Skip - Part 17


Skip – Part 17

The unofficial end of summer came with the start of school. As promised, I had gone back to David's folks for the weekend before he was due back at school. We made a tentative vacation plan. David was coming to Thanksgiving weekend with us in New Hampshire. We four would be going to Connecticut for Christmas, for the first of the two weeks, including Christmas itself.

Alex and Kirk, almost bullies to Billy, met up with us at school in late August. They had their own issues to talk to us about, before something happened. Sam was back and he was going to stir up trouble again this semester, if he had his way. Billy was the first target. He had already approached Alex and Kirk, almost demanding their cooperation. They had played it smart, pretending to go along. They now wanted the help of the dorm mates to make sure Sam did not go too far.

The reunion party kicked off on the first night back. Skip and I went to Boston to be part of the celebration. The boys had all kept the same room assignments as their freshman year, happy with their pre-arranged partners. The real life of this dorm suite was in the common room anyway. The party was a smaller version of the long weekend at the lake, minus the water and outdoor fun. We spent a lot of time holding on and kissing each other.

We slept in sleeping bags together that night, being a bit naughty as before. Henry wanted to be my partner tonight, and I had no problem being his. Ste and Billy renewed their ties, while Skip and Kenny paired up. There was other naughtiness, but it was discreet, mostly. Soft moans and the light smell of cum were evidence of how much the boys had missed each other.

Skip and I took the T and the train back out of Boston on Monday morning. We drove out to Durham, the home of the University of New Hampshire. We both had coursework to finish up to get our B.S. degrees. I had not finished my courses at the local college; Skip had not wanted to go back to Bentley full time. So we decided to take two classes at a time, together, at UNH. I loved being in a classroom. Today was orientation, as it was for the boys in Boston. We also bought our books and then had lunch with an acquaintance who was a former co-worker.

When we got home later in the afternoon, we decided, on a whim, to make dinner for JD and Betsy.

"Aren't you guys busy enough without adding dinner to your burden," Betsy asked us.

We had made a fettuccini Alfredo, with garlic rubbed over Italian bread, drizzled with olive oil. The sauce took the longest, at only fifteen minutes. Easy dinner.

"Busy enough, yes. Dinner a burden? Not even close. Besides, your two boys, and our beloved Billy, happen to love you both, very much," I said.

"Well, that kills any argument I could come up with," she said. "How about you, dear?"

"They left me in the dust. I won't compete with love, especially from our three sons."

We both hugged our parents. They love us as much as we love them. Like David's folks, they love me for stealing their son's hearts. They knew we would love each other despite any protests, but they also knew that our relationship is not purely sexual.

As for the part that is sexual, Skip and I went over to my place for the rest of the evening. We lay on my sofa, in a sixty-nine, eating dessert. Our cannolis were cream filled. We worked diligently to extract that creamy center. I rolled his ball around in my mouth, which prompted him to slide a finger into my hole, which prompted me to go back to his lusty cock and probe his insides. Mmmm. He was flowing pre-cum freely. I lapped it up and swallowed it. We slowed down a little bit and went back to sucking only. I loved his cock enough that I wanted to keep the creamy center for later.

We got up long enough to go upstairs. Skip slid inside of me as soon as I lay on my bed.

"I love a man who does not dawdle around. Right to the point ... of your cock."

"I love a man who loves me, and my cock."

"Then I you love," I said.

"Sweet. When Aaron loves me, life is good."

Skip got quiet for a couple of moments. He had stopped fucking me.

"What?" I said.

"I like being inside you. I'd just like to hold you, if that's okay. I don't have a great need to come."

"Very okay. I don't have a great need to come either. I like that we're one because of you inside of me, but I really do love you for more than just your dick. The love is in here," I said, touching his heart.

"And here," he said, touching mine.

"From my heart to your heart; from your heart to my heart. I will love you forever."

"Awww, love, you know just how to make me warm all over. Can you sleep if I leave my cock in you?"


"Okay, okay. Then sleep, my bro. I love you, very much."

Sam is gay, or at least male sexual. The revelation came about when Alex caught him with a mutual friend earlier today, doing the nasty. Billy filled me in. It was late September, a month into the semester.

"I went to find Sam right away. He didn't need guilt or ridicule. I told him Alex saw him and his buddy, but had turned away and left the two friends together. He thought he would not be gay if he harassed those who are. But, like we four, he too has an animal side that won out."

"Did he reject you?"

"He tried to, but I kept talking. But I made a mistake, Aaron. I left him on his own after that. He disappeared for two days. His roommate came to us, beside himself. He couldn't find Sam. I told him to talk about everything he knew about Sam, everything. I paired that with what I know about the campus. I found him."

"Where was he? Two full days?"

"Yeah. He was in a hideaway in the basement of one of the classroom buildings. He had been crying for a long while, obviously. He face was dirty from wiping tears away. He was all cuddled up, as if it was 40 below zero. He told me to keep my distance, and that he was leaving school when he knew Patrick was away from his room, so he could get his clothes and leave.

"I kept my distance for an hour, but I slowly kept moving toward him. When he stopped protesting, I went to him, pulled him to me, and hugged him for hours. He had to cry it out, and we had to talk. I took him to get food because he was so hungry. Then I brought him back to my room. Ste left us alone.

"I wanted to get to the root of why he hated me, just because I love you. He said it was unnatural, so I asked him by whose wrong opinion. He told me it is God's opinion. I told him it was scripture, subject to interpretation, and he should read every word and make an informed decision. I said that he should also take a religion and culture class to get a discussion going, get his opinion voiced, his answers. I offered to take it with him. I can get us into the class before it's closed for the semester. He is welcome to believe what he will, but he's ignorant on his own. I don't want him to hate me. Worse, I don't want him to hate himself. I'm worried."

"That he may try to off himself?"

"Yeah. His parents are strict catholic, and they will reject him. He's also pissed that Alex came to me."

"Tell him you and the boys won't reject him. Keep him safe. Offer him an environment where you all co-exist nicely. Show him he won't be judged by the people that matter. Offer to go home with him one weekend to talk to his parents."

"Yes. And no. His parents really will reject him. He's terrified."

"So make him less terrified. You and the boys know how. Hell, YOU know how."

"What else can we do?"

