Skip - Part 4


Skip – Part 4

Saturday morning. I woke up, feeling Skip behind me, and my arms wrapped around Billy. I peeked over his shoulder. Sound asleep. I looked over at the clock. It was 6:45 a.m. I turned my head to see if Skip was awake. He was. He kissed me. We got lost in kisses.

"Hey, are you starting without me?" said Billy, turning me to him, putting more kisses on my lips.

"Well, we don't `do' comatose guys, so now that you're awake, you can take the lead. What do you want to do?"

"I really want to taste your cock, Aaron," he said, while his hand was on my dick, massaging it.

"It's yours, man."

I lay on my back. "Do you want to sixty-nine or try something a little different?"

"Show me."

Skip knew what I meant. We positioned ourselves, with me guiding Billy, into a triangle shape. Billy put his mouth over my cock. I put Skip's cock into my mouth, and Skip took Billy's very hard and eager cock. After a minute of sucking mine, he explored the landscape.

"Wow, different indeed. I didn't know all three of us could do this at the same time."

He went back down on me. I knew that he had only had sex with Skip, but he knew how to please me. No teeth, no discomfort, no fast head bobbing, no gagging and choking; just slow, smooth sucking. I felt like I was in good hands, so to speak. I kept half my mind on how great he was making me feel while I put the other half of my attention on Skip's cock. I went down deep on him, practiced and confident. What Billy did to me, I did to Skip, from working his shaft to sucking his ball, to licking underneath, to tentatively poking my tongue into his asshole. Skip watched Billy. They locked eyes for a moment. We stopped sucking long enough to kiss each other. I tasted Billy's cock on Skip's breath.

"You okay, Billy?" I asked.

"Never better. Your cock was worth waiting for. I love the size just right. Let's not rush this, okay?"

"You give the word and we take a break," Skip told Billy.

"In a while."

He went back down on my cock. It tingled with the smooth wetness of his mouth. He took every inch expertly. He was not just into sucking; he was into pleasing me. I am glad that Skip also had experienced his brother's physical and sexual self. I can see why they clung so tightly together when Skip had thoughts of leaving Billy behind.

Skip, though having tasted Billy's cock many times, gave him a feeling of a first-time experience. He rolled Billy's balls in his mouth. Billy liked it enough to continue doing that to my balls. Mine are relatively hairless. Skip has just a bit more than I do, and Billy has naked balls and smooth cock.

I totally loved licking smooth skin, head to toe. Since this is the first time I had seen Billy naked, and paid attention to that nakedness, I saw that I could have a licking holiday on his body. Skip and Billy did look like brothers in their faces, but even more so in their bodies. Their hearts had love, peace, and a great sense of friendship, knowing how to treat other people well. They were from a refined gene pool.

I went back down on Skip. Every time I put his cock in my mouth, it was like the first time. Billy lay there for a couple of minutes and watched me take care of his bro. He went back down on me, putting everything else out of his mind. We each licked, sucked, watched, and felt great pleasure.

I chanced a quick look at the clock, wondering how far we had come, and if Billy would last beyond 15 or 20 minutes. It was almost 7:30. Okay, so Billy could hold out, and then some. I knew Skip and I could because we had been there / done that.

"How's the mouth holding out, dude," I asked Billy. "Not that I'm huge, but . . ."

"You tell me. How does your cock feel?"

"Wonderful. Tingly."

He answered by going back down on me. I loved a man with stamina. He also answered my thought about being bored by probing his finger into my hole. I took that to mean he was having as good a time as I was. I did the same to Skip, not for lack of creativity, but as a way to have Skip do the same to Billy. It worked. We were all moaning as we sucked magnificent meat. The probing would bring us off soon.

`Soon' was another twenty minutes. Skip fired off in my mouth at almost the same instant that I shot my load into Billy's mouth. Billy grunted and unloaded into Skip's mouth while sucking every drop of cum out of my balls.

"Geez, Aaron, is that all you got?" Billy asked jokingly.

He was licking my juice off his chin. He let the last of the creamy liquid drip from his finger onto his tongue. He ran his tongue around his mouth once more. I surprised him with a kiss containing a small amount of Skip's cum. I had managed, somehow, to save some for him. I looked over at Skip.

