Skip - Part 15


Skip – Part 15

David called his folks on Friday evening to let them know all is well. He filled them in on how his week was, including going to Boston with me for chemo. His mom made him laugh. His dad made him laugh harder.

"Hey, love, I want to invite you home with me at the end of July for my dad's birthday. Would you go with me?"

He sat on the sofa between my legs. I put one arm around his chest and held his hand.

"Love to. Wait. How are your parents going to feel about me, in person? Right now I'm a person in a photo, and a heartbeat in their son's chest."

"My dad will love you, easily. My mom will be okay. We talked before I came up for the summer. She's a good mom. It's her job to watch out for me, but she knows I'm happy."

"Does she think I'm corrupting her little boy?"

"Yes. But she'll get over it."

"Uh, really, she thinks that."


"Oy. She'll hate me."

"She'll love you."

"No mother will love an older guy who steals her younger son's virginity and heart."

"Her loss then. But she'll love you. I happened to give you my virginity willingly. I gave you my heart first, so it's love over sex."

"I'll pee my pants when I meet her. Then she'll think I'm disgusting."

"You're already disgusting for stealing my virginity."

"But not your heart."

"Right. See, you get it."

"I'll have to sleep with one eye open."

"Probably both."


He laughed and kissed me.

Skip's cancer quickly took center stage for the month of June. He found out he needed surgery, yet again, to clean up some lymph nodes gone bad, and to look at his lung. He had been scheduled quickly because he never totally shook his infection and cold. He wanted the surgery done at MGH, under Andrew's care. Andrew arranged it. He needed to be in Boston on Wednesday for surgery on Thursday.

He helped me cook dinner tonight, before Billy and David got back from errands. It was obvious that he did not feel well. I turned the oven down and turned the burner off for now.

"Come on, love, you need to let me hold on to you. The bros can take care of dinner for us."

He started to shake his head. "I'm okay."

"No lying to your bro. I feel you as much as you feel me. You're tired and you hurt."

He put his head down as he held the counter with one hand. With his other hand, he ran his fingers through his hair. It flopped back into place. He looked up at me, very sad. He nodded, and I took him in my arms. He hugged me.

"I hate being sick. I'd rather take care of you or Billy, and David too. David's such a beaut, isn't he?"

"He is, but he told me last night that he's sad for you. He wants to hold you badly. And more."


I nodded.

Skip would like `more' with David, but then again, who would not.



"I'll talk to him. Seriously, I need some TLC and I don't want to stay distant from him all summer."

"Tell him just that. He's ready, maybe because he's worried."

"Are you?"

"No. You're my Skip, nearly invincible. Okay, about this much," I said, putting my thumb and forefinger together with very little space between then. "You don't need me to worry about you; you need me to love you. I'm better at that."

He hugged me, a bit teary, and kissed me. I wiped away a tear with my thumb. I took him into the living room and put him between my legs, his back to my chest. I wrapped my arms around his chest. He flinched.

"Ooh, sorry. Are you sore?"

"Yeah. The lymph nodes are in my chest and side, which is why the surgeon will look at my lung during surgery, while he's in the neighborhood."

He dozed for a while, and I held him. The guys saw us as soon as they opened my front door. They came in quietly.

"How about you guys finish up dinner?" I asked.

"Sure, no sweat."

Billy took David's hand and took him to the kitchen. The smells came alive in a short while. Skip woke up and sniffed the air.

"Mmmm. Shall we offer a hand?"

"Nope. Let the boys shine tonight by themselves. They're not complaining."

He moved around onto his side and kissed me. He looked into my eyes.

"You're right, nothing in there that even resembles worry, just lots of love. Who's the lucky guy?"

"You only."

"Nah. You gotta love Billy and David, too. We're four, no longer three, and not two, ever."

"For now we're two. We're allowed."

Before long, David made an appearance at the door between the dining room and living room.

"Ready to eat, loves?"

"What condition is my kitchen in?" I asked with a smile.

"Uh, you should ignore that on your way to the patio."

We did. The table was set buffet style. There were two trays of haddock, baked in lemon and breadcrumbs. Fresh green beans, red potato halves, and a fruit salad were lined up. A bag from a local bakery held a mystery dessert that the boys had bought. We plated up and sat in a circle around a table holding cold mugs of beer. David put his arm around Skip and kissed his forehead before we sat down.

