Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody
Chapter Sixteen


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Tanner and Robert are happy to announce the addition of an additional storyteller to their writing team. As you may know, chapters 1 - 12 have been written exclusively by Eagle; moreover, he has enjoyed the assistance of three very gracious and capable editors, Hal, Jason & Cody.

Beginning with Chapter 13, however, Cody became a contributing editor and co-author. His writing talents are directed towards producing the "erotic" scenes in the story. We hope that you enjoy the continuing saga of 'Tanner and Robert" and will find that Cody's contributions will add immeasurably to your enjoyment of the story.

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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.

Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Kyle Cody Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingston' recently "adopted" 17-yr-old foster son

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge

The Story

Deja Vu

The light bulb went off in Robert's head at that moment and he broke into laughter. "Jamie, I must admit you had me worried there for a while! You asshole, you! One day in our family and you've been corrupted already by Kyle here."

Robert continued, "Just because you and Kyle are 'dick freaks', don't try to put it on us being the ones with a genetic disorder. Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if both of your dicks don't wind up in the Smithsonian along side of Al Capone's long sausage!"

We all got a chuckle out of that comment.

The remainder of the day was spent in preparing for the trip to Virginia the next day, Saturday.

Chapter Sixteen



Saturday morning came early for us since our departure time was 0700 Pacific Time. The 4-hour flight would have us arriving in Virginia in the early afternoon (EST).

Friday had been a day of shopping for clothes for Jamie, cleaning up the condo so that he and I wouldn't be returning to a pigsty and a late dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in downtown Hollywood. And, to make the evening more delightful, Thomas joined us, and I was on cloud 9. The kids were happy to see him again but kept giving us knowing glances during dinner -- especially when they found out he was going to accompany us on the trip. There was even a giggle or two - God! Teenagers!!

Thomas did not come back to the condo after dinner. There were lots of last minute things to do, and we all wanted to get to bed early and have a good night's sleep. After we retired for the evening, I heard very little "activity" from Tanner and Robert's room. Either they were too tired to engage in making whoopee or they were very discreet, especially since we had kidded them unmercifully at breakfast yesterday morning.

As we approached the airport, I turned onto a road that took us away from the commercial terminal. Jamie's face took on a puzzled look and he said, "Uncle Jason, I thought we were flying out this morning. Why are you heading away from the terminal?"

"Jamie, we are flying but not commercial; we're taking one of the firm's planes," I answered.

"Your firm has airplanes? You said 'one of the firm's planes'. You have more than one?" he continued.

"We sure do - two of them, one a 12-passenger Gulfstream and a new Cessna," I responded. "See that silver bird over there with the red line down the side? That's the Cessna. Carries 14 passengers and 3 crew."

"Wow! That's awesome!" Jamie continued. "I've never flown in a executive aircraft before. KEWL!"

We enjoyed his excitement; it was contagious! The four boys could hardly contain their enthusiasm. I had to remind them to load their own luggage abroad the aircraft so that we would leave according to our scheduled departure time.

Our Chief Pilot Ron Gilbert greeted us at the door.

"Good morning, boss." He said to me and grinned. "Who are these good looking guys you got with you here?"

"Hey, Ron," I responded. "I want you to meet Dr. Worthington's son, Robert; you, of course, know Tanner and Kyle; and this, Ron, is my new son, Jamie. Guys, this is Ron Gilbert, our chief pilot."

Ron's eyes almost popped out of his head in response to my announcement.

"Your new son?" he gasped. "Ok, boss; I wasn't born yesterday. The last time I saw you was last week and you didn't LOOK pregnant!"

We all laughed at his comment as I continued, "Yep, as of yesterday, Jamie is my foster son. We even favor at bit, don't you think?" Jamie blushed but grinned as he hugged me around my waist. We put our heads together and smiled at Ron as if we were posing for a photo.

Ron got the message and laughed heartily as I said, "And, Ron, this is Chief Judge Thomas Warren, an old friend and law school buddy of mine."

Ron and Thomas smiled warmly at each other, shook hands and sized each other up. Two professionals playing "first impressions."

"Gentlemen, we're cleared for takeoff as soon as you've completed storing your luggage and have your seatbelts fastened snugly," Ron announced as he headed into the crew compartment. "The weather folks say we have clear flying today at 35,000 feet. Jason, no storm front to face on this trip, thank goodness."

"I agree, otherwise I would have postponed this flight. I don't want us to have a repeat of your last flight with Dr. Worthington," I stated.


The cabin interior was nicely furnished lending an air of subdued elegance mixed with the needs of traveling business people - computer desks, lounge sofa and conference area, and one desk with seating for four -two seats on either side of the table facing one another.