"Sorry, bud, I swallowed all of Billy's. It was too good to share."

"Well, at least someone knows how to share. Okay, young Billy was mine better or was Skip's leftovers better?"


"Ah, diplomatic. You should study political science, because you got all the right answers," I joked.

"What can I say? I love cum in my mouth."

"Really? You had cum in your mouth? Where'd it go?"

"In Billy's belly," he said, pointing.

I leaned over Skip and I kissed and licked Billy's belly.

"In there?"

"Yeah. Lucky me, huh?"

"Lucky me, too, for giving you such a nice gift. Do you want more?"

"Yes, but later. I are a growin' boy and I need breakfast."

"Skip, you sated?"

"Yummy Billy cum in my tummy, but some pancakes are in order."

We got partially dressed. My greatest turn-on, to this day, is a guy who is trim and shirtless, wearing nothing but blue jeans. The jeans did not have to be tight fitting, just good looking. As far as these guys were concerned, they were extreme eye candy.

I went to the fridge, took out bacon, eggs, and milk. Skip got the pancake ingredients together. Billy started to heat up the griddles, adding just a small amount of butter to each. Beaten eggs went down on one griddle. On top, Billy added cheese slices, chopped onions and peppers, and diced tomato. He folded the creation over into an omelet. On the other griddle went bacon and English muffins. Three spaces were reserved for silver dollar sized pancakes. Who would ever imagine how awesome three built guys in nothing but blue jeans, and cooking an award winning breakfast was? Good looking, talented like few others, and sexy as hell. This kitchen was hot!

The coffee was brewing, juice was poured, and breakfast was served. We ate and talked about what else we would do today. Mostly we talked about cock and cum, and where it would end up. Maybe we would go grocery shopping so we would have food for tonight. Pizza or Chinese take-out was a distinct possibility instead.

Billy's dick was outlined in his jeans. I caught Skip's eye and motioned with my eyes. Skip smiled. He sat back and showed me he was in the same situation. I reached down and grabbed both crotches, massaged both, and brought both boys to full hardness. Then I went back to eating my breakfast.

"Tease," said Billy.

"What? I just like you to have a nicely defined bulging package. A guy can lust, can't he?"

"I'll put my nicely defined bulging package up your ass, joker."

"Whoo hoo! And it'll be good, too."

Billy leaned in to kiss me, and to grope my own slightly unimpressive package. My hardness came to life. I opened the button and zipper on my jeans. Out popped my cock. I made it twitch. Skip came in for the kill, handily beating out Billy.

"Hey, no fair! You knew he'd whip it out!"

"You snooze, you lose, bro," Skip said.

He went back on my cock. He sucked me for a minute, and then offered it up to Billy, who dove on it and sucked as if it might get away from him. I guess it was fair to say the brothers loved my cock. I let them suck me, back and forth. Billy got the pre-cum. Skip got the cum. I got some of it back in a kiss. Now both boys had my juice in their bellies. I, of course, wanted more than a few dribbles of my own juice.

We decided to put the tomfoolery on hold for a couple hours. We wanted a good dinner that we made together. Sex together was good. Okay, sex together was awesome. Being together was more important. Cooking was common ground because we all were good in our own right. Skip went through the fridge and made a list of items to restock. Billy took the pantry. I made the dinner plans, since they loved me to do that. I talked aloud as I wrote down ingredients.

"Chicken on the grill, Pico de Gallo, russet potatoes for fries, fresh produce—whatever is in season. Ice tea, Skip?"

"Got it."

"Salad dressing," said Billy from inside the pantry.

"Dessert. How about pound cake and three berries? If so, do we have Cool Whip?"

"Yes to dessert. I'm adding heavy cream to my list instead of Cool Whip. More work, but fresher."

"Like me," I said shamelessly.

"Alrighty then. What about Sunday dinner?" Skip said, moving right along.

"Roast chicken, sweet potatoes, peas and/or corn on the cob, fruit salad."

"Wow, all good. You're pretty amazing."

"Pretty. And amazing."

"Modest. You forgot modest," said Billy still in the pantry.

"Billy, come out of the closet."

