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Sports Bonding Camp II

Dan woke up with a start. He couldn't remember where he was. With sleepy eyes he looked around him. Then he got even more puzzled. He was in his own cabin again. He saw his father reading the paper; Ed and his son Frank were having a cup of coffee and talking about what they were going to do today. Dan didn't understand it. Last night, he ran away and met Steve, the camp counselor. Looking at Ed and Frank made him feel weird and embarrassed again, but they didn't look at him. He remembered Steve talking to him and giving him three glasses of apple juice. Then he knew he had fallen asleep. But that was in Steve's cabin. So why did he wake up in his own bed then?

Meanwhile Tony, his dad, had noticed that he was awake. He stuck up his hand and said good morning to the boy.

"Uh... good morning dad," mumbled Dan.

"Did you sleep well, sport?"

"Yeah... I guess so. But what..."

His dad grunted. "Don't worry about it, Dan. Everything's all right now."

Dan got even more surprised. Had his father forgotten what had happened last night? About them seeing Ed and Frank doing... He shuddered again.

Ed suddenly turned around and with his deep and friendly voice he said to Dan: "Hey! Good morning, son. Boy, did you sleep. Wish I still could do that."

Dan muttered a reply and saw that Frank smiled at him. Why were they all so friendly to him? Had they forgotten about last night, about his flight, about... about why he had run away?

But he didn't have time to think about that. His dad told him to get ready for breakfast and that the first practice would start in one hour. It would look bad if they were late on their first day. Dan got out of bed, his teen body a bit smelly, but he knew he had to wait for a shower till later. Without thinking, he got a clean singlet from his bag and changed into it, half hiding behind the set of bunk beds. Feeling the cool slick material of his yellow skin suit made him feel more awake. He was still a bit nervous about having all these men around him, but it felt better than yesterday. Quickly, he put on his socks and sneakers and followed his father out of the cabin to the canteen.

As Tony and Dan sat opposite each other having their breakfast, Dan couldn't help looking at his dad. His old man looked so relaxed and cool. His powerful chest stretched his green singlet and his nipples poked out on either side of it. Because of the fresh morning breeze, both father and son's nipples were hard. While Dan was munching on his cereal, he couldn't resist asking:

"Dad? About... about last night... I...I am sorry about what happened, dad."

But his father just smiled and said in a casual voice: "Just forget about it, buddy. It's not important. Let's enjoy today, okay?"

Before Dan had time to reply, Tony got up from the table and motioned Dan to follow him to their first wrestling practice. Dan was still confused, but he quickly stopped thinking about it when they reached the area where the wrestling group met. Dan saw that there were about twenty father-son couples. All of them were dressed in tight and shiny wrestling trunks or singlets. Dan liked the sight. At school everyone always had to wear the same uniforms. While he and his dad sat down on a big blue wrestling mat, he noticed that he was the youngest guy, except for a very skinny blond guy. The kid's dad was tall and skinny as well, but his frame was more muscular. Dan thought that the other boys were at least sixteen and older. Tony sat a bit behind his son and Dan could hear him humming softly, something his dad always did when he felt at ease. Dan felt good too: he had slept well, he had a good breakfast and he was ready to practice.

After a few moments, the coach arrived. He was a short and stocky man of about 37 years old. His developed and smooth body showed clearly in his extremely low-cut purple singlet. His face and scalp were equally smooth, which added only to his stern appearance. In an authorative voice he introduced himself as coach Millard and started off right away.

"Okay men! Before we start, I'll tell you the rules here. One, nobody wears anything else than a low-cut singlet or spandex trunks. No t-shirts at any time, understood?" while he pointed to a dad-son couple in light blue lycra trunks and t-shirts. "You two! Off with those shirts! If you think you're man enough to show half of your body, you can show us the rest of it as well!"

And whether the two guys liked it or not, within seconds the hunky father and his teen son had shed their shirts and their developed bodies were revealed for all to see. Dan could see the younger guy was blushing. But the kid's dad whispered something into his son's ear and the boy smiled.

"Right," coach Millard continued, "Let's see if we can teach you guys a bit of wrestling. Stand around in a circle and let's start with the warm-up."

