Skip - Part 32


Skip – Part 32

The Christmas holidays were just awesome. Having missed our first Christmas together made Skip and I all the more thankful for the moments we had. As the song by Prince goes, we partied like it was 1999, because it was December 31. `Two thousand zero zero party over / Oops out of time ...'

Well, not quite out of time, but one does not live assuming that in 24 hours time, we who love each other will all be here. We woke up to the 21st Century minus 1 on January 1. People were already making the mistake that it was the new millennium. It would not be until 2001.

Normal life resumed on January 3rd. Skip went back to work. Unlike some, he had no dread about returning to work after a holiday. He loved his work and the people all around him. Billy came back to Boston to be with me since he was not due to start classes until January 18th. He had made love to Skip at bedtime last night. Now it was my turn to take him inside of me.

"Once you've had the best," I said, "it has to be a tough act to follow."

"Nope. Not when you two are the best, equally."

"No. Don't forget, I know what our buddy's hole feels like. There's little to compare it to."

"So there is no need to."

Okay, fine. He is practical, does not lie, and is not insincere.

"I love you for you, Aaron. I do not love you because you are my brother's lover. I am also my brother's lover. I am also your lover, and you are mine. Fuck anyone who thinks it is weird. It is not weird. Skip would have died without me. You would have died without us. If you love one, which you do, you can love two, which you do. I am very greatly blessed by your love. Where would I have been if it were not for you?"

"Skip brought you back to the living, bro, not me. You did not know me."

"Skip brought me back 99%. I do not deserve a 99% life."

I thought for a moment. "No. You don't. You deserve the best."

"And with you and Skip, I have the best."

"Same for me, exactly. I may love others as well, but you two ..."

"I know. But love the rest anyway. They need you. Don't deprive any one of them anything they would ever want from you."

"I'd rather die."

"I know that, too."

Billy, lying behind me, pulled his cock out of me. He laid me on my back and re-entered me smoothly. He kissed me for a long while as he slid inside of me. When he was close, he pulled out and straddled my chest. He slid his cock head into my mouth and then unloaded sweet cream onto my tongue. I swallowed his load, feeling the salty-sweetness slip down my throat. I loved his cum.

He lie on top of me and kissed me, holding me for a long while. We did not have to be anywhere in particular today, at least not at any set time. I spread his legs and entered him in one motion, taking him by surprise.


"Oh yeah."

"Well, no complaints from me, of course."

I knew that there would be none. Not because I have a huge ego. I do have an ego—who doesn't. But this very special someone in my arms, after he had held me all night, is who makes my heart beat.

"Nope, just one of many," he said.

"A very special somebody," I said.

"Only because I love you."

"Say that again."

"Because I love you."


"I love you."

"Thank you for that." I kissed him warmly. The words are not only words. No lie and no insincerity. He loves me just the same as Skip loves me.

"Skip loves you better," he said.

"No, bro. You are equal and we are three. I love you the way you love Skip and me. Skip loves you the way he loves me. You love us, period."

"I do."

"Three does not mean three bodies, love."

"I know. Three hearts and three souls. None better, and none worse by far."

"How much do you believe that last part?"

"About 95%, but I can work on it."

"Work on me then," I said.

He did. I pulled out of him and he re-entered me.

"I love exactly what you are doing. Lemme see. Push all the way inside of me for a moment."

He did. I did a calculation.

"Hmmm. Seven and 3/4ths, give or take an eighth."

Billy threw his head back and laughed aloud.

"I'll give you an eighth, bro. And I'll take one later."

"You can take all you want, as long as you give. I'm greedy you know."

"Yeah, I've sorta heard that rumor. I find it hard to believe."

"And I find it ... hard. Fuck me," I said with an evil leer.

"Okay, now I believe."

So he fucked me. Well, not really, not like one would think. We do not have sex. It is love or nothing, including, of course, love of cock. His fits me just as Skip fits me. I am still getting used to feeling a boy inside of me again, fully. Oof, but I sure do love it.

The words I like a lot, especially when it is me causing it – "I'm coming!"

"Fill me up, bro, deep inside. Make me and you one."

He unloaded inside of me. As I said, love grows from seeds. As much as I love cum in my mouth, every now and then a renewal needs to take place. When he was done, he saw that I had not come yet. He lay down on his back and spread his legs.

"Subtle," I said, laughing.

I am not one to pass up opportunity, so I slid slowly and fully inside him again. We kissed deeply as I made sweet love to him. He squeezed my cock, milking it. I could not hold out any longer. I came hard, and impressive eight shots into his tight hole.

We showered, dressed, went to MacDonald's for breakfast, and then walked all over the city in the snowstorm. Most any place was beautiful in the snow, and Boston was one of them. People went home early from work, the streets quieted down, and one could hear oneself think.

We arrived home at 4:30 just as Skip put his hand on the door at our entrance.