Jamie, Kyle, Tanner and I sat at the table for most of the trip. We talked among ourselves, played cards, and munched on goodies and drinks provided by the flight steward.

About an hour into the flight, I noticed that Tanner seemed to be preoccupied with thought, but eventually I detected a slight grin spread across this face. He glanced at Kyle and Jamie to see if they were looking at him; and, seeing that they were not, he glanced at me and nodded his head towards the back of the aircraft. He also silently mouthed, "Follow me in a minute."

I nodded to indicate that I understood. Tanner immediately arose from his seat and proceeded to go to one of the bathrooms at the rear of the aircraft cabin. After a suitable period I got up and walked to the rear. As I neared the bathroom door, it opened and Tanner reached out, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the small toilet compartment.

"What the hell is going on, baby?" I asked, not really sure why we were cramped in the little compartment of the aircraft's bathroom. You have to forgive me...it had been a long morning!

"What do you think," he said through a huge grin as he pinned me against the wall and kissed me deeply.

"Ever heard of the Mile High Club?" he said with a smile.

I was instantly hard. "Fuck yeah," I breathed!

"You have to be very, very quiet, baby," he said as he lifted his shirt over his head.

"Fuck, my big brother's beautiful," I thought, as my hands ran over the muscles in his toned chest and traced down to his abs.

Tanner smiled at me, proud of the fact that his body had me absolutely mesmerized. He slowly unbuttoned his pants and watched my reaction as he slid his hands inside his boxer briefs.

Snapping out of my catatonia, I had my clothes completely off in a flash. And Tanner finally let his slacks drop to the floor.

"I've been wanting to do this ever since we woke up this morning," Tanner whispered as he wrapped his hand around my painfully hard cock. I gasped, but Tanner trapped my lips in a kiss before I could say a word.

I moaned and reached for his boxers, but he playfully slapped my hands away.

"Not yet!" he said as he broke the kiss.

Before I could protest Tanner sank to his knees and immediately took my cock into his hot mouth. My hands automatically grasped the back of his head, and my hips tried to cram my cock deep in his throat.

"Jesus, fuck yeah, baby...so good...so fuckin' good, babe! God, your mouth is so fuckin' hot, Tanner!"

Tanner moaned around my cock sending extra shots of pleasure through my body. He released my cock from his lips and immediately swallowed my balls, occasionally lapping at each one at a time! I thought I was about to have the quickest orgasm in history; but, somehow sensing this, Tanner backed away and left me hard and panting like a thirsty dog!

He started placing soft kisses on my cock and balls while his hands began to massage my ass. Getting more explorative, his hands spread my cheeks and his finger moved around my hole. I moaned softly as I felt slight pressure on my rose bud, and Tanner immediately sank back down on my cock.

Soon, his hands left my ass, and he brought his fingers to my lips. I imitated sucking his fingers like he was sucking my cock, leaving lots of spit on them because I had a feeling about what he was gonna do next.

Not disappointing me, Tanner removed his fingers from my mouth and began to press them at my hole. My ring gave way, and he slipped two fingers in to the hilt! I wanted to scream, but I was too horny to make a sound. I gripped the back of Tanner's head and forced it all the way down on my shaft and prepared to shoot the load of cum down his throat that was boiling from my balls. He managed to pull away from my grasp and put a death grip on the base of my cock, preventing me from cumming.

"Fuck!!" I almost shouted. My balls hurt from wanting to cum so badly, and the sensation that Tanner's fingers were giving my prostate at that moment didn't make matters any better.

Tanner backed completely off of my cock and began finger fucking my ass furiously. I was whimpering and begging him not to stop. Then he started frantically masturbating; damn, I was longing to taste his hard dripping man meat. However, Tanner had other plans. He slowed his finger fucking and finally pulled out of my ass.

"Please bro," I breathed. "Please let me cum, baby." I whispered.

Tanner looked up with a wicked smile, "All in due time, little bro...all in due time!"

I seriously think it turned him on to turn me on. He slowly stood up making a trail of kisses with his tongue on my body as he ascended. He stopped at my nipple and spent time sucking and biting each one! My cock jumped and squirted a little precum on his dark pubes. I was so turned on I started sweating!

"I love you, Chaise," Tanner said as he grabbed my ass and started grinding our cocks together. "I will always love you, baby," he said as he trapped my lips in a passionate kiss.

God, I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing him say that to me!

He pulled away suddenly; and before I could take my next breath, Tanner had me turned around pressed against the door and facing the full-length mirror in front of me.

Behind me Tanner sank to his knees and began spreading my ass cheeks.


I was behind Chaise and spread his ass cheeks. His tight hole winked at me in anticipation of what would come next.

I lowered my lips to my beautiful lover's tight virgin hole and kissed his bud softly. He gave me a little moan; and, with each whimper, my cock leaked more and more precum! Chaise has no idea how the littlest things that he does turns me on in the worst way.

