Skip - Part 31


Skip – Part 31

Jon watched me carefully. His first words surprised me, but also pleased me.

"You are not just a friend, Aaron. You are ... more. A lot more."

He had heard me tell him I'm a friend.

"When you first touched me, it was electric. My brain fired and I was terrified, but it did not last long. I knew that I was okay. Well, at least I knew I was away from the alley."

"How are you, overall?"

"I hurt. I deserve it, but ..."

"So who did this to you?"

"I'm not saying. If I'm a one-time incident and they have not hurt someone else, and don't do it again, I keep my mouth shut."

"That's a lot to ask. They could have hurt someone else in the past. If they're willing to bash you, they'll do it to someone else."

"It wasn't a bashing, like you mean. I'm not gay. It was over drugs. I stole from them just because I could. I'm not a user. I don't want them to be either. They don't even know for sure I stole the drugs. I'm just a strong suspect in the group."

Hmmm. Friends. Not very good ones, but friends nonetheless.

"I think you're more than a strong suspect. They hurt you very badly. The police think it is a bashing. I'm on the fence. Well, was on the fence. I believe you, of course."

"You're gay?" he asked, curious but not passing judgment.

"I love two men, and have for over four years. Kinda complicated. It's not as easy as a label, unless you need a label."

"I don't."

"Like you said, I'm more."

"Thank God. Aaron, I'm glad you stayed with me."

"Not because I thought you were gay. You're a needful young man. I have a mission to help. It started because of two young men, one here and one in Canada, being thrown out of their houses. Cancer patients too. And the victims of hate crimes, and others."

"Is cancer the reason you're in a wheelchair?"


"You're okay?"

"When you are."

"Maybe tomorrow. Not yet, except for you."

Jordan came in. Jon told him what had gone on before the beating.

"I owe you an apology. I made an assumption that was wrong, from instinct. I guess my gut needs tweaking."

"Might have been right for all you know. Just don't judge."

"Yeah. Aaron is teaching me that. So, you're not pressing charges. I really think you should."

"Nope. I started it, for one thing. And maybe they'll leave others and me alone, if I leave them alone. If they don't, I'll turn them in."

"That's a big `If'. Do you live alone?" Jordan already knew the answer.

"No. My older brother and I live in the studio you found," he said. Jon is streetwise, and nobody's fool. "He's away on business, due home in a few days. He'll take care of me."

"Will he give you a rough time?" I asked.

"Yeah. I deserve that, too. He warned me and I blew him off. I'll work it out with him though. He's a good guy. Somewhere inside the broken shit, so am I."

"Will you go back to school when you can?"

"Yeah. School is okay."

"I'm giving you my home address and phone," I said to him. "Call me after you heal better. We'll play ball or something. Will you help both Jordan and me keep this crap from going on in the future, at least in your circle?"

"I guess. Would you do anything different if this was a gay bashing?"

"Nope. A need is a need. Everyone needs a friend. If I start to worry about you, though, I'm sending Jordan to talk to you."

"I like you Aaron. You spent five nights here with me. Like I said, I'm an okay kid. I won't forget you, for sure. Healing is gonna suck."

"Come and spend some of your healing days at my place then. We can take care of each other. I need a hand too sometimes."

Over the early part of fall, Jon did heal okay, did come to visit several times a week, helped me out, let me help him, and kept in touch with Jordan too. Jordan fine-tuned his street smarts. I kept an open mind and trusted my own instincts. Mine were not perfect either, but I am no slouch. It is easier for me to look inside a person than to see the surface. I like substance.

His brother read him half of the riot act, toning it down a bit, knowing that Jon's injuries spoke volumes. Jordan had names of the quasi-friends. He will sit on them until they show up on some radar. If they do, he won't hesitate to charge them for crimes again Jon as well. Jon agreed, cautiously.

"No worries, man. As long as you stay safe and those guys stay off the radar."