"You worked all day, love? Looks like at least State employees got out early because of the snow."

"A couple of the guys left early too, to pick kids up from school. Schools got out at noon. I had plenty to do and I knew the Red Line would run fine, so I kept at it. The new areas on campus are shining. I'm working with metal, mostly stainless steel, which is awesome."

"I make us a hot toddy while you shower. I love you, but you're a bit ripe," I said.

Jon, my young friend, called to ask for help in his English Composition class.

"My teacher says I `got potential' but I'm pulling a C. I could use a critic, an honest one," he said.

"Glad to help if I can. I've taken two composition classes, and I do write a lot. Come on over when you want to. Can you eat dinner with Skip and me?"

"Yeah. How about Wednesday? I have a paper due on Friday."

"Okay, bro. Bring your coursework to date and we can work on re-writes. Before-and-after was the most helpful for me in word crafting."

Jon arrived just after Skip on Wednesday. We had soup and tacos since the weather was cold and still snowy. Skip did homework for a class in the big boy chair while I took Jon's first essay and encouraged him to rewrite it.

"Simple sentences are best. Show your reader vs. telling him or her, by descriptive words."

"Like this?" he said, rewriting a sentence on the screen.

"Now, which one would you rather read in a story?"

"This one," he said pointing to the screen.


"It reads easier. It's a multi-thought sentence broken up into two sentences. It's also a little more descriptive."

"Good. Take this paragraph and make it better. I see four ideas, so make four paragraphs. Show me a picture of your character. Tell me where he is and what he sees."

I got us more apple juice as he wrote for about ten minutes. I did not hover. I sat on the ottoman near the fire. He will tell me when he is ready for my review. He was thoughtful in how he worked. I did not always see Jon when I looked at him. I saw him wrapped bandages and with a tube in his nose. I guess I was looking a bit sad when he turned to me.

"I'm okay, bro. No worries, really."

"Let me hold you for a minute anyway," I said.

He turned to face me, hugging me as I hugged him. I rubbed his back.

"I'm okay because you stayed with me, Aaron. Everyone needs someone to care for him. My brother does well for me, and you do the rest. I'm good, my friend. I know what you believe about lying and sincerity. I try not to lie. And I am sincere."

"Two admirable qualities in my friends, Jon. I'm glad you're healing well. Your friends ..."

"In the past, Aaron. I started the battle, but I'm also smart enough to stay away from them. They leave me alone, I leave them alone. Harm comes to me, Jordan will know what to do."

"Okay, man. Let me see your rewrite."

He handed it to me. It pleased me, and I smiled as I read it, which pleased him.

"Grammar is harder than spelling, but we can work on spelling too. You can use my PC when you want to. Microsoft Word has a spell checker. You can still have typos [don't I know it! Ugh!], but at least it catches the obviously bad stuff. I'll proofread for you if you want, or maybe a classmate?"

"I can trade with a classmate so we can help each other. I guess the `got potential' is true?"

"Everyone has potential for something, love. Yes. Your writing potential is there. It just needs tweaking, but you got the basics."

"The storm is picking up. I should head for home."

I looked over at Skip and Billy. Billy had come in a few minutes ago.

"How do you guys feel about us walking our friend home? Safety in numbers and the whole thing ..."

"I'm game. Billy?"

"Count me in. I hate worrying."

We walked the fifteen minutes to the North End. We each gave Jon a hug and told him to come again. We walked back to our place for another fifteen minutes. I was ready for another hot cocoa by the time we got home. We added a large log to the fire so it will keep us warm all night. We lay back in the big boy chair wearing only long johns and socks, snuggling to be comfortable. We kissed each other for a while and held on. The wind howled outside, rattling our large windows on the front side of the brownstone. At bedtime, we lay close, Billy in the middle, and his brother and I holding on tightly together. We slept deeper and deeper as the fire died down.

"I'm gay, but I don't want to tell the guys," said Tony to me one morning, the only morning that the sun had been out for more than two hours.

"What's gay?" I asked, seriously. "To you, I mean."

"I got it bad for a buddy."

"Does he know?"


"Why not?"

"He's not gay."

"Says you."

"The way he acts."

"How does a gay guy act?"


"I'm asking. Talk to me."

"Can we go somewhere?"

"Sure. Come home with me. I'll make us some lunch."

We walked, mostly in silence. Tony was thinking faster than he could possibly talk about anything. He looked at me. I patted his shoulder as we walked along.

"I'm your friend, no matter what. You already know I'm one of three."

"Yeah. It's why I can come out to you."

"But not to your buddies, who you've been tight with longer than you're alive?"

"Yeah. Something like that."

"They won't hate you."

"They're homophobic."

"They're afraid of gay guys?"

"Uh no. They hate gay guys, `cept you."

"Odd, and strange. I hate the word homophobic. Useless goddamned word. It's not fear, it's hatred. Hatred hurts people. Worse, it kills people. So they would hurt you?"

