Skip - Part 8


Skip – Part 8

Sunday morning. No nightmares overnight, just waking up and being happy in the moment, having each other to hold, and loving that. We lay in Aaron's magnificent Murphy bed, kissing softly and looking at each other until we needed breakfast. Skip handled the English muffins and bacon while I took care of making an omelet.

We sat at the coffee table while Enya sang to us.

"I want you," I said.

"You have me."


"You want me more."

"Oh yeah."

"You can have me."

"Whoo hoo!"

"Well, I do love you, and you don't ask for much. So, ummm, let's see . . . pick a number."


"Ding ding ding, we have a winner!"

"And you are the prize," I said as we got off the floor.

We pulled the bed down again and he lay down. I pulled his jeans off by the bottom of the legs. He got up on his knees and then took mine off likewise. We lay in and 69 and took each other's cocks into our eager mouths. Skip sucked like he fucked, slow and smooth. I liked it so I sucked him that way, too. We sucked balls and licked ball sacs. We probed fingers and tongues into tight puckers. His cock was candy.

"So is yours, bud," he said, once again inside my head.

Without a word, he withdrew from my mouth, got on his knees between my legs, raised my legs, ate out my hole for a couple minutes, and then slowly slid his wondrous cock all the way inside me.

"Ummmmmm," I moaned, taking it all.

"Really? Is that all you have to say for yourself?"

"How about this. Fuck me."

"Okay, since we have nothing better to do at the moment, and since my cock is so conveniently located."

For the first time, and only for one rare moment, I felt pain. I sucked in my breath.

"You okay?"

"Oh yeah."

He went a bit slower and not quite as deep, but it was all magic anyway. He kissed me on my forehead and then on my eyelids. That was pure sexy; a little touch that says `this is love and sex, not just sex'. When he got close, he stopped for a little bit. He slid inside of me often enough to stay hard.

"Have I ever uttered the words `I love you?" I asked.

"Once, I think. I liked the sound of it. You're pretty good at hiding your emotions."

"In that case, I love you. Today and tomorrow."

"What about on Tuesday?"

"I dunno yet. I'm not a planner."

"I think I would love you on Tuesday."

"Can you love someone and miss them?"

"Oh yeah. I missed you for three weeks when I went back to school. Even your voice over the phone took the edge off that, but . . ."

"I know. That `but' covers a lot of ground."

"You did teach me about living in the moment, so I do that. But . . ."

"Sshhhh, I know."

He smiled. I did know. So did he.

"You ready to bring this on home?" he asked.

"Oh yeah."

He resumed sliding in and out of my ass. I've seen, in porn, guys who are ready to come. They speed up and start fucking hard. Skip, nor Billy and I, did that. Long, slow, steady, deep, and smooth. He would say `I'm close', and keep on fucking me. Just like this.

"I'm close, bud. Ohhh, your ass feels sooo good."

He knew, unless I said so, that I wanted his cum in my mouth. He pulled out of me, got on his knees, and put the head of his cock in my mouth. My tongue picked up his pre-cum. A moment later, I got his load. It was plentiful, thick, creamy, a little salty, a little sweet, and belonged to my best bud.

"Mmmm. Lip-smacking good," I said after I swallowed it.

"Maybe too good. Did you come?"

"Nope, I never do until it's my turn."

He reached down and took my balls and cock in his hand. I had gone soft, which never happened. I know some guys go soft when they're being fucked, but I was not one of them.

"Tell me about the moment of pain you had earlier."

"Um, it was kinda sharp, then kinda hot. It passed right away."

"Hmm, okay."

He did not say anything more. He held on to me. I wanted to be hard so I could fuck him. The boy needed to be fucked. That's my libido speaking, not his. We kissed and touched. He lazily fingered the underside of my balls and my hole. I tingled, a lot. But I did not spark.

"Well, love, I guess Mr. Limpy is going to stay that way for awhile. Doesn't that just suck."

"Nah, it's okay. You already know I don't need payback. Let's shower and go out. We'll walk around until we decide how to spend the day."

We dressed for a slightly cool day. There was a fine mist and a bit of fog that had not burned off yet. We walked along of The Esplanade and continued west along the Charles. The Pru and the Hancock towers were shrouded in clouds and fog. No 60th floor view from the Hancock today.

"How about the Museum of Science? You ever been there?"

"Long ago, when I was a kid."

"You weren't a kid all that long ago. My childhood seems like it was light-years' ago."

"I can see that, old man. We're only ten years apart in age, you know. Besides, you were a real kid just yesterday on the basketball court. That wasn't the act of an old man."

"True enough. The youth serum you give me helps, though. I love that youth serum stuff."

He laughed heartily. "I need to find a way to `donate' for you when we're not together."

"How about I just become a full-time student at school with you?"

"I'd flunk out. How can we go into a business together if I'm dumb as a tree stump?"

"Hmmm. Well . . ."

"You're supposed to say `You're not dumb as a tree stump, Skip."

"Oh. Sorry. You're not dumb as a tree stump, Skip?" I joked.

"Statement! Statement. Not question. Oy."

I sniggered.

"Wise ass," he said. "Besides, I liked that you miss me, and that I miss you, when we're apart. Being apart just makes being together so sweet."

