Summer Camp 101


Bernie Clark


Tommy and his brother Jimmy were all excited. It was finally the last day of school and that meant tomorrow they would be leaving for summer camp at Lake Winnipesaukee. Camp `Fun in the Sun' was a camp for boys that lived in the hot concrete jungle of New York City. It gave boys from the city a chance to experience the joys of the country.

Tommy was the oldest boy and had just turned ten, while his inquisitive brother Jimmy was going to be eight that summer. The boy's father, Thomas, was considered a financial genius on Wall Street, but his schedule kept him from home until late in the evening. He was a handsome man for thirty-six, and heads would turn when he entered a room. He stood a tall six-foot five and his piercing blue eyes and blond hair gave him a God like appearance. He prided himself at having kept his muscular jock body throughout the years, and women flocked to him. His wife had died giving birth to James, and after her death, he through himself into his work.

Lawrence, Thomas's houseman, took care of the boys, and saw to their every need. He had been hired straight out of college, where he majored in the hospitality field. The boys loved Larry, as they called him, and he doted over them as if they were his own.

Tommy was the exact image of his dad, blond hair and the same piercing blue eyes. Whereas, Jimmy was the image of his mother, light brown hair and hypnotizing green eyes. Both boys excelled at swimming, and he led their swim team at school. Although Tommy was the team's captain, it was Jimmy, that showed Olympic potential, and his swim coach was grooming him for the next summer Olympics.

"Larry will you be taking the train up with us to camp," Jimmy asks him as Larry packed his suitcase.

"No Jimmy I'm not, I am heading home for two weeks to see my family in Wisconsin," he told the boy.

"Aaaah, I'm going to miss you Larry," he said and hugged the man, and with Larry being tall also, the boy came right to his crotch.

His face pressed hard against his crotch, and Larry loved the warmth he felt on his young cock. He would always let the boy linger in a hug, because as his cock got hard, Jimmy would rub his face on it through his trousers.

"I can't find my game boy," Tommy says as he walks into the room, and pauses as he looks at Larry and his brother. "Jimmy what are you doing," he says and Jimmy pulls out of his hug.

"Nothing, I was just hugging Larry `cause I'm going to miss him," he says.

"You game boy is where you left it, on the side of the tub in your bathroom," Larry tells him, and he runs off to get it.

"Why did Tommy yell at me Larry for hugging you?" Jimmy asks.

"No reason squirt, why does he ever yell at you, because he's your big brother and watches out for you," Larry tells him, and he realizes that he must be careful around Tommy.

"I wasn't doing anything wrong was I," he asks as he looks up at Larry.

"No sweetie, you were just being you," and he tweaks the boy's nose with the tip of his finger. "Now run along and get me whatever games that you wish to bring," he says to the boy.

Tommy rushes off to the den to retrieve his games, and Larry watches his cute little bubble ass as he goes.

"One of these days squirt, I'm going to bury my cock in that cute ass of yours," he whispers to himself, and then goes back to packing.

The next morning, Larry wakes the boys up at five, so he can have them ready to leave for six-thirty for Grand Central Station.

"Tommy its time to get up," he whispers into the boy's ear.

"Aaaaah do I have to," he moans as he stretches awake.

"No you don't if you want to spend your summer here alone," he says and the boy sits up excited that today is finally here. "Now hop into the shower while I go wake your brother," Larry says. "Because once you're done he needs to take his."

Tommy gets up and heads towards his bathroom, and his hard three-inch cock is standing straight out from his groin, testing the fabric's strength of his tighty whities. Larry loves getting the boys up, because he loves to see their morning wood.

He moves over to Jimmy's bed, and unlike his brother, he likes to sleep with no clothes on. He is on top of his covers, and his hard two-inch cock is sticking straight up from his groin. Larry lightly licks at the boy's grape size balls as he lays there sleeping. He glances back towards the door, to make sure that Tommy is not there. Happy that he can hear the water running, Larry lowers his mouth down and over Jimmy's little cock. He gently closes his lips around the boy's cock and sucks it ever so softly.

"Mmmm," Jimmy moans, and Larry stops, with the boy's cock still in his mouth.

