Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody
Chapter Thirteen


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Beginning with this episode, however, Cody has also become a contributing editor and co-author. His writing talents will be directed towards producing the "erotic" scenes in the story. We hope that you enjoy the continuing saga of 'Tanner and Robert" and will find that Cody's contributions will add immeasureably to your enjoyment of the story.

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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.

Cast of Characters

(Note: This list will expand as new characters enter the storyline)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Robert Chaise Worthington, II - father of Robert III and noted surgeon, professor and researcher

Dorothy Worthington - mother of Robert III, attorney and judge

Kirk - 16 yr-old next-door neighbor and Robert's best friend

Karl - butler, chef, and housekeeper to the Worthingtons

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert

Kyle Cody Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

The Story

Deja Vu

Uncle Jason

"He'll be alright for now, fellows. That injection will knock him out for while. When he comes around, this combination panic attack, hysteria and flashback will subside. Part of this is a side effect of the cranial injury and surgery. He may not even remember part, or any, of this outburst. And, Tanner, you know, Kyle has never really gone through the grieving process like you did. Maybe this was healthy thing for him, as painful as may have seen to you two."

"Thanks, Uncle Jason," Tanner replied, but the tone in his voice implied that he wasn't totally convinced of what I said.

"Now you two get to bed. I'll sleep in here with Kyle tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a long, hard day. I really do think he'll be able to deal with it by the morning. You know, he's always been good at facing his demons and fears," I continued, "even when he was a little tyke."

"Good night, Uncle Jason. Golly, it's times like this when I remember how glad I am that you're still a doctor," Tanner responded, with a grin on his face. "Let's hit the sack, 'Chaise'.

I turned my face to them and questioned, "'Chaise', what's this 'Chaise' thing?"

"Never mind, Uncle Jason. I'll explain at a more appropriate time. But, from now on, he's 'Chaise' to me," Tanner continued. "Right, bro?"

Tanner grabbed Chaise in a headlock and dragged him into their bedroom. Chaise offered no resistance, but whispered as loudly as he could, "Good night, Uncle Jason. Take good care of my new brother. I love him!"

Chapter Thirteen


Kyle's interruption of our romantic interlude precluded any further demonstrations of sexual interest for the evening on our part. Tanner and I were both shaken at the intensity of our brother's emotional distress, and we also realized that tomorrow would be a long and perhaps difficult day for the both of them. Making decisions about the final disposition of one's parents' personal items, as well as the larger estate questions, would be taxing, to say the least.

We were sleeping soundly spooned together like white on rice when Uncle Jason's knock on the door brought us back to the land of the living in a most rude fashion.

"Rise and shine, guys! Today's gonna be a long one so let's get going. Kyle's already up and is eating now; in fact, he prepared us all a hearty breakfast," Jason called out from the other side of the closed bedroom door.

"How's he doing this morning, Uncle Jason?" Tanner asked. "You say he fixed breakfast for everybody? He must be feeling OK to do that. We'll be out as soon as I can get sleeping beauty out of his coma

." I immediately quipped, "Kiss me, sweet prince, and I'll awaken and be yours" -- I smirked, "Kiss my ass, that is!"

"Oh, wouldn't you just love for me to do that! But, being the sadist that I am, I'll just refuse and make you suffer!" brother Tanner shot back, with a leer on his face. He then threw back the covers and there we were, two hunks with our morning woodies exposed to the world. "Humph! Seems like Kyle isn't the only one who could use that 'penis enlargement' coupon I noticed in the paper yesterday," he continued.

Armed with my lethal pillow I began to pummel him into oblivion; however, my assault only brought a quick retribution as he lifted me from the bed, hurried to the shower and tossed me in -- all the while turning on the cold facet to full blast. Looking at my crotch, he laughed and asked, "Morning woody lose its stand-at-attention status, little bro?"

