Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody
Chapter Fourteen


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Tanner and Robert are happy to announce the addition of an additional story teller to their writing team. As you may know, chapters 1 - 12 have been written exclusively by Eagle; moreover, he has enjoyed the assistance of three very gracious and capable editors, Hal, Jason & Cody.

Beginning with Chapter 13, however, Cody became a contributing editor and co-author. His writing talents are directed towards producing the "erotic" scenes in the story. We hope that you enjoy the continuing saga of 'Tanner and Robert" and will find that Cody's contributions will add immeasureably to your enjoyment of the story.

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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.

Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Kyle Cody Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

John Sloan - Director, Rainbow House

Jamie Burton - almost-17-yr old gay teenager resident at Rainbow House

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge

Mildred Cummings - representative from the Child & Youth Services (Dept. of Social Services)

Hugh Watson - attorney for Mr. Burton, Jamie's father


The Story

Deja Vu

Our orgasms subsided as well as our cocks, and we just lay there for a while in the afterglow of our lovemaking. Tanner slowly slipped his fingers from my hole, making me groan deeply. He gave my rosebud one final lick with his tongue before he turned me around so that I was lying on his chest face to face.

"I love you," I said as I leaned in and kissed his sweet lips.

"I love you, too, babe, more than anything." He whispered.

Tanner turned me to the side and wrapped his arms around me spooning me from the back. I was so safe and warm in his arms I wanted to live right there just like that forever. Tanner's cock wedged in the crack of my ass and continued to twitch and flex in its new-found home.

"You're all mine, Chaise," Tanner whispered in my ear as we drifted to sleep. "You will always be mine, baby."

Before sleep overcame me I prayed a special prayer thanking God for helping Tanner, the love of my life, find his way to me. I love him so much.

Chapter Fourteen


Our blissful sleep, brought on by our first evening of lovemaking was rudely interrupted by a knock on the bedroom door. As I untangled myself from Tanner's sexy body that was lovingly spooned next to me, I asked, "Yea, what is it?"

From the hall, Kyle answered, "Uncle Jason has breakfast ready and says you guys need to get up right away. He's meeting at 10 with John over at the Rainbow House regarding Jamie . . . uh, wants us to go with him."

"Come on in; the door's unlocked. Sleepy head here is just now coming back to life," I said as I reached under the covers and gave Tanner's hard dick a slight squeeze. "At least, part of him is."

Tanner responded by lightly thumping my nutsack.

"Ouch, what was that for?" I asked while grinning mischievously at him.

"Just checking to see if all of you were awake!" he quipped.

Kyle interrupted our playtime. "Didn't you two get enough action last night?"

Blushing, Tanner and I looked at each other as I whispered to him, "Oh, shit; they must have heard us."

Kyle giggled slightly and continued, "Never mind! From what I gather, John and Uncle Jason were on the phone several times last night after you guys went to bed. It seems that the 'Jamie' matter has been placed on the front burner, so to speak, and some major decisions regarding his status will be settled today."

He paused for a moment, then said, "Breakfast in 10 minutes."

Kyle left and closed the door behind him but not before commenting, "Thin walls do tell."

Robert (Chaise)

"Tanner, about last night," I stammered. "I . . I ... uh... we need to talk! Uh . .I'm sorry if I came on so strong; I know we talked about taking it slowly, but it just seemed so right at the moment."

"Hey, babe," Tanner responded. "No regrets about last night. I just hope it was as good for you as it was for me."

Tanner laughed heartily and continued, "Boy, did that sound like a line from a cheap sleazy novel! . . . I know, we said we'd take it slowly and we still can...and should. We won't do anything the other one doesn't want to do."

I responded, "Tanner, we still have to tell Mom that we're gay, remember? Of course, Dad knows but he won't tell her. He respects us enough to let us come out our way to her. And, don't worry; she'll be fine with it just like Dad was - - and is."

Tanner responded thoughtfully, "I know, babe. But after last night, things have changed in our relationship. I mean, we're moved to another level. How are they going to react to our being lovers - if that's what we are?"

After some hesitation, I said, "Brother, what we did last night did move our relationship and I hope in the right direction. I hope it wasn't just that we were ONLY lusting after each other. Sure, our hormones were sizzling, but it was more than that; at least, it was for me."

"It was for me, too, babe! Sure, I've lusted after that hot bod of yours, but . . . but . . .you're right. It was more than just lust. I felt we connected somehow and I mean other than just sexually," Tanner answered.

"We did connect last night, babe, and it was the best night of my life. I really wasn't just caught up in the moment when I said I love you. I...I really do!" I said looking away after my revelation to Tanner.

"God, I hoped he still feels the same way," I thought.

"Me too, babe! I love you, too," Tanner said, placing his hands on the side of my face and looking me straight in the eyes. "I didn't mean to make it sound like I had doubts about our relationship; last night was like a dream come true, and even looking at you now, I'm wondering how the hell did I get so lucky. I've dreamed about making love to you since the first time I saw you smile. I just don't want to screw up our relationship by pushing you into anything you don't want to do!"

A tear formed and dropped down my face. Tanner softly wiped it off my cheek before he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on my lips. Damn, Tanner tasted sweeter than he did last night.

"You're too damn beautiful. Don't cry," Tanner whispered, as he broke the kiss. I leaned in and placed another kiss on his lips. Tanner pushed me down on my back and stretched out his sexy body atop me.