"Why not take him to my apartment for a long weekend? It's private. He can talk to you alone. Just check for a weapon, seriously. Ease him into being alone with you. Ask Henry or Matt, or both, or neither, maybe Kenny instead, to be with you socially. Invite him into the inner circle. It's the only place for him right now. You can show him that gay is a label, not who he is. Bring Alex and Kirk along on another weekend. They are somewhat enlightened because you forced them to be. Most of all, be a friend to Sam. He'll resist. Do you know his roommate?"

"Yeah. Patrick. He's a nice guy. They roomed together last year, too. Patrick reined him in a bit, after Alex and Kirk talked to him. He has gay friends, so he won't judge Sam."

"Does Sam know that?"

"I dunno."

"Then that's the first place to start, right in his own room, but you need to offer him the `gay' opinion. Bring him to your dorm. Bring Patrick, too, so he has someone to sleep with. I know you guys can double up. Is he safe, tonight?"

"I'm going over to his room now. He knows I'm coming. He promised he will be civil to me. We'll see."

"You might want to plan to stay overnight. You want time to talk, and not just for an hour or so. Let him know you really do care. You do, that's easy enough. The sooner you get him into the friendship of your dorm, the better."

"You've offered some great advice. I thought of some of it myself, but you completed it. The Amazing Loving Aaron, Healer of Hearts. Come this weekend, please? It'll go a long way, since he knows I love you. He doesn't know about Skip and David. I'd rather not tell him."

"I will come this weekend, no sweat. Skip will understand."

I arrived on campus on Friday morning, having spent Thursday at MGH for chemo, and overnight in my apartment with Nate and Bryan. Billy had only one class on Fridays. His class was before Sam's, but he said he'd meet Sam after his class. Sam was a bit testy. He told Billy he felt a little crowded.

"Get used to it, bro. We talked about this already. You know why."

"I'm not going to kill myself, not over my parents."

"Words are words. Actions are actions. I don't have too much trust in you, Sam. Finding a knife in your room gives me no comfort. We already took your Swiss Army knife away from you in the spring. Why did you bring another? What is to prevent you from going on some sort of rampage? What if you decide you'd rather have a gun, and then decide to take others with you?"

"I won't. That's not who I am."

"Then who are you, Sam?"

Sam swallowed hard. He made eye contact with Billy and then looked away quickly.

"I'm a gay boy."

"That's where you're wrong. I'm going to prove it to you before the weekend is out, with help. Aaron is coming to stay with us this weekend. You and Patrick are going to stay with us all."

"I dunno."

"It's not up for discussion. You'll bring your books and a change of clothes. You and Patrick will bunk with Stephen and me."

"But, I got ..."

"You want me to go to the Dean and tell him I know you have a knife? Patrick will back me up. That type of knife is illegal on campus, and probably even in Boston. You'll be expelled. You might be arrested. Come on bud, I don't want to be a hard ass. I'm not very convincing at it. I'd rather bring you into our circle. You belong there, not alone all weekend. I don't hate you, bro. Neither do my buds. I care about you very much. The hate is over. You're way more than a gay boy. I am, too. Not bragging, much, but there is a lot of substance inside this 5'7" body. My heart is huge. Three others in my dorm have boyfriends. They are all more than gay boys."

"Shit. Billy, I want to believe you. But . . ."

"Then believe me, Sam. You will. I, like my Aaron, never say something I don't believe. I do not lie. Your head isn't nearly on straight."

Billy had spent the night with Sam and Patrick the other night. They had talked well into the night. Billy slept on the floor in a sleeping bag, feeling safe enough to do so. Billy had made Sam turn out his drawers and closets. He took the knife, found in his underwear drawer, away from Sam and gave it to Patrick. Sam found out quickly not to take Billy for granted.

Billy did all the things I suggested and more. He and Sam went to sign up for a religions and cultures class. It meant five classes instead of four for both, but Sam was tentatively willing. As they got into the class discussions, they knew they had made a good choice. Sam thanked Billy.

Billy brought Sam, and Patrick, when he wanted to join them, to the dorm to be part of their study groups. Sam was in different classes with Jake and with Henry. Patrick was in one class with David.

The boys did not alter the way they studied when the new arrivals came. Patrick, when he was reading, willingly let the guys hold on to him. Sam looked at Patrick. He remained a little standoffish. The rest of the boys held each other, helped each other with the harder sciences, shared their soda and snacks with Sam and Patrick, talked about interesting news of the day, went for a walk around their dorm for a break, and even alternately walked Sam and Patrick back to their dorm.

Patrick made a point, especially on weekends, of getting Sam out of bed and down to breakfast with the group. The boys had some lunches and most dinners together.

Sam had been told that four of the boys had boyfriends. He already knew about Billy and me. They asked him to see if he could tell. After three and a half weeks, he could not.

"I have a boyfriend," said Henry, one Friday night. "You and I have been having a good time together. How do you feel about me now?"

"Uh. Actually, I'm glad that you have a boyfriend, Henry. You're a cool guy. He's lucky to have you."

"Luck has nothing to do with it. However, I'm a gay boy. I'm a fag, bro, pure and simple."

"You are not !! Damn. Henry. Come on, you're more than that."

"Oh? How? Why was Billy a fag boy last May?"

"You take good notes and make sure I get all the material right. You don't want me to be in my room alone. When I am, you come looking for me. You like a lot of what I like. And, obviously, none of your mates here thinks of you as a gay boy. Why would you call yourself a fag?"

"Because at one time, you would call me a fag. I repeat, why was Billy a fag boy last May?"

"If I harassed someone like Billy, I'd be tough. My friends would like me more."

"Someone like Billy?"

Sam shrugged. He looked at the floor.

"You called Billy a fag boy. You wanted to rough him up to teach him a lesson, to let him know he was not welcome here. You even wanted some of us to help you, when you thought we were on your side. You pulled a knife on him. You brought another knife to campus a few weeks ago."

Sam's head snapped up when he heard that. He stared at Henry.

"We have no secrets in this circle. We've been making sure you're safe, if you must know. We know Billy found the knife and gave it to Patrick. Patrick threw it in the reservoir at the edge of campus, by the way."

"I'm sorry," he said.

Nobody could hear it. He had dropped his head. He sat on the floor, away from the other guys, defensively up against a corner.

Henry was on the sofa, being held by David. Henry got off the sofa, walked over to Sam, and sat down in front of him. He whispered to Sam.

"I said I'm sorry, Henry."

"Tell them," Henry said, waving his hand to the rest of the room.

"I'm sorry guys. I'm so sorry," he said, tears in his eyes. "Not that I got caught. That I was stupid. Billy, please forgive me."