When he is convinced that the boy is still sleeping, he continues to suck his cock. He sucks it harder now, and he gently rubs his dime size balls, causing Jimmy to moan more loudly.

"I forgot my clean underwear," Tommy says as he re-enters the room, and Larry jumps in surprise. "What were you doing to my brother," Tommy asks, not sure of what he just saw.

"Ah... nothing Tommy, I was just waking the boy," he says nervously.

"You were sucking on his penis, I saw you," Tommy says, and Larry is scared shitless that he had been caught.

Tommy is standing there naked, as Larry walks over to him, and he kneels down before him.

"Yes Tommy, I was sucking on Jimmy's cock," he says with his hands on Tommy's hips.

"Why Larry, daddy always said never to let anyone touch us down there," Tommy asks.

"Because I like the taste of little boys, and it feels good to the boy," he says. "Do you want to see," he asks.

"Ah... ok, but does it hurt," Tommy asks.

"Oh quite the contrary young man, it feels delightful," he says and moves the boy over to his bed, as he sits him on the bed with his legs hanging over the side.

He engulfs the boy's soft cock into his mouth, and soon Tommy's cock is hard.

"Mmmm, that feels good Larry," he says as he puts his little hands on Larry's head.

Larry sucks the boy's cock harder and faster than he did Jimmy's, and the boy is moaning loudly.

"Shhhh, we don't want to wake your brother," Larry says, but a set of eyes are watching what is happening.

Larry pushes Tommy back onto his back, as he resumes sucking the boy's cock. Tommy has his legs over Larry's shoulder, as he licks and sucks his cock and balls. He can feel the boy is getting close to his edge, when his breathing becomes rapid and shallow. He drops the boy's cock and licks down to his sweet pucker, and runs his tongue all around his sweet hole. Tommy is squirming like crazy, as Larry shoves his tongue into the tight little boy cunt, and fucks it as fast as he can with his tongue

"I gotta pee Larry," Tommy says as he squirms around on Larry's face and Larry moves up and sucks down the boy's cock. "Oooooo I really gotta go," but Larry sucks hard and fast on the boy's cock. "Oooooo don't stop," Tommy says, as Larry sucks faster and the boy has his first dry orgasm.

"That felt really good Larry, especially when you stuck your tongue in my butt hole," Tommy says softly so he won't wake his brother. "How come I felt like I had to pee," he asks.

"That's what big guys call cumming sweet boy, and when you reach puberty, you'll shoot out a white liquid from your cock.

"Do you shoot it out of your `cock'," he asks, as he uses the cock word for the first time. "Cock makes me think of a rooster chicken," he says chuckling over the word.

"Yes I do and it feels soooo good when I do," he tells the boy. "Now go get your underwear and hop into the shower. "Also buddy, lets keep what we just did our secret, ok," Larry asks.

"Ok Larry, I don't think that you'd want daddy knowing what you did," he says getting up.

"No my little man, he wouldn't like it very much, and I could go to jail for doing that to you," and Tommy looks at him funny.

"I won't say anything Larry, it'll be our secret," and he hugs him, and then grabs his underwear and goes into the bathroom.

Larry goes back over to Jimmy, who is pretending to be asleep. He lowers his mouth back down on the boy's cock, and sucks it for all that he is worth. Jimmy lays there faking sleep, as Larry gives the same attention to his boy cock, and soon he feels like he has to pee. He remembers that his brother has said the same thing, so he keeps quiet. However, the more Larry sucked, the more he felt like peeing, and soon he is moaning loudly.

"Oooooo," he coos out, as Larry looks up at his face, and now his eyes are wide open as he too, experiences his first climax. "That feels soooo good Lar," Jimmy says as he lays there sweating.

"Why you little bugger, you were awake all the time enjoying it, weren't you?"

"Yeah Lar, and I watched you do this to Tommy too," he says. "I won't tell anyone Lar, cuz I don't want you to go to jail either, and he sits up and gives Larry a kiss on his lips.

"God I love you my sweet boy," Larry says, and he kisses him back. "Now get your things and get in the shower once your brother is done.

Larry is busy setting out the boy's clothes, when their dad comes in the room.

