Skip - Part 16


Skip – Part 16

I was sleeping when I felt something beside me. I mumbled something, wanting to go back to sleep. I was very tired. I sat curled up in the chair beside Skip all night. I should have lain down beside him in bed, but I was afraid it would hurt him too much.

"I love you, Aaron," he said.

I almost did not hear him. His voice was dry and harsh. He squeezed my hand.

"I love you, too, my bud, very much. I'm going to get you some ice chips for your mouth and throat."

He nodded. I kissed him on his lips, moving his hair out of his eyes. I went down the hall with a plastic ice pitcher, knowing where to find ice. When I got back to Skip's room, I ran chips across his dry lips one at a time, then dropped them into his mouth. When his throat felt a little better, he told me the pain was too hard. He teared up quickly and then clenched his sheets. I rang the bell for his nurse.

"Pain's real bad," I told her.

She could see it in Skip's eyes. She opened a valve on his IV bag.

"This will allow him to sleep longer," she said to me. "Off you go, love. Sleep is what you need," she said to Skip. "You're going to be fine soon enough. Your Aaron is here, okay?"

Skip nodded. I kissed him before he went to sleep again. Ellie smiled at me.

"Thank God for you, Aaron. The ice chips were a great idea, too. No worries, okay? What can I get you?"

"Just apple juice if you got some to spare. I'm not hungry yet. Yesterday was chemo day and I'm not up to much yet."

"I'll be right back. You should eat something. I'll make you some dry toast."

"Okay, thanks Ellie."

I went down the hall again to wash my face. I stopped at the nurse's station to get my juice and toast.

"I'll bring you some soup for lunch. Tomato, right?"

"Yeah. Thanks. You know where I'll be."

I went back into Skip's room. I ate on my own because Ellie would not stand for it if I did not. One does not mess with nurses, especially those who care for more than just the patient.

Later in the day, JD and Betsy arrived. Billy and David were close behind. They all knew Skip would be sleeping.

"Come on, love, we're taking you to get some food," said Betsy.

"I ate a while ago," I said. "Not hungry."

"A while ago was six hours ago, according to Ellie," she countered.

"Aww crap. Busted."

"Yeah, busted. No arguing, bro," said David. "Starving to death won't help our bro here."

He gave me a nice kiss. He looked over at JD and Betsy, a light blush on his face. But he kissed Skip anyway.

"Is your shyness ever going away?" I asked him.

"Probably not. Love me, love my blush," he laughed.

He gave Betsy a hug. She was standing closest to him.

"Thank you for letting me be in love with your sons."

"Thank you for loving our sons," she said. "They, as well as JD and I, are blessed by you, David. You and Aaron make things happen, and always for the better. Skip is going to need you to hold on tight."

"I can, but I'm not one. We're four. We will hold tight. I know what he feels like, though."

"Can we see?" asked JD, knowing that David went through the same surgery, except for his lung.

David took his polo shirt off. There was a curved line, at least seventeen inches long, on the right side of his chest and stomach. JD sucked in his breath. He reached out to touch the scars but pulled away slowly. David took JD's hand and moved in closer. He looked at JD in the eyes and nodded. A tear ran down his cheek. JD touched David's chest carefully. He looked back at David's eyes. Betsy held on to Billy and me.

"It sucked, sir, I won't kid you. He's going to hurt for more than just a couple days. But I do know how to hold ..." he choked up. "... how to hold on just right. I will, I promise."

JD hugged David to him. "I know, son. I'm not worried." He wiped David's tears with his thumbs. He kissed David on his cheek. "Like Betsy said, thank God for you."

David started to put his shirt back on. He stopped because Betsy was looking, though not horrified. Betsy was a beautifully strong and curious woman.

"Those reflect a lot of pain for you, love, but also a great amount of hope for Skip. Aaron and Billy have their war wounds, of course, but those will go a long way to helping Skip heal. I'm just a bit sad that it had to be you, too."

"I'm not. There have been, are, and will be a lot of David's around the world looking just like me. I was never afraid of the surgery. Skip either, naturally. How to get him through the hurt is going to be very hard. I learned from my dad. Dad and I are closer for it. My mom couldn't handle seeing me hurting so badly, which made us distant for a while. Your son is going to need every positive thing you can do and think, even if it's a lie sometimes."

"It won't ever be a lie, David," she assured him. "You've shown us the way, all three of you."

We all gave Skip kisses. David hung behind for a moment. I had a good idea what he would say to Skip. Angry pain to angry pain, and Skip would not lose anything. It would be ALL about Skip as far as David was concerned.

"Sorry," he said, joining us outside of Skip's room.

"No worries, bud," said Billy. "I'd guess that the battle has started. God bless you and my brother. I do love you so much." He pulled David into his arms.

David, not I, stayed with Skip the rest of those two weeks. For Skip, it was awful. He fought against being sedated, but lost twice because the pain was more than angry. David also fought another battle, for the right to sleep in bed beside Skip. He knew Skip needed constant contact with a body, lost in the fog of the pain and meds. His dad had done it for him, and no way would administration stand between Skip and him. He won the battle, of course. When he had to go pee, he said he'd rather wet his pants than have to leave Skip unattended. Ellie was there to hold on to Skip's hand and heart. She came back in the evening, after supper, after putting her kids to bed.

Between the two of them, they got Skip released from the sedation as gracefully as humanly possible.

On day eleven, Skip was awake, aware, and being supported by Prednisone and ibuprofen again. He finally got through one day without tears. He sat up all day, ate everything on his plate, and held tightly onto his brother. David bathed him every day, twice a day. He helped the nurses change Skip's bandages each day. He slept with him every night and through every nap. His dad had done the same for him, so he knew how. The only tears were Ellie's, for the genuine love and affection that David showed for Skip.

"I want my son to grow up to be JUST like you," she told David toward the end of the fourteen days war.

"He'd be gay, then," David said, though not ashamed.

"I wouldn't care. He'd have a heart. You don't love Skip because you're gay. You love Skip because you have felt every stab of pain he has felt for two weeks. That's not gay. That's heart-to-heart love. You are so perfectly beautiful, David. I would have been missing something had I never met you."

David blushed amazingly. He could not argue, though, because he did love Skip exactly as Ellie saw. I could not have done better by Skip than David did. I could not have even equaled what he did. All things for a reason, so now I totally got why David wanted to love us all. I was not jealous that David loved Skip the most. I reveled in his success for bringing Skip back to life. The day Skip was eased from the wheelchair into David's car was the day the pain did not matter.

