Skip - Part 24


Skip – Part 24

We drove from Boston to Halifax, Nova Scotia in a little under 12 hours, including meal breaks. It was a very long trip through some of the best scenic areas of Maine and Canada. When we got to our hotel, we did not make love, nor do more than put our bags down, strip, and kiss each other for a moment. We climbed into bed and held each other until morning.

We woke at 8:00 a.m., surprisingly late for us.

"Are we alive?" he asked.

"I dunno. You still could be the voice of an angel."

"I are the voice of an angel. You tell me that a lot."

"Yes you am. You love me, so you can't be all bad."

"Funny. Breakfast?"

"No. Shower," I said.

"You're hard."

"Okay, a nice fuck and then a shower."

We fell asleep again until 9:45.

"Did you fuck me?" he asked.

"I dunno," I said. "Nope, I'm hard. Well either again or still. I dunno."


"Exhausted stud. Seriously, I got nothing to give today bro. It's probably 40 below outside. Let's eat breakfast downstairs and then cuddle until they come to change the linen."

"Works for me. I'm tired, too. Long trip."


"You're hard," he said.

"Okay, a nice fuck and then a shower."

"Déjà vu, all over again."

I laughed. Sometimes I could sound so serious and not even be close.

"Shower," he said again.


We kissed as we stood under the steady steamy hot flow, slowly coming back to life. While dressing, we checked the local weather forecast. It was only 30 below zero, Celsius, or 22 below zero, Fahrenheit. Bbrrrr--any below zero is cold enough. It becomes a matter of frostbite after a while. We were not checking in to the first bed and breakfast until tomorrow afternoon, so we truly had the day to cuddle.

We lay looking at each other. His eyes; they are so incredibly beautiful.

"Yours are intense, but beautiful as well. I try to keep mine trouble-free for you and Billy--and the boys."

"I try and fail."

"You care a lot. How many of the boys are thinking about you right this moment?"

"They're mostly at home on holiday break, so I don't think many of them are. Billy is doodling in his notebook in front of your folk's fireplace. He has a page that is blank except for three hearts joined together, with our names inside them."

"I've seen the page. I'm going to recreate it with the help of an artist friend. Then we'll each have one over our fireplace mantles in our bedrooms."

"Don't use an artist. Have Billy draw three of them for us, bigger than what is in his notebook."

"Hold on a moment."

He got out of bed for a moment and fired up his laptop. He sent Billy an email to tell him we are thinking about him this morning. He also asked for three copies of the three hearts, drawn in pencil and ink. Skip said that he would pay to have them framed.

When he got back into bed, I took his semi-hard cock into mouth. He got into a sixty-nine with me and we sucked each other slowly. I gently played with his ass while he sucked my balls. I ate out his hole. He pulled my ass up so he could eat me out at the same time. We lay back into our sixty-nine and came into each other's mouths hard at the same moment. We swallowed and then he lay on top of me, kissing me.

"While you're still hard ..." I said.

He entered me in one slow thrust. I lay semi-passively while he fucked me, looking into my eyes the whole time except for a couple of kisses.

"I love you, Aaron. You should know that."

"I do know that, love. You're perfect."

"Only because of you."

"We're perfect."

His eyes got moist. "I am so in love with you, Aaron. Like most of the guys say, I lived a less than full life before I met you. The very first time I saw you, at work, my heart skipped a beat."

"Awww, love, no way."

"Way. I never let the image of you go that day, right up until I went to sleep. Going to work became better and better, especially when you let me talk to you."

"You would have talked to me whether or not I let you. Right from the beginning, you have only known of my pain."

"I knew you were widowed. I knew you had something else wrong. You were a needful man, as I had been until Billy saved me."

"I'm still needful," I said, looking between my legs at his cock sliding inside of me.

"Do you like me making love to you? Do you like me fucking you?"

"Yes and yes."

"You're very special."

"I know."

"No putting yourself down this time?"

"You don't lie."

"No. I can't and don't."

He looks into my eyes. Sadness comes through, even though he fights against it willfully.

"Don't worry, love. I'm fine."

"You're not, yet. I hope and pray you will in time, but not yet."

"I don't lie."

"I know. You're fine emotionally and spiritually. Two for three."

"And I love you."

"Three for four."

"And Billy."

"Four for five."

"Less than perfect."


"I'm sorry."

"I'm not. You're less than perfect just right."

"Will you ever not love me?"


"I made you pissed off at me once. It was enough to make you not love me."

"Yeah. But I came to my senses. You were trying to get me to let you die. You came to your senses too."

"Loving me is not sensible. I'm dying."

"All the more reason to hold you closer to my heart."

"All the more reason to live."

"You will. I believe."