I had to taste his virgin cherry and I had to do it now. I licked around his tight hole; and, when he relaxed enough, I slipped my warm tongue through my baby brother's tight ass ring. Chaise clamped down on my tongue and pushed his ass against my face. I gripped his cheeks and spread his ass far apart, then began my assault on this wanting virgin hole. He had no idea how much I wanted to be inside him at that moment! How I wanted to give him all of my love no matter who heard us through the thin bathroom walls.

I was furiously sucking licking and biting his sweet hole, and the more tongue I gave him the more tongue he wanted.

"Oh, God, Tanner; deeper, baby...please go deeper." He whimpered.

I pulled my lips from his hole and watched it wink at me and force some of the spit inside him to dribble out. Chaise started to wiggle his ass toward my face inviting my lips to make love to his beautiful ass again.

I pushed him against the door and spread his ass cheeks again. I soaked my fingers with spit and immediately penetrated his asshole with two of them. Chaise started to grid his cock against the cold mirror in front of him as my fingers relentlessly fucked in and out of my beautiful lover's ass. Chaise was uncontrollably moaning at this point, and my own orgasm was almost at the point of no control.

"Taaaaaner!" Chaise moaned. Damn, the sound of him screaming my name was more than I could take.

My fingers were out of his ass, and I stood and replaced their position with my drooling cock! I held Chaise's wrists above his head on the wall. And let my shaft run through his ass crack. Damn, I wanted to be inside him so badly. It took every thing in me not to take his virginity as he stood there begging for me to do just that.

I released one of his hands from over his head and let my hand trail to his cum-spitting shaft. I wrapped my fingers around it and started pumping at the same rhythm I was fucking my cock along his crack. At that instant my eyes glanced at the mirror in front of me. Chaise was in another world as I made love to his body. His eyes were clenched tightly, his muscular frame stretched and trembling as mine shadowed him. I looked at the motions as my hand took on his cock, and I felt his body tremble and his ass cheeks tighten as my fingers swirled around his dribbling head. Damn, this was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. It was like I stepped back and watched the man in the mirror making love to my Chaise.

I bit down on my lover's neck and elicited a slight scream from his sweet lips. Damn, I was so ready to blow!

"Open you're eyes, baby!" I implored.

I felt his precum flow into my hands like a river.

"Taaaaaner!" Chaise moaned and clinched his eyes tighter.

"Please...open your eyes, Chaise." My hand squeezed his cock and stroked it more firmly.

"I'll cum, Tanner...God, I'll cum if I do, baby," he whimpered.

I sucked and nibbled on his neck harder.

"Open your eyes... for me, baby, please," I begged as I thrust harder and harder into his ass crack.

His eyes began to slowly open and were immediately caught in mine. Right then I saw the most beautiful purest love God had ever created all over Chaise's face. As promised his ass clenched and all the love he had spewed over the reflection of our love making in the mirror.

My hips went into overdrive driving my cock up and down Chaise's clenched crack until my cum boiled over, shooting straight up hitting my chest and his back.

Literally drained, my frame crashed into Chaise's back, sending him to the wall and pressing his body against the cum stained mirror.

"I love you, Tanner," he said breathlessly.

"I love you too, baby," I said, and with my last bit of strength, turned my love around and stared into his beautiful eyes.

We looked at each other for the longest time, unconsciously drawing closer and closer toward each other. Chaise's perfect lips gently brushed across mine, and the kiss started to progress until we heard snickering in the hallway.

"What do you think they're doing now?" a muffled Jamie's voice whispered.

"They're probably pretty hot and heavy with the making out now," Kyle's voice said through giggles.

"AWWW! How sweet," we heard Jamie emphasize loudly so we could hear him.

"Fuck!" Chaise and I said at exactly the same time. We heard more giggling and the sound of our two eavesdroppers scurrying back to their seats.

Chaise and I stared into each other's eyes and suddenly started hysterically laughing!

"Let's get dressed -- but, prepared to encounter more harassment from those two dickheads in the other room," I said as I stepped back unpinning Chaise from the mirror.

"This is all your fault," I said through a smile as we were cleaning up our mess in the little restroom.

"My fault?" Chaise said giggling. "You were the one who signaled me back here, then threw me in this little broom closet and practically raped me!" he laughed louder. "Look at the size of this hickey on my neck!"

"Well, I wouldn't have had to do all of that if you didn't wake up this morning and decide to be so fuckin' sexy!" I retorted.

We both laughed.

I grabbed Chaise and turned him so that we were staring at ourselves half dressed in the mirror. My arms went around his chest and down his abs. My face was pressed against his ear.

