yours and the evening is yours, with our best wishes."

Billy seated the couple after they finished looking around. And then we left.

We went to a late movie in town and then got back to school after midnight. The guys were settling into the late evening routine, but not ready for bed yet. Billy settled in on the floor in front of Henry. Henry gave Billy a nice neck and shoulder massage. Greg and Brian made room for me on the sofa between them. They each put an arm around me. Jake and Kenny sat down with Skip on the floor, each holding him as well. Paul put David between his legs and wrapped his arms around him. He kissed him on his neck.

"So was the birthday lady surprised?" asked Kenny.

"Not surprised, since she had chosen the date, but pleasantly pleased with my place and the setting. It's like a high-priced Boston restaurant. Fireplace, candle light, wine with dinner, champagne, chocolate soufflé for dessert, music by Yanni. She probably feels like the First Lady tonight.

Billy bunked with Ste. Skip and I settled into Billy's bed. There would be only sleep tonight. We settled into bed after 2:00 a.m. We could sleep in in the morning since this was not a noisy dorm suite.

May brought nicely warm days and cool evenings to Boston. The boys are on the final push of this semester. Finals are in a week. I wanted to know how proud the boys were going to make me, so I polled the room to find out what their GPAs are. They ranged from 3.5 to 4.0. Brian, David, Kenny, Jake, and Jeremy came in at the high end. The `low end' guys were no slouches. I finished my first two years of college with a 3.3. It took serious knuckling down to finish with a 3.8. Neither of my folks finished high school and did not demand straight A's from me. On the other hand, D's were a no-no and F's were fodder for grounding. I finished high school ninth in my class, of 52. Yeah, small town boy. Not exceptionally brainy, but better than average.

"Awww, guys, that's awesome. I bet your folks are very pleased with every one of you. Good job. Now get to work. I'm going to call it a night because I have chemo tomorrow."

"We're going in with you, love" said Jake, indicating Jeremy as well. "We remember that Andrew is going to change your meds a bit. We can take shifts through the night if you're sick."

"Thanks guys. I appreciate it."

And sick I was. It was awful. Andrew had been given bad information from the drug manufacturer. Twelve hours later, I was in very bad shape.

Jake had woken up, sweating pretty badly. It was a cool Boston evening and we had the windows open a little, so sweating made no sense. Jeremy came awake shortly after his twin.

"Shit, bro, Aaron's out cold. I can't rouse him."

"Damn!" Jeremy ran for my phone and dialed 911.

He went down to the front door to wait for the ambulance. Jake held me tight, putting ice wrapped in washcloths on my forehead and neck. My breathing was raspy, and it scared him.

"Come on, come on!" he said to the night, trying to get the EMS there sooner.

Andrew was totally pissed when he found out that I ended up in the emergency room with a fever of 104 at 1:30 a.m. The ICU team had worked through the night to get me out of respiratory distress and to bring my temperature down. By 8:00 a.m., my temp was 101, which would have been more normal for post-chemo.

"I'm so sorry that is was hard on you boys," Andrew said to the twins. "Everything you did was just right. Everything. Thank you so much for your actions. You saved our bud."

"I wet my pants, Dr., uh, Andrew. Seriously." Jeremy showed Andrew that his crotch was stained.

"I would have, too, Jeremy. Hang in for a bit, I'll go get an update and come back to you."

Andrew came back to them within the hour.

"They're keeping him until tomorrow morning to make sure he's going be okay. He's much better, but he says his headache is awful. We can't give him anything for it because of the bogus reaction to his chemo. What do you want to do?"

"First, we want to see Aaron. We've decided to go back to his place for the night. Then we can easily come back tomorrow if they discharge him. We'll stay another day at his place and then go back to school on Sunday."

"Can we see him?" asked Jake"

"Yeah. I cleared it with his attending physician."

Andrew showed the boys the way back to where I lay resting.

"Hi love. Are you better?"

"Better. Alive, thanks to you guys."

"Andrew is pissed."

"Oh yeah. The man is professional and so loving, but I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of his anger. I bet the drug manufacturer is dragging their collective tail between their legs. He's flying down to DC tomorrow to talk to them and see where they fucked up."

When we arrived back at the dorm on Sunday, all the guys were in the common room. They came up to me as I went to the center of the room. Billy hugged me first.

"Hello, love. Again we hear we could have lost you," said Billy. "This is so unbearable sometimes. Why can't the medical community find better ways to treat cancer? It's not like this is brand new, dammit!"

Poor bud was shaking. He was teary eyed, as were some of the other guys.