"So, back to your boring life," asks Skip, maybe one-tenth seriously. "Sleeping in our own bed again, taking care of only you."

"Duh," I say, showing him how much I accept his seriousness. I kiss him on his nose.

"Okay okay, I know you don't lead a boring life. How could you? You care for many, but I'm glad to have you in my arms again, all to myself."

"You should feel free to make love to me now," I say, turning to face him.

"I already am."

"Lustily," I say.

"It's only 1% lust," he counters.

"Rounding up?" I tease.

"Yeah, I don't do fractions, except at work, and then it's eights and sixteenths."

"How about 7 and 5/8ths" I say, approximating the size of his nice cock.

"You peeked!"

"My estimates are based on pure uh, hard facts, carefully gathered over four and a half years."

He entered me.

"1" head, 3 and 1/8th, 5 and ˝, yup, 7 and 5/8ths. Exactly."

"Damn you're good."

"I are."

"And deep."

"I are that, too. We fit nicely together."

"Even better, your heart fits my heart. You love me?"

"I love you perfect," I said.

"I can't top that, so I guess I'll just top you instead."

He folded me fully in half and made sweet love to me for a half hour. He came hard inside of me, giving me all he had to give.

"I guess you love me perfect, too," I said.

"Yeah. I do, love. You're as good as it gets."

"Nah ah ..."

"Yes. When we're three, we're the ultimate, but for now, I have you and could not want more. Not even Billy bro."

"I guess that's fair enough, but we owe him when he *is* with us."

"We do. He's the reason I lived to meet you. In the moments I'm in, however, I love you. I will promise that I will love you every day."

"I accept your promise and give you mine, with my heart."

"I see your heart, and raise you my soul as well. I love you too much to withhold any part of me."

"Hold me?"

He did. We slept peacefully.

"My legs," I proclaimed, one December Saturday morning, very early.

"Solid?" Skip asked, not wishful thinking. He sat up in bed.

"Head to toe," I said, standing without wobbling, walking without faltering.

I went out of the apartment, walked down the stairs, and out the door. I turned north and kept walking. Skip came running after me with my ski jacket, scarf, and a cap. I was excited enough that I did not think. I just walked. I walked, beside Skip but not right beside Skip, all the way to Jillian's place. I threw open the door and yelled.

"Jills! I'm walking!! Hell I could run, but I don't want to end up on my scrawny ass. Live man walking!"

"Oh Aaron, you just made my day. I knew this day was coming."

She gave me a great hug.

"Come, let's make breakfast. I just got here."

I put the coffee on. Skip took eggs from the fridge, while Jillian shredded potatoes for hash browns. I finely diced a small onion and half a red pepper, and then poured orange juice into three glasses. I was standing, and giddy as all hell. I kept laughing. And then I cried, hard. Skip slid effortlessly into my arms. He held me tightly and I cried into his neck.

"Congrats, love, for being so stubborn for so long. You done good. You really are my hero."

I had to laugh a bit. Stubborn. Yeah. Not persistent or any other word. Stubborn. I are.

After breakfast, we walked more. I had no fear of falling, not that I ever did. When you fall, you have choices. You can stay down and give it up. Or you have the opportunity to get back up again. Never ever waste an opportunity.

We called Billy and said we were coming out on Saturday for the weekend. This was our first trip since the school year began. They met us at the T station—all eighteen.

"I *told* you it was for a special reason," said Sam to the guys.

He was laughing and running like a little kid. I braced myself. Skip stepped quickly behind me. Sam threw himself into my arms, holding me so tightly. He wrapped his legs around my waist. I held him as tightly. He kissed me on my forehead and then all over my face.

"Whoo hoo Aaron walking! Awesome!!"

"You go, Aaron!" said the guys, patting me on my back and hugging me.