Tanner quickly exited the bathroom before I could drag him into the cold shower with me -- his last words as the slammed the door being: "Hope you can find it before you piss all over yourself, peewee penis!"

Our boisterous carryings-on brought about a renewed warning from Uncle Jason that we had to cut out the crap, get breakfast behind us and be about the business of day; that is, closing up the family house and making those hard decisions about what to keep, what to sell and what to donate to charity.


By the late afternoon we had pretty much completed our tasks. Kyle and I had picked out those items that were our parents that we wanted to keep and ship to Virginia. After some discussion with Uncle Jason and Chaise, we decided not to keep any of our bedroom furniture -- one, it would be so expensive to ship across country, and two, Chaise reminded us that the bedrooms in Virginia were already furnished. If we wanted to replace the furniture once we arrived there and got settled in, we could purchase new stuff. Moreover, Mom and Dad could put the older bedroom suites in the new addition.

Uncle Jason wanted a few pieces which, of course, we were glad to give him; the rest of the furnishings we decided to donate to charity and to a particular charity at that. Uncle Jason had told us about a new home/shelter for battered or homeless gay teens that had been set up out in the valley. The house and surrounding land were a gift from the estate of a well-known gay Hollywood director who had recently died; the facility was very large, but it was not furnished as it had been closed up for a number of years.

We called the director of the shelter, known as Rainbow House, and informed him of our intentions. To say that he was moved by our generosity would be an understatement. Uncle Jason informed him that the value of the "gift" would exceed $100,000 and that the furniture was of the highest quality and in almost mint condition. He was even more thrilled when we said that we would cover the cost of moving the furniture and that they could expect it to arrive within 3 or 4 days. All that we asked in return was to keep us informed on how well Rainbow House was meeting the needs of the kids. Also, we asked him to keep our donation anonymous.

We agreed that the next time we came back to California, that we would make it a point to visit the facility. Kyle and I sorta had it in the back of our minds to sorta adopt Rainbow House as our personal charity but that bit of information we kept to ourselves and to Chaise.


"Well, brothers, that pretty much wraps it up, I think. It looks like the only things we'll be shipping out east will be our clothes and my organ," I explained.

"Your organ?" Tanner exclaimed, knowing full well what I meant but was feigning ignorance in front of Robert. "We all know you're hung like a donkey, brother, but don't you think it's a bit egotistical to claim to have an organ so big that it has to be shipped via an 18-wheeler? Besides, that could be very painful!"

"Kiss my royal ass, Tanner! You know damn well what I mean!!" Turning toward the kitchen I shouted, "Uncle Jason, Tanner's picking on me again; he's gonna need your assistance if he keeps this up!

Smiling, Uncle Jason walked into the room and responded with a hint of mirth in his voice, "What now, you two?"

"Tanner's picking at me about my organ again; I just told him that it was so big that I would have to ship it via overland express." I explained with faux exasperation. "He's just jealous!"

Robert interrupted, "Will someone please tell me what's going on? I know donkey dick here sports a formidable weapon between his legs, but what's this shipping shit?"

Unable to contain his self-control any longer, Uncle Jason snickered and began to explain, "Tanner's just pulling his big-brother crap again at the expense of Kyle. You see..."

Laughing and looking at me, Kyle interrupted, "My organ ... sorry to interrupt, Uncle Jason, but may I? As you know I'm a musician, more pointedly, an organist. What Tanner is referring to is my electric organ -- DON'T EVEN GO THERE, TANNER -- I have a classic Hammond B-3 and a Leslie tone cabinet. Anyone that knows anything about electric organs knows that they aren't made any more and that there are many musicians out there -- especially rock musicians -- who would give their left nut to own one of these. Even today's digital keyboards can't accurately reproduce the Leslie sound, in my opinion.

I continued, "These suckers weight so much that the only way to safely ship them is via a trucking company that's experienced in moving somewhat fragile bulky items. Uncle Jason has arranged for the organ and tone cabinet to be picked up tomorrow. The shipping company says it'll be in Virginia in about a week."

