Skip - Part 6


Skip – Part 6

Skip and Billy had left me a love note on my bedroom dresser where I could see it as soon as I got up. It was Monday morning at 7:30. There was work to do for them and a day to get through for me. The first thing I needed was a painkiller. It was not post-surgical pain, except maybe in the background. It was the cancer inside.

"Hey! I'm here! Pay attention to me or I'll make your life pure hell! Got it?"
"Yeah, yeah, I got it. Fuck you. You'll be gone soon enough."
"Not until I hurt you more. I already hurt you bad. I'm gonna do more. That was nothing. I'm not done yet."
"Yeah, yeah, I got it. Fuck you."

I took three steps and went down on one knee, grabbing at my back, crying out. I went all the way down, my left leg bent at the knee, my right shoulder hitting the ground hard.

Skip was one heartbeat away from me, kneeling to pull me up from the ground into his arms, rubbing my back firmly until the spasm of heat and pain passed.

"I got you, bud. Just hold me."

I held on to him for dear life. I cried out again, biting his shoulder unconsciously. He kept rubbing, pushing the pain out of my back.

I panted into his neck, breathing hard like a woman during childbirth. When the spasm passed, he pulled me away from him, gently. I was covered in sweat, from my face, to my soaked t-shirt, and to the waistband of my shorts. I think I pissed my pants. In fact, I pissed my pants. He took his t-shirt off and wiped my face clean. Skip pulled my t-shirt off over my head and he wiped down my chest, arms, and back with his. He looked at me, sad eyed. I knew he knew I wet my shorts. He wiped down my legs as best he could.

He looked into my eyes to make sure the pain was gone, or at least a lot less.

"Is Aaron okay, bro?" yelled Billy from a few yards away, running toward us. He had been driving by the park when he saw me go down. He put his car into gear and ran like the wind across the street, into the park.

"Are you, bud?"

I could only nod. My breathing needed to slow down before I could talk. I took a deep breath and cried out again. I went back to panting. Shallow breaths hurt less. I held Skip and Billy by their shoulders as they held me.

"Tell us when you can stand up. Take your time," Billy said. He looked at Skip. Skip nodded subtly.

I was fine after a couple more minutes. I nodded. The brothers lifted me to my feet. Skip's arm was across my lower back. Billy's was across my waist. Both their hands were on my chest, holding me upright.

We went around to the passenger side of Billy's car. Skip released me while Billy lowered me into the seat. He leaned in to give me a kiss on my forehead.

"We'll be home in a couple minutes, love. Ok?"

"Your place."

Billy's place is where we are to have Friday night dinner and a video, and to stay over. I said `your place' to let him know I did not intend to go home to `rest'. No rest for the weary, as they say. No rest for the wicked, I say.


Skip got in the backset. He reached around and put his palm on my chest. He kissed my cheek.

"You need a pain pill when we get home?"


One-third of my monthly supply of meds was in Billy's kitchen. One-third was also in Skip's kitchen. The rest was at my place. I had not been alone through the day all week. Skip or Billy, or the boy's mom, Betsy, came over at lunch to eat with me. We had dinner at any one of the three townhouses. This allowed us to help each other to clean up the apartments every couple of days. We decided not to wear out any one bed in which we slept. I did not sleep alone any one night during the week. The weekends were as they had been for weeks. We did errands, made dinner, hung out, listened to music, and sat and read on rainy days. We made sweet love and passionate sex.

Billy's birthday had been this past Tuesday. His mom and I made dinner at Billy's townhouse during the afternoon, before he got home from work. The boy's dad, JD, joined us as soon as he got home from work. Skip arrived moments later. He added a wrapped gift to the pile that was on the coffee table and joined us in the kitchen. Betsy set the table while I finished grilling the steaks. JD brought a hug for his son and a healthy appetite. I had known him for three years or so, so I was easily part of the family.

"How is the healing going, Aaron?" JD asked. "I hope you're comfortable."