We headed off to the dorm. It was too late for lunch and too early for dinner. I found myself being picked up and carried over several heads, as if I had just scored a winning goal for some major title. I trusted that they would not drop me, but it caught my breath anyway. They carried me all the way across campus and up to the common room. We sat around in a large circle and held on to each other. They wanted the whole story. Skip and I filled them in. They were just ecstatic, so happy for me.

"You guys wanna shoot hoops for a while?" I asked.

They scattered and changed quickly. I went into Billy and Ste's room and changed too. Skip came with me and then stood there kissing me and holding on to me for a while.

"Don't start something you can't finish," Kenny said to Skip, laughing.

"Now bro, you know I can always finish what I start," Skip said, hardly seriously, but correct regardless. "We'll behave, for now." Yeah, okay. For now.

Kenny came in quickly and stole a kiss from us both.

We headed out before this turned into a kissing marathon. I was a bit awkward on the court. I knew I would be. Starting a run was hard, and turning quickly was harder. I put my heart into it, stumbled, fell, got up, tripped, ran, slid, and threw that damn ball with all my might. It took forever for me to score my first two points. No three-pointers today. The guys cut me no breaks. I would have yelled at them, seriously, if they coddled. I could do this, just not as I did back in high school and college.

We played for over two hours. I fell toward the end and tried to get back up. I could not. I scurried to the sidelines so that the boys would not worry. I waited for a few minutes to get my muscles to stop their spasms. David saw me anyway. He came over and knelt in front of me, giving my thighs a deep, hard massage. The muscles in my left leg danced around his fingers.

"Geez, love, does that hurt?"

"Oh yeah. Can you make it stop?" I asked, pulling back, trying to separate my leg from my hip.

He rubbed with long deep strokes using the base of his hand to relax the muscle. It rippled and danced, defying the pressure David forced upon it. He persisted and eventually prevailed. The boys had gathered round, sitting on the bleachers, watching David and my dancing muscle.

"Better?" David said, looking at me.

"Better. Thanks. One more thing to talk to my neurologist about."

"You won't want to hear this, but maybe you should ease up a bit on your exercise. Muscles react to stimulation. You played all out and worked your legs very hard."

"I'm okay with that advice, love. You know I'm not going to blow off sensible suggestions. Now I know my limit. Knowing is good."

We headed back to the dorm, showered six at a time, and then went to the dining hall for dinner. We spent the evening holding on, talking, listening to music, and doing little but enjoying each other's company.

Vincent was sitting behind me, holding me close. He whispered in my ear. I told him he could have whatever he wants. I looked at Skip. He knew what was going on. He nodded and smiled. Vincent then walked over to Jessie. I know he was asking him if he would bunk with Ste, Billy, and Skip. Jessie smiled and said "No problem, bro."

Vincent and I walked down the hallway to his room. He took off my shirts and kissed me deeply. I could not feel him last time we were together. He wanted me to feel this time. I was half-hard by the time he took my jeans off. He massaged my feet, and then leaned in to suck me to full hardness.

"You first?" he asked me.

"Sure." What, I was going to say `no'?

I lay him on his bed, lay on top of him while kissing him deeply, and slowly slid my cock into his ready hole. It was better this time because he was not struggling with need or fear. I loved him the way I loved Skip and Billy. He should feel like he is special because he is.

"Have you thought about doing this with someone besides me?" I asked.

"Yeah. A classmate, but not yet. I want you."

"I think you're getting your wish."

"I love your cock. You too, and very deeply at that. Did I mention that your cock is just wondrous?"

"Something like that," I said, smiling.

Vincent loves kissing softly. We do not rush and there are not thoughts that he is taking away from Skip and Billy by asking me to love him. It is easy to love all my boys. Vincent is still needful, but much less intensely than he was over a year ago. Go boldly.

I move slowly and smoothly within in. His hole is tight. He knows how to make me very hard and how to send ripples of tingly sex sensations through my whole body. He is no better or no worse than either Skip or Billy, or any other boy who has made sweet love to me.