"Oh, Tanner, Tanner," I whispered as he lightly nibbled on my neck while our growing erections rubbed against each other!

Tanner kissed his way down to my nipples sucking and biting each one, making me moan softly and squirm around on the bed. He trailed down to my abs and belly button, and then I gasped as I felt his warm breath on the head of my...

"Boys, breakfast in five," Uncle Jason yelled upstairs, ruining the mood by reminding me that Tanner wasn't the only person in the world. "SHIT", Tanner hissed at the interruption. He leaned in and gently placed a light kiss on the head of my cock extracting a soft moan from my lips. "Come on, beautiful," Tanner said, pulling away from my body and giving me a weak smile. "Let's eat! . . . and I mean food!"


As Tanner and Robert entered the kitchen I noticed that they were somewhat subdued and wouldn't quite look Kyle or me in the face.

"Come in, guys; food's just been put on the table. Everything is hot so dig in. There's a lot going on today so take advantage of the one home-cooked meal we'll probably have."

With a pseudo-serious look on my face, I continued, "So, how was your evening? ... Sleep well? ... Hope we didn't disturb you. ...Both of you look kinda tired this morning. Not sick, are you?

Kyle glanced towards Tanner and Robert with that shit-eatin' grin of his. When he gets that look on his face, I know they're in for it!

Looking directly at his brothers, Klye began rather softly but in a breathy, sexy voice, "Chaise, take it slow for me, babe. Make me beg for it, baby."

Blushing, Tanner shouted across the table, "You were eavesdropping, weren't you, donkey dick? I ought to..."

Laughing out loud, I interrupted, "No, Tanner; it's just that you two were so loud at times that even I heard the sounds of rutting across the hall in my room. Jeez, you two have got to learn to be more circumspect, especially when you get to Virginia."

Kyle slyly suggested, "They probably need chastity belts!" and laughed.

As if scripted, they both shot Kyle the finger!

I joined Kyle in the resulting laughed.

With a contriteful tone in his voice, Robert chimed in, "Uncle Jason, I'm sorry; we didn't realize ... we just got carried away."

"Yea, I'll say . . .'Stroke it, babe . . .Please, God; you're killin' me, baby,'" Kyle said as he continued to raze them. He knew he had the new lovers squirming very uncomfortably and was thoroughly enjoying their heightened state of embarrassment.

Knowing that we were expected at the Rainbow House shortly and not wanting to be late, I put a stop to the repartee' by saying, "Ok, guys; let's back off a bit and finish our breakfast. We have to be out of here in 15 minutes. Hurry up!"

John (at the Rainbow House)

Jason and the three young men were nervously sitting at my conference table when Jamie entered the office. His face was a portrait of both excitement and apprehension. As Jamie shook hands with each of them, I asked him to have a seat next to me.

"Jamie, Mr. Kingston, Tanner, Robert and Kyle have just arrived so I have not had the opportunity to fill them on the last developments so what I have to tell you is also news to them. Judge Warren has scheduled a hearing this afternoon at 2 p.m. in his courtroom that all of us will attend. I have the feeling that he's not going approve your emancipation petition since you have no visible means of support or a place of residence. However, I believe that he would approve Mr. Kingston's becoming your guardian until you turn eighteen; that is, if you agree. The other alternative is for you to remain here at Rainbow until your eighteenth birthday; and, of course, that would mean that you would have to change schools."

I continued, "What I'm proposing is that you and the gang of four here get to know each other before the court hearing ... go out to lunch ... go shopping. Maybe by that time you will have come to a decision. What do you think?"

With a warm smile on his face Jamie answered, "I would like that very much, John" Turning to Jason and the guys, he continued, "Do you have that kind of time today, Mr. Kingston? I know you are a busy man from what John has told me. And Tanner, Robert and Kyle, what about you?"

Jamie's eyes sorta teared up as he proceeded, "I just can't believe that all this is happening so fast. I mean, yesterday I walked in here on an errand and today I'm ... I'm being offered a home."

The expression on his face changed from wonderment and happiness to one of apprehension as he haltingly said, "There is one thing that you need to know, Mr. Kingston; I can't let you continue this court procedure without my being totally up front with you. You must know I'm gay; that's part of the reason why I'm here at Rainbow House. I mean, my parents kicked me out because I'm a 'fag' as they put it."

His tears appeared again in spite of his efforts to maintain a stoic face. I reached over with a tissue and assisted him as he wiped his eyes. Jason stood up, walked over to where Jamie was sitting and sat down next to him. Taking both of Jamie's hands into his, Jason looked directly in Jamie's eyes and softly said, "Of course, Jamie; I know that you're gay. ... But then, so am I - - we're on the same team, buddy."

"You mean, you're ga...gay, like me?" Jamie responded, as if he did not quite believe Jason's words. But you're an attorney and so ...so normal... you know what I mean - probably more than I do right now. I'm sorry; I must sound like a blithering idiot."

Jason responded, "Hey, Jamie; no need to apologize. I know all this is a lot to fathom in such a short time. It is for me, too. I mean, yesterday I was facing my two guys here leaving for the other side of the country 3000 miles away. I must admit I was really dreading facing life again with no one in the house to talk with, to pick up after (smiling and gesturing at Tanner and Kyle); and then, as fortune would have it, we made our visit here with John telling us about you. The opportunity to offer you my home and family could not have come at a better time."