Then with a look of panic on my face I blurted, "Shit, I hadn't thought about where we're going to put it -- what's your mom and dad going to think about my moving this without consulting them?

Robert smiled and responded, "Don't worry about it, Kyle; there's plenty of space in the game room on the main floor. It's looks kind of empty now anyway since it only has a pool table and a ping pong table. Mom'll be glad to have it in there, especially since she'll get to hear you play."

Then, at my expense, Robert decided to add to my discomfort and commented, "Tanner, I can't wait to get home and brag about my new brothers and especially one whose dick is so big that it had to be shipped overland. I think there'll be a lot of the female population at home that'll be anxious to verify the rumor about donkey dick here."

"You can kiss my ass, too, Robert!" I responded and continued, attempting unsuccessfully to keep a straight face, "Uncle Jason, I may be having second thoughts about moving out east. Look at this shit they're shoveling at me!"

"Yea, right," Uncle Jason quipped. "You're loving this shit, as you so delicately put it. The ones I'm beginning to feel sorry for are Dr. and Justice Worthington, not you! What do you think, Robert?"

Robert answered, "You may be on to something there, Uncle Jason; you just may."

"Thanks a hell of a lot; I thought you were on my side," I said sadlyto Uncle Jason. We all laughed then went about finishing up our business at the house.


The boys and I completed our tasks at their house a bit early. Deciding that we didn't want to have to cook for ourselves, we chose to eat out. I knew of a little "mom & pops" place just a few miles from the house that had enjoyed a great reputation for many years as a wonderful example of classic "grandma" cooking--western style. None of us walked away complaining about the lack of food or the quality. In fact, it's the first time I've seen the boys refuse another helping in a long time. And, we didn't even order dessert!

Before we left the restaurant to return to my condo, I placed a special call and received the answer I was hoping for. As we got into the car I said, "Fellows, we're just about 3 miles from Rainbow House so I took the liberty to call their director who just happens to be an old acquaintance of mine. If there are no objections, let's go take a first hand look at the charity you're donating so much to. And, John Sloan, the director, is quite anxious to meet you. I know, you want your gift to remain anonymous, but I saw no problem with your getting to know him and becoming familiar with the faculties and program since you're interested in a long-term commitment to assisting them. Whatta ya say?"

Tanner scanned their opinions and said, "Sure, why not? It shouldn't take long. Let's do it!"

Robert and Kyle nodded their heads in agreement.

We arrived at the gated entrance and an armed security guard allowed us to pass after checking in by phone with the main house. None of us had any idea that the facility would be as large as it was. The driveway was at least 1/4 mile long from the gate to the house; and, as we discovered later, the grounds were over 10 acres.

John met us at the door, introduced himself and invited us in. The house was more like a 1920 Hollywood palace and had often been used as a location shoot during the 1930's. We learned that the facility had opened 25 days ago and presently had 6 residents.

As part of the general conversation Tanner asked, "Mr. Sloan, how does a kid find his way here? Let me ask that another way. What is the process by which a teenager is admitted -- is that the proper term -- or is assigned here?"

"First of all, Tanner, please call me John, and to answer your question, we take referrals from area churches, the Department of Family and Child Services and from the juvenile court system. We've received a special charter from the State to operate this facility as kind of an experimental program. I don't know whether you're aware of this, but this is the first facility that is designed to meet the needs of just male, gay teenagers. Some are just runaways and some have been removed from homes that are not -- how shall we put it? -- gay friendly and just kicked the kid out!"

John continued, "You may noticed an armed guard and a gated entrance; we've already had an incident of an irate parent attempting to come on the premises with the intent of doing harm to their gay son. Can you believe that? And, to make matters worse, the court had already issued a restraining order after temporally taking away their parental rights. The dad is presently serving a 30-day sentence for contempt-of-court charges for ignoring the restraining order and an additional 30 days for trespassing on this property. However, I have no doubt in my mind that once he's released, he'll attempt to do injury to his son again."