He kissed me deeply as he shot his creamy load inside my hole. He held my eyes the whole we talked and the whole time he made love to me, including as he came inside of me.

"You're wonderful."

"Yup, that's me," he said. "However ..."


"Infinitely more than I am, because you're a special somebody," he said

"In my dreams. Speaking of dreams, you're still hard and still fucking me."

"Yeah. I love fucking you. I'm gonna come again in a few minutes."

"Stud much?"

"Italian. Good genes."

"Your dad gave you such a fine ass, not unlike his."

"You notice my dad's ass?"

"Who wouldn't? Yum!"

He came inside of me again in a few minutes.

"It's my eyes, right?" I asked.

"Yes. And your heart, soul, and love for me. A little lust, too."

"I lust you 1%."

"Okay lusty boy," he said laughing aloud. "Let's get up and get dressed. I hear the hotel staff down the hall."

It was late in the morning, so we went outside for a while. There was no wind, so the -22 wasn't too bad. I like cold much better than the heat and humidity of summer. In summer, I can't get nekkid enough to be cool. Winter was another story. Layers equal warmth. I had on a t-shirt, a long thermal t-shirt, boxer briefs, thermal long johns, cotton socks, wool socks, blue jeans, a sweater, my winter jacket, a scarf, a wool cap, and Skecher's six-inch boots. Skip dressed almost identically to me.

Northern New Hampshire winters are harsh and bitter cold, and most kids wear snowsuits from mid-November through March. Even in the southern part of the state, where Skip grew up three hours from me, winter has a stranglehold from Thanksgiving to the end of February. Boston, an hour further south and east, is a bit more temperate, but not by much.

We settled into a coffee shop to have hot coffee and a soup and sandwich lunch. I played with my clam chowder more than I ate. He noticed. He gave me eyebrows. I ate it and half of my ham sandwich. He ate half of my half sandwich, prompting me to finish it.

"Thanks," I said.

"A little encouragement is all. Mom used to do that when I was a kid, so I would eat. TLC."

"Tender loving ... "

"Care. Care!"

"Yeah, that too," I said with a sly smile.

"They're not done in our room yet."


"I love you," he said, in all the right ways.

"And lust me?"

"Well, not at the moment. I'm pretty well sated, except now that you mention it ..."

"They're not done in our room yet."


"Man cannot live on sex alone."

"I could," he said, probably not meaning it.

"Your growling tummy would be a distraction."

"Handsome, sweet, AND practical," he said to me.

"The complete package."


We decided to walk after we put the other half our clothes back on. Halifax is about half the size of Boston, therefore very walk-able. We made a loop from the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, to National Historic Park, to the Public Gardens, back to our hotel. We were chilled to the core by the time we got back.

"Oh boy," I said. "We can cuddle some more. The staff has come and gone."

"Fuck me," he said urgently.

"I'd much rather make love to you."

"More of your way, but a little of mine," he said.

He sat on the edge of the bed while I took off his boots and socks. I licked his toes and feet, massaging them both. I reached up to take off his sweater, shirt, thermal undershirt, and t-shirt, dropping each onto the floor beside the bed.

"You're like unwrapping a Christmas present," I said.

I lay him down and straddled his stomach. I gave him my sweet lips on his sweet lips, looking into his eyes as I pulled back.

"You are one very fine lover," he said. "There is no one else for me."

"We are three."

"Yes. But still ..."

"Sshhhh. We are three."

He nodded.

"I'm blessed to be one of three," he said. "I'm blessed by your love."

"You've been through so much yourself, and then you got crazy and brought me into your life."

"That wasn't crazy. I saw you and I knew I loved you."

"After one look?"

"Yes, seriously. You needed me, and then I just needed you too."

"I need you now, still."

"I know. I had already been where you were going, so I knew I could make you okay. That's not ego, bro."

"I know, love. I'm here in your arms, so obviously you knew your own heart. And mine. You really wanted me?"

"Yes. In my arms and in my life, in that order."

"You've taken me to places I could reach only in my dreams."

"I'll take you further, through our lifetime."

"I'll go anywhere with you, love. You've never let me down, not for one second."

"I hope ..."

"You couldn't. Even if you could, you wouldn't."

"Finish undressing me?"

I kissed my way down his neck and chest, biting his nipples lightly. I unbuckled his belt and took it off his jeans. His cock poked through the top of his waistband. I licked it like a lollipop. It was smooth and smelled like the whole of him. I unbuttoned his jeans so I could swallow the rest of it, keeping that little greedy thing going.

"Yesss," he inhaled, and then threw his head back. I sucked him for long minutes, feeling his cock throb in my mouth. "Don't make me come yet, love. I want it to last."