"Thanks, love. That feels nice. Come home with me tonight?"

"You're welcome, my bud. Yes, I want to."

David nodded and winked at me. I nodded back.

We ate our fill and decided to save dessert for later. We took David over to the park where we three had spent some of last summer. We showed him our `private' place where we could smooch unobserved. The boys sat on either side of David, and I sat to Billy's right.

Skip whispered in David's ear. David nodded and kissed Skip on his lips. He hugged Skip carefully. David would understand about the tender lymph nodes beneath Skip's skin.

We sat in the park for about an hour, talking, and holding on to each other. Billy and I had thought that Skip wanted to take David back home earlier. He must have been making sure that David was okay to be with him tonight. David held Skip's hand and Billy's hand, and Billy held mine.

"Dessert, guys?" asked David.

"Yeah. What'd you bring?"

"You'll see," he said. "If you don't like it, I get your piece."

We walked back to my place and settled into the backyard again. Billy pulled a torte out of the bakery bag.

"Raspberry almond torte," he said.

After dessert, which was incredibly great, we cleaned up. We drove to Billy and Skip's townhomes. I am staying with Billy tonight, so David and Skip can have their evening together.

"Are you sure you're okay with Skip and me?"

"Yes, love. He needs TLC and wants it from you. Love Skip the way you do me, and he'll love you back. It's no longer Skip, Billy, and me. We all love you, bud, and want you to love us all."

"You're awesome, Aaron. Really. Billy, you too." He gave both of us hugs. "And you, love," turning to Skip, "you honor me. I just hope ..."

"Sshhhh, love. Just TLC. More if you want, but we got the blessings of our bros and we have each other, us four."

David nodded. He and Skip went into Skip's townhouse. Billy and I walked around the block for a while.

"I'm sad for my brother, Aaron. Do you think he ...?"

"No sadness, my love. Skip doesn't want or need pity. He wants to make sure David knows we're four, not three, and that he's not an outsider. As he said, TLC, so he can get his attitude adjusted. He's in a lot of pain from his lymph nodes. If it weren't for that, he'd be better. You know as well as I do how bad the cancer sucks your brain away from you. We need to love him the way we have up until this very moment. David is going to do just that tonight."

"I know you and David clicked from the first moment you met. I'm glad Skip invited him `in'. I want my bro to be well. Warriors know, as you three do."

"You're no slouch either, bud. You got heart and soul, and both are beautiful. I'd like a little of both."

"Nice. TLC, Billy-style. Are they really going to be okay?"

"Yeah, they are."

"Well, since you don't say what you don't believe, I believe. Do you want to shower before or after?"

"How about a hot bath instead?"

"Mmmm, nice."

We went upstairs to Billy's bedroom and stripped. He filled the bathtub, lit two candles on the counter, and climbed in with me. He hugged me close and we kissed. After a few minutes, he entered me from behind and wrapped his arms around my chest. If there is not love with the sex, it is just sex. Billy loves me and shows me every time. He felt so good inside me, long dicking me while kissing me. The only light was from the candles, the only sound was the water around us.

It was kinda dreamy, with the candlelight and the hot water. Billy's cock in my ass was slick with the soapy water. I put two fingers down on the outside of my hole, on either side of Billy's cock. I felt his cock come out to the head and then slide all the way down to his balls.

"Feels nice, love," he said to me. "I'm getting close."

I cupped his balls and massaged them with my hand. I poked at his hole with my middle finger.

"Mmmm. Uhnnnn," he said, coming in my ass. He kissed me until he stopped coming, and then held me until his cock slipped out of my ass.

After a few minutes, before the water could get cold, we stepped out and toweled each other dry. I brought the candles out of the bathroom and put them on the dresser. I hugged Billy then lay him down on his back on his bed. I lifted his legs so I could eat out his hole.

"I wish we could do that together!" he said, writhing and moaning.

"We can, I think."

I had a picture of how we could eat each other out in my mind. I worked my ass around to his. I pulled his legs up and put them under my pits. I went back to munching his pucker. We moaned together for a few minutes. I licked up is pre-cum from his cock head. Wow. That felt so nice. Then I stood up, turned around, and got on my knees between his legs. I put them up on my shoulders and entered him in one stroke.