A knock on the door interrupted our conversation. John invited the young visitor in and said, "Jamie, come in; can I help you?"

"Yes, sir; I was sent to get the keys to the butler's pantry. Mr. Johnson left his at home. He say's that if we're to eat tonight, I'm to get the keys. Sorry to interrupt," Jamie said.

"No problem, Jamie; here they are," responded John kindly. "I'm just visiting with some friends. Come say hello to Jason, Tanner, Kyle and Robert and then get those keys to Mr. Johnson. We can't have us starving tonight, can we?"

Jamie shook our hands, attempted a genuine smile, took the keys and made a quiet exit.

"That's the kid whose father is in jail right now," John continued. "Let me tell you about Jamie and his situation if you've got time. I'll show you around as we talk."

We learned that Jamie's parents were members of a right-wing religious group that made Darth Vader seem liberal. When they learned Jamie was gay, his father beat him up and kicked him out of the house. Never mind that Jamie is a straight-A student, is a senior in high school, and was elected Student Body President at his school. He was captain of the soccer team last year and an individual state champion in swimming. His parents just care that he's gay and want nothing to do with him. Somehow the minister of this religion cult has convinced Jamie's Dad's that Jamie is to be stoned so he can be cleansed of his sins. Can you believe that?" John exclaimed.

"I hope we can find a foster home for him near his school so that he can finished his education there; what a wasted opportunity for him and a real loss for his school in losing his leadership if he has to remain here," John continued. "Jamie should be eligible for a full college scholarship because of his grades and his SAT score, which was over 1450, by the way. He plans to major in music -- plays drums, loves jazz, classical and rock -- wants to become a professional musician."

I interrupted, "Damn, John; is there anything this kid does that's negative? He sounds too good to be true -- and his parents don't want him. Stupid Shits! (pause) Sorry, just got a bit carried away; if I had a son like that, I'd be strutting around proud as a peacock. How old is he, anyway?

"He'll be 17 in two months, Jason. Once he reaches that age, he can take control of his own destiny by going before a Family Court Judge and have himself emancipated from his parents. Then at 18, of course, he'll legally be an adult as far as any parental influence over him. Right now I'm just searching for a way for him to attend his old school, as I said earlier. You know the school, Jason; it's about 3 blocks from your condo. Frankly, I'm torn between having him live here because I would love to have his influence here for the other kids but he needs to be at that school. Well, anyway, that's my problem, not yours."

Turning to Tanner and Kyle, John said, "Boys, I just want to thank you for the generous contributions you've made to us. I'm aware of the loss of your parents, but I know they would be proud of what you're doing here for us. And, come see us again soon -- whenever you are back in California. Jason told me you two are now the new brothers of Robert here."


We left Rainbow House knowing we had made the right decision to donate our household items to the facility, and we also knew that Kyle would be, in some way, involved for the long run in assisting these gay kids. Another thing, I noticed that Uncle Jason was unusually quiet on the way home and seemed deep in thought.

As we congregated in the den to watch a movie, Uncle Jason blurted, "Fellows, I just can't get that young fellow we met tonight at the Rainbow House out of my mind. I mean, I see you, Tanner and Robert, comfortable with your being gay and also knowing that your new family is accepting. Put yourself in Jamie's place. DAMN his parents! You know, there ought to be some sort of test people have to pass before they can have children. Can you imagine being kicked out of your own home by the people who are supposed to love and care for you the most?"

I was startled at Uncle Jason's emotional tirade because he is usually the calmest person I know. Chaise and Kyle glanced at me several times with concerned expressions on their faces as our Uncle continued. To say the least, we were not at all prepared for what came next out of his mouth.