"Oh yeah."

"Their best friend?"

"Doesn't matter. Fags ..."

"Do NOT use that word in my presence!"

I startled him, badly. He moved away from me, leaving the kitchen to go sit on the ottoman.

"Shit. Tony, it's not an acceptable word."

"It's not mine. I'm just saying."

"I know. I didn't mean, well, I did, but I did not mean to startle you."

He stayed silent. He is an inner city kid who looked more kid than usual. I sat with him on the ottoman and put my arm around him.

"Being a label is not who you are, bro. I think you should trust the guys enough to tell them your feelings. Have you made out with a guy, so you're sure it's guys you like?"

"No, but I want to, very badly. He doesn't know. I don't have those same feelings for my female friends. They're friends, but I don't want to fuck, uh, to go to bed with them."

I turned his head to me and I kissed him on his lips, softly.

"Is that what gay is?" I asked.

"Yes. And no," he said.

"Can't be both."

"I hope gay is love, not just fucking. But fucking, too."

"It is, but that's for you to decide. I don't find it to be confusing because I won't put a limiting label on my feelings. I love Billy and Skip, both and equally. Some would say that's nuts, but we've been loving each other for over five years, so nuts is not what it is."

"I know why you love them, and why they love you. I want that to, but with just one. I can't tell him."

"Maybe he can't tell you either, unless you tell him."

"I doubt it."

"Doesn't make it true."

"You're doing it again," he said with a sigh.


"Making sense."

"Love me, love my common sense."

"I do love you, Aaron, but you already know that. You're pretty damned amazing."

"I'm not. I just have a wish to live and thrive. The guys will tell you I could care less how being out of the wheelchair feels, `cept for my paramedic career. Me in a wheelchair does not define me either. Will said that not liking the label does not make the label go away. Labels make people feel things that are not always the right things to feel."

"Uh, once more, in English."

"Gay is a sexual preference, and that's ALL that it is. Gay does not make you a freak, or strange, or a bad guy."

"Yeah it does, at least someone who isn't."

"When you first saw me in my wheelchair, what did you feel?"


"Dandy. Why?"

"Because I know you, and I knew you could not do stuff like you used to."

"Oh? Care to think about that some more?"

"You know, like run."

"So? I showed you I could still play basketball. I could still make a 3-point shot if I tried hard."

"You had to try harder than if you could just run."


Sigh. "I know what you're trying to do."

"Then let me."


"My office is the place to help you and those around you understand. When can you and the guys be together again?"

"Friday morning."

"Okay, Friday morning, 10:00 a.m., my office."

We went back to the kitchen to finish lunch. I finished off the mac and cheese and boiled four hot dogs. Tony got Coke out of the fridge. I know he lived on his own and did not make a lot of money, so I sent the leftovers home with him, along with a hug. He gave me a nice one in return.

"Can Billy come with you on Friday?" he asked me.

"Sure, if you want."

"Moral support, I guess. I don't expect it to be easy. Can I, uh, kiss you again?"

"Come on over here and sit with me for a while."

We sat down and held each other. He looked into my eyes, so unsure. I kissed him on his nose, making him smile. He kissed my forehead.

"How do you know I like that?" I asked.

"Dunno. It just seems nice."

I kissed him on his forehead and then looked into his eyes. He leaned in a little, shyly, and then backed off again. I touched him and then brought him closer. He kissed me again, shyly.

"Kiss me like you mean it," I said.

He knew what I meant, and did kiss me just that way. He did not shove his tongue into my mouth. He kissed my lips, and then chewed lightly on my bottom lip.

"So why so shy?" I asked.

"I'm afraid."

"Of me?"

"A little. You have Skip and Billy."

"They would both love that I'm taking care of a friend."

"Is that what I am?"

"Yes. Don't you want to be?"

"I do. Are you going to die, Aaron? I guess that's what I'm afraid of."

"Not today, love."

He thought about it for a few minutes while he held me tight.

"Okay. I believe you."

He was sad. I kissed him this time, deeply and meaning it. I put my hand behind his head and looked into his eyes, and then kissed him again for a long while. He kissed me back just as nicely.

"Does loving more than one take anything away from the other?"

"Nope. Billy and Skip and I are three. There is no better or worse, and there is nothing but equal and beautiful love among us. I would have died without them. With them, I have nothing to worry about."

"I like you, Aaron. I like you a lot. I'm sorry that I'm scared."

"What will it take to make you less afraid, or not afraid at all?"

He shrugged. He gave me sad eyes.

"Awww, love, come on. You know I can care about you too. We'll talk to the guys together. Stay with us tonight. I'll sleep with you here, so you'll be okay."

He laid his head on my shoulder. A tear ran down his cheek. I kissed it away. He looked up at me and tried to smile, but he could not. So I held on to him. He was sleeping when Skip and Billy came home.

