Summer Camp 101


Bernie Clark


From chapter one:


"Mmmm that tasted good Cam," Tommy says as he sits up once Cameron has finished shooting.

"I told you that you'd like it," and he pulls the boy to him. "Thanks big buddy," he says, and he kisses him on the forehead. "Now let's get some sleep," and they cuddle together as they drift off to sleep.

Therefore, Tommy gets his first initiation into summer camp.

Now chapter two:


Kurt was undressing for bed, and he made sure that Jimmy saw him naked. He lusted for the boy, and after watching him suck that Popsicle, he knew that he wanted him. Jimmy slips on his pajamas, and gets into bed, as Kurt is undressing. He watches intently as Kurt strips down naked and gets into bed.

"How come you sleep naked Kurt," Jimmy asks inquisitively.

"That's how all big dudes and boys sleep," he tells him. "PJ's are for babies and little boys," he says and he knows how typical eight year olds love to think that they are big boys.

"But I'll get cold if I sleep naked," he says.

"Tell you what big boy, if you don't tell anyone, I'll let you sleep with me," Kurt says, and Jimmy hops out of bed and strips.

"I promise Kurt, I won't tell a single person," and he crosses his heart.

Kurt takes him into bed, and he holds the boy tightly to him, enjoying the boy's skin against his. Kurt is lying on his back, and Jimmy is lying with his arm and leg on Kurt facing him.

"Are you warm there handsome," Kurt asks and Jimmy snuggles in closer.

"Yeah Kurt... thanks for letting me sleep with you," he says and he slides up and kisses Kurt on the lips.

"Hey, what was that for little dude," he asks.

"Just cuz I like you Kurt," he says and lays his little body on Kurt.

They are lying there in the dark, with the light of the full moon softly lighting the room, and Jimmy slides his body down Kurt's stomach to his cock. Neither of the two is saying a word, as Jimmy's mouth finds Kurt's cock. His tiny fingers are searching all around his cock, balls and pubic hair, and he is driving Kurt insane with lust.

"Can I ask you something Jimmy," Kurt asks hesitantly.

"Sure Kurt, you can ask me whatever you want," he says.

"Have ever sucked a cock before, I mean I like what you're doing but I don't want to force you," Kurt asks him.

"I never did, but I had someone do it to me," he says and goes back to Kurt's cock.

Jimmy sits up and takes Kurt's cock into his hands, and carefully examines it. He looks at his balls and gently touches them all over. With the touch of his hand on Kurt's cock, his cock is leaking pre-cum, and Jimmy gets inquisitive.

"What is that stuff," he asks as he bends down to look closer at it.

"That's cum sweet boy, taste it," he says and Jimmy leans down and puts his tongue to Kurt's cock.

Jimmy licks the head clean, and Kurt gently pushes him down on his cock. Jimmy doesn't resist, and he sucks on his cock as he did the Popsicle. Kurt holds the boy's head and guides it up and down on his cock, as he feeds him more with each push down.

"Mmmmm Jimmy you suck a cock really good," Kurt says as he dances on the edge of his climax.

"Hey buddy, how about I show you something different that the big boys do," he asks as he quickly pulls him off his cock so he doesn't cum.

"Sure Kurt, I want to be a big boy, what is it," he says excited that Kurt likes him.

"Have you ever heard of fucking big buddy," Kurt asks and he hopes he isn't scaring him.

"I heard the word said, but what is... fucking," he asks inquisitively.

"Well lie down and let me show you," he says and Jimmy lies on his back smiling, and his hard two-inch cock is standing straight out.

Kurt gets up, and rests his head between Jimmy's legs, with his face is right above the boy's cock. He takes it into his mouth and he sucks the boy's cock until he is moaning that he needs to pee, but Kurt knows that his climax is quickly approaching.

"Oooooo yeah," Jimmy says as his dry orgasm comes and goes, and the boy's ass lifts up as his orgasm controls his body.

"Like that huh kid," Kurt, asks after Jimmy relaxes from his dry orgasm.

"Oh yeah... but what about fucking Kurt," he asks still cooing from the afterglow.