It would not take long for us to be a whole four, not just about Skip or David, but solidly us four again. We took nothing away from the specialness that was David and Skip. One night, Skip wanted Billy to stay with him at his town house, to love Billy, as he deserved to be loved.

"And I want to make love to you, Aaron. You've been on the sideline long enough."

"Not even close to the sideline, bro. You put your energy where you needed to, and Skip's home again because of you. Let's go home. I won't refuse your love for me. I might even find some in my heart for you."

"Whoo hoo!" he said, laughing.

We hugged Skip and Billy, kissed them lovingly, and agreed to join up for breakfast.

In my bedroom, I lit four candles, for us four. Billy would love Skip tonight, and I would love our David. I lit four more candles in the bathroom. I poured bubble bath into the hot water flowing into the tub. I sat David on the end of my bed and took off his sneakers and socks, then his polo shirt, kissing his chest and stomach for a few moments. I looked up into his eyes.

"I'm very impressed, you know," I said.

"I'm impressed, too, but I don't think that we're talking about the same thing."

"Yes you do," I said, sincerely.

"I love him. And I knew how badly he hurt. If I wasn't ..."

"Sshhhh, no, love. It was critical that you came into our lives. Skip would still be in the hospital if it weren't for you, and only you."

"No. Don't ..."

"Yes. I mean it. YOU knew how to care for him. I wouldn't have done half as well."

"You could have, and more."

"But YOU did, love. You did. We are two just for this evening. Tomorrow the boys will be back and we'll finally sleep together. Skip wanted to reconnect with Billy, back to where they started. You get that, right?"

"I do get that. But ..."

I kissed him so he'd stop arguing with me, at least for now. I lay on top of him and held on to him, feeling his arms encircle me too. I kissed him for long minutes, looking into his eyes, telling him to believe me. I did not lie.

"We have a hot bath waiting for us, love. Come."

He got in first and then opened his arms up to me. I got on my knees between his legs. I spread them a little bit more. I was so hard. Go figure. I pulled my foreskin all the way back and slid easily into his hole.

"Well, now that you got my attention, have your way with me."

"Gladly. How does it feel?"

"Nice. Perfect. Great. Fuck me, bro."

And I did, for a good fifteen minutes. He held me, smiled at me, kissed me, let me fuck him so slowly that it might drive anyone else nuts, but David was David and he loved my style and me.

"Bottom's choice," I said when I felt my cum rising through my balls.

He opened his mouth. I pulled out of him, stood up half way, put the head of my cock in his waiting mouth, and then shot my cream. He swallowed it all, then sucked me and cleaned up my cock. When my balls were drained, we got out of the tub, toweled each other dry, and lay on my bed together.

"I forgot to warn you. That was my first load in over a week. I jacked off every few days. Billy and I did not get off together while you were still in Boston. I hope he remembers to tell Skip."

"No need to warn me, love. I'll take anything you have to give."

"And the same goes for me. You've gone longer than me, haven't you?"

"Over two weeks," he said. "I'm horny as fuck."

"I might drown on your cum."

"I'll chance it. Maybe my first load should be inside your hot ass. Or I can come on my stomach and you can, uh, lick me."

"Or I can let my fantasies run wild while you, uh, fuck my hot hole."

"If you must."

"I must. So must you."

David got between my legs. I put my legs on his shoulders. He lubed up his cock and entered me with no fanfare. Wow, it was so awesome to feel nine plus inches slide all the way into my ass.

"Is it in yet?" I joked.

"Wait for it ..." he said. "There."

"Oh yeah, it's in yet," I said in the high-pitched voice.

"You love me?"

"I love you," I said.

"Wow. I can read your mind."


"What, that I can read your mind?"

"No, your cock. And you. The whole package, but at the moment, the package that's inside of me."

We stopped talking. Enough fooling around. He fucked me almost like this was our first time. It was smooth and oh so nice. He got up on the balls of his feet as I watched his cock pull almost all the way out. Unbelievable, but his cock was rock hard. His blood flow must be something quite amazing to fill that beast. Forget nine inches—he was hung better than that while fully hard.

"We got to measure The Beast later," I told him, amazed more and more.

"Eleven inches."

"You are sticking eleven inches into my tiny little well fucked hot hole?!?"

"Yup. Do you love me by the inch?"

"Hell no. Well, at the moment, yes and then some, but day to day, no."

"Keep talking dirty like that and I'll come hard."

"David. Look into my eyes. What do you see?"



He did deeper. And he did deeper.

"Love for me."


"Us four, together."

"Yes. You love Billy, your bud at school. Why?"

"He gave thirteen of us life, a deep passion, pun intended, for life. No one did that for me when I was a kid, or in high school. I existed before Billy. My buds all say the same thing. And then he was attacked, and I thought I died and gone to hell."

Tears came down his cheeks, but he kept making love to me. He was not fucking me any longer. This was not lust, or just a cock inside an ass. This was a connection, to us and to those we loved. I wanted him to KNOW that this is love for our brothers, all of them, and me. Sex without love is sex without passion. It's not good enough. When I come inside of Skip and Billy, and now David, I feel like I'm connecting us through eternity. My cum is the seed. Things grow from seeds. Since we don't grow babies, we grow passion by the bushel.

I reached up and pulled his face to me, kissing his tears.

"You gave the best part of your life to Skip for the past two weeks. Why?"

"I love Skip."


"Because he was going to hurt so much. Too much. He'd feel worse than he ever had, by far. I knew ahead of time what he was going to feel. It would tear him apart."

The tears flowed. He kept his rhythm, feeling every tingle up the length of his cock.

"And did it?"

"Yes, but ..."

"But ...?"

"I loved it away from him. I pulled it away from him, moment by moment. I slept beside my bro so he'd feel me. I wanted to be inside him. I mean, really inside him. So I did the next best thing, held on for dear life to him."

We kissed more as he cried. My eyes watered up, of course, seeing him understand what we four are to each other.

"And I love you. Because you started this whole thing. You are the genesis, `patient zero'. You've suffered your share, more than your share, and you still almost died. Even with Skip and Billy, I could be empty for never being given the gift of you, Aaron. My God, I do love you so much. Unhhhhhhhhhh. I gotta come, love. I need to unhhhhhhhhh ..."