"I have to pee," I said to Billy, quietly, when he came over to kiss me. "Will you hold Tony?"

"Of course," he said, not thinking about it.

I carefully pulled myself out of Tony's arms. Billy slid into my place and held Tony close, kissing his forehead lightly. Billy did not have to ask why Tony was here or what was going on. He just knew that Tony needed to be held. It was reason enough to hold on. I would explain later.

Skip showered. After I peed, I stripped and joined him. I only wanted my nude body against his nude body under the hot water. I told him about Tony coming out to me.

"Then we'll love him just as much, bro," he said simply.

"I love you, so much. You have a heart for anyone in need."

"That's you specialty," he said.

"Nope. Ours. We have to love because we can't hate."

He held me like he loves me with all his heart.

"Of course I do, bro. You are everything to me. No Aaron, no life. Seriously."

He always did know the right thing to say to me. I hugged him and kissed him deeply. We toweled each other off. When we went back to the living room, Tony was awake. His head was on Billy's shoulder. Billy was holding Tony just right. Tony winked at me.

"I told Billy," he said. "Did you tell Skip?"

"Aaron told me, bro. No worries. We'll do what we can for you. You do know you're welcome anytime. We don't have to give out invites to our friends."

"Thanks, Skip. You too Aaron. I'm okay. Billy just makes it one step better, so thank you bro," he said, turning to Billy and kissing him.

Billy kissed him back, warmly and sincerely. Skip went over to Tony and did the same. He wiped away the tear that slid down Tony's cheek.

"No one in need goes without help, bro, no matter what. If you need to be held, we'll hold you, any one of us at any time"

Tony nodded. I took Billy's place while he and Skip made dinner for us four.

Later in the evening, we watched TV. Tony said he was always still out on the streets at this time of day. He hated being home alone until bedtime. I kept my arms around him all evening. When it was time for bed, Skip and Billy gave us a blanket and pillows. They climbed into bed to hold each other, while I lay Tony against me and kissed him goodnight. He tucked into my neck and went to sleep easily.

On Friday morning, around 9:50 a.m., Tony, Eric, Jim, and Mark arrived. Jon, the last of the team, was not there. We sat on an assortment of chairs.

"I want to tell you guys something, and I don't expect you'll take it well. Well, Eric has a clue, but still ..."

They waited. He looked at each person in turn.

"Crap. I ... uh," he said, struggling. Use the label or not. I reached for his hand. He took it in both of his.

"You're gay?" asked Jim. "You and Aaron?" he said, looking at me.

"Yes I'm gay, but not Aaron. Someone else."

Mark scowled. Jim shifted. Eric nodded. Billy rubbed Tony's back.

"No using the F-word, ANY of you," I warned, firmly. They knew I did not mean `fuck'.

"How long?" asked Eric.

"Summer before last, 18 months."

"Have you been with him?" asked Eric.

"No. He doesn't know."

"Is he gay?" asked Mark.

"I dunno."

"Change places with me, bro," said Eric to Mark. Mark was putting off bad vibes.

"No. I'm okay where I am," protested Mark.

"Not even close. Move."

These guys were all street smart. They had to be. They were all inner city kids. Tony, I think, was about 20. He was the informal leader because he was the oldest, but only just.

"I don't care about gay or straight, bro," said Eric. "None of us judge Aaron and Skip, and Billy either. If you're going to be pissed at Tony ..."

"I'm not pissed," said Mark. "But I should know if my best friend is a queer."

I glared at him. "Alright alright. Gay."

"What difference does it make in your friendship?" Billy asked. "You *are* pissed. But it doesn't bother you about Aaron, Skip and me?"

"I dunno," Mark said.

"Not much of an answer," said Tony.

"It's creepy."

"Mark!" cautioned Eric.

"Well it is! Damn, Tony, you're my friend."

"And being gay makes me less of a friend?"

Mark shrugged.

"How?" I pressed him. "Please don't tell me that you think he's going to put the moves on you. Think about that, and then think about how stupid it sounds."

Mark shifted in his seat, clearly uncomfortable.

"I said I have it for another guy. You are not the other guy. Get over yourself. Mark, you are my friend. We have done so much together and I have never once tried to take advantage of you."

"Who is he?"

"None of your business."

"I want to know."


"Mark, close your mouth for a minute. Jim, you're thinking this over?" I asked.

"Nope. I'm watching Mark think he's all that," he said with a hell a smirk.

Tony looked over at Jim. Mark glared over at Jim.

"Tony, I don't care about gay or straight either," said Jim. "You're my friend and have been for a long time. Nothing changes. Aaron, Skip, and Billy helped each other through hellish times. If it takes that kind of love to save a soul, so be it."

Mark got up and left, walking out the door and slamming it behind him. I did not like that, at all, and not because it was rude. Rudeness does not bother me. Bad attitudes bother me.

"Watch your back, bro," I said to Tony. "He's a good guy, but my Spidey senses are on alert."

