Skip - Part 20


Skip – Part 20

I am not surprised. My heart and love are very strong, but my body is shit.

"So, I can live without one kidney. I cannot live without two. Kidney transplants are hard to come by. I've been researching."

"I've put you on the donor list. You're right though Aaron. It could be a long wait."

After getting out of the hospital, we settled back into a routine. Skip worked, truly enjoying his job. He came home tired and happy every day. We went out twice a week to dinner. Surgery number two, of three, will be in a month. The cancer battle raged.

Billy came in on the Thursday of my next chemo. I forgot to tell him I could not have chemo yet. Andrew happened to be in his office, so he and Billy talked for a while. There is no doctor/patient confidentiality when it came to me, and I encouraged the boys to talk to Andrew and Claire.

"Hi love," he said, letting himself into our apartment.

"Oops, I bet I know why you're here."

"I'm here to spend the night with my two favorite people. I'm kinda glad it's not a chemo night. What can I do for you?"

"I'm trying to change my dressing myself, but I'm failing. Help?"

He took the washcloth and wet it with warm water and soap. He washed my back.

"You're bleeding still. Are you having clotting problems?"

"Ain't nothin' I'm not having problems with."

"I know, love. We'll take care of you. Okay?"

I kissed him. He kissed me back, and then some. He then finished putting my bandage on, and carried me to the oversized chair.

"Don't be sad, bro. Please. The boys at school and I have a plan, so cheer up. You are loved."

"I can't be sad with you here, love. I know you and they love me. That's good news enough to ease the bad."

"What's the dinner plan?"

"Pork chops and a side of rice. Cupcakes from Jillian."

"Yum. Until then, let's just hold on. It's the only reason I came today, or the only good one."

"I love you, bro. Thank you for thinking about me."

By the time Skip comes in, my coffee table is set for three. Billy and I are back in the oversized chair. Dinner is half done, which gives Skip time to shower and get comfortable. He comes to us when he is done. We hug and kiss in a warm three-way hug. After dinner, we go for a walk. The boys know my fresh air quotient is under-filled.

Back at home, Billy took off my t-shirt and sweatshirt. Skip pulls down my bed, and then he takes off my boots and socks. Billy unbuttons and unzips my jeans, and Skip pulls them off. They stay full dressed.

"Uh, what's with the clothes while I are nekkid."

"It's not about us tonight," said Billy

"My mouth says it needs cock, so you better ..."

"Nope, at least not yet," said Skip. "Don't interrupt bro. We know best."

They do, of course. My bros always know, even when I do not.

Billy and Skip lay on opposite sides of my hips. I got hard without them touching me yet, just from the anticipation.

"The boy is ready, bro," said Billy. "Guess he loves us after all."

They take turns sucking my cock and balls. Billy licks my hole, and then trades places on my cock with Skip. Skip eats me out deeply, pleasing me. I know that they will not be able to enter me until I am healed further, but it did not stop them from sucking me and working my joy buzzer.

It had been a few days since I got off last, so it did not take long to set me off.

"I'm gonna come guys!"

Billy sucks me until I shot off. He gets the first two ribbons of cum in his mouth. He then quickly hands off my cock to Skip's waiting mouth. Skip sucks me while I shot three more times into his mouth.

"Yum, as good as dinner," said Skip.

"A nice nightcap indeed," said Billy. "Well, good night love," he said, smiling wickedly.

"I'll give you nightmares if you don't let me have my turn, and that's a promise!"

"Oh yeah, bro," said Skip. "Oops. We forgot about that greedy thing our lover has going on there."

"Greedy you say? Why, what do you suppose he wants bro?"

"Well, he did say, earlier, that he wants cock."

"He has one. Hmmm, do you suppose ...?"

"Hello! I'm in the room, or did I suddenly dematerialize?"

"Well, bro, you think we could, you know, let him be greedy? Just this once?"

"I think so. But, do we encourage that sort of behavior?"

"I dunno. Maybe we should think about this for a few minutes. Hmmm, to encourage our love to be greedy, or to teach him patience."

"Patience, my ass!"

"Well, a fine looking ass, too, now that you mention it. I think I will like more of that."

"Es ist verboten!"

[It is forbidden!]

"Uh oh. His Italian has gotten better over the years."

"That's German, wise ass. Ti amo. Lo amate?!"

[I love you. Do you love me?]

"Sì, amore, facciamo."

[Yes, love, we do.]

"How much?"

"Lo amiamo con il nostri cuore ed anima."

[We love you with our heart and soul.]

Skip and Billy spoke fluent Italian, and decent French. I could speak enough French to express love. I know very little German.

"Then show me. Let me have you both. I'm begging."

"Si. You may be greedy."

I always get my way. It's in the eyes. Knowing some Italian did not hurt either. I do not flaunt it often, but I usually have a surprise or two.

The boys lay side by side. It did not take much to know what I wanted, greedily. I lie between Skip's legs and suck his cock for a few minutes. I play with Billy's in the meantime, and then suck Billy. I stroke one cock while I suck the other. Cock does not taste like chicken. Billy's cock tastes like Billy; Skip's cock tastes like Skip. They are the same length, though Billy is slightly thicker. They fit in my mouth. They fit even better up my ass.

I made both boys come at the same time. They kiss each other, moaning, as they get closer. I went down on Skip as he shoots into my mouth. Oh man, is his cum nice! Seconds later, I go down on Billy as he shoots into my mouth. Skip shoots two more times onto his stomach, so I finish cleaning up Billy's cock, and then clean up Skip.