I took his jeans off from the bottom and then pulled his long johns and boxer briefs off. He lay naked before me. I looked him over as I touched him. I kissed his scars from his lymph surgeries, and then his scar where part of his lung had been removed.

"Are we going to be able to cross country ski?" I asked. "It's ten to twelve miles between B&B's."

"Wherever you go, I'll go, love. We're not running a marathon every day."

"But I don't want you to go all brave on me."

"That's insincere, and I won't be insincere. I'm the one who is supposed to worry about you. We'll have time, love, so no worries."

I nodded. My cock was so hard. I had barely touched it. I grabbed it now and put the head of it into his hole. I slid slowly inside of him, watching his eyes. He smiled at me, raising his eyebrows.

"I love that," he said.

"My cock?"

"No. Well, yes. But you connecting to me. You making me a part of you."

"Because I love you. We're not meant to be separated for very long."

"No. We're not. Love me."

I did, and I do, and I did love him deeply. I got into an easy slow rhythm as he squeezed my cock inside of his ass. We kissed for the joy of it, the pure pleasure of it. His lips are soft. He is all man, and mine for now. Mine forever if I want. I do. How do I make him mine into eternity?

"It's easy. Never let me go," he said.


I did not let him go for at least an hour. When I came hard inside of him, he came hard between us. I sucked and licked his cum off his belly. I gave some of it to him in a kiss. We napped for a while after that, facing each other, his face tucked into my neck. I am more needful, so I usually tuck into his neck. Maybe he just loves me.

"I do," he said softly, kissing my neck lightly. "I always will."

I know he was searching out my eyes in the dim light.

"I love you as much, Skip. I love you so much."


Yeah. It is.

We packed our bags in the morning, checked out of the hotel, had breakfast at a diner, and traveled 40 miles to the first bed and breakfast. We had mapped out our ski route a few weeks ahead of time so we could get reservations. We would be staying at ten inns over two weeks. Today is Sunday, December 22. This is Christmas week.

The first B&B was medium sized and had five guest rooms. Ours had a bath as well, a rare treat in inns of this size. We could not make love in a shared bath, no matter how nice the accommodations.

"Oh my," said our host. She is in her 60's, and a fine lady. "Please excuse my rudeness. Are you a couple?"

"Yes ma'am," I answered.

"I'm Margie. I am moved to say that you're beautiful, both of you. I'm sorry. I don't mean to embarrass you."

"Truthfully Margie, our relationship is quite a story," Skip said. "I'm not that embarrassed. Ordinarily we do not hear nice comments outside of our friends. People can be cruel."

"My generation adds to that, I'm sorry to say, dears. You are welcome here as anyone. You're making a return visit next week, at the end of your ski tour?"

"Yes ma'am" I said. "It looks like we made the right choice. I'm Aaron."

"God bless you, Aaron. And Skip?"

"Yes, I am. Thank you, Margie. He does bless us, every day."

"Check into your room, boys. You're the only guests tonight, so you have the run of the place. Dinner will be ready at 6:00. I retire at 11:00, and I'll make breakfast at your convenience in the morning."

"Your usual time is fine by us. We're cross-country skiing from inn to inn and will get early starts."

"That reminds me. The townships have shared vans for guest baggage. They'll transport yours to the next B&B."

"Thank you. We'll be back later. Will you eat with us Margie?"

"I'd like that, boys. Thank you."

We were not skiing any of the same areas that Kate and I had eleven years ago. We had talked at length about that. Skip feels, still, that a healing path is a repeated path. But I love him boldly, and to go boldly, one makes a new path, a new adventure. I would not drag him through memories of eleven years ago. I wanted those memories gone.

"But ..."

"My memories are for us, not a ghost."

"I don't know how I feel about that," he said.

"Can't live in the past, love. Don't want to. I belong to your heart."

"And my soul. Still ..."

"I've made peace with Kate. She's gone, and you're here."

He cried for me. I did not cry for me. I had done enough. My life is with Skip, not with Kate. We are both in a very fine place. It was truth, not belief.

"I know it is," he said. "I'm thankful for you. My first instincts about you were right."

"Those being ...?"

"To love you with everything I have to give you, at any time."

"I like your instincts. And I like you."

"I like you, too," he said, kissing me sweetly.

"Let's not keep Margie waiting. She's a welcomed relief, huh?"

"Yes. She thinks we're beautiful."

"We are."

-- Later in the evening –

We sat with glasses of wine in front of a large fire. Margie sat in a wing-backed chair near us, sharing conversations about losing her husband in the Middle East recently, how Skip and I came to be, new memories, and about changing lives, specifically Sam's life.

"How blessed he is, Aaron. Will there be other stories, like Sam?"

"Yes, God willing."