"Slow but steady, JD. You know that there is more cancer, right?"

"Yeah. Sorry, bud. That does suck. What can I do for you?"

"Well, you could put a two-story addition on the back of my townhouse, make me a bigger back yard, put in a nice fireplace on each floor, make it so I'm rent-free. You know, just the usual stuff."

He laughed heartily. "I'll see what I can do. I'm glad the surgeon left your humor genes intact, though."

"Me too. Seriously, though. I'm just fine. Your wonderful family is making sure of that. No worries."

"Good. I'm glad. They really are wonderful, aren't they?"

"No doubt."

The boys were used to the attention and affection of their dad. He was no fool. JD and Betsy had figured out in short order that we three were more than just three friends. They also knew, maybe after Skip was healing well, that he and Billy had an intimate relationship that went beyond being brothers. They did not object, as other parents would.

"If you can give and take love, then you are blessed. No one has the right to fuck that up, plainly speaking," as JD had told us three one day, out of the blue. That was all that needed to be said, and all that was ever said about it. He had given me a hug that day, at least equal to Betsy's hug, and said he loved me.

"You're a good man, Aaron. Never let anyone tell you otherwise."

We boys just stared, stunned, at each other after the parents left.

"Father knows best, I guess, huh Billy?" Skip said.

"God love him. And Mom."


After we had eaten dinner, me still on the light side, but a bit more each day, Betsy brought out a Baked Alaska dessert from the fridge. What a nice surprise. Billy beamed when he saw his favorite annual treasure.

We left dishes and the kitchen the way they were, for now. We three could handle clean up later. The rule of the house with the boys is that mom did not clean up after dinner. She was busy enough at work and at home. She did not protest, not even a little. God bless her, indeed.

Skip and I went into the living room to get Billy's gifts. We all joined each other in the backyard. JD poured coffee for us all while Betsy cut the dessert. Billy started unwrapping gifts between shovelfuls into his mouth. He opened a new Enya CD and "The Sum of All Fears" in hardcover by Tom Clancy, from Skip. He opened three Yanni CDs from me, along with a note not to buy any on his own without talking to me first. Mom gave him four new polo shirts from The Gap. Dad gave him a pair of chino shorts and chino slacks. Yes, Dad did his own shopping for his sons. He had started that early on in their lives. No checks to spend money as they wished; he did that throughout the year, not for special occasions. He knew what he boys liked and always delivered on the ideal gift.

After dinner, as the evening became night, the parents went home. We three cleaned up and went upstairs to Billy's bed. 10:00 was bedtime during the week because the brothers got up at 6:00. How they managed to get up on time without waking me is a mystery to me. My internal alarm went off after 7:00, so maybe theirs just fired off earlier than mine did.

I wanted Billy to have something special from me for his birthday. He couldn't have his dick inside me, as I wanted, so I told him I wanted to jack him off. He nodded without putting up much of a fight.

"Can Skip kiss you while I take care of you?"

He lay down and pulled Skip to him in answer. I wrapped my fist around his cock and stroked his smooth skin. I lay between his legs. He looked at me as if to warn me off from sucking him, but I went down on him anyway. He started to protest but Skip waved him off. This would be as much for me as for Billy, which Skip realized. Billy would get something he secretly wanted anyway. He and Skip were not willing to have sex behind my back. Neither one wanted to jack off alone either, not after what we had all started. So this was okay.

I rolled one ball and then the other, and then both into my mouth. I licked and lightly bit into his smooth ball sac. When I was not sucking his cock, I was stroking it, making him moan as he and Skip held each other and kissed. I reached over for Skip's cock too. I was surprised that he let me feel it. However, he would not let me take anything away from Billy, so he gently pushed my head away when I made a move to suck him too. I understood. I did not like it, but I understood.

