Something Special for Eli, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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By now incredibly eager to get on with the fun, I looked up at my still rock hard stud and rolled my horny bottom around, then I spit his cock out and gave him a suggestive smile. Knowing what I was after, he leaned down and planted one more French kiss on my lips, then he watched as I crawled up to my blonde stud, ready to suck another big dick. While I was staring at the spring loaded cock in front of me with hungry eyes, I felt two strong hands pull me up at the waist, then the head of a now familiar dick pushed through the ring of my eager entrance.

Chapter Two – Eli Takes Four (Dedicated to Z, the greatest of all time)

I let loose with a long, horny moan as my hungry boy pussy filled up with the massive shaft that I had just sucked. I persed my lips and my eyes were half shut while I luxuriated in the luscious sensation of anal penetration, then I felt his pubic mane smash into my deep crevice and sighed. At the same time, his hot boner throbbed over and over again against the moist lining of my hungry hole, making me even hornier for a fuck than I had been all day. Acting on sheer instinct, I rolled my horny tail around and ground it back into his pubes, sending a strong pleasure signal through my body as the wiry hairs scrubbed my pucker so deliciously.

I felt so lucky to be able to have my bottom serviced by the big, delicious dick that I'd just sucked on so lustily. As the oven like heat of the shaft that was filling me poured into the depths of my horny hole, I let loose with a deep sigh of relief and nuzzled my soft cheek against the head of the prick that I was preparing to suck. The glans were so moist, and just like the dick in my ass, they were producing an intense amount of heat that was working like a powerful aphrodisiac on my senses. My hips were still moving in a clockwise motion and I was moaning with depravity as the long prick stirred inside of me. Suddenly, a powerful shudder gripped my small body and my moaning grew stuttered for a moment, but then I felt a soft caress against my right cheek that grabbed my attention.

I grinned when I realized that my blonde stud was petting my cheek with a gentle smile on his cute face. I responded to this by resting my forearms on top of his thighs so that his hard as steel man cock was right at my lips, then I slipped my mouth over the crown and gave it a long, sensual suck. I loved how bulbous and defined the head of his prick was, and how unforgiving the stalk was as I bobbed my head up and down. I moaned with satisfaction as I worked to take more and more length, loving how there was no give at all to the jumbo sized tool. There was a vast network of protruding veins that lined the entire length. They started at the base and ran all the way up his stalk, and I could feel them all with my dripping lips.

My head was spinning with sheer delight as I indulged in his full length, loving how the oversized head of his dick barely fit in my throat. My uvula was being stimulated the entire time, not only by his glans, but by the thick veins that were catching its tip. I was so caught up in my deep throat fuck at the moment that I almost forgot about the big dick that had invaded my juicing boy snatch.

But then my top took control of my grinding rear end by grabbing my hips with authority. As soon as he settled my rear end, he tightened his grip on my waist and began feeding me deep, fluid thrusts. Right off the bat, his pleasure filled strokes lit a fire in my rear end that only intensified with each motion. His cock seemed to be hitting every nerve ending in my boy pussy, from the pleasure receptors that surround my anal ring to the glands that are situated in the deepest corner, excreting ass juice with every contraction of my rectal walls. Along the way, his shaft was running tight against my throbbing little prostate, sending a continuous wave of pleasure up and down my spine, my legs and all throughout my abdomen.

In no time flat, I was in the throes of anal ecstasy while my muffled moans vibrated against the dick that I was sucking so lustily on. It seemed like I lost track of my surroundings while my body was being fed cock at both ends and all I could hear were echoes of the voices in the room. My vision was hazy and my moaning was involuntary, but I was loving every second of it. A cozy warmth set in all around me while a torrent of shivers consumed my horny frame. I thought I could hear daddy's voice in the background, saying something to the roomful of studs he had procured for me, but I was too far gone to make sense of it.

In the midst of my rapture, I felt my top running his hands up and down my back, then he took a firm hold of my shoulders and increased the force of his thrusts. This only added to my bliss, causing the shivers that had beset me to intensify and a sinful heat to encase my groin. I could feel my boy pussy clamping down over and over again around my lover's shaft, then my hard little wiener started to pulsate with continuous throbs of pleasure. My small dick was dancing wildly while my rear end experienced rhythmic contractions that were unfolding in unison with the hard cock thrusts that were being fed into it.