"Oomph. I love when you do that," he said. "Damn, I love your cock inside me."

"I wish I was longer because our young friend can keep his dick in my ass all night. Do you know he's over nine inches fully hard?"

"Wow, really? I guess I haven't taken a good look yet. I don't usually think about cock size since us three are all the same length. Uh, you can feel free to fuck me good now. I'm not complaining about any of us being over seven inches."

I loved Billy's ass as much as he loved my cock. Both together were a treat. I slid in and out of him for a good while. I grabbed his cock tightly in my fist while I fucked him, so he could fuck my fist. I loved when we came together, plus I wanted a load to put down my throat.

"Mmmm, I'm getting close again, love. You want my load?"


I fucked him a bit longer, until he told me he was coming. I put his cock in my mouth, in time for him to fill my mouth. After I swallowed and cleaned up his cock, I resumed fucking him in earnest. I knew he wanted my load, too, so I pulled out, straddled his chest, put my cock in his mouth, and unloaded. He didn't miss much, but there was some on his chin. I leaned down to lick it up myself.

"Mmmm, yummy," he said.

I lay beside him, on my side, facing him. It was after 11:00 and we were tired. I snuggled close and kissed my Billy goodnight.

I stirred a bit when I felt the bed move.

"Sshhhh, go back to sleep, love. We're going to curl up with you," said Skip.

When I woke up a few hours later, Skip and David were spooning us. Skip held me and kissed my neck. The two boys were still sleeping. I kissed Billy and David very lightly on their lips. Skip and I dozed off again.

I was being kissed awake, by Billy and David alternately. They smiled and kept kissing me. I looked behind me at Skip. He was laying there looking at me, amused. He too kissed me.

"Good morning, love," said Billy in a comic high-pitched voice.

"Wait a minute," I said. I peeked over his hip at his ass. David's cock was buried in Billy's ass. I could see just the base and his balls. I rolled onto my back and laughed aloud.

"What's so funny?" said Skip, in the same high-pitched voice. Then he roared in laughter. "I was blessed to feel that beast last night. Poor guy is just exhausted after making that long journey inside an ass."

"Poor guy, nothing. Hung like a horse, and we are the `poor guys' who have to take that beast time after time. What a burden," I said, jokingly, laughing at David.

Each time he pushed his cock into Billy; Billy crossed his eyes, and then cracked up.

"What's he doing?" David asked.

I crossed my eyes in rhythm to David's fucking into Billy.

"So you two became acquainted," I asked Billy. "What a surprise to wake up to."

"Oh I consented, of course. I felt the guys get into bed with us, but went right back to sleep. David and I were the first awake this morning. He asked nicely and I begged him mercilessly."

"Sigh. It's a tough burden to lug around 24/7, but, you know," he said, laughing. His left hand was on Billy's hip, his right hand holding up his head.

As we talked, David kept sliding his cock into Billy. We four kissed, but let Billy have his time with David.

"So the shyness is gone? You're okay with the three of us?" I asked him.

"No more shyness, as you can see. I have no idea why I was so stupid. Who wouldn't want you three, either alone or as a foursome? It's so sweet. All of you are. You bring me into ... Uhnnnn"

He stopped talking and kept pumping into Billy. Obviously, he was unloading into Billy's hot ass.

"Oops, I guess being watched is more of a turn-on than I give it credit for. Wow, Billy. That was hot. I think you and I might need to find some quality time at school occasionally."

"Ohhh yeeaahhhh," smiled Billy.

We lay in bed, talking for a while. Billy realized that David's dick was still in his hole.

"Have you at least gone soft?" he turned his head to ask David.

"Yeah. But there's not too much difference between hard and soft when one carries The Beast between ones legs."

"Could you fuck me again, and come again too?"

"Never tried it."

"I'm a willing guinea pig. We'll just have to do it again and again if you don't get it right," Billy said, smiling wickedly.

He pulled his ass off David's long cock and then lay on his back. He looked over at Skip and asked if he was up to a foursome.

"Not this time, love, but thanks."

"Did I make you sorer?" asked David.

"Nope my bro, you didn't. The pain just goes in cycles. What we had last night has me more than satisfied. I will tell you, Aaron and Billy, David and I had a very special night. He really did make the pain just dissolve for a while. For now, I'd rather just hold on to my Aaron here and let Billy get a feel for how it was last night."