Billy was sitting up against the sofa, taking notes, but listening of course. He motioned Sam to come over to him. Sam shook his head and lowered it again.

"I don't des mpfhhfhphf," he mumbled.

"You do, Sam," said Henry.

Henry moved beside Sam. Sam moved away a little. Henry moved behind Sam, taking him in his arms.

"You deserve to be loved because inside you, you are a man, like the rest of us. You really, inside your heart, are no different than we fourteen."

"I ..."

"Sshhhh. Not one of us is as ashamed of you as you are. Bro, we brought you into our group to teach you about tolerance and respect. Not for just us. For everyone. And for yourself."

"I hate myself. I really was going to hurt Billy back in the spring. I came to school with the intention of getting him alone and ... and cutting him."

"What do you want to do to Billy now?"

He looked at Billy. Billy sat still, weary.

"Billy has been a better friend than I deserve. He's brilliant. And more. I want to ..."

"Do it then," said Henry. "It's what we do."

"I can't."

"The hardest thing to do is the thing you won't do alone. Aaron's Rule. It can't be broken."

Sam thought about it. He pushed himself off the floor and walked over to where Billy sat. Henry walked with him and then stepped away. Sam extended his hands to Billy. He pulled Billy to his feet and then wrapped his arms around him. Billy touched Sam's shoulder. He looked Billy in the eyes and saw what we all saw. He kissed Billy on his forehead. He looked Billy in the eyes again. He kissed Billy on his lips, lightly, but meaning it.

Billy looked into Sam's eyes. He finally wrapped his arms around Sam, and then returned the kiss on Sam's lips, lightly, but meaning it.

"Thank you, bro, for everything. It's been an amazing month, and it's you who led the way."

He turned to the other guys, still touching Billy.

"And it's you all who keep me here. I do enjoy coming over here, and hanging out, lunch, dinner, all of it. Henry, and Billy, please forgive me?"

"Nothing to forgive, bro," said Billy. "You spoke your version of the truth. Now you know ours."

"I do."

Sam looked at Henry. Henry rejoined him and hugged him. "Welcome to our world, love."

Sam teared up and nodded. Henry kissed him, lightly, but meaning it. He kissed Henry likewise.

Matt walked over to Sam, and face to face, told him that he too has a boyfriend.

"God bless you both, Matt. Honest."

"He does, bro. He blesses you, too, Sam, every day. That's why you're here, and not expelled, or worse."

David then stood up and came over to Sam.

"You too, David?"

"Yeah, me too. It's a little more complicated, but you'll know that soon enough."

"But none of you look gay."

"What does a gay person look like?"

"Not like you guys."

"Don't judge, Sam. Not ever," said David.

"Can I kiss you too, Sam?"

Sam nodded. "Yes."

"Well, maybe when you know me better," David said, seriously.

He turned around but did not walk away. Sam stood for a moment, thinking about it. He put his hand on David's shoulder. David stood his ground. This was a test for Sam—the guys had already figured it out. Sam waited more, thinking about it. He put his arm across David's waist, and then stood in front of him. He looked up at David, looking into his eyes to see if he was being teased. If he was, he did not care. He kissed David on his lips, very warmly. David did not return the kiss.

"David. I don't know why, but you really move me. I know you catch me staring at you. You and Henry, both. You're beautiful. I know you better tonight than I ever have. I don't want to be distant from you. Any of you. Please."

David continued to make Sam wait. Sam dissolved, stepping back a step. David went back to his seat. He was in the seat that was wide enough for two. Sam stood and looked at him. He then went over to get his book and notebook. He walked back to David. David made room for him. Sam sat, opened his book, and continued to read. He added a couple of notes to his notebook. He did not look at anyone. After a while, David put his hand on Sam's shoulder. Sam looked up, but not at David. He looked at the other guys. They were all studying. They started looking up, watching David who was watching Sam.

Sam looked at David again. There was a beautiful smile on David's face. Sam raised an eyebrow.

"You mean what you said? Not about me, of course, but what you said about us?"


"How long will you believe it?"

"Until I die."

David kissed Sam deeply, hugging him to him. Sam kissed David as deeply, holding on.

"I've got something to share with you, but I need to see how it goes with your parents. You should tell them."

"My dad will throw me out of the house."

"We'll see." David did believe it, but he also wanted to have hope.

Before he left, Sam walked over to each boy, who stood. He said good night to each boy, shook his hand, and kissed him on his forehead. He knew that this was what the boys, all of them, liked. Each boy gave him a hug in return, plus a kiss on his forehead.

Patrick had sat on the sidelines, watching the boys tonight in total awe.

"I'm going to hold on to our friend tonight, guys. This should not end just because we're leaving for the night."

He put his arm around Sam's waist. "You okay, bud?" he asked.

Sam nodded. "Oh yeah."

Sam was indeed rejected by his parents, both of them equally and mightily. They cut him out financially as well. Sam would be ruined in the eyes of his two brothers and sister; his parents made sure of that. The family was very well off, except for one thing; they had no heart. They told Sam to pack up and leave. David tried to talk to them reasonably. They knew David was Sam's friend, not more than that, and that Sam was involved with someone at school. They still would not hear it. David helped Sam get anything that he needed to take with him, mostly clothes. He had borrowed Billy's car for that weekend, since his was at home in Connecticut.

Sam was going to have to quit school. He broke down and cried in the car, on the way back to Boston. David pulled over and held him.

"You are not going to have to quit school. As of this moment, the rest of your education is paid for, semester by semester."

Sam looked at David. "How?"

"Aaron, Skip, Billy, the brother's parents, my parents, and my dorm mates, plus every boy's parents. We all expected this, even though we hoped your parents would be reasonable. They've talked to their parents. There is $29,000 in a fund for you."

"What? There's what?"

"There is $29,000 in a fund. For you. By spring semester, we expect to have $40,000. It'll pay for spring and fall semesters, including anything you need."

"How is that even possible? Nobody . . ."

"Everybody, bro. Everybody. We told you. Do not take us lightly. Fuck your parents and their old money. Fuck them. You're going to have a new family very soon."

"David ... my God. How does that happen? $40,000. It can't ..."

"It can. It has happened. Because we are a large group who does not hate, and will never hate. You ARE loved, bro. And we're going to prove it to you."

The following weekend, David took Sam to Connecticut to meet his parents. They all spent Friday night on the beach, all night, talking. David had wrapped Sam in his arms and refused to let him go the whole night, except for a pee break in the bushes. Aaron and Kate sat close to them.