Out of nowhere, I felt my top speed up his thrusting and I knew that he was about to seed me. Eager for his load to erupt in my boy pussy, I gazed up at my blonde stud through hazy eyes and he smiled down at me. Once again, this added to the luscious sensation that was roaring through me and I felt my bottom clamp down violently a few times around my top's dick. Then, as if he knew that I had reached the pinnacle of my pleasure, my stud buried his massive pole in my hungry bottom and squirted a hot, wet load that felt like heaven as it filled me up. My boy boner was still dancing around and my rear end was constricting uncontrollably around the pole that was ejaculating inside of it while I sucked dick like it was my last time.

When my top pulled out, I was still on a tear, frantically deep throating the massive prick that I was so enamored with. My rear end service had been incredibly decadent, better than any that I'd received all day, and I knew that I still had five more cocks to ride. With an inferno raging in my rear end, all I could think about was how badly I wanted all of them to fuck me. I knew that I wanted every cock in my midst to slide into my aching boy pussy more than once, and I planned to initiate gay sex with all of my studs until every available prick in the house was soft. After that, I knew, I would enjoy giving as many rim jobs as I could get away with in the hopes of getting them all hard again. Just as enticing to me was the prospect of engaging all of my studs in long, tongue filled makeout sessions.

While I was blowing my blonde stud with a purpose, my top stood up and ran his fingertips through my hair. I slowed down the pace of the blow job I was giving, then I looked up at him and batted my eyes. His massive boner was dripping with cum and ass juice, and I wanted it right away. So when he used his fingers to grab my chin and carefully pull me off of the cock I was worshiping, I didn't protest at all. Instead, I smiled gratefully at my two studs and sighed with relief, then I stood up on shaky legs and climbed into my blonde stud's lap. With hungry eyes and a rigid little dick that was standing straight up, I straddled him and lined his juicy prick up to my hungry boy box, anxious to receive it. I sighed as it filled my rear end to the brim, massaging the thick load that had been blown into it against its still constricting walls.

When the cock that had seeded me was presented for sucking, I hastily wrapped my lips around it and got to work. I loved letting my cheek bulge with the massive tool, knowing that I was putting on a naughty show for everyone in the room. At the same time, I started a slow, sensual ride up and down on the cock that was inside of me and moaned with pleasure. The friction of my ride created a moist crackling that emanated from my slippery boy cunt, a crackle that matched the naughty sensation that was running through my body. At the same time, I was slurping softly around the dick that I was moaning around, setting a sensual mood for myself and for my studs that I hoped would linger well into the evening.

After three luscious minutes of sucking cock for my talented stud, he pulled his rod out of my mouth and I let it go with a final, loud slurp. Turning my attention back to my blonde stud, I gave him my sluttiest smile and tightened my rectal muscles around his prick. At the same time, I increased the momentum of my ride, feeling my body reel with nothing but carnal pleasure. My breathing was getting heavy and my moaning was turning frantic, but I somehow managed to make direct eye contact with my stud long enough to procure a deep kiss that only added to my bliss.

From my right, I felt a gentle caress across my cheek and diverted my gaze to the bronzed hottie that was sitting beside us. His kiss had been delicious earlier, and I wanted another one, so I broke my kiss with my blonde stud and immediately fell into a long makeout session with the stud to our right. I loved how assertive he was with his tongue, using it to take charge of our kiss while I moaned submissively into his mouth. While our tongues were dancing, I took the opportunity to acquaint myself with his big dick by reaching down and wrapping my fist around it, just below the glans. Almost as soon as I made contact with it, it jerked in my hand and I felt a naughty thrill run through me as I contemplated sucking the 10 inch treat. Soon, I was giving it slow, sensual strokes that matched the momentum of the cock ride I was taking, and I loved it.

When our makeout session ended, I turned my attention back to the blonde whose cock was making me shiver. Without breaking my grip on the dick in my hand, I engaged him in another deep kiss. He used his left hand to cup the back of my boy sized head, then he gave me the long tongue tango that I was so hot for while his cock ran deep in my bubble butt. I was using my right hand to stroke the massive prick that I was scheming to suck while I took my pole ride, knowing that I had shown everyone in the room that I was a total slut for cock. At the same time, my tongue was dancing freely with my top's, filling me with sheer passion as the moments passed.

When we finally let our lips part, he was panting heavily and spoke to me.

Hey buddy, I'm getting really close,” he said, and I responded by tightening my ass even more as I maintained my momentum. At the same time, I tightened my grip around the dick in my hand, stroking it with need while I bit my lower lip and moaned.