"Also, how can I put this? I'm not into young guys like yourself so let me assure you that my motives are honorable. I don't see your living with me as a convenient way of getting my rocks off. For one thing, you're underage and possible jail bait, as the expression goes. And, I just want to be able to offer you the opportunity of family and, of course, to continue at your present school. No kid needs to be put out of his own house because of being gay. This is my way of dealing with people who are so unloving and prejudiced.

I took back control of the conversation by saying," Jason, Judge Warren sends his greetings and is anxious to see you again; he tells me that you and he were in the same study group when you two in law school. From what he related, it seems that the both of you have not seen each other in quite a while. You know, he's the senior family court judge in the state now, or were you aware of that?"

"No, I wasn't," Jason said. "But, I'm not surprised. You know, Thomas finished number one in our class and was editor of the Law Review. I was aware that he was a judge but I didn't know he specialized in Family Court matters. Come to think of it, though, he did come from a big family-had lots of brothers and sisters-and was very close to them. I visited his home one time and it was like being with the Waltons on TV. His four brothers and five sisters were raised on a big farm-lots of cattle, goats-the works-almost like visiting a zoo."

Jason continued, "Hell, I remember the first time I went home with him we were met at the end of this long drive by two huge German Shepherds and one billygoat. It seems that the goat was raised with the two dogs and thought he was a dog also. When the dogs barked, he tried his best to bark too but it still came out goat language. Damn, that was one funny sight-driving up the driveway being escorted by those two dogs and the wanna-be dog! ... Funny, I hadn't thought about that scene in years-used to be one of my favorite stories, too. Damn, it'll be good to get reacquainted with him again."

"You know, Thomas was the first member of the study group to know that I was gay. His reaction was basically 'so what'. It seems that one of his brothers was gay and the family had reacted to his coming out with love and acceptance. I think Thomas' accepting attitude towards my being gay had a lot to do with my not being harassed while I was in law school - well, at least not in my study group.

"Now here's the kicker, that first weekend that I visited with his family, it seems that most of them were there with their own families-those that were married, that is. As I was being introduced around, I realized that one of his sisters had been one of my patients when I was practicing medicine. Talk about a coincidence!"

Jamie broke in, "You're a doctor, too?"

"Yes, I am, Jamie. But I don't practice anymore. My law practice takes up all my professional life. However, I do keep my medical license current by meeting all the State Board of Medical Examiners yearly requirements. In other words, I still attend seminars and continuing education programs in the medical field," Jason answered.

Jamie responded with a big "Wow!"

We all laughed.


Jamie walked in the room wearing a million-dollar smile. I didn't really notice it yesterday, but this kid is absolutely gorgeous. He's got those beautiful brown eyes that would put Bambi's to shame, a face so handsome, I'm sure, it makes the straightest of the straight men think twice, and his curly hair (dyed strawberry blond), which he keeps in a mess, only intensifies his God-I'm-so-fuckin'-sexy good looks. However, his demeanor was one of quiet confidence-one of those "still-water-runs-deep" kinda personalities. Nothing cocky about him, either.

When John and Jason finished their conversation with Jamie, I commented that it was almost lunch time and that maybe we could all go grab a bite to eat and continue to get to know each other better. Everyone agreed; however, John excused himself saying that he had another luncheon appointment regarding a possible new resident at the home. He excused himself and said that he would meet us at the courthouse at 1:45.

During lunch Jamie quickly became very comfortable being around us and soon joined in the levity that only four teenagers can summon forth. I made the mistake of referring to Kyle as "DD" and when Jamie asked why, the conversation descended to new depths of teenage grossness and bathroom humor. Kyle blushed when the explanation of "donkey dick" so effortlessly left my mouth. Jamie laughed and confessed that his teammates often referred to him as "mule".

Kyle snickered as he commented, "I see I'm not the only one in this family who is 'gifted'; pay no attention to these other guys, Jamie. They're just jealous that we've been so richly endowed! And I'm the straight one, too! They're just a bunch of size queens."

Uncle Jason interrupted our boisterous conversation, "Hold it down, guys. We don't want to offend the other guests and get ourselves thrown out. Let's have a good time, but," and he smiled wickedly, "this is not the boy's locker room at school. FUCK! Show a little discretion, please."

We all burst into subdued laughter at Uncle Jason's comment!

And turning to Jamie, he continued, "Are you sure you want to become a member of THIS family. I mean, these guys will be your 'foster cousins'. Think of your reputation!"

I picked up the challenge. "Uncle Jason, how can you say such a thing? Of course Jamie would be PROUD to be associated with such upstanding characters as we, wouldn't you, Jamie? Eh, careful how you answer that, cousin!!!!!!"

Jamie laughed, but then a few tears managed to slip from his eyes as his emotions surfaced. "Guys, you have no idea how much I want to be a member of this family-even if I'm just a 'foster' member."

Uncle Jason gave me a meaningful glance, then looked at his watch and reminded us that Jamie had to be at the courthouse in about 30 minutes. We quickly finished our lunch, paid our bill and left for the meeting with the Judge.


The bailiff cried aloud, "Hear Ye, Hear Ye. This Family Court in and for the County of Los Angeles is now in session. The Honorable Thomas Warren presiding!"

"Are all parties present relevant to this case, Bailiff?" Judge Warren questioned.

"They are, Your Honor," he responded efficiently.

Then the judge continued, "Very well, let's begin."