"I'm going to come, love," I tell him as I start to shoot my load inside of him. He rocks back and forth on my dick to milk me dry. "Unnnnhhhhhhhh, Unnnnhhhh."

"Am I a good lover," he wants to know when I breathe normally again.

"Nope. You're my friend and someone very special to me. That takes you well beyond `a good lover'. I do love you, so much. Thanks for letting me love you in return."

"It's what I do, Aaron. And you give it all back, plus 1000% more. To be loved by you is to live a complete life."

"To be loved by you is an honor, bro."

"No," he said. I know what he means, but there is no denying.

"Oh yeah, and a large honor at that. Are you okay?"

"Yes, but I'll be better once I am inside you."

I lay so he could enter me. I too was so much better with him a vital part of my heart, not just my hole. My hole was tight and tingly, opening just enough to take every inch that he gave me. Through the fibers of my body, he placed himself firmly inside my heart and soul. There is no heart without soul, and no soul without heart. As Will had discovered, much to his joy, it is circular. Vincent knows that. He pleases me so fully with his total being. And, yes, it is so nice to really feel his magnificent cock this time. I do not lie that I could feel him before, just differently. But I love feeling this was just as much. Better, truthfully. I am human, subject to the love and lust thereof. Yeah, I like being human.

"You're smiling," he said to me. "Is it your thoughts about stuff in general?"

"Yeah. Sorry."

"Hey, no apology needed. You are a man of action and a man of deep thought. Both are nice. I don't have to have my cock inside of you to be ..."

"Sshhhh, I know. But I do love your cock inside of me. Your cum will stay with me for a very long time bro. It will be so nice. I need love, V, just like you do. Without it, I would have died four years ago, a terrible death. You do know how I feel about Skip, right?"

"Skip is your true heart and soul, even above me. I'm pleased for that. But, I know I will love you so much all our lives. Please know that."

"I do know that. I would not get within ten feet of you otherwise."

"Not necessarily true. Your need last year was urgent and I am glad the need makes us this close. I don't know how the other boys feel about ..."

"We talk about it. They would love you, and do, with or without sex. Jacking off together, or even sucking like we do, is so nice to have. We don't take it for granted. None of us has to fuck you to love you."

"But fucking me is okay?"

"Yes," is all he said.

It was his style to take a while. His future mate will be blessed. I felt maybe 2% lust, and 98% of his true heart for me. He was honored, but it is not honor that counts. I do not want or need worship. His need fulfilled is what is important. He fulfilled the need when he moaned softly and came hard inside of me. He held me and kissed me deeply, warmly, and with great caring. It is what he does. I know he will be okay.

The boys on the Common who played basketball celebrated with me. We played ball as I had not played in too long. They even forgave me my three-point shots. Not that they had a choice, because I love basketball, I am good at it after playing for 25 years, and because I cannot do anything half way. Three-point shots were rare enough for me, but oh I loved it when I hit nothin' but net.

"Aaron, you are a prayer answered," said Tony. "You allow me to believe in faith. It makes us all stronger."

"I love you a lot, Aaron," said Eric. "Tony is right. I pray too, and I believe. I know I can survive some shit if you can, as long as you show me the way. Nobody does anything alone. God bless Skip and Billy too."

"He blesses us all, guys. I love you back. You know where I live. Come on by soon, huh?"

I walked home. Geez I love that—I walked home. Nothing is forever, on both sides of an equation. I still have Muscular Dystrophy and there will be a wheelchair in my future. But not today.

Andrew was totally thrilled, as was Claire, enough so that they came to see me in person.

"I believe it, love, but it's still amazing. Your swelling on your spine must be gone. You can feel ... everything?"

I wiggled my eyebrows. They laughed.

My classmates at BC celebrated for me as well. My instructors went so far as to get my chair back out of storage. We carried on with learning, though hardly just from a textbook. I was finally an equal at the lab tables, not sitting below eye level of anyone.