Je t'aime tous les deux, avec tout mon coeur. Je t'aime tous les deux avec toute mon âme. Pourquoi est-ce que je suis ainsi béni pour être dans l'amour ?

[I love you both, with all my heart. I love you both with all of my soul. Why am I so blessed to be in love?]

"Hmmm, I missed some of that," said Billy. "Heart and soul, for sure, for us both. Why do we love? Or something like that.

"Why am I so blessed to be in love?"

"Vous savez l'amour parce que vous êtes amour incarné."

[You know love because you are love incarnate.]

"But why you? Two of the sweetest boys on Earth belong to my heart. And I belong to yours. Is that random chance?"

"No," said Skip. "I don't believe in random chance. You are my reward, for many things."

"And," said Billy, "You can't love just one. Your heart is too full. Even loving just two is a stretch. David and Sam belong to your heart too. Four is just right."

"I do agree with that. I don't know why I found it so easy to add Sam, after adding David."

"That's easy. Sam wants and needs love. He has a heart primarily for David, and then for me because I rescued him. He's fun to have a threesome with. He's a little shy, but he is so loving. You two are very similar. But he's seen you as the beginning of all of this. Now that he can't hate, he has to love."

"Speaking of threesomes, we're pretty good ourselves. I'm glad you get the best of both threesomes, bro."

"Let's go get some breakfast. I can't live on just sex."

I put my heart into my course work. I missed being in the classroom, so Skip and I decided that we will take classes in Boston, starting with the summer semester. For now, I studied hard, distracting myself from the cancer crap.

"You can't think about that 24 hours a day, love. You got so much to give, so give."

"I've got my business plan to show you. I need to get active to help someone. We've talked about helping cancer patients and strays like Sam. Since Sam is a success, and has his plan for a scholarship, I think we should concentrate on cancer patients."

I talked to the two other cancer survivors that I knew—Jimmy and Michael. I talked to them about what their basic needs are, how they felt before being diagnosed, what led them to their doctor visit, and diagnosis. I asked them how they felt at diagnosis—physically and psychologically. I wondered how they dealt with treatments, and how their families reacted to them. I figured going to school and their friends acceptance (or not) is hard. How is their appetite vs. nutrition, sleep habits, quality of life issues, and day-to-day survival?

Their answers to those and any other questions will be the basis for questionnaires for new cancer patients. Services for someone newly stricken is essential, so I made long lists of social services, medical services, counseling, and even kept up to date on what is going on in Boston.

The business will not get fully off the ground until I had help from all the boys and friends of friends.

The next order of business is a renewal visit to the boys at school. Skip and I wanted to see our boys. We had skipped the last regular visit because of my surgery. We sat in the boy's common room. Billy had given us a spare key to the entry. Sam and David are the first to come through the door.

"Whoo hoo, there's our missing brothers!" Sam said.

He came over to me and planted a nice kiss on my lips. Then he kissed Skip. David, not to be left in the wake, stepped right up, hugged me, and kissed me warmly. He did the same for Skip.

"I think they missed us, Aaron," said Skip, arms tightly around the boys.

"I missed you, but I also missed, you know."

"Well, there you have it bro," I said. "They missed us AND you know."

"Well, since you got us, guess you should get some you know," Skip said, putting his hand on Sam's crotch.

We went into David's room.

"Uh, what about friend Matt. I don't feel right shutting him out of his own room," I said.

"He's gone home for the weekend. He and Marc are going to get tested."

"Oh. I hope they're okay," I said.

"They should be. They've been best buds since middle school, and they started out by jacking off together. Matt knows Marc never messed around with anyone. Neither has Matt. The test is so that they can give blood with a clear conscience. Henry went home two weekends ago. He and Tim are clear. They're going to the Red Cross between classes one day next week. Billy said you had bleeding issues before and after surgery, so they decided to move sooner than later."

"Nice. They know not to `confess' anything?"

"Yeah. As you said, the policy is homophobic. They're as healthy and clean as any straight guy, probably more so if that same straight guy hasn't been tested. AIDS ain't just a gay disease, despite what people think. It's up to the blood centers to take samples for testing before they transfuse anyone."

"By the way, we're both clear, too. We found out this morning. So, uh, let's make love," said David.

"You two have been in classes all day," said Skip, "so we're going to take care of you."

Skip pulled Sam into him and kissed him while unbuttoning Sam's shirt. He took it off and then pulled Sam's t-shirt off over his head.

As I pushed David's t-shirt off, I licked his nipples, lingering there to bite them a bit. I licked down to his stomach, kissing it as I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans.

Skip slid Sam's jeans down, and bit Sam's cock through the fabric of his briefs. Sam moaned lightly. He continued down, kissing Sam's upper legs. He looked up at Sam, who had his eyes closed and his head back. Skip pulled Sam's briefs down and tucked them under his balls. He swallowed Sam's cock to the base, deep throating it.

"Wow!" said Sam, opening his eyes and looking down at Skip.

Skip looked up, smiling. Skip is totally into pleasing his partner, whether that is Billy, David, Sam, or me.

He felt a better connection with Sam lately, just because. Sam's life today is 1000% better than a year ago. He loved David and his new parents. He had a tight connection with his brothers, who ignored their father's demands that they distance themselves from Sam. They constantly told his father that he is an ass. If he wanted to throw them out, they had a home that night.