Billy could not easily do it, but he leaned into me and I into him, so we could kiss. I had a momentary thought, wondering if he could suck his own cock, or at least lick the head. Had he ever bent himself in half, put his cock close to his lips, and come directly into his mouth? I had done so, so I could imagine other guys doing it. The fantasy went into my head and stayed there. It made me want to please him better than he could potentially please himself. Skip watched me intently for a minute, causing Billy to do the same. I looked up and watched them watch me as I kept sucking. They kept watching me. I stopped sucking.


"Nothin'. You're obviously really enjoying that."

"Eight days without cock is eight days waaay too long. Question is, young Billy, what do YOU think?"

"Oh yeah, I are enjoying this just fine. Don't stress yourself out, though."

"Go back to what you were doing. I are having too much fun."

So I went back down on Billy and sucked him at least as well as I did the very first time. I licked the knob, bit it ever so lightly, and sucked it without going down the whole shaft. I knew how to lick lollipops, so I just licked Billy's cock-lollipop. I did not stress myself out. Fucking and being fucked would have stressed me out, but sucking a Billy Lollipop was way cool. I knew he really liked it. How? He moaned. And then he shot a huge fucking load of his cum into my mouth.

"Happy Birthday, Billy, love. I can do you better than that next year, I promise."

"That was outstanding in its own right, love. No complaints. Thank you."

I lay down beside him. Skip did not get his rocks off, because he did not want to. This was Billy's evening, so he let Billy have his moments. We three kissed for a while. I went down into sleep pretty easily.

So, Tuesday had been so nice, for us all. Wednesday and Thursday had been spent napping occasionally while healing. Friday, for most of the day, was fine. Friday night, at least the early part, however, sucked bad for us all. For me it was knife-like stabbing pain in my back. For Billy and Skip, it was seeing me try to make progress and failing.

When we got to Billy's place, he and Skip helped me upstairs to the bathroom. I needed to get out of my piss-stained shorts and cleaned up. Billy drew me a hot bath, knowing that heat on my back was wonderful. He collected my clothes and Skip's t-shirt. He tossed them into the washer that was around the corner from the bathroom.

Skip washed my back, holding his right hand across my chest and far shoulder, like a mom holds a baby in the sink. I looked up at him.

"How do I say I'm sorry for scaring you?"

"Say `I'm sorry for scaring you'."

"I'm sorry for scaring you. Forgive me?"

"Nothing to forgive, bud. Where's the line between living and healing. I never found it. I too scared Billy, and more than once. Scared me, too, like it scared you. Between us three, it's all good. No apology necessary. I'm glad you weren't alone when the pain hit."

"Me too. It will happen again though."

"Maybe. That's why we come home for lunch, or Mom comes over. We don't want you alone until you're beyond this. You really will be okay; it's just gonna take a little time. Alright?"

"Yeah. Thanks, love."

We kissed. He hugged me. I pulled him into the water. He lay on top of me, held on to me, and we kissed. Billy walked into the bathroom again.

"Oh geez. Okay bro, at least give me the rest of your clothes. I'll throw them in the washer. I'll run over to your place to get dry clothes for you both. Carry on."

"Thanks, bro, and we will."

It was true that Skip and I are the same size. Billy is one size smaller than we are and half a head shorter, quite compact actually. While he did his thing, Skip and I, having been granted permission, carried on. We were still kissing in the bathtub when Billy came back.

"Wanna join us?" I asked.

"Yes. I thought you would never ask. Thank you dear Dad for giving us all soaker tubs."

Billy stripped for us. He is eye-candy at its best. There was plenty of room for us to lay the length of the tub. Billy cranked the hot water for a couple minutes, keeping my relief in mind.

"Speaking of relief, I'd like to be a voyeur for the moment." I looked at Skip. "You should have your turn in getting off. I'd really like to see you bury your cock inside of Billy."

"Okay dirty-old-man-wannabe, I can do that."

"Billy, dude, and I say this with the utmost affection, assume the position, bro."