Giving in to my own desires, I turned my attention to the other men on the sectional, who were watching the show with hungry eyes. Seeing that all eyes were on my round boy butt, I put on an even sluttier show by increasing the momentum of my ride and moaning like a little harlot. I could feel the heat rising in my boy pussy as I indulged in stroke after deep, delicious stroke of his man cock. My rear end was producing ass juice at an accelerated rate while the cock I was riding seemed to grow more and more rigid with each passing moment. In the meanwhile the dick in my hand was drooling with hot precum that was running between my fingers as I continued my ministrations. I let my eyes roam over my shoulder, getting a good look at my bubble butt as I worked it along the 9 ½ inches that was filling it so deliciously. As I took in the site, I found myself lost in the sensations that were gripping my body as we entered the final stretch.

Internally, I was focused on the rhythmic contractions I was experiencing in my ass with every downward slide that I took on the long pole. They were totally involuntary, yet somehow I was able to control their frequency by adjusting the tempo of my ride. Finding myself eager to enjoy as many contractions as I could, I sped my hips up, taking it harder and faster while my rectum responded in kind. I felt a set of fingertips prying my hand away from the prick I was stroking, so I dutifully complied, too focused on the pleasure I was feeling in my butt to resist.

Oh shit, I'm about to blow, kid,” my top groaned, then I felt his prick get even hotter against the moist walls of my boy pussy.

Realizing that this was my chance, I leaned in and engaged him in a deep kiss, then I tightened my ass muscles and forced his cock out of my boy box. Breaking our kiss, I slid all the way out of his lap and found myself face to face with his hot prick. There was so much precum and ass juice lining its length that it was practically dripping down his ball sack. His glans were bright red and angry, and every vein that I had taken note of earlier was now bulging so hard that they looked like they might break through his skin.

Without delay, I slipped my mouth over the head and took his entire length with one easy swallow, then I began bobbing my head up and down with a decadent smile on my face. With the naughtiest of intentions, I curved my lower back and pushed my rear end straight out, wanting my studs to know how hot I was for another ride. I could feel my boy pussy burning with desire as it gaped and winked over and over again at the men who were preparing to take turns filling it with their cocks. A minute and a half later, my stud's prick jerked violently in my mouth and he grabbed the couch cushion with both fists. I pulled my lips all the way up his length and opened wide while I wrapped both hands around the base. At the last minute, I made eye contact with the other men in the room while I pointed my lover's piss slit directly at the back of my mouth.

With all eyes on the two of us, I began milking his shaft with as much force as I could muster while his balls pulled tight to his body. I could feel the swell of cum starting to rise up his shaft while I stroked it, over and over again. The head of his prick was perfectly positioned while I jerked it continuously, and I was rewarded with a watery stream of precum that was forced out by the pressure building in his pole. Just as he was approaching the finish line, I puckered up and planted a wet kiss against his glans with a naughty moan, letting the precum slather all over my lips. Then, with just a few seconds to spare, I slipped my mouth over the angry head and gave it a sensual suck just in time to be rewarded with a hot, gooey mouthful of spunk.

I let loose with a guttural moan as soon as the first shot of cum erupted against the roof of my mouth and splashed down on the flat of my tongue. The second cum shot squirted longer and harder than the first, taking a direct trajectory to my uvula before running along the lining of my cheeks and into the well of my gum line. The next shot wasn't quite as voluminous, but it practically bullied its way to the back of my throat, where it found its way into my nasal passage and made my eyes water. While I was still reeling with the pleasure of three powerful cum shots, his cock pulsated and a torrent of gooey spunk flooded my mouth all at once, signaling the end of my reward.

I smiled up at my stud with watery eyes that were filled with contentment, then I swallowed with a satisfied sigh. If that had been the last blow job that I was able to give that afternoon, I might have been completely at peace with it. He had given me so much spunk to savor and swallow that my tummy was in a state of sheer bliss and a warm afterglow had set in. But then I used my tongue to lick around the massive glans that I was moaning around and a shiver of desire ripped through my 12 year old body like a knife through butter and I knew that I needed to suck more cock right away. Letting my eyes roam to the four studs whose pricks were standing at attention, I rolled my bottom around with need, insatiable for another round of gay sex.

With my ass still rolling around, I felt daddy's gentle hands come to rest on my body. He had placed his right palm on the small of my back while his left hand gently rubbed my heaving torso. I cooed with delight around the prick in my mouth, loving how tenderly he was rubbing me down while my young body shivered with need.