I could feel his cock get even wetter. I smiled and pulled him down on top of me. He kept pumping into me. He buried his cock as deep into me as it would go. And then he sobbed hard. I held him and let him cry it out. He was feeling love and loss, and renewal. When he stopped crying, I kissed him tenderly.

"I do love you so. Wherever we go, you'll always be with me, David. Always."

"How did you do that, love? I have never come so hard in my life, ever."

"Sex without love is sex. Sex with passion is passion and a love for life."

"My God, Aaron. Are you mortal? Wait. Don't tell me. I already know you're an angel."

"Sent to love you, my bro. To be with you tonight so you love your life. Do you think about your bros from school?"

"Every day. They're in me surely as I'm in you. My life has never been better. I miss my brothers though."

"We missed you, too, bro." said Skip from the hallway.

"Yes yes yes! How long have you been there?"

"We've been here," said Billy, "since you got out of the bath."

They both came into my bedroom and joined us on my bed. They hugged and kissed David all the way down his neck, back, and ass. David was still inside me, and not ready to pull out. I felt him get hard again.

"You should have come in," David said.

"We were going to slide in beside you quietly, but Aaron took you one step higher. There was no way to interrupt that. Billy and I felt that too, thanks to Aaron. I had to get behind Billy and put my cock inside him. I love Billy for every reason you said you do. I'm just glad he's not a screamer. I came when you did, both of us crying."

"Sorry bro," Billy said to me. "I came all over your carpet."

"Lucky carpet."

The boys lay beside David and me. We kissed. I finally took my legs off David's shoulders and wrapped them around his back. He started sliding in and out of my ass again, looking at Billy and Skip all the while. Billy got behind Skip and slid into him. I took Skip's hard again cock into my mouth, sharing it with David. We did nothing for a good half hour but suck and fuck. Skip came in my mouth as Billy came inside Skip's ass. David creamed inside me again as he ate half of Skip's cum.

And then we slept, David still inside me, lying partly on top of me. Skip lay tightly against David, his cock inside of him, with Billy inside of Skip. We looked like sandbags piled up loosely.

And so went the rest of June. Day by day, Skip's pain lessened, though he still had some very hard pain days. He needed a two-week checkup. He scheduled it for a Thursday so he could be with me post-chemo. I asked Nate and Bryan to join us. We had a light dinner with Jillian. She caught up on all the post-surgical news, the healing, and celebrated our lives with us. We four got hugs and kisses when it was time to leave. I told Jillian my chemo was going to go back to every two weeks now that I was stable again.

July 4th found us in Boston for the celebration and music. We were joined by Nate and Bryan, Jimmy and Marissa, and Edward and Kathryn. Seeing Billy fit and healthy again was pure pleasure for the troops who helped get him there. We formed a 10-man kick line to celebrate our bonds and the Pops Orchestra's concert. Complete strangers joined us on both ends, as far as the eye could see in both directions. I think we got as much applause as the Pops did.

July meant Billy's birthday. He did not want presents this time.

"I want three creamy hot loads, one at a time," he said, smiling wickedly.

"What a burden that you put upon us, love," David joked. "How ever will we fulfill such a request?"

"One boy-man at a time," he said. "And you, sweet David, will bring up the rear, as it were, so I get The Beast inside of my hot hole all night. Happy 21st Birthday to me!"

Billy got his birthday wish times two, in his bedroom. Today was Billy's day, all day. Everything we did today would be about him.

He lay on his back, which was the favorite position for us four. We did doggie style only rarely, usually when we were in and out of each other multiple times. Legs over shoulders while being kissed and plowed deeply is so sexy. I often wrapped my fist around the bottom boy's cock while fucking him so we could come together.

Skip entered Billy first and dissolved into him, as if they were alone. David and I lay together, me spooning him. We were spectators only, which in itself was a great turn-on. Skip whispered into Billy's ear the whole time, saying things that made Billy smile and once, tear up. His lovemaking was slow and sensual, his cock only meant to join them together as one, but the kisses and the words were the real stimulus.

"How are we going to top this?" David whispered to me.

"We don't even try. We give our hearts and souls to each other. You already know how, so love him."

David and I cuddled while Skip gave his own heart and soul to his brother. Would either of them be in this room a year from now? They made love as if today was their last day together until eternity.

I had not even touched my own cock but I suddenly found myself coming in great ropes of thick cum. Looks like it was going to be a three-load day then. My record was five, so I was okay. There was no time limit today, so if I fucked Billy for an hour, then he would let me. David turned around without interrupting the boys and licked up my cum.

The boys moaned softly when Skip came inside of his brother's ass. Skip then licked up Billy's cum, puddled onto his stomach. He swallowed the first half of it and gave the other half to his brother in their final kiss.

Skip looked over at David and me as if he realized we really were there. He smiled at us, feeling well spent and very content.

"You want a break, bud? Maybe some breakfast?" David asked Billy.

"Nope. I want you, bro. I know about dinner tonight, so I'm not hungry yet. Come to me my bro."

David lay wrapped around Billy for a few minutes, kissing him. He knew just how he was going to please Billy, by being himself. When he had fucked Billy in the past, he did not rush, so he did not rush now. He was not about to please Billy better than Skip. He would not try to `compete' with me. He would make Billy feel the way he made Billy feel.

Skip cuddled up behind me. He whispered things in my ear that made me smile and things that made me warm all over. No wonder Billy teared up earlier. I know that Skip did not tell me what he told Billy, because I was not Billy. He did love me as intensely as he loved Billy. His words to me were for me. After a little while, he had to go and take his pain meds. He slipped out without David and Billy noticing.

The boys were too involved even to hear the end of the world. I watched as David slowly entered Billy. How he did that was anyone's guess. I knew the pushing and opening of the ass that Billy was doing to accommodate David. Eleven inches is what Skip has measured David's cock to be when fully erect. However, I knew what that beautiful cock felt like, so the mystery of it sliding inside a very tight ass was minimal. More like amazingly wondrous. I envied Billy only a little bit.

Skip slid back into bed behind me and held me close.

"You okay, my bro?" I asked.

"Almost. Maybe in a half hour."

I kissed him, partly feeling very sad for him. He did not take his meds until he had to, so I knew he was feeling bad.

"What can I do for you?"

"Just let me hold on to you."