We arrived at the Museum of Science. We played around with the science exhibits as we had done the first time we visited years ago. The planetarium was showing a new series that was an annual event. The IMAX theater, new to Skip but not new to me, was a stunning experience. We walked out of the museum into improved weather, so we decided to continue walking. About mid-day, we got on the T to Cambridge so we could have a light lunch. Soup seemed to be about right. We walked and window-shopped.

Soup for lunch lead to thoughts of dinner. Seafood was the plan; fresh scallops, lemon butter and breadcrumbs, baked together. Another slice of chocolate cake for dessert with tea later.

Once home, Skip gave me a look. I knew what was on his mind.

"Can we get naked again? I want to see what condition you're in, cock-wise I mean."

"I thought you might. I'm a little curious because I don't feel much. I love being out and about in the city," I said as I took off my shirt, sneakers, and socks. "But once we're alone again, I'm usually tingling. No tingle, yet."

"I hope I didn't do any damage this morning. I'm used to fucking you deep, though, and that pain happened when I was on in inward slide."

"Not quite. I felt it in my back when I first lay down, but our activity did seem to intensify it. I don't think it was you, though. Sort of along the reasons why I couldn't fuck after surgery. Maybe it's still a little premature. Or something else is wrong; maybe I need a plumber."

He was standing behind me as I talked. He slid his hands into my jeans and kissed my neck. I stopped talking. The tingling happened slightly. I told him. He gently turned my head to kiss my lips. He explored inside my jeans more after unbuttoning and unzipping them. He was looking for two things; any strange hardness or softness that he had never felt, and an erection in response.

After a few minutes, he turned me around. "I'm not a doctor, of course, but there is a hardness on the left side of your belly. I don't feel it in me. When do you see Andrew at MGH again?"

"Tuesday morning, 8:00."

"Good. I don't think that he'd mind if you told him what happened and when. No one else has to know, just Andrew."

"Okay. Do you want to, uh, experiment further?"

"Horny are we?" he said, raising an eyebrow.

"You, probably, since you're Italian. Me, not so much. However, I'd be interested in seeing if your sweet mouth can do me justice."

"One can only hope. You do know, of course, as guys go, you're pretty hung, even soft. It's not exactly a mouthful like when you're hard, but it's appetizing, if you get my drift."

"I do, so, suck me."

He took my jeans off when I lay down on the big chair. He knelt in front of me and started on my balls. They were more sensitive than usual; therefore, I felt the heat. Nice.

"Mmmm. I guess there's hope yet, because it feels nice."

He moved down beneath my balls and licked around. "Yeah, I said." Then my hole. "Ooh. Yes." He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back.

He went down on my cock, lifting its decent weight with his mouth. Not hung like a horse, but you knew I was a guy. There was warmth, as usual. I can truly say that Skip loved to suck my cock, and he gave it his all. He kept it up. I knew where this was heading. If I could not get hard, could I get a bit less soft, and, could I come?

I pulled him off my cock for a moment of kissing.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Oh yeah. I got sensation and warmth, if not hardness. Do you think I can fire off?"

"Dunno. Do you wanna suck . . ."

I did not let him finish. Silly question. We lay on the floor and I went after his very stiff meat. No jealousy there. Good cock is good cock, hard, semi-hard, or even Mr. Limpy to a point. I would not want to make a career out of having Mr. Limpy, but it did serve a medical purpose, meaning letting me know something was up.

We lay together for as long as he wanted to suck me. I let him decide. I could not talk anyway; my mouth was full. He again poked his finger into my hole, for a little more than just pleasure this time. He may not be a doctor, but he could play one on TV. When he rubbed my secret spot, I went a little firmer. Hmmm, interesting. He kept at it. I moaned and let the warmth radiate through me.

It turns out that warmth was a nice mouthful of cum for my buddy. He surprised me by sharing it with me. I was pleased by the amount, knowing that he had kept about half. Better yet, it tasted good, same as ever.

I knew that he was close, so I went back down on his cock. I worked his secret spot for a couple of minutes, while licking the spot beneath his ball sac. He moaned softly, so I put his cock back in my mouth. He shot five good ribbons of cum into my mouth. I swallowed and licked and sucked, and I hoped, pleased him at least as well as he pleased me.

"Oh yeah. Nice, bud."

"Well, that's good news, huh?"

"You surprised me, pleasantly. You did get a bit firmer, but not like usual. I think the prostate massage is what set you off."

"Yeah. You buzzed it and I felt the heat, but I didn't know I came, or was going to come yet."

"So, we'll worry a little. Are you okay overall? Any weird feelings?"

"No weird feelings and I do feel okay. Do you remember where the hard spot was that you found?"

"Yeah. Over here," he said, guiding my fingers. He felt it first and then had me feel it.

"Hmmm. That's not usual. Hernia, though I don't know what that would feel like."

"Maybe. But tell Andrew anyway."

I nodded.

"So are you wanting to . . ."

"Yeah, but later. Maybe we both can get off another good load tonight. I'm still curious."

"Geez, good thing I are a stud."

"Yes, you am. Now kiss me."

I did as ordered. We lay together for a few more minutes. He nuzzled into my neck and whispered dirty things into my ear. I smiled at his words.

"Yeah, if we're lucky enough."

"Somehow, we will be. I have ways."

"Now that we've had the appetizer, it's time for the main course."