"I know, love. It's not that easy. It's a horrible disease and it's so complex. Right, my bud?" I said to David, who was on the outer edge of the guys.

He nodded. He could not talk, obviously very sad at my distress early Friday morning.

"Go on, bud. Go to your Aaron," said Greg.

The guys backed away a bit and drew him in to the center so he could hug me. A couple of them hugged David as he went past.

"It's one reason I'm in pre-med, love. Maybe in a few years I can be one of those making sure that we get better at treating this fucking awful hateful disease. It's not the cancer by itself. It's how we use our technology. It's the drug manufacturers. Bad info brought you down. That's inexcusable. I bet Andrew went ballistic, for all the good it'll do. We're not there yet. Why do we have to poison the patient? We need better ways to fight it. That's what I want to do."

"You will, David. If anyone can, you can because you know it from an insider's point of view. That's got to be an advantage," said Matt.

"Can we be alone for awhile, Aaron?" David asked. "I just need to hold you." He looked over at Billy. "Will you come too bud?"

"Go ahead, guys. Use our room," said Matt. "I'll stay away."

We went into David and Matt's room and lay on David's bed. He pulled Billy and me toward him and held on to us. We held him the same way. We each kissed. There were no guarantees that all of us would be alive 24 hours from now.

"I'm okay, love. Dry up those tears. I'm not going anywhere."

"You might."

"No. Not with you to love me."

"I'm not enough to keep you here if the cancer is going to take you from me."

"You are."

"Come on, Aaron."

I put my fingers against his lips, and then kissed him.

"You are. You are all I thought about the past two nights."

He looked uneasily over at Billy. David did not want to take anything away from Billy.

"Billy already knows how I feel about you. You know how I feel about him. I told God He couldn't have me yet, and for Him not to hurt you so badly. I love you, and I'm sure He does too."

"I know He does. But what if . . ."

"Sshhhh. I love you. No worries about me. Andrew will fix what went wrong. It's not my time yet. Maybe when you stop loving me."

"That will never happen, so maybe we're immortal."

"Now there's the David that I love."

"And you're the Aaron that I love, very much. I want to talk to Andrew. I'm thinking about an internship. I wonder if I could fit in."

"Go for it. If not now, later. 4.0, remember, my wise and beautiful young man."

He looked over at Billy again. Billy leaned in to kiss him softly, and then kissed him again.

"Bro, you are a wise and beautiful young man," Billy assured him.

There was a light knock on the door. Matt poked his head in.

"I lied. I can't leave you alone. Sorry, Dave, but I'm antsy. I bought a couple of my close personal friends."

He opened the door. All the guys came in. They were close by, of course. They settled around us and around each other. We held on to each other, tightly. One loss would have been the loss of fourteen.

"What took you guys so long?" asked David. "You do know that we don't seriously do `alone time' in this dorm."

"More like you needed talking time, for anything private," Matt said.

"We got no secrets. I told Aaron I'd like to do an internship with Andrew, if one ever becomes available. And I told him I'm afraid of losing him."

"If we share the fear, maybe it won't be such a terrible one," said Paul. "Jake and Jeremy said it was pretty bad for our bud the other night. This is why Aaron won't have to do chemo alone."

Billy sat behind David and held him around his chest. David held me.

Later, we were ready for dinner. Most of us had skipped lunch. After dinner, the studying continued. Those who were only reading, or taking a few notes, held on to each other. By 10:30, they all had had enough.

"Let's make a camp out guys," said Ste.

He did not have to say it twice. The guys scattered and brought out six sleeping bags. As they had done before, they put me in the center. David said that Billy should be at the front of the second side of the `parentheses', but he wanted to hold on to Billy. Matt settled in behind me. The idea was to hold on to each other. It was not a contest to get behind me or Billy. We all held on to each other during the week. Those who had not held someone different used this as the opportunity to do so. Keeping us all safe through the night was the real purpose. Summer was coming, and the chances to be this close would be gone soon.

Summer vacation arrived in a blink of an eye. Finals were done. The boys all felt that they did well on their exams. We set mid-July as the long weekend picnic date at my place in New Hampshire. Everyone was coming. Skip, Billy, and I would accommodate them all for three nights. Those who worked would take that Monday off, using it as a travel day. Jake and Jeremy, the upstate NY guys were the furthest and would arrive on Thursday instead of Friday.

David arrived after spending two weeks with his family in Connecticut. He had spent some quiet time with his mom, and they talked. She was glad for the very frank discussions. He told her that for her to love him less for being in love with me would be crushing. He would not love me less, though, he told her. He said that his dad being accepting was good enough. She asked only one thing; to meet me sometime this summer. We both had expected the request and he spoke for me in agreeing.

