Skip - Part 26


Skip – Part 26

When we woke up in the morning, Edward still holding me and tucked into my neck, I was looking into Jimmy's eyes. He smiled at me. His right hand was on Edward's naked hip while his left arm was around Edward's chest, holding him tight. I wondered what Edward was dreaming about. Bryan was behind me, both arms around my chest, breathing into my neck. I could not see if anyone was awake. The clock said 6:30 a.m.

Skip gently and quietly extracted me from my bed. He carried me to the bathroom and set me down. Showering was a bit harder, but he had it down to a science. Andrew had installed safety bars on two walls in the shower. I held on to both, my back to the corner while Skip thoroughly washed every nook and cranny of my body. He shampooed me last and then rinsed me down with the flexible portion of the showerhead. He touched my chest and then cheek as he kissed me warmly. He set me down on the toilet again and I toweled myself dry. He washed, rinsed, kissed me, and toweled dry.

"You like that, don't you?" I asked.

"Kissing you? Yeah. I love you a lot."

"I'm sorry you have to take care of me this way," I said, meaning it.

"I'm not," he said, meaning it. "I will take care of you, one way or another, always. You are not a burden."

"I wish I believed that part."

"You should believe it. Come on, love, you give so much. Why can't you take?"

"Why can't you?"

"Touché. But not for lack of trying."

"I try, but I'd rather give."

"Then do so."

I knew what he meant, so I gave in. I could give by taking. I could take, if I put my heart into it, but not a lot.

"Let's see if the boys are up to some morning fun," he said.

He carried me out of the bathroom over his shoulder. The boys were awake and holding each other. Jimmy was sliding his hand up and down Edward's cock while Nate was jacking Bryan and Billy.

Skip laid me between Edward's legs and I immediately went down on him. He lay back in Jimmy's arms and relaxed. I looked up at him while I sucked him. He smiled at me and ruffled my imaginary hair. He leaned down to kiss me sweetly. Skip went down on Bryan and Billy went down on Nate. We synchronize sucked just because we could. `Just because we could' is a reason to do many fun things. We spent some good quality time sucking our buddies. I encouraged Jimmy to lie beside Edward. He did not hesitate. I gave him equal attention, including kissing. They were both totally sweet in kissing. They looked at my eyes after the kiss to see if it was all right. I told them that they were perfect. Each kissed me again, unafraid.

"I love you, bro, so it's easy to be perfect. Before I met you, I could not ever imagine kissing a guy, let alone being close like this and enjoying it."

"I need to be around people who feel, love. You jack off alone, like I used to. It's okay to share it, right?"

"Yeah, and then some. Kathryn loves that I'm a loving guy, and especially that I love you guys. It's easy to love you. It's also easy to be with you this way."

Nate got close so Billy sucked him a bit faster. He threw his head back and unloaded into Billy's mouth at the same time Bryan unloaded into Skip's mouth. Both boys swallowed the loads eagerly and then licked the cocks to clean them up. Nate and Bryan went to shower while Billy got into Skip's arms. Edward leaned over to kiss them, and then Jimmy did the same. I was paying little attention to their kissing, happy enough to have two nice cocks in my mouth. Jimmy warned me a moment ahead of time. I sucked him in earnest as he blew into my mouth. I sucked his creamy load into my mouth and throat. I cleaned up his cock. He went back to holding on to Edward. I gave Edward my total attention. His writing hips told me he liked what I was doing. I sucked him a bit deeper and longer. He rewarded me with a thick creamy load, seven ribbons worth. I let it roll around in my mouth before swallowing. Then I went down to the base of his cock, created suction, and pulled up the full length, cleaning him up.

"Wow bro that was so awesome. Thanks for that. I know it was kinda ..."

"Don't say selfish, love. It wasn't."

"I want to be able to suck you," he said.

"Well, with a little luck, and a fair amount of help from a couple, or four of you, I might be able to come. I have, though just once. I liked it so much I want to do it again. You guys willing to get me off, with a bit of hard work?"

I looked at Jimmy and Edward, Bryan and Nate.

"You bet!" said Edward. "You can come?"

"Maybe. Trying is half the fun, bro."

"It would make me feel better about getting off," said Nate.

"Whatever it takes, bros. Have some fun."

Jimmy and Edward lay on my right sight, Jimmy slightly lower than Edward so both could have my cock. Nate and Bryan did the same on my left side. Each one licked my body, licked and sucked my cock, or worked my balls and my hole. My cock went to its semi-hard state.

"Wow, lookie what we did!" said Edward, smiling widely. He leaned up to kiss me.

"I can come then, bros. As long as I can get even half hard, it'll work. Thanks guys, it feels so good."

"Can we see what Skip or Billy looks like inside of you?" asked Bryan. "You know ..." He blushed magnificently. "I'm a gay boy after all, at least when we play."

I looked at the brothers. "I'd like that, too. Wanna take turns?"

They both nodded, not shy with horny boys to please.

Bryan and Nate made room for Skip, who moved in. Skip raised my left leg, let Nate lube up his cock with spit, and then entered me slowly. I went harder in Jimmy's mouth.

"Wow," he said. "Hey Skip, Mikey likes it."

"Oh yeah I do. Don't rush though, boys. I want to enjoy this as much as I want to come."

We took our time. Skip, Billy, and I had already talked about this, willing to let the boys play as much as they wanted to. They both knew it would take a little extra doing to get me off. This was also only occasional activity with this group. I repeat what I said earlier; young guys like fooling around together. So did I. This is just purely hot and lusty. I did not feel that I was entitled to anything special, but I also did not turn down playtime.

All the boys gave me their full attention. I pulled Nate up to me and went down on his very hard cock. He twitched in my mouth as he looked at the brothers taking turns sliding into me. With only a moment's warning, he unloaded a thick creamy load into my mouth. I swallowed greedily and happily. What the others boys didn't know wouldn't hurt me.

"Hey, I saw that!" said Billy. "You're supposed to share your boy-toys.

"Nope. You just keep doing what you're doing. If you're a good boy, you can have as much as my cum as you want this summer."

"Oh boy!"

The boys all laughed. They looked at me hungrily.

"Yeah yeah, you guys too. Geez, horny much?"

"Raging hormones. I'm a late bloomer," said Jimmy.

"I got no excuses," said Edward. "I'm horny as hell. Can't imagine not liking this."

We had come a long way in almost two years. It was nice to have their friendship. It was as nice to give them some sexual activity to compliment it. No one-night stands for us. We were in it for the long haul. There will be a future loss within this group, and I refuse to feel sad that the boy did not have a full life. My boys all live for the day. There are no guarantees any of us will be alive twenty-four hours from now, and living in regret plain sucks. Even in the moment of death, the boy knew he was loved sincerely. We will meet again someday. I had made a promise, and I do not break any promise. That particular promise is the only outstanding one. I know in my heart it will be fulfilled.

I came back to the present as Billy pulled out of me and Skip entered me. Edward slid into my mouth as Nate pulled out. Bryan sucked me eagerly. Jimmy held me tightly.