"A friend of mine at work," Aaron began, "had his son come out to him and his wife. They did not take it well. He talked to me and I talked very seriously to him. I said that if they threw their son out of the house, we would take him in and make him our son. It did not come to that; he and his wife listened to what we had to say. You, however, have been disowned. If you'll have us, Kathryn and I want to make a home for you."

Sam was stunned.

"We don't want your answer tonight. You go back to school, accept the gift that we are a part of giving. Aaron, the other Aaron, would not tell you, but $15,000 of that money came from him."

"He doesn't even know me," Sam said. "How could he do so much for me?"

"Yes he does know you," said David. "He'll know you better soon, but I talk endlessly about you, as does Billy. He knows you probably better than you know yourself."

"We won't tell you what anyone else gave," said Aaron not Langille, "but you'll be taken care of for the rest of your schooling. If you want to go on to get your MBA, it'll be covered."

"What do I say? I'm floored."

"We love you, Sam. My folks are going to fall in love with you over the summer. Get used to the fact that this is now home. It's not much, really. I mean we are middle class working people."

"It's everything, David. It's more than I have. Anything would be."

At the light of dawn, Sam broke down and cried very hard. He was exhausted, physically and emotionally. Aaron and Kate held him, and loved him sincerely. It was unconscionable that a parent would throw his or her own child out of the family home. For loving someone `differently'. Well, David's folks loved Sam differently than he had ever been loved. They gave him anything that they had to give him.

David carried Sam to bed, kissed him sincerely, and held him tightly until they woke after noontime. Sam was watching David when David woke up.

"How long have you been awake?"

"Maybe an hour," said Sam.

"Do you feel like you're in an alternate dimension?"

Sam laughed brightly. "Yes."

David did something to prove that Sam was in the midst of a very real reality.

"Ouch! Okay, okay. So I'm not dreaming."

David kissed Sam with feeling, to prove it even more. Sam kissed David back.

"Do you know you have a boner?" said David.

"Do you know you are hung like a horse?" said Sam.

"You peeked?"

"No. It's been against my crotch all night. I had to give it a feel. Sorry."

"It's okay. Let's take care of your boner."

Instead of giving Sam the choice to say no, David removed Sam's boxers, and then his own.

"There's lube in the drawer, beside you."

Sam opened the drawer and took out a small bottle of Wet. He gave it to David. David poured some on Sam's cock, and rubbed it in. He did the same to his cock. While he stroked his own, he reached over with his right hand and grabbed Sam's cock. He stroked it, paying careful attention to the head. Sam moaned.

"Feels good?"

"Yeah. You don't have to ..."

"Sure I do. And I want to."

Sam nodded. He let David stroke him, and play with his balls. When Sam was about to come, David took Sam's cock in his mouth. Sam shot hard, probably harder because he was surprised by David's mouth.

"We don't waste cum," David said. Sam just nodded.

David was close. He gave his cock a few more long strokes and then shot on his chest and stomach, seven healthy ribbons. He started to clean it up himself. Sam stopped him.

"I want it. I know what mine tastes like. Okay?"

David nodded. Sam leaned in and licked every drop of cum off David's chest and stomach. He put David's cock in his mouth, to taste that as well. With it in his mouth, he looked up at David. David nodded that it was okay.

"See," he said when he was done. "Told you I'm a gay boy."

"And more."

"Yeah. And more."

"A lot more. I finally have a brother."

"I'm glad to be your brother. But, I miss my brothers. And my sister. I think my father will poison them against me."

"I've already thought about that. You should get in touch with them, maybe through your sister. Feel them out. See how they feel about you."

By the end of the weekend, Sam had new parents, far better than his birth parents. He had love, real love, for the first time in too many years.

"I've only existed, before becoming part of the circle. I don't know what else to call it," he told David.

"The Circle is what it is. The Circle covers a lot of ground. You're the first `outsider' to benefit from it. Now do you believe Billy?"

"Yes. And Aaron. How could I hate? It seems like I shed my skin."

"You did. And now you have a brother who loves you unconditionally, very much. You won't ever be in need again."

"Thank you."

David waited. Sam looked at him.

"I love you, too, David. I honestly do."

David smiled and kissed his brother. His brother kissed him back.

Sam sent an email to his sister. She was a year older than him, at 20. His brothers were 17 and 15. She replied that evening.

Sam printed the reply and brought it with him to the boy's common room the next evening. He had not said anything during the day. He gave it to David.

"Read it, and pass it on. Don't say anything, at least until all you guys have read it."

The note went around the room. Nobody reacted until Patrick, the last in the long line, read it aloud.

"Sam, I don't want to talk to you. Maybe someday. You should leave us alone."

"Did you expect this," asked Patrick.

"No. I ..." he choked up, and then cried. "Damn! I don't wanna cry about this, but they are ..."

"Maybe someday, bro, like she said," David told him. He held him from behind, arms around his chest. "It makes you all the more important to me, because you're my brother now. I'm your family. I'll love you. I do love you. I want you to put them out of your mind."

"I can't."

"For now, then. For today."

Sam wiped his tears and nodded. "Okay."

Patrick occupied the reading chair for two. Sam walked over and sat beside Patrick. He put his hand on Sam's cheek.

"You got family right here, bro, me included. The hardest thing to do is the thing you won't do alone. Aaron's Rule. It can't be broken."

"Wow Patrick, you make us proud," said Kenny.

"There's another, at least as good as that one," said David. He quoted. "The future isn't where my life is, it's in the moments I'm in."

"Profound little bugger, isn't he," said Patrick.

"He's got a heart as big as all of ours combined," said Paul. He loves as profoundly as he speaks. I don't want to think about the fate of our new bro here if Aaron did not teach us love."

Sam shuddered. He knew where he would be. Dead—maybe murdered for harassing another gay boy. Patrick held on to him. "But you're safe, so no worries. I'm glad you're my bud."

"I won't live my life in fear any more, guys. I'll thank Aaron when I see him again."

Sam hugged Patrick. The boys settled down to study.

Sam knew who I was, by sight, but little else. He wanted to meet me. David called me to see if I would stay in Boston one weekend. I did him one better. I told him to bring Sam on Thursday for my chemo. I'd introduce him to Andrew, so he could see what saving my life has meant. I'd introduce him to Jillian, so he'd have another mother figure close by. We'd stay at my place for the weekend.

On the next chemo Thursday, David showed up at MGH with Sam.