Picking up some official-looking documents, he proceeded to speak directly to Jamie, "Young man, you and your attorney have petitioned this court to grant you legal emancipation from your parents. Today I will render my decision based upon the facts presented by Mr. John Sloan and your case worker and other relevant facts I have been presented with."

From the other side of the courtroom a loud voice bellowed out, "The Lord will smite you and everyone in this courtroom. Leviticus 18:22 clearly states that being a queer is to be an abomination to the Lord. But, that boy belongs to me and his mama, even if the Devil has gotten hold of him."

"Order in this court! We will have order! Mr. Burton, one more outburst like that and I will find you in Contempt of Court and add an additional 30 days to what you're already serving."

Turning to Mr. Burton's attorney the Judge continued, "Mr. Watson, I think that you should instruct your client there to watch his mouth. He should SIT down and SHUT up! Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, your Honor," Attorney Watson replied, somewhat cowed by the Judge's stern warning.

But Mr. Burton ignored the warning and continued with his holier-than-thou remonstrations. "I owe allegiance to no court in this world, Sir. My soul is of the Lord's and to him only do I answer," he shouted.

Judge Warren's face turned red as he said, "Mr. Burton, in this court room you answer only to me! Bailiff, remove this man from this courtroom and send him back to the cell block NOW!"

He continued, "Mr. Burton, since you so flagrantly ignored my warnings, you are hereby found in Contempt and sentenced to an additional 30 days and fined $1000."

"Mr. Watson," Judge Warren continued, "Your client will now be escorted from this courtroom; however, you will stay as his attorney. This case will be decided TODAY; there will be no more time wasted in the life of this young man. Let us now proceed."

Turning to Jamie Judge Warren said kindly, "Jamie, let's you and I step into my chambers for a few words alone."

Then directing his remarks to the Court, Judge Warren said, "This Court will take a 30 minute recess. All parties-except Mr. Burton-should remain close by just in case I decide to call the Court back in session earlier."

Jamie looked terrified!!

Judge Warren (in chambers) with Jamie

"Jamie, As John may have related to you, I'm not inclined to grant you your petition for emancipation since you have no independent means of financial support nor a place of residence. However, I am willing to completely remove you from the custody of your parents and declare you a ward of the state. That means that you'll be in a foster home or live in a residential facility such as you're in now."

Jamie nodded his head indicating to Judge Warren that he understood the Judge's reasoning, then said, "Judge Warren, I love my parents and they have been great parents until the moment I announced that I was gay. It was like Jekyl-turned-Hyde. One minute I was their darling and the next moment I became my Dad's punching bag. But I can't live like that, as you have stated. However, as you know, John and Jason have offered me the opportunity to live with Jason as his foster son and, if you approve, that's what I want."

"Jamie, I'm taking into consideration your desires and, frankly, nothing would make me happier than to grant you your wish. Let's go back into court and formally settle this."


Judge Warren and Jamie returned and took their places. Jamie was all smiles as he looked at us.

"This Court is back in session. Mr. Kinston ...uh, Jason...Am I correct in my understanding that you wish to become Jamie's foster parent? And that you're willing to take on that responsibility immediately?" Judge Warren asked.

From the front row of the spectator section, a frumpy-looking middle aged lady spoke up, "Excuse me, Your Honor. I'm Mildred Cummings from the Department of Youth Services. May I say something?"

"Of course, Mrs. Cummings. It's nice to see you again in this courtroom. It's been a while," responded Judge Warren kindly.

"Thank you, Your Honor. I'm not aware that Mr. Kingston has been approved by our Department to be considered as a possible foster parent. If he wishes to apply, he may do so today if he wishes, but he needs to know that the background investigation on him and all the other paper work requirements will take at least 30 to 60 days. Until that time, Jamie can't possibly live there in Mr. Kingston's home," Mrs. Cummings intoned in her best bureaucratic voice.

She continued, "It's perfectly all right with us if he is allowed to continue to live at Rainbow House, however."

Jamie looked stricken and Jason's face turned ashen.

However, Judge Warren in his best legal voice responded. "Mrs. Cummings, I'm aware of the regulations you've spoken of. However, let me remind you that the State Legislature, in its infinite wisdom, has given us Family Court Judges great leeway and discretion in applying those rules. It is within my authority as the Senior Family Court Judge of this state to bypass the regulations you spoke of in special circumstances. This is one of those cases."

He continued, "I have known Dr. Kingston for many years. In fact, we were in law school together and in the same study group. He was a fine doctor then and an excellent attorney today. In my opinion, he is qualified right now to be a foster parent. That is my final ruling. I will hear no more objections. However, Mrs. Cummings, thank you for your concern and dedication. I'm sure you only have Jamie's best interest at heart."

Turning to the court and in his official voice said, "I hereby rule that Jamie is officially removed from the custody of his birth parents and is now a ward of the state until he shall turn 18. I also direct that Dr. Jason Kingston is now his foster parent."

Then Judge Warren faced us as he stood. "Jason, you may hug your foster son. And, Jamie, you may hug your new foster dad. Congratulations!"

Judge Warren sat down and added, "Mr. Watson, there are a few more items that have to be taken care of presently regarding your client. It has come to my attention that Mr. Burton, after kicking Jamie out of his home, sold Jamie's car. Now, I'm aware that the car was registered in Mr. Burton's name, but I also know that Jamie paid for that car with money he earned from his afternoon and weekend job. I hereby order that Jamie be reimbursed by his father in the amount of the fair market value of that vehicle. I've done some research on this-the car is worth $7000."