"I'm getting close boys."

Nobody changed positions. Bryan looked at each guy. They were all happy where they were because there were enough mouths ready to take creamy cum. Skip pulled out and Jimmy took his ready to spurt cock. Edward pulled out of my mouth and Nate took his cock, swallowing mightily. Billy slid into my mouth and unloaded large. Skip went down on Jimmy as he came hard. It was all too much for me and I shot into Bryan's eager mouth. Bryan started to come just as Edward swallowed his cock.

"Holy!" I said, lying amongst seven sweaty bodies. We caught our breaths eventually.

"Yeah, what Aaron said," said Skip. "Thanks boys. Nice!"

"Bro," Edward said to me. "I'm really happy to see you come so hard. Lucky Bryan."

"Oh yeah. Thanks Aaron, it really was nice to help you. How long before you'll get off again?"

"Probably a few days. I don't care about that. This is good, right now."

We all kissed each other deeply. We held on for a while. No hit-and-run sex in this house. All the boys took quick showers and then Billy helped me clean up as well. We spent the afternoon in Cambridge since all the boys lived out there. Nate and Edward were finishing their semester in two weeks. Both boys, like our gang at school, were sophomores. We would have two more years of school-time friendship.

Billy went back to school. Skip held me in the oversized chair as we listened to music.

"I'm proud of you, love," he said to me.

"Aww geez, what did I do this time?"

"You loved our boys and let them love you back."

"Well, not exactly a hard thing to do."

"No, but you made them happier when you came than they were when they came. You're not giving in to this crap, are you?"

"Of course not. You wouldn't. I want to teach them that nothing is forever. It was a lot of work to get me off. They were all about making it happen, any way that it could happen. It sorta surprised me that you and Billy would be inside me with them watching."

"Another fantasy fulfilled, love."


"Hey, if you're gonna dream, dream large."

"I do. I'm glad to see that you do, too. It was hot, after all."

"Yeah. I like hot. I like you too."

"I'm blessed. You're my hero."

"Nah, stop that. Don't put me above anyone else. You hate that, and so do I."

"It'll be our little secret."

"Nah. Hate those, too."

"Can you be special to me then?"

"That I can do."

"Good. Kiss me special boy."

I never had to ask twice. I never had to ask at all, but sometimes I liked to. We continued to hold on overnight.

Andrew called me mid-morning. He had news about the DNA test.

"The DNA confirmed you have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Since you do, so did your late mum. There is a duplication in chromosome 17, to be specific, and type 1A to be more specific, because a protein is involved."

"And it's degenerative." It was not a question. I knew.

"Yes. You'll do an annual visit to Washington. I have a neurologist who would like to see you on June 1. Would you travel with me?"

"Sure. Will physical therapy help at all?"

"Yes and no. It will help you keep the muscles a bit stronger, but as the nerves feeding the muscle die, it too will die. If, and when, you do walk again on your own, you will need to be mindful of injuries, mainly ankle sprains. Your left ankle shows significant ligament loss."

"Yeah I know. Skip noticed that when I sit at my desk, my left ankle touches the floor. My right ankle is on that path of flexibility too. I try to be conscious of it, but he tells me more than I notice."

"I can fit you with a rigid ankle brace to help with that. I'll visit the orthopaedics department to purchase one for you. Later, in a year or so, we can fit you with MAFOs."

"In English?"

"Molded ankle-foot orthotics. A cast is taken of your legs and then a MAFO is fabricated to a custom fit. It will also help prevent foot drop, and therefore tripping. As time goes on you may need a walker and eventually your sports car model will become permanent. For today, we'll get you rigid ankle braces.

"Do you want me to come to you?"

"No, I'll pay you a visit later this afternoon. I'll bring lunch."

Andrew arrived with Cobb salads and a whole strawberry rhubarb pie from Jillian's, and two ankle braces.

"Let's make sure they fit into your trainers okay."

He went over to the closet and brought back my Nikes. I got socks from the drawer. I put the socks on and then Andrew helped with my sneakers. The braces were a little tight at the pivot point, but fine otherwise.

"Okay, love, you should wear these as long as you can each day. When they feel heavy, you've had them on long enough."

"Thanks, Andrew. Did you pay for these out of pocket?"

"No. I had Orthopaedics bill my department. NIH will pay for them for you. They are off-the-shelf vs. custom, so the cost is minimal."

"Will they help me stand?"

"No, they'll just keep your ankle in place. MAFOs would help with your standing and walking, when you're mobile again."

"Alright. You fetch dressing for the salads while I make us tea."

After lunch, since it was such a nice day, Andrew took me out and down to the Common for fresh air.

"Aaron, you and your friend shoot some hoops with us?"

Always a sport, Andrew said yes. His first shot was a three-point shot.

"Uh ..." said our host, Tony.

"Sorry boys, just showing off a bit. We old timers have to do that now and then. I'll proceed to behave."

My first shot was a three-point shot.

"What he said," I explained. "I don't promise to behave though."

"Oh great, the gimp shows us up."

"I'll show you gimp, joker."

I shot again. The crowd went wild. Okay, not wild, but it ensured that the guys would think twice about asking me to join them again.

After about ninety minutes, Andrew had to call it quits. He had a lab result to check on.

"Chemo refinement for our friend," he explained to the guys. "Thanks for the game. Next week?"

"If you leave your three-point arm at the hospital," said Tony.

"I'll see what I can do. Are you staying, love?"

"Nah, I've got homework to do."

Tony came over. "Put your hands on my shoulders, bro."

I did, and he picked me up, giving me a quality hug.

"Good job, Aaron. You and Andrew are good sports. I'm sorry about the wheelchair but I guess I really shouldn't be. Just another challenge, huh?"

"If it weren't for the challenge, I'd be bored."

"Yeah. A little boredom would be nice, huh?"

"Amen. Thanks for the invite Tony. See you next week."

I gave him a nice hug in return. He kissed my forehead. His teammates each hugged me and kissed my forehead.

"Fight the good fight, Aaron. We're here for you, too."

Eric put me back in my wheelchair and put my feet up.

Skip got home at 4:30 as usual. I was standing up, holding on to the counter, getting a new jar of salsa from the cupboard. I put hamburger in the frying pan. I had already cut up tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

"Tacos?" he asked.

"Yup. What, no scolding for you catching me reaching into the cupboard?"

"Nah. If you couldn't do it, you wouldn't. You make me proud of you, love."

"Am I worthy of coming home to?"

"Yes. And loving."

"Wow. I guess you hit the jackpot."

"I did. I love you, Aaron." He kissed me and looked into my eyes. He always does when he says he loves me.

"Sweet. I missed you today."

"Just today?"

"Yeah, well, single-minded vision."

"I'm going to shower. Are you okay here?"

"Yup. It'll be done by the time you are."

He came out of the bath, naked. He stayed naked. He noticed that I was wearing sneakers. He gave me questioning eyes.

"Andrew brought me ankle braces," I said, showing him. "It'll keep me from sitting strangely and you having to remind me not to."