"Well lay back and relax kiddo, you are gonna love this," and he lifts the boys small legs, and dives into his pucker with his tongue. "Well I will anyhow," he thinks to himself.

Jimmy is bouncing all over the bed, as Kurt gives his boy pussy a tongue fucking. Kurt reaches for some lube, wets his fingers, and then pushes one deep into the boy's hole.

"I don't think I like that Kurt," Jimmy says as he squirms to get away. "I hurts Kurt stop please," he cries out.

"Just relax kid, and it'll be fine," he says as he finds his sweet nut and tickles it.

"Oooooo that feels good," and Kurt knows that he has to keep hitting that spot, if he's ever going to get him ready to fuck.

"Now I'm putting another finger in, so don't worry, it'll feel good just like the first one,"

As soon as it slides in, Jimmy tenses up again, and Kurt quickly rubs his nut. Jimmy soon relaxes so Kurt adds a third, and this time he didn't tense up. After several minutes of working his anus, Kurt decides that the kid is ready to royally fuck.

"Now listen to me kiddo, I'm taking my fingers out, and I'm putting my cock in," he says, and Jimmy's face shows the fear, but Kurt is quick to sooth him.

"Don't worry big guy, I'll go slow and stop so you can get use to my cock being in there, ok sport," he asks.

"Ok Kurt... but stop when I say so, ok," he says nervously.

"Ok big dude," he bends down to the boy, and as he kisses him deep, he shoves his cock into the boy's lubed hole.

"Take it out it hurts," Jimmy screams breaking their kiss, and Kurt puts his hand over his mouth.

"Shhhh we need to be quiet, just relax Jimmy and stop screaming," he tells him as he removes his hand from Jimmy's mouth. "Now just breathe deeply," he tells him.

He kisses the boy, and soon his ass relaxes, and he slowly fucks the boy, adding more of his cock with each thrust, and soon feels Jimmy thrusting up to meet his pushes, so he searches for a rhythm that'll suit them both.

"You doing alright Jimmy," Kurt asks looking down at the boy.

"Yeah... I guess...Ooooooh that feels good," he coos as Kurt's cock rubs his little prostate, and Jimmy wraps his arms around Kurt's neck.

Kurt's face was up against Jimmy's ear; Jimmy could hear his breathing getting quicker, and smell the sweet odor of his breath, as Kurt slowly moves his hips up and down on his ass, driving Jimmy crazy with pleasure as his dick was gracefully dancing inside the boys ass.

"I gotta pee again Kurt," Jimmy says as his prostate is rubbed with Kurt's cock, and the boy moans louder. "Ooooooh yeah fuck me," Jimmy says as he gets into the sex and shoves his little ass up faster.

"Yeah big guy, ride my cock with that ass of yours," he says as he slams his cock deeply into the boy's ass.

"Mmmmm... yeah Kurt... more," he moans out sounding like a true cock whore now to Kurt.

The boy is thrusting his little ass as fast as Kurt is pounding it, and that is all the man needs to fall over his edge.

"Ooooooh... fuck... cumming... fuck yeah," and Kurt shoots his cum deep into the young boy, and Jimmy coos as he feels the warmth in his ass.

"You're peeing in my butt Kurt," he says but Kurt is too far into his orgasm to pay him any mind.

"Yeah Jimmy I'm cumming in your hot boy ass," he says, as he thrusts harder into his ass, shooting the last of his cum, and he collapses on the boy, as their mouths meet in a hot kiss.

"Will your pee come out when I stand up Kurt," he asks inquisitively.

Kurt slowly slides his cock out of the boy's ass, and lies beside him. He carefully explains the facts of life and the correct terms for what they did to the boy.

"Now do you understand big guy, that you're cumming and not peeing."

"Yeah and that hot feeling in my butt was your cum going in me, right," he asks excited to know the right way to call things.

"That's right my little stud muffin, now how about some sleep," Kurt asks, because he is exhausted from their sex.

Within ten minutes, they are both asleep with Jimmy cuddled in Kurt's strong arms.


Cameron wakes the next morning to a warm wet feeling on his cock. He lifts his head to see Tommy sucking on his cock.