Best till last—my paramedic classmates. I put my worries aside about being a good paramedic. They showed that they never doubted me. Even without my legs, I was going to be a damn good paramedic. But now it meant I did not have to prove myself harder than anyone else does. I am all for proving myself, but I would rather have somewhat equal footing. I guess anyone would. People will see a disability before any potential abilities. I know I can shine, and I can help someone else shine as well. We are not just classmates. We are also potential teammates on the streets of Boston. Friendships would develop and hold us through loss.

Christmas plans are next. We called Michael. After an hour on the phone, we had worked out the details. He was so excited to see Will soon. The boys had talked on the phone weekly, and traded email every day. Michael and Will had it very bad for each other, and distance be damned.

We arrived at Joan and Walt's inn on the Sunday morning before Christmas. Skip and I will take a circular route back to the inn on New Year's Eve, after visiting the same inns we did last year. Will came downstairs, scooped Michael up onto his shoulder, and disappeared back upstairs. We all laughed. Oh boy, lucky Michael.

Skip and I left for Margie's inn. We will be there by sunset, but we needed to give my legs a real good workout. We skied about five miles before we stopped, roughly two hours after leaving Joan and Walt's inn. I lay in a snowbank and spread my legs.

"Are you tired?"

"Nuh uh."

"Are you sore?"

"Nuh uh."

"Are you wanting something special?"

"Uh huh."

He opened my ski pants, opened his, and connected us before his dick could get kissed by the frigid air.

"Uhhhh huhhhh!"

"I love you, Aaron."

"How much?"

"With my whole heart, and seven and 5/8ths besides that."

"Whoo hoo!"

We kissed deeply as he filled me up. He did love me, and lust me too. Michael was not the only lucky boy today. Nah, blessed. I held him tight to me. He pulled back a bit after a while and looked at my eyes as he continued to fuck me. I knew he was about to come. He slid inside me all the way and unloaded. He moaned softly at the same time I did. Feeling Skip was so much better than not feeling Skip. I am so glad that he did not mind, that day, when I stared at him. He said it was good for his ego. He had none, truly, so it just meant that he knew he could love me and that I would love him back. The only gamble he took was in how much I loved him back. He got a full house as far as he was concerned. I won big, after gambling nothing, and got Skip, Billy and 17 college boys in the jackpot of the century.

We skied another seven miles and then arrived at Margie's inn just as the sun set behind the mountains. The fire in the fireplace was just getting a good burn. The living room smelled of fresh pine, coming from a twelve foot Christmas tree standing in front of the windows. Fresh candles added bayberry scent to the air.

"Welcome home, boys. Your bags are in your room. Aaron, I imagine you need a hot bath for those muscles of yours. Go on up, lads. Dinner will be ready by 6:30."

We gave Margie warm hugs as we went upstairs. My muscles did indeed need a hot soak. The muscle in my left leg danced and twitched as it had done when we played basketball with the boys at school. Skip gave it a deep massage under the water, slowly feeling it relax, returning to normal.

"As for this muscle?" he said, giving me eyebrows.

"Say no more."

I slid slowly and deeply into him. Not wishing to dawdle, I put a bit more lust than usual into fucking him. After all, I knew he was as hungry as I was. Lust could win out from time to time. After all, look who brought me to that in the first place.

Margie joined us for dinner, at our request. She served us chicken cordon bleu, twice-baked potatoes, Skip's favorite salad of spinach, red onions, and orange slices, and fresh strawberry rhubarb pie. The ingredients were fresh, not frozen.

"How did you manage fresh rhubarb and strawberries at the end of December?" I asked.

"A grateful woman and her husband in California's Napa Valley. My husband was killed as you remember, but his death saved the life of the young husband only a couple of feet away from him. I made the request a week ago and the shipment came yesterday morning."

"Thank you so much, Margie. It is indeed an honor to be your company for the next two nights. And thank you, twice as much, for giving to Will's college scholarship fund. You have met him by now?"