I'm so proud of how horny my little guy is this afternoon,” he praised me, then he planted a wet kiss on my bulging cheek. “Are you enjoying yourself, buddy?”

M hmm,” I moaned blissfully, still not relinquishing the dick I was enjoying so much.

I felt his palm run down to my plump bottom, giving it a series of gentle rubs while he continued to rub my chest and tummy. I sighed contentedly and parted my knees, anxious to make my bottom available to anyone who wanted to take it for a spin.

I take it you'd like to have another ride in that horny little bottom of yours,” daddy speculated, and I nodded again. “How about if daddy climbs on and takes it for a nice ride.”

I responded with a naughty, needy moan while I placed my hands on the floor and raised my bottom so that I was in the doggy style position. With my body now poised to accept my daddy's long shaft, my blonde stud used his fingers to pull me off of his prick and turned to the cutie sitting beside him.

Why don't you slide over and take your turn, babe,” he said, then they shared a tender smile and a sweet kiss on the lips that made my mouth water.

Just then, daddy's prick melted past my anal ring and was swallowed by my hungry hole with one luscious motion. By the time my bronzed stud took the place of the blonde cutie I had just blown, I was enjoying deep ass strokes of daddy's satisfying prick with a horny smile. Just like my previous top, I could feel daddy's prick bully its way along the moist lining of my pooper, getting it hotter and hotter with every thrust. Only this time, I knew a naughty secret that I was guessing the other studs in the room didn't know.

Because while daddy was as hard as a rock, I knew that he was going to treat me to a nice, long rear end service this time. I'd taken two of his loads already, and if there's one thing I know better than anyone else, it's how to get my way with my daddy's rod. I know that if I want to enjoy a deep, extended lay on my back after supper, I have to take a load or two from his balls as soon as he gets home from work. If I want to spend a lazy Saturday morning between his legs sucking uninterrupted dick, I know that I can get into his bed before he wakes up and get him off a few times. If I want to spend an hour or more on a Sunday afternoon with him spooned up to my backside and his dick lodged deep in my poop chute, I have to coax two or three loads from his big ball sack after breakfast. So knowing that daddy had bred me twice and was in it for the long haul, I took my time and savored the large package that was presented for my enjoyment.

As soon as the bronzed beauty was seated in front of me, I made my move by wrapping my fist back around his stalk and pulling it up so I could lick his huge balls. They were smooth and hot, and there was a powerful, masculine pheromone rolling off of them that was nothing but a turn on for me. Even better, they were nice and heavy, and I loved using my tongue to support their weight while I took slow laps of each one. First, I trapped his left nut in my mouth and sucked lustily on it while he reached down and ran his fingers through my brown head of hair. After spending an indulgent two minutes sucking on his left nut, I moved to his right nut and treated myself to another mouthful. Next, I trapped his seam in my mouth and simultaneously sucked on it while my tongue ran along its length.

Daddy's inward and outward thrusting was forceful but steady, feeding me a continuous current of carnal energy that coursed through my body. His skillful fucking worked to pull sharp hisses and needy moans out of me while I enjoyed the ball sack in my mouth. I cooed with bliss as I tongued the salty treat and indulged in long whiffs and continuous licks of the cock and balls that I was enamored with. I felt a gob of precum splash against the back of my hand and took it as my cue to move to the base of his shaft. I tilted my head sideways and latched onto the base of his prick the way a baby latches onto his mama's nipple, sucking lustily while precum trickled down his stalk and into my mouth.

Is that a good dick, buddy?” daddy asked me with a tender tone, and I nodded eagerly while I cast my devoted gaze up at my bronzed stud. “You're really hot for that package, aren't you Eli?”

Once again, I nodded without pulling off of the prick I was enjoying, even when daddy tightened his grip on my hips and playfully stirred them in a counter clockwise motion. I felt his cock grinding inside of me while he was using his hands to manipulate my hip movements, then he settled back into the luscious ride that I was enjoying so much.

What did I tell you guys?” daddy boasted. “I'm raising a little cock hound. I guarantee you that by the time the night is over, you'll all be out of steam and he'll be hot and bothered for another dick to suck. Isn't that right, buddy?”

By now in a full blown trance brought on by daddy's pleasure filled butt fucking and the luscious dick I was sucking on, I simply nodded in the affirmative, too far gone to verbalize my answer.