"Hi Sam. I'm Aaron."

"Yeah, I sorta know you, by sight anyway. I'm glad to meet you."

"Same here, bud. I gotta meet up with my doctor. Come on in."

"I'm not sure I want to interfere ..."

"You won't be.

I did the standard two hours of chemo. Andrew did the injections into one remaining tumor near my spine. Even David was not in the room for that. It was bad enough on the boys when I was hooked up to my IV. David grabbed the blanket as usual, covered me, and held my hand. I went to sleep.

"He's so scrawny," Sam whispered. "How much does he weigh?"

"105, last I knew. He can't keep the weight on."

"It's not AIDS is it?"

"No. He had cancer on one of his kidneys and then seven tumors. We almost lost him a year and a half ago. Do you see why Billy loves him?"

"From this, plus everything I know about him, yes. But all I do is pity him."

"For now, maybe. That won't last long."

"How can you not? Look at him. He should be my size."

"Should be, maybe. Size isn't all there is. Like the guys said, his heart is as big as all of ours. You know that, after seeing your account statement. You doubted what my dad said about $15,000 from Aaron until you saw it. Cancer is 1/100th of what Aaron is about."

"You love him too, don't you?"

"Yeah. More than you know."

"No. I know. You've been intimate with him. It's obvious. He's far from just a friend."


"And your parents obviously love him nearly as much."

David nodded.

"I want you to show me ..."

"We will. That's why you're here. There's sex, and then there's everything else."

"Seriously? Both of you?"

"Yeah. You've made out with someone at school, so it's nothing to be afraid of."

"I've given a guy a blowjob. And Alex caught me doing it. Now I thank God for that. You and I beat off together when I went home with you. That's it."

"You've never been inside a guy, or had him inside of you?"


"But you want to learn?"


David looked down at his crotch, and looked back at Sam.

"Like I said, I'm a gay boy."

David smiled. That no longer bothered David, or the rest of the boys.

We left MGH and went to see Jillian for dinner.

"There's my boys. In a way, I'm sorry to see you Aaron. It means you're still during chemo."

"It's okay, Jills. It's working well for me."

"Hi Sam, I'll Jillian, owner of this fine establishment. The rule of the house is that dinner is on me to Aaron's supporters on chemo day. Check the menu; I'll make anything you want."

"You know my name?"

"And more. Your new brother called me to share the news. A loss is just an opportunity, and I know you're safe now, and in good hands."

Sam nodded.

"What do you guys order, usually?" he asked as Jillian gave us time.

"Soup for me because I can't eat much. Just enough to prevent dry heaves, in case I get nauseous."

"Soup and sandwich or salad and sandwich for me. You order anything you want. Jillian is a great cook. She'd be pleased if you let her spoil you a little, or a lot."

"I'd like breakfast. My favorite meal, any time of day. You might have noticed what I eat at dinner at school."

Jillian came back for our order. Minestrone for me. Minestrone and half a ham & Swiss for David. An omelet with home fries for Sam, and milk.

"There's my boy. Give me ten minutes, boys."

"How can she afford to do that? That's $20 plus for food. She does this weekly?"

"Every two weeks, but she used to do it weekly. I send people I know here. Word of mouth is the best advertising she has."

After dinner, we went to my apartment. It was too cool to sit outside, so we made a fire instead. Sam was impressed with the apartment that his father was paying for, if only indirectly. He took music over TV. I pulled down the bed so we'd have a place for all three of us to cuddle up. He, of course, chose the middle. David took off Sam's shirt and t-shirt. I took off his boots and socks. We stripped to just blue jeans, as usual.

"Wow, this is a little sexy. Blue jeans and bare feet. Cool," he said.

"Um, Aaron," he said. "I want to apologize to you for being such a bastard last spring. I've paid for that now, by losing my family. I'm sorry."

"I feel bad that your father and mother threw you out of your house. You have something far better now. A dad, a mom, and a home. You see the difference?"

"A dad, instead of a father. A mom, instead of a mother. And a home, instead of a big old empty house. Yeah, Aaron, I do."

"Uh hum," David said.

"And a real brother. Even though I think I do still have two brothers. I wish I could get to them."

"We'll work on it, bro. I wonder if we can mail them something that they would get, that your parents wouldn't throw away as either junk mail or an obvious letter from you."

"I have an idea," I said. "I need to think it through, but we can talk about it tomorrow. By the way, are you going to miss any classes tomorrow guys?"

"Only one for me," said David. "I'll get notes from Jake."

"Same for me," said Sam. "I'll get notes from Patrick, my roommate."

Sam took my hand. "Thank you, Aaron, for letting me in. You had no reason to, really."

"I had every reason to, Sam. You used to hate. That's wrong. I, however, don't hate. With some help, we saved your soul."

"And my heart. Will you give me some of yours, like you do the guys at school?"

"If you promise me one thing."


"Treat it with care."

"I promise."

"What do you want to do tonight."

"Lay here, like you and David, or Billy, lay here. I would like to be held by you both. I don't want sex. I hope that's okay."

"Very okay. Let's have a little atmosphere," I said.

I got up and lit candles. I lit three of them, for the three of us.

"Can I hold your brother, David?" I asked.

"You'd better. Hold him like you mean it."

"Oh I'll always mean it."

I got back onto the bed and wrapped my arms around Sam. He looked into my eyes, which were a little moist. I kissed his forehead. A tear ran down his cheek. I wiped it away with my thumb and then kissed his cheek. He continued to look into my eyes. He was ready, so I kissed him.

He did something better. He kissed my still bald head.

"I'm not afraid of that, Aaron. It's your badge of honor, like all of David's scars. I'm not afraid of those either. I don't have any visible scars, though."

"No, but you've hurt, and more recently than either David or me. It was a large hurt to endure. I'm sorry for that, but it too can be healed."

"It's on the way to being healed. I know what you did for me, Aaron. The money I mean."

"I knew that David's folks would take you in. I knew they couldn't afford to pick up your tuition on their own. So I started it, but the boys at school talked to their parents. Do you know how to check the balance of your account?"


"I'll take you to the bank tomorrow. I'm getting your account set up for online banking, so you'll be able to draw the money, as you need it. I'll show you how to set up automatic bill pay with the college. There's money for clothing too, and "

"You trust me to do that?"

"It's your money."

"Half of that money came from you. You're not afraid I'll take the money and run, or blow it on drugs?"