"Oh, trust me dear, He is willing. You are His example on earth. Your successes will far outweigh your losses dear heart."

"I believe it. Failing is not acceptable."

"Failure means someone dies, Skip. Even one is too many."

"Cheers to you, Margie. Thank you for your hospitality. I'm glad we'll see you again."

"I'm going to bed to read. If you need anything before bedtime, you may knock on my door. There is a snack in the fridge for you, so help yourselves. Good night, boys."

We stood up to give her a hug goodnight. Skip and I then snuggled. She noticed and smiled. I think she was pleased to have made us comfortable. I love this home. Margie goes onto our letters list every now and then. She'll be happy to keep up with us.

A half-hour before bedtime Skip and I raided the chocolate mousse dessert glasses in the fridge. We made cups of tea and settled into the kitchen. Snow was coming down.

We lay in each other's arms after midnight. "We touched another life tonight. I love you as much as Margie loves us," I said.

"Maybe even a little less, from what I can see. Good night my beautiful young man."

"I love you, bro. Hold me tight?"

He snuggled closer, kissed me, and probably beat me to sleep, but not by much. Sleep comes very easily when one is loved and in a comfortable home.

When we were ready to leave in the morning, we were well rested, dressed warmly for our touring day ahead, and well fed. We found out that it is a tradition, at least at Margie's, to be given a picnic lunch for later. If we got lost or snowbound, we could eat for a week.

"See you next week, loves. Enjoy your time together."

We put our skis on at the front steps. We headed across stunning farmland and into rich forests. Snow continued to fall, though lighter than last night. Each couple of hours we stopped to enjoy our time together. I leaned Skip against and tree and kissed him deeply. I looked into his eyes to see if he still loves me. Oh yeah, he does.

"Of course I do. Three and a half years of loving you makes me want to love you for another thousand."

"Only a thousand?"


"Good answer. You're good."

"I have the best to work with. Dear heart, I will never not love you."

"Don't make me cry, bro."

"If you cry, I will hold you. In fact, I'll hold you no matter what."

"Why and how?"

"Because we belong to each other. You make me a good man."

"Someone else ..."

"Don't say that. No one else. You are special and unique in all the world. You, Aaron Langille, are love incarnate. You should hold me now."

I did, and I kissed him too. He set my mind in the right direction. For everything he did for me, I tried to do for him. I put my fingers behind his head and watched his eyes. He looked inside of me, making sure I am okay.

"I am okay, love. I have you."

"I want to be inside of you. How alone are we?"

"Alone alone."

I undid my ski pants and pushed them down below my ass. He entered me from behind. Even then, he was not going to ravage my ass in a hard fuck. He slid into me in one smooth thrust, turned my head gently to kiss me, and held me around my chest. He got into as natural a rhythm as he would if we were in bed. I held his arms. After a little while, we were startled by a noise a few feet away from us. When we looked up, we saw a deer standing behind a bush, being quite curious.

"Sorry ma'am, I'm just making love to my buddy. We'll be done in a while."

She almost nodded, and then ambled away.

"Even the beasts love you and me," I said.

"Go figure."

"How is my ass?"

"I love your ass. How is my hard throbbing cock?"

"Hard and throbbing. I kinda like it."

"Kinda like this then, bro," he said, a little harder and deeper.

"Yeah. Okay, I take back the `kinda'."

"I thought so. All for love, bro. I can't just fuck you."

"You could, but I'm glad you choose not to. I know you love me."

"Unhhhh, unnnnhhhhhhhh, ohhhh yeah, bro, for ... ever."

He shot his load into my ass and held me tighter. He stayed inside of me until his cock slipped out. He turned me around and held me while kissing me for a long while.

"Thank you, bro, for loving me to life again."

"I owe you so much. Look at us. I could not possibly love you more than I do. Where do we go from here?"

"Slowly and steadily ahead," I said. "We have a lifetime to arrive, if we ever want to."

He nodded. "Yeah. I like that."

It was almost dusk when we arrived at the next B&B. We found it hosted by a pleasant young couple.

"Good evening Skip and Aaron. We're pleased to have you with us tonight. Your bags have arrived. Walt put them in your room. I'm Joan. Would you like a glass of wine with us before dinner?"

"Thank you, yes," I said.

Walt shook our hands and Joan gave us pecks on our cheeks.

"What a fine pair you make," said Joan.

She smiles at us as Jillian does when we walk in together. I blushed instantly.

"Oh, Aaron, no need to blush. You're in an accepting household here. We have a son who loves another young man. It's easy to spot fine young couples like you. Margie also called and told us you are to be treated very kindly."

"Awww, bless Margie. Thank you, folks. It's hard enough to rebuild ..."

"I know, love, but you are doing just that. Come, sit by the fire. You must be tired."