We settled into baked scallops, salad, and a shared piece of cake. He washed and I dried, putting things away as I went. Then the phone rang. It was Andrew.

"Hi Aaron. Hey, I forgot to show you that you have access to a rooftop deck. There's a second key on the key ring I gave you, right?"

"Hi Andrew. Yeah, there is."

"It's not a second key for your front door. It's for the door to the roof."

"That explains why I usually have to try both keys before I get into the apartment. Thanks for the info. Skip and I finished dinner, so now we'll have a hang out place for the evening. Thanks for calling."

"Andrew?" Skip asked.

"Yeah, with a treat. Come on, I'll show you."

I locked up my apartment, went where Andrew had told me to, and found the door. I unlocked it. Behind it were stairs. We went up. Before us was a 360-degree view of Boston, from five stories up.

"What a nice surprise. You didn't know about this?"

"Not until five minutes ago. I thought the courtyard was a nice enough benefit."

"Look, I can see part of the moon. Can we stay?" Skip asked.

"You bet. There's a bench over there."

We sat and listened to the sounds of the city for a couple of hours, watching the moon track across the sky. The city had its own sound and rhythm. Unlike New York, most of Boston was not an all-night city. By 2:00 a.m., all was relatively quiet. Back downstairs, we settled into the big chair and watched TV. I don't know which shows we watched other than "Nature" on PBS. The rest of the time, we had our tongues in each other's mouths. We continued that in bed, until we fell asleep, probably with tongues hanging out, dead from overuse.

"I shouldn't take the conversation down this road, but I'm going to start missing you now and get it over with," Skip said as we sat in the oversized chair after breakfast.

We were cuddled up close together, even though there was lots of room in the chair. One does not just sit with Skip; one holds him close and does not ever want to let him go.

"I started missing you two hours ago. What kept you?"

"I think it was having your cock in my mouth. I'm not brilliant at conversation when I'm sucking the one I love."

"But Billy isn't here."

"The other one I love."

"That would be me."

"That would be you."

"Damn I'm good."

"No. You're a special somebody."

"That's better than good?"

"Waaay better."

"It makes it harder then, you missing me when you're at school."

"I'll manage. It's not like I'm going to China. I wish I could come every weekend, but I have to work, and it's my senior year, so I'm starting my internship."

"I'll manage, too. Somehow. Some way. No I won't."

"Yeah you will. Call me each night at 7:30. Let me know what's going on, tell me you love me and you miss my sexy body, and that the next time you see me you're going to jump my bones."

"I love you and I miss your sex body, and the next time I see you, I'm going to jump your bones."

"Can you do that tomorrow night?"

"I'd rather do it face-to-face."

"On December 19th. Then you have two weeks to tell me that."

"You might get tired of hearing it."

"Never happen. And, you can show me, too."

"Okay, I miss you less now. How about, Billy? When is his semester break?"

"I'll ask when I talk to him. Probably starting when mine does, plus a travel day to get home. You'll be in NH with us for Christmas."

I noticed that it was not a question; it was a statement of fact. I would not, though, because things were about to turn bad.

Andrew, on Tuesday, was concerned about the hardness that Skip had found. I had told him, not in great detail, but in terms that told him we were being intimate at the time and that I felt a very sharp pain inside.

"Where was your last MRI location?"

"My back, mostly, around my kidneys."

"I think you need another. This time we'll have to do a more detailed study. I'll write up the order. Whatever we find, we'll deal with. How did Skip react to your pain, and finding the hardness?"

"Calmly. He's so good to me, Andrew. You won't find many like him around."

The MRI found tumor number four and a smaller tumor number five. The sharp pain I had felt was the beginnings of my remaining kidney shutting down. I passed out in my apartment. Andrew found me. Whatever attacked me did not leave enough time for me to push the button on my 911 responder.

It started with an infection from Hell. Andrew wanted to move me to Washington. I consented.

My fever hit 105 by Thursday. I was bleeding internally, so there was exploratory surgery. This revealed a small amount of cancer on my liver, pancreas, and lower tip of both lungs.
And then there was Skip. And then Billy.

I was in and out of that killer fever for 11 days. I woke up briefly to find Skip holding my hand. Claire was talking to him, but I could not hear nor comprehend words. Andrew was sleeping in a chair in the corner. I faded away.

When next I woke, someone young was lying beside me, asleep. A slightly older young man was curled up in a chair with a blanket over him, sleeping. The room was dark except for a small lamp in a corner. I felt like I was being boiled in oil. Faces meant nothing—who were they? Time meant nothing. It could have been hours, days, or weeks. I faded again.

There was a light kiss on my forehead. I opened my eyes to find Andrew standing over me. He did not look my doctor, only a very worried friend. His eyes said that he was sorry. His eyes said he cared a great deal for me. He held my hand.

"Hello, Aaron," he said softly.

"Hi Doc. Skip's here?" I said, dry-throat burning.

"I'm here, love," he said, holding me tighter.

"Me too," said Billy, taking my hand as Andrew gave it to him.

Andrew fed me ice chips. Claire cared for the boys. Later I found out that one or the other slept beside me each night. Not beside me in a chair, beside me in bed, holding on as if I would slip away into eternity. They would not let me do that. I wanted to because this was not life. This was a struggle of the century. I have to wonder how many times they pulled me back from my death. In one way, it was cruel to bring me back to the life I had. Surely, it was better if I died. For them, life without me would be bearable, eventually. They had each other—why did they need me. But they did need me. So, I came back, slowly.