I nodded.

David and Billy were close. I could see David sliding into Billy with deeper thrusts. It was obvious when he came. In the afterglow of their lovemaking, they finished as they had started—kissing warmly.

"Okay, love, breakfast would be good, since I don't smoke," said Billy.

We laughed and each put on shorts. Billy and I then took ours off again and got back into bed.

"How about breakfast in bed instead, for two?" Billy said.

"You got it, bro. I assume you'll be otherwise occupied?" said Skip.

"Yeah. But you can come and join us. We're going to take our time."

I liked the sound of all of that. I was inside of Billy within a minute. He hugged me and told me he loved me.

"Hey, that's my job. Today is your day."

"Your job is to let me love you."

"Well, if I must."

"You must. So how is my ass? I'm now all grown up, bud."

"You were grown up before, but from the looks of it, you're at least acting your age. Your cock is so hard. You came twice already."

"Heading for the hat trick, bro. From the way your cock feels inside of me, it's a slam dunk."

"Uh, you're mixing hockey and basketball."

"Yeah, I'm a jock. A regular Yogi Bear."

He made me laugh heartily.

"Well, for now, you're MY Yogi Bear. Yabba dabba doo!"

"Now who's mixing things up, Yogi Flintstone? You're more like Fred Jones, from Scooby Doo. Fred turns me on."

"Really? I turn you on?"

"Like the Energizer Bunny. You keep going and going and going."

"Stop. I can't fuck you if you make me laugh so much. I'm about cartooned out. Good thing I got the real you."

"I love you."

"Awww, mate, I love you too. Happy birthday, love. I've known you since you were a babe."

"I are still a babe."

"Ohhh yeeaahhhh. That you are."

I continued to slide my cock in and out of him nice and easy. There was no way I wanted a quick fuck, even as hot and bothered as he made me. One did not guzzle Billy like a cold beer. One savored him like a rare wine. Or something like that there. Never mind, it was enough to love Billy because he was Billy, and because he loved me too, for me.

The smells coming from Billy's kitchen were wonderful, but they also meant that we had more time to continue our sweet lovemaking. He clenched my cock tightly when I withdrew.

"I love when you do that. Oh man, it feels like you're milking my dick. Don't make me come yet though."

"You could come twice, right?"

"This would be my second time this morning. I came earlier without touching my cock—just from watching you and Skip."

"Okay then, love, slow and deep it is. I got nowhere to go and nothing better to do than love you. I wish I loved you as much as you love me."

"You do. And then some. I'm not at a loss for love from you, or our bros. I am very happy with you in my life."

"I know, but you still love differently than I do ..."

"Because I are Aaron. Because you am Billy."

"Okay okay, I get it. I do. We're not in competition as to who can love more or better. We just love sincerely."

"You do get it. Uh oh, you're about to get even morrrrrr ... unhhhhhhhhh," I said as I filled Billy's tight hole with my cum. It felt like an equal load to my first one. "Unhhhhhhhhh ... oh man. I bet I won't need to come for a few days. Or for my encore tonight, whichever comes first."

We laughed and kissed each other. Breakfast in bed, for four, arrived a few minutes later.

On the evening of his birthday, he got three hotter loads and David's Beast for the night. Happy 21 indeed.

July also meant the long weekend picnic. Instead of having it at our places, we called all the guys and said we wanted to move it 90 minutes north, to the lake. Jake and Jeremy arrived on Thursday as promised, at my place. We had already packed up two trucks, so we drove away almost as soon as the boys landed.

Friday morning brought Ste, Jerry, and Henry in one car, then Kenny, Paul, Greg, and Brian in a minivan. Jessie had picked up Vincent and Matt on the way from Long Island. We unloaded food for an hour, stocked the shelves, set up the grill for later, changed into swim trunks, played in the lake for hours, got shuttled to and from the rocky island all afternoon.

As evening came on, we grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs. Mom's had sent along potato salads, fresh salads, fruit salads, gallons of iced tea and cases of soda. At sunset, we sat at the edge of the lake holding on to each other. We were one large mass of bodies holding bodies. We shared kisses all around, each of us getting and giving. It, of course, took hours to do that amount of kissing because they weren't just pecks on cheeks.

"Aaron, you've created thirteen monsters who just love holding and kissing. We need to rewrite the definition of friendship," said Jeremy, as he held on to Jessie.

"Aaron already rewrote the definition of friendship, bro," said Jake, holding on to Matt tightly. "Friendship means you love your friend. The end."

"Then we're all friends, because I've never been more in love with anyone than you guys," said Henry, holding on to Greg. Lucky Greg.

Lucky all of us, all seventeen. It was amazing to see that the guys did not settle in with their roommate from their freshman year. These guys were dorm mates, not roommates, paired off by some administrator.

We were all into kissing, and we meant it. When I kissed Vincent, my first savior at school when I puked after chemo, we kissed deeply. We were not the only ones—all the boys did, as they did at school. We were uninhibited because the lakeside cabin was secluded. There was no sex because we did not need sex. Every boy came here this weekend to be close to each other again, after weeks apart. Matt has a boyfriend, as does Henry. The boys knew Skip, Billy, David, and I were sexual. But we would not just be passing acquaintances either. We did love each other, and we were not shy boys.

"Hey guys," Paul said, "thanks for having us here. Nice reunion. I've missed my friends, so this is nice."

"You guys helped in another way, too," said Jeremy. "Our mom found a lump on her breast last month. We knew something was up but she didn't want to talk about it. We pressed the issue and she told us. We made her go for a checkup. It was benign, but it could have been a tumor. I think all of us should start some education going. We're mostly the same age, but our parents are widely varied in age. That could work against some of them. Will you guys talk to your folks?"

"Yeah, and my sister too," said Brian. "I already talked to my brother about checking his testicles in the shower."

"Me too," said Jerry. "He looked at me like I had two heads, but I told him I loved him too much to lose him. Being embarrassed about it is stupid. I made him come into the shower with me, and showed him how to check the right way."

David had taught each of his mates how to check their testicles in the showers at school. The showers could accommodate six at a time, as good as any classroom. No one fought him in teaching them. David's surgery scars were enough to tell them that any cancer needed to be found early.

On one of Skip's weekend visits to see Billy, the guys gathered in the common room. Billy told them that Skip needed to show them what happens when they don't pay attention to good advice. When he lowered his jeans, showing his one testicle, each boy ended up startled, like from a slap in the face. It was shocking, more vivid then even their imaginations could put together.