I'll have to put him in my bed and fuck him a few more times, then he'll wrap his lips around my dick and go to sleep,” daddy revealed, and this time I nodded unconsciously, confirming that he was telling the truth. “Hell, he'd spend all day with a cock in his mouth if I'd let him.”

Still in a trance, I nodded again while at the same time, slowly but surely inching my way up my lover's shaft. I could hear daddy telling my studs all about my hunger for cock and all I could do was nod in agreement with him as the stories carried on. By the time I'd worked my way to the middle of the long, juicy shaft I was enjoying so much, five minutes had passed and daddy was still talking to the others.

I fuck him everyday as soon as I get home from work,” he revealed, and I moaned with satisfaction as I confirmed his revelation with a nod. “It doesn't matter what he's up to when I walk through the door. He stops right in the middle of it and drops his britches so he can bend over and get his rear end tended to.”

Once again, I moaned hungrily as daddy's words carried into my ears. My little hardon was burning with sheer intensity while his deep strokes made my boy pussy scream with delight. My back door was clamping down with deliberate force as he fed me his pleasure stick over and over again. My boy box started to overheat and my little wiener felt like it was about to erupt with pee, then my bottom started to queef loudly. I was completely inundated with anal pleasure that was carrying me off to my own sexy paradise, a place where boy butts have explosions. A place where the butt explosions are so naughty that they feel magical. A special place where all of my dreams as a cock hound and pussy boy always come true.

But even as I was experiencing continuous explosions in my butt, I couldn't stop sucking on the thick, juicy stalk that I had trapped between my lips. I knew that daddy's prick was running a marathon in my bottom, and that the luscious explosions weren't going to stop for a while. So even as I traversed the land of anal ecstasy, I was transfixed with the big dick that I was so eagerly enjoying. I wanted to savor every inch of that dick, then I wanted to savor it some more. So with animated eyes, I took my time and relished the massive prick that was standing at attention for me.

When I finally reached the glans, I greeted them like a long lost friend. With saliva dripping from my lips, I lovingly kissed all around the diameter of his crown while simultaneously slurping up as much precum as possible. With a feeling of sheer hunger ravaging my small frame, I trapped the right half of his cock head in my mouth and made sweet love to it with my tongue while I sucked on it with lust filled eyes. Daddy's cock was pushing straight up my butt, over and over again while I moaned with depravity, setting off more explosions inside of me and causing my little boner to twitch erratically. But all I could do was pay homage to the massive prick I was worshiping by running the tip of my tongue under the right side of my stud's crown while I gazed up at him with eager eyes. When I had explored the entire right side of his thick helmet with my tongue, I settled into a long, sensual sucking of his entire cock head while he ran his fingers through my hair and hissed.

Giving into my own needs, I moved to the left side of his crown and once again, trapped the mushroom shaped ridge in my mouth. I used my tongue to take slow, continuous laps of his delicious ridge, just under the crown, then I trapped it with my mouth and sucked greedily on it. Once again, he combed through my hair with gentle strokes of his fingers, encouraging me to continue. With a soft moan, I slipped my mouth back over the head of his prick and trapped it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth. As soon as I felt the heat of his glans pouring into my mouth, I felt a new level of arousal and began nursing like a baby on a bottle.

It looks like my little boy found himself a nice dick to suck,” daddy said with a smile in his voice, still running his potent man cock along the constricting walls of my boy pussy. I felt him rubbing the small of my back with one hand, then he said, “I want you to enjoy that dick, buddy. I want you to suck as much cock as you need to, okay?”

I let loose with a boyish moan and nodded my head, beaming with joy as I looked into the eyes of my blonde stud. As his beautiful gaze filled my view, I felt more enamored than ever and responded by sliding my lips all the way down to the base of his massive prick. I loved how thick and authoritative his cock felt as it filled my experienced throat, and I wanted him to know how much I enjoyed having it there. Without breaking eye contact with him, I slowly pulled back up, bringing my lips all the way back to his crown. Giving me an approving smile, my stud placed his right hand on the back of my head, all but beckoning me to continue, so I slid my lips all the way back down to the base. Once again, his thick pleasure stick slid into my throat, then I pulled it back out before reversing course and swallowing every inch with a moan.