There were two high-risk surgeries to remove tumors. Skip and Billy sat outside the OR for hours each time, needing to be close to me. Claire sat with them, keeping them occupied as only a psychologist-friend could. There were drugs to kill the infections that came and died and came again and finally died.

Skip held my hand more firmly so I could feel him. He bent down to kiss me. It was so full of concern and love. He looked at Andrew and blushed, but kissed me again.

"Remember what your dad said, Skip. Don't apologize for loving someone. I'm working hard, but we could still lose him. Love him with all your heart."

"How come you're okay with this?"

"I've had gay friends since high school. He loves you. You love him. Hold him close, Skip. God bless you both."

"I hate labels, Andrew. Gay isn't what I am, nor my bud here. I don't fit into someone's little category, moral or otherwise. I do love Aaron, more than even my family, which they all know. Fuck the label. The end."

"If you can hold him on this side of his life with a simple kiss, and in his bed, do it. If anyone gives you shit, you tell me."

"I try not to apologize, Dr., uh, Andrew. I would kiss him if you weren't here, so why not when you are. He's my life. I don't kiss him in front of anyone else. I want you to know this is not your Average Joe cancer patient. He is someone to love deeply. He gives it back ten thousand times more. I might love someone else in the future, but for now, Aaron IS my present. Take that as you will."

"Present, as in now, and present, as in a gift. He is that. I have to believe that he knows you're here and loving him sincerely. As for anyone else, fuck `em if they can't take a joke. If you're moved to kiss him, then you'd better kiss him. If you lose him, you'll have guilt. Guilt lasts a lot longer than embarrassment."

Skip nodded. He reached his hand out to Andrew. Andrew took it and pulled Skip into a hug. Skip lay down beside me again.

"Come on back to us, love. We miss you."

I did not do so for some unknown passage of time. My body continued to shut down. Then came Betsy and JD. I was not alone at any minute of any day from post-Labor Day to well past New Year's Day. Their lives were on hold. I hated that.

The boys and their parents did not celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas. There was little to be thankful for, and the spirit of Christmas existed only in my room, 475 miles from home.

February 14th – appropriate because I felt loved, but I also had so much guilt that it was unbearable. How could they change their lives for the likes of me? I cried and could not stop. Skip lay in bed beside me. Nurses came and went, caring for my guardian angel du jour, and me, and feeling touched that the boys loved me so much. They were most impressed with Skip. More than friends, they knew, because Skip would not ever withhold his affection. He did not apologize to anyone. He had listened

He had dropped out of school for me. Billy had dropped out of school for me. Betsy and JD were here in Washington three days a week. They were more impressed with their sons every day. Claire was there for them, not me yet. No hand went un-held. No forehead went un-kissed. They held on to each other.

Radiation had become necessary, against Andrew's best judgment. It served a purpose, of course, but it was harsh. Chemo made me deathly sick until Andrew perfected formulas and dosages, based on computer models and instincts. I was bald as a cue ball and down to 115 pounds, from 185 pounds. Andrew had done everything and then some to save my life, including bringing other specialists from NIH into play. The cancer was aggressive as all hell, so I found no fault in his care. I was alive. Now I would begin to live again.

What bothered me more was that my bros gave up a year of college for me. I felt okay about Billy because he was only in his freshman year. He promised me he would start again in September. In the meantime, we would hold me and sleep with me. He and Skip swapped out nights with me, so either one could go back to my apartment and sleep in a real bed. If either did not want to be alone, they stayed with Andrew and Claire at their condo. Claire helped them both live as normal as they could, including providing meals a few times a week.

Skip missing a year of college sucked. It had been his senior year. He lost his internship and graduation with friends he had known for four years. He told me that if they were real friends, they would stay in touch.

"You matter more to me than they do."

"You knew them longer. None of us has so many friends that losing them is appealing."

"Those close to me knew why I left school. We talk often enough. They helped keep me going while I've been here for you."

"But . . . arrrggg, you're not gonna let me win this are you?"

"Ain't about winning. It's about you. You gave me extreme love for months, so a sacrifice, any sacrifice, is easy. You really have to accept that I love you."

"I do know."

"Do you. In here, all the way inside?" He put his hand against my heart.

"I do know." I kissed him.

"All I have to give you is my love."

"I heard you gave blood for me, too, for surgery."

"Billy did, too. And our folks donated for another surgical patient. My Dad is a lifetime donor. He started when he was 17 or 18. We hope it matters enough."

"It's more than enough. So is how you love me. Can I have a daily dose?"

"Doctor recommended. Better yet, Andrew and Claire recommended. They love that I would not give an inch in hospital policy. It's unconventional that I slept with you, or that Billy did. Fuck convention."

"Amen. You kept me alive. That's better medicine than hospital policy. But . . ."

"But dying might have been better?"

I nodded.

"Dying would have been easier, not better. Your life being over at 34 would suck. You have things to do, and some day, it's more than Billy and I who will benefit."

"Okay," is all I said.

"Sleep, love. I'm here. Billy will be here if I'm not."

I kissed him again and held him. He pulled me close.