"Are the boys up," he asks as he stands there in his boxer briefs, and just like the boys; his morning wood is pressing against the fabric. "Could you assist me in my room Lawrence," he asks and turns to leave, and Larry follows him.

Once in Thomas's bedroom, he closes and locks the door. Thomas is already naked and lying on his bed, as Larry removes his clothing. He climbs between his spread legs, and Thomas hands him the lube. Larry rubs a good amount into Thomas's ass, and then coats his own cock with lube.

"It is your turn to top, correct," and Larry just nods yes as he lifts Thomas's legs up, and rests them on his shoulders.

"I know that you are pressed for time, so give me a quick fuck pretty boy," Thomas says as Larry pushes his cock deep into his ass, and bottoms.

"Damn I like that cock of yours," he says, as Larry fucks his ass hard and deep, and he is thrashing beneath him.

Larry is fueled by the thoughts of what he had just done to Thomas's sons, he thrusts into their father's ass, imaging his cock fucking the two boys, and soon it pushes him over the edge.

"Ooooooh fuck Tom, I'm cumming," and Thomas thrusts his ass up to get as much of Larry's cock that he can.

Larry buries his cock deep into his ass and holds it there, as he shoots his cum into it. He fucks hard again after his first shot, and Thomas is soon shooting too.

"Fuck my ass boy, I got a lot of cum in my balls," he says, and Larry fucks him hard and deep, still filling his ass.

A knock on the door, ends their sex, as Larry quickly pulls his cock out of Thomas's ass, and gets up from the bed.

"Dad we can't find Lar," young Jimmy's voice says from the other side of the door.

"He's helping me with something son and he'll be in shortly. Now go get ready to go champ," he says to his son.

"I think he is doing the same thing to daddy that he did to Tommy and me, because daddy was making those same noises," he says to himself as he walks back to his room smiling.

"Did you find Larry," Tommy asks, as he finishes getting dressed.

"Yeah, he's busy helping daddy with something," Jimmy says, and Tommy smiles, as he thinks about Larry sucking his dad's cock.

"Let's go boys, your breakfast is ready and we have just twenty minutes before James comes to pick us up," he says referring to Thomas's chauffer.

Twenty minutes later, James has them in the car, and off to the train station. Larry gets the boy's tickets out, and once on the train, he hands to boys over to a steward that will see them to the train station in New Hampshire.

It's a warm summer day, when the boys arrive at the camp, and kids are running everywhere. They are rounded up and assembled in the main dining hall, as they are assigned the rooms.

"Boys six to nine, I want you on this side," the camp counselor says, and the boys in that age group move to where he is pointing. Boy's ten through twelve, here in the middle, and thirteen through seventeen, over to my right," and the room is noisy as the boys shuffle to their assigned spots.

"Jamey is going to be your counselor and head leader," he says to the teens.

"Cameron, you have the ten through twelve year olds," and he looks around the sea of boys, until he sees who he's looking for.

"Ah yes Kurt, you can take the nine and under," he says looking at the boy.

"Now you know your cabins so I leave it up to you to assign the boys their cabins for the summer," he says and steps down from the stage.

"Ok my boys follow me," Kurt says and leads twenty-one boys out the door.

"We have five cabins with four boys to each cabin," he tells him and begins to assign the boys alphabetically.

He assigns them all and finally he down to Jimmy, whose last name of Zimmerman, places him at the end.

"Well champ, I guess you get the spare bunk in my room," he says, as he ruffles Jimmy's hair and the young boy smiles up at him.

The boys grab their gear and head off to their assigned cabin, and Jimmy stands waiting beside Kurt.


"Ok my group come with me," Cameron says and leads his group out into the bright afternoon sunshine.

"Now listen good boys, cuz I'm not a parrot that likes to repeat himself," he says looking at the attentive faces that are watching him.

"We have three cabins because there are just thirteen of you, so someone is going to get stuck bunking in my room. Whoever that unlucky dude is, I want you to remember that just because you are in with me, you'll not get special privileges," he says.

He, as Kurt did, assigns the rooms alphabetically, and as his brother did, Tommy ends up in Cameron's room.