"Spidey senses?" he said, smiling. Jim and Billy laughed.

"Yeah, well, you know."

"I wouldn't mess with Spidey senses, bro. If anything, I know to trust your instincts."

My squad responded to a traffic accident. A young woman had been hit by a limo. The driver skidded on ice. His passenger bumped his knee in the backseat. I attended to the woman.

"Do you know who I am," yelled the man, hurt, but not bleeding, hobbling out of the car, and sitting down beside me.

"Yes sir. You're someone who is injured. However, you're stable and not bleeding, unlike this young woman here."

"I'm [name and rank withheld]. I wield a great deal of influence in this city, including over your department's budget. I insist on being taken care of now!"

"Your current authority over me, sir, is minimal. I owe you little. You are stable. You are not bleeding. Do you see this?" I held up two very bloody hands. "Is this your blood? No sir, it's not."

I tried to tune him out, but it proved to be difficult. I did not stop what I was doing. She would die.

"Fire my ass if you will. Unlike you, I have a conscience. My superiors already know I will not EVER kowtow to someone like you. File a complaint with the department. Your power is in your arrogant mind, and in those who allow you to push them around. I'm not one of those. The only power I'm interested in is my ability to save this patient. Respectfully, sir, shut your mouth."

"I am in pain!"

"Yes sir. And this woman's heart is stopping. Back off!"

My teammate finally was freed from traffic duty since the police finally arrived.

"You're suspended for two days," my supervisor told me.

She did not like saying that. I had explained everything, which did match the story from the officious official.

"Fine, but the next time I see that idiot, I'm going to stick a needle in his ass."

"Permission granted. Off the record," she smiled slyly.

"See you next week," I said, as I walked away.

"No, on Thursday."

"Probably not."

"Aaron. Don't be stupid."

"I am not, nor will I ever be, stupid. Reckless or careless, maybe, but not stupid."

I was not pissed off. I do not kowtow, especially to `power'. The arrogant bastard got his wish, but I would get the final word. The department would bend the rules only so far, and my side of the story took precedence, because I had not embellished it. After a few short months, I was a known quantity. I warned my supervisor early on that I resent pushy people and that I will fight against them.

I went home to write a letter to the Boston Globe. I did not name names, but I told enough so the wise could figure out who the jerk was. The Globe published it with only a minor correction. It would cause me to be suspended for five days instead of two. But the people spoke out for me, and against the arrogant ass. Some of the response letters to the editor did name names, and more than just that one jerk. The people of the city were tired of the power-mad. "I'm so and so, and I own you." No, you do not and fuck you. The people have spoken.

I still have my letter and the responses pinned to the bulletin board above my bed. The young woman lived. Her parents raised holy hell against the driver and the city. Her hospital bill and all rehab care were paid for—by the city. I felt sorry for the driver. His lousy boss probably told him to get him to such and such a place quickly, safety be damned. The driver found a better employer, which was a no-brainer. The official is still an ass, but a tiger cannot change its stripes. I bucked the system, but did not lose badly. Five days suspension is a reasonable price to pay. My teammates told me they were on my side. The department, I later found out, did not officially record my suspension in my personnel file. I told my supervisor she should do so. I did not want her to get in hot water. After some discussion, she reluctantly did.

"I knew what I was doing when I wrote the letter to the Globe. I'm not putting up with bullies."

"I like your principles, Aaron. Do what you do best and you'll be fine."

This was not always true. I found out from Eric that Tony was beaten up. He was hurt badly enough that he regretted coming out, especially since it was Mark and Jon who beat him up.

He came to visit me one afternoon.

"You are NOT to do anything about this," he warned me.


"Leave them alone. This is my deal, not yours."

"Since when?"

"Since I just said so. Look, I should have talked to Eric and Jim privately. I know Mark is homophobic."

"It's NOT phobia!" I yelled. "I hate that fucking word!"

"It's the accepted word, so too bad."


"I'm not standing by while you get hurt."

"Too late."

"Tony, damn it," I said, just pissed off.

"Too late. Leave it."

"I can't."

"You will."

"Take off your shirt," I said, not fooling around.

He did so. His chest was black and purple. I touched it carefully, looking at his eyes and then at the bruises. I leaned in to kiss him. He let me, and then he kissed me back.

"I'm sorry, Tony. Mark and Jon are going to get away with beating up a friend."

"Yeah. So?"

"And you're doing nothing about it."

"Yeah. So?"

"You're pissing me off!"

He pulled me to him again and kissed me deeply. He wrapped his arms around me and held me until I calmed down.

"I don't care about what they do. You can't change the world. Gays will always be hated."


"In our lifetime then, gays will always be hated."

"It doesn't have to be that way. Speak out against it. What if they do it to someone else?"

"The street has its own brand of justice, bro. Don't interfere."

"Interfere?" I scowled.