"Awww, I can't have fun if you're feeling bad," said David, to which Billy quickly agreed.

"Let's get some breakfast then," Billy said. "We got all day to play if we're up to it later."

In the light of downstairs, it was evident why Skip was in a cycle of pain. His bare chest was bruised, with lesions showing through his pale skin.

"Holy Christ, did I do that to you," said David, very fearful that he had hurt Skip last night.

"No, love. If I had really hurt last night, we would have talked about it. I would not have been able to have sex if it was like this."

David had tears in his eyes. Skip pulled him to his chest and hugged him tightly. I could see Skip wince, but sometimes the pain was less important than the love.

"You know what this feels like, don't you," he said to David.

David could only nod. The tears just streamed out of his eyes. They landed on Skip's shoulders.

"I'll be better after Wednesday, my bro. The docs will remove what's inflamed. Then it won't hurt any more. Here, let me show you."

He let go of David. He put his fingers on David many scars, touching each one. He looked up into David's eyes.

"No pain now, right, but a lot before."

David wiped his tears. He nodded. "Yeah." Skip kissed David's scars lovingly.

"Then I'll be fine, too. I never, ever, say something I don't believe."

"Seems like I've heard that from someone else," David said, looking at me. Skip looked at me and nodded.

"Why lie? I love you, very much, so I can't lie. If I believe I'm going to be well, then I will be well."

"That's how it worked for me, too," said David.

Skip took a napkin and dried David's eyes. He kissed him, and hugged him sincerely.

"I'm going to run home a minute and take my pain meds. Be right back," Skip said.

His doc had given him a steroid-based pain meds to ease his inflammation. He could get by eight to nine hours with them. When he came back, he made hash browns with onions. David took care of sausages and bacon. Billy fried eggs. I toasted English muffins, and poured four glasses of orange juice and set the table outside.

We enjoyed breakfast on a quiet Saturday morning, blessed by another day. After we ate, Billy picked up my legs and put my feet in his lap. He massaged my feet firmly, not really thinking about, as we talked about what we wanted to do today. He picked up David's feet and did the same for him, and then for Skip. We knew he'd like it to, so David and I each massaged Billy's feet.

This made David hard. Looks like many things made David hard. Many things made all of us hard. Not to waste a good hard-on, Skip stood up. I knew what he was up to, so I got down on David's cock, spitting on it and sucking it until it was wet. Billy ate out Skip's hole. Skip stood up on David's chair, facing forward, putting his feet on either side of David's legs. Billy held David's cock straight up. Skip sat down on it, taking every inch of The Beast.

David was careful where he put his hands on Skip's chest, opting for his stomach. Skip held on to the arms of the chair, pulling himself up the length of the great cock and then pushing back down to the base.

"Wow, love that huge cock, bud. Feels sooo good."

Billy was on his knees in front of David, licking and sucking David's balls. I kissed Skip and David alternately.

"You probably should fuck me," Billy said to me.

"Yeah, I probably should. What gave me away?"

"Your hard cock in my face."

"You'd rather have my hard cock up your ass?"

"Oh yeah."

So I lay on my back while Billy lowered his ass onto my face. I licked his hole for a few minutes, priming him up.

"Don't make me come, love!"

"Alrighty then. Ready for my cock?"

"Oh I dunno, maybe next week. Duh! Stick it up my ass!"

No problem. I knelt behind him, put my cock head against his hole, and then pushed inside of him.

"Now that's what I'm talking about, love. If you love me, let me free ... or fuck me. Your choice."

I fucked him.

"Good choice."

"Well, I do love you, just in case you haven't figured me out yet. I can be complex."

"You can be as complex as you want as long as you keep fucking me like that."

"As our friend here says, love me, love my cock."

I shared the duty of licking and sucking David's balls. Billy and I took turns licking David's exposed cock when Skip slid up the length. Skip was in Heaven with David's long cock sliding in and out of his asshole. I realized that this is our first real foursome. That just made me all the hotter.