I did not see either of my apartments for eight and a half months. I was released in mid-May, missing so many months of my life that it took both the boys and the parents to bring me back to life. We did so in my Boston apartment. It took until early August to return to my townhouse in NH.

There had been no sex, for any of us, since the day I passed out in my Boston apartment. When we got home to NH, joyfully, my bros decided that we had to make up for lost time. They had done enough jacking off.

It was Saturday. The weather was gorgeous—who cares? We vowed that we would not leave the townhouse until there was not one milliliter of cum left in our bodies. Whoever had any would have to spill it into a mouth or tighter than tight pucker. I locked the front door. Nobody knew that I was home yet, except the parents. Being open-minded, they knew to leave us alone.

Skip picked me up and carried me upstairs. When he opened my bedroom door, we saw three white roses on the bed, just beneath the pillows.

"Wow, did you do that?" I asked him.

"Nope, but now I wish I'd thought of it. Did you, Billy?"

"Nope. How romantic is that? Uh oh . . ." he started. Skip finished it.


"Really?" I asked.

"Had to be. I don't know how to ask her though, without turning twenty shades of red."

"God Bless Mom, then," I said.

Skip gently placed me on my bed, took off my sneakers, socks, and shirt. He left my jeans on and knew I was not wearing briefs or boxers. He and Billy also stripped down, leaving their jeans on. We found that getting hard while wearing jeans happened quicker because of the feeling of the fabric. Also, it was just so cool to check out each other's bulges.

Something hit me, though. I put two pillows behind me and sat there for a moment, tears running down my cheeks. The boys sat on either side of me. Skip kissed me on my forehead.

"Me too, love. It feels like I'm dreaming."

"No sex between you two, either?"

"No. It's not fair to you. We're three, not two."

"Eight months, guys. Holy shit."

"Yeah. Holy shit," smiled Billy. "Horny much? Geez," he said, rubbing his crotch, and then mine.

That cracked me up. `Holy shit' covered a lot of ground. Horny didn't cover so much ground. I kissed Billy and then Skip. They were not going to let me live in the past. It sucked and it was done. Here I was, nearly naked and about to fuck my bros, and they are going to fuck me, for the first time in forever.

"Triangle 69?" I asked.


"Skip, I'll flip ya for Billy's cock."

"Okay, heads or tails," he said, flipping an imaginary coin.

"How about head over tail," I said.

I took Skip by surprise by flipping him off the bed in a cool move, using my feet and his chest, carefully. He landed softly on a pillow that I had put there a couple minutes ago.

"Well bro, looks like Aaron gets MY head."

And I did. I lay down and sucked Billy's semi-hard cock, getting it up to full hardness. Skip climbed back onto my bed, laughing.

"Just remember, love, payback is a bitch!"

"Promises, promises."

He lay so Billy could have his sweet meat, and he took my semi-hard dick to bring it up. I was curious. He looked up at me as he got it hard and then some. Phew! That meant one thing—these boys were going to get a nice stiff dick up their asses.

How great it felt to have a warm, wet mouth sucking my cock. I had pre-cum flowing freely. Skip loved it. He even shared some of it with Billy. Each had some as well, but the pre-cum prize was mine that night. The boys had had the `luxury' of jacking off occasionally while I was sick. I did not. My sexual interest had died, but was being reborn tonight. Boy howdy! Skip licked and sucked my balls as I sucked Billy's nut sac. I saw Billy rolling Skip's ball in his mouth, licking down below as well. I poked my finger into Billy's hole and pressed his joy buzzer. He shot hot cum into my mouth immediately.

After I swallowed and cleaned up his cock and balls, I joked with him. "I guess Aaron knows how to push Billy's love button, huh?"

"I don't think I've ever shot off so fast. I should have jacked off last night. Remind me to ban your from my ass until we're further along. I hate shooting off when you guys are far from done.

"Who says I am?" I said as I looked at Skip, sliding slowly up and down my cock. I pushed my finger into my own hole, pushed my own joy buzzer, and fired off in his mouth. It took him by surprise, and he smiled as he sucked up and swallowed my load.

"Geez, Aaron, warn a guy, huh?" he said, laughing.

Billy went back down on Skip while I ate Skip's ass, probing my tongue inside. He shivered a bit. I wanted a better reaction, so I pressed two fingers into his secret spot. Billy started sucking faster, gobbling up cock and cum, as Skip thrashed on my bed.

We lay together so we could all exchange kisses. I lay in the middle, and lazily played with their softening dicks. Skip played with my cock and Billy played with my balls. I turned my head from one to the other. Billy kissed me for long moments.

"Welcome home, love."

I smiled and kissed him again. Then I turned to Skip. He mouth was on mine before I looked completely his way. He didn't give up my lips for a good five minutes.

"Yeah, what he said," he smiled.

Then he leaned over me and kissed Billy very passionately. Billy put his hand on Skip's neck, his fingers behind his head. After a couple minutes, they stopped and looked at me, smiling.

"Hey, don't let me interrupt. Watching two brothers kiss is a beautiful turn-on. Go for it."

They continued, but shared kisses with me every few minutes.

"Aaron, you know I love you, right?" asked Billy.

"I do know. I . . ."

He put his index and middle fingers on my lips.