"They'll kinda sexy. They'd be sexier if they were bionic."

"Maybe a future upgrade. Compared to them, how am I on that sexiness scale?"

"Over the top."

"You do know that I like when you answer questions so sincerely and with no thought, right?"

"Yeah. Sincere yet thoughtful, all for loving you. You are over the top, love. The bad news for others is that there is no more jackpot. You're priceless and you're mine."

"Score! Oh, speaking of scoring, Tony, Eric and crew asked Andrew and me to play hoops this afternoon. Andrew shot a three-point shot right off. I followed with one of my own. We might be invited to play again next week. But we left on good terms. The guys pulled me up and kissed me on my forehead, the way I like."

Skip kissed me on my forehead, the way I like. He picked up the dinner dishes, rinsed them, and put them in the dishwasher. He lifted me into the oversized chair, put on a newer Enya CD, and held me close. He slid his cock into me because I noticed that he was hard. We kissed until he came inside of me later.

"I love you, Skip."

He did not have to say it to me in return. He kissed me and carried me to bed, holding me tight all night. I will never get tired of that.

The boys finished school in late May. Grades would arrive over the summer. The boy's mailboxes would be full of 3.8, 3.9, and 4.0 GPAs. They credit me for that. I credit me for encouraging them, and credit them for being brilliant and dedicated to their respective professions. I, too, pulled a 3.8 GPA for my four classes this semester.

"With all the crap going on, you didn't give an inch on your day-to-day," said Skip, seeing my grades that evening. "The distractions are so many, and you don't blink."

"Adversity is opportunity, love. I don't thrive on it, but I can let it get me pissed off enough to carry on. I also want you to be proud of me, weird as that is."

"I am very proud of you, Aaron. You raise the bar for us all, and then you jump over it."

"As Ms. Midler says, bro, you are the wind beneath my wings. How can I not live so fully every day? I miss you every day, and you still come home to me, crap and all."

"I always will. The guys at work know about us. They used to be a bit homophobic, but I simply told them that judging people is not cool. I told them that I love you, and why. We work really well together, and they've stopped the bullshit."

"The loving grace of Skip. I wish it were that simple elsewhere. But it's a good start. Maybe they'll stop other bullshit too. All they have to do is speak up."

"Some will. Some are quiet, but I know they're all good people. If they can accept me, they can accept another. They asked me if I'm gay and I told them I'm not a label. I'm Skip, their work mate, and maybe their friend."


"Two for three. So far."

"Friendship is two way, bro. If you are invited out some night after work, go. Help someone out during the day, just because you can. Or let someone help you with something."

"Good advice, as only you can give me. Common sense stuff."

"It's what I'd do. It's how I got thirteen boys to be our friends and more."

"Give yourself more credit than that. Thirteen is the appetizer. Michael, Jimmy, Marissa, Nate, Bryan, Edward, Kathryn, Jillian, Andrew and Claire, Alex, Kirk, Sam, Patrick ... who'd I leave out?"


"And me. Billy. My folks. David's folks. Your basketball friends. You touch hearts, bro. You don't work, so you improve the human condition one small but significant heart at a time."

"Yours was the first. Equal in significance to only one more."

"I beg to differ."

"Please don't beg."

"Okay. Equal in significance to all of those I named. You will not take one over another. I would take you over all except Billy, though admittedly by a few heartbeats."

"You love as strongly as I do, which allows me to love so much. You taught me that it's fine to love again, after a loss that was stunning. I was dead when I met you, and you gave me the only thing that was the greatest risk to give away."

"And you keep it safe."

"If I lose your heart, I lose too much."

"If I lose you, I lose my whole world."

"No, just a small corner of it."

"Without you, there is no life for me."

I shrugged. I did it because he hated that more than most anything. It mean that I thought he was being insincere.

So he held on to me. A lesser man would have been angry. He would not be angry with me. He would prove that he is the most sincere person ever to cross my path. I kissed him and looked into his eyes to say that he should forgive my faults.

"I do, since you have one."

"That being?"

"That you're human."

"Ah. Is that all."


"You love me despite my humanness?"

"Very much."

"How blessed I am."

"Yes," he said breathlessly, kissing me.

We did not need to talk any longer. I dozed off in his arms. I was as safe in his care as I was in Andrew's care. Andrew would help me live longer. Skip would give that life quality above anyone else.

June 1 brought Andrew and me to Washington. Actually Bethesda, Maryland, northwest of the city. Okay, so Mass General in Boston was not so large after all. This place is HUGE.

"I promise never to piss you off, Andrew."

"And why would you say that? Uh, and why would you ever want to?"

"Well, you could abandon me in a heartbeat and it would take a year to find my way out. As to why would I? Maybe just because I can. However, I choose never to exercise that mindlessness."

"Actually it would take you fourteen and a half months to find your way out. You're good, but you're not that good. Maybe fourteen months and one week. I do often forget how extraordinary you are."

"Often? Now that hurts."

"Extraordinary, but humble, love. Always be humble."

"Humble loveable Shoe Shine Boy."

"You are not an underdog."

"Skip calls me that. I can manage humble fairly well. I got loveable down to a science."

"Amen. But that also puts a great deal of pressure upon me. If I lose you, I lose a LOT of humanity."

"You got humanity down to a science, and a heart."

"I love you, Aaron. I consider that I have a very difficult job. Caring for a patient is one thing, and I'm well beyond that. You truly are extraordinary."

"Nope. Just a very sick young man. But I love you as much, Andrew. I know I make your job difficult. If you succeed, the world benefits."

"Let's see your neurologist. Dr. Brian Felton, a fellow UK temporary transplant, quite brilliant."

"More brilliant than you?" I was maybe half serious.

"Hardly," he said, not even close to serious.

"You got humble down to a science too."

We laughed heartily. Andrew did nothing half-way either. He did put his heart into my care. I will not have a medical professional who feels he or she needs to be coolly detached for his or her own `safety'. A patient with a physician with a heart will do head and shoulders better than a patient with a physician concerned with himself first. I walked out on such a doctor once. A doctor is not a dime a dozen, but a doctor with a heart for their patients exists and must be sought out.

"Dr. Felton, I'm pleased to meet you," I said.

"Aaron, I'm very pleased to meet you. Please call me Brian."

I looked at Andrew. He smiled. We sat down. Andrew had sent all my MRI and DNA results to Brian. He was fully up to speed. No more tests would need to be done. I was here so that I knew I had a brilliant neurologist to work with. He was also researching gross trauma and its effect on the system, specifically the nerves, spine, and related systems. Yes, a guinea pig for yet another physician.

Brian did a rigorous set of exams to set a baseline for the state of my muscles and nerves. The nerve conduction and EMG tests in Boston had showed that my response time ranged from 17 to 29 milliseconds. In normal human speed, a millisecond is faster than one can blink. In nerve and muscle response time, from point A to point B, that is subsonic slow.

Range of motion was decent enough, muscle wasting had barely begun, balance was poor, and arm/hand strength was poor. I guess my last good power hit had been when I broke the nose of the boy who brained Billy.