"Oh fuck boy that is some way to wake up," he moans as he relaxes and enjoys the pleasure that Tommy is giving his morning wood. "It sure beats wanking it," he says softly as he crosses his arms behind his head.

Tommy's little hand is wrapped tightly around Cameron's cock, as his mouth moves up and down the man's cock. He pulls up with his mouth, and sucks the head, as Cameron taught him to do, before going back down. He moves his hand to Cameron's balls, and gently fondles them with his fingers, as he pushes Cameron over the edge.

"I'm cumming Tommy," Cameron says as he feels his cum moving up his cock. "Ooooooh fuck kid... suck that cock," Cameron crows out as he shoots his cum into Tommy's mouth.

He holds the boy's mouth to his cock as he shoots another three large offerings into his sweet mouth, and Tommy works feverishly to swallow all Cameron gives him.

"Did I do good Cam," Tommy asks as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"You did real good sweet boy," Cameron says as he struggles to regain normal breathing, and a knock on his door shortens his afterglow.

He is about to get up when the door opens, and Kurt and Jimmy are standing there.

"Well what have we got here," Kurt asks as he and Jimmy step into the room.

"Jimmy I got fucked by Cam," he shouts proudly to his brother, as he stands naked on the bed.

"Shut the fuck up kid, you're not suppose to say anything remember," Cameron says grabbing the boy, and pulling him down to him.

"Kurt fucked me too bro," Tommy says as excited as his brother is about it, and he too is now on the bed beside his brother.

Cameron and Kurt watch the young boys as they argue between them.

"I bet Cam fucks better than Kurt does," Jimmy says defiantly to his brother.

"No way bro, Kurt the king of fucking," Tommy says.

"Hey kids stop the arguing," Kurt says trying to stop them.

"What if we swap you two boys, I'll fuck Tommy and Kurt can fuck you Jimmy," Cameron says looking over at Kurt, who is grinning from ear to ear.

"Yeah and this way you'll both know how we each fuck and that way you can decide without fighting," Kurt says already stripping down.

Tommy looks at his brother, and Jimmy is smiling wide.

"Ok Kurt, you fuck Jimmy, and Cameron can fuck me," Tommy says as he removes his clothes.

Kurt climbs on the bed beside Cameron, as the two boys take their positions between the men's legs.

"Come on boys, you have to get our cocks hard and wet," Kurt says pulling Jimmy's head down to his cock.

Tommy follows suit and pounces on Cameron's cock, and within two minutes, both he and Kurt are quite hard. They each grab their boy, and flip them onto their back, and giving each other a smile, Kurt and Cameron suck their boy's cock. Tommy and Jimmy are moaning softly, as the guys pleasure their boy cocks. Each of their asses are pushing up to give more of their cocks to the men.

"Mmmmm I'm cumming," Tommy coos out as he experiences his dry climax.

"Fucking suck my cock, I'm cumming," Jimmy crows, mimicking what Cameron had said earlier, and moans as he too has an orgasm.

Once they pull off their boy's cocks, Kurt and Cameron flip the boys over onto their stomachs. Cameron grabs the two pillows and after bending each one in half, places one under each of the boy's groin, lifting their sweet boy asses in the air.

"Sweet," Kurt says as he spreads Jimmy's legs, he spits in his hand, and rubs it on his cock.

"The kid is lubed up with my cum inside," Cameron tells him, and Kurt places his cock to the boy's pucker, shoving it slowly into his warm boy pussy.

"Oooooo yeah Kurt fuck me," Jimmy says as he pushes against his cock and Kurt quickly bottoms.

"Fuck you're tight kid," Kurt says as he slowly begins to fuck the boy.

Cameron uses lube to get Tommy ready for his meat, because unlike Kurt, his cock is thicker as well as longer. He rubs a good size amount into Tommy's ass, before adding it to his cock.

"Ready sport," he asks Tommy as he points and pushes his cock into his ass.

"That hurts wait," Tommy shouts, but Jimmy smiles because he didn't yell when Kurt fed him his cock.

Cameron leans down to Tommy's mouth, and he kisses him lustfully as he shoves more of his cock into the boy's ass and bottoms.