Dan stood next to Tony, another dad at his left side. He didn't have much time to look around, because coach Millard had already started with the first exercise. After ten minutes, the men's bodies were ready for their practice. Coach Millard told the fathers to team up with their sons, they would be practicing some holds first.

Though not exactly an inexperienced wrestler, Dan never went through such a heavy practice. Coach Millard really drilled his squad. Within minutes, all the guys were sweating heavily. Coach pretended not to notice and just kept barking out commands for new holds, drills and exercises. It would be a long time before they would be dismissed for lunch.

Dan really didn't mind though. In fact, the harder he had to work, the more he began to enjoy it. He didn't feel awkward or embarrassed anymore about being so close to his father. And close they were! Although the older man was heavier than his son, they had to practice together, and Dan really liked that. As practice continued, he began to enjoy the feel of his father's hairy body on top of or under his own. He began to like his dad's strong, sweaty smell and he even liked it when Tony would sometimes grind his chunky body into his. When coach Millard told Dan to get down on all fours and directed his father to get behind him to practice the referee position, he felt just wonderful. He was pressed into the slippery mat with his dad's heavy body grinding and pushing into him. The friction of the two bodies in the slippery lycra singlets felt really great to Dan. All too soon Tony managed to flip his son over and Dan was pinned. They looked at each other and smiled.

"Who's big daddy now, eh son"? Tony said and winked at the beaten boy.

"I guess you are, dad..." Dan answered, staring into his father's eyes.

"That's right! And don't you ever forget it!" his father replied, while he lightly slapped his son's cheek.

Tony was impressed with his son. Not only because the boy was an even better wrestler than he had thought, but he was also glad to notice that Dan had lost a lot of his shyness. Yes, it seemed that things were going better than he'd hoped. He grinned to himself when he remembered what his own coach had said to him when he was younger: "If you want to make friends with a man, either fight or drink with him." Tony knew that it had been a good decision to take Dan to camp. He nearly couldn't wait till...

Suddenly, Coach Millard's voice brought him back to the real world. Today's practice was over. All the guys applauded and some of them even shook hands with the coach. Tony told Dan that they had to say hello to the coach, because it was their first day here.

Dan got a bone-breaking handshake. Coach Millard turned out to be even stronger than he looked. Dan couldn't help looking at this powerful man. He then realized, that coach was looking at him as well. He nearly blushed when he heard coach say to his father:

"He's a good wrestler and a nice young man as well. I am glad you brought him over. I bet he'll be very popular around here."

And then he saw coach winking at his dad, while his face split open into a lewd smile. Before Dan could react though, Tony grabbed his arm and steered him away from coach Millard.

"Yeah well... we'll see you tomorrow, okay coach?"

Quickly, he walked away, Dan following his father.

"What was that about?" Dan asked.

"Never mind." His dad answered. "Want to have a swim before we have lunch?"

But Dan had a lot to think about; the way he had enjoyed practice with his father, the way he had felt suddenly so at ease with other guys around and finally that strange wink that coach Millard had given his dad. He really had to think things over.

"No dad. I'm a bit tired. You go alone, okay? I'll see you later."

Dan really needed to be alone for a while and he was a bit disappointed when he noticed Frank lying on his bed when he came in. The older teen was wearing bright green football pants and a silver bellybutton jersey. Frank seemed to be asleep.

Dan carefully walked into the cabin and just as he was about to lie down on his bed, Frank said:

"Hi there, dude. You can make noise, I'm not asleep."

"Hi Frank. How're you?" replied Dan.

The older guy lazily scratched his belly, turned sideways to watch Dan and said:

"I'm okay. And you? Feeling a bit more relaxed about being here and stuff?"

Dan swallowed. Somehow, he knew that Frank was referring to what he saw last night. Dan started to feel nervous again. Why wasn't Tony with him now?

"Yeah... had a good practice today with my dad. It was really cool, man."

"Okay dude, I'm glad to hear you and your old man are getting closer. That's how it should be. My pa and me are good buddies. But I guess you already knew that."

Dan blushed deeply. He stammered:

"What... what do you mean?"