"I've also ordered a study of Mr. Burton's financial picture. He can easily afford to pay this. I want a cashier's check on my desk within 48 hours or Mr. Burton will again be placed in Contempt of Court, be fined a $1000 per day and will remain behind bars until this matter is cleared up."

"Additionally, Jamie is to reimbursed for all his personal items that his parents tossed out when Jamie left. This includes his clothes, his computer, his stereo equipment and his camping gear. This total comes to $4000. That, too, will be added to the $7000 already owed and will also be taken care of within 48 hours. Do you understand my ruling, Mr. Watson?"

"Yes, Your Honor, I will inform my client presently of your order," the attorney stated.

"Fine," Judge Warren continued, "Moreover, I have issued a court order freezing all of Mr. and Mrs. Burton's assets to include bank accounts, stock portfolio and any other liquid assets. Once my order to settle the financial obligations to Jamie are met, then, and only then, will I recend the freeze order. And, John, drop by my chambers around five this afternoon to pick up the legal paperwork. Jason will need them for the high school and, of course, for many other reasons in the future."

Turning to the court, he said, "Is there anything else, John, or have we covered it all?"

John smiled and remarked, "Judge, I think everything is taken care of - in more ways than one."

"Very well, then. Court is dismissed."

Turning to Jason, Judge Warren said, "Jason, would you mind meeting me in my chambers in a few moments? I would like to speak with you alone."

Jason nodded his understanding, excused himself from the crowd and proceeded to join the judge and old friend in his study.


Immediately upon entering Thomas' chamber we greeted each other as the old friends that we were with a big hug. My groin reacted to our closeness as it used to so many years ago when we were close, but as before, I managed to direct my attention to what Thomas was saying so that I didn't embarrass myself or him.

"Thomas, I can't believe that circumstances have thrown us together again. What's it been? Maybe five years since we even spoken by phone, let alone seen each other?"

Thomas chuckled and said, "Yea! Small world isn't it! Well, how have you been? And I mean personally? Found that significant other yet? ... I've kept up with your legal reputation as your firm has grown. Man, you and your colleagues must be doing something right. Aren't you now the largest firm in the country handling malpractice suits for physician?"

"That's what I've been told, Thomas. And no, that significant other, as you so mildly phrased it, has not come along yet. What about you? Still married to Doris? The last time we spoke you hinted of some marital bumps-I think that's how you phrased it."

Looking me in the eyes Thomas said, "Jason, I've been divorced now for 4 years. We parted as friends and still stay in touch and even sometimes get together for dinner or lunch. You know, Doris is still practicing with the same firm she began her career with."

Jason walked over to a comfortable highback chair, sat down and motioned for me to do the same. "Jason, please sit down. I have something to get off my chest. ...Uh, Buddy ... how do I tell you this? OK, just right out with it! Jason, we got divorced not because of anything Doris did. It was me!! Damnit, I should have never gotten married in the first place. You see, I'm ...uh ...uh.. I'm bi-sexual but lean heavily towards your camp. I could never get up the courage to tell you-or anyone, for that matter. In fact, I'm still in the closet except for Doris. She had suspected for a while that my inclinations were not totally heterosexual but never confronted me. When I came out, we mutually agreed to separate and divorce but she agreed to keep my secret also."

"And Jason, please don't think that I'm revealing this to you with some ulterior motive in mind. But, you were my closest friend back in law school. And, I always admired the way you handled your being gay. You were so comfortable with it. I must confess that ... that... that back then I sorta had a crush on you. But, because of my being in total denial regarding my homosexuality, I never acted out my feelings towards you-except maybe sneaking a peak when you were walking around in your skivvies."

He laughed somewhat nervously and continued, "As I said, you're the only person other than Doris who knows my little dark secret. And, it's going to have to continue that way for a while because of my position. Most of my colleagues would be mighty disturbed if word got out that I was Bi. To tell you the truth, however, I'm tired of hiding who and what I really am. It may surprise you that I'm really considering retiring from the Bench and doing some other types of legal work--I've got enough years in the state system."

I interrupted, "Wow, this a lot to swallow, Thomas-especially your thinking about changing jobs. I mean, you're the senior judge in the state! And your being Bi, well, fellow, it happens to the best of us." I laughed and the seriousness of the moment dissipated.

"Thomas, I appreciate your thinking enough of our long relationship to feel comfortable outing yourself to me. I've lived with my sexuality a long time and have encountered all kinds of prejudices, snide remarks, but have also shared wonderful times with great friends-both straight and gay who were aware where I swing. If you ever feel the need to have someone just listen or to ask for advice based on my being gay, you know my door is always open; I'll keep the light on for ya."

At that moment my thoughts returned to the day I first encountered Thomas-encountered is the right word, too. It was my second day of classes in law school and, like many of the students, I arrived early so as to find a good seat right on an isle.

About five minutes before class was scheduled to begin, I had turned around speaking to the person sitting behind me when we heard a loud noise near us and then someone shouting, "Oh, shit. This guy's really hurt, man."

I reacted immediately as I realized that a student had slipped on something wet on the floor, fallen and sustained an injury to the back of his head as it struck one of the wooden seat backs. He was out cold! Blood was already everywhere, and some of the nearby students were beginning to panic. I took charge.