"Nope. Not ready to do that. Gimme a year or three."

He came out of the pantry. I went over and hugged him, then kissed him.

"You're not gay, Billy. You're sexual. Fuck the labels. No one puts me into a neat little category."

"I know, bud, and I agree. People will do it anyway," Skip said.

"Yeah, but screw `em. I'm not a label."

"No. You're not. You are . . .?" he offered up.

". . . a special somebody."


"Truly. Because the two men that I love dearly say so."

They each kissed me, patted me on the back, and nodded. "Yeah man."

Lists were complete, so we finished dressing. Billy dressed in my favorite fully clothed dress—polo shirt, white socks and white sneakers, along with his jeans. Skip dressed in my second favorite man outfit—polo shirt, white socks, and work boots, laced up outside his jeans. Masculine and sexy. I had my favorite Boston Red Sox t-shirt to add to my jeans, and had white socks and white sneakers, with a red Nike swoosh, plus a baseball cap.

We took Billy's VW Jetta since he was first available in the driveway. My Camaro was parked on the street as usual. It made it easier for coming and going, though Skip said to park it in the driveway overnight. It would be my first and only sports car; impractical but cool, more or less like me.

Groceries were bought, errands were run, movie tickets for an evening show were purchased, the nest was returned to, and groceries were put away. We prepped some of our dinner ahead of time while we listened to another musical artist whom I loved, Enya. Skip, Billy, and I all had all of her music to date. With so much in common, it amazes me that it took so long for us to become friends. Over a year until I felt okay to warm up to Skip. He says that it is that we are friends now that matters, not what happened in the past. I love when I am meant to be something to someone. Friend and lover covers a lot of ego-centric ground.

Billy walked behind me while I was at the counter, dinner prep complete. He rubbed his crotch to my ass.

"Has that thing gone down since you unloaded in my mouth this morning?" I asked, not so jokingly.

"Yes, but not by much. Remember, you said you wanted me to have a defined bulging package. I caught a young guy checking me out at the supermarket."

"Was he cute?"

"Yeah, way cute."

"As cute as me?"

Skip caught my eye and chucked. Billy did not skip a beat.

"Aaron, NO ONE is as cute as you. The cuteness mold gave its all for you."

"Okay my lover, then you can fuck me at least as hard as you would fuck that less-cute-than-me boy."

"Wow. You're in for it then. My cock, in your tight ass. Damn, I'm lucky."

"There's no luck. Just happy accidents."

"Alrighty then, to quote a phrase."

"So, my two manly lovers, who is going to do what to whom?" I asked.

"Billy's choice, since he's virginal to you."

"No contest. Aaron gets what's left of my cherry. The rule of incest says brother cannot have the whole cherry to himself."

"At least brother gets a sweet ass. Let's roll, guys. I'd rather not stand here and cum in my jeans from talking dirty."

Our sneakers and boots came off in the living room. Socks came off on the stairs. Shirts were stripped off before we made it down the length of the hallway.

"Leave your jeans on, boys. I want to take them off myself," I said as we entered Skip's bedroom.

They both sat down on the end of the queen-size bed. I knelt down in front of Skip, hugged his near-naked body to me while Billy watched. I kissed Skip for a few moments, parting his lips with my exploring tongue. Billy got down behind me, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then pushed them below my ass. He leaned down to kiss my ass, licking and chewing it lightly with his teeth and tongue. I counted to three silently, whereupon he probed my hole with his finger and tongue. He reached around to my balls and massaged them with his palm. He did not touch my cock. The perfect lover, he knew just what to do.

I licked my way down Skip's chest and stomach, into his pubes, and down to his ball. I rolled it in my mouth while I pushed his jeans down. I continued to lick down his legs, to his feet. I pulled his jeans off and lay them on Billy's back. After a moment, he left my hole. He took Skip's jeans and sniffed deeply at the crotch, licking around it. He passed them to me and I did the same. Skip was smiling.

I then lifted Billy from his knees back to the bed. I slid my hand along his flat belly, into his jeans. I bypassed his cock in favor of feeling his balls. I unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans with my teeth.

"Now there's talent for ya," said Skip.

"That's our creative boyfriend, huh bro?"