"It's more than that, though. I'm in love with you. I cried a lot when we thought you might die. All I could do is hold on and keep pulling you back. I know that you didn't want to come back, but I wanted to be selfish for once in my life. Sshhhh let me finish. You're in my heart, every moment, every day. Even when I was at school, I wanted to be here."

"I'm glad to hear `in love with you', Billy. I'm conflicted, though, because I'm also in love. Thing is, it's with you both, and neither one of you are more important than the other. Is that screwy . . ."

"No, it's not screwy," Skip said, turning my head gently to face him. I love Billy because he's my brother and because he brought me back to life as well. At the same time, and Billy knows this, I too am in love with you. Our souls are connected. I said it before—we are three."

"How can I be so blessed? THE two sweetest young men in New Hampshire, New England, the Northeast, the US, North America . . . here in my arms. I really did die. This is paradise."

"And it gets better because one of us is about to fuck your tight little pucker, baby."

"Oh my. I'm gonna get fucked?"

"Oh yeeaahhhh," said Billy, giving me eyebrows and a kiss.

"Which one of us gets to do the deed?" asked Skip.

"Well, I know that, even though he said he is, Billy is not selfish. However, I am. I think both you studly men ought to get real hard, because you both just have to share my hole."

"Woof! Really? Double penetration?"

"Yeah, double penetration. It's the only way when one is as selfish as I am."

"Not to mention horny as fuck. Okay, I'm game," said Billy.

"Do you know how we're going to do this acrobatic little fuck?" Skip asked.

"Sure. Billy's going in first, like this."

I faced away from Billy and sat on his cock. There was very little resistance as it slid inside of me.

"Okay, now it's your turn, love. Just enter me like you normally would."

Skip lubed up, got on his knees between Billy's legs, raised my legs, pressed the head of his cock against my hole, and then slid inside of me. He held my ankles high, and then put my legs on his shoulders. It was not as easy as I made it sound, but he pushed slowly and steadily.

"Holy fuck. My cock tight against my bro's cock, inside your sweet asshole. Damn this is hot!" said Skip once inside me.

"How does it feel for you?" asked Billy.

"Tight. Oh so tight. Incredible. I think both of you should do what comes naturally. Or should I just slide up and down you both?"

"Lemme try this," Billy said, lying fully on his elbows for leverage, pushing in and then sliding out a little. He got into a rhythm, sliding past Skip's hard cock.

"Wow. Let me catch up, bro," said Skip.

He pulled out a bit when Billy pushed in, and pushed in when Billy slid partially out. The brothers got into a smooth rhythm, cock sliding past cock. Amazingly enough, they fucked me for a good fifteen minutes before they made "I'm coming" sounds at the same time. The both unloaded in my ass at the same time. They fucked me until their balls were drained. They slid out of my ass with a loud pop. I had shot my load all over my chest and stomach. Skip leaned down and ate my cum. I licked and sucked Billy's cock and balls, cleaning him up, then did the same to Skip.

I lay in the middle of both of them again. They took turns kissing me, and then each other.

"Whoa. That was an experience and a half. How did you think of that?" asked Skip.

"Easy. Greed. I didn't want Billy or you to fuck me first and then trade off. When you said we are three, I knew how to do that. By the way, that was crazy good!"

"We'll do it again tomorrow," said Billy, doubting I could take two again today or tonight.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Tomorrow would be good. But each of you get to fuck me one at a time later."

"Aww, geez, do we have to," whined Skip, not at all convincingly.

"Oh yeeaahhhh," I said, with authority.

"Okay, okay. Geez. You're so selfish, love. Let's shower and make some dinner. If I have to fuck you again, I need some fuel."

"You have to fuck Billy, too"

"Awww, man!"

We showered and kissed, holding each other, rubbing each other's bodies with soap and tongues. Before the hot water ran out, we got out and toweled off. I licked water off four pink nipples. We kept kissing, finding it hard to let go. I turned Billy around, held him tight, and kissed his neck. Skip stepped behind me, pressed his hard body to mine, and kissed me likewise. He also kissed my bald head. It was no different from me sucking his one ball. For now, bald was a badge of honor—I earned it. We put our blue jeans on and went downstairs.

Three. Oh yeeaahhhh.

It was cool outside, but nice enough to cook out on the grill. Billy found a nice glass to put the three white roses in. We cooked up fresh trout from a local fish market. It needed only a fresh side salad. We had store-bought biscuits with strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. I took a dollop and put it on Billy's nose. His cross-eyed look down his nose cracked us all up. I stood beside him, bent down, and licked the cream off his nose. Since I was close to his lips, I just had to kiss him. I teased him by massaging his crotch, from the inside. I played with his cock until he got nice and hard, and then I stopped.

"Geez, Aaron, I keep forgetting you can be one hell of a tease."

"You don't want to come now and ruin it for later, do you?"

"Yes, and it wouldn't ruin it for later. I are a stud and can come again when I'm in your tight ass."

"Well, maybe," I said, standing up again. Then I sat down. "Nah. Later. I want more than a depleted cum load."

"Greedy man, just greedy!"

"Yup. Selfish and greedy. I love your cum, but I want it all later, not half and half."

"Oh all right. Oy."

"Hey, when did you learn Italian?" I joked.

He laughed. "Oh, I'm full of surprises."