Of course, Dan knew what Frank meant. But how could Frank be so open about it? Dan felt his body getting sweaty and his mouth felt dry. He really wanted to turn around and run away. But for some reason he didn't. He knew that it wouldn't solve anything. But what should he say or do now?

Meanwhile, Frank had slid his tall body down from his bed and stood in front of Dan, faintly smiling. He calmly put a hand on Dan's shoulder and squeezed it a bit.

"I think you and I should have a talk, don't you? You really look like a scared rabbit. It's time for you to get a bit more relaxed. That way you'll enjoy being here more. Here, sit down, dude."

Dan sat down at the table and Frank took the other chair. The older teen's body was not as big as his dad's, but Frank was still big and beefy. He sure was a hot looking quarterback. Dan could see damp patches under the guy's armpits; the sweat had discolored the smooth silver fabric of the jersey. Dan could see that a few hairs stuck together around the football player's bellybutton. Frank had put his hands on his knees and his legs were spread. He leaned forward a bit and Dan was sure he could smell the guy's musky scent.

"You see," the older teen began "When I first came here, I was just as old as you are and I really felt uncomfortable being around my dad and uncle and the other men. But after a while, maybe because we were so physical-playing football all the time-I felt okay about it. You understand?"

Dan nodded, still not at ease. He wondered where this talk would lead.

Frank continued: "I am not that much older than you, Dan. When I first came here, I felt insecure about my body as well, being so close to my father and his older brother and I just didn't know what to do. I was feeling very bad during the first days, but my father and uncle just talked to me. The camp counselor gave me some advice as well. After that, everything went just great."

"What... what did the counselor tell you, then?" asked Dan.

"He basically said that I shouldn't be so prudish about everything. He said that I was a nice looking guy and that I was in the company of other men, so why feel so nervous about it. I remember him telling me that I had to behave like I felt. You see, I was afraid people would laugh at me when I would get a hard-on, which sometimes happens to a guy, or wanted to jack off."

Dan swallowed. These were exactly the things he'd been worrying about. But he was still amazed at Frank's openness.

"I bet you thought about that as well, eh?" Frank said. "Boy, was I horny back then! I still am actually..."

Dan didn't know what to say. He shifted a bit on his chair.

"So... I am right or not? You're afraid other men will think you a geek? Come on dude, we all get horny around here. It feels good to be among men... we can do whatever we want, we play sports, we have fun together, and we can fool around. It's just great to be here."

Dan asked: "But what... what do you mean with having fun?"

Frank leaned forward, looked Dan straight in the eyes and almost whispered: "As if you don't know... You saw us last night, didn't you?"

Dan looked down, completely embarrassed. He clearly remembered what Frank and his dad had been doing. He blushed again and didn't know what to do.

Frank looked at the younger boy and smiled. The kid was even sexier this way. He stretched out his arm and patted Dan on his thigh. He could feel the kid's warm muscles tremble a bit.

"Hey dude... looks like you need some help. Want me to help you to get a bit more comfortable? To make things easier for you?"

Still unable to look Frank in the eyes, Dan slowly nodded. For some reason he liked the attention the older teen was giving him.

"Okay then!" the older guy exclaimed. "Stand up dude."

Dan did as he was told. Frank told him to stand up straight and act like a proud man. This way, Dan had to look Frank in the face. The football player was smiling at him.

"Okay dude. That's it. Now, let me look at you... Nice, really nice, you've got a good body man!" And he punched Dan on his chest.

"Now, let me see those muscles. You sure have strong arms Dan. They're impressive for a guy your age. Flex them a bit, will you?"

Dan did as he was told and he wasn't even surprised when Frank squeezed his biceps and let his warm hands run along his sides.

"Good... that feels good, dude. I bet you've got strong legs as well. Can I feel them?" Without waiting for an answer, Frank reached down and started to squeeze and pat Dan's strong legs. He even playfully slapped Dan's ass. Frank was feeling up the younger guy so expertly, that Dan hardly realized what was going on.

"Yep, you're a well-built guy. I knew it and now I can see it as well. Wait till you're my age, man. You'll be just as chunky as your dad."

Dan just smiled. He still had no idea what Frank wanted to do, but he liked being praised by the older teen. For some reason, he didn't even mind being touched by Frank. Maybe the football player was right and he needed to feel more relaxed.