I did not back off licking and sucking on David's balls and shaft. We four were joined together by tongues, mouths, and cocks. Mine thrusting into Billy was just great. Billy saw that Skip started to jack his cock, so he and I stood up. We both sucked on Skip's hot cock. We knew he was going to come soon because his ass fucked David's cock long and slow. His cock was leaking pre-cum. He buried his ass deeply onto David's meat. Billy and I were ready. He took the first two ribbons of cum and then quickly gave me Skip's spurting cock. I swallowed four more ribbons of cum and any dribbles that leaked out. I cleaned him up while I continued to fuck Billy.

"Mmmm, I'm close, Billy. Where do you want it?"

He answered by getting off my cock and sliding his mouth down my shaft. I shot my load almost immediately.

In the meantime, I heard Skip tell David that he wanted his load up his hole, so they just kept on fucking.

David asked for Billy's load in his mouth, so I went down on Billy to get him ready. When he was close, he stood to David's side, put his cock part way into David's mouth, and then shot his load while holding tightly on to Skip. David came inside of Skip at the same time.

"Unhhhh ... unhhhh," he repeated until he was drained.

Skip kept his ass on David's cock. He was curious what happened to David after he came so hard. After a while, it was apparent that David went soft but lost very little of his overall length.

"Okay, so I figure it's going to take me about ten minutes to get off your cock. Any goodbye thoughts. Should I take a snack for the journey?"

David roared in laughter.

"Come on, guys, I've got only a couple inches on you at best."

"When we're hard, yeah. But none of us have a donkey dong when we're soft," Billy said.

"Well then, get hard again. A hard man is good to find, especially if I get my next wish."

"Which is?" I asked.

"To go upstairs to Billy's bed. And then to ..." he said, as he got up and ran into the house. We followed him inside, also running, and up the stairs.

In Billy's room, he lay on his back and raised his legs.

"Okay, but who?"

"All of you. Be creative. Just fuck me."

We looked at each other, highly amused, and very horny. My cock seemed to have a mind of its own. It was rock hard, even though I had come only a few minutes ago. Skip and Billy were also hard. What to do, what to do. We all knew, of course. We smiled wide and then got on our knees on the bed. We each leaned in and ate out David's pucker.

Skip was leaking pre-cum again, so he used it to lube David's pulsing pucker. He then slid all the way inside of David. He held up David's right leg as I held up his left. Billy leaned in to kiss David while he massaged David's balls. Skip pulled out and Billy went in immediately. Skip leaned in to kiss David. After a few minutes, Billy pulled out and I went inside in one deep thrust. David moaned.

"Wow, the three most awesome guys on the planet, fucking me. Fan-tas-tic!"

I pulled out and Billy plunged back in, fucking David. Skip put just the head of his cock in David's ass. Billy had a better idea. He pulled out and Skip plunged in; then Skip pulled out and Billy plunged in. Billy pulled out and I went in. I gave him a few strokes and then turned it over to Billy. Billy took a few strokes and then gave it over to Skip. Skip fucked David's hole for a few minutes. When he got too close, he pulled out and Billy went in. Billy got too close but could not stop. He fucked David until he shot his load deep into David's ass. I went back in and fucked him deeply until I too shot my hot load. David's cummy ass was now doubled lubed. Skip went back in and fucked David for a good five minutes more. He threw his head back, grunted, and buried his cock deep. After the first spurt, he pulled out a bit so he could short dick David's asshole and finished shooting his cum.

"Ok guys, you get an A for creativity. That was so hot. Now line `em up boys. We're gonna find out who gets my load, Russian Roulette-style."

Skip, Billy, and I got on our knees and begged to be fucked. David started with Skip. We each got a good five minutes of anal massage. Even he did not know whose ass he'd come into. He decided to give us equal treatment and then shoot wherever he was. His shy self was a thing of the past now. Billy and I each got five more minutes of fucking. David entered Skip and within a couple of minutes, he was burying his cock deep.

"Okay my love, I'm so close. In your ass or in your mouth?"

"In my mouth, bro."

David pulled out of Skip and put just the head of his cock into Skip's mouth. He shot a full load. Skip swallowed it all eagerly and then went half way down on David's dick, sucking him and cleaning him up.

He dropped back onto his back.

"I'm empty, loves. You drained my balls. You guys okay?"

"Oh yeah, love, just right. I know I'm drained," I said.

"Me too," said Billy and Skip together.

"I like that game," said Skip.