"One quarter of the money came from me. Parents have been sending in their contributions. You saw the account had $29,000. The balance will be $43,000 as of close of business tomorrow. You won't take the money and run, or blow it on drugs, will you?"


"Then I trust you. Skip, Billy's brother, is the auditor for the account. You'll get quarterly interest, too."

"I don't care about the money, not in the way you might think. It means I'm in school to stay. I'll put the interest into a donation for something. I want you to help me decide where."

"The only charity I really trust is the US Olympic Committee. I give them $50 every quarter. I started doing that even before you boys were born, back in 1972, when I was in high school. We should do research to find out how much goes to any given charity, and how much goes to sleazy pockets."

"Your business sense is legendary at school, you know," said David.

"I got one and a half degrees, plus a lot of practical experience. If I didn't, I wouldn't be able to help our fine young man here."

"Bless you, Aaron. I see why the guys think you're the best. You are."

"I'm the best at giving my heart. Short of that, I'm not ..."

"You're heart is more than sufficient to give. It brought me here. I don't know how to repay that."

I kissed him and he kissed me back, meaning it.

"You just did."

"Not even close."

I lifted the front of his blue jeans and looked inside.

"Well, I'm not exactly hung like a certain boy I know, but I can hold my own. We'll find out tomorrow."

"Are you really okay with having sex with us both?"

"I'm okay about you both making love to me. I know that love overrules sex. I know you won't just get me off, and have me get you off. It's gonna be love."

"As much as I can make a promise to you about tomorrow, I will. I feel love for you because you've been through too much crap for a 19 year old. You told the guys at school that you don't deserve love. But you do."

"I've had to earn that."

"And you have. What do David's parents think about you?"

"They said I belong in their hearts now. They ...," he choked up again. "They said they will love me the same as they love David."

"Not will, bro. They do. And?" added David.

"And David said he will, uh, does love me as much as if was his brother by birth."

"And you will love them ...?" I asked.

"In every way that they love me."

"The guys at school ...?"

"Brought me into The Circle. We're now fifteen. Wait, sixteen, with Patrick."

"And Patrick ...?"

"Knew I had a heart. He worried about me and felt he could do something, but not nearly what Billy started. Billy is the beginning of the end. You both are the end, the reward."

"And I ...?" I asked.

"Don't pity me. Do care for me, very much. Love me because I do deserve to be loved. And, best of all, have taken away hate from one more person."

"A group success; our first. Here's to many more, my bro."

"And you ...?"

"Love you both, very much. But I have to say, you look like a headache is crushing you. Why haven't you taken your meds?"

"I was lost in you."

"Well, you need to get lost in yourself for a while. Where do you keep your meds?"

"Kitchen counter. One of each pain killer, and some apple juice from the fridge, if you will."

"I will."

"Help yourself to anything. I'd be a better host if I had taken my meds a while ago. Anything for you, David?"

"Yeah. I know where stuff is. I'll give my brother a hand."

I lay there and smiled. David finally really has a brother. I firmly believe that being an `only' sucks. Above anybody else, Sam will now have someone to go to for life, for any reason. David will never deny him anything.

The morning broke pain free. I was a little nauseous, so I slipped out of bed quietly and drank some ginger ale. David and Sam had changed positions overnight, facing each other. Sam was nuzzled into David's neck. Sweet. David opened one eye to look at me. I made the shush signal with my finger. He closed his eye and went back to sleep. It was only 5:30 a.m. I settled into the oversized chair and went back to sleep.

When I woke up again, my dick was being sucked. I opened one eye to see Sam smiling up at me. David was lying on the floor, sucking Sam's cock. I lay there for a few minutes, enjoying it. It was playful and I could not interrupt it. After a few minutes, I pulled Sam up so he could lie beside me. David replaced Sam on my cock. I kissed Sam passionately for several minutes. David joined us in a few minutes. David knew I wanted to teach Sam that we were not all sex, but that the sex we did have would be gentle and intimate. It wasn't sucking and fucking mindlessly. After a little while, we went back to my bed. It was 7:15 on Friday morning. We had the whole weekend. We had to eat at some point, but the morning would be all about Sam.

His smile was beautiful when he let it show. I taught him how to kiss without invading my mouth right away. It was about subtle things. Lips were hot. Looking into your buddy's eyes was hot. Being a fuck buddy could be hot, but we did not want to be fuck buddies. When Sam thought of me, I wanted him to think of me as a loving man, one who would do almost anything for him. I wanted him to be part of my cancer support A-Team. He needed to know that I was not fragile, but that I did hurt, just as he did. I was no idol to be worshipped. If you cut me, I bleed. If you love me, I love you back.

So we kissed for a long while. He let me guide him, doing to me what I did to him. It was about gentle caresses and taking your time. It was about three if there were three, so Sam took a small amount of what I had taught him and gave attention to David. David just reinforced what I had done to Sam.

"I feel like I've been doing it all wrong for a couple of months," Sam told us.

"It depends on what you want. Do you want a jack off and a quick blowjob? Or do you want to give and receive love. Sex is just fine by itself. Passion is better."

"So this way, the kissing and touching, is as good as the jacking off." It was not a question. "I mean, I'm tingling all over. And I have no desire to get off right now. How long can we do this today?"

"You have anywhere to go?"


"All day. We might come a time or two along the way, but that's part of it. After a while, you can't hold off, no matter how gentle it all is. My record is five time in a day."

"Three for me," said David.

"One for me that I know of, every few days. My folks drilled into my head that jacking off is nasty."

"And what's your opinion of jacking off?"

"It feels too good not to do it. I had to learn to eat my cum, but that was cool anyway."

"Me too," I said. "Boys grow up jacking off. When parents stop that, they're nuts. I always found a way to jack off, despite what my mom said. She had no clue about it. Wives understand it when they're pregnant, near the end of their terms. Hubby will go looking for more if he doesn't jack off at home. It's just a different twist on their usual sex."

"Is there anything you don't know?" Sam asked me.

"Yeah. I don't know more that I do know, but I do know some stuff. It comes with age."

"I know you're older than me, but that doesn't faze me. What are we going to do, besides the sucking that I started?"

He blushed magnificently. "You liked my cock?"

"Who wouldn't?"

"Well, probably lots of people. Do you want to do more than suck?"

"You mean fuck?"

"And a couple new things you haven't done, not if you're new to this. How does eating out an ass appeal to you?"

He wrinkled his nose. "It's not very appealing. You guys do that?"