Frank sat down again, leaving Dan standing in front of him. He looked intently at his younger roomie, letting his gaze linger at the visible bulge in Dan's skin suit and said:

"I am impressed with your muscles, dude. Though there's one I haven't felt yet..."

Dan held his breath. Surely, Frank didn't want him to show him his dick?

Frank leaned back in his chair and smiled at Dan. The sunlight came in from the window and made the teen's football uniform even shinier.

"Yep dude. You know what I mean. Come on, show me your dick. Don't be prudish. We're all guys here, remember? Come on, let me feel it..."

Dan swallowed again. He couldn't move. In fact, and that really worried him, he didn't want to move. He stayed where he was, standing in front of Frank. He felt the telltale tingling in his growing balls, he felt the familiar warmth spreading through his lower belly, and he felt his face getting warmer. Dan's cock was slowly getting hard and there was nothing he could do about it.

Frank smiled. He saw the effect of his words. The boy was getting excited, despite himself. Frank really liked the way his roomie's body looked in the tight singlet. A good man in the making. And about to get a good man-sized cock, too.

"Getting hard, Dan?" Frank asked.

Dan could only nod. His cock was getting bigger and harder every second. And he just couldn't stop it. At this moment, Dan wasn't even sure as to whether he wanted it to stop. He sort of liked the situation. It made him... horny.

Frank stood looking at his roomie, his hands resting on his hips. Dan surely was getting excited. "Come on, pal... That's it... Yeah, let it grow. Just let it grow... feels good, huh?"

Dan nodded. He had no idea what he wanted to do now, except that he liked the situation. And that thought made his teen dick even harder. Suddenly, he felt his cock pulse and without looking downwards, he could feel that a glob of sticky precum had leaked into the fabric of his singlet.

Frank winked at the blushing boy in front of him. "Getting into it now, huh buddy?"

In a hoarse voice, Dan replied that he did. He just let the horny sensations sweep through his body. Desperate boy lust was overtaking him and so he wasn't really surprised when he felt Frank's strong hand grab hold of his cock. Dan moaned as Frank grabbed his cock even harder and started to pump it.

"Mmmm... nice tool, kid" Frank said, looking into Dan's eyes.

"Thanks, it... it feels good what you're doing." Dan said.

Continuing to slowly jerk Dan's dick, Frank replied: "Well, I've got some experience... You have to, if you are staying in this camp. Wow buddy, look at that!"

Dan's cock continued to leak big globs of fuckscum into his shimmering singlet. Dark stains were now visible. Still holding Dan's cock, Frank now slowly pushed the younger teen backwards and made him sit on the lower bed.

"Look at that, buddy! You sure are a leaker..."

Dan sheepishly smiled and looked at his cock. He sure was horny now. In fact, he was hornier than ever.

Frank had crouched down on his knees and continued to give his shy roomie a good handjob. Dan occasionally moaned and twisted his lower body. It just felt too good. He saw, how Frank rubbed a stubby finger over a big, wet spot of precum, scooped some of it up and sniffed it. Then he smiled at Dan. "Smells good, buddy."

Dan just nodded. Suddenly he sat up and with a trembling voice he asked: "Could... could I see yours now?"

Frank jumped up and laughed. "Of course you can, Dan! You want to see my cock?"

"Yeah..." Dan answered, as he propped himself up on his elbows.

The tall and big older teen stood in front of his roomie. He looked very powerful in his football outfit. Dan let his eyes roam over Frank's smiling face, over the football player's broad chest, down towards the older teen's crotch. Dan drew in his breath as he saw the big bulge in Frank's laced-up shimmering football pants. He could clearly make out Frank's dick tube pressing hard against the shiny fabric. It was already so hard, that Dan could even see the plump cockhead straining against the guy's pants.

Frank smiled again as he slowly started to undo the laces of his pants. He always liked to show off his stuff and now it was even hotter to do it, right in front of this sexy, inexperienced guy. As soon as he had untied his duke fly, he pulled the laces a bit apart and tried to pull out his cock. Dan was watching him intently. Suddenly Frank moaned loudly.

"Is anything wrong, Frank?" Dan asked surprised, as he heard his older roomie moan.