"Me too, but I just did in reverse what you did to me," said David. "You three just rock my world. Thanks for loving me."

"Loving you is even better than the best sex," I said.

"Totally," said Billy.

"By a long shot," said Skip.

"Awww, sweet." He kissed each of us.

We four were invited to a cookout with Betsy and JD. David got special treatment for being the new son. They had met David at when he went to visit Billy at school, but having him for the summer gave Betsy and excuse, or a reason really, to cook more food. This made it easier on us during the week.

Wednesday was Skip's pre-op day. He wanted Billy and David to spend a day without worrying about him, back in New Hampshire. They agreed they could do that. He asked me if I'd go into Boston with him. It made sense because I had chemo on Thursday during Skip's surgery. David and Billy drove us to the train station across the border.

Even though Andrew was not doing Skip's surgery, he sat with us as a friend while the surgeon explained what the surgery at Mass General would entail. The surgery would take around six hours because of the number of lymph nodes the surgeon would have to remove. He would spend a minimum of four days in the hospital, depending on complications. Infections were Skip's biggest nightmare, as is evidenced by his unshakable cold from the spring—four months ago.

We went to visit Jillian after we were done.

"You're a day early, loves. Chemo is still on Thursdays?"

"Yeah, but our friend here has surgery tomorrow too," I said.

"A ton of my lymph nodes are inflamed. They gotta go because they aren't working anymore." He explained, briefly, what it all meant. She asked for a peek of his chest. He showed her. God love her, she was not grossed out, nor did she over react.

"I know about lymph nodes because my sister had breast cancer. It's usual to remove nodes, too. Obviously, you're hurting with that. How is the pain?"

"Bearable with Prednisone and ibuprofen. They're going to look at my lung, too, because of multiple respiratory infections. My bro here says I sound raspy at night."

"Bless you, love. You'll be okay soon?"

Skip nodded.

"Will you boys have a salad with me?"

"Sure. Nothing fancy now," I said as she went to the kitchen.

To show how much she values my opinion, she bought out two Cobb salads. And she refused payment, again.

"Jillian! I've paid $11 for one of these before. You ..."

"Now stop right there," she said, looking at me. "If you eat with me, I know you're eating. How much weight have you put back on since last year?"

"I'm down f ...," I mumbled.

"So you're around 110. What should you weigh?"


"So you'll eat."

"Yes," I sighed. "Thank you, Jills. You're aces."

"Who's coming into town tomorrow to be with you after chemo?"

"Unknown. Billy says a mystery guest will magically appear, but not him or David."

"Come in for soup."

"You know I will. I won't mess with you. I know you care, Jills, I really do."

"I do, love. I want my boys all well. David is good to go, huh? And Billy?"

"Yeah, we're two for four. We hope end of summer brings us better health. Cancer free in 1994, we hope."

"Cheers to that, loves," she said, toasting our iced tea glasses. She gave us both hugs and kisses as we left.

Skip went into surgery at 7:30 a.m. It would turn out to be a long, awful day for Skip. He would be in surgery until almost 4:30 p.m. Most of the nodes from groin to neck were removed on his left side. The surgeons then removed a rib and took half of his left lung. He had expected this; I had not.

My chemo went as usual, but my nerves were frayed. Nate and Bryan came to take care of me. They took my mind off Skip for a while. They cared for me during chemo as if they did this every week. Nate made sure I was covered with the now famous blanket. They sat on each side of me, holding my hand, letting me nap. Andrew can to check on me about half way through. He brought soda for the boys.

"Thanks, guys, for helping out our bud."

"No sweat, Andrew. I wouldn't want to do this alone. We belong to each other, as Aaron has taught us," said Nate.

It was a given, after Andrew came back with a report on Skip, that we could not see him until Friday afternoon, so we headed for Jillian's place. She remembered Nate as one of the pair who snagged the man who attacked Billy. This was her first time meeting Bryan. She told the boys that soup was on the house on chemo day for my caregivers and me. She had four kinds for us to choose from. I took tomato and basil. Nate and Bryan chose minestrone.

When we were done, she gave me one for the road, for tonight. The boys declined, saying they had a plan for dinner. We walked backed to my place and went up to the roof deck. My mind was back on Skip. Nate took my hand and looked at me, eye to eye.