My five years as an emergency room physician kicked in as I scrambled over to the injured student and shouted for everyone to get back and for someone to call emergency services. One or two students joined me but I told them not to move him. Several onlookers stared at my take-charge demeanor as if to say, "Who the hell are you to give orders?"

Firmly I stated, "I'm a doctor; now do as I tell you if you don't want to further injure this man." My initial examination revealed a deep gash on the back of his head that would require stitches. But, I knew that the bleeding had to be stopped and stopped immediately. One of the quick-thinking students ripped off his outside shirt and then handed me his tee-shirt. That worked well, and I was able to get the bleeding under control.

The injured student began to stir a bit and groans emanated from this chest. He was clearly in lots of pain.

I turned to the student who had given me his shirt. "Here, take my keys and run out to my car that's right outside-the blue Mercedes convertible. Look in the trunk; my medical bag is in it. Please get it here ASAP."

It didn't take him long to return. By that time the injured student had told me his name when I questioned him-attempting to determine what condition his consciousness was in.

He agonizingly replied, "Thomas Warren, I'm ... I'm Thomas Warren. What the hell happened?"

"Thomas, you slipped on a wet spot on the floor and struck your head on the back of a chair. You've suffered some trauma to the back of your head and will require some stitches. Oh, you're gonna have one hell of a headache soon."

I took out some sterile gauze from my bag and began to clean up the wound so that I could determine the extent of the damage. Realizing that the cut would only require 6 or 7 stitches, I spoke again to the good looking stud.

"Thomas, now that I've had a look at the wound, it doesn't appear to be too bad. A few stitches and you'll be ok. But, anytime one has sustained a blow to the head, it's a good idea for the emergency room staff to check for small skull fractures and to deal with a possible concussion.

A questioning, yet pained look appeared on his face. He asked, "Are you a doctor? You sound so 'official'".

"Yes, Thomas, I'm an emergency room physician, but I'm beginning law school here just like you are. I just happened to be sitting nearby when you fell."

Just at that moment our professor entered the classroom and proceeded immediately to the scene of the commotion. One of the students explained what happened and what I was doing.

Professor Stanley said, "You must be Dr. Kinston; I was told that we had a physician as a first-year student this year. Quite lucky for him and for the school."

He shook my hand as I kneeled back down to attend to Thomas.

At that moment the emergency services personnel arrived with a stretcher. I introduced myself and filled them in on Thomas' condition. They were visibly relieved to learn that I was a physician and to see that Thomas was lucid and that the bleeding had stopped. After accepting their thanks for coming to Thomas' assistance, the attendants in white jackets carried him off on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance. I decided that I would go check on him after class.

The professor then went on to assign seats, handed out our course syllabus on Preparing for Lawyering and began a 45-minute lecture. After class was dismissed, many of my fellow students made it a point to speak to me and comment on how lucky Thomas was that I was nearby.

From then on until my graduation from law school, I was known as "Doc". During my senior year a few of my professors took to referring to me as "Doc" when being called on in class. Even today when I run into any of my law school classmates at conferences or reunions, many of them still call me "doc".

Thomas was admitted to the hospital for overnight observation. I was allowed to visit him at any hour as a professional courtesy. We became close friends, and at the end of the second week of school, Thomas and another law student moved in with me. I had purchased a 3-bedroom house fairly near the campus. We split our living expenses 3 ways and lived together our entire law school years. (Unfortunately, our other housemate died a few years ago from cancer.)

The hospital where Thomas had been received also hired me as a part-timer; they welcomed someone with my experience and credentials. I pretty much worked anytime I wanted to as long as it didn't interfere with my studies. It was very good money and also assisted me in keeping my professional competence at the level that I felt comfortable with.

"Damn, Jason, we've got to get together for dinner or something soon. What do your evenings look like this week?" Thomas said, bringing me back to the present.

"Well, the boys and I are leaving for Virginia Saturday morning on one of my company planes, but Jamie and I will be returning Monday morning. He doesn't know about the trip yet. Just haven't had time to fill him on everything that's up and coming yet. However, we are having a celebration dinner tonight in honor of Jamie's new status; why don't you join us?" I answered.

"Let me call you in a while. My law clerk and I have some material to go over the rest of the afternoon. She wants to complete a project tonight that I've assigned her research on. I promised her my time this afternoon. Tell you what, why don't I get in touch about 5:30? That soon enough?"

"That'll work, Thomas; we've taken enough of your time so let us get the hell out of here and let you work in peace. I really do hope you can join us tonight," I said as I hugged him on my way out of his chambers.

Approaching the guys I said, "Ok, fellows, let's head to the house. I'm ready for a shower and a short nap prior to our going out tonight for a celebratory dinner. What do you say?"

Once we arrived at the condo, Tanner and Robert proceeded to their room. Kyle had suggested that Jamie share his room. It had a king size bed. I thought back to their conversation on the way home from the courthouse.

Kyle (in the car)

"Jason, where's Jamie going to bunk tonight?"

"Well, he can sleep on the fold-out sofa in the den or..."

"Or he could share my bed. That ok with you, Jamie?" I asked.

Looking a bit uncomfortable, Jamie replied, "Uh, Kyle, remember, I'm gay. Wouldn't you feel weird sleeping in the same bed with me?

"Jamie, not in the least. I'm straight and you know that and respect that. Besides, I've slept in the same bed with Tanner and Robert. They didn't try to molest me-at least Tanner didn't," I said and snickered, just waiting for Robert's reaction to my jab.