"You'll love him, mom," David told her, believing she would. "Aaron has a heart for the world. You'll see."

I showed him to his room, next door to mine. I had recently bought a new dresser for him, and added an oval mirror above it. Instead of a daybed, which I gave to Billy after he begged me, I bought a queen-sized wooden bed frame, like one would find on Cape Cod, in a nicer home. I had lived in Connecticut, on Long Island Sound, for just under five years in the early `80s, so I knew the style of beachside homes. I also put three of my favorite lighthouse figurines on the dresser.

"Wow, this is nice, bro. This is very close to what my bedroom at home looks like. I really like contemporary and no clutter."

"I want this to be home for you, love. This is your room for as long as you're here, and any other time we can be in New Hampshire together."

"Can I sleep with you? Sometimes?"

"Of course, love, whenever you like."

"I want you and the boys to share your room like you're used to. I would be just fine with sleeping by myself . . ."

"I don't feel right about excluding you. The boys and I talked it over. How about we sleep as we did in the dorm at school, you know, two by two. The only difference is it's one larger bed instead of two twin beds."

"Will we change, uh, partners?"

"Would you want to?"

"Want to, yes. But . . ."

"If you want to, or when you want to, you can. Otherwise, it's you and me."

"I'd like that. I guess I'm being stupid . . ."

"No, love, you are not. You already said you're shy. That's no problem. The guys are willing to leave you and me alone . . ."

"No way. You love them as much as you love me. I do want to be with them, like I said. Skip said we're all brothers, so brothers love each other. Well okay, so not all of them, but we can. I don't know why I'm shy about them."

"You just are. Love overrules sex, and sleeping in the same bed, here or at their townhomes does not mean we fuck every night."

"Really? I . . . I assumed . . . ah crap. I'm sorry. I just thought . . ."

"Come on love, the way we three love each other is definitely unconventional. But believe that it IS about love first. When we have sex, it's very nice, like with you and me at my place in Boston. Skip said the sex is the animal part of him, but there is so much more to him than that part. He and Billy too, want to sleep in a bed with you, theirs, mine, or yours, whatever, to show you that `brother' is not strictly a term of endearment. It's from the heart. It's hard for you to have that sense without a real brother, so you've only got us to show you."

"Then I do want to sleep together. I'd rather sleep in your bed or you here in my bed, than for either of us to sleep alone. I would be just fine about sleeping with either of the boys. I don't know what I was so afraid of."

"You have nothing to worry about, David. No apologies either. One night at a time, love. I hate making plans in advance, except for things like the summer weekend picnic because they take time. Just to make it easy on you, I'd love to sleep here with you tonight. Just you and me.

"I'd like that. This really does feel like my room at home. Your mind is amazing to know what I like."

"I like you. The rest is easy. Your dorm room is a good clue to your personality, too."

Once we put away his clothes, and I had given him a laugh by sniffing his boxers and briefs, I showed him the rest of the townhouse. He was impressed that I had three levels AND had three fireplaces. He looked over my book collection and knew he would want to spend some of his time taking care of his summer reading list. We checked his list from his American Literature class for the fall semester. We had to find only one book, out of eight.

"Our Town, by Thornton Wilder," I said. "I'm kinda surprised I don't own it. I was in drama club in high school. We put that play on twice in two years. Consider it bought. In fact, we need to run errands anyway, so let's make a trip to the mall."

We picked up the book from the mall. I bought him a Boston Red Sox baseball cap to match mine. He had forgotten to pack his, plus he said it was faded. We had lunch at Wendy's and then went to pick up a few groceries.

"Will Skip and Billy come for dinner?" he asked.

"They had planned to let you and I have dinner by ourselves, since this is your first night here. Should we invite them anyway?"

"Yeah. Let's."

I called Skip at work. He agreed to come and to bring Billy too.

Before the boys arrived, David and I made a large salad, put potatoes in foil and put them in the oven, and then fired up the grill. We had gotten a good deal on t-bones at the market. David made a large pitcher of iced tea and put a bottle of white wine in the fridge. I set the table on the patio.

We were sitting outside, holding hands, when the boys arrived.

"Uh oh, bro, lovers in love", said Billy. "Maybe we'd better decline the dinner invite after all."

I got up and went over to the grill, lifting the lid. I motioned the guys over.

"Okay, never mind. T-bones are worth love-interruptus for now," Skip said, smiling.

He turned around and hugged David.

"Welcome to our little corner of the world, bro."

"Thanks Skip. Nice to be here."

"Hi my bud. I've missed you guys," he said, hugging Billy.