Uncle Jason announced, "Tanner, Kyle, In a few days you are going to be, for all practical purposes, out of my life and 3000 miles away. It's just beginning to hit me just how much you've become so much a part of my existence since your parent's death. God! I'm going to miss you both so tremendously. Just when I was used to having my own family -- and that's what you are -- here you go moving to Bumfuck, Egypt, or damn close to it." He snickered along with us and picked up where our laughter interrupted.

"Hell, I was becoming a pretty good father, and now..." Tears appeared in his eyes and his voice broke. I reached over and placed my hand on his knee. He looked at us, took a deep breath, smiled and asked, "What would you three think if I looked into having Jamie come live here with me, sort of a foster home -- so that he can continued attending his same school? Am I crazy for even thinking this?"

The rush of air as the three of us inhaled sharply in response to Jason's announcement almost created a whirlwind in the apartment. And, the momentary silence was deafening as we looked at each other in comprehension of just what had transpired. I was the first to speak, "Uncle Jason, what an unselfish thought and gesture; but, you haven't had time to really think through all the ramifications of what you're suggesting."

He thought a moment then responded, "Tanner, I know that, but if Jamie is as sharp a kid as John indicates he is, I think he and I can work things out so that he can finish his senior year without having to change schools. Besides, it'll give me a chance to play 'dad' again after you guys leave, at least for the rest of the year. And who knows, we might just connect and I might just wind up adopting him -- that is, if he's really looking for a home that'll support him."

Chaise joined in the discussion, "I agree with Uncle Jason, Tanner. It could be a win/win situation for both him and Jamie. If John can arrange for Uncle Jason to become qualified foster parent quickly, Jamie won't have to change schools. That'll really lessen the effects of the trauma he's suffered because of his being rejected by his family. It can't hurt to try, can it?"

"Uncle Jason, you definitely have plenty of room here. But what'll Jamie do when you have to travel on business? You are gone a lot." Kyle questioned.

"I can hire a live-in housekeeper/cook -- been wanting to do that for a while but just kept putting it off; now is as good a time as any," Uncle Jason answered and continued. "Tanner, Kyle, You both know that I'm not one to act on a whim but this just feels right, and sometimes, one just has to go with your heart rather than your brain. I think this is one of those times."

As Uncle Jason got up from the sofa and walked over to pick up the phone, he said, "I'm going to call John right now and let him in on what I'm contemplating. That way both he and I will have the rest of the evening to consider what I'm proposing. Then, tomorrow morning, I'll go over there to see what the possibilities are. There's even a chance that Jamie might not even be interested in accepting my offer, although I can't think of a single reason why."

I interjected, "True, you won't know until you ask, will you? I just hope you are doing the right thing -- for both him and you."

Uncle Jason smiled, walked over and hugged me then said, "Well, you guys head on to bed while I talk with John. I have a feeling tomorrow could be a long one; but, who knows, it could mean the beginning of a new life for Jamie and me, for that matter. Sleep well, guys; good night."

After reaching our bedroom Chaise and I further discussed the merits of Uncle Jason's announcement as we prepared for bed.


"What did you think of that Jamie guy?" I asked.

"Besides his being one of the hottest guys I've seen on the West Coast? I think he was pretty cool," Chaise said with a wide smile.

I closed the door behind us and turned to be greeted by Chaise's beautiful face. "Damn, he's so perfect," I thought to myself as I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him close to me. His grin got bigger.

"What's got you in such a good mood?" I asked. "What are you thinking about?"

"This, and about when we got interrupted last night," he said as he leaned in and brushed his soft lips across mine in a sweet kiss. It lasted all of two seconds but I needed a little more time than that to regain my senses and catch my breath.

Chaise had the most beautiful smile planted on his face. I'm pretty sure I gave him a dazed look.

"Where did you just go?" he asked.

"Heaven, Chaise! I just went to heaven." I said as my eyes regained focus.