"No dude... It's just that... fuck yeah... my dickhead is very sensitive, so every time it rubs against my football pants, it feels so good."

Dan grinned. He suddenly understood why he liked to wear his own wrestling suit. He really enjoyed seeing Frank trying to fish his rock hard cock out of his pants.

Then Frank grinned again and Dan unconsciously licked his lips, as he saw his roomie's dick for the first time. It was very hard, with a big purple head and it literally throbbed. Dan hoped that Frank would let it spring free, but when he looked up at the older teen, Frank shook his head.

"Not this time, buddy"

Dan sighed and he grabbed his cock. Frank's body really made him hot. He hoped that one day he'd be just as strong as his roomie. And that he'd have such a big dick as well.

Frank smiled. His plan worked perfectly. His cock really cut into his fly laces, but he was used to that. Now, he'd make Dan go all the way...

"You really need some relief now, eh Dan? Do you want to jerk off? You know how to do that, don't you?"

"Yeah! You bet!" Dan answered proudly.

"Good boy!" Frank said, flexing his cock. "Get it out then."

Dan started to pull down the straps of his sweaty wrestling suit, when Frank stopped him.

"Hold it, buddy. You don't need to take it off. In this camp, wrestlers do it in a special way. Just pull your dick through one of the leg holes of your skin suit."

Dan smiled and he quickly pulled his stiff teen cock through one of his suit's leg holes. He proudly squeezed it and distributed another glob of fuck juice over his swollen dick head. He'd show Frank that he knew how to work his cock!

"Yeah, buddy... that's it. Play with it, Dan. Jerk that leaking dick." Frank egged the lust-crazed boy on.

Dan put one hand under his balls and with his other hand he tightened the grip on his dick. He really needed some heavy duty jacking now. Meanwhile, he kept looking at Frank. He loved to look at the older teen's body and didn't realize that Frank equally got off looking at him: a sex-craved young lad, furiously pounding his teen cock.

"Come on Dan... Work that meat. You want to become a good little camper, don't you? You want to enjoy being here, having fun... Maybe having some good sexy fun, with me or with others... I bet you'd like that, eh buddy? Sharing some sexy fun?"

Dan could only nod. He was completely dazed by the sexual feelings that swept through him. His tongue hung out of his mouth as he really beat his meat now.

"Oh boy," Frank continued in his low, slow voice "You'll definitely have fun here, just you wait. By the time you go home, you'll have made a lot of friends... I'm sure everyone will love that growing, sexy body of yours..."

Dan kept wanking like mad. He realized what Frank was saying and the thought of playing sexy games with others really turned him on. He quickly brought his hand to his mouth once again, spat on it and applied a fresh load of spit onto his stiff, aching dick. His balls were getting really hard now.

Frank saw this as well and he knew the boy was getting close. "Yeah... come on buddy, show me how you beat your meat... Looks good, buddy, really good. Do you like to show off your dick, Dan?"

"Uh-huh..." was all that Dan could manage to say.

"That's good, buddy. A lot of men around here like to see this: a healthy guy enjoying himself. Would you like to show them how much you like to play with your dick?"

"Yeah..." Dan's fist was a blur now. He kept tugging his balls harder and harder. The young teen needed to shoot his creamy load soon.

Frank decided to deliver the final blow: "And a lot of men here would like to do other things as well... The guys around here know a lot of hot, sexy games buddy. I'm sure my dad would like to show you a few things..." Frank's voice was almost a whisper now. "Or maybe other men like coach Millard... or maybe... your dad..."

That did it. With a loud scream, Dan's body began to buck and then a large squirt of clear white boy juice erupted from his red, swollen cock.

"YEAH!!!" the boy yelled. "Oh fuck yeah... I'm cumming now... I'm fucking cummmmming..."

Five more powerful spurts of spunky jizz left the boy's dick and splattered on his wet and smelly wrestling suit. One of the squirts even reached his chin and by pure instinct, Dan stuck out his tongue and tried to lick it up. Never in his young life had he had such a powerful orgasm!

Frank's own dick throbbed. He almost shot when he saw his sexy buddy shooting his brains out. But he only squeezed his balls a few times to keep himself in hand.