"Yes, but a good kind. Another home, Skip," I said.

"That's the pleasure of being hosts," said Walt. "We live daily in the hope of finding great guests. Our home is yours."

We had a thoroughly pleasant dinner and evening with our warm-hearted hosts. They introduced us to their teenage son, Jon, and his mate, Jeff. We talked until past 11:30. Skip held me just as Walt held Joan. We do not have a hard time warming up to people. Our midnight snack this evening is a cherry cobbler with fresh whipped cream. Joan whipped it up as Walt made us tea. We got hugs from both before they went upstairs to bed. We were not too far behind.

In the morning, it was snowing so hard that we had to delay our next tour. Joan brought us books to read as we sat by the fire after breakfast. Skip sat in front of me as I held him. The folks went about their business. Fresh coffee came just regularly enough. We chatted about news and weather, and about how honored we are to be their guests.

"Margie is right. You are both quite striking. I'm sorry for your kidney, Aaron. You've taken your meds today I trust?"

"Yes ma'am. Thank you for asking. I'm okay."

"My dear, you're blessed, even in sadness. BLT's for lunch okay?"

"Yeah. Just right. Can we help?"

"Surely. You can keep me company," said Joan.

We talked past lunch. Skip and I asked if we could make tonight's dessert. There was one other couple who arrived by mid-afternoon. I wanted to make a raspberry torte, my second favorite dessert. Joan let us take over her kitchen while she took care of the couple. The eight of us settled into a friendly dinner that evening in front of the large fireplace in the dining room.

"This is our fourth year here for the holidays," said Sue, wife of Gary. "Joan and Walt make us feel like family, or better."

"I'm an orphan," said Gary. "I lost my folks in '85 as well, Aaron. A family took me in and raised me to become thankful for every day."

"Amen," I said. I looked at Skip.

"I'm pleased for you. My cousin says that love is not gender. He's in college in Boston, by the way. His name is Henry."

"I know a Henry D."

"Awww, YOU are the Aaron that taught Henry that saying?"

"Love is not gender? Yeah, if he's our Henry."

Gary took a picture from his wallet. He passed it to me. I beamed!

"He loves you two. Now I'm pleased to see you even more. Aaron, Skip--you are amazing in your love. I'm amazed that we've connected."

"We belong ..."

"... to each other," said everyone.

"Yes. We do," said Jon.

Jon and Jeff took their hands, which they held beneath the table, and put them up to show us. I nodded and smiled at them both. They were pleased.

It is Christmas Eve. We four guests were given small high-end toiletry gifts after dinner. Walt made more tea while I served our dessert.

"There is something else waiting for you in your rooms," Joan said to us four.

We settled into the living room again, spending our special Christmas Eve together in the warmth of an extended family.

We found chilled champagne and candlelight when we finally retired to our room. I popped the cork and poured it into fluted glasses.

"To our love, and that of those around us, even far away," I toasted.

"To us, and those who love us," he said. "It's time to open another gift."


"Not that one, yet. That'll be for tomorrow morning. Billy's gift for us."

"Do you know what it is?"

"No. He made me promise not to peek."

He reached into his bag and pulled out a small box, in Christmas wrapping. He opened it and then handed me one of two jewelry boxes, tagged with my name. We opened them to find matching rings. There are made of titanium, like our neck chains.

"Aaron & Billy – forever in love," I read.

"Skip & Billy – hearts forever," he read.

"Awww, so sweet. Let me have yours. I know how he would want these put on. Take mine."

I handed him my ring as he handed me his. I kissed his finger and then kissed the ring. I slid it on his ring finger on his right hand.

"Yeah. Just right, love. He will love that. My turn."

Skip kissed my finger and then kissed my ring. He slid it on my right ring finger as well.

"Should we call him?"

"Oh yeah. He'll be at Mom and Dad's."

He dialed.

"Hello my dearest heart forever," he said, choking up. "Yeah. It's beautiful. They both are. I love you so much, bro. Yeah, I think so--you tell me. Aaron kissed my finger and then kissed the ring. Right hand. I did the same. We thought so. I'm glad we did it the way you would like us to."

He smiled at me, teary eyed. I kissed him, no less teary eyed.

"Don't cry love. They are just right. No no, go to bed bro. Sorry we kept you waiting. I love you, Billy."

He hung up. "So much, Billy," he said softly, holding the phone to his chest. He looked at me.

"Me too, love. So much. He's so perfect, huh?"

Skip nodded. He could not speak.

"Come on. Time to get to sleep. It's Christmas and I want to think of you only until morning. Thank you for bringing me into your life."

"Thank you for letting me. For letting us."

"We are three, in our hearts, in our souls, forever."