JD and Betsy had told Sam they would easily adopt his brothers if Sam's father caused more trouble. The folks went so far as to send a certified letter to Sam's parents, stating just that. A father and mother are supposed to love their children with their hearts, not throw them away. However, their children will be far better off away from his sickening attitude. They could hate all they wanted, but they will lose three-quarters of their family because of hate. Is that sane?

Months later, Sam's father softened a little. He asked if Sam would come home. Sam told his father he has a home, a loving and accepting home, with people who are sincere. No, he would not return to his former house. That house is not a home.

Skip stood a moment and kissed Sam very lovingly, with passion, with life.


"No. I really want you inside of me. A blowjob is for me. You inside of me is for us both. I want you to love me, bro."

Skip nodded. He gently lay Sam down on David's bed. They kissed for a few minutes while Skip slowly entered Sam, holding him in an embrace that is 100% love. Sam is moved to tears, as is Skip. Sam is not second-class to Billy or me. He is on our level.

I am special in Skip's heart because I struggle and might die. But that places me only in another place in Skip's heart, not on a different plane. Billy is Skip's first, and saved Skip's life, so he too is tucked neatly into a special place.

But it did not take away from David. What he felt for David did not take away from Sam. Skip crying with Sam is proof of that. He did not fuck Sam. He made Sam the complete center of his mind and heart for as long as they are connected, and for long afterwards. David and I did not exist in Skip's world right now. That is magnificent to feel that, for Sam. We had been in this place, where Sam is now, and it is incredibly beautiful. I do not know anyone who can love so purely as Skip can.

However, David and I got into our own zone. I did not try to equal what Skip did for Sam. I will fall short. David knows I love him very much and his only expectation is that I will make his heart and my heart one. I slid inside of him smoothly. If he ... ah, yes, there it is. He pushed up to meet my cock. I pulled out and he clenched down to make my cock throb. It pulsed inside of him. David loved a man inside of him. He treated Sam with love and caring. He treated Billy as a great friend, with special comradery. He treated me as a mentor, as a teacher of sexual technique, as a buddy. I am the first, the man who took his virginity and returned love. I am the man who can impart the love I have for the many into love for the one, him. Me loving the many is more important, except for right now.

When I came inside of David, I came hard. I unconsciously counted eight shots of cum splashing into his ass. I lay on top of him when I am done. Skip had come at the same time I came. He kissed Sam in the afterglow of their lovemaking. When they are finished, Sam came over to kiss David and then me. We will continue this tonight at bedtime. For now, we needed to clean up and join our other brothers.

"I'm going to take a conversation to a place where you might be uncomfortable," said Henry. "But I want to know something. What is the one thing you want, more than anything in the world? Maybe someone or something that you'll never have. What don't you have that you need?"

"Look where I am, Henry. I have everything I need. You know that we four just made love. That's all there is. Skip made a commitment to me, and I to him. Outside of that love, there is time to love another boy. My needs are few, and satisfied."

"What about your wants?" Henry asked.

"A want is less than a need," I said.

"Yes. But what do you want? To make you complete?"

I know what I want, more than anything in the world. It will never happen, so it stays suppressed. Why wish and hope for the unattainable? I have Skip to love me daily. That is the only need anyone should have. Fuck the big houses and the hundred thousand dollar cars. That's showing off, and nothing more. Sam came from that, and look what happened. He now is in a solidly middle-class home, and has more love than any boy could have.

I shook my head, but I made the mistake of looking blankly at the floor.

"It's a sin to lie, bro," said Henry again.

The boys looked between us. They started getting the drift of what Henry is asking me. There is sadness within me. No one had managed to tap it and explore it. Henry tried to.

I got up and walked over to him. I pulled him to his feet, wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him with as much passion as I reserve for Skip and Billy. He held me and kissed me back, equally. A tear ran down his cheek.

"What more could I want, Henry, than to be able to do this freely amongst all of you. Every boy in this room loves you just the way I do. I took thirteen guys and made you closer than you could ever dream. Are your other college friends as blessed as you all?"

"No. They should be, though. But you still fall short. One blessing, that you feel is unattainable."

"What?" I said, as if he pulled the very thought out of my mind.

"You heard me. Unattainable. But nothing is, if you try."

"This one is, because I will never love that way again, not after having the very best from Skip."

"There are more ways than one to get what you dream of," said Henry. He had not left my eyes.

"But it's only that, a dream. Unfulfilled."

"Open your eyes."

"They're wide open. So are the eyes of all the boys in this room. I cannot dream about what I cannot have. I will rather give my heart and soul to you. To all of you," I said, looking around at each boy, making eye contact with every one of them.

"You can dream and have hope. That's all I want you to do. I love you, but you ache so profoundly, Aaron. I am not the only boy who feels it."

"So do I," said Paul. "It is an ache. I hurt for you."

"As do I," said Jake. "Me too," said Jeremy.

"Me too," came from the rest of the boys.

The all drew close. Henry continued to hold me, but other arms went around my back and waist. Paul took my hand and kissed it. Jeremy kissed my neck from the side.

"We're at a Jesuit college, and I think that we feel things that others do not. Some are more sensitive to feelings than others are. We talk about what bothers us, whether or not you are here. We all have started to hurt for you."

"What do I want, then, Henry?"