"I know. Like telling me that you're in love with me. Who woulda thunk it?"

"I woulda thunk I could be in love with a hunk," he sang, eyebrows and all.

"I'm not a hunk any more. A good breeze would knock me over. The sun bounces off my head, so you guys will have to wear sunglasses."

"And don't forget that you have a really scrawny ass now," added Skip.

"Oh sure, add to my misery."

"Nah, no misery here. You got us two hunks to love, and to love you. Bald looks good on you. And we can work on that scrawny ass," said Billy.

"Three hunks. God, are we frickin' gorgeous or what?" I said, laughing. Nope, no misery here.

"We are! Cheers to us," Skip said, raising his beer glass to us. We clinked glasses and laughed.

Billy leaned in to kiss my lips and then my head.

"I love your bald head. Even more, I love you, very much."

"I love you, too, Billy. I love that you sacrificed for me. I want you to go back to school, though, and learn good things. You should be an educated man. It's important. We three could run a really nice business. Okay?"

"More than okay, love. I'll make you proud. I leave in three weeks, you know."

"I'm glad. You already have made me proud, and then some."

Skip, too, leaned in. He too kissed my lips, passionately, and kissed my head."

"I also love your bald head, same as you love my one testicle. Even more, I love you, very much. You already know I'm doing Take II on my senior year. I like the sound of being `the educated man', so I can do that for you, and for our future business."

"You don't know it yet, but Andrew and Claire say I should use the Boston apartment, so we're near each other. I'll need to when I have to go to MGH anyway. I'm planning to be there through the whole school year. No one but Claire and Andrew, and their real estate person, knows about the apartment. Well, his contact in DC, too, for the budget, but it's mine until I don't want it anymore."

"Wanna spend Labor Day weekend there?"

"Yes. Will we suck cocks and fuck each other brainless?"

"No," I said, straight-faced as I could.

"Alrighty then. Psyched!"

Billy piped up. "I'm gonna have to jack off about a dozen times a day when I know you two are in that apartment. I don't think being `the educated man' is that great if I got just my hand for nine months."

"You can *come* at Christmas, right?"

"Again and again!" he laughed.

"And Spring Break?"

"Yup. Ditto."

"School finishes in early May?"


"Then we have the whole summer, all over again."

"Wow. Too fast. I want to enjoy each day . . . ahh, I see where you're going with this. `The moments I'm in', right?"

"Yes. I'm saying that being in school and living your days there will be a good thing. Maybe someone will strike your fancy, so you can stay sexual."

Billy gave me a face.

"Yeah, yeah, but Skip will live his days at school, too, then we can also be together on as many weekends as he'd like. However, the school holidays, the extended ones, means we three can be together. It'll only be a few weeks at a time that we're apart, right?"

"Right, except about finding someone. That's not going to happen."

"Why not? You're a sexual guy's wet dream."

"Because I love YOU, and bro. Otherwise, it's just sex."

"But if you find someone, it doesn't have to be just sex. Your potential to love someone is amazing. Don't shut that down."

"YOU are the only man I want. I ain't fucking anyone else. Ain't no one else ever fucking me. I know I'll miss you when I'm away, but that only means I can make love to you and bro all the better when I'm home. My hand and I will be okay, really. I got really good at it when I had to."

"Bro, what are we going to do about this?" I asked Skip.

Skip chuckled. "Not a thing. I also got really good at jacking off. Billy loving you, and me too, is a good thing. I understand him. The `it's just sex otherwise' rings true. People say long distance relationships don't work. For us, they will."

"Okay. But, IF you . . ."

"Duly noted. Now shut up and kiss me," Billy chuckled.

"Or find a jack off buddy . . ."

"Duly noted. Now shut up and kiss me," he said again, smiling.

I did. I loved that he loved me enough to miss me and be solo while he was away. He knew, and I'd tell him again later, that he would not hurt my feelings if he wanted sex with someone else while he was at school. Human nature, and all that.

"And you . . ." I said, looking over at Skip, taking his hand in mine, and putting it up to my heart.

"I got eyes ONLY for you, love. No discussion. When we're apart and I get horny, I'll do what Billy does."

He made the jack off motion over his crotch. Billy did it too. So did I. Then I took my cock out. It hung between my legs. Billy beat Skip to the punch, putting my cock into his mouth. He sucked me for a couple of minutes.

"Want some?" asked Billy.

"Hell yes," he said as he bent down and sucked me too.

"I think we ought to bring the dishes inside, put the perishables back in the fridge, go upstairs, and, uh, fuck ourselves brainless," said Skip.

"Maybe just short of brainless. I want a few cells so that I know stuff. This `self aware' stuff is too good to give up," I chuckled.

Billy picked me up this time. I put my arms around his neck and back. He carried me through the dining room, living room, up the stairs, down the hall, and into my bedroom. He opened my jeans and went down on my semi-hard cock. Skip lay beside Billy and shared my dick. One sucked my cock while the other ate my balls and my hole, and then they switched. I have to admit that I loved the attention. I lay and let them do what they wanted to. They, in turn, let me lay and enjoy it.

"Don't make me come, guys. I got fucking to do. We need to re-consummate this relationship. We all get to come tonight, loves."

"I like it. I think we fuck one at a time, allowing each of us to watch the show," Billy said, brilliantly.