"Great, I got you now grab your stuff and follow me," Cameron says, upset with the fact that he has to share a room.

"Next year I'm definitely taking summer classes, instead of babysitting snot nose little brats," he remarks aloud.

"I'll be good Cameron, and I promise that I will listen to whatever you tell me," Tommy says looking at the hot stud counselor.

"Don't sweat it kid, it's not your fault that you got stuck with me, this camp is too cheap to spend money on more cabins," he says.

The boys have the rest of the day to swim, horseback ride or just hang out together in their cabins, and Tommy goes to find his brother. He sees him sitting alone on the front stairs of his cabin, and he looks so sad.

"What's the matter squirt," Tommy asks sitting beside his brother, and he throws his arm around him.

"Nothing I guess, it's just that the other boys don't want me to play with them because I got stuck in Kurt's cabin," he tells him, as Kurt stands beside the window listening. "They think that I'll tell him if they do something wrong," and his eyes tear up.

"Hey bro don't cry, I'm getting the same shit from my group," he says pulling his brother to him, and Jimmy rests his head against his shoulder.

"So what is your counselor like," Tommy asks, hoping to cheer his brother up.

"He's real cool, and he's really hot looking for a guy," he tell Tommy, and Kurt smiles when he hears it.

"Hot huh," he says to himself. "That little runt thinks I'm hot," he says again smiling.

"Do you have a nice counselor Tommy," Jimmy asks.

"Not like yours, he is pissed that he has to share a room with a kid," Tommy says. "But he is really good looking too, and he has blues eyes like me," he says smiling.

"Fuck, I gotta remember to tell Cam about this boy," Kurt says and then makes his presence known to the boys.

"Hey boys, how about we head up to the dining hall and grab an ice cream," he says walking out of the cabin.

"Really Kurt, won't the other boys think that you are being better to me," Jimmy asks looking at him with admiration in his eyes.

"Fuck em, it'll be our secret, just like me swearing," he says remembering that it's little boys, which he's talking to.

"That's ok Kurt, we here it all the time back home, dads chauffer uses whenever he has to takes us somewhere," Tommy says, and the three walk off towards the dining hall.

"This just might be my best summer yet at this camp," he thinks to himself watching the two boys before him.

At the kitchen, Kurt grabs three popsicles from the freezer, and hands one to each of the boys. They sit outside on a table as they eat their treats, and Kurt watches Jimmy how he sucks on his Popsicle.

"Son of a bitch, look at that boy suck that thing," he thinks watching Jimmy shove the whole Popsicle into his mouth, and wrap his lips around it as he pulls it out.

"I bet he could suck my cock just as good," he thinks as his cock twitches in his pants, and Cameron comes walking up.

"There you are runt, I've been looking all over this place for you," he snaps at Tommy. "Who said you could have a Popsicle," he asks, and he looks disapprovingly at Kurt.

"Hey chill out man, you won't believe what that little dude has said about you," Kurt tells a very irritated Cameron.

"I'll kill the little shit if he's lying about me," he snaps and looks over at the two boys sitting there.

"He told his brother that you were hot looking Cam," and Cameron looks at Kurt.

"You fucking pulling my leg, cuz if you are Babcock, I'll beat the shit out of you," he says threateningly.

"Listen asshole, I was just telling you what I overheard him saying, and look at how those to suck on their Popsicle," he tells him, and Cameron looks over at the boys.

"Holy shit look at them sucking their pops, they act like it's a cock that they're sucking," he says smiling.

"Exactly and just think how hot that would be to have their mouths around our cocks," Kurt suggests, and Cameron smiles at the thought.

"You a pervert but fuck man, I like the sound of that," he says as he rubs his hardening cock through his shorts.


Later that night, as Cameron and Tommy prepare for bed, he watches the boy strip.

"Hey little buddy," Cameron says as he sits beside the naked boy. "I'm sorry if I made you feel that I didn't like you today," and Tommy's eyes well up. "Oh don't cry buddy, it's not you that made me upset, it's because this damn camp never has enough beds for you boys," and he hugs the naked boy to his chest.