"You alright Tommy," he asks, and the boys only nods yes, as he breathes fast to help relax his ass.

"I'm ok Cameron," he says, and Cameron pulls out just a little, before shoving his cock in hard and deep. "Oh yeah Cam...fuck me," he croons, as Cameron quickens the pace.

Both Cameron and Kurt are pounding the boy's asses, and soon the boys are moaning and cooing as they bring them to the edge.

"I'm cumming," Tommy shouts loudly, and Cameron covers his mouth.

"Me too Kurt, I'm cumming," Jimmy yells out as his orgasm takes over his small body.

"This is too cute how they think they are cumming," Kurt says to Cameron.

"Yeah but they are a couple of horny little boys, and their asses are fucking tight," he says as he works his cock in and out of his boy's ass.

"It's going to be one hot fucking summer," Kurt adds, as he is ready to cum. "Aaaaaaah fuck kid... I'm cumming," and he shoots his hot cum into Jimmy's hot boy pussy. "Fuck my cock boy," he orders the boy, and he thrusts as hard and fast as he's being fucked.

"Aaaaaaah... yeah... cumming Tommy," and Cameron fills the boys ass with his cum.

"It's warm... your cum," he stammers as Cameron pounds his ass hard and deep.

The two young men drop down onto their boys in exhaustion, gasping for air.

"Oh my God Brent, Kurt and Cameron are fucking two little boys," Damien says as he and Brent watch through the window of Cameron's cabin.

They had been aroused by kids yelling out, and came looking for why they were screaming. Damien and Brent were your typical, horny sixteen year olds, and have been beating their cocks, as they watched.

"Ooooooh fuck Damien, I'm cumming," Brent moans out and Damien drops to his knees and takes the boy's cock into his mouth just as he shoots his first shot.

He swallows each volley of hot cum as Brent surrenders it to him.

"Yeah dude... ah fuck... suck that cock bud," Brent moans as Damien sucks his cock deep in his throat.

"Mmmmm," Damien moans as he shoots his cum on the ground, and Brent continues to fill his mouth.

"Oh fuck here comes the little boys," Brent says as he quickly pulls his cock from Damien's hot mouth. "Quick get your cock away," he says to the teen as he zips his shorts up.

"I'm still cumming Brent," he moans as he beats his meat, and shoots the last of his cum.

He barely has his cock away, when Tommy and Jimmy come around the corner.

"Hey boys, what's up," Brent asks stopping the boys.

"Nothin why," Tommy asks as he looks up at the teen.

"Wanna go skinny dipping," he asks and shoots a smile over at Damien.

"Sure, but what's skinny dipping," Tommy asks looking at his brother then back to Brent.

"It's swimming without any clothes on kid," Brent tells him, and the boy's face lights up.

"Cool, we never swim without clothes... have we Jimmy," he asks his brother.

"Daddy says we have to wear a bathing suit," Jimmy says.

"Well this will be our secret boys, ok?" Damien says, and the boys nod their heads yes.

Brent and Damien lead the boys down towards the lake, and find a place well away from the other swimmers. As soon as they are convinced that it is safe where they are, the teens quickly remove their clothes. Tommy and Jimmy stare at the boy's bodies and a smile comes to their faces, as they too remove their clothes. While Brent stays where he is with Jimmy, Damien takes Tommy over to another spot.

"You're hard Brent," Jimmy says looking at the teens six-inch cock. "Do you want me to suck it," he asks and Brent can't believe his luck.

"Sure kid, but watch your teeth," he says and he feeds the boy his cock.

Jimmy sucks the boy's cock hard and fast, as Brent holds the boy's head in his hands.

"Mmmmm that feels good kid," he says and begins to fuck his young mouth.

His cock is sliding quickly in and out of the boy's mouth and it doesn't take the teen long before he's at his edge. He pulls his cock from his mouth, and says to the boy.

"Can I fuck you kid," and Jimmy lies on the cool grass and lifts his legs.

Brent kneels close to his sweet pucker, and the cum from his earlier fuck allows his cock to slide all the way into his sweet ass.