"Your idea, bro, so you start. Who do you want first?"

"You, bro. Save Aaron for best and last."

Skip lay on his back beside me. We watched as Billy lifted Skip's legs and then buried his tongue in his brother's pucker. He licked and sucked at the pink little hole, occasionally poking his finger inside. After he lubed up his hole and his cock, he pressed the head of his cock against Skip's hole. Skip nodded when Billy looked at him. Billy pushed inside in one smooth motion, pressing his balls against his brother's rounded cheeks. Skip sucked in his breath. I leaned over to kiss him as Billy got a rhythm going, pulling out to the head, and plunging back in the whole way. He got up on the balls of his feet so he could penetrate deeper with each smooth thrust. He long-dicked Skip's tight hole for over ten minutes, then pushed in one more time and unloaded a thick, creamy load. He pulled in and out a couple more times. He pushed in one more time and left his cock there until it slipped out. He kissed Skip lovingly.

"Was it good, bro?"

"Spectacular my bro. Now I got you inside me. I love having a piece of your soul buried in me."

"Me too, Skip. It feels so good."

"Are you ready for my eager cock, Billy?" I asked.

"Yeah, love. Do me like I did my bro."

"With pleasure."

I took my jeans off as Billy lay beside Skip. I loved eating ass as much as Billy did, so I dove in to eat out Billy's pink, pulsing pucker. I poked my tongue and finger in alternately, avoiding his joy buzzer. He deserved a good long fuck that only I could provide. I looked over at Skip and smiled, knowing he had no idea what evil thoughts lurked inside my head.

"You can think that if you want to love, but I are a good fuck, too."

He laughed aloud, seeing that `I don't get how you do that' expression on my face. I just don't get it. But, I could give it to Billy, so I got up on my knees, lubed up my dick, and poked just the head into his asshole. I looked at him and he nodded. I pushed inside him until my heavy balls pressed against his smooth ass. As Skip had done, I got up on the balls of my feet, plunging deeply with each fucking motion. It was like fucking for the first time ever. I unloaded like a schoolboy, throwing my head back and grunting as I shot inside of Billy.

"Damn! Sorry, love, but that was waaay too soon."

"See if you can stay hard. Just keep your cock moving. I know you got a creamy load in there for lube. Yeah, that's it. Fuck me nice and slow until you get harder again. It feels so good, my love. Mmmm, that's right."

He kept reassuring me and I, surprisingly, found myself just as hard as I had been when I first entered him. He continued to moan as I fucked him, long-dicking his tight hole, watching my cock slide in and out. It tingled more than usual, but not so that I would come anytime soon. I guessed that getting off earlier would help me fuck him longer. I lifted one of his legs and kissed the flesh and fine hairs of it. I leaned in to share a three-way kiss with him and Skip. He smiled up at me and nodded, telling me that it felt so good to have a fine cock like mine inside his tight hole.

I fucked for longer than I imagined, but finally I couldn't hold off any longer. The cum shot out of my shaft and into his hole once again. My body tingled from head to toe. I pumped until I was drained and too sensitive. I stayed inside him until I eventually heard a soft pop.

"Aaron's soul is now inside Billy again," Billy said, smiling. He kissed me tenderly. "I love you, my bro."

"I love you, too, my bro. I'm blessed to be in love with you."

I reached over and took Skip's hardness in my hand. I stroked it from base to head.

"I guess that means you're ready for me, love?"

"Yeah. I've waited long enough, and so have you. Make sweet love to me."

He began with eating out my pucker. I had already come twice, so I was not in any danger of going off. He pressed my secret spot and rubbed it slowly, getting me harder. Billy leaned down and took my cock into his mouth. I did not get fully hard, but I had a nice long dong feeling to my cock. Skip lubed up and entered my sweet hole in one smooth slide. Billy sucked me while Skip fucked me. Skip had my legs over his shoulders. He held them both, and kissed and licked each in turn, as he slid in and out of my hole. His cock massaged my joy buzzer repeatedly. He did not hurt me one bit. I hardly ever felt pain when I was being fucked, even on initial entry. I knew how to push out just so when a cock entered me. I knew how to relax once it was in. I loosened and tightened my hole as Skip slid out to the purple bulb of his head and then slid all the way back inside of me.

I was the first to come, for a third time, because of Billy's mouth sucking my cock. I felt Skip unload as his cock got slicker. He pumped me until he was drained. He pulled out and then straddled my chest, putting his cock into my mouth so I could clean up the last of his cum.

"Good?" he asked.

"Brilliant. If there were an award for fucking excellence, you both would win one. And you'd each win another for your love, mostly of me."

"You're easy to love, bro," said Billy. "You bring me more in return than I could ever give you."

"I couldn't say it better," said Skip. "He's right."

"Maybe so, but you both kept me on this side of my life. I initially didn't want that. Now I could not imagine life `on the other side' being better than this."

"I think it is, but this is pretty awesome, too," said Skip. Billy agreed.

We took a break and showered together. There would be more fucking later tonight. I would get to fuck Skip. Skip would fuck Billy, and then Billy would fuck me. Of course, it wasn't just fucking. We'd leave parts of ourselves inside each other, completing each of us, bringing us whole again for the first time in over eight months. I so loved my two young men, and they so loved me.

Welcome home, indeed.

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