I leaned in and kissed him again, this time more passionately. He moaned a little and the sound drove me absolutely crazy. I wanted him so badly, and I had to have him tonight. It's scary how I have fallen completely in love with him in such a short time. God, please let him feel the same way!

Chaise broke the kiss and backed away from me slowly. He unbuttoned his sleeves and lifted his shirt over his head. While unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks he gave me a wicked smile and walked backwards further and further away from me. My mind was racing with all the nasty things I wanted to do with him. He let his pants fall to the floor and stepped out of them without breaking eye contact or that seductive grin he was giving me. This little fucker had to know how hot he was.

I glanced down to see his hard pole sticking out of the slit in his boxers. I almost died right then! His cock jerked a little and my mouth watered. God, I wanted to taste him so badly. My rod was so hard it hurt.

"Are you ready for bed?" Chaise said breaking my trance.

He turned and crawled onto the bed making sure I got a good look at his tight ass before turning around to sit with his back against the headboard. I wanted to jump on the bed and pleasure his body until we were both screaming in orgasm, but I couldn't move. I was like a deer caught in headlights. Chaise was too perfect to touch. We have been told that we look alike, just like twins even, but I knew there is no way I could be put on the same level as he. He was so innocent and sexy at the same time. His beautiful face accented by those sweet, angelic brown eyes made him so irresistible; it's hard for me to keep my eyes off of him. And God, his body...his body is nothing short of divine.

One hand trailed down to his perfect hard abs while the other continued on to his rigid cock. He stroked himself slowly while looking straight into my eyes. This was too much for me to take. I had my cloths peeled off in seconds. I approached the bed clad only in my tighty-whities. Standing there taking in one more fleeting look at my baby brother, I lowered myself onto his sexy body, and trapped his lips into a hard kiss. Chaise let out the sexiest little moaned in his throat, as our tongues danced. My dick was leaking like never before and I started grinding our cocks together through the material of our underwear.

"Oh God, Tanner," he moaned as I rubber our erections together. He clenched his eyes shut and bit his bottom lip--Damn, he was so sexy.

"Do you like that, Chaise?" I asked, feeling more than a little turned on by his constant moaning. "Do you like the way big brother is making your cock feel through your underwear?"

"Mmmmm," he groaned and that was enough encouragement for me to grind in to him harder, making sure he felt the full length of my cock on his leaking shaft. I placed soft gentle kisses on his sweet trembling lips and trailed down to his right ear. Taking it into my mouth, I bit and sucked for a while before I lightly grazed my tongue across the inside.

Chaise was absolutely on fire. He was moaning like crazy. His hands found my ass and squeezed, making an unexpected moan escape my lips. One hand griped my cheek as the other started playing with my hole. He was driving me crazy. It was getting so hot in the room I could hardly breathe.

I looked at my little brother and realized I was falling more in love with him with each passing moment. He was so beautiful I wanted to cry, but all I could do was lean in and kiss him with all the love I had. That, combined with my constant grinding, was pushing Chaise to the edge fast. The more he moaned, the harder and faster I went. Now fervently fucking our cocks together I broke the kiss, and started biting Chaise's neck. There was no part of his body I didn't want to taste. My eyes clenched, and I saw white as my cock was rapidly approaching the point of no return.

Chaise was letting out deep sexy moan, and his body was squirming underneath mine pressing our confined cocks together harder and harder.

"Oh, God, Tanner! Please don't...Please don't make me cum!" Chaise managed to breathe. "Not yet...Please don't make me cum yet!"

It took everything in me to stop, and lift my body off of his enough so that we were not touching. "Fuuuck!!" I growled while trying to keep my cock from exploding. We were panting like dogs trying to catch our breaths. Sweat was dripping from my body on to his trembling skin, making him shudder with each drop. This was far from over.