I held him and kissed him until I knew he was asleep, and then went into the depths too.

By morning, the snow had stopped and the skies were clear. We would tour to our next inn later in the morning. When we checked out, Joan charged us for our first night only.

"But ..."

"And your reservation at your next inn is in place. No worries."

"But ..."

"Merry Christmas, boys. You've brought us nice memories and some real warmth for these two days. Thank you for that. Jon and Jeff, well, they're fine young men with good heads on their shoulders. We'll love them better, I do promise that."

"Seems like you love them well enough now," Skip said.

"Jeff's folks are standoffish to their relationship. I'm going to talk to them in a couple of days, and tell them that Jeff and Jon will be together with or without their blessings. It would be nicer if they became a little more civilized."

"Good for you, Joan," I said. "You `get it', which is a great blessing for your sons. Love them every day the same way. That's all they will ever ask for, and ever need."

"Goodbye guys. Love and good wishes to you."

We got hugs from all six that morning before we left. Jeff said thank you to both of us, quietly. Jon gave me their email address. We would write to them for a very long time. It is not enough to start something without helping it along, or even seeing it to some end. The end was their happiness together, and in their future.

We found a secluded spot among the snowbanks that afternoon, Christmas Day. We were ready to make love on our most special day together. I lie down and spread out my sleeping bag. Skip lie between my legs on his belly. He took my cock out of my ski pants while I spread my legs. He sucked me to full erection while he paid attention to my hole. He probed my hole with his finger and tongue and then sucked me. It was not going to take long to shoot into his mouth. My erections of late were strong and rigid, fairly bursting with hot cum. I watched him as he sucked me. He watched my eyes. I had to smile.

"Love me, love my cock?"

"Yes. Love you. And love your sweet cock," he said breathlessly.

I nodded and he knew to keep me in his mouth.

"Unnnnhhhh, coming, love," I said.

I shot several long ribbons of my juicy cream into his mouth. He swallowed, licked his lips and chin, cleaned up my dick, and then got on his knees. He put my legs over his shoulders and entered me.

"I'm glad you hurried, bro," I said. "It's too cold to keep your dick exposed. Warm up my ass, okay."

"Oh yeah, no problem, love."

"Love you, love your wonderful cock," I said.

"Which do you love more, at this very moment?"


"Awww, sweet love. How can you say that without thinking about it?"

I kissed him. "Because you're the whole package."

"Am I your reward? For the pain?"

"Yes. You were well worth waiting eight years. I would have waited longer, but you found me too."

"We belong to each other."

He kept sliding in and out of me long and slow, the perfect lover and mate. He kisses me through the whole of our lovemaking. He does not know how to fuck. He knows how to make me tingle in a wide radius starting at my heart. I shoot my load between our bellies.

"Wow," he says.

"Wow indeed. See what you do to me, and I'm 36 years old. See what you can be at 36?"

"I'm amazed enough at 27, love. How much do you lust me?"


"That much?"

"I don't do fractions."

"You rounded up?"


"I love you for lusting me 1%"

"I love you for everything you are to me. We need to make love like this to Billy so he knows."

"He does know."

"I'm into proving myself."

"You do."

"With my eyes and my heart."

"He loves both. You have a soul. You love us both equally, and just right."

"I'm in love with you both. What gives me that right? Because I'm a little scared."

"We give you that honor. You have nothing to be scared of, bro. We know you are in love with two and we are blessed because of your depth of character. I know no one else who can do that."

"You. And Billy. Loving two is not my original idea."

"In love with two is your original idea. Loving two, well, we can take credit for that."

"Bro, I'm gonna come again," I said.


"Unnnnhhhh. Ohhhh my. Unnnnhhhh."

I unloaded again, surprising me again, and probably surprising Skip more.

"Three times?"

"Yeah, that's what I counted. I'm more surprised that it's not watered down."

He bends forward and once again eats my cum off my belly. It's at least as much as my first load, and about equal to my second, just a few minutes ago. I guess I are a stud. I think I should give some credit to my bro, too.

"Thanks for that. I guess I helped, but you really are a stud."

"Can you give me three loads?"

He nodded and entered me again. He kept it smooth and slow for long minutes.

"Here's one ... Unnnnhhhh, Unnnnhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh," he said.

His cock got slicker as he kept fucking me. He kept going, probably tingling head to toe.

"You got that right."

I wrapped myself around him tighter as he slid in and out of my cummy hole. His body heat kept me warm, and hot. He unloaded again in a few minutes, this time into my mouth. It was thick and creamy. No surprise there. He re-entered me and kept going, all heated up.

"Going for three?"

"It's in there."

"Then I want it."