"No, Aaron, you're not going to sit here and worry about anything that you can't help. Skip is in good hands today. You just had chemo, so you need to think about your own well-being."

"I'm used to chemo. NBD. I'm not used to Skip being in surgery for hours."

"We know that, bud. What is worry going to do for you?"

Sigh. "Nothing."

"What should you do?"

"Think good things. Let him know I'm here for him."

Nate nodded. Bryan reached over and took my other hand. "So talk to him," Bryan said.

I lay back and closed my eyes. I brought Skip's sweet face to mind. `I love you, my bud. You're in my heart tonight, Skip. I want you to come home so I can hold you. And make sweet love to you. I'm here for you, my bud. I promise.'

"Whatever you said to him, he knows," said Nate.

"And believes in his heart," said Bryan.

"Thanks guys. I believe, in my heart, too."

After a while, the sun was hurting my eyes, which means a hell of a headache was coming on. I told the guys I was going downstairs to take my meds and get sunglasses.

"I'm ready to go in, too," said Bryan. "I'll burn to a crispy critter if I sit in the sun all afternoon."

"Me too," said Nate. "All my freckles will come out with too much sun."

I laughed. We went downstairs to my apartment where it was cool. The windows were all open and there was a bit of a breeze. I took my headache meds, took my shirt, sneakers and socks off, and got into the big boy chair.

"You guys can join me, if you want. If we all lay on our sides, we can fit."

The boys took off t-shirts, socks and sneakers. We were all wearing shorts today instead of blue jeans. Nate was hard, I was hard, and Bryan was close behind.

Nate was less shy than Bryan was, so he needed no encouragement. He settled down in front of me, boner to boner with me. By the time Bryan got behind me, he was fully hard. His boner pressed into my butt.

"Watch where you stick that thing, Bry," I said, jokingly.

"Oops, I didn't think you'd feel that through two layers of clothes. Sorry."

I laughed. "No worries bud. Reach around my hip and you'll see why I don't care."

He did. He felt my boner and Nate's.

"Geez, horny much guys?" he said.

"Yeah. Who wouldn't be around you two?" I said. "Wanna take care of those?"

They both said yeah, but blushed amazingly.

"You're right, Nate, your freckles come out when you're red. No need to be shy around me. I like a good jack off. No shame to make it a group jack."

We shucked our shorts, but the chair was a bit constricting when we were doing more than just holding on. I got up and pulled down my bed. The guys joined me. We lay side-by-side, stroking our hard cocks, me in the middle of the boys. I let go of my cock and grabbed theirs in each hand. Nate took my cock, barely missing a beat. Bryan played with my balls. They each kissed me on my cheek, and I kissed them likewise. I stroked them up and down, paying attention to the head of their cocks. Nate took my balls while Bryan replaced Nate's hand.

"Feels good guys. Are you okay, Nate?"

"Just fine, Aaron. If you are."


"Me too, if you are."

"I am. You okay with just jacking off? Or I can go out if you two ..."

"No, Aaron. You can't. Bryan and I can be together at home. Today's your day. Just jacking off is cool. Just one thing, though. We don't like to waste cum."

"Neither do I. I eat my load. When I was a kid, I didn't want to leave any evidence."

"Are you okay if Bry and I share our loads?"

"Of course. Do you want to switch places? You guys can do whatever you want."

Nate just nodded, a bit shyly. I moved out of their way while Nate crawled over me. I lay on my back again. Nate lay in a sixty-nine with Bryan while they jacked each other's cocks. I watched the guys please each other. I might not have wanted to have sex with them, but I'm not dead. It did turn me on, so I stroked my cock in earnest. Nate and Bryan stopped for a few minutes. Nate reached over and replaced my hand with his. He stroked me up and down just the way I was doing it.

"Oh man, I'm close. Arrhhhh ..."

Nate opened his mouth, went down on me, making me came harder. He swallowed hungrily, finally closing his mouth around my cock. He went down the full length, waiting for me to finish coming. He made a vacuum with his mouth and pulled all the way up, cleaning every drop.

He looked at me sheepishly. "I just ..."

"S'okay, bud. Amongst jack-off buddies, I think that's acceptable. If not, I liked it anyway. Now take care of your lover over there."

Instead of jacking each other again, the boys took each other's cocks into their mouths. Bryan looked up at me, Nate's cock in his mouth. He raised his eyebrow.