It wasn't long in coming!

"Whatta you mean, molest you? Hell, I know better than to try anything with you. Shit, I was afraid that you would flog me to death with that 'anaconda' you've got between your legs there, Kyle."

Laughter erupted in the car as the banter continued with everyone joining in, even Jamie. He remarked at how comfortable the three of us were with our sexuality and was amazed that we could rag on each other the way we do and still not lose our cool. He had just never been around kids who could do that like we do.

Robert (at the Condo)

"We weren't too subtle sneaking away like that, were we?" I asked as I found myself wrapped in Tanner's arms and being attacked with light kisses and sexy moans.

"No way, Chaise. Do you know how bad I've wanted to get my hands on you today," Tanner said, placing a breath-taking kiss on my lips. My arms immediately wrapped around his body and caressed every muscle they could feel saving the best for ass...I mean last!

"That's enough for you," Tanner said as he broke the kiss and pushed me on the bed. "Uncle Jason told us to shower and take a quick nap before we head out tonight with Jamie. We don't have time to do all the things I want to do to you," Tanner said giving me a wicked grin. "Besides, with these thin walls, we don't want to scare Jamie off on his first day in his new home, do we?"

"Speaking of Jamie, he's awesome, isn't he? I'm glad he's gonna be part of our family."

"Yeah, me too! He's a cool guy...and pretty sexy too--or had you even noticed?" Tanner asked as he stripped off his shirt and began undoing his pants. Damn, he had to know what he was doing to me!

"He's gonna be an awesome addition to our rapidly growing family," Tanner said. He then turned to enter the bathroom, but not before stepping out of his underwear, giving me an excellent view of his perfect ass.

As a result, my cock became so hard it could cut glass. Damn, that sexy stud had me so turned on I was shaking. I heard the water start to run in the bathroom and I thought, "He's not getting away that easily."

"Tanner," I called, trying desperately to think of a reason why I just called him.

He came to the door, giving me a knowing smile. All I could see was the towel tied around his waist keeping me from seeing all of his magnificent body.

"You can just forget it," Tanner said through a wide smile.

"Forget what?" I said in my stereotypical confused blond tone, even though I have jet-black hair.

I...I...umm...I have an itch! Yeah, that's right an...umm...itch...I want you to...umm...scratch my back. I can't reach." I said, feeling proud of myself to come up with that lie.

"Scratch your back, huh," Tanner said, obviously not fooled.

"Please, bro. Just scratch my back and you can get back to your shower," I said as I lifted my shirt over my head. His eyes trailed up and down my body, as I'm sure mine were doing his. "Hell yeah; I've got him" I thought to myself as I turned over on my stomach and stretched out across the bed.

Tanner came to the bed and straddled my lower back. His fingers softly scratched my back around my shoulders. "Lower, babe," I said, wanting his hands on more of my body.

His hands trailed down to the middle of my back and his fingers were doing more of a deep massage than a scratch. I gave him a soft moan to let him know I appreciated what he was doing.


Chaise was moaning under my touch, making my hard cock throb and tent the towel. Damn, no matter how hard I try, I can't resist him! Before I realized it, my hands were at his waist trailing down to his ass. I stopped.

"Tanner, could you massage my legs a little bit? I'm kinda tense after today and I think that really would make me feel better," Chaise said with all the innocence he could muster. This little fucker was just reeling me in; I really don't know how to say 'no' to this sexy stud muffin.

I moved down his body to reach his lower calf, but Chaise stopped me when he sat on his knees and started undoing his pants. Then, in one motion he stood as his pants and underwear dropped to his feet. Stepping out of them he nonchalantly lay back on his stomach.

I started on his calves but my eyes were transfixed on his solid ass. He made his muscles flex every time my hands did something that felt good to him--this was getting to be too much!

"Tanner, could you lose the towel? It's getting itchy on my legs." Chaise softly begged. I stood to remove the towel as Chaise rolled on his back exposing his hard cock resting on his belly and a little precum that was seeping out of his slit. Suddenly, I couldn't breath; the air was getting very thick.

As I started to sit back down on Chaise's legs, he pulled them up, spread his legs and placed his feet flat on the mattress. His balls dropped, covering his tight semi-exposed asshole while his hands were busy playing with his nipples and running up and down his perfect abs. God, my mouth watered; I couldn't take it any more. I leaned in and swallowed one of Chaise's huge balls. I was rewarded with an immediate gasp from Chaise's lips, and his hand on the back of my head urged me to swallow more of him. I took his other one in my mouth as Chaise began squirming all over the bed. My tongue licked and my mouth sucked from one orb to the other until Chaise was trembling under my touch. I progressed further north and ran my tongue along the length of his pole, finishing up by tonguing the piss slit of Chaise's thick throbbing shaft. I could tell he wanted to scream, but he grabbed a pillow and groaned deeply into it.

I rose up off of Chaise's cock to look into his beautiful face.

"Damn...Tanner...please don't stop, babe," Chaise said breathlessly.

"God, babe, I don't want to but you have to promise you won't scream." Chaise nodded his head furiously and I began my descent on his cock. Painfully, slowly, I took inch after inch into my mouth and down my throat. Chaise was hyperventilating and moaning into the pillow. Finally my chin rested on his balls and my nose became trapped in a forest of pubes. I started my up and down motions.

