THE FIRST TIME July, 2000

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All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination. So no claims will be entertained.


  I WAS 12 WHEN I FIRST REALISED MY DREAM and with the person I'd have most liked it to happen with.

  It happened one summer after I had just turned 12, without yet a hint of hair on my face or body. Every summer my parents went for the usual family reunion at my grandparents' place in a tiny village in the hills of Wellington down south. We spent most of our vacation there before returning home. But this year I couldn't go as my grandfather was very ill and my parents decided that they could do without me. So, I was to be packed off to my aunt's farmhouse near Bangalore to spend the summer there, while my parents, aunt and the rest went to be with my grandparents.

  I was to stay with my cousin brother, who had just turned 18, a strapping young hulk, as he was preparing for his college in the States. I was told to behave myself and not bother my cousin or disturb in his studies! But the seed of an idea was already taking root in my young mind, a desire that I had long cherished about my older cousin. Only time would tell if I could succeed.

  I could hardly sleep while I waited for the day to arrive for me to leave for Bangalore. I schemed and thought out plans to seduce my brother, of ways to get him into bed with me for the one thing I most wanted from this handsome young stud.

  Soon I was in my aunt's house with this dream guy, alone with me and yet I didn't know how to go about getting him into my bed. And he helped me in no way, he still treated me like a kid and hardly even spoke. It really bugged me and nearly drove me mad. There he was right in front me in his tight shorts, bare chested, a distinct bulge showing, yet I just couldn't do a thing to get my hands on him!

  He was a dream come true, tall and very handsome, with a very sexy smile that always seemed to draw my pants right down. He was so smooth and soft yet, sinewy and strong. Though he didn't have any hair on his chest, his underarms were lush with it and a thin line of dark hair grew just below his navel and traveled right into his low cut shorts. God knew what treasures it hid. He always sat with widely spread thighs that really showed the ample bulge, making me drool all the more.

  By the evening of the third day I was practically out of my mind and DESPERATE - I HAD to do something! But what?

  The next day at breakfast I saw him looking at me in a funny sort of way, his eyes hooded yet twinkling. He seemed to take a lot of interest in me that morning, as he kept serving me and asking what else I may want.... God, what WAS going on? Soon we were through food and got up. My young dick still very hard from all the attention I was getting from my Adonis. I was happy I had worn a long T-shirt that morning, so my hardon wouldn't show.

  Suddenly my cousin asked me if I'd like to see his 'shack'? He had this little wooden outhouse built at the far end of their property, away from the main house, where he spent many hours. I knew he had many books and his music system down there and always went there when his best friend came. This sudden offer took me by surprise but the chance to be with him ALONE was a great feeling - I agreed!

  Once inside, he closed the door and asked me what kind of music I liked? Well, to hell with music - I wanted to play HIS flute! But said, he could play what he liked. Suddenly I was feeling suffocated, the room seemed to spin, his bulge seemed to grow bigger... God, was I going mad?! .

  He put on some music, I don't even remember what, nor did I listen to it then. There was only one thing that I could think of, and that was getting this Greek God to strip and love me! Suddenly a brilliant idea struck me, at least it seemed brilliant then, as he was turning around after putting on the music. I must have had this funny look on my face as I stared at him, for he asked me, "What's the matter Ashwin? Are you O.K.?"

  The thought had come so suddenly that I could hardly speak for a while. As I seemed to get back my voice I said, "Alok, may I ask you something? Something very personal, but I must know?"

  He seemed to get a funny look on his face, as his eyes twinkled, "Shoot," he said hoarsely.

  "Alok, do guys really grow hair down there when older?" This was the best I could do and prayed that this would do the trick.

  He kept quiet for a while, as my little heart thumped wildly, then with a strange gleam in his eyes said, "Your twelve isn't it? But you don't seem to have grown any mustache yet, huh?"

  He came and sat down by my side on the large divan and turned towards me smiling, "So, you want to know if guys have hair around their penis? Would you like to find out for yourself?"

  GOD, was I dreaming? Was this really happening? Here was my love, right in front of me, offering me what I had been dreaming of all this while and going crazy, on a platter!

  I was visibly shaking with excitement, my voice a mere croak, when I answered, "Yes". The only word I was able to speak at that moment. He smiled and patted my head as he got up and went to the door, flipping the latch on the door lock. He came back and stood in front of me and dropped his shorts! WOW! You could have dropped me dead with a feather.... I was that lost. I felt faint with excitement, my heart about to burst out of my chest in its wild thumping. It was a sheer work of art, Alok's cock! Absolutely breathtaking! AHHHH!

  I must have been acting funny, staring the way that I was... for I felt his hand on my shoulder and looked up into his face, lost... He must have read my thoughts for he smiled and said, "You want to touch it, don't you? Well, take off your clothes and I'll show you some real good fun."

  God, could this be really happening?... was I dreaming?.... I anxiously got up and nearly tore off my clothes in my hurry to undress. Alok all the while watching me with his hot gaze, his cock rising its bloated head slowly! Soon I was standing in front of him in all my young naked glory... my own young prick hard and throbbing!

  "This is what you wanted since you've been here, isn't it?" said Alok, as he wrapped me in his strong arms, his steel stiff cock searing my belly with its heat! He cupped my face and kissed me on my mouth, forcing my lips apart to insert his tongue. I could hardly breath, as I clung to him tightly, heart beating rapidly. Slowly he pushed me away and said in a soft voice, "Go ahead, feel it, that's what you want so badly, isn't it?"