Billy got up on his knees. Skip thrust into him easily, thanks to being wet and a little soapy. Before the summer was over, we intended to fuck in every room in Skip's, Billy's, and my townhouses.

I had talked to the boys each day and told them that they were not to suffer, sexually, for my temporary lack of sexual ability. I was not fragile, just a bit tender. The only thing I could not do is get fucked. They could fuck each other, and I would take as active a role as possible, without getting hard. That part was easy. I could not, yet, get hard. Problem solved and I would not break something that I should not break. It just means that when I can fuck, I'm going to be a fucking machine. I warned them to be ready on that day. It was coming. In the meantime, I wanted to eat cum. It was my only real wish. The boys said that if I would eat it, they would produce it.

"It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it," joked Billy, though not with originality. He was cute. That was original enough for us.

So Skip pumped his meat into his brother's tight ass. I knew what it felt like, so I felt a bit of a wayward tingle in my groin. Billy held on to my shoulders while Skip thrust into him. He and I locked eyes. I kissed him until he started moaning. He was echoing the moaning that Skip was doing.

"I'm getting close," said Skip. "Sure you want my load?"

"Feed me, bro," I said.

A few more pumps was all it took.

"Ready!" he said, standing up.

Billy ducked down a bit. I sat up straight, helping Skip guide his cock into my mouth. He let his load shoot. The first ribbon went down my throat. The rest of it landed on my tongue. I sucked his cock hungrily, swallowing his load. I did not let his cock go until it slipped from my mouth. He was holding Billy's shoulders. Drained and satisfied, he got out of the tub. Billy pulled me up and hugged me, kissing me while we enjoyed one final moment. Outside the tub, we three stood together, hugging, and sharing kisses.

"You okay?" Skip asked me as Billy went to check the washer. He threw our clothes into the dryer.

"More than okay, love. I'm glad you let me do this. If I couldn't, trust that I wouldn't."

"I do trust you. I pushed, too, so I know. I hated that Billy had to jack off just because I could have sex with him. I know how you feel, but I had to get past the worry first."

"Well, no worries, love. I'm just fine. I really did love watching you fuck Billy."

"I loved putting on the show for you, bud. It'll be even better soon enough."

We both put on pairs of Skip's jeans. Wow, my cock in the place where Skip put his cock. Mmmm. I could come pretty easily on that thought alone. I stood beside him for a moment and rubbed my palm into my crotch, then into his.

"Those jeans will never be the same, bud. My jeans and your cock seem to be happy together."

We all laughed. I rubbed Billy's crotch for good measure.

"I think we studs and our jeans are happy together."

"As usual, guys, I are hungry. Pizza?"

"Yeah. You put your jeans on and I'll go call it in."

Billy and I stood a moment and kissed. We joined Skip in the kitchen.

The pizza arrived 25 minutes later. Skip had ordered two mediums; one with half onions and green peppers, and half sausage and onions. The other was a Hawaiian pizza, which the guys knew was my favorite. It had ham, pineapple, and onions, and was a white pizza instead of having tomato sauce. I had turned the guys on to it.

After dinner, we sat outside, under the stars on a moonless night. The moon was waxing, though, and would be full in a couple of weeks. The crickets and bullfrogs came out to center stage, performing a Friday evening symphony as perfectly done as they had in previous weeks. They must have known that we needed peace and quiet after a busy early evening. I sat on one armless chaise lounge in front of Skip, my back to his chest, between his legs. He played with my nipples and ran his hands across my chest and stomach. Billy sat in the other chaise lounge, beside us. He and Skip kissed while Billy also explored my body with his hands. He stopped kissing Skip and looked at me.

"Can I tell you that I love you?"


"I love you."

"I love you as much. And you, as well, bro," I said to Skip, kissing him as he kissed me.

"I love you too, Aaron. Very much."

Richard Marx sang his loves songs to us tonight. Only us. Maybe he'd be pleased to find three fine lovers enjoying his music on outdoor speakers, in a New England backyard, on a warm July evening, under the Heavens.