I chuckled as I took Billy's balls out of his jeans, licked the smooth orbs, and rolled them in my mouth. I pulled his jeans off, sniffed them deeply, and put them up against Billy's nose. He inhaled deeply for a moment, and then passed them on to Skip. Skip put them to his face with both hands and sniffed as deeply.

Both boys pulled me to my feet and set me down between them on the bed. They kissed and licked my chest, paying particular attention to my nipples, then my stomach, down to my balls, and finally removing my jeans. They each massaged my feet, licking the top and ankles, before working their way north again. When they each reached my lips, they took turns deep kissing me.

"Thank you, Aaron."

"I haven't done anything yet."

"You have," said Billy. "You are just so gentle and so loving. I see how you treat Skip when you put his testicle in your mouth. You treat it almost with reverence. You are no more scared of his one ball than you are of my two. Seriously, how many people do you think will do to him what you do, exactly the way you do, without thinking about it? Most won't go near, don't you think?"

"Anyone who will love Skip, who will love you, Skip," I said, looking at him, "will not treat you different than I do. It's not disgusting or weird."

"To you, love, to you," Skip said, a bit sad-eyed.

"To anyone who cares for you. If that's only Billy and me, then so be it. There are three `special someone' guys in this home, not only me by far.

"But you above anyone else."

"No. We're equals here. You do know that I've never been with a man before, and certainly not two at the same time, and certainly not brothers. Common sense says to treat both of your with my equal friendship, equal love, and, naturally, equal sex. You are not a man with one testicle, and unfortunate circumstances. You are a man to love with all of one's heart, forever."

"Only you can do that. You have experiences that Billy and I don't, just by virtue of your age and your life. People will pass in and out of my life, getting what they can get, and then moving on. If I don't want that, I could be alone."

"Don't settle. You are extraordinarily handsome. Your heart is pure. When you bring someone else into your life and into your bed, especially someone who you want for the rest of your life, don't settle. She, or he, will be blessed, truly, to have you. I am thus blessed, so I know what I'm saying, and you already know I love you from here," I said, hand over heart, mine first and then his. "Tell her, or him, ahead of time about what may make them uncomfortable. I knew before we had sex that you lost one testicle. It's not a `deal breaker' in loving you, you know."

"I don't want anyone else. I want you." He added a kiss to my forehead, affectionate, to see how I felt about his confession.

I should have been speechless. I was not. "Then you'll have me. I'm not going anywhere."

We were now not just three men, naked and hard. We were joined in friendship and compassion. We were joined in sincerity, desire, love . . . and forever.

He, however, did not quite expect that. I put my hand against his cheek, pulled him toward me, met him half way, and kissed his forehead as he had kissed mine. He smiled at me. I looked over at Billy, curious to see what he thought about my own confession.

He had a tear in his eye. "Thank you," he mouthed soundlessly.

I smiled at him. "I love you, too, friend", I said to him. We were three, and we all knew it.

"Aaron, I need to be inside you. I want to show you, not just tell you, how much you mean to me. Sorry, Skip, to be selfish. I just need him. Okay?"

"More than okay. I've got something in mind anyway."

I lay down in the middle of the bed, my head on two pillows. Billy got between my legs and lifted them up. He lay down, almost flat, so he could rim in and around my anus, getting me hot and wet. When he had done all he could there, without making me cum, by the way, he looked up at me and smiled.

"Ready, Billy. Just go a little easy, huh? You're length is awesome, and I can handle it, but, hell baby, you're thick. Your bro has fucked me a couple times, but I'm still new at this."

He did not offer words to sooth my minor fear. He is a man of action, not useless prattle. Skip handed Billy some lube. Billy poured a small amount on two fingers and rubbed them gently at my opening. He probed just enough. Skip poured some more lube onto Billy's cock and rubbed it in. Billy put my legs on his shoulders, leaned forward to kiss me, and ever so gently poked the head of his cock into my hole. I opened up, so he slid into me further, little by little, as I tensed and opened my hole.

"You okay?" he asked, about half way there.

"Yeah. Perfectly. This feels so awesome."