I regained my senses. Chaise was still shuddering underneath me. I lowered my self back onto his body, this time a little lower on his chest and circled his nipples with my tongue, first the right then the left. I spent a little time with the left and kissed and sucked it until it was hard. Chaise started moaning again (which I found to be one of the world's greatest aphrodisiacs). I bit the nipple and was rewarded with a little scream. I continued down to his belly button kissing and biting every muscle I encountered on the way. Chaise's hands were buried in my hair encouraging me further downward. My lips hit the waist of his boxers. Chaise gasped at his expectations of what was about to happen next.

Burying my nose in his crotch, I began taking in the scent of my little brother's manhood. I almost came with only that scent in my mind and had to taste him now.


I was so hot at the though of what Tanner was going to do to me. His breath on my crotch as he was breathing in my scent was driving me absolutely crazy. I had no idea that the man I love could make me feel this way. Tanner grabbed the slit in my boxers and ripped them clean off of my body. God, he was an animal. He paused and looked at my 6" of high school boy cock before he softly kissed the head.

"You're so beautiful," Tanner breathed before he kissed his way down my shaft to my aching balls. "Please, Chaise...please let me make love to you!"

I couldn't speak. This god was begging to make love to my body and my mind was so jumbled I couldn't even form words. Jesus, all I have wanted him to do was make love to me since the first moment I saw him.

"Oh God, Chaise I'm begging, babe! Please let me make love to you,." Tanner said slowly licking up and down my shaft. All I could do was moan. He obviously knew what I meant to say because the next thing I knew Tanner had slipped his hot mouth over the head of my dick. I wanted to scream, but no sound came out. I gasped and couldn't exhale. My hands gripped the sheets and my toes popped from being curled so tight. This sensation I was feeling, my love for Tanner, was nirvana.

Tanner persisted in sliding my rod in his mouth until I could feel myself sliding down his throat. His nose was on my pubes and his chin rested on my balls. My entire cock in his mouth! God, I was so close to cumming! I was in my own little world as Tanner was taking me to new levels of ecstasy with his hot velvety tongue. He started his up and down rhythm, deep-throating my shaft on each turn. He swirled the head in his mouth occasionally applying a thick coat of saliva on my rock-hard pole. I found myself thrusting upward, meeting his downward motions on my shaft. Tanner reached up and pinched both of my nipples. I was almost at the point of no return when he buried my cock in his throat and moaned loudly. His moaning sent shivers through my entire body and my orgasm streamed from every pore. Violently and without warning, I came. Tanner pulled back off of my cock and let me cum all over his tongue; yet he was still moaning making me thrash about the bed.

As my orgasm subsided, Tanner moved to my face placing a soft kiss on my lips. He saved some of my cum in his mouth and our tongues wrestled for the taste of my seed. Sometime during our love making, Tanner slipped off his underwear. Now he was lying on top of me in all his naked glory. I couldn't believe I'm still hard.

"I love you, Chaise," Tanner whispered, killing me softly with his beautiful brown eyes.

He leaned in and gave me one of his soft kisses. Every time he does that he takes me to another place where nothing exists but my love for him and his love for me. The kiss progressed--God, he knew exactly how to turn me on. My hands had a mind of their own as they explored every muscle of his flawless body. They trailed further down until they reached his "South Pole." I stroked him slowly, feeling every vein and ridge of his hard shaft.

"Oh fuck," Tanner moaned as his body collapsed on top of mine. Not be denied, I rolled him over on his back and straddled his chest as I faced his hard killer-cock. I grasped the base of his 7" stick, and watched it twitch and jerk in my hands. His precum was flowing down his shaft, and mine was making a puddle on his belly. "Stroke it, Chaise," Tanner begged. "Please, God, you're killing me. baby."

It was amazing how making him feel good was almost as pleasurable as what he was doing to me. I wanted to make him scream. I slowly started an up-and-down motion on his shaft. Tanner was going absolutely crazy underneath me, thrusting up trying to meet the down motions of my hands. He was too sexy squirming underneath me with his cock leaking his sweet ambrosia all over my hands. I had to taste him.