It was after midnight by the time the music ended and we were ready to sleep in each other's arms in bed. This time Billy was in the middle. Skip and I lay facing him, snuggled up against him. I dreamt about being fucked. Dreams come true, eventually, right?

July's end approached. On the Monday of the last week of July, I had an appointment with my local oncologist. Blood tests and x-rays, plus an MRI showed the second tumor mass. It was time for the second assault on the cancer; chemotherapy. My oncologist set up a schedule. Cisplatin, which was also Skip's main chemo med, and Vincristine would be my first meds. Skip went with me when my oncologist scheduled my PICC line to be inserted. I was taught how to live with it daily. My first chemo would be the next day, Tuesday, three weeks after surgery. That did not bother me, much. It bothered me that I had had to wait for three weeks. The cancer was not taking a break in those three weeks.

By Wednesday, I had a fever of 102 and a raging headache. Bone crushing in intensity, it, like the pain in my back a couple weeks ago, brought me to my knees, screaming. I was half on my sofa, half on my living room floor, on one knee, when someone opened my front door. In a moment, I felt a kiss on my forehead, being lifted onto my sofa, and soothing words. He told me to lay still, that he'd bring another painkiller for me.

"I had one this morning," I said softly, but he heard me.

"I know. You should have another one."

He came back with my pill and a full glass of water. He gently lifted my head off the sofa, cradling it in his arm. He put the pill in my mouth, and then put the glass to my lips. I took enough to wash the pill down. He held my head while I took more water. I nodded carefully when I was done. He took something out of a plastic grocery bag, plugged it in beside the sofa, and clicked it on. He put it at the base of my neck.

"Sleep, Aaron. You'll feel better when you wake up in a while."

"Thank you."

I closed my eyes. He did not leave my side for the afternoon. He pulled up a chair, held my hand to his chest, and probably dozed a bit, too.

I heard the front door open, then a quiet sshhh sound, someone telling someone else to be quiet.

"He's asleep. When I came at lunch, he was in bad shape, like you were after your first chemo. You remember the headache, right?"

"Ouch. Yeah. Awww, bud, I'm sorry. I was hoping he would be spared that," Skip said.

I opened my eyes to find him about to sit beside me, holding my other hand. JD was still sitting in the chair beside the sofa.

"How are you doing, love?"

"Better. Painkiller and heat seem to be the trick. Still hurts, but by half. Sorry, JD, I thought it was Skip or Billy who came at lunchtime. Are you missing work because of me?"

"Yes, I am. But since I'm the boss, I exercised executive privilege to play hooky. Betsy couldn't come today because she's short one person at the store."

"Thank you. Your sons have done that, too."

"Well, I know I won't have to miss a whole week, but you do know you are to call any one of us four when you are sick. If I couldn't have made it today, I would make sure someone was here. Our circle of friends is large. We don't want to worry about you getting through the day."

"I'm glad. My doc said the headaches will lessen as I get used to the meds. Fever just means I'll sleep all day if I have to."

JD got up to leave now that Skip was here. He kissed me again on my forehead.

"Hang tough, Aaron. You're going to be okay."

I nodded. Skip gave his dad a hug and told him thanks. I watched him leave. Skip sat behind me, moving me down a little so I could lay against his chest. He held on until his stomach growled.

"Busted! Guess that means I need to eat something, huh?"


"Well, alrighty then, join me in the kitchen? You should eat some soup."

"Your dad made some for me an hour ago."

"How much of it did you eat?"

"All that he gave me. I had to. He said he'd feed me himself if I didn't eat."

"Love mah Dad. Good for him. Will you eat another small bowl?"


I ate my soup while Skip made scrambled eggs and toast. He was a big fan of breakfast for supper. During the week, he ate a small breakfast, a medium lunch, and a small supper.

"Bro is out and about tonight, huh?"