He slid inside me steadily. It took about two minutes for him to enter me, comfortably. He was not all that thicker than Skip, by feel, just by appearance. It was as good as I hoped. I felt his balls against my ass curve. He didn't wait long. He slid about half way out, then back in right away. He got into a nice, slow, steady rhythm. I loved being fucked. Of all the best feelings I have experienced, being fucked is the best, ever. Billy had, as did Skip, length, thickness, the ability to find my sweet spot and work it, and rhythm. If he felt even half as good as I felt then, he would be having a great experience.

"I am. Oh bud, I sure am."

"Are you in my head?"

"No. My head is in you."

Did I forget to mention a sense of humor AND outstanding looks? The brothers were THE complete package. I was truly not going anywhere. They both could fuck me every day for the rest of our lives and then we would just die, spent and scandalously happy. No one should be allowed to feel this good. Nah, strike that. Everyone should be required to feel this good.

Skip, obviously loving being the voyeur, decided to show Billy what he meant when he said he had an idea. Skip sat on his ankles behind Billy, lubed him up expertly, probed him with one finger, then two. He rose to his knees, put the head of his equally thick cock against Billy's hole, and entered him in one smooth long motion.

"Wow, monkey in the middle, at its very best," said Billy. "My cock inside Aaron and bro inside me. Awesome. Wow."

When Billy pushed his cock into me, Skip pulled slightly out of Billy. When Billy pulled slightly out of me, Skip pushed into Billy. It took a bit of doing, but they got it working in sync. With a little contortionist play, Skip managed to lean in and kiss me. He locked his eyes on mine while he drilled into Billy. My cock was rubbing between my belly and Billy's belly, so I was sort of being jacked off while being fucked. I could only imagine what Billy was feeling. Fucking and being fucked simultaneously . . . that just had to be amazing. However, I was very happy being only on the receiving end of a very hot, wonderful cock.

The downside to this, unlike getting sucked, was that the intensity of the feeling was higher. My cock was about to blow. Oops, about to became . . . blew. I shot a hot load so intensely that it went over my head, onto the headboard of Skip's bed.

"Wow, did you see that, Skip?" asked Billy. "He spewed on your headboard and the wall.

Billy caught the dripping cum on two fingers and then fed me my load. He also picked up his pace by half because he was getting close.

"Where do you want it, bud?" he asked.

"Cum in my ass, Billy."

He did. He groaned long and deep as he unloaded in me. The groan was echoed almost immediately by Skip, who shot his thick and creamy load into his bro's ass. Both continued pumping a few more times, balls drained. Skip pulled out, Billy pulled out, Billy went down on Skip, and I went down on Billy, all of us performing clean up duty. Yes, I also loved to suck a cock, even a semi-hard one.

A threesome, sexy and fun, with the promise of more in our future. Summer was only one-third gone. Nice. Two more whole months to fuck and love. And fuck. And love. Life is gooood!

Balls drained. Holes satisfied. Cum eaten. Cocks deflated. Showers taken. Onward to dinner.

Skip grilled the marinated chicken to golden perfection. We munched on tortilla chips and Pico de Gallo in the meantime. I sliced the russet potatoes into French fries and put them in the oven to bake, smothered in olive oil. Iced tea became Long Island iced tea because the weather was warm and we wanted to drink some good alcohol. I also sliced up summer squash, splashed it with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and put it on the second rack in the oven. Billy wanted a fruit salad, so he and I cut fresh fruit, over which we poured a combination of yogurt and honey, and then topped it with slivered almonds.

We three sliced strawberries and the pound cake. Skip got into a high cupboard and got down a dessert bowl that his mom had bought him. In went a layer of sliced pound cake, a layer of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, and then whipped cream. Two more layers. Dessert went into the fridge. It would likely be an after-movie treat.

I set the table out in the backyard while Skip plated up the chicken. Billy brought out the bowl of fruit salad. Instead of a mealtime prayer, we each kissed, giving thanks for our time together and the love we shared. This was our ritual at mealtime, whether it is just Skip and I or we three.