He sniffs in the sweet scent of the boy, as he holds him close, and his cock stirs in his pants. Tommy can feel the counselors cock pressing against his stomach, and his little hands gently feel it.

"Hey little dude, what are you doing down there," Cameron asks as his cock responds to Tommy's touch.

"Ah... nothing... sorry Cam for touching you," he says and he cries because he had been caught.

"Hey I don't mind if you touch me, as long as you keep it our secret," he says and stands up in front of the boy.

His cock is straining against his boxer briefs, and he slips them off to give the boy a show.

"Go ahead and touch it if you want," and Tommy grabs onto his cock.

"That feels good," Cameron says, as Tommy runs his hand up and down on the hard cock, and Cameron moans softly.

"Hey why don't you sleep in my bed tonight champ," Cameron suggests putting his scheme for a blowjob into action.

"Really Cam, you'll let me sleep with you," he asks all excited.

"But you can't tell anyone, let's make it our secret, along with whatever happens.

"Ok Cam and I won't even tell my brother," he says smiling.

Cameron removes his boxer briefs, and climbs into bed, as Tommy watches him.

"You sleep naked Cam," he asks.

"Sure... all the big dudes sleep that way. Only babies and little boys sleep with pajamas," he tells him, and he can see his little brain working, as he tosses his pj's over on his bed.

Tommy climbs into bed, and he has to slide across Cameron to get to his side. As the kid slides across Cameron's stomach, Cameron grabs him and holds him to his chest.

"So big buddy, you really enjoyed that Popsicle today, didn't you," Cameron says to Tommy who is lying on his chest.

"Yeah that was so cool having one and no one else was," he says and he squirms on Cameron's hard cock making him giggle.

"What's so funny," Cameron asks, although he knows what is amusing the boy.

"Your peter is hard and sticking between my legs," he says.

"Oh sorry big buddy, I'll move it," he says.

"No!" Tommy shouts, "I like the way it feels," and he wiggles around on it.

"So you ever see a big boys cock," he asks Tommy.

"No, but can I see yours," he asks.

Cameron throws back the sheets, and Tommy sits up, taking Cameron's cock into his hand. Cameron jumps some as Tommy grabs a hold of his manhood, and he's already leaking precum. Tommy puts his fingers to the cum, and he wipes a glob off.

"What's this," he asks holding it up to his face.

"Precum Tommy, taste it," he tells him.

"Eeeew no," he says looking at it. "It looks nasty," and he wipes it on the sheets.

"No kid, it really tastes good," Cameron says and takes some from his cock.

He puts his finger in his mouth, and says `mmmm'. Tommy does the same, and he licks his mouth with his tongue.

"It doesn't taste bad," he says.

"It tastes even better when you lick it right off the cock," he says, and Tommy bends down and licks his cock's head, slurping up Cameron's precum.

Tommy licks all-round the head, making sure that he has gotten it all, and when his mouth opens, Cameron pushes his head slightly. He cock slides into the boy's mouth, and halfway down his shaft.

"Just suck it like you did your Popsicle today Tommy, and you'll get more of the sweet juice," Cameron tells him.

Cameron wraps his lips around the cock, and moves up and down on it. Cameron's hand is resting on the boy's head, as he helps him move further down. Cameron can feel his cock as it presses the back of Tommy's throat.

"Hey big buddy swallow and keep swallowing," Cameron says, and Tommy starts to swallow fast, as Cameron's seven-inch cock slides down into his throat.

Tommy tries to pull off the cock, but Cameron holds him on it.

"Breathe through your nose," he tells the boy, and Tommy does. "Keep swallowing I'm giving you my cum," he says, and he shoots one, two and three thick ropes of cum down the boy's throat.

He lets Tommy pull off his cock some, as he continues to shoot into his small mouth, and some cum oozes out the side.

"Mmmm that tasted good Cam," Tommy says as he sits up once Cameron has finished shooting.

"I told you that you'd like it," and he pulls the boy to him. "Thanks big buddy," he says, and he kisses him on the forehead. "Now let's get some sleep," and they cuddle together as they drift off to sleep.

Therefore, Tommy gets his first initiation into summer camp.

To be continued:

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