"Welcome, love. We hope you'll have a great summer with us," Billy said.

Dinner was perfect. The weather was nice. I had gone in the house to put my speakers in the window so we'd hear music from outside. We sat in a half circle, holding hands and talking well into the evening. The boys had to work tomorrow, so they headed for home. I hugged David as he sat between my legs on the lounge chair. We listened to the crickets and frogs sing for us.

"I love nighttime the best," said David. "At home I walk down to the beach to watch the moon rise and to listen to the tide come in. Life in the mountains has a different but nice feeling. Plus I don't have to sit on the beach and wonder what you're doing, or if you're okay."

"I'm okay, love. If I were not, the boys would call you. But I like not having to think about you at a distance."

David shifted his butt in the chair. I know what he wanted, so I lay on my side in the lounge chair. He lay beside me. He put his arms around me and kissed me softly, looking at my eyes.

"A penny for your thoughts, love," I said.

"I'm thinking that a year ago I didn't know you, and that I was very sick. I'm thinking that I never thought I'd feel so loved at school and that you would come along and even make that better. I'm thinking that my life up to now was just a life."

"What is it now?"

"It's all about loving someone, caring for someone, and being cared for deeply."

"You would have loved someone eventually. Maybe you will still walk the path that leads you to that person. He, or she, would be blessed to have you."

"Maybe. But I care only about the moments I'm in. You are the person I choose to love."

"I'm honored by your love, David. Sincerely. My moments are full of you and life is so good."

He tucked his face into my neck. He kissed it lightly. We did not need to say any more. At 11:30, I said that we should think about getting into a nice bed. He agreed. We walked into the house with our arms across each other's backs. I turned off the stereo on the way past it, and turned off the lights. We showered together and then climbed into David's bed. I do not know which one of us went to sleep first, but it had to be close. We did manage to kiss each other on the lips and to say good night.

I still had chemo to get through each week, so David went with me on Thursday to make it easier. David drove us to the train station across the border. He also did not like driving in Boston, even though he knew it pretty well. We walked from North Station to Mass General. Andrew hooked me up while David got the blanket from the closet. Andrew left us for an hour. David covered me up and kissed me.

"Nap time, love. I'll be right here."

Andrew came back to check on me, wanted to know if David was okay, and went back out. He was back before the chemo was done.

"Okay, love, any temp over 100 and over, you are to call me immediately. David, you're going to watch him closely tonight. Aaron should be okay, but be aware of anything out of the ordinary, please. You can call any time tonight, including overnight, or in the morning if necessary."

"Thanks Andrew. I suspect that the balling out your gave the drug company is going to help avoid a repeat of a few weeks ago. The past couple of weeks have been okay."

"I hope so, too. Call me tomorrow before you head for home?"

"I will," I said, giving him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. He returned the kiss. He gave David a nice hug as well, which David returned sincerely.

We went to say hi to Jillian. She had vegetable soup for us tonight. David asked her about her dinner with her husband at my place.

"It was so nice, David. Thank you for having a hand in it. What a fine evening we had."

David reached for his wallet when we were ready to leave. Jillian told him to put it away.

"Aww come on, Jillian. I know you treat our bud here, but I can pay."

"House rules, young man. Chemo night for our bud here is on the house. You're not going to put me in the poor house over a bowl of soup. You're one of my four boys, and I'm thankful. Plus I won't have to worry about our bud tonight. Take good care of Aaron, huh?"

"I promise. See you for breakfast."

We exchanged hugs. She kissed us both on our foreheads. David and I walked back to my apartment and stripped down to just jeans. We settled into the big boy chair. He was a little unsure about what to do.

"I'm not going to break, love. I'm not going to die tonight either."

"I know, love. I do."

"Then maybe you should, I dunno, kiss me."

He smiled, and then laughed aloud. He would be okay for the rest of the evening. We lay there and kissed a lot. I lay my hand on his flat stomach. I eventually put my hand inside his jeans. I got him nice and hard. His cock head peeked out of the jeans.

"Commando, love?"

"Yeah. Feels nice with my jeans."

I bent down to lick it like a lollipop. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, pulled them off, and went back down on his cock. I swallowed more than half of it with a little bit of effort. His cock was pure David. It did not remind me of sucking either Skip or Billy. Well, a little, but because it was a cock. I played with his balls while I sucked him, and then put each one into my mouth one at a time. After a while, he gently pulled my mouth off his cock.

"Okay, bro, you're having all the fun. I want some, too."