"A son," he said simply.

My face betrayed me. I started to shake my head, but I could not. It will be a lie, and a big one.

"I have you, Henry. I need nothing."

"As sincere as that is, I know differently. It's okay to wish, love, and to dream. Don't give up on that. We hate the sadness that we feel for you."

Another kiss on my neck, but from Skip this time.

"We are not your brothers for nothing, my love. We do know you are not complete, though you are further along than many. What you dream about, and I do know, is what you should have. Not today, of course. Today you have us. We know it's enough, but ..."

"But you should have everything," said Billy, kissing me. "Everything."

I nodded. I could say no more. Losing Kate to a drunk driver is crushing. Losing our unborn son left me with an empty spot for a lifetime. The boys found that empty spot. I cannot have a son today. I can have love from these fourteen, plus Skip, Sam, and Patrick. I do not talk a lot about Patrick, but he and I have a good relationship. He cares deeply for Sam when they are alone together. Sam has also reinforced that touching and kissing is the way you treat a friend well. Patrick treated Sam with a lot of caring. I did not have these types of relationships with my college friends. They are virtually strangers. These boys will not say that about each other. There will always be a tight brotherhood.

Henry sat down again and brought me with him.

"I want to go and jack off, but not alone," he whispered in my ear. "Come with me?"

"Sure. I remember that I came in second to you in our last little shower fun."

"Now's your chance ..."

"Later boys. It's time to be naughty with Henry. If we're not back in three or four hours, uh, well, never mind. We won't need the cavalry."

"Be gentle Henry," said Skip, smiling.

We took off our shirts and t-shirts as soon as the door closed. Henry and I looked at each other's naked chests. He tweaked my nipples and then kissed me. He went lower and bit them. I pushed him up and kissed him some more. I started low, at his bellybutton and licked my way up his stomach and chest. His cock poked through the top of his jeans. Another boy hung almost as well as David. There must have been something in the water the year they were born.

I licked the head of his cock at it twitched at me. However, we are here for jacking off together, not sucking. I left that privilege to Henry's boyfriend Tim. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and then unzipped them. There is a nice eight-inch boner in my face. I could resist a lot, but remember that I said I love cock. Damn. What do I do? At the risk of insulting him, I spoke up.

"What do I do, Henry? I want to. I can't. Well, I can, but ..."

"You don't have to suck me, love. We came to jack off. Anything else is up to you. Come on, let me undress you now."

He lay me down on his bed, undid my jeans, and took them off over my feet. My cock is stone hard. He touched it, and then licked it as I had licked his. He looked at me for a minute, studying my face. He asked me with his eyes. Mine said that I am unsure, but ...

Henry put my cock in his mouth and sucked me expertly. He knew how to please me, which made Tim a very lucky young man.

"Okay, but you'll respect me later?" I said, half joking only.

"I love you bro, and respect you greatly. If you want to, it's yours."

"I do want to."

He got into a sixty-nine with me and I took his cock, just as expertly. What he did to me is what I did to him. He lead and I followed. Sigh, yes I love cock. I am not dead. Yet.

I slid down almost to the base of his cock, trying to deep throat it. I had to back off just a little. I figure I got seven inches easily, which is what I can do to Skip and Billy. I opened my throat and tried again. I closed my lips around the base. He pulled off my cock.

"Wow! That feels so incredible, bro. You're not doing this just to ..."

"I'm sucking your dick, bro, because I like it. The guys figure we're doing this anyway. I do like you Henry, all of you."

"I've dreamt about sucking you for a long time, Aaron. The guys don't care that we're naughty."

"I'm weak."

"And human. If I stuck my cock in the face of any guy out there, what will they do?"

"I hope they will do what I am, but I dunno."

"This is not my first blowjob at school. I won't kiss and tell, but I've fooled around with some of the guys. You already know we jack off in the showers. Sometimes, it's a little more."

"As long as you're okay, and know that you did not throw yourself at me."

"Yes, and I did, but who's counting. Come on bro, it's a blowjob."

I went back down on his cock. I finally registered that he said he dreamt about sucking me. Well, love, and then your dream has come true. I'm all for that. He's right; it's a blowjob. A darn good one, from what he is doing to me. I went back down on him and continued to imitate him. He went for my balls next, so I licked and sucked his too. They have light fuzz.

"Mmmm," he said. "Nice."

"So are you, love. You got me tingling all over. My standard disclaimer is that I don't like to waste my cum, so I always eat my load."

"Can I have it instead?"

"Umm, you okay with that?"

"I am."

I nodded. We went back down on each other, very much into getting each other off. I knew I could have his cum if he wanted mine. He gave me a warning as I gave mine, and then we shot our loads into each other's mouths. His cum is totally sweet tasting, with just a slight salty taste.

He licked his lips and then smiled at me.

"That is my dream come true, bro, truly. Thank you for being so good, and good to me."

I kissed him warmly. "Thanks for not making me feel weird. This is nice. I, uh, will like to do it again, sometime."

"Good. I do too. Hold me for a while?"

That is so nice to hear. I knew that Henry is not `hit and run', but he made me feel even better about this by not wanting to rush to the showers. He lay halfway on top of me and we kissed for a long while.

"Another victim of Aaron's love," he said. "It is love, you know. There is only one other that I have dreamed about sucking. It hasn't happened yet, and probably won't. It's okay though."

"May I ask?"