Soon, I was enjoying a continuous deep throat blow job that was only enhanced by daddy's constant hammering of my boy butt. I felt like the luckiest boy in the world to be filled at both ends with hot dick while a room full of well endowed studs watched. I increased the momentum of my deep throating to a near frantic pace, unable to wrap my lips around the base fast enough to sate my desire for it. At the same time, daddy's pleasing rod was setting off powerful explosions that were erupting in my round boy butt, bringing my pleasure to a furious and unrelenting flash point. The loud queefs that were erupting from my bottom were now constant farts that rang out and my sizzling little rod felt like it was being tugged on. Only I knew that nobody was touching it because my bronzed stud was now resting both hands on top of my head and daddy had taken a firm grip of both of my hips.

Out of nowhere, I felt a sudden wave of carnal goodness take hold of me while every nerve ending in my body erupted with flames of sheer ecstasy. I felt my legs quivering beneath me while daddy's thrusting grew more and more pleasurable. At the same time, I was driven by raw, animalistic lust to find a way to drive myself down harder on the dick I was blowing, unable to swallow it as many times as I felt like I needed to at that moment. My entire surroundings seemed to disappear for what felt like a luscious eternity, and the only reality that I knew at that moment was the dick in my mouth and the dick up my ass. Unable to do anything else, I gave into my rapture with a guttural moan that brought with it the most powerful explosion that my boy butt had ever experienced.

It was as if time stood still while my young body processed all of the pleasures that were running through it. There was tingling, heat, wetness and throbbing all rolled up into one deliciously wicked sensation, all of it inundating my whole body. I could feel daddy's hot dick running strong in my boy box but it was almost as if I were in the middle of a dream. At the same time I could taste and feel the massive prick that I was still frantically deep throating, but it felt more like a fantasy than anything that I'd ever experienced. And yet here I was, taking both dicks the way I wanted to. It was as if my deepest, darkest desires were being realized, only I never knew how good it could be.

Just as I thought I had sorted out the chaos that had erupted in my body, another wave of carnal disorder gripped me and I felt myself lose control all over again. Before I could try to get a handle on the pleasure that was making my head swim, daddy's tender voice carried into my ears and I realized that I had missed an entire conversation.

You can go ahead and shoot it into his mouth,” daddy assured my bronzed stud. “Trust me, he wants it there. Don't you big guy?”

Instead of a verbal response, I simply carried on with a frantic deep throating of the prick in my mouth while daddy's cock continued to work its magic in my noisy rear end, which was ablaze with pleasure. Realizing that I had weathered the storm and was about to be rewarded with a mouthful of spunk, I moaned hungrily and increased the force of my sucking while I worked to maintain the tempo of my deep throating. I used my small hands to reach out and fondle my stud's balls, feeling them tighten as he got closer and closer to the finish line. Wanting him to know how much I was looking forward to swallowing his load, I gave him a hungry gaze while my busy rear end continued to fill our ears with loud, prolonged farts.

I was about to pull my lips back up to the head of his prick and give it a few sensual sucks when he suddenly groaned out loud, “Oh shit, your kid sucks an amazing dick!”

And just like that, I looked up into his frantic eyes and watched them shut tight just in time to have my mouth completely flooded with a gush of hot, thick and delicious cum that spewed forth with one continuous eruption. As soon as it started to fill my mouth, I felt another inferno sweep through me and my body started to soar. My hot to trot boy butt experienced a strong series of explosions and my raging little dick pulsed as flashes of heat ripped across my pubic bone. I managed to swallow his offering as it filled my mouth over and over, then his climax abated and the cum stopped flowing from his prick.

I stayed where I was, enjoying the constant stimulation of daddy's pleasure stick as it ran deep in my horny bottom while at the same time, moaning lustily around the hot cock that I'd just blown to completion. My bronzed stud was petting my smiling face while he let me carry on with the task of cleaning up the thick dollops of cum that stuck to his crown and lined his length. When his shaft was completely clean of all traces of cum, he gently pulled his rod from my mouth and smiled down at me. Just then, daddy pulled his cock out of my boy pussy, prompting me to look longingly over my shoulder at him.

It's okay, buddy, daddy's far from finished,” he assured me, taking me by the shoulders and pulling me up so that I was sitting on my tingling bottom with my back resting against his chest. I could feel the entire length of his massive boner resting against the small of my back as he wrapped his arms around my torso and planted a kiss on my cheek, then he said in my ear, “Look around, baby boy. There are three more cocks waiting to be sucked. I want you to pick the one you want to suck next, okay? After that, daddy can slide back in and finish what he started.”

To be continued?


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