"Damn kid, didn't that hurt," he asks Jimmy.

"Nah, you are smaller than..." and he stops short of saying Kurt and Cameron's names.

"Well I'm bid enough for me," he says as he begins to rabbit fuck his ass.

He is amused at how the boy's little cock bounces around as he slams his ass with vigor. Jimmy grabs his cock and strokes it as Brent fucks his ass, and the sight of the boy jerking off send the teen over the edge.

"Oh yeah... yeah... cumming kkkkid," he stammers out, and thrusts his cock into the boy's ass and blasts his teen cum deep into it.

He thrusts hard and deep as he shoots rope after rope into his ass, and Jimmy reaches his climax.

"I'm cumming Brent," and Jimmy jerks his cock even faster. "Oooooo yeaaaaaaaah," he groans as he experiences his climax.

Meanwhile, over in another area, Damien is plowing Tommy's ass.

"My brother must of cum, cus I heard him yell," he says as Damien pounds his young ass.

"Oh fuck kid, I'm cumming," and he shoves his cock deep into the boy, stopping with it deep in him.

He blasts his hot teem seed into Tommy's boy pussy.

"Fuck that was the best fuck I have ever had," he says as he continues to fuck Tommy's ass, even though he has stopped cumming.



The summer went fast, and the boys learned more than most kids their age. Back at home, they find the place quiet, as the chauffer drops them off.

"Where's Larry and daddy," Jimmy asks as they head to there room.

"They were expecting us later Jimmy, so they must be out," Tommy says walking to there room.

"What's that noise Tommy, it sounds like a ghost going Oooooo," he says.

"It's coming from daddy's room," Tommy says.

The boys walk closer to their daddy's door, and peek in through the crack.

"Daddy is fucking Larry," Tommy whispers, as Jimmy takes a peak also.

"Wanna surprise them Tommy," Jimmy whispers, and Tommy nods yes.

"SURPRISE WE'RE HOME," the boys yell, as they burst into the room.

Their father jumps up, pulling his cock from Larry's ass, and yells at the boys.

"Haven't I told you to knock before opening my door," he asks, as he stands there with his dripping cock hanging against his balls.

"But it was open daddy, and we saw you fucking Larry," Tommy says and quickly covers his mouth.

"Where did you learn that phrase son," he asks Tommy.

"At camp daddy, we learned a lot at camp this summer," Jimmy says and he too covers his mouth.

"Oh you did, did you," he asks looking over at Larry. "Was it hands on learning," he asks, and was surprised by the answer.

"Yeah daddy, we got fucked by lots of guys," Jimmy says. "And it was hot and lots of fun daddy," he adds as he looks at his father's hardening cock.

"Maybe you should let them show us lover," Larry says to him.

"You boys want to show us what you learned," he asks and they both nodded yes.

The men lie on the bed, as the boys disrobe and climb between their legs. Tommy takes his daddy's cock into his mouth, as Jimmy takes Larry's cock. They are both sucking their cocks down to their pubic hair, and the men cannot believe how good they are. They suck their cocks for almost ten minutes, and the men are groaning and moaning as they approach their edge.

"Boys stop," their father says, as they both sit up and look at him. "We don't want to cum in your mouths, so how about letting us fuck you," he says, and the boys switch places with the men.

Their dad and Larry add lube to their cocks, and place it to the boy's sweet pucker. With a firm push, their cocks slide into the boy's asses, like a foot sliding into a slipper, and bottoms. They start out slow, but the boys are thrusting their asses fast, so the men start to pound their asses. After twenty minutes of fucking the boys, Larry is the first one to cum.

"Oh my word Jimmy, I'm about to cum," and he shoots his seed deep into the boy's sweet ass.

"I'm cumming son," Tommy's daddy says, and he too shoots his cum into his son. "Oh fuck this is sweet," he moans as he fills Tommy's ass.

"You got that right sir," Larry says as he finishes his climax.

"What a cool way to end our summer," Tommy says looking over at his brother.

"Yeah, but just think watta winter we are going have," Jimmy says.

Thus ends the boy's adventures... and maybe next summer Tommy will be shooting cum.

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