"I can sink a 3-point shot," I said, proudly. "Actually, so can the old guy here."

"Way to go, Aaron, and keep it up. And nice job, old man."

"Come on boys, I'll buy you lunch," said Andrew.

I had never seen a bigger grille and salad bar in my life. I ordered a steak salad and then found us a table. Brian brought my meal on his tray.

"That's a good start toward getting your scrawny arse a bit less scrawny, mate. Eat up."

"Do you know my latest weight, Andrew?"

"89 pounds."


"The tumors you grow so virulently suck out almost anything good from you. We kill the tumors and you should gain your weight back."

After lunch, we went to Brian's area. He sat with me to give my legs a thorough workout and to see what I could manage before I got tired. The tiredness came after about 40 minutes, longer than I thought it would take. However, I had been doing my own flavor of PT each night at home. The muscle wasting concerned me, so Skip helped me to stretch and lift. Something was always better than nothing. Brian and his staff agreed. They gave me copies of exercise routines to do on my own.

Next, we went to Oncology, Andrew's area. His staff wanted to meet me. Amanda, his office administrator, was there this week. Andrew's lab assistants had wanted an introduction when I was in DC. They knew my blood and tissues, so they wanted to know the outside. They had a surprise for me. Andrew presented me with a personal check for $18,500.

"Seriously, you don't have to pay me to get me to come to Maryland. Geez. Okay, so what is it for?"

"For Sam's scholarship fund. We want to help the next Sam," said Andrew. "I matched dollar for dollar what my staff contributed."

"From my wife and I," said Brian, who had joined us in Andrew's area. "Maddie and I will contribute that amount each month, if it is okay for us to have your Boston address."

"We've been reading the journal entries you gave to Andrew," said Amanda. "It's not acceptable what Sam's parents did to him. My husband and I will give you this amount each month for the next boy." She handed me her personal check. "The other check is just from us as a group. Andrew gave us an incentive to get this going."

She gave me a check. Each staff person gave me from $200 to $1000, promising an equal share each month for the fund.

"I wish I could give more, love. It's important."

"Amanda, guys, this is very generous. Sam will be thrilled beyond words. You're gonna make him cry, you know."

"Then hold him tight," said William, a lab tech, "and tell him we care very much. We all think it is admirable that he wants to pass this to another boy in need. Your journal says that there is another boy crying alone out there. That hit me very hard. If I can give you more than that check each month, I'll do so, but that's the minimum that I will give."

"Same for me," said Amanda.

"And me," said Seb. "I have a boyfriend. No one judges me here. It hurts to know that there is another Sam out there, and more. We'll help find him, if you think it's okay."

"Thanks, Seb. Yeah, it's more than okay. Adding DC to the plan will be great."

"Atlanta is coming on board next month," said Amanda. "My parents are going to donate too, and help find the next boy. They are Southern conservatives, but not conservative enough to hate. They will also give you a monthly check. Okay for me to give them you address?"

"You bet."

"Minneapolis too," said Seb. "My parents as well." He gave me another check from them.

"London, UK," said Andrew. "My parents and Claire's parents." He gave me two checks.

"Baltimore, MD," said Kathleen, another lab tech. "My husband and me, and our sets of parents." She gave me three checks.

"Houston, Texas," said Mark. "My wife and I. My brother and his boyfriend. Our parents." He gave me five checks.

"Oh my!"

"Chicago," said Matthew. "My wife and I, our son and his girlfriend, and both our sets of parents. Chad's girlfriend's parents too." He gave me five checks.

I teared up but could not hold them in. I sobbed as I sat in front of them.

"Portland, Maine," said James. "Here's a check from my parents, and another from my wife's parents. Hailey and I will donate monthly. Our parents will give quarterly from investment income."

He knelt in front of me and pulled me close.

"I could shoot Sam's father in the head, love, to be honest. We've written a letter that took us all a month to get just right. We've told him and Sam's mother what we think of them, and we've enclosed proof of our contributions for Sam. We want you to mail it for us, if you approve of it."

"I won't need to approve it." I choked up, tears streaming from my eyes. "Consider it sent."

"Savannah, Georgia," said Jack, a research assistant for Andrew. "My brother and me. Our parents are gone, but we will contribute quarterly from our trust fund. Mom and Pop would be pleased." He gave me three checks.

I continued to weep. James put my head into his neck and shed a couple of tears with me.

Seven more people, across the country "and our parents" said each.

"What can I say? Sam is going to be thrilled."

"I know you dearly love math," joked Andrew "so we added up what we've all given you, including the parents. You hold $32,000 in checks. You will get roughly $12,000 a month and another $5-6,000 each quarter."

"Okay, now it's decision time," I said. "That amount of money will help more than one boy. There is no condition that the boy should attend BC. Should Sam split it?"

"Sam should do what Sam wants to do," said Amanda.

"With this, the fund has almost $75,000."

"It's not nearly enough to make up for abuse, or being thrown away, but the boy or boys will be safe. The only condition is that they do the same for another."

"Sam already set that condition. He'll manage the fund, not me."

"We trust that he will do right."

"Count on it," I said. "Thank you, all of you. I'd like to write letters to the parents."

"Mine would love to hear from you," said Amanda.

"Mine as well," echoed through the room.

"Sam and I will write a joint letter then. I'll arrange a visit to Connecticut, maybe for the weekend."

Andrew and I flew back to Boston that evening. I sat at the coffee table with the checks. Skip sat beside me, mouth open.

"Oh my!"

"Yeah, that's what I said before I cried. We have to go see Sam."

"Have you called him?"

"No, but I talked to Aaron and Kathryn. I asked if we could come on Saturday, and told them not to tell the boys."

"Yeah. Sam is going to cry."

Sam did not cry. He jumped and leapt across the front lawn like a panther. He was just blown away by the generosity of people who were complete strangers. It did bring him to tears, eventually.

"These aren't names on checks, love. These are votes against hate."

"And people appalled at your parents."

I told him what James had said.

"He isn't worth it," said Sam. "He'll die knowing he threw me away, and without the love of my two brothers, too. My mother, too. I don't pity them. They did it, and they'll die alone."

"That's a bit harsh."

"So be it," he said.

I could not disagree, truthfully. I hugged Sam and proved that I loved him very much.

"I love you so much, Aaron. This is all just icing on a cake. 10% of this would be wonderful enough."

We called up his spreadsheet when the tears dried up. He plugged in the numbers.

"$81,700, love" he said to me.

"Wow. I figured $75,000. Now plug in monthly and quarterly amounts."

"By the end of December, $135,500."

"Realize that the monthly and quarterly are estimates, but I think they're solid enough."

"You thinking what I am?" he asked.

"Yeah. More than one future Sam."

"But we haven't found even one yet."

"We will. And the parents are all looking, including Andrew and Claire's"

"In the UK?!"

"Yeah. England for Andrew's folks and Scotland for Claire's."


"Indeed. Andrew shared my journals about you with his crew and families. They all know you, up close and personal, as it were."