"I talked to my cousin and boyfriend as soon as I knew about David," said Matt. "Knowing about Skip made it that much more real. I said what Jerry said. I don't have enough family that I can afford to lose even one, especially to something treatable."

There, as always, were no guarantees that all of us would be living 24 hours from now. As the fire died, we snuggled into only eight sleeping bags. We paired up so we could stay warm, and to hold on dearly. I had Kenny in my arms and me in his. He was as hard as I was shortly after getting into the sleeping bag. His sleeping bag was going to smell of hot cock soon enough. We jacked each other off and swallowed our own loads. I did not want cum stains in Kenny's sleeping bag.

Billy got Jake and Skip got Jeremy, the twin brothers. David got Henry, his gay brother. We awww'd them earlier as they paired up. The boys could easily grace any GQ cover.

I suspected that Henry knew well what David carried and that they would get a pre-sleep workout. If Henry asked, David would not deny him a night with The Beast inside of him.

Everyone got whom he wanted. The love between the thirteen and Billy was profound, so there was no `bad' partner. We could swap out for new partners tomorrow and Sunday nights, if we wanted to. I don't know how many loads were shot each night, but I would guess that Kenny's and mine were not the only two. Surely, the twins would get some from Skip and Billy.

The four days and three nights were chocked full of comradery and endless things to do. Nobody had thought to bring beer, which was amazing because these guys were college students AND away from mom and dad for a four day weekend. We were about fun and love, meeting up to reconnect between weeks of summer away from each other. Paul spent some quality time with me on the rocky island, under shade trees, kissing and jacking off with me. Not far from us, the twins shared a brotherly jack off.

The guys wanted to know if I'd come to visit again once school resumed. I would, at the minimum, visit over the course of long weekends. I also wanted company when I went through chemo, and wanted an overnight guest or two if the guys wanted to pair up. We would talk about that.

However, today was about living in our moments. I took a mid-day nap while holding Henry in my arms. Naps came and went over the course of the afternoon. Roommates held on or paired up with someone new to have and to hold. Woodstock may have been the summer of love, but it had nothing on us, and we weren't drunk or stoned, except by affection for each other.

Skip's surgery scars were the topic one afternoon. All the guys touched him and kissed the scars, blessing the healing that was going on. David's scars did not take a backseat either. The boys blessed the healing that had gone on—each knowing what David had given to Skip for two weeks. Friendship and caring was incredibly deep amongst us. We did not live in the past, but celebrated our moments and our lives ahead.

He ate, drank, made merry, made friendships even stronger, kissed sincerely, held on, swam, ran, biked, made s'mores on the fire, shared our lives, held hands, and slept together in pairs. We agreed that we would do this again, here, next summer, God willing.

When we departed on Monday, we were blessed by each other. The email and phone calls would keep flowing until late August. We hugged and kissed, not sad for the end of a beautiful weekend, but cheered and content. It also had encouraged the guys who lived close enough geographically to see each other at least once more before school started. The next reunion party would be on campus during the last week of August.

July also meant a trip to Connecticut to meet the parents and to celebrate David's pop's birthday. I was so nervous and was beside myself when we pulled into the driveway at his home. It was Sunday, before lunch. We had left New Hampshire less than three hours ago.

"You're going to give yourself a heart attack, love. Please believe me, my parents are going to love you."

"I'll be better once I throw up."

"You'll be better once we walk through the front door."

"I'd better throw up first."

"Stop, you joker. You're fine. You're perfect."

"I stole your virginity."

"But not my heart."

"Right. See, I get it. Can I throw up now?"

"No. Come on."

David led the way to the front porch, where his folks sat in Adirondack chairs. They started to get up.

"No, stay comfortable, mom."

"Yeah," I said, "you can hug us later. I'm worth the wait."

David laughed hysterically. "For a basket case, you sure are a nut case."

He mom and dad chuckled.

"Yeah, well, I lied. I don't get nervous about meeting the parents of the boy whose heart I stole."

He mom and dad laughed aloud this time. She could not help but stand up and give me a good hug. David's dad rose as well, slapping me on the shoulder and offering his hand. He withdrew it and gave me a hug instead.

"Like son, like father?" I said, smiling.

"Love my boy, love me."

I laughed harder. David was always doing variations of that phrase.

"Thanks Mr. and Mrs. ..."

"I'm Aaron," said David's dad.

I raised my eyebrow. "You never told me your dad and I share the same name."

"Only your first name. His last name is not Langille."

"Oh my God, am I gonna get through the week?"

"Sure, dear, but not with your funny bone intact. Sorry. I'm the sane one. I'm Kathryn."

I raised my eyebrow again.

"Aaron and Kathryn. It figures, really. Do you know that Kathryn is the name of my late wife?"

"I do. Sorry but I couldn't do a name change on such short notice. I suspect you'll pardon me my faults."

"Only if you'll forgive me for stealing your son's ... heart."

"And more. There's nothing to forgive," said dad.

"I think I need to throw up again."

"Not until you have your favorite lunch," said Kathryn. "Those dry heaves can be a killer."

Sigh. "I can see what the day is going to be about. Okay, the nerves are officially dead. Can I help you in the kitchen?"

"Sure. Go put your stuff away first. David will give you a tour of the upstairs. Aaron not Langille will give you the outside tour later."

"Aaron not Langille. Heh heh. See, love, I told you Mom is cool," said David, chuckling.

David put his arm around my waist and directed me upstairs. He put his duffle bag on his bed and then took mine. He also put it on his bed.

"Uh ..." I started to say.

"No. No guest room."

"Uh ..."

"I get to sleep with you all week, in our bed of sin."

"Uh ..."

"And like it!"

"Okay okay, I give. But, really?"

"Really. Look, Mom and Dad not Langille know I love you, and that you love me, very much. What more would parents want for their son? Before you, there was nobody. Now I'm not alone. THAT's what my folks want."

I hugged him mightily. I did love him, and I knew he loved me. His parents were obviously going to make sure we have a good week here.

"Come on, love, you can have the top drawer for your clothes. There are hangers in the closet for you too."

We put our clothes away. I had read a long time ago that the trick to enjoying an away-from-home tour was to put one's clothes away instead of living out of suitcases. It was more relaxing. I had traveled enough on business to know that was sound advice. Once settled in, David and I went down to the kitchen.