"Billy. He's into you, though, so I won't even ask him. Don't say anything. Not having something I will like is not going to kill me. I can fantasize."

"I understand. Nothing wrong with longing and fantasy. We already discussed that earlier."

"Aww, bro, I'm sorry for that. Well, not sorry, but ..."

"Sshhhh," I said. "Everyone but me knew the answer to your question. Maybe someday, love. Nothing wrong with longing and fantasy."

"Well, I long for you, when you're away. You do that to all of us, and not just platonically either. I happen to know you are prized."

"Don't inflate my ego, bro, I could become insufferable."

"Nope, my bro. You are humble and loveable. Well, lusty too, but mine is satisfied. I find it cool that I love holding on to you like this just as much as sucking you off. Why is that?"

"Love is strong with us all, Henry. I don't kiss and tell either, but you already know I'm sexually active around here. Skip says not to feel bad about that."

"Skip is right. This is way more than just getting one's rocks off. You taught us to be close, so we are close."

"I love you, bro. Has anyone not told you that you belong on the cover of GQ?"

"You're about the last. Come on, bro, I'm not all that."

"Yes Henry, you ARE all that. Beautiful face, beautiful body, sincerely beautiful mind and attitude. You're the complete package, love, and I bet that your Tim tells you that."

"He does. I'm shallow though, because he's even more beautiful than I am."

"Not possible. Show me."

He showed me a better look at Tim and him together, from a photo on his desk.

"What's he got, in here?" I said, putting my hand on his heart.

"Profound love for me."

"Then he's gorgeous, and blessed, because I know you have love to give to him, and then some."

"I've known him for eight years, since middle school. There has been no other but him."

"Well, not exactly."

"You are okay, love, and then some. Tim approves of you. I owe him $20 though."


He laughed. "S'okay. The bet is that you will come very willingly, for my side of the bet. He said that you'd hesitate, being unsure. I don't know you as an unsure man. But, now that I think about it, it really is love over lust. You took me at my word that being with you, like that, is okay. And I do want to do this again."

"We will. I liked it, a lot."

"It's dinner time. Let's get dressed and meet the guys."

February roared on in with a large snowstorm. There are no classes, and this no homework, at UNH, including for online students. The boy's school is also closed to classes. The dining hall ran on a different schedule.

February meant that I am ready for surgery number two, at least by the calendar. I am physically ready for surgery number two, but not emotionally. I have been eating sufficiently to have some strength, but I am far from a strong man. Skip held on to me for days, working through it with me. The deadline approached and I am beside myself. Andrew talked to me after Skip suggested I go and see him.

"I'm going to do everything I can to make sure the surgery is easier on you. We already know that the nerves and tissues around the second `warm/throbbing' tumor are in better shape. Removing the tumor and any cancer nearby will be easier just because of that. You blood work is okay, but your iron is still depleted. We'll work on diet again."

"Okay, so up to two hours for the surgery? And then home in a couple days? I'm okay about any diet change. You know I'm a decent cook, so I can work on the iron depletion again. Liver and bacon with onions."

"Sounds good. No worries, okay? You know I'm looking out for your best interests. You've also moved up three places on the kidney donor list. Keep the hope alive, love. The transplant will cause a different set of problems, but that's for another discussion.

Another hospital wakening. Skip at my side, holding my hand. Andrew standing on the other side of my bed.

"So?" I said.

"Ninety minutes of surgery. You're fine. We got both tumors this time. The hard one is relatively benign, and very compact. The kidney is still crap, but it's better than having a crap kidney and three tumors."

"Cool. Can I go home now?"

"Yes, in twenty four hours."

"Uh, that's not `now'."

"Close enough."

"Go home to Claire. My bro and I want to make whoopee."

"With my blessing, love. I'll see you in the morning."

Making whoopee with Skip meant holding and kissing. He left at 10:00 because I did not want him sleeping one more lousy night in a chair, for me.

"Please get a good night's sleep. There are dirty dishes in the sink that should be put in the dishwasher, laundry to be done, the bathroom needs cleaning, and . . ."

"Good night's sleep, yes. There are no dirty dishes in the sink. The laundry is fluffed, folded, and put away, as you well know. The bathroom is cleaner than my mom's."

"See? Now you need to do only one thing instead of four."

"And you need to sleep, too, because I'm coming back for an 8:30 release. I might ravage your body in the elevator, so tell Andrew to warn the staff."

He kissed me, which is about the only serious thing he has done in hours.

"I love you, Aaron."

"Whoo hoo! Do I rock?"

"You rock my world, love. Absolutely."

"Aww, bro, you always make me feel special."

"You are a special somebody. I don't love just any ol' guy off the street you know."

"Isn't that where you found me?"

"No. I found you alone and sad at work. You made me love you before you loved me."

"But I love you now. I lusted you back then, but now I know better."

"I did lust you too, back then. I still lust you. But love is at least 2.5 times better for every lust."

"Wow. I'm good."

"You're my heart and my soul."

"You're my heartbeat and my conscience. I live for and because of you, bro. I do love you, very much."

He kissed me again. He took those words to bed with him.

I do not lie, and I never said anything that I did not believe. We learned that from each other. There is no reason to lie. Being insincere always sucked, and I will not do it ... be insincere, that is.

Skip walked into my room at 8:30 on the nose, as promised. He had already talked to Andrew, and carried with him my release paperwork. He helped me dress. We took a cab home, as usual. As usual, Jillian arrived with two days worth of meals for us. She had started that after my first surgery.

"Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes," she said as she unpacked her box. She and Skip had to carry it up the stairs. "Baked corn, baked beans, sausages, chocolate cake, brownies, and juices."

Skip gave her $50 in cash. She gave him $30 back.

"Geez Jills," he said.

"Now love, we've been over this. This $20 covers costs, at my supplier's prices. You cannot pay me for making meals for you boys. End of discussion."

"Okay. But ..."

She gave him a stern look.

"Okay. Thank you."

"You're welcome. Come and see me next weekend for breakfast. I'll have fresh strawberries from California for you."

"We'll do that." He and I gave her two warm hugs, which she returned.

We put the food away in the fridge. It went from mostly empty to quite full in a matter of seconds. We did not go shopping on our own until we saw what Jillian brought. Skip made a run for milk and bread.

When he got back, he got us down to just jeans and held me in the big boy chair. We napped for a while. He made the beans and sausages for dinner. After dinner, he entered me carefully, making slow easy love to me. He came inside me and we napped some more. It is a good day to feel extra lazy.

"Aww, crap. I'm peeing blood again," I said to Skip, coming out of the bathroom.

"Damn! A lot?"

"Yeah. Peeing hurts."

Skip went over to the phone and called Andrew.

"Okay, love, Andrew is calling in a stronger script for you. I'll go out for it in a while. Come on over by the fire."

I sat down in front of him. He wrapped me tightly in his arms. We did not talk. I dozed off while he held me. Later, I felt him pick me up and put me in the big boy chair. I went back to sleep. Sleep took away the pain of my kidney and from surgery.

When Skip got home with my meds, he brought me a glass of water. I took two pills and a long swallow of water. He took the glass, went back to the kitchen, and brought back two brownies. Jillian's brownies are second only to Skip's mom's. Betsy's `secret' ingredient is a bottle of beer in the batter.

We watched TV while I held him from behind. I am bummed that I could not get hard and be inside him.

"In a couple of days, love. No worries."

"I know," is all I said.

"You love me, just right. It's not your cock that I love."


"Well, strike that. I do love your cock. Your cock is magnificent. But, I love the rest of you so much more."

"You love my cock? It's magnificent?"

"But I love the rest of you so much more."

"But you love me ..."

"The rest of you ..."

"So much more."

"You got it."

"No, but I want it."

He switched places with me in a heartbeat and entered me.


"You inside of me connects you to me. That's why I'm bummed that I cannot connect me to you. In a couple of days, like you said."

"The greater connection is not down there, but in here."

Skip put his hand on my heart again. "It will always be here first, and best."

"But I still like the physical connection. It's important to me."

"Because it's real?"

"Yeah. Well ... yeah."

"You are so shallow."

"Trust me, love, I'm very deep. Otherwise your own magnificent cock will not fit me so well."

Skip laughed aloud. "Okay, I give. I do like being inside you, for all the reasons you like me there. You're the man I love, no matter where I am."

"You are a romantic."


"Stoke the fire one more time, love. I'm ready to sleep."

He did. I did too.

I woke up to find Billy lying in front of me. He is sleeping very soundly, and not pretending like Skip does sometimes. I slipped my hand into his carefully. I wanted to kiss him but he will wake up. I looked at the clock to help me decide. It is 4:30 a.m. So I lay quietly and just watched him sleep. Skip, still behind me, slept as soundly. It took a while, but I managed to go back to sleep.

When I woke again, the sun is shining. 9:30 a.m. Billy and Skip are both awake. Skip still held me while Billy lay watching me wake.

"Good morning, love. Sit tight, you should have your morning meds."

He brought me two, with a glass of water. I took them and drank all of the water. I am up to nine or ten glasses of water a day to keep my kidney flushed, and the blood in my urine to a minimum. I know where most every rest room is in public places and at MGH. By the way, hotels have the best public rest rooms, and service stations have the worst. Another service, provided by Aaron.

I smelled something in the oven.

"Mmmm, what's cooking?" I asked.

"Babka bread."

"What, I slept through Valentine's Day all the way to Easter?"

"Nope, we did it all in just one night."

"What time did you get here, bro? Skip and I went to bed past 11:00."

"Not long after that. I am restless at school. The guys tried to hold on, but I got too antsy."

"You're not supposed to be worrying about me, Billy."

"Not supposed to does not mean I don't. I love you, so you have to allow me to feel the range of emotions."

"Well said, bro," said Skip. "You love, you worry, you hold on."

"Okay guys, just don't suffer for it. Either of you."

"I'm suffering for this," Billy said, reaching down to grab my cock.

"Really? Well, I hear suffering is good for the soul. It builds character."

"The only character around here is you, and this is just the right amount for me. I need you inside of me for a while."

He is ready for my cock, but I wanted to taste him first, so I started sucking his cock and then his balls. Skip sucked mine to get me harder. I ate out Billy's ass for a few minutes, got up on my knees, and then entered him smoothly. I settled into my rhythm right away and lost myself in him. Next thing I knew, I am pulling out and shooting into his mouth.

Skip is in the kitchen slicing the bread. I don't know how long I made love to Billy, but it is more than just a few minutes. I guess my studly self is back.

"Oh crap, I didn't think about my cum. I hope it isn't bad."