"No actually he's working overtime. We're one day away from getting the ninth floor ready to open at 9:00. That's one reason we had asked Mom to come for lunch. I guess my dad came instead because she ended up short-handed."

"Your dad said someone would be here each day for me, so I'm not worried. I like your family, so I'm not going to feel that I'm imposing on your time."

"Good. You shouldn't. We give because we might be needful someday ourselves. My folks have had nearly perfect health all their lives, but there are no guarantees. I bet my dad secretly enjoyed being here for you this afternoon. I'm not surprised he took the afternoon off from work. He did that a lot when I was doing chemo."

"He's a beaut, isn't he? No wonder you boys are so gentle. I guess you got that in your blood."

"Amen to that."

We rinsed our dishes. Skip put the soup back in the fridge, turned out the kitchen light, and led me back to my sofa.

"Music? Or TV?"

"Music, until baseball comes on later."

He turned on my CD player. He started it on disc four of six. We'd heard the first three over the weekend. He lay behind me again and held me against his chest, arms wrapped around my chest. He kissed me on my neck. I turned so we could kiss. He kissed me on my lips and eyebrows.

"There, a little something for those sad eyes."

I dozed a bit, safe in his arms. In a while, I heard him turn off my CD player with the remote and then remote the TV on. The Red Sox were away today, so we would watch them play in Chicago. I saw the first five innings before I could not watch any more. I closed my eyes so Skip thought I was sleeping. In reality, I was pushing against the oncoming headache again. He knew anyway.

"Sit tight. I'll get you another painkiller. Better to take it just before the real blow hits you."

The pill, water, a kiss, and warm arms. Dr. Skip's prescription. It was not a cure, like my chemo, but a line of defense.

The Sox lost by one, which was usual lately, though disappointing. Winning by one would be better, but at least it was not a shutout.

"You're ready for bed, aren't you? How's the headache and temperature."

"Headache is tolerable. I'm cold all over, so my fever is still high, I bet."

He went to my bathroom and returned with the thermometer. After it had been under my tongue for a couple minutes, he gave it a reading.

"102 F. My dad said it's been steady all afternoon, but I wish it would break."

"Well, I am hot after all."

"No doubt. Totally hot, totally cool, and with a fever. Two out of three."

He took off my t-shirt and jeans and put me under the covers. He undressed and then got into bed beside me. He put his hand over my heart.

"I'm sorry it was a hard afternoon for you, bud."

"Tomorrow will be better, love. Your dad was so good to me. And now I have you. I'm so glad for you."

"I love the praise and the love you give me, bud. You don't take Billy or me for granted. I know you love me, love us, but we don't have to assume. I live for those words, every day."

"I love you, very much."

"I love you, very much. I'm so blessed."

I could not top that, so I pushed closer to his nude body, tucked into his neck, and fell asleep.

Tomorrow was not better, nor the day after. Skip held me every night in my bed. I asked if he'd rather be at his place. He said that he wanted to be home only when he had been sick, too, because it was more comfortable. He figured with me being in my own home while I was sick would just be less anxiety, even if it was a minor one. He hated it when he was at his folk's house and had to throw up from the nausea. I saw his point.

My fever finally broke on Saturday afternoon. I was ready for more than soup and dry toast. Uh, that means sex, not food, or not food just yet.

My wish was the boys' pleasure. Actually, they turned it into my pleasure.

"You think you're ready to fuck us, or to have either one of us fuck you?" Billy asked.

"Yes and yes."

"Fess up. How is the pain level?"

"Headache, mild—if you take my mind off it, it'll be fine. Nausea, gone. Back ache, gone and forgotten."

"Gee bro," Skip said. "I think he's ready. What's your pleasure, bud?"

"Monkey in the middle for me."

"Okay by us. I'd love your cock inside me. Billy can do you?"

"Yeah," said both of us at once, and then we laughed.