"Wow, you really did mean it about my favorite lunch. Is there anything you don't know about me?"

"Other than your middle name, I don't think so," said Kathryn.

"In that case, there should be something mysterious about me, so that'll be my little secret."

Kathryn put me to work making a salad. David made a large pitcher of iced tea. Aaron brought a grilled steak in from outside.

"It needs to sit for five minutes before you slice it. I'm making the dessert run," Aaron said.

Kathryn was putting out all the ingredients for the quesadillas. Steak quesadillas were indeed my favorite lunch. She had freshly grated two of the three cheeses. I finished the salad and grated the third cheese while David chopped onions. Lunch was just about ready by the time Aaron got back with a package from what looked like an Italian bakery.

"And my second favorite dessert?"

"Uh, oops, it's supposed to be your favorite dessert, love," said David.

"That would almost be cannolis," I said, smiling.

"What's your favorite? I might be running on bad information."

"Strawberry rhubarb pie."

"So noted," said Kathryn.

"Sorry Mom. Strawberry rhubarb must be a rare dessert. We haven't had it, but we've had cannolis several times."

"No harm, no foul. It's not well known, love." I said. "Betsy has made it for me twice in two years, so yes, it's a rare treat."

"Well, Mom is an award winning pie maker. You wish is her pleasure, if I can speak for you, Mom."

"Only praise, David."

"It's all I got for you, always. Love you Mom," he said, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

"Thanks, Kathryn. I think your son and I can go strawberry picking. Don't spend any money on me. I'm low maintenance, as you can see from my favorite lunch. You'll just have to tell us where to find picking berries, and blueberries, too. I lived in Norwalk for five years, so I know only Fairfield County and Mystic Seaport the best."

We finished making and eating lunch, and then Aaron not Langille showed me around the outside. The neighborhood, which we drove through on the way in, was homey and welcoming. The folks had a large backyard, woods beyond that, and then the beach. We walked through the woods to the beach, Long Island Sound stretching out before us, with the outer tip of Long Island across the water. We were in Stonington, not too far west of Rhode Island.

We had spent hours on the beach, so dinner was a light affair of fresh fruit salad.

"David always sneaks into the kitchen for a midnight snack, so feel free to help yourself, Aaron. No dear, young Aaron."

David's dad chuckled. Aaron and Kathryn. Like my Kate and me.

"Do you answer to Kate?" I asked.

"Yes, I do. I prefer it amongst friends."

"My Kathryn was also Kate."

"I'm sorry that I didn't tell you, bro. I didn't think about it."

"No worries, love. A name is a memory sometimes, but a good one. Aaron and Kate live on, truly."

"As do Aaron and David. Bless you both. The evening is yours, so go do as you please. Dad and I are going over to Mystic for a walk, if you want to join us."

"You're choice, love," said David.

"Yes, I'd like to see Mystic again. It's been a while. A friend and I used to go to the summer boat parade, I think in August."

We drove the ten minutes to Mystic. We did go off in different directions than the folks, so they could have their time as well. I pointed out some of the places that I was familiar with, and we stopped in an ice cream shop for some soft-serve. We grabbed two spoons and shared it.

"I'm glad you're here, love. We're going to have a great week. Mom and Dad both work in Groton. They're both Navy, which is how they met."

He told me all about his parents. "And, as I knew, Mom loves you. You really broke the ice quickly this afternoon. Your humor is wonderful."

"I said the first things that came to mind. I was fearful."

"And now?"

"Right at home."

"Wait until bedtime."

"It just gets better and better," I said.

"And dig this. I love you, a lot."

"It just gets better and better," I said again. "I love you, so much. Thanks for bringing me home."

The folks called it a night early, since they got up at 5:00 a.m. Their bedroom was on the opposite end of the house. David's bedroom used to be beside theirs, when he was a youngster. Now it was a home office. A renovation gave David his private space, including his own bath.

We took a long hot bath and then got into cool sheets. His bed was a double, slightly smaller than mine was. In mere moments, I was inside his ass.

"Mmmm, feels so good, my bro."

We made love for the next hour, maybe more. He wrapped me in his arms and I tucked my face into his neck. He kissed me and I fell into an easy sleep.

"Good morning boys. We hope you have a good day together. The fridge and pantry are stocked, so make a good breakfast and lunch. We'll be home by 5:30. Love you. Mom and Dad"

The note was just right. Kate and Aaron had both signed it. This was home, not a house with people occupying rooms. I kissed David and he kissed me back. We made bacon and a cheese omelet.

"Hey bro, let's surprise the folks with dinner on the table when they get home all week. I don't want your mom having to work once she gets home. What's the usual fair for dinner at your house?"

"Salads, cold plates, or something on the grill, usually wine, and most always some sort of dessert. I think they'll love it. You're not kissing up are you?"

I kissed up to him.

"That's what I thought. You got a good heart, love. Mom will appreciate it a lot."

We staked out the pantry and fridge, made a grocery list for the rest of the week, leaving their freezer stocked for them for after we returned to New Hampshire. I would rather secure a re-invite by being low maintenance and very little trouble for the folks. We went grocery shopping for tonight, Tuesday, and Wednesday, making sure had had fresh ingredients for dinner. We would shop for Thursday and Friday on Thursday morning, probably under protest from Mom, but that would not slow us down.

Mom and Dad arrived home at 5:45. David told them to change into their usual and not worry about dinner. I let them know upfront that this was our week to spoil them both, so they'd better get used to it now. Neither even remotely protested.

"See, they love me," I said, thinking they were out of earshot.

"We sure do," said Dad on his way up the stairs.

I blushed and David kissed me. "Of course they do."

David put two cold glasses of white wine on the table at the foot of the stairs. We heard the folks come down stairs, scoop up the glasses, say `thank you boys!', and go out to the front porch.

We had an hour to make dinner. First, we put russet potatoes in to roast. We had found fresh scallops today, so we wrapped them in bacon and baked them. Next, we had fresh haddock, which we stuffed with jumbo lump crab, which we also baked. Dessert was blueberry turnovers. Cleanup was also on us, so the folks could do whatever they wanted.