"Yes. He is a wonderful young man. He came over for a weekend after coming back from Boston. He helped me turn my gardens under, mowed the lawns, and trimmed all the shrubs. His work ethic is a beautiful thing."

"You know he is a fine artist as well?"

"Oh yes. Sit tight. I will be right back."

She left the room, went to her office, and returned with a framed picture. It was not a photograph. It was a pencil and ink drawing. Margie and her late husband, as captured so lovingly and beautifully by Will. I looked up at her, a tear in my eye. Skip had his head on my shoulder as we looked at the artistry, and the humanity.

"No tears, love," she said to me. "I am blessed to have Sutton with me forever."

I nodded and handed the picture back after a final look. Will was beyond a fine artist.

"You sit and enjoy the fire. We two are going to clean up the kitchen and load the dishwasher for you."

I pulled her book, which I had taken from her bedside table, off the fireplace mantle and handed it to her, along with the blanket from the sofa.

"Boys, you are so special to this old lady."

"Yes we are. And you are not an old lady. We love you and feel blessed by you. Read, dear heart, and enjoy your evening."

Skip and I retreated to the dining room where we carried food to the kitchen. We put it up in containers and put it in the fridge. I stole a sliver more of pie. We then lightly rinsed the plates and glasses, putting them in the dishwasher. We washed and dried the pots by hand, as we did at home. The dishwasher was not quite full, but close enough, so I turned it on.

Skip and I went up the back stairs to our room and made love again, slowly. We fell asleep in each other's arms a while later. Snow was falling, covering the landscape with a blanket of soft white. The fire in our bedroom fireplace slowly died, making us snuggle tighter together through the night.

We were in the kitchen at 5:30, an hour ahead of Margie. I happened to know her favorite breakfast. Skip and I whipped up buckwheat pancakes from scratch. We found blueberry compote in the freezer, so he defrosted that while I whipped butter. He put hickory-smoked bacon in the oven to bake for 25 minutes. Margie arrived just behind her sniffing nose and a wide smile.

"You two. Why am I a guest in my own inn?"

"Because we love you, Margie," Skip said, kissing her on her forehead.

She could not top that, even being a woman, nor did she try. I pulled her chair out for her in the dining room, and then sat down beside Skip. I kissed him and tucked in to our breakfast. Margie's busy week of the season was about to ramp up, hence our spoiling of her. We continued to do so as we unloaded the dishwasher, put dishes away, added the breakfast dishes, and then went upstairs to pack. When done, we put our bags behind the sofa. They would be transferred to the next inn later today. We gave Margie hugs, got equal hugs in return, and headed outside to put our skis on.

The powder was fresh, moderately deep, and sparkled like diamonds. We skied beside each other, holding hands, shoulder to shoulder. We kissed once in a while. We had the day to get to our next inn. Around noon, we sat in a clearing by a pond and ate ham salad sandwiches that Margie had made for us. The pickles snapped crisply as we bit into them. She made her own, from cucumbers grown in her garden. I poured honey mustard dressing over our salads. We planted our Cokes in the snow. After we ate, we lay back in each other's arms, against a large snowbank. He whispered in my ear and I looked into his eyes. Why me?

"Why not you? Why me? I'm more blessed than you are," he said.

"Nope. We are equal, bro. There is no better or worse with us, just each other to have and to hold. I know that I have you for the rest of my life. How do you feel about me, forever?"

"Forever is not nearly long enough," he said, meaning it.

We kissed and held each other while we napped briefly.

"Awww, lovers in love," said a voice above us.

I opened my eyes to see Will and Michael holding hands in front of us. They knelt down and kissed us both. I hugged them and then Skip did the same. He kissed the boys tenderly again, and then I got my chance. I pulled Michael beside me while Skip took Will into his arms.

"Hello young lovers. Decided to come out of your bedroom for a change?" I said.

"We came out an hour after I took my bro upstairs," said Will. "Life is too short to have sex all day. I would rather love Michael than lust him."