We talked about anything interesting to talk about. We ate happily, pleased that we had the ability to make such fine meals. We cleaned up, put dishes in the dishwasher, and then went for our usual post-meal walk over to the park. We sat in the shadows and kissed each other, holding on to each other. My usual spot was in the middle of the brothers, so I could put one arm around each of them. I kissed Skip and then Billy like today was our last day on Earth. The brothers kissed each other in the same way in front of me. Skip had been sick, so he knew his life was precious. They each were supportive of me, but knew that my challenges made for an uncertain future for we three. We loved each other, and we would not take anything for granted. A kiss was the most basic thing in the world, but for us it really was the world.

We returned home from the movie and tucked in to dessert and coffee. We sat in the backyard again, listening to crickets and frogs. Since Skip's and Billy's townhouses were together, and detached from others, the backyard was private. There was no moon tonight, so it was dark.

Billy took my legs into his lap, took my sneakers and socks off, and massaged my feet. When he was done, he unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, opened them up and went down on my cock and balls, and probed into my hole.

"You want to fuck me again?"

"Nope," he said. "I'm getting you nice and hard so you can be inside me this time. I loved your hole this morning, so I want you to love mine. Skip knows how good you are and thinks it's time for you to be with me. You can be in the middle this time, okay?"

"More than okay."

Skip went into the house and returned with a blanket. He spread it out. Billy took off my shirt and jeans. My cock throbbed in anticipation of being inside this young man. I wanted cock in my mouth first, so I asked the brothers to lie beside each other. I did not undress them yet; I just unbuttoned and unzipped their jeans, taking their cocks out and going down on each young man. What I did not tell them was that I was I going to suck them both off. I wanted cum in my belly from both ends. I knew that if I sucked them off, when we were inside each other we would last longer. I also knew that we would all come again, even if it took awhile to recover.

The boys protested only mildly once they caught on to what I was up to. Who would complain about having to come twice in an evening? Certainly not three young guys.

I was deep into my cock worship of Skip and Billy. I tried to do them equally as possible. They tasted different, of course. If I was ever told to close my eyes, or be blindfolded, and given each cock, I would know whom I was sucking.

I stroked each cock with my fist while I sucked, just to enhance the feeling. I did not want to jack them off. I would know I was doing a good blowjob if they unloaded with very little warning. It took me the better part of 15 minutes or so, but Skip unloaded in my mouth. Sweet. Salty. Thick. Creamy. Nice. I had time to clean him up before Billy moaned and then shot his load into my mouth. Sweet. Salty. Thick. Creamy. Nice. I cleaned him up as well.

Skip, sensing that I wanted to enter Billy while I was still excited helped me position his brother. I was long, like both boys, but not quite as thick. I knew that if Billy could take Skip relatively quickly, he could take me. I put the head of my cock against Billy's wet hole, thrust inside him in one motion, and felt my balls hit his ass. Skip was eager as well, so he entered me just the same way. Billy was right about the two different sensations. My cock in a hole while a cock was in mine was a new sensation that defied description. I sort of wished I had come when I made the boys come. However, I knew I could take my time and back off when necessary. Skip, of course, somehow managed to read my thoughts. When I slowed down from fucking Billy, Skip would also slow. Whoever he would spend his life with would have a most excellent lover and friend.

I made sure to pay attention to Billy's cock as well, using my fist to imitate the feeling of a tight hole. I knew I was doing it right when he thrust his hips in rhythm with my hips. Skip hit my pleasure point time and again, expertly.

We kissed every way we possibly could. Skip held me right around my chest. When he could hold off no longer, he pulled me tight to his chest and thrust deeply. I felt his cock get wet, so I knew that his cum was squirting into my asshole. That, of course, set me off, which in turn set Billy off. Cocks stayed in tight holes until they slipped out on their own, finally coming up for air. Skip gently moved me aside while he went down on Billy's stomach, licking, sucking up, and swallowing his brother's cum.

Billy and I now lay side by side, Skip on top of both of us, kissing us back and forth. We lay together for quite a while, satisfied and content.

We were surprised to see that it was 12:45 a.m. when we went into the kitchen. We had our clothes in our arms. Turning off lights as we went, we climbed the stairs and got into Skip's bed. Sleep was very easy to come by for we three.

I stirred in the morning, feeling a cock firmly planted in my tight hole. I did not even care who it belonged to, only that it was someone I loved.

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