David and I headed to the beach after dinner. He sat behind me in a secluded spot, holding me in his arms, kissing my neck. I turned my head to get the kisses on my lips. Life being so good after being terrible for months on end seemed like a dream. We watched the sun set, just held each other for a couple of hours, and then watched the full moon rise over Long Island Sound.

David lay me down gently, took off my shorts, and then entered me. `Love me, love my cock' came to mind. We lay quietly in the moonlight, away from everything but each other. He loved me gently that night without saying a word. After he came inside me, we lay still. He kissed me warmly and smiled as he looked into my eyes. I had never loved so quietly, yet peacefully, in my life. David knew as much about romance as a man twice his age.

He motioned his head, back to the house. We walked along the path, naked, arms around each other's waists. It was after 10:00 so we knew the folks would be sleeping. We went into his room. He lay on his bed and lifted his legs. Subtle. I slid my hard cock into his hole. He was so tight. I slid in and out of him. He had remembered that I love him to clench his ass muscles around my cock as I pulled out.

"Mmmm. I love you so much, Aaron. Oh, man. You feel so good inside of me."

"You love me? Oh, man. That's way better than being inside of you. Though being inside of you has a certain appeal to it. Am I a good fucker?"

"No way. You're an awesome lover."

"Well, you give me a lot to work with, you know. You're brilliant. I love you more every day."

"Is that possible? I figure we reached heaven months ago."

"It's possible. Because I'm afraid of losing you one day, so I have to ... unhhhhhhhhh ... I'm coming, love."

David shot another load at the same time I shot my first. I leaned down and licked it up, sucking it into my mouth and down my throat.

"Mmmm, that was a surprise, love. You come quieter than our bros do."

"I like surprises, and that one surprised me, too. Awesome lover, as I said, and a great fucker, too. You know how to use your assets, bro."

"Like I said, you give me a lot to work with, bro. And at the moment, I want your asset in my ass for the night."

He lay me down on my side, facing him. He raised my leg and slid The Beast into me, all the way to his balls. I put my leg over his hip, hugged him close to me, kissed him lovingly, and put his head in my neck this time. He kissed my neck moments before we fell asleep.

Over a homemade lasagna dinner the night of Aaron's birthday, Kate looked at us across the table. We sat beside each other while Aaron and Kate sat across the table from us. David told me that nobody sat at the ends of the table because it was too stuffy and formal. The kitchen was large, so therefore it was an eat-in kitchen. There was no dining room in the house. Again, too stuffy and formal. These were down-to-earth folks, and a close-knit family.

"I checked in on your guys this morning before I came downstairs. I always do, and have done so for years."

David and I blushed red immediately. We looked at each other and swallowed hard.

"Uh oh," I said.

"No, dear heart, not uh oh. Heartwarming and endearing. It's not love between you. It's `in love', and very profoundly at that. Dad peeked over my shoulder when I teared up."

"You bless our son, Aaron, with your friendship and love. I'd be a horrible dad if I ever found that appalling. One of my friends at the base said he was going to throw his son out of the house a few months ago. We had a serious talk and he decided that he could love his son regardless. It took a while to get there. I had told Rob that we'd take his son in if he didn't want him. We know what it's like to have a son who loves another boy, uh, man. We could love Anthony if his father would not."

"I do love your son, Aaron. And yes, Kate, it is `in love', profoundly. I take it you got a really good eyeful this morning."

"I did." It was her turn to blush a bit.

"What was your very first thought, right off the top of your head?"

"How blessed our boys are. Seriously. And not just because David is, um, endowed. He told us, when he talked about you two, that you would love each other whether or not we approved. He also said that he would love you without the sex between you. He says that you taught him that love overrules sex. That, dear heart, is why we can love you both. You're not after a piece of ass. You're after our son's heart. You won it honorably. You four are just so amazing to Aaron and me."

"Uh oh," I said again.

"Of course we know about you as a foursome," said Aaron. "Aaron, there is no way you can ever love just one person. Well, I take that back. We know you loved your Kate for 24 years, and that you lost a child."

I looked at David. "I didn't know you knew that part."

"Skip told me, love. I'm so sorry for that loss." He kissed me on my lips lightly.

"Just from watching you these four days, you don't do anything half way, so we know you don't love half way either. Don't start now, either. We've met all of David's dorm mates, and we've seen what you've done for their quality of life. Those are fourteen very blessed young men, and they are going to carry those lessons into the rest of their lives. David told us you're starting up a business soon, to help young gay people and to educate parents, and a lot more. Whatever financial and moral support we can offer, you let us know."

"I'm speechless," I said. "You're just like Skip and Billy's folks."

"We know them well. It's nice to hear that we compare to them, because I've never known a nicer couple," said Kate. "We'd like you three to come home with David for Christmas this year. If you can stay for the two weeks, we'd be very happy to have you."

"We'll ask the boys tonight, Mom. We're calling them later."

"In the meantime, folks, you need to come outside with us. We have something to show you."

David and I had not spent the week making love. We spent the week, actually Monday through Thursday (today), doing a makeover for the elder Aaron. David had the garage door opener with him. He showed his dad.

"Uh huh, that's why I couldn't find it. Does that also explain why the garage door is locked, and why I can't find the key?

"Yup. You ready for a treat?"

"I already have a treat, boys. You in my life. Everything else will be fluff."

"Well, we don't think so."

The garage door opened slowly. Behind door number one was a garage that was neat, clean, freshly dry-walled, taped, mudded, and painted garage. Tools hung in proper places on the wall. There was a cement counter at the back of the garage, flanked by custom cabinets. More custom cabinets flanked the left and right walls, with stone counters. The floor was stained, and had a durable finish applied. New lighting hung from the ceiling, the back wall. In the middle of the floor stood a Craftsman tool chest on wheels, from Sears, with a large red bow on it. Aaron could not tell yet, but it was fully stocked, not just a tool chest for his old tools. David handed his dad an envelope containing a birthday card and a gift certificate for $200 for Sears, to buy any tools he was missing.

"You boys better hold me, because I'm about to pass out."

He reached for us, and we moved in to hold on to him from both sides.

"Happy birthday, Dad," we said together. "We love you." We each planted a kiss on his cheeks.

He broke down in tears, not what we expected. He hugged us each, in turn, to him. He held each of our heads and kissed us on the forehead, looking into our eyes. I handed him a napkin to dry his eyes.

"I can't talk," he said. "Did you know about this?" he asked his wife.

"No. But we did know they are impressive, did we not?"