"You care for me. I love you, Aaron, very much. Eric and Jim care for me too. They both took me to the hospital and then took me home. They stayed with me, brought me food, and changed my bandages. They're doing more, but that's not for you to know. I want Aaron's love to take me the rest of the way. Just hold me, bro, and let me finish healing."

A need will never go unfulfilled. He touched me and I let him. He put his hand inside of my jeans and fondled my cock. He got me hard in no time.

"Can I see it?" he asked.

I nodded and then lie on my back. He opened my belt and then unzipped my jeans. He pulled my cock out and continued to play with it. He wrapped his fist around it and stroked me long and smoothly, as he would do to his.

"Lemme see yours, bro," I said.

He lie on his back for a moment as I took his cock out of his jeans. I wrapped my fist around his. It was nicely thick.

"Nice cock," I said, smiling at him.

"I knew yours would look just like this," he said. "I, uh, don't have any experience with another guy ..."

He broke off what he was going to say. I reassured him by kissing him as we played with each other. I let go of his cock and put my hand behind his head, drawing him closer to me.

"When will you tell the guy about you?" I asked, referring to the guy that Tony had the hots for but did nothing about.

"I dunno. I want him to be a friend first."

"Do you know he's gay, or just that you want him to be?"

"Wishful thinking."

"Well, it worked for Skip and me. Just go easy, okay?"

"Yeah. I know."

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. His cock and mine touched. It was electric. I grabbed both our cocks as I held Tony with my left arm. We kissed deeply.

"Will Skip be mad ..."


"How come?"

"Skip would hold you too, if he were here instead of me."

"You're so lucky, Aaron. Skip is such a beautiful guy, and I don't mean just looks. I hope I'm as lucky some day."

"It's not luck. He says he worked hard to make me fall in love with him. He knew I was hurting after losing my wife and child, and that I would not easily be brought back to love. I was very needful because of the cancer and he knew how to take care of me."

"So it goes beyond sex, always?"

"Not much is `always', bro. You give more than you take, and you always talk about stuff. If you want to love another guy, then you will. Care about him, not just take him to bed. I know you got a lot to give, so do it."

"It's not that easy."

"Anything worth doing is worth doing right. There is no time limit on love."

"I know. But ..."

"Sshhhh. Let me take care of your need."

I lay my head on his stomach and sucked his cock into my mouth. I gave him what I would give any of my boys. He moaned as I sucked him up and down. I did not rush. He did not shove his cock into my throat. He let me take what I could, and I made it all about him. I lay between his legs and looked up at him as I sucked him. I stroked his cock when I took it out of my mouth to smile at him.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. I can't say I love you, bro, but maybe I do. I dunno."

"Someday then, Tony. Being taken care of is good enough most times."

I went back down on him and sucked him until he got close. I slid his cock further into my mouth when he unloaded. I swallowed and then cleaned up his cock. I put it back in his jeans and fixed them. I climbed on top of him and kissed him softly. He held me.

"Do you want to get off?" he asked me.

"Nope. I'm just fine. This was for you. It's what I mean about taking care of someone. Give. No need to always take. We can do this again when you want to."

"Thanks. I won't make a pest of myself. But I do like you holding me."

"I can hold you every day if that's what it'll take for you to know you're okay with me. Or Skip will. Billy too, for that matter. There's a lot of love here."

"I'm tired," he said, kissing my cheek.

"I'm not going anywhere. Close your eyes, love. I'll hold you safe and sound."

He was out in no time. I held on as I promised to. I tucked his face into my neck. I did not sleep. I wanted him to know I am a man of my word. I rubbed his back gently. I bet he hurt all over. I had to stop thinking about it or I would get angry again. He did not need me to be angry. I had to wonder what he meant about street justice though. I could imagine, even when I did not want to.

Tony slept for an hour and a half. When he awoke, I looked into his eyes. I saw pain. I kissed him lightly.

"Sit tight, love. I got some ibuprofen to take away that pain."

I went to the kitchen to get him two tablets and a glass of water. I sat back beside him while he took the tablets and drank the water.

"All of it, bro, especially if you got an empty stomach."

He drank the rest of the water. I held him again until the pain eased.

"I should call Eric," he said. "He won't let me walk home alone. He'll stay with me, too."

I handed Tony my cell phone. Eric was in my contacts, so he selected his name and pressed `Call'.

He talked to Eric for a couple of minutes. I told him to tell Eric to just come in when he arrived. Within a half hour, Eric came through my apartment door. Tony and I were still in the oversized chair.

"Awww, Aaron, you're so good to our friend. You okay, Tony?"

"Yeah. We had a good afternoon. I want to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to get some ibuprofen. It works better than the aspirin I have at home."

"Come again, guys, anytime you want. You don't need an invite to come. You know I'm in chemo on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. We're home after 4:30 no matter what. Come for dinner some night, too."

"Thanks, Aaron. I'll call first."