I leaned down and swiped my tongue across the base of his shaft, then slowly took the head of his dick into my mouth. Tanner was on fire; he gripped my hips and slid me over his face so that my balls were resting on his lips. taking one in his mouth, he moaned, which pushed a gasp from my lips, and a squirt of precum from my cock. I was determined to make him feel all the pleasure he was extracting from me. I started slowly down his shaft then back up, taking more and more of his cock into my throat with each entry.

"That's right, Chaise, take it slow for me, babe." Tanner breathed. "Make me beg for it, baby."

Tanner went back to chewing my balls, moaning with each additional inch of his shaft that I swallowed. I was determined to take his entire cock in my throat before he came.

Tanner suddenly stopped swallowing my balls, and his hands found my ass. He gripped my orbs and spread my cheeks so that my hole was exposed. Without warning I felt his tongue swipe across my puckered rosebud. I lifted off of his cock and gave him a whimper like a schoolgirl losing her virginity. It was like he struck a nerve I never realized I had and didn't know I could enjoy so much. Tanner gripped my head and guided it back towards his pulsing cock. I sucked with new determination as Tanner continued his licking. My hole was so wet I could feel his spit running down my balls. He started chewing, and biting, and making out with my hole until finally I could relax enough for his tongue to enter me. Tanner moaned; I realized I was taking his shaft all the way down my throat. I was moaning around his dick wanting him to go deeper in my ass.

Tanner reached down and pushed a finger into my mouth. I sucked it along with his leaking shaft. He took it out and brought it to my quivering hole. I was so ready for what came next I was almost screaming. Tanner pushed his finger in just enough to open my cherry then he took it out. I was about to die from wanting it so bad. He spit on my hole and pushed a little more of his finger into me. I moaned around his cock and felt a spurt of precum hit the back of my throat. Tanner retracted his finger until it was almost out and pushed it deeper into my hole. I was so wet his finger went all the way in without a problem. I clamped down on his finger to get used to the sensation that he was giving me through my ass. His tongue was steadily licking around my rosebud loosening me and applying more spit, making me shake as I quickly approached my second orgasm.

Finally, I loosened up enough to allow him to fuck his finger in and out of my ass with a steady pace. My head was bobbing up and down on his cock with new gusto, trying to extract the product of his sweet lovemaking. Suddenly, I felt a second finger pushing its way through my tight virgin bud. I clamped down on his fingers but Tanner would not be denied. He applied more spit and pushed his fingers further. I was humping my cum-soaked cock along the muscles in his chest. My hands were squeezing his balls trying to prolong his approaching orgasm. His second finger slipped further and further into my ass until it struck a chord and sent this wave of ecstasy through my body. I moaned deeply on his cock lodged in my throat and that was all it took for Tanner to shoot his hot seed directly to my belly. His two fingers pumped faster and faster in to my ass hitting my button on each turn. Before Tanner could finish cumming down my throat I was creaming his chest with all the love I had left.

Our orgasms subsided as well as our cocks, and we just lay there for a while in the afterglow of our lovemaking. Tanner slowly slipped his fingers from my hole, making me groan deeply. He gave my rosebud one final lick with his tongue before he turned me around so that I was lying on his chest face to face.

"I love you," I said as I leaned in and kissed his sweet lips.

"I love you, too, babe, more than anything." He whispered.

Tanner turned me to the side and wrapped his arms around me spooning me from the back. I was so safe and warm in his arms I wanted to live right there just like that forever. Tanner's cock wedged in the crack of my ass and continued to twitch and flex in its new-found home.

"You're all mine, Chaise," Tanner whispered in my ear as we drifted to sleep. "You will always be mine, baby."

Before sleep overcame me I prayed a special prayer thanking God for helping Tanner, the love of my life, find his way to me. I love him so much.

-- end of Chapter 13--