"I wanted to be sure, that's why I wanted you to come in my mouth. It's sweet and a little salty, like usual. Nothing bad in it, or too little to taste."

"Loveable and practical. You really do look out for me. That could have been gross though, love."

"I can spit, you know. I'd hate to, but it would have. Then we would have taken it to Andrew for testing."

"You're amazing."

"I know. Because of you."

"We have something for you," I said, taking a cue from Skip. "Come and sit by the fire with us."

Skip opened a drawer in a small table by the window. He pulled out a small box and handed it to Billy.

We sat beside Billy, on either side of him. He looked at us, and then opened what is obviously a box for jewelry.

His eyes went wide. "Wow. Oh guys, too much."

His hands shook, so I took the box from him. I held it so that Skip could take out the contents.

"We both bought this for you. Please forgive us, love. When I bought Aaron's and mine, I broke the rule. We are three. We are not two."

He took the titanium neck chain with Billy's birth sign, Cancer the crab, hung on a pendant, and put it around Billy's neck. He kissed him for a minute. I touched Billy's chest and leaned in to kiss him very warmly.

"We are three," he said, tearfully. "This means so much to me, brothers. This is very touching. Thank you."

We sat by the fire for most of the morning, just holding on and kissing on occasion. We ate a good breakfast. We spent most of the afternoon out and about in Boston, not doing much of significance except for being together. We had lunch at Wendy's at Downtown Crossing, and did a bit of window-shopping.

Billy got on the Green Line at Park Street while Skip and I walked home. Billy had come for an overnight to make sure I know he loves me. He went back to school with Skip's and my love commitment, for a lifetime. He told me later that David was the first to notice the neck chain and pendant. David asked if he thinks Sam will like one too, but not wanting to be a copycat.

Skip had given Billy the name, phone number, catalog and price list, of the company where he had bought our neck chains. Billy showed the all the guys and explained what it meant. Henry said he wants to buy two for him and Tim. Matt will buy two for him and Marc. The pendant by itself costs $165, and chains like Skip's, Billy's, and mine cost another $50-75, depending on style. Ours cost $65 each. The boys decided to buy them as birthday gifts for their boyfriends.

The boys at school knew when Skip and my birthdays are, so they wanted us to join them for the weekend. My birthday is Thursday, Skip's on Friday. Billy called us on Tuesday night to say we should expect a something in the mail in a day or two.

On Wednesday, an envelope arrived in my mail. There are multiple envelopes in the larger one, all sealed, with Boston area locations written on them. They are numbered and dated. Friday #1 – Bull and Finch Pub. "Drinks and appetizers are on us, boys. Love, the brothers". The Bull and Finch Pub is better known as Cheers, from the TV show. The envelope contained $25.00 in a gift certificate.

At 5:30, Skip and I walked to Cheers and ordered beers and wings. Patrick and Sam walked in, looking around. We waved them over. They ordered soft drinks. None of the guys, at school or in our presence anyway, tried to get alcohol. There is time enough for drinking as they got older.

"When you're done, and you are not to rush, we are to escort you home," said Patrick

"Uh oh."

"No uh oh," said Sam. "Just a little surprise. You don't want to be drinking and fending for yourself."

Having the boys with us is a good enough surprise in itself. We did not rush, but we are curious. We finished our beers and wings. The boys will not take our food from us. They paid for their own drinks. I signed the gift certificate and left all of it for our waiter. It is more than enough, but the idea is to spend it.

We walked, taking our time, back to my apartment. Sam put his hand in mine and then put it in his pocket. I loved that. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

"I love you, bro," he whispered in my ear.

"I love you, Sam. Thanks for coming tonight. Nice surprise."

Sam and Patrick is the least of the surprise, but not least otherwise. They are brilliant and very loving, to each other as well. Patrick loves having a roommate who is so beautiful. More people that are beautiful appeared before us that night. Andrew and Claire answered my door when Patrick knocked. We got hugs and kisses as we entered. Jillian stood in the living space near the kitchen, cutting a three-tier cake. Jimmy, her husband, stood alongside her, putting the pieces onto plates. There is a large 36 and 27 on the second tier, our ages. Our love for each other defies those numbers. Half the cake has a lighthouse theme and the other half is a carpenters theme. It is truly elegant, and made by Jillian.

"Happy Birthday boys," said our six hosts.

Jillian and Jimmy also hugged and kissed us both. Andrew attended the tea and coffee pots on my kitchen counter. In the center of the living space is a table set for eight, so everybody here, including Patrick and Sam, are intended to be here, not afterthoughts. We do not do afterthoughts. Correction, we had done one—Billy's neck chain. It's not right to do that to people we love.

We enjoyed each other's company until past 10:00. I love that about my friends. Special events and even ordinary time together is not hit and run. We sit and talk, listen to music, and fully appreciate each other. The boys are the last to leave. We hugged and kissed for many minutes. They headed back to college. We will see them tomorrow morning.

Envelope #2 – Saturday morning at Jillian's place. Our guest escorts are Jake and Jeremy. Jillian made Skip and I French toast with fresh fruit and powdered sugar. The twins had pancakes and scrambled eggs with bacon. Jillian loved healthy appetites. She took no payment from any of us four. The twins had expected that, so Jake put a $20 bill under his plate. We left before Jillian cleaned up our table. She will not be upset. She will donate $20 worth of food to a local woman's shelter that day. She had told us a long time ago that this is a venture to give her spending money and a way to serve people. She did not make a large profit on her place.