The guys left. I sat at my Mac and read my email. I sent email to Michael to see how he was doing, and then to Will. The boys had both applied to the Life Sciences department at the University of Toronto. Michael was ranked third in his class of over 100 students. Will was ranked sixth in a class of 80 or so. They had both submitted their freshman essays, which were quite outstanding, in my biased opinion. Will also applied to the Humanities and Social Sciences department to minor in art. Michael was considering a minor, but was undecided about a second interest. Paramedicine was a possibility, but it meant attending classes at the University in Scarborough also. That would not be a big deal.

Sam had told them not to think about cost. Michael's cost will be about double what Will pays, or about $7,000. Even then, Michael's cost would be less than $15,000 for his first year, inclusive. That's less than one-third of what our boys paid at BC. The web site says that students will not experience more than a 5% increase in a given year.

I found a quote from Mother Theresa to send to both of the boys in email. It was important that they know this:

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be
extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.

A winter storm settled in over Boston. Billy asked Skip and me to join the boys at school while most of the city, including Harvard, was closed down. That was a no-brainer. We hopped the T and rode for almost 90 minutes instead of the usual hour. The tracks must have been icy, not just snow-covered.

There was a note at the station, on the glass wall of the shelter, when we got there.

"Aaron, call me when you get here. Too cold to wait! Billy"

I dialed his cell on my cell. "Sit tight, bud. We're almost there. Nah, no need."

"What, no welcome party?" joked Skip. "I guess I'm spoiled. Two guys or all eighteen is a nice welcome."

"No worries, love, I'm sure they're warming up the common room for us. Damn it's cold out!"

"Warming up the common room indeed," said Skip as we let ourselves in with our key. He laughed aloud, as did I. "I see that we're a bit overdressed for this occasion," he said.

"20 below zero outside, and you guys are still, uh, hot?" I smirked.

"Yeah, hot and ... you know," said Jeremy, smiling broadly.

We took off about three layers of clothing to get down to what the boys were wearing ... not a stitch. Eighteen boys were sitting side by side, around the room, legs spread and eager. And hard. I wagged my hard cock in front of me, hitting my hips with it. Then Skip and I did a sword fight. He was losing, so he turned me around and stuck me where the sun never shines.

"Uncle! Okay love," I said to Skip. "You start at that end and I'll start over here. We'll meet in the middle."

First in line for Skip is Jeremy. He lay between Jeremy's legs and went down on him. I lay between Patrick's long legs and sucked his fine cock into my mouth. He moaned as I swallowed it all, tickling his balls with my tongue. In the mean time, I reached to my right and took Jake's cock in my hand. I stroked him a bit and then played with his balls. Geez, this is hot! It had been a while since we took care of the guys, and obviously a while since they had taken care of each other.

I looked up at Patrick. He nodded, knowing I was asking if he was okay. I moved on to Jake and gave him the same treatment while I played with Paul's hard cock with one hand and Patrick's with the other. Yeah, yeah, Aaron loves cock. I am not ashamed to be with the boys, and giving them blowjobs is so cool. This was not the first nor last time that we would do group sessions with the guys. This did not prove that I love them, only that being with them is very cool.

After a few minutes, I moved on to Paul's cock, playing with Jake's on one side and Sam's on the other. Skip and I continued to work on the boy's cocks, working toward Billy who was in the middle. I climbed over Skip as he went under me and kept on going. Skip ended with Patrick and I ended with Jeremy. We sat beside the boys and then moved closer together, into the center of the room. Legs overlapped legs and balls touched balls. We all grabbed whatever cock was closest and jacked our partner. I had David's large cock in my fist while Alex had my not-as-large cock in his. Twenty guys started unloading hot cum one after another, spraying all over naked bodies. Eager tongues licked and sucked until we were pretty well clean. Six guys at a time headed to the shower.

"So, was anyone left out, or left unsatisfied?" Skip asked, smiling, a small drop of someone's cum on his chin.

Kirk leaned in to lick it up. "Not me, bro. That was so hot that it was cool!"

"I might need it again tomorrow. Okay, okay, I WILL need it again tomorrow," joked Kenny. He was already half hard again.

Billy knew better. He lay across Jessie and Henry's legs and grabbed Kenny's cock. He slowly and deliberately stroked Kenny to full hardness, sucked him for about ten minutes, and then swallowed like mad as Kenny shot his second load of the day.

"Nice, Billy. I still need it again tomorrow, but only because you guys just turn me on."

We each grabbed a partner and held on for a long while. Some of the boys jacked their partner off again. Henry did not let me go until I too shot my load again. It, however, was my third, not second.

"Just so you guys know, that was my third load today. I won't name names, but Skip got me off this morning. Also, just so you know, my record is four times in one day. Do with that as you wish."

I got quite a few challenging looks. Oh boy!