He blushed.

"No, love, don't be embarrassed. Look what good has come from you."

"You started it."

"And you'll find someone needful to bring life to. More than one someone maybe."


"With love."

We were told, by David and by Skip, that we should go to the beach, hide away, and make love. Sam and I did just that. He was funky about entering me when I could not feel him, and not enter in him return later.

"I just feel it differently than you do, love. It's enough to know that you are inside of me. I remember what it felt like in the past."

We made very sweet love, the only kind that we could possibly make. When he kissed me, he cried.

"Why the tears, love?"

"Your legs, Aaron."

"Yeah, they're pretty sexy, huh?"

"Not what I mean."

"Love me for my heart, bro, not that my legs are dead. Very little is forever."

"Except for your heart."

"Yeah. And my love for you, Sam. And other's love for you."

"I hate being sad."

"Then don't be."

"I'm not like you."

"No, you're not. You are unique and special, and in my heart as long as you want me."

"A very long time. It is enough that you love me, Aaron."

I hugged him closer to me and kissed him deeply.

He carried me back to the house around midnight. He put me into bed with David, and then got into bed with Skip. David held me close.

"I don't know if I should," he said, when I told him what I would like.

"You should. I want you to."

So he did. My imagination worked magic. The Beast inside of me was awesome, if even a memory of the past. The boys deserve to feel pleasure, regardless of my own. I feel pleasure, just differently for now. When you take care of your mate, he will take care of you, so no one loses.

I woke to three different kisses. David kissed me first to gently wake me. Sam kissed me next, hand behind my head. Skip kissed Sam, probably again, and then kissed me. It reminded me that I wanted to kiss the boys at school awake again. I filed the thought away for future use.

It was early and we knew Aaron and Kathryn would not be up just yet. We got dressed and went to make breakfast. The new kitchen looked fantastic. Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. I knew what the countertops cost because I had steered Aaron to the stone yard. This was easily a $60,000 kitchen, but the folks had paid one-third of that. Skip, construction oriented, was very impressed.

We made pancakes and waffles, sausages, bacon, fresh fruit cup in halved cantaloupes, and a big pot of dark roast coffee. Aaron and Kate came downstairs.

"The table is set outdoors," I said, "so pour coffee and juice. We'll be out in a bit."

"You really need to visit much more often than you do, love," said Aaron not Langille. "The only thing better would be that you leave Boston and come live here."

"I could live here easily enough, some day. Boston has such an appeal to me because it's old and new. Maryland or even DC would be a top choice, too. Skip and I are a package deal, though."

"We can love two," said Kate.

"That's been proven. Seriously, for a moment, how is your life with Sam in it?"

"Complete," she said immediately. "It was hard for me not to have another child after David, but harder for David not to have a brother. Sam is my, our, own son, as if I gave birth to him myself."

"His sexuality?"

"Who cares? He loves profoundly and he is loved. You, yourself, taught us that labels count for little or nothing. He is not our gay son. He is our son."

Sam looked at Kate. He did not say anything verbally, but the happiness on his face spoke volumes. Sam was at home. His days were full, and even more so now because he had to figure out how to distribute several thousand dollars. This would define the young man for life. He could ask for help, but neither Skip nor I, who he wanted to watch over the account, would do the distributions. We would find the candidate, with help. The task was huge, but a young man, alone and feeling hopeless, made the task a first priority.

This is the main reason I would not let being in a wheelchair burden me. It was not a burden. And my cancer was Andrew's burden, not mine.

I had one job—to make sure my boys all know they should live and love with their hearts. Our circle was large and very profound. Even those who were couples and `straight' loved that we loved them so much. Edward had told me he could love me as much as he does his Kathryn.

"It's not that you struggle, bro, it's that you show your heart to the world. You hold me like you mean it."

"I do mean it," I had told him.

I mean it for all the boys. I loved Edward as much as I loved David or Alex as much as I loved Kenny. Skip will always be my best mate and Billy makes us three. I woke up most mornings not believing I lived the life I did—until Skip proved to me that I did, and then some.

Later, at the beach, Skip held me from behind as the boys played in the water. My swimming days were over, for now anyway. However, this did not prevent Skip from picking me up and dropping me into the water. I floated on my back, sorta, so he held me up. David was tossing Sam into the water from his shoulders. They raced each other out to a dock and then back again. David's length made him an easy winner, but Sam was only seconds behind.

We sat together in the sand again until it was dinnertime. After dinner, we gave and got hugs all around. Skip had to work on Monday and I had an appointment with Andrew.

On Monday, I went to the bank with help from Jimmy T (Marissa's Jimmy) to deposit all of Sam's fund checks. I sent him an email to sign on later and check his balance. I confirmed that the account had $81,700 after the checks clear. There were no duds in the bunch, of course, and all cleared by Wednesday.

Jimmy brought me home after our running around. He settled into the big boy chair with me and held me. I had a Celine Dion (my newest favorite artist) on the CD player. We loved each other as she sang about love. We loved each other even when she was not singing about love. I slid my hand inside of his jeans and played with his dick.

"Do you want me to help you come?" he asked me.

"Yeah. I'd like that."

Using the ottoman too, we got into a sixty-nine and worked on each other. He had to work a bit harder on me, but once he got me semi-hard, it was easier from there. He moaned as I sucked him. I got a few drops of pre-cum from him, so I licked his cock and then his balls. I rolled each one around in my mouth. He was smooth as silk. I ventured a little further down to his perineum. I stayed away from his hole, since we were more or less in polite company regarding that.

"You can do that, if you want to. I don't mind."

So I licked across his hole a few times, probing gently with my tongue, but not invading him. He found it to be a bit too much and unloaded into my mouth. I had almost no warning, but I did recognize that style of grunt from the boys. I swallowed every drop of his rich creamy cum. He lay on his back, panting.

"Oops," I said, coming up for air.

"No oops, bro, that was sweet. Thanks for that. Now, it your turn."

"It could take a while, bro."

"It's okay. I got time for you, love."

It did take a while, but Jimmy gave me total pleasure the whole time. He knew how to please me, despite this being only our second time together. Guys know what guys like. He knew when I was getting close, so he picked up on his sucking. He grazed my hole with his finger without going inside. I shot mightily into his mouth and he swallowed it all. When he was done, he licked his lips.

"I think you liked that," I said.

"Sure did. Thanks again, Aaron. I love you a lot, bro."

"I love you too, Jimmy. It's cool that we brothers, and warriors too. Your remission is strong?"

"Yeah, for seven months now. It was a nice Christmas present to hear that the cancer was gone."

"Good for you, love. Someday, we can say the same about mine. Can I hold you some more, or is that boring?"

"Boring to be held by Aaron Jamison Langille. Uh, well ... Nope, bro, I can't even conceive of that thought. Never happen."

We lay back in the chair and held on. We kissed a lot.

The morning rain cleared up so we went over to Downtown Crossing for lunch and window-shopping. There was a new Tom Clancy novel, so I picked it up for Billy's birthday next month.