"You're beautiful, Chaise," I said and kissed his cheek!

"You're beautiful, big bro," Chaise said through a serious fuck-me grin. My cock spasmed.

"Tell me you love me," I whispered.

"I do love you, baby, more than I can ever say, more than I could ever show you! I want to spend the rest of my life proving to you how much you mean to me," he said as he leaned his head into my chest.

"I know, baby...and I love you too" I said, and held my love a little while longer.

The proverbial light bulb went off in my head as I let go of Chaise. I panicked! I mean, the reality of Jamie and Kyle being outside the door just hit me.

"Babe, Jamie knows! He fuckin' knows. And not the way I would have wanted him to find out."

Chaise lovingly placed a finger over my lips and whispered, "It's OK, stud! Remember? He's gay, too. It's not like he's gonna freak out or something. Calm down, sweety."

"Did he just call me 'sweety'", I mused as I stepped back and looked at Chaise's face.

"Shit, man. For a minute I kinda lost it. You're right. It's not like he's a homophobe or something," I responded as I giggled. "OK, like I said a minute ago, let's go face the music from 'Frick and Frack'".

We straightened our clothes, checked our hair to see if we were presentable, looked it each other, and simultaneously said, "Fuck'em".

We were grinning like Cheshire cats as we left the bathroom -- being newly inducted members of the "Mile-High" Club.


I subtly elbowed Jamie as the lovebirds approached their seats. He and I had hastily agreed not to say anything but just sit there with knowing grins plastered innocently on our angelic faces. We knew the silent torture would really get to them.

As Tanner and Robert sat down, Jamie sorta sneaked a peak at me and silently snickered. Robert picked up on the gesture and began to blink a bright red. I was able to exert a bit of self-control and kept a straight face - at least, for the time being.

After a few moments of awkward silence I said, "So, guys ..."

But, I was interrupted by Uncle Jason who, with a smirk on his face, asked, "Find the facilities to your liking, fellows? These bathrooms are kinda cramped. Just big enough to get your business done and get out, right?"

Tanner responded with a coughing fit while mimicking Robert's red face. He stammered, "They're just fine, Uncle Jason. We, eh, ... I ... I found them to be satisfactory."

Not being able to contain himself any longer, Jamie blurted out, "Yea, I'll bet you did, and so did Robert."

Jamie and I burst into gales of laughter to the point of crying. Robert and Tanner looked at each other, grinned and then joined with the others as we regaled in their discomfort at being discovered servicing each other several miles up.


After we calmed down a bit I turned to Jamie and said, "Bro, we're sorry that we hadn't come out to you and that you had to find out this way. I guess we just wanted for you to get to know us better and vice-versa."

"No problems, Robert. I sorta suspected that you two were more than just brothers, but I'll admit that your coming out to me was unusual, if not spectacular!" He giggled.

"Hey, babe, leave it to us not to do anything in an ordinary way, including coming out," Tanner responded and displayed that sexy grin of his.

Jamie smiled and continued, "I figured you two would tell me when you felt more comfortable being around me; I mean, we just met 3 days ago. Never mind the fact that we're 'kissin' cousins now."

Kyle butted in, "Hey, I kinda feel left out here being the only straight guy. Shit, I don't have any secrets to come out with." He laughed.

"Well," Robert quipped, "You could reveal your jolly green giant pecker to Jamie, Kyle. I mean, he hasn't had the pleasure of beholding it and all its splendor yet."

Jamie immediately responded, "Wrong there, Robert. The first morning with you guys -well, when we were getting ready in the bathroom to come downstairs for breakfast, we sorta had our own version of 'Show me yours, and I'll show you mine'. Yea, babe, I've witnessed the anaconda in person". He held his hands out and FAR apart like explaining the length of the fish that got away. He laughed at his own joke and at our expense.

Kyle interrupted, "Just so you horn dogs don't think I've moved over to your camp, I was just stepping out of the shower when Jamie was taking a leak. It wasn't like he and I were aiming each other's tool to piss on the same target in the toilet."

Then suddenly Kyle stood up, gestured over to Tanner and said, "Let's do it, bro; you know." Kyle pointed to his crotch.


I picked up on what Kyle was suggesting and went into my act by standing up and, in a loud circus-announcer-like voice, began," Look! Up in the Sky; It's a mule; NO! He's in the plane. NO! It's SUPERDICK! Longer than the longest dildo; his hard-on more powerful than a locomotive, able to shoot cum over tall buildings with a single stroke!"

At that moment Kyle stood up, dropped his pants and stood before all of us naked from the waist down. Kyle then whipped around and provocatively shot Jamie a "moon". By this time we were all in hysterics, even Uncle Jason and Thomas. This was a side of Kyle that only Tanner knew, and we could tell that they had