"Yeah. It starts with being very clean. You'd do your normal bathroom routine, and then take a shower. Instead of just washing your body and shampooing, you would also clean up your ass. Finger and plenty of soap is really about all you need."

"I'm curious. And nervous. If I don't like it, or don't like being fucked ..."

"Then you don't have to. Are you okay about being with us, overall?" asked David.

"Yeah. If I told you I'm excited, would you think badly of me?"

"No, my bro. I'm excited too. See?"

"Whew, bro, I don't know about taking that up my ass. I want you to get my cherry, but, man. I already know I can suck some of it okay. Aaron is just about right, too, at least in my mouth. You guys really fuck?"

"Yeah, but it's not about fucking. David inside me is a beautiful connection. It's time to tell you something that might turn you off. I started this friendship and relationship with Skip. He and I are still, you know."

"Cool. He's a really nice guy. I don't mind that you aren't just with David. I kinda figured that anyway. Now I know."

"Well, it's kinda different, from that point on."

"I already know about Billy, remember? It's what made me want to give him a rough time."

"What you don't know is that Billy is part of this relationship too," I said.

"I know now, but I also figured that out. Hey, bro, there are things you think about when you spend as much time alone as I used to. I know Skip had cancer and that he almost died. I can picture that he and Billy would get very close. I jacked off once thinking about them together. I have to say that I came more than I had up until then."

He blushed again.

"And I know you and David are intimate, of course. I would figure that he is part of the relationship, since he too had cancer. He and Skip would be fellow cancer patients."

"Warriors, my bro. That's part of the connection between Skip and Aaron and me—three warriors who know all about cancer. I'm into my third year with it. David had it for four. Skip off and on for nearly three as well, but in a different timeframe than mine. I'm the newest cancer patient."

Sam was thinking about all of it.

"Overwhelming?" I asked.

"No. The four of you loving each other, not just fuck buddies, makes sense when you think about it. And now, David making me his brother. Maybe that's where it gets overwhelming."

David pulled Sam into his arms. "Because I love you, Sam. Sometime soon, you are going to know those aren't just words. Mostly I love you because your family threw you away like trash, but it's not pity. It's a need for you to have a life. I already told Billy, Skip, and Aaron that I want you to be my mate, not just my brother. Just you and me."

"I like that. But, oh man, how do I say this ..."

"But you want to see what it's like with Aaron too."

"Not exactly," he said, looking down at the bed.

"Billy, at school?"

"You're getting warmer, but that too."

"We five, Sam?"

He nodded, just barely.

"Why be embarrassed about that?"

"Seems kinda greedy to me, since I don't even ..."

"The four of us already talked about that, too. We said the choice is yours. If it happens, it's down the road a bit. We want you to be able to be with us without any hesitation. Until then, I'm your brother and mate, if you'll have me."

"I'll have you, bro. I mean, look at me. We've been laying here just talking, and touching a little, but I'm still rock hard. Who else would have a hard-on when you're just talking?"

"I turn you on, bro?"

"Yeah. And this fellow bro, too," he said.

He kissed me the way we taught him to. He put his arms around me while David spooned him from behind. He got lost in me for a little while. Then he gave equal attention to David.

"You guys really do love me, don't you?"

"Yes, I do," I said. "Words are words, actions are actions."

"I do, too, very much," David said. "I'm thrilled by you. My mom couldn't have another child after me. I've wanted a brother since I knew what one was. The guys at school, and our two buds, are brothers, of course. You and I have a lifetime to be close. Even if you decide to marry and have kids some day, you're still going to be very important to me."

"Awww, don't make me cry again, bro. I can't take it. I think you deserve me, if I'm what you want. And I truly have searched for someone like you. My family ... well, I shouldn't talk bad about them. There's just no love, like this, at home. This past month has shown me more love than I've seen in a year, or more."

"I grew up with a lot of affection," said David. "It's easy to love you. You need to be loved, but you also want to be loved."

They kissed for a while longer. I decided to leave them alone.

"I'm going to shower and get cleaned up for, uh, later," I said, smiling.

They both gave me the thumbs up and cheesy smiles. I took my time to make sure I was thoroughly clean. It didn't take much, since my innards were mostly liquid in diet. When I lay down on the bed again, David immediately put my legs up. He showed Sam that he was going to eat out my ass. He dived in with his tongue, probing and lapping. I moaned a lot. I don't think David and I had done this yet.

"Want to try it?" David asked Sam.

He made room for Sam. Sam tentatively took a few licks around my hole, and then decided to go across it with his tongue.

"Mmmm. You smell so good, Aaron," he said.

He went back down into my ass, this time licking my hole a few times and then probing with the tip of his tongue.

"Not what I expected at all. Does that feel good?"

"You'll have to find out. You want to shower next?"

He practically ran to the bathroom and did not come out for twenty minutes. He lay down beside me and gave his ass to his bro. His bro took it eagerly, showing him just how good it felt.

"Oh my God! That's unbelievable!" Sam said, panting.

"You like?"

"No. I love. David, will you marry me, now!"

"Nope. That would almost be sinful. Well, less sinful than this, but still."

"Okay, just eat me."

"How about I take a shower first, so you can return the favor. Can Aaron take over?"

"Yeah. Go now. I can't wait to taste you. Aaron, you really okay about doing that to me?"

"Your choice, love. You tell me."

He smiled and nodded. "Can we be three, just we three I mean?"


He thought about what he said and then his eyes got moist. "I love you, Aaron. Not just because of this. You told Billy how to save my life. I want to hold you, so bad."

"Come, love. I hold you forever if I have to."

David kissed Sam lovingly. "He means that, too." He went to take his shower.

"This really IS overwhelming, Aaron. I've never seen one person love one so deeply, but you love three, like you love one."

"Four, love, four."


"You need to be loved and you want to be loved. David said that. That's what I do, we do. You will learn to love more than one, deeply, but if not, then love only David. He needs you more than he lets on."

"I do know that. I'm confused. I want to taste your ass, quite urgently, but I also want to just be in your arms. I can't sort that out."

"See what we mean about it not just being sex. The physical pleasure we bring has its own limits. Admittedly high limits, but the love is deeper than the sex will ever be."

"How could you care for me after what I did to Billy? How could you care about me so deeply when we had not met yet?"

"It's what makes me, me. I was very scared that you would be stupid. Would you have been stupid, love, without Billy coming to your dorm?"

"Maybe. He saved me, through you."

"No, love."

"Yes. Billy does have a heart of his own, but knowing you a little more showed that you are the organizer of this, the genesis. Take credit where it's due, Aaron."