He pulled my jeans off and then we pulled down the Murphy bed. We lay in a sixty-nine and sucked each other's hot cocks. My David filled my mouth as much as he filled my heart. I loved him because he did not feel the need to shove it into my throat. I knew I was doing good when he pulled off my cock and said I should slow down. I did not, though, because I wanted his creamy load.

"Okay, I warned you, love."

He moaned and then unloaded in my mouth. I swallowed like crazy. I swear he shot a cup of cum for every inch of his dick.

"No good deed goes unpunished, so it's your turn," he said.

He went back down on my cock. To make sure I shot off, he buzzed my joy button. I shot into his mouth and he swallowed my cum.

"I love the taste of you," he said.

"You know, eating you buddy's load is rare. Most guys don't do it. They think it's nasty."

"It's not. It's salty and sweet. I'm guessing it depends on your diet, so don't change yours."

"You're still hard."

"Not unusual. Jacking off turns me on, so I usually stay hard for a while. I guess sucking is even more of a turn-on."

"If you're not up to fucking me full out, you can bury it in me for the night."

"That sounds good. I liked it the last time. It made for all sorts of great dreams."

I lay on my side, facing him. I raised my leg. David put his cock head up against my pucker and then slid inside of me. I put my leg over his hip.

"You must really be tired now, after that long journey. Man, you just go on forever!" I said to him.

"Either that or I'm half way to your throat from the inside."

"What did you say?" I said, in a high-pitched voice.

"Funny, love. Let me hold you. I need to know you're safe tonight."

"I love you, bro, very much," I told him.

I kissed him to prove it. He kissed me, too, even though his dick deep inside me said it all.

"God bless me then, and you, love. I love you."

We were out. We did sleep deeply, and I was okay all night.

When I woke up, morning light was coming through my window. I put my hand on my forehead. It was only mildly warm. I looked down between my legs. I don't know how David did that, but he was still inside me. Probably because he was nine inches huge. I wonder if I had any fresh cum in my ass. I tickled his balls. His eyes popped open, and then he smiled at me.

"Since you're already there, love, you should fuck me."

"Yes sir."

I lay on my back while he got between my legs, without pulling his cock out of me. I put my legs over his shoulders, which seemed like a long way up. David was a tall boy. He pushed his cock all the way into my tight hole. When he hit bottom, I talked high-pitched again, which made him laugh.

"Love me, love my long cock, bro," he said, still laughing.

"I do and I do. But damn you got a big cock, love!"

"And your ass is tight. I never expected it to feel this good, ever! I love your ass."

"My ass loves you, as does the rest of me," I said, showing him my hard cock. He took it in his hand and pumped it.

He got into a nice long dicking rhythm. When he pulled back, I clenched my ass muscles around his huge pole. He moaned. He was leaning on his hands, well above me, looking into my eyes. He did not see pain, only intense pleasure.

"Whew, love, I gotta stop for a minute. I don't want to come yet."

He bent down to kiss me, sliding in and out of my hole slowly. He pulled all the way out.

"I think you should fuck me for a while, love. I'm too close."

"Okay bud, up on your knees."

He did so. I got behind him, put my face and my tongue into his hole, and licked his sweet pucker. He moaned even more.

"Damn, love, that's not helping me. Don't do it too long."

"Sensitive, huh?"

"Oh yeah, like I'm tingling all over. Can I please have your cock?"

"Since you asked so . . ." I started to say as I slid my cock into his ass, hitting bottom sooner than he does on me, but making him moan nonetheless, ". . . nicely."

He wriggled his ass tightly onto my cock, feeling my balls against his ass cheeks.

"Love you, love your cock. I do and I do."

I grabbed onto his hips and pumped my cock into him. He pushed back as I pushed in, wanting all of me. Curious, I reached around his right hip and grabbed his cock. Hard as a rock.

"You don't lose your hard-on when you get fucked. Sweet!"

"Horny, horny, and horny. Those are my reasons. Are they good reasons? I thought so. Fuck me love, mmmm, fuck me so good."

He lay on his forearms, hands clasped together, looking ahead of him. I know what he meant about not holding off for long, but I gave him all of it. I could come again while he fucked me.

"You want my load in your ass? I'm close."

"In my mouth."

I gave him a few more pumps, withdrew, straddled his chest while he lay down, slid my cock part way into his mouth, and unloaded. He swallowed my cum. I leaned down and licked my cum off his mouth, then continued kissing him.

"Let's hit the showers, bud. Then I can call Andrew to tell him all is well. He'll be in his office by the time we're dressed. Then we can head for home."

The only fooling around we did in the shower was kissing. A light rain was falling this morning. However, my heart was sunny and warm, because I had my bro to make me safe, and satisfied.

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