  I lost my voice again... anyway it didn't matter, words were not needed. I slowly reached out for his beautiful cock and wrapped my fingers around the burning hot flesh pole. My fingers could hardly reach around the thick base of his magnificent cock, as the searing heat of the erect penis burned into my hand!

  "Well, kiss it... you'll love it Ash!" he called out in a husky voice, as he pushed his hips closer to my face, while his hands moved my head towards his crotch!

  Alok nudged his cock in my face, pushing past my parted lips, boring into my virgin mouth, my jaws stretching wide to accommodate the thick cock in its journey into my salivating oral cavity! As he rocked his hips, sliding the super hard dick in and out of my mouth, I clung to the base of his massive prick, while with the other hand I squeezed his over sized balls, running my fingers through the lush, curly pubic hairs!

  He moaned loudly as he pumped his cock into my face, not too gently, his own hands running through my hair, pulling my face even closer to his pubes, for a deeper entry! I could only make a nasal sound and gurgle my happiness, as my mouth was repeatedly filled with the large piece of raw meat! Saliva rushed in to lubricate the thick penis, to aid its relentless journey down my virgin throat, as it moved deeper and deeper...choking me by its girth and length.

  I would have loved to continue till he filled my hungry mouth and throat with his hot ejaculation, but he seemed to have other ideas. He pulled out his throbbing cock, as I reluctantly let it go, saying, "Relax baby, you've been denying yourself for too long, you can have it again - all summer, now I'll show you some more pleasures that we can have!" He laid me on the divan and stood up. "Just roll over and lie down," he said in a hoarse voice, as he went to a cabinet and got out a small tube of something. Soon he was back as I lay on my stomach, shaking with excitement and anticipation!

  "Now you'll find out what a real fuck is, little brother. You wanted it, you'll get it! You always drooled over me eh? Wanted my cock in you, right?" crowed Alok as he parted my soft ass cheeks and applied some lubricant, running his fingers over the slit and the ass mouth. I lay there barely able to breathe, clinging onto the covers to stop from shaking and biting the spread to stop myself from shouting out my need! Slowly he inserted his large middle finger into my ass slit, soon to be joined by a second, rubbing in the jelly and moving his fingers around.

  "To open you up proper for the fuck you crave!" he whispered into my ears as he licked my ears and right cheek. His fingers all the while working in my asshole, stretching it, probing deeper, opening me up for his glorious cock!

  Soon he took his fingers out, as he mounted me, covering my whole back with his hot body! I could feel his super hot dong snake its way between my quivering ass cheeks, as he moved his hips, sliding the lovely cock between my parted cheeks.

   'Now relax and open up for the fuck you wanted Ash!" he panted into my ears, as he prepared to enter my young ass.

  "Open your legs wider," commanded Alok as he raised his hips and guided his cock to my ass mouth and applied pressure. A raging pain shot through my whole body as the massive head bored into my virgin passage, the slit being pushed far apart to make way for the entry of the thick prick. It felt like I was being split apart at the bottom by a hot flesh poker!

  "Hold still and relax baby," he grunted with the effort of deflowering me, "you'll get it all in soon. God that's a real tight ass you have!"

  Alok altered his angle of entry and soon something gave way as the massive cock slipped right into my ass hole, more than halfway. Inspite of my self I let out a wail. I felt choked, as he filled me up. His cock seemed about to come up in my throat from below! I could feel every throb and pulse of the great cock buried deep in me as it bored deeper into my gripping anal passage with a blinding fury! Soon I felt Al's soft pubic hair tickle my ass cheeks as his pelvis ground into my parted bottom! God, I was having what I always wanted, a real fuck!!

  Chewing a bit of the covers I could only whimper in my ecstasy, as Al grunted and sweated over me, with his efforts of fucking my young butt hole. We rocked our bodies and hips in unison as we coupled in the ancient ritual of mating, both deriving the utmost pleasure from the body of the other! The music long forgotten as we mated in the forbidden act of male love, brothers, in the act of the ultimate union!

  As Alok ground repeatedly into my throbbing ass hole, his arms went round to grab my young erect penis and jacked me off. My cock felt great, and was soon shooting liquid fire all over the covers as Al expertly brought me to a climax in no time. His large fuckpole driving deep into me, tearing me apart with its thick girth as I ground to the end of my jism. I let out a loud cry, unable to control myself any more, from all that was happening to me, to my sore virgin ass hole, stretched beyond all imagination and pushed my ass up to meet the pumping butt rammer that was repeatedly being shoved into me. My ass muscles did its own joyfull dance, as if sucking on the invading cock. The tight ass ring clung to the massive shaft in its travel in and out of my battered hole. This triggered something in Alok for he yelled, cursed and shoved harder into me... I felt his cock stiffen and jerk before he seemed to go all crazy, cramming his massive spear even deeper, as his pubes ground with ferocious force into my parted ass. He let out a loud moan as he poured a hot searing liquid into my waiting ass hole! His cum jetting deep into my sore hole, soothing it, coating it with his lovely nectar. He continued to spurt for what seemed hours, filling me up with his love juice!

  Not another word was spoken, as we lay still catching our breath. Me still on my face with raised ass and he lying full on my back. As he pulled out his throbbing cock from its cozy nest, his sweet cum gushed out of my puckered ass slit to roll down my sac. He rolled me over and kissed me hard on the mouth as he hugged me tight. His still stiff cock nudging my own reawakened penis as our bodies came together in a close embrace.

  That summer I never again had to sleep alone at night. I slept in Alok's bed, in his arms, his cock buried deep in my tight ass or in my mouth like a giant pacifier. His magnificent cock, ever ready to pleasure me. My own young body ever willing to gratify this hulking young stud! .


© 2000 by the Author