" Oh fuck, baby. Suck it, Tanner! Make me cum," Chaise whispered over and over again. "Damn, you're incredible," he breathed as I deep-throated him on every down stroke.

I began audibly slurping on his spit-soaked shaft. Chaise started fucking my face, meeting my down strokes with upward thrusts of his hips. Grabbing his hips I forced him down on the bed and continued deep-throating his cock as he trembled and screamed into the pillow.

As I reached up and pinched his nipples, I increased the tempo of my sucking--I needed to taste his cream in the worst way. I pinched his nipples harder which immediately elicited a scream from Chaise's lips. His body tensed up and I felt his first blast of cum hit the roof of my mouth. Letting my tongue swirl over his cock head, I was rewarded with the second, third, and fourth spurt of cum from Chaise's luscious cock.

His hands were going crazy through my hair and his breathing was sporadic, to say the least. I pulled away from his still hard cock and placed a trail of soft kisses from his shaft to his heaving chest to the nape of his neck all the way to his sweet lips.

"I love you," Chaise whispered as he pressed his lips against mine, kissing me deeply and letting his tongue explore my mouth. I returned his kiss with all the passion I had left in me and moaned as I felt our hard cocks sliding along each other.

"I love you, Tanner," he repeated as he let his hands roam over my ass, traipsing his fingers along my crack.

"I love you, too, Chaise," I said kissing him softly on his lips. "But, I have to go shower now," I said grabbing the towel and springing off of Chaise's body. I reached the bathroom and closed the door before Chaise could breath a word.

I thought, "Damn, I don't know where I summoned the power to leave the object of my affection laying on the bed naked wanting to please my body in anyway I desired!"

I propped up against the door breathlessly staring down at my painfully hard cock. "Damn, you horny little fucker," I scolded. "If I had have done what you wanted to do to him, there is no way Chaise or I would have been able to keep quiet." I laughed at the realization that I was talking to my dick. Grabbing a bar of soap I jumped in the shower, and turned the hot water down to cool my aching erection.

Not too long after that I heard a knock at the door and Chaise asked, "Can I come in?"

My deflating cock sprang back to life in record time. I swear, I have never seen it become so hard so fast in all of my19 years.

"Umm...sure," I called out over the cascading water. Before I realized it the shower door was opening and Chaise was stepping under the water with me.

Chaise pushed me against the wall and sank to his knees. "What are you dooo...OH, DAMN!! I nearly screamed as Chaise swallowed my shaft. Fuck! I moaned as I felt my head enter the back of his throat. Chaise moaned around my cock sending tingles up and down my spine. His hand played with my balls and the other ran up and down my chest rubbing my abs and pinching my nipples.

Chaise's lips retreated from my cock and attacked my balls, chewing and sucking on each one of them. His hands found my ass and began kneading and caressing each mound before letting his fingers explore the crevice of my ass.

A moan escaped my lips as I felt his wet index finger making its presence known to my tight virgin hole. His lips moved back to my throbbing prick while his tongue swirled around my cock head. I gave him a slight whimper as his finger penetrated my rosebud, and Chaise slowly began finger fucking me. Damn, this was too much; I was in heaven. His finger increased its tempo along with his bobbing motions on my cock. I bit down on the washcloth to keep from screaming out loud as I felt another finger enter my ass. In reaction, I gripped my cheeks and spread them as Chaise's relentless penetration of my ass with two fingers continued. My head thrashed from side to side. Damn, I was so close to cumming. The towel in my mouth wasn't doing a really good job of muffling my screams.

Chaise was moaning around my cock and I realized he was stroking his own cock with his free hand, rapidly bringing himself to orgasm. Chaise's fingers pressed on in my ass and finally struck gold as they hit my prostate. My cock jerked and sent a spurt of precum down his throat. "Oh fuck," I moaned as my body trembled and twitched along the shower wall. Fuck me, babe! Damn, you're gonna make me cum!!" I screamed into the cloth.

And when I thought things couldn't possible get any better, Chaise started to enter me with the third finger, stretching my hole wider than it's ever gone before. "Fuuuck!!" I moaned as I sent my first spurt of cum straight from my dick to Chaise's warm mouth. I held on to the top of the shower door to brace myself and keep from falling over as Chaise extracted shot after shot of my love from my cock. As he removed my softening sensitive cock from his lips, he placed light kisses on my shaft as it deflated. Yet, his fingers persisted in fucking my ass, making me still whimper and moan and making my cock jerk as he grazed my prostate. All too soon, Chaise removed his fingers, making me groan loudly and feeling empty.

Chaise stood unsteadily and pressed his body against mine, and then I realized he had already cum again all over my legs and feet. "I would love to taste the seed that the water was carrying down the drain," I thought to myself. But I was contented to taste my own cum from Chaise's lips.

No words were spoken as Chaise gazed into my eyes and I his. There are no words to describe the way we felt about each other. We held each other for the longest time, lightly kissing and caressing each other's bodies. Then we bathed one another, dried each other off and proceeded to the bed. We cuddled together naked with me spooned behind my beautiful Chaise with my arm hung over his tight abs and my cock wedged between his ass crack. In this position, with Chaise, is how I plan on sleeping for as long as I live.

We drifted off to sleep entranced with our deep love for each other, and the promise of waking up together, but our sweet rest was soon rudely interrupted.

Knock, knock!

"Guys, it's time we headed out for dinner."

-- end of Chapter 14--