First, I lay down. Skip sat down, straddling my face. I buried my face in Skip's ass, licking and wetting his pucker. He held his cheeks spread apart, but I licked his fingers and cheeks occasionally. I knew how it felt because Billy had raised my legs and was eating me out, too. Not everyone can do that, but the boys and I were always precise about being clean. And to have someone do it to you, you should be willing to do it to them—just talk about it so you both have time to clean up your act (and your ass).

Skip shivered and moaned. I guess that was the signal that he wanted my cock instead of my tongue. I could make him cum just by licking his hole, but that would be a waste of great sex. I made a mental note to wake him up one morning by eating him out.

I eased Skip off my face. Truthfully, he could camp out there any time. I would have to do this with Billy, too, since he expertly got my hole ready. Skip got up on his knees. I got behind him and entered him smoothly; using Billy's spit on my cock. Billy got behind me, poked the head of his cock against my pucker, and eased in slowly and smoothly, exactly the way I loved cock sliding into my ass. Damn, I could cream into Skip's ass if I didn't relax. How long had it been since I had Billy inside of me? Too long, obviously. I neglected Skip for a few moments while Billy slid in and out of me, leaving only the head of his cock inside. He held my hips while he fucked me. I lay on Skip's back, arms around his chest, and fucked him deeply. After a few minutes, I had to stop.

"Easy, guys. I'm gonna come too soon. I feel like I'm doing this for the very first time again, like an undisciplined teenager."

"How about if we take turns inside you. I know you can hold out longer when you're not fucking," said Skip.

"Yeah. My cock is just too sensitive after almost no use lately. It would be easy, later, to suck me off, not that I'm much into hints about how to get me off."

"Works for me. I like your cum in my mouth better than in my ass, though only slightly. You wanna stay inside him, Billy?"

"Yeah. How about lying on your back, Aaron. You can bro can do whatever."

Bro and I did whatever; namely a sixty-nine. Skip put his knees on either side of my head and bent forward to suck me while putting his cock in my mouth. Billy raised my legs and entered me again. He got into a nice smooth fucking rhythm while Skip and I sucked on each other's cocks and balls, and while I occasionally licked Skip's pucker.

My cock, as I had said, was sensitive. It tingled in Skip's mouth and then I fired off my load, unexpectedly, down his throat and into his mouth. The champion that he is, took my whole load. Billy grunted and came in my ass. My clenching ass, caused by my orgasm, had made it hard for him to keeping fucking me much longer without unloading. He pumped his load deep inside of me, and fucked me for another minute until he went soft. Skip wasted no time sliding his hard cock into my still lubed-with-cum pucker. He could get into a beautiful rhythm that mimicked my tightening and loosing of my hole. His cock head grazed that sweet little spot inside me over and over. He and Billy and I swapped wet kisses. Billy poked Skip's hole with is finger. Then he got behind him and planted his face in his brothers ass, licking the sweet funky pucker, probing his tongue in deep. It was all so much to take in. I told the guys I was going to come again. Skip bent over, still inside me, and took my cock into his mouth. I filled it about half full this time.

Skip traded some of my reserved cum with Billy, who swallowed it. The tingle radiated from my crotch outward, maybe even flowing over Billy and Skip since they were so close to me. Skip pulled out of me and then slid his cock gently into my mouth. He shot multiple ribbons of cum into my throat and onto my tongue. I lapped it all up greedily and kept sucking his cock until he pulled it out of me with a pop.

We lay side by side, kissed, touched, and closed our eyes for a while. We weren't tired, just fulfilled. Okay, okay, so we were tired, too. I can wear the boys out because I are such an extraordinarily great and awesome lover. <wink>.

My fever breaking also meant that I was hungry for a change. I wanted real food and a change of scenery. I packed up a handful of groceries from the pantry, including pasta and sauce. Skip said he has ground beef in his fridge. Billy said he had plenty of veggies in his freezer.


"Nope. I can run to the bakery," said Billy. "Requests?"

"Your choice on what to buy," said Skip. I agreed. Billy always picked out great desserts.