"You up to going into the North End with me?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm in the mood for cannolis for dessert tonight. Haven't had any in a while. Can we stop at Haymarket on the way? I could get some fresh produce."

"Yeah. You wanna `drive' for a while?"

I did. He could tell because I helped him push my along by pushing on my wheels. Sometimes I got antsy about the boys having to push me everywhere.

It was after 3:00 by the time we got home and I was beat. Jimmy picked me up, put me back on the oversized chair, and hugged me while I dozed. Surprisingly I slept until 4:30 when Skip came home. He found Jimmy holding me. He came over to us and kissed Jimmy warmly.

"So did you two have a good day together?"

"A perfect day," Jimmy said. "I'm going to head out so you two can be alone."

"No, please stay for dinner. It won't be much, but you're welcome to stay."

"Okay. There's a strawberry pie in the fridge, courtesy of a friend in the North End. Can I help with dinner?"

"There are ingredients for an antipasto, so feel free to start that. I'll shower and help you when I'm done."

I lay back and let Jimmy, and then Skip, have at it. Summer dinners were light and quick.

"I should, um, tell you that I helped Aaron a while ago. You know."

Skip kissed Jimmy on his forehead and gave him a hug.

"Thank you for that, bro. I assume you benefitted too?"

"Oh yeah. Aaron isn't selfish. Greedy, but not selfish."

"You don't have to be embarrassed, or feel that you have to tell me. Aaron loves you as much as the other boys. What you do is your business."

"Nah, I would rather tell you. I know it's not cheating, but I, well ..."

"No worries, love. You done good. Aaron?"

I licked my lips and smacked my mouth.

"Yup, you done good," Skip said, laughing. Jimmy laughed too.

"If it's okay with you Aaron, I want to come over every Monday, when you're home, that is."

"You're welcome to bro. We'll make a day of it. I'll be taking another summer course online, so I'm home on Mondays. You can help me do research at the BPL if you want."

"Heck yeah, I love the public library."

Jimmy took our dinner plates on a tray. Skip picked me up and we went up to the roof deck. Another resident and his girlfriend were there as well.

"Hey Aaron, Skip. Hiya Jimmy. Dinnertime already?" asked Christian.

"Hey Chris. Yeah. Hey, we got plenty. Please join us."

"Thanks guys," said Beth. They came and sat with us.

"Strawberry pie for dessert, if you eat what's on your plate first," said Jimmy.

We all did, so Jimmy went back to slice up the pie as the sun set. We settled in together for the evening, watching the moon rise over the city. By 10:30 we were ready to call it a night.

"Snuggle up with us, Jimmy," said Skip. "It's late and we'd rather not have you out on the streets."

He did not argue. The West End was as good a neighborhood as any in Boston, but a young man on the streets alone was an invitation to be mugged. Why invite trouble?

"Guests get to be in the middle. You can hold on to Aaron. I'll hold you if that's okay."

"Nice. Thanks for such a good day, Aaron. It was a good evening too, Skip. Come here, love, let me hold you tight."

I backed up so that Jimmy could spoon me. He got hard in no time.


"Yeah Aaron?"

"Are you blushing in the dark?"


"I love you."

"Thanks for that, bro. I love you too."

I wrapped my arms around his chest. We fell asleep with little effort.

In the morning, after showing and breakfast, Skip left for work. Jimmy and I headed out to MGH for my first of two chemo sessions. Andrew was forced to go back to two a week. I was quite wonderful at growing tumors. I positively excelled at growing tumors. Shit.

Andrew had brought back an imaging device from NIH. He could see inside my back while he inserted the needles into the tumors.

"Look at me, love," said Jimmy.

He turned my head gently to him. I looked into his eyes. Mine were wet because this was painful.

Jimmy went outside for a moment and brought back a pillow. He made so I could not look at all, unless I raised my head. He got down on one knee in front of my face and took my hand in his. He took looked only at me. There was no curiosity to see what Andrew is doing. Jimmy had enough of needles and probing of all kinds.

He leaned in to kiss me on my forehead. I moved my head a bit. He leaned in again and kissed my lips. He whispered in my ear. I nodded and smiled a bit. He loved me. That was all I needed to care about. Andrew knew what he was doing. I could not help him do his job better except to ignore him. So I put my attention on Jimmy.

"Will you come to the long weekend picnic with us this year? Mid-July, but I'd need a calendar."

"I have a small calendar on my desk, Jimmy," said Andrew.

Jimmy went out to get it. He gave it to me.

"July 11th to 14th. We go to Lake Winnisquam in New Hampshire."

"I know my calendar is empty because I don't plan that far ahead. Who else goes?"

"The boys out at BC. I'd like to see if Nate and Bryan would go this year. Edward, but I'm not sure if he's with Kathryn."

"No, they're separated each summer because he's in Rhode Island, working for his family."

"Is that tough for them?"

"Not judging by their phone bill, according to Edward."

"Okay, I'll call him later to see what he thinks."


"I dunno. I'd like to include him but we do have playtime."

"I can talk to him. I see him every couple of weeks. He's a bit sexually frustrated sometimes. He can't jack off every time he wants to."

"Erection issues?"

"Yeah," said Jimmy.

"I wonder if he'd let Skip help him out."

"Hmmm, now there's an idea. I'll call him later."

"Okay, love, you're half-way done," said Andrew.

I blushed because I forgot he was there.

"Aaron, you haven't said anything out of line," he said. "I know Michael is younger than the boys, but not by much. He should be treated like an adult, and especially if he's having erection issues. That's not something a teen boy handles easily. I think Skip would help him out a lot, and I don't mean just sexually."

"Thanks, Andrew. I should give you more credit for understanding us. Sorry I ..."

"Hush. You have a heart for your boys, all of them. Be thankful for that."

I nodded.

Michael called me after talking to Jimmy.

"Hey, bro. Jimmy talked to me. Would Skip really help me out, you know?"

"He would. I'd rather not speak for him, though. He'll be home after 4:30. You can call then, if you want. Better yet, would you come and spend the weekend with him?"

"I could do both. How come you said `with him', and not `with us'."

"I plan on spending the weekend with Billy in New Hampshire. You two should work things out without me."

"Don't do that, love. You and Skip are special to each other and to me. You know I care about you both."

"We both care for you, too, Michael. I don't want to butt in."

"You won't be butting in. You're a couple, and I know what that means."

"I'll have to think about it, love. I know what you mean, but I think you and Skip should be together."

"I want you too, Aaron. Really. I can't get hard sometimes love. It makes me feel bad. I know that Skip must have felt that way, too. Since you lost your legs, you have the same problem, right?"

"I do. And I get help, too, so I do know what it takes. "

"I want to be able to jack off when I want to. If Skip can help, I'm happy."

"I think he can. Do you want me to have him call you when he gets home?"

"After dinner would be good. Let him clean up and spend some time with you first."

"Okay, love, that's a good plan. Let's say about 7:00 then, so you can have dinner, too."

"That's just right. Aaron?"

"Yes Michael?"

"I love you, a lot. Thank you."