"Almost true for me, too," said Michael. "The lust is pretty good, too. I'm hard as a rock at the moment and we want to fuck you two."

"Oh boy!"

Skip and I undid our ski pants just enough. The boys were wearing snowsuits, the kind one would wear for riding snowmobiles. Out came their very hard cocks. They were beautiful. Michael spread my legs and entered me after lubing his cock with his spit. I had not had his cock inside of me often, but even now, it felt so good. He did not fuck me. Michael knew how to make sweet love, and did it incredibly well. He kissed me warmly and deeply. I held on to him and pulled him further inside of me. I tingled from head to toe.

"You can feel me, all of me?"

"Oh yeah, love, every nice inch."

"Here too?" he said, his hand on his heart.

"More and more every day."

"Aww, love, you know how to make me feel like I belong to you."

"You do. Don't you?"

"I don't want to assume."

"You do belong to me, to my heart. I will love you so much every day. Do I have to tell you that?"

"Yes," is all he said.

"Then I will tell you. I promise you will always know how I feel about you."

Will and Skip were having their own conversation, and Will was making very sweet and lusty love to his buddy. Michael and I both watched Will's wonderfully large cock slide into Skip's tight hole. His rhythm matched Michael's cock in me. Michael and I went back to kissing as Will and Skip did the same. We scooted closer together again. Michael and Will put an arm across each other's shoulders. They slid in and out of us together for a few minutes longer. When they unloaded, it was together and very hard. They both stayed inside of our well-used holes until they went soft.

Will looked over and me and gave me eyebrows.

"Oh? What are you up to?" I asked, as if I did not know.

"You need to fuck me."

"How did you know that?"

"You are so easy to read. And your boner is screaming my name."

"Well, since you put it that way ..."

I lay Will on his back. I hesitated, but then I put the head of my cock against his ass. He pushed up on me, forcing my cock inside of him. Well, that solved that little semi-dilemma. I still considered our age difference.

"Don't," he said. "Just make love to me, Aaron. I love you very much. You know nothing matters to me except to be loved. You love me, too, I know."

"I do love you, bro, very much."

I gave myself over to his wishes and did make very sweet love to him. He moaned softly as I slid in and out of him. He smiled at me as we kissed, holding his hand behind my head. He loved me inside of him. I loved to be inside of him just as much. I really did worry sometimes, but he made me worry less. As long as there is love, there can be sex.

Michael had practically done the same to Skip, but with a bit less hesitation. "I don't care either, bro," he had said to Skip. "I know you love me just as much as I love you, and you know I love you very deeply."

"I do," Skip said, folding himself around Michael protectively. There will be a time in the future when Skip is grateful for the love he gives to Michael. Michael would be as grateful, with no fears.

I was so hard. My feeling before I lost my legs did not seem to be as intense as they were now. Maybe I had just forgotten. Nah. I was grateful for the feeling to be back. Before and after made no difference, just the after. I felt my cum rise too soon. I tried to stay still, but my cock shot long ribbons of creamy cum inside of Will's hole. I wrapped him completely inside both arms as I bucked my hips, getting as deep inside of him as I could.

When I was done, and when my dick slipped out of his hole, Will kissed me lovingly.

"Thank you, Aaron, for loving me."

"You make me love you, bro. I don't have a choice."

"Good. That's how it should be. You love many. I am only one of many, but I still know I am unique and special to you. I am a saved life."

"And you love me because ..."

"You don't know the reason. It's my secret to have."

"Nuh uh. No secrets between friends and lovers," I teased.

"Tough," he teased back.

He and Michael put themselves together and walked back to the edge of the woods, to their snowmobile. It was an early Christmas gift from his parents. Will is now William Edward Whitfield. He calls his parents Mom and Dad, proudly. Walt did cry the first time Will hugged him and called him Dad. Walt hugged him back, and proudly called him his son.

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