Envelope #3 – Quiet time to make love. Jake and Jeremy are going back to school, but we asked if they will join us in jacking off. They hesitated only a little.

"We figured you'd rather have some quiet time, since the weekend plan is full," said Jake.

"Quiet time can still be four. It will be nice to spend time with you, if you want."

"Yeah. We do. Thanks. You guys know you turn us on anyway, so that's no secret," said Jeremy.

Back upstairs, Skip took Jake's shirt and t-shirt off, and then bent down to take off his sneakers and socks. He started by licking Jake's feet while he massaged Jake's crotch. I took off Jeremy's shirts and licked downward on his neck and nipples while I took off his boots and socks. I massaged his feet while licking his body.

"Mmmm, feels nice, Aaron. How are you doing, bro?" he asked Jake.

"Whew. All worked up."

Skip and I then took off the boy's jeans. We got behind them on my bed, pulling them onto our chests. I reached around and grabbed Jeremy's cock. I lubed it up and then passed the lube to Skip. He slicked up Jake's cut cock and got into a nice slow stroke. I copied him stroke for stroke, making Jeremy squirm.

"You enjoying that?" I asked him.

"Ohh yeah, nice. We should tell you that we eat each other's cum," he said. "Can't waste a good load."

"We do, too," Skip said. "It's too good to waste."

"Okay if I have yours," Skip asked Jake. "Aaron can have yours, Jeremy?"

"Yeah," from both boys.

"Cool. Do you guys take your time, like this, or do you like getting off fast?"

"Take your time with me, bro," said Jake.

"Same for me. No quickies," said Jeremy.

"Our kind of boys," I said. "Am I doing it right?"

"How do you jack off?" Jeremy asked.

"Just like this."

"Then you're doing it right," he said, turning his head to kiss me. "You're aces, guys, for doing this."

"It doesn't feel funky to be with us?"

"Yeah, feels real funky. Funky good!" said Jake.

He too kissed Skip. He turned a bit so that they could keep kissing. Jeremy watched, making his cock throb in my hand.

"You like kissing, like that?" I asked him.

"Yeah. Is it okay?"

I kissed him to show that it is okay.

"Mmmm, sweet Aaron kisses. More please."

I gave him more. He tensed in my hand again.

"Close," Jeremy said to me.

"Me too," said Jake.

Skip and I got out from behind the boys, laying them down. I stroked Jeremy's cock a little faster and longer. Skip did the same to Jake.

"Coming," said Jeremy.

I went down on his cock and sucked him instead of jacking him off.

"Coming!" he said again, as he filled my mouth with a large load of cum. I swallowed easily as I continued to suck his cock. When he is done shooting, I sucked the whole length, cleaning it up, leaving it shiny.

Jake is writhing under Skip's mouth. "Ahhh, coming!" he shouted.

Skip swallowed Jake's load, sucking him eagerly, going down to the base. He made suction out of his mouth and pulled up the whole length of Jake's cock, leaving it shiny too.

The boys lay there breathing heavy, kissing each other. We lay beside them again, running our hands over their bodies as they kissed for a few more minutes, and then kissed us.

"Are you guys ready for us?" Jake asked.

"Oh yeah. Will you undress me?" I asked Jeremy.

He got up on his knees, joining Jake. Jake took off Skip's boots and socks while Jeremy took mine off. Both boys massaged our feet. Jeremy licked my toes. I twitched because that pretty much drove me crazy.

"Okay bro," he said to Jake. "Enough fooling around. Let's get our buddies off, like we do each other."

"Oh boy!" said Skip.

The boys got us naked. Jeremy smiled when he saw my uncut cock.

"Nice," he said to me. "Uncut. I love skin. I'd rather suck you off, if that's okay."

"Yeah, go for it," I said.

"Me too, if that's okay," said Jake to Skip.

"Sure. Turnabout is fair play, bro, I sucked you off."

The boys settled in between our legs. Jeremy slid up and down my tremendously hard cock, getting into a rhythm with his brother.

"Geez, bro, they really are twins. Is this as hot as it looks?" Skip said to me.

"Hotter, bro, a lot hotter. Jeez, Jeremy, that's sooo good."

"We practice a lot on each other," Jeremy said. "We shoot huge loads, too!"

"My belly will attest to that. I'm not bad for an old man."

"You are not old. You are what I want to look like when I get older. I love you, Aaron, and not just this. This is good, but you're better."

"Hmmm, sounds like Skip and Billy and me. We say the same thing."

The boys continued their rhythm. Skip is writhing his hips under Jake's mouth.

"Oh man, close, Jake!"

Jake sucked a bit harder, jacking Skip's cock at the same time. Skip is up on his elbows, leaning on them, stretched the length of my bed. I am at his side, doing the same thing. We kissed as the boys sucked us off. Skip bucked his hips as he came into Jake's mouth. Jake sucked for all he is worth, swallowing Skip's creamy cum.

"Me too, Jeremy, oh so close."

But something hit me inside, burning and hot. I threw my head back in pain. I pushed Jeremy's mouth off my cock quickly as I shot a load of blood onto my stomach. It hurt so much. Jeremy's eyes are wide in terror. It kept spurting out of my cock, more painfully each time.

I got off the bed, started toward the bathroom holding on to my back. It is throbbing painfully. I screamed loudly and went down, hard.

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