Five or so minutes later, he pulled out of my hole and slid his cock back into my mouth. He shot four ribbons, and no more watered down than mine were.

"Wow, a record."

"Because you love me."

"Because you make me love you."

You're under my spell, muw whaaa haah!"

"Never let me free of it then, because I love you too much."

"Never too much," I said.

"Just right?"

"Perfectly right."

"I love you perfect."

We put our act together and continued our tour. We ate lunch in a clearing near a pond. Joan had made us ham salad sandwiches and hot chicken soup in a thermos. The thermos was our parting gift, and a memory. We were two for two. With each inn we hit, we would wonder if we would be as welcomed as the previous. It turns out, the inns worked well together.

"Joan says that you, Aaron, and you, Skip, are a wonderful delight," said Aggie and Malcolm over a cup of hot cocoa, after we checked in.

"So how is her credibility standing up?" Skip asked with a grin.

"Beautifully as ever. She knew you would be okay with us knowing a bit about you," said Malcolm.

"Only the good stuff," I said.

"Awww love, she says there is a heart of gold within your chest," Aggie said to me. "You're impressive."

"Does that cost more here?"

They laughed. "And you're in love. Not lovers--in love. Truthfully, I wish we could always feel so good about our mates. Mal and I don't ever fight, but it's easy to fall into complacence. We get into a routine, or we take better care of guests than of each other.

"You can do both. Asians believe in balance. It's one philosophy that fits into any culture, but they do it right. Aaron is one of two in my heart. My brother saved me from dying of cancer, more than an average brother would. We are three."

We got looks that I could not interpret. I stayed quiet, as did Skip.

"Dear heart, it's a bit beyond my realm to think in such an intimate term. I trust it is not easy."

I looked at Skip and motioned to his ring. I took mine off, as did he. We handed them to Aggie who read the inscriptions and then passed them to Mal. He too read them, and looked at us. He handed them back to us, smiling.

"I'm humbled, Aaron. Skip."

"No sir, no need to be," I said. "You cut me and I'll bleed, like you. I'm no better than others, and usually no worse."

"It is our pleasure to have you today and tonight. What can we get you, boys?"

"I would settle for a short nap in front of your fire. We'll behave, but we do hold each other. We won't if ..."

"Snuggle up together, boys," said Aggie. "No other guests in the house tonight. As much as you can make this a home for the evening, please do so. I'm making a lamb stew for dinner."

"Excellent. Thank you both. Again, we are blessed. First with Margie, and then Joan's family. Will it be this way for our whole tour?"

"Where else are you staying?" asked Mal.

Skip and I told them. They knew all the innkeepers since they were part of an association, even as widespread geographically as they are.

"You are going to be welcomed everywhere you go. You could not have planned your tour any better. These people all offer homes to their guests, and comforting ones at that. We work through common friendships to ensure that. It is our tradition to call on to the next inn after your departure. We don't warn each other, necessarily, but we do share our thoughts of our guests. It's good for us all."

"Thank you for that, folks. If we can help you in the kitchen in a while, may we?"

"I hear you are a bit of a dessert chef, Aaron. How about making a blueberry crumble for dessert?"

I smiled. "I would be pleased to."

"Okay then, settle in lads. We'll be out of your way for a while."

And so went the rest of our vacation in Canada. Skip and I had indeed chosen wisely, albeit randomly. We found acceptance and warm hearts, great food, warm and comfy beds in which to make sweet love, and beginnings of friendships. We found caring hearts. I found peace. The journey had come full circle. Skip is now firmly in my present, and a true present, a rare gift. No more holiday funks for me.

Upon our return home, I found an envelope in my mail, addressed from Joan and Walt. There is a check. And a note.

Please deposit this to Sam's Scholarship Fund, for the next in line. We hope that the next young man will be as blessed by Sam as Sam is by all of you. We know Sam will choose, but we want to add our voices to the chorus of love and support for hate to end some day. No one should ever be thrown away, not especially for love. Our hearts are filled with great reward for having met you both. Love and Blessings – all of us."

"Skip. You gotta see this!"

"What is it?"

"A note and a check. Read it."

Skip read the note twice.

"My word!"

"We gotta call Sam."

"No, we gotta go see Sam, in person."

We arrived on campus after Christmas break. We are all gathered in the boy's common area. Sam was in class when we arrived, but we left a message to come to see us. It was something wonderful that he should see.

"Sam, come and look what good people do for each other," I said as he walked through the door.

He came over to sit with me. I handed him the letter. He read it and then read it again. And then I handed him the check. He broke down and I had to hold him.

"Twenty thousand dollars, converted to US dollars," he said to the boys. "My God, twenty .. thousand .. dollars."

"Holy moly, who from!?" asked Kenny.

Everyone looked at us.