"I can't do that. It's not all about me. At the moment, it is ALL about you, and only you."

"Would you let me inside you? Would David be mad?"

"Yes. And no, he would not be mad."

I reached into my bedside table for lube. I got him fully hard, with very little effort. I poured lube on his cock. He rubbed it in, and then used some of it to finger my ass. He licked my ass a little while also, making sure he was hard enough to enter me.

"You've never done this, so you might fire off really quickly. Or you might not. If you do, though, just keep sliding inside of me. You'll get hard again, and then you'll be able to be inside me as long as you want to."

He nodded. I lay on my back, letting him know it is how I liked it best. I raised my legs. He got between them and instinctively put them on his shoulders. He grabbed his cock and put the head against my ass.



He slid inside me, little by little. He let the lube do the work for him. I pushed too, and opened up to let him know I really did want him.

"Wow, is that ever tight. You swallowed my dick."

He looked down and saw only his pubes. He slid out, slowly, about half way. I nodded again so he would keep going. He pulled out a bit more, but then his head popped out of my hole. He put it inside again, and then slid inside me the whole way. It took a couple of minutes, but he found his rhythm. David came out of the bathroom, walked over to Sam, and then kissed him warmly. He sat down and watched Sam fuck me.

"Man, I don't want to come so soon," he said, pulling out of me. "You were right, Aaron. That's not a feeling I ever could imagine."

"Try this, enter me again, and get back into a slow rhythm. When you feel like you're going to come, push slowly all the way in. Stay there until you feel you can slide in and out again. Do that until you really can't hold off any longer. You'll be surprised."

He did as I said. I moaned every time he hit bottom. Sam was a good eight inches, and thicker, like Billy. He leaned in to kiss me, and then he kissed David, sharing equally between us. After about twenty minutes (I checked the clock), he threw his head back and pushed all the way inside of me, unloading hard. He panted as he slid out a bit and then back in, pumping his cum inside of me. Then he lay on top of me, still inside of me.

"I don't want to leave your ass, Aaron. It's too good. Oh so good, to feel that. You were right about being surprised. My load had to be huge. Open your mouth."

I did.

"Nope, it didn't squirt out of your nose either, but I'm amazed it didn't. Was I okay?"

"Nope," I said, seriously.

He looked at me, trying to read me. Then he smiled, and then laughed aloud.

"Was I awesome?"

"Ohhh yeeaahhhh."

He kissed me all over, loving my humor.

"Thank you, Aaron."

"For what?"

"For loving me, and letting me be inside you. Not for letting me fuck you. For letting me be inside you. And thank you, bro."

"For what?" asked David.

"For not being mad that I wanted Aaron. For not asking you first."

"I assume you didn't rape Aaron? That he said it was okay?"


"Then it is okay. You don't need my permission to love Aaron. I hope you'll want to be inside me, later."

"Count on it. Now I want to know what it feels like. But I want you, bro. You should get my cherry. Okay, Aaron?"

"That's the way it should be for you, then. I'd rather leave you two alone, so it's special."

"No. It's special because we're three. Please do stay." He gave me eyes that would crush the strongest man.

I nodded. "I can't resist the eyes, love. I hope you'll never use them against me."

"I promise not to. Will David being inside me diminish what I gave you?"

"Maybe you should find out, for yourself."

"Okay. David? I cleaned myself out really good, but do you want to make sure?"

"Give me a moment," he said, leaning in to eat out Sam's ass. Sam was obviously quite clean. "Mmmm, perfect, my bro. I think I should warn you though that it could hurt. When I'm fully hard, I'm pretty big."

"Bro, you're pretty big when you're not hard. I'm not worried. You won't hurt me, not even a little. It's going to be glorious."

David looked at me. My face was unreadable. I, however, knew that David would be 100% gentle with his brother. I made room for them. I guessed that David would want to enter Sam from behind, at least for the first few minutes.

"Let's get you up on your hands and knees. It'll be easier the first time I enter you."

"Not to argue, love, but I want to see you enter me, see your face."

"But ..."

"Please? If it hurts, I'll say so."

"I'd rather not hurt you at all, love."

"Then let me see your eyes as you take my cherry. I trust you."

David lubed up well, and make sure there was plenty inside of Sam. He prodded gently with one finger, then two. But Sam wanted cock, not fingers. David put the head of his cock against Sam's hole. He pushed just his head inside when Sam nodded that he was ready. He watched Sam's eyes very closely, for any sign that he was just too big. To make Sam wince would be unbearable. He is truly a gentle man, and Sam was right to trust him. When David hit bottom, Sam beamed brightly.

"You did it, my love. No pain, not even once. I feel full, but it feels so awesome, oh so awesome. The man that I love, taking my virginity, and so much more. You knew I wouldn't lie, and I knew you wouldn't hurt me. Can you do to me what I did to Aaron? Can you really fuck me?"

David wiped a tear out of his eye, a small one, but a tear anyway. He proved to Sam that he could fuck him, and more. He watched Sam's eyes again, carefully. He pulled out about half way and then gently slid in again. He felt Sam's hole open when he pushed in, and clench when he pulled out. I lay beside them, holding Sam's hand. He had put his hand in mine after David started his movements. I kissed his hand, and then kissed his cheek. He looked at me, beaming.

"You taught David, didn't you Aaron? You were his first, like David is my first?"

I nodded.

He turned his attention back to David for a while. It came time for David to finish. He whispered into Sam's ear, and into his heart, and then he started to shoot, deeply inside of the young man he loved so sincerely. They lay together quietly, enjoying their moments. David slowly slid his cock out of Sam.

"You two enjoy each other's company," I said. "I'm going to get us some muffins and coffee."

Before I got dressed, they pulled me up and into their arms. We three hugged each other for long minutes. I kissed them both and got dressed. David took Sam to the oversized chair. They lay facing each other.

"That wasn't sex. That was way more. I'm at a loss for how to describe it."

"That was Aaron's love, being given as he gives it. He does care for you as much as you think. And I love you, very very much. I have everything in the world I'll ever need. I have what I've wanted for so long.

"I have to remember that this all started with Aaron and Skip's first time. I wonder if Skip initiated it, despite loving Billy so brilliantly. It must have been as magnificent as my first time. After all, Aaron had loved his Kate first.

"Skip is as beautiful a sole as Aaron, equally. I will also have to remember to thank him when we see him again. God bless you, Skip, for needing to be loved too."

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