"I love you too, bro. We'll help you, I promise."

"You too? Not just Skip?"

"If that what you want."

"I do. You make me happy, love."

We hung up and I went back to doing homework. I uploaded my assignments, checked email, and settled in to the big chair for a nap. It made me feel good to make a young man like Michael happy. God knows that he never asked for anything. Sexually, he was at a point where no teenager would want to be. He had accepted that Skip and I are a couple. I don't know, overall, how young teen guys feel about gay relationships. Being accepted by one is a good start.

Skip called Michael at 7:00. During the conversation, he looked at me and said "No worries, Michael, he's fine."

After he said goodnight, and told Michael that he loves him, Skip said to me "He'll be on the train on Friday, arriving at North Station at 4:00. I'll get off work early and we'll meet him there."

At 10:30, we got into bed. He snuggled up behind me.

"Okay, love, what's on your mind?"

"I'm feeling a bit weird to help out too. I think you'd be better for him than both of us."

"He knows we're two. Well, he knows we're three, but he knows Billy is in New Hampshire. It was a lot of work for Billy to help me, and there were times when I wished for another guy to help too. No insult to Billy, and he knew that. He was so sweet to me, and that did count for a lot. I think Michael will do well with us vs. me."

"Okay. But if he gets antsy and doesn't speak up, I'm going to fade into the background and let you go it alone."

"No worries, bro. He loves you and you love him. You do your best when you put your heart into something. Don't doubt yourself."

"I agree with most of that."

"Believe it all."

I thought for a moment. "Okay, only because you know me. I'm tired love. You must be too."

"Yeah. I love you so much, Aaron. All is right with my world."

I turned to face him. I usually like spooning better, but I also liked putting my crotch against his. He tucked his face into my neck, kissed me lightly, and went to sleep. Skip does many things well. Loving me was the first and best.

Michael hugged Skip as we met him at North Station. He came over to me and looked down. He started to kneel to hug me.

"Lemme hold your shoulders, love. Stand up nice and easy."

I put my hands on his shoulders. He stood up as I had asked. "Hold me tight, love. Don't let me fall!"

"I would never let you fall, Aaron. It's so good to see you."

He hugged me for a long while. "I don't want to let you go yet."

"You don't have to. I like you in my arms, Michael. Are you okay?"

"Not yet. Working on it."

"Our bud here will help you," I said.

"And you will too. I want to know your love, Aaron. I've waited long enough to say that."

"I'm not sure."

"I am."

He gently put me back on my wheelchair. I kissed my forehead.

"I am," he repeated. "I need to feel again. I'm aching, Aaron, and I hate it."

"Okay love. We'll both help you. But it's Skip who knows how you feel, more so than I do. I don't want to let you down."

"Aaron Langille let someone down. Not in my wildest nightmares, love."

"I'm human, love. Please don't do that to me."

"I can and I will, because I know you Aaron. You would rather die than to let someone down, for whatever reason. There is a way, and there will always be a way, to love and to heal. You can claim human all you want, love, but you are the core of humanity."

"No, Michael. Stop."

"I can't disagree with Michael," said Skip. "He's right. Like me, he does not lie, and he is not insincere."

Sigh. "Come on, I'm hungry."

Michael bent down to kiss me again. "I don't lie. And I'm not insincere."

"I know, love. I'm just Aaron."

"To a point," said Skip. "You may not like it, but you are a leader. You lead the push to help Sam, while Billy did all he could. You seeded Sam's education with a lot of money. You're well on your way to helping another."

"That's Sam's job."

"Sam's not going to do that alone."

"I won't interfere."

"You won't have to."

"Are you done being humble, Aaron," said Michael, smiling and giving me eyebrows.

"Yeah yeah. Gimme a break."

We went to a grille on Tremont Street for dinner. I had not been here in a long while. It used to be a Friday lunch place for my co-workers and I when I worked in Boston years ago. I slid into a bench seat while Skip folded up my wheelchair. A restaurant staffer came to put it away for me. I loved that it could be so compact. Our server arrived with menus.

"Dinner is on us, bro, okay?"

Michael nodded. "Thanks. I'll take one of everything then," he said, smiling.

It was often hard to tell when he was serious. He did not take one of everything, but he did eat well. He ordered flounder stuffed with crab. I ordered the same, with a salad. Skip ordered a seafood platter and shared it with us. I gave him half my flounder. I was a bit surprised when Michael ordered milk with his meal. I always did. Skip was more into tea, but he too ordered milk. We drank soda, but not often.

After dinner, we took our time. We walked all over the Common and Public Garden. We stayed until dusk.

"I like spending time with you, Aaron, in the places you spend time in. It makes me feel closer to you. I want to go on to college next year, but my folks aren't well off any more, thanks for my cancer."

I looked at Skip. He had looked at me at the same time. There were unseen light bulbs above our heads.

Any young friend of ours, who wanted to go to college, was going to college. It was a no brainer to take care of him.

"Then you will go to college, love. As you told me, there is a way. And will always be a way."

"We both will help you financially, love," said Skip.


"Well, first , what do you want to study."

"Biology or chemistry, or both," he said right away. "I have an A in both in school. I have an incentive—saving someone else from cancer. I want to do cancer research, but I have a long way to go."

"As for the money," said Skip, "most schools have a work-study program and later on, an internship. The government offers low-interest student loans, and your folks can help you look at scholarships. Any shortfall that your folks can't cover, we will. I earn a salary and I have little to spend it on. Aaron has a trust fund, and no one to spend it on either. You should talk to your folks about this. But we can and want to help."

"What if I want to go to BC, BU, or even Harvard?"

"Then you shall go to BC, BU, or even Harvard, love," said Skip.

"How about UMass?"

"Why not? Or URI, UConn, UNH, UMaine, UVM, U-anywhere you want to go."

He teared up a little. He hugged me and then Skip.

"I expected no less, but I'd have to repay you."

"Not directly. Once your career is established, you do for someone else what we do for you. This would include any future child you may bring into this world."

"Can we go home? I need to get off, pretty badly. I'm sorry to be so blunt."

"Yes, love. Whatever you need."

We each needed to pee when we got home. Michael held me while I went. Skip pulled down the bed.

"Are you sure," I had to ask.

"Aaron, I don't have anything you don't have. Well, except that I look like Skip. I need to jack off and I can't. I need you to help me. Show me about that, Aaron, and show me about love. The way you and Skip love."

He sat on the bed. He waited. Skip put me on the bed beside Michael. He took my polo shirt and t-shirt off. Skip started to take off his own.

"No. Let me," said Michael. "After I undress Aaron."

"Okay, love. You guide us, okay? This has to be just right for you."

Michael lay me down gently and took off my sneakers and socks. He unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I put my hand over my cock so the zipper wouldn't catch me.

"Fair warning, love, when I wear jeans, I don't wear boxers."

"Ooooh baby!"

He rubbed my cock with his hand. I was not hard nor would I be for a while. He leaned in to give me a real kiss, passionate, knowing just what to do. He kissed me so lovingly that I wept. He stroked my face, looked into my eyes, and held me with one arm around me. He touched my chest. He tweaked my nipples. I smiled at him through my tears.