Skip drove us to his place. Billy headed off to the bakery. Skip and I got busy on boiling the pasta and browning the ground beef. I used tomato soup instead of sauce. I diced up a large onion and added it to Skip's ground beef. I crushed three cloves of garlic to add to it as well. Once it was browned enough, I handed Skip the tomato soup to pour in. When the pasta was drained, we added the ground beef mixture, stirring it thoroughly until well coated. We left it to simmer.

Skip and I went to his living room and went out into kissing mode on his sofa, just to pass time until Billy came home. When he came in the door about 10 minutes later, Skip and I was laying and going at it like two horny teens.

"I'm continuing to walk to the kitchen. Just ignore me. I'm not here. Nope, no jealousy going through my mind at the moment. The old `send bro to the bakery so we can make out alone' is a good trick. I'll have to remember that." His voice faded the further he walked.

We made out for another couple of minutes and then went to attack Billy in the kitchen. I gave him half a blowjob just to shut him up. It was better than Skip and I had given each other, so he was happy. Kids. Geez.

Billy was amazed, once he paid attention, that dinner was ready.

"Okay, now I see why you two went to make out. Those one-pot meals are pretty sweet, eh?"

"Good for when you are long on hunger and short on time. What'd you find at the bakery?"

Billy took a box of various Italian pastries out of a bag and opened the box for us to ogle.

"No sweets until you boys eat all your dinner now," Billy said, probably imitating mom. Skip and I chuckled.

"Okay then, grab a plate. Dinner is served."

We did on Sunday pretty much was we had done on Saturday. Slept in, woke up, kissed, sucked, fucked, showered, ate breakfast, went out for a walk, traded blowjobs on the sofa, made dinner, gave hand jobs in the shadows of the park, and watched TV during the evening. I think we should stop having so much fun because the old adage `time flies' is just too true.

Monday came way too soon. I had chemo today. Today would be fine, overall. Tuesday would suck, and not in the good way.

I was right, of course. Tuesday did suck. Fever, nausea, puking, headache, chills, and a metal taste in my mouth that would not go away between chemo sessions. I stayed in bed. Time passed strangely; I had no idea when or who I had for company at any one time, but I knew when it was nighttime because Billy slid into bed in front of me and held me for dear life.

"I'm sorry," I said as I saw a tear overflow his eye and run down his cheek. I kissed it.

"Me too, love. Me too."

When I woke again, Skip was holding me from the front while Billy was holding him from behind. He watched my eyes and I watched his. His face was a bit flushed. I knew he too had cried. I had told myself ahead of time that I would not be so sick. I would make as normal a day as I could, keeping my apartment neat, reading, listening to music. But I could not. I was struggling very badly. The boys knew. JD knew. Betsy knew. They were around me almost around the clock for weeks.

My surgeon called in mid-August to connect me up with another oncologist in Boston, named Andrew. Andrew was a cancer researcher looking for, well, me—a young man, post-surgical and minus a kidney, new to chemo but not far into it. He asked if I could come to Boston to talk to him about being in a clinical trial for a newly developed, untested, unapproved chemo support med. In other words, would I be willing to be a guinea pig?

Absolutely. I'm there. When and where?

I did not think about it. Whatever he wanted to do had to be better than what we were doing now, which was poisoning me to death with chemo that worked well, but at a very high toll.

I went to Boston on my own, telling the boys to finish up their summer jobs. I did not know when I would be home, and it was too unfair to make them just hang around waiting for me. They would have waited around, of course.

I missed seeing Billy off before he left for Syracuse. I missed seeing Skip off to his school. We had no `last fuck of summer' before they had to leave. Skip would be home in early October, around Columbus Day because his school had a 2-day convocation, on a Monday and Tuesday. Billy would not be home until Thanksgiving. It had been crushing to be away from home before he left.

Our summer of love was gone as the weather turned to fall. I was lonely and empty in my small apartment in Boston, near MGH.

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