His nuts completely drained, Dan fell back onto the bed. He closed his eyes and tried to get his breath under control again. His hand still toyed with his slowly deflating cock and he rubbed a few globs of cum into his pubic hair. He felt very, very relaxed now.

Frank softly said: "Boy, you really needed that, huh?"

Dan could only moan. But the smile on his face said enough.

The football player playfully tweaked one of Dan's nipples. "Now put that wet, sticky cock back into your wrestling suit, dude. You'll like the look and the feeling. Yep, that's it."

Dan slowly put his flaccid dick back into his skin suit. He snorted deeply and enjoyed the raunchy smell of his own sweat and cum on his body. His orgasm really had been mind blowing. Now and again, the occasional spasm still racked his young body. He felt really good and relaxed now and gratefully accepted a glass of juice, which Frank offered him.

The older guy still had his cock sticking out of his football pants, the laces cutting into the swollen tube. Frank had stayed rock hard. But he knew he had to restrain himself. "Want some more juice?" he asked the spent boy.

But Dan could only moan and yawn contently. He felt so relaxed... almost tired. His mind drifted away and soon he was deep asleep, his body sprawled out over his cum stained bed. Frank gave his cock a final squeeze as he looked down at the sleeping boy. Dan looked so sexy in his wet and sticky singlet. Another surge of extreme horniness shot through Frank's body. But he knew he had to wait.

Then he quickly put his dick back in to his pants, laced them up and left the cabin. He ran over to counselor Steve's cabin. Frank couldn't wait to hear what Steve, Tony and his own dad would say about his performance. And indeed, when the young football player stormed through the door, three very excited adult men with big lumps in their uniforms greeted him enthusiastically. A TV screen showing the interior of the cabin where the two dads and their sons were staying stood in a corner. Frank could clearly see Dan lying asleep on his bed.

"And?" Frank asked coyly.

Ed took his son into his arms and gave him a big hug. "You were fantastic, sport! I am proud of you."

Tony stood behind Frank and started to rub the teen's back. "We knew you could do it, but that you turned out to be so convincing and seductive was amazing, son!"

Frank heard Steve snigger a bit and say: "Who would have thought that boy could be such a con artist... Well done and damn sexy, too!"

Frank was happy he had performed so well. It had been a difficult job to seduce young Dan, but it was part of the plan Steve, his dad and Tony had come up with. A lot depended on Frank; if he had scared Dan even more, the plan to break in the boy would have failed and they would have had to apply more persuasive tactics.

His body hugged on both sides made Frank even hotter than he already was. He really needed some relief now. He gave his dad a good sloppy kiss, but Tony pulled him away.

"Hold it a bit, son... I think Steve has got something for you as well. Something you really need now.

Frank looked to where Steve was sitting in his chair. His legs were spread and the older man had pulled out his hefty cock through one of the leg holes of the singlet he was wearing. Its size always surprised Frank, even after he'd seen it so often up close. Steve's balls were enormous, and the counselor's long cock already leaked a sticky stream of precum.

Steve rubbed a hairy fist along his shaft and coated his dick with fuck lube. "Yeah Tony... I think Frank here deserves a reward for the good work he has done. Why don't you get on your knees boy and crawl over to get it?"

Frank slowly knelt down and crawled towards the camp counselor. The shiny football pants prominently showed the teen's butt and Tony couldn't resist smacking the boy's ass. The men chuckled.

"Hold it stud," Ed said to Tony "There will be plenty of time for that later."

In front of him, Frank saw Steve slowly stroke the still growing cock. Frank's mouth watered... Steve winked at him and beckoned him closer. The young football player opened his mouth and within seconds, he had Steve's cock buried in his hungry mouth. Behind him, his dad and Tony rubbed each other's stiff peckers in their sportswear while looking at the boy servicing their friend. They enjoyed the low moans Steve produced and the slurping sounds of his cock, thrusting deeply into Frank's hot mouth. The three men knew they were in for a hot afternoon.

Tony enjoyed Ed's expert fingers on his sensitive nipples, which made him moan while he watched Frank deepthroating Steve's cock. He was already thinking of the day his own son would be on his knees, sucking him with his young, hot mouth...