"I'm hurting you?"

"No. You never could. Whatever you want to do is okay."

He kissed me again. Skip sat down on the bed. He took off Michael's shirts and then held him from behind. Michael turned his head and kissed Skip as he had kissed me. Skip accepted Michael's gentle tongue in his mouth, something that he had not done with me. Maybe he just knew.

Michael pulled off my jeans. He looked at me. I nodded. He touched my balls, cupping them in his palm.

"Show me yours, love," I said.

"Not yet. I'm scared."

Skip leaned into Michael and kissed him. "Come here, love, finish undressing me."

Michael unbuttoned and unzipped Skip's jeans carefully, figuring he too would be commando. He pulled Skip's jeans off from the bottom of the legs. He looked at Skip and then slowly looked down his body until he came to Skip's cock and testicle. He was sad, even though he had seen how Skip looked before. He looked at mine again. A tear ran down his cheek. Skip caught it with him thumb and gently brushed it away.

He lie beside me and let Skip take his jeans off. He watched Skip intently. Michael wore boxer briefs. He self-consciously put his hand on the waistband.

Skip was not going to rush him. He laid down beside Michael and began to kiss him warmly and deeply. I turned on my side as best I could. Michael kissed us both alternately.

"I'm sorry, guys. I don't mean to be ..."

"Sshhhh," said Skip. "You're just fine. We can stop now and get dressed if it's too much."

"No. It's too much, but in a good way. We got all night?"

"We do," I said. "Tomorrow too. You set the pace, love, and do whatever you want to."

He kissed me again. "Thanks Aaron. I knew you'd be understanding. I'm nervous about my testicle."

"Touch mine, love, and your own too," said Skip.

Michael put his hand inside his briefs and touched Skip's with his other.

"Not so bad, right?"

"No. Not so bad. I'm sad for you though."

"And I for you, love. But I'm happy that you will live a long life."

"I haven't shown my girlfriend yet. Like I said, we're not sexually active. I told her I'm not ready."

"And she says ...?"

"It's okay. She understands."

"I'm glad. You do know this weekend is not a one-shot deal, right?"

"I haven't thought about it. I would like to come again before summer is done."

"Next month, Billy's dorm mates and a couple others are going up to Lake Winnisquam for a 4-day weekend. The guys miss each other too much over the summer, so we give them a weekend together. We do jack off together, so I don't know how you feel about that ..."

"Skip gave me a head's up last week. He did explain it all. I want to go too."

I looked at Skip. He smiled.

Michael pulled his boxer briefs off. He reached for my hand and put it on his cock and testicle. I touched him gently, as carefully as I could so I would not scare him. He took Skip's hand and put it on top of mine, and left his there as well. He lay on his back again and kissed us a lot.

"Okay, love?" I asked.

"Yeah. It feels nice, you touching me. You too bro," he said, looking at Skip.

I moved my hand so Skip could touch Michael. He did, remembering how Billy touched him the first time. Skip leaned down and gently licked Michael's testicle, and then up his cock. Michael drew in his breath. Skip did it again, and encouraged me to do help him. I did. Michael went semi-hard. I looked up at him.

"More," he said.

We gave him more. He did not get fully hard yet.

"I want to try something, but I want your permission," said Skip. "Do you know what your prostate is?"

"Yeah. I know what you want to do. It's okay, go for it."

Skip licked his forefinger and then played with the outside of Michael's hole. He massaged it for several minutes. Michael moaned.

"Mmmm, feels good. Go inside of me."

Skip carefully slid his finger into Michael's hole. He looked for any sign that it was uncomfortable for our friend. He slid his finger out for a moment and ate around his ass and across his pucker. I licked Michael's cock. He picked it up and slid it into my mouth. I swallowed the length of it, about seven inches, and he was not yet fully hard, though he was getting there. Skip slid his wet finger back into Michael. He found his prostate and buzzed it lightly.

"Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about!" said Michael, pleased.

"You okay?"

"Are you kidding? Two of the hottest guys in my life, working me over?"

"I'll take that as a yes."

"You should take that as a yes. This is nice. Bros?"

"Yeah," we said together.

"Thank you. This means a lot to me."

"If I can't help out a friend, I'd rather die," I said. "You okay about me sucking you?"

"Duh. I put my cock in your mouth, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but ..."

"Do it some more. Please?"

I did. I gave him what he wanted me too, but I couldn't help but think I was taking advantage of him."

"You're not," said Skip. "He's okay, right bud?"

"I'm okay. I need the ache to stop. I can't take much more of that."

"What about the next time you ache. It comes back, trust me."

"Who cares about next time? What about the moments I'm in idea, Aaron?"

"Well, that too."

"Only that, love. You taught me. Right now getting rid of the ache is all I care about."

We both continued to help Michael. One-fourth of my brain said this isn't right. The rest of my brain said to care about Michael. His need comes before my doubts. After a half hour or more, his breathing changed.

"I'm gonna come, loves. Oh man, I can't stop. Unhhhh. Unnnnhhhhhhhh."

He unloaded a thick creamy load in my mouth as I was on the down stroke. Skip had apparently been massaging his joy buzzer intently.

"Unnnnhhhh. Oh man. Oh man!"

"Are you okay, love?"

"Hot shit, guys. You are the best. No kidding. It's what I wanted ... and needed so bad."

He began to sob. I brought him into my arms. Skip got behind him and held on too. He tucked into my neck and sobbed softly. He kissed my neck a while later. Then he kissed my lips. He turned to Skip and kissed him deeply as well.

"Thanks guys. That was pretty overwhelming. Tears of relief, bros, not anything else. I know you love me if you're willing to do this for me. I know you're not 100% okay with this Aaron, but I am. Stop worrying."

"Eventually, love, but I can't say I didn't enjoy that."

"I'm sorry I came in your mouth. I ..."

"I like cum, love. I eat mine. Skip and Billy's too, and others. We don't waste it."

"I eat mine too. My mom would go nuts."

"Yeah, tell me about it," I said.

"Can we just lay here for the rest of the night? I want to hold you, Aaron. I don't know how to hold you both, but ..."

"No worries, love," said Skip. "You hold Aaron. He loves that."

"I do love that. You want to spoon?"

"No. I want my body against yours, this way," he said as he moved into me.

Skip moved in from behind, gently. He could hold Michael and give him his heart as well. We knew how to do that to those we love.

"I love you, Aaron. You're awesome."

"No more awesome than you, love. I love you too, very much. I won't worry anymore."

"Good. No need. Tomorrow Skip and I will take care of you."

"But ..."

"Sshhhh, I mean it. I want to."

I settled in, very content to have our buddy cared for. He was asleep in no time. I raised my head and looked into Skip's eyes. He smiled at me. We leaned over our sleeping buddy and kissed each other good night. I would always love Skip more than I loved anyone else, but I could find a heart for our Michael. He was needful, therefore he was loved.

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