We got dressed, and then added outdoor layers. There were snowmen, snow angels, and snow forts to be made. We could not spend the day getting each other off. Well, we could, but today was not the day for that. Outside, we starting building and did not stop until the setting sun, which we could not see, robbed us of daylight. At day's end, we had built 20 snowmen, one to represent each of us, all to appropriate scale of our own bodies. Kenny's was the shortest and David's was the tallest. They built them side-by-side. The 20 would reside on The Higgins Stairs, near the library, until they were demolished by wayward students [we hoped not] or until the spring thaw.

The grill in the dining hall was open for business. I had two soft tacos and Coke, leaving room for cake au chocolat. Triple layer. Yum! Jake and Jeremy, as usual, shared a piece of pie, blueberry this time. Paul figured that if he brought an extra spoon plus a serving and a half of vanilla/chocolate soft serve ice cream I would have some too. I am so transparent. A serving and a half was not enough, so he got more. And then one serving more.

"Je suis dans l'amour avec Aaron," said Kenny, quite well actually.

"J'adore Kenny de loin. Et fermez-vous parfois vers le haut."

"Awww, bro, you are the best," Kenny said. "I have no clue what you said, but it was well spoken and very possibly not a lie."

"Kenny, love, I do not lie. Anyone?"

"I worship Kenny from afar and sometimes up close," said Billy.

"Whoo hoo! Keep that up and we might match your record."

"Might? Really? Might?"

"Okay okay! Forgive me oh great and powerful Aaron. I will make amends ... over and over again."

"Oh yeahhh."

"Horny much, Kenny?"

"Nah. I'm unselfishly doing this for Aaron. I'm fine."

"Yeah, and the moon is made of cheese," quipped Jake. "I forget, you're not a screamer are you Aaron?"

"That would be ... no."

"Phew. Then I can sleep while you guys tire each other out."

"Or ..." Kenny said giving Jake eyebrows.

"Well, yeah, there is always that. But I don't like to assume. Okay, please can I huh can I Aaron?"

"That would be ... oh yeahhh."

I gave both boys eyebrows. Then I stood up and put my layers on. Jake and Kenny followed suit.

"Gentlemen, excuse us please. Since I ate a good dinner AND I had dessert, it's time to be naughty. Again. Save a place for us in the sleeping bags, huh?"

With that, we left. When we got to their room, the boys wasted no time in stripping me naked. Jake and Kenny both got on their knees in front of me and shared my cock. They could teach me to be less greedy, however, I liked being greedy. Taking Billy's cum and not sharing it, or Skip's in my ass instead of in my mouth and not sharing it is my kind of greed. Good thing for me these guys did not know greed. They took equal turns sucking me.

"Let's lie down on the floor. I want to suck both of you."

Jake got down on the floor without taking my cock out of his mouth. Kenny took up my cock as soon as we got into position. I turned my head and sucked on Jake while Kenny sucked me. When Jake took over, I turned my head and sucked Kenny. The boys both spread my ass cheeks and massaged the outer rim of my hole, making me all the harder.

"I really like your cocks, bros," I said, and then went back down on Jake.

"Me too," said Jake.

"Mmmm," said Kenny. This made my cock tingle more.

"Mmmm mmmm," I said when I went back down on Kenny.

This made him come in my mouth. He bucked his hips as he shot five nice ribbons into my mouth.

"You liked that little vibration, huh bro?" I said after he lay down again.

"Oh yeah! Do it to Jake."

I did. He liked it too because he rewarded me with six hard ribbons of cum.

"Yup, he liked it too," I said, laughing after I had swallowed his load.

The boys teamed up and vibrated my cock in the same way until I shot twice into Jake's mouth and three times into Kenny's mouth. Both swallowed hungrily. When we all came back to Earth, the boys turned around and then each lay half on top of me. We kissed for a long while. Jake and Kenny kissed each other as well. I could get turned on again by watching them kiss. Both got semi-hard again.

"So you two ..."

"Yeah, once in a while," said Kenny. "I love my bro."

"I love you too, Kenny. You're aces."

This was true for every boy in this dorm, plus Patrick and Sam, Alex and Kirk. The boys knew they could love each other and that they could make out together with no shame. Sam, even though he had David, gave a good amount of attention to Patrick, and was loved in return. The boys say I taught them this, but they had to be willing to take their friendships to that level. More than anything, they held on to each other and shared better friendships than most college buddies did. It was nice to see.

When we returned to the common room, we saw that all the guys were still naked, and holding on to each other. I sat down in front of Henry. He wrapped his arms around me. Jake sat up against Vincent, who held him closely and kissed him warmly. Kenny sat in front of Greg, who did the same.

We had nowhere to go tonight. We did not need to be hard again. Holding was just perfect enough. None of these boys did anything half way. I am glad that I could teach them to sincerely love each other. This would make them close long into the future. A friend does not keep his friends at arm's length, but holds him close to his body and inside of his heart.

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