I smiled at him and nodded. He blushed again, but sucked his lover's cock with passion. Who was I to deny that? The guys had given up a day to be with me. Either one of them could have come by himself, but that would have sucked for the other. Nothing pure about me anyway, since I was getting it on with three guys myself. I lazily played with my dick while they sucked. Both of them were obviously close to blowing their loads. Both pulled off their lover's cock until just the head was in their mouths. I could almost hear the cum splashing tongues and going into throats. After a minute, they cleaned each other up.

"Wow, Nate. Come much?" Bryan said, giggling.

"Only for you, Bry. I love you, you know."

The boys got quiet, as if they realized where they were. They did not look at me for a couple minutes.

"Sorry," said Nate. "It's just, you know."

"Well, first Bryan needs to tell you that he loves you as well."

I waited.

"I do love you, Nate."

"Next, you need to stop worrying."

"But this isn't supposed to be about us," said Nate.

"No, it's about us ... us three. I came and you cleaned me up. Why shouldn't you two be able to get off?"

"It's not about us, Aaron. This is your time, but ..."

Sigh. "Come over here, both of you."

Nate got out of the sixty-nine and faced me. Bryan snuggled up behind Nate. Bryan understood me. Nate did not. So I kissed him passionately on the lips. I leaned over him and kissed Bryan likewise. Nate started to say something, so I kissed him again. He looked at my eyes, wondering if I was doing it just to shut him up. So I kissed him again.

"I'm not trying to just shut you up. You came to care about me tonight. I'm not sick, probably because you've managed to distract me. Uh uh! That's a good thing. I just got my load off, twice. I love that. Truthfully, I could stand to do it again, in a while. You and Bryan just got each other off. You love each other, and you care for me. What's wrong with any of that?"

"I feel a little selfish, that's all."

"You're not."

"Nate," said Bryan, turning Nate's head to his. "Aaron's needs come first today. That's what Billy told us when he asked us to be here today. Being with us, this way, is okay. We three agreed to get naked and to jack off. It was fun, right?"

Nate nodded. He put his head down. I lifted it up with my fingers under his chin.

"You have a beautiful heart and soul, Nate," I said. "I wouldn't have asked you if you wanted to take care of your hard-on if I didn't want to take care of mine, too. You think I'd rather hide away in the bathroom and jack off by myself?"


"Look, love. I like you and Bryan, a lot. I don't want to have sex for the sake of sex. But jacking off together is just fooling around. I'm more than okay with that. And it stays between us. If you're willing, I'd like to ask you to be with me on another chemo day. It sucked so bad for me to endure that, in Andrew's treatment room, for two hours. It would weigh heavy on me to be here alone. I could do it, but I wouldn't want to."

"I would like to come back. I was afraid maybe you wouldn't ask."

"I'll ask. And I can't see Skip today because he's sedated at least through tomorrow. He's going to be in a lot of pain when they wake him up. I don't want to think about that today. I want to think about you and Bryan."

"I ... we, want to be with you, too, Aaron. I'm okay now. I just wanted to make sure you're okay with this."

"Can we do this again tonight, after dinner?" I asked.


"Yeah, if you want to. If you feel okay," Bryan said.

"Then so do I. If it's taking your mind off the crap, then that's what we're here for."

I did feel okay later, and into the evening. We did jack off again. Bryan took my load that time. He and Nate sucked each other off again. I lay against Nate, encouraging them on. They both came like it was their first time today. Nate smiled at me when he kissed me goodnight.

Tomorrow might suck bad, but today did not have to. What went on among the three of us stayed with us. They understood the difference between sex and just fooling around.

As Nate had reminded Andrew earlier today, we belong to each other, and in many ways.

I would not keep Nate and Bryan too far from my thoughts. I had asked them to come to be with me for my next chemo. I asked if I could call them this coming week. They both hugged and kissed me on the cheek. I hugged them and kissed them on their lips, meaning it. They had made the day and night of Skip's surgery and my chemo bearable.

In the morning, even though he would still be sedated, I wanted to see Skip. He was in his room in ICU. I sat down beside him, took his hand, put it to my heart, and told him that I loved him very much. I did not want him to come back to me right then, only to know what he meant to me.

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