"We did, and do. Boys, you just rock my world."

"Come on in, Dad. Look what we did. We finished maybe ten minutes before you pulled in."

"You did this in four days?"

"All day, and well into the very early morning, after you went to bed," said David.

"I wondered where you were after midnight on Tuesday," said Kate. "I didn't find you sleeping, so I figured you were at the beach."

"Nope, we were in here putting up drywall. We were probably in bed only an hour when you checked on us this morning. We slept only until 7:00 every morning."

"So much for a relaxing vacation for you two," said Kate.

"This has been in the works since David asked me to come for your birthday. He was somewhat at a loss as what to do for you, Aaron. Our four-day weekend blowout at the lake was all the vacation I ever wanted. I can't sit still. Your boy is infected by my work ethic."

Aaron touched each cabinet, counter, light fixtures, the sink and faucets, an under-cabinet fridge, and looked, finally, into his tool cabinet drawers.

"New tools, too?" he said, looking at us.

"Yeah. Your old ones have been retired. They gave their all. Your router is dead because of all the finish carpentry Aaron did."

"This is beautiful. This is birthday and Christmas, boys, seriously."

"Okay Dad. Maybe we'll chip in on a new shirt for you, but we won't spend money on you for Christmas. Since you're probably wondering, this cost us only $700 and change apiece. On your desk upstairs is an envelope for all the receipts, in case you need to return anything. Check our math, but we aren't lying about the cost just to make you feel better. We had set a $2,000 budget. Aaron knows more than how to love me. The boy knows how to shop and deal."

"$1400? I couldn't have done this for less than five grand. That's one reason it hadn't been done yet. David and Aaron, my God, you're both so . . ."

"Blessed by you, Aaron not Langille. You love us unconditionally. Other than Skip's folks, hardly anyone does that. You let me love your son, but I can't love just one person, as you said. So I have to love you, too. I will say one thing though."


"We're fried, and then some," I said, sincerely. "We're going to the beach with sleeping bags and we're sleeping through the night. Can we have birthday cake tomorrow instead?"

"Yes. You deserve to sleep. Thanks loads, boys. You really do rock my world. This is amazing, but you are more so, a million times more so. We have tomorrow off from work, so we'll do something special."

The parents kissed and hugged us both. David and I put our arms around each other's backs and walked into the house. We picked up our sleeping bags and took a bottle of wine to the beach. We had left a bottle of champagne in the fridge, which we remembered to tell the parents before we headed out. They just shook their heads in amazement at us.

David and I fell asleep soon, under the rising full moon. We did not make love until the sun was rising. And then we made love until nearly 8:00 a.m. We walked the path through the woods, to the house. The folks had breakfast already, but Kate made blueberry pancakes for us while Aaron made sausages. He poured juice for us.

"Your math needs work, boys."

"Uh oh," we said together.

"You spent under $1300, including the gift certificate. I saw how you did it, but I'm still amazed. But how did you get stone countertops for that price. That would blow the budget in itself."

"Remnants," I said. "A partial slab that someone had already cut. Much less expensive, as you see."

"Care to help us do the same for new kitchen countertops?" Kate asked. "Dad has an urge to upgrade the kitchen now, and I'm not going to argue."

"You bet," said David. We'll take measurements after breakfast. We'll all go talk to Ben at the stone yard. Aaron had told him we wanted remnants, so he knows how to take care of the kitchen."

We measured the counters. At the stone yard, we got a quote for $2,200 for countertops. Dad was floored. He had figured it was an easy $6-7,000. Dad put in the order right then. Ben took Aaron and Kate to choose the finish they wanted.

"One third the cost, boys. Unbelievable. Aaron, son, I am in your debt."

"I only want a bedtime hug," I said.

"Me three," said David.

"Could you stand one now?"

Sigh. "If you must," I said, smiling.

"I must."

He gave us both great hugs. It was easy to love Mom and Dad, because they let me love their only child. They knew we fucked each other, but they loved us both anyway. They said they loved us because we loved each other. They knew it was not just sex, that love overruled sex. But then again, it did for them as well. Isn't that why they got married? They, of course, agreed.

Gay, label or not, was no more about sex than being straight is. Of course, there was sex, but there was also love. And the homophobes and gay bashers just did not get that. Well, I knew 23 tolerant and loving people who outdid the two intolerant and hateful people who we met in Cambridge the day Billy was brained by a lead pipe. Those same 23 people were appalled that Billy was nearly killed, and what he had to go through in the aftermath. I have to wonder what that huffy woman in the restaurant would think about her attitude if she knew Billy was attacked.

David and I went grocery shopping, picked a ton of fresh strawberries, and then went back to the beach to swim and veg. There was a fair amount of other beach goers, so even our secluded spot would not be secluded enough. We lay in the sun only an hour before we got the urge to do more than lay in the sun, so we went biking all over Stonington. We ended up at a lighthouse at the edge of the Sound. As lights on interior coastlines go, this one was quite nice. We grabbed sandwiches at a deli and then came back to the lighthouse to eat lunch.

For Friday evening's dinner, we were going grilling. We had told the folks to put in their steak and chicken orders so David and I could get them going. Mom made potato salad while she also made a strawberry rhubarb pie for Saturday's dessert. Tonight's dessert would be last night's birthday cake. It is a black forest raspberry cake. David's mom was an outstanding cook and baker, not just award-winning pie maker. We had wine coolers with dinner and the rest of Dad's champagne with dessert.

Life in Stonington, Connecticut could not be any better this last week of July. I was not usually sad to leave a place, but this would be the exception. I told the folks so on Sunday morning.

"You, dear heart, may come any time you wish. David will be coming home for the last weekend before school starts, to bring his car back. We'll gladly make room for you if you can come with him. In the meantime, write when you want to, or call. We'll miss you, too, of course. This has been a wonderful week for us as well."

"You, young Aaron, have deeply touched my heart. I am so glad you are in our lives."

"Thanks, folks. I chose great parents when I chose a great young man to love. The complete package. I'm grateful for making me feel at home. I will come back when David does next month. Not seeing you for months on end will be hard."

We all hugged and kissed. David and I took to the road. Once we got home, he called his folks to tell them we made it okay and that both their sons loved them very much.

We joined our other two brothers in Skip's bed for an evening of romance and lovemaking. David and I showed them both how truly happy we were to see them again.

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