"From the B&B folks in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada. Your first success, Sam Jared. You're an international hit. There is another Sam waiting for this, and he doesn't even know it yet."

"How do we find him? How do I make sure he gets this?"

"Deposit it into your account, first of all. When you choose your young man, you'll set up an account for him like I did for you. We'll find him by keeping eyes on the news and by watching out for someone in need. The center in Boston can help. Alex and Kirk will have a hand in that, okay guys?"

"You bet, Aaron," said Alex. "The center is thriving, but we all feel we're never doing enough. Kids are still being bullied. A kid tried to commit suicide recently. He's had enough."

"I don't know what to do, yet. We left dozens of people in Canada on our side, but hate goes on. It's so frustrating--two extremes and no middle ground that I've ever seen."

"One person, one attitude, bro," said Henry. "We're not going to change the world in a day, or even in a century, but we've started something. We'll see it through."

It is Friday night. We need some quiet time together. I pull Brian into my arms.

"Hello love."

"Hello my Aaron," he said, kissing me on my forehead. "Hold me closer. Yeah, like that."

"You like that, huh love?"

"I like you. You do things right."

"Um, you're getting hard. Do you need a hand?"

"I got two, but yours would be nice."

I opened his jeans and took his hardening cock into my hand. I spit into my hand and stroked him. He turns his head to me, so I kiss him tenderly.

"It's been awhile since we've done this as a group," Kenny said. "You guys want lube? I got some to share."

"Sure, bro," said Jake, closest to the hallway. "I'll get it."

Jake came back in. He poured a dab of lube onto any exposed cock he found. He licked Jeremy's first.

"My bro," said Jeremy. "No shame."

"Twenty hot guys--you're shy, you lose out on cock. I'm selfish to a fault."

We all laughed. Ten guys stroking ten more guys says no one is going to lose out on cock tonight. I gave my full attention to Brian. I kiss him so he knows I'm real enough. His eyes seem to question the realness.

"Feels good, bro. I know it's only my dick, but, you know."

"Your dick, like you my bro, is fine."

"I love you, Aaron. You know that?"

"I do," I said, holding him close around his chest. "I love you for a lot of reasons."

"Name just one," he says, sincerely.

"Because you belong to my heart."

"Like my other bros here?"

"Yes and because you're unique and special. You haven't heard me say I love you very often."

"Often enough. I know the words are real. If I need to hear them, you said I can call you."

"You can. Would you, if you needed to hear?"

"Yeah. I would. We all need love, Aaron. Frankly, jacking off with my bros makes us better buddies. Why be distant with your dorm mates? "

I put my cheek beside his cheek and continued to play with his cock. The boys started firing off as their partner got between their legs to take their cum loads.

"Me too," Brian said to me. "I'm close."

I lay between his long legs and took his cock into my mouth, sucking just in time to be rewarded with his sweet juice. I watched his eyes while I ate his load. He smiled at me and then threw his head back, bucking his hips. I did not want to let his cock go yet, so I kept sucking him as long as he stayed hard. The others boys saw me and watched. One by one, each one put their friend's cock back in his mouth. My cock did amazing things inside my jeans.

"Nice, bro," Brian said, bending down to kiss me as I reached up to kiss him. "Thanks for that. My turn to take care of you, if that's okay."

I showed him that I was very hard and ready to go. He sat behind me and held me tight around my chest with his left hand. He kissed my cheek as he wrapped his fist around my cock. We both looked around to see the guys all get into place for their partner. I watched the boys again. Brian was right--why be distant from your best buddies, even as dorm mates. Except under rare circumstances, we would not fuck each other. This was not an orgy of sex, despite appearances. These boys loved each other and proved it, no shame, and no aloofness for each other. If I had only know when I was in college. I miss some of my better friends from then. It should not be that way.

One of my better friends was gay, and not out. He could be very alone at times. He had a great heart for his best buddies. I could have loved him easily, but I did not. What a shitty thing to do to someone you care about. We stayed friends after college for quite a while, and then drifted apart when I moved. I'm sorry bro. It's not right, and I won't feel good about it until I die. You were a good man back then, and I bet you still are. I hope you're not alone. If did not affect just one life--mine. It affected his too. I could have told him I knew he was gay and that I did not care because gay is not the inner beauty of himself. I would have eventually asked him to hold on to me and to let me be closer to him. We did not have to be sexual, but we did have to be close. If we had become sexual, even for a while, it would have been an okay thing to do.

These boys will not feel that. They will hold on to their friendship and their love for each other for many years to come. Some will marry, but even then, they will be love so uniquely amongst each other. I will help them be close and to be intimate at times. They will love me and I will most surely love them with my heart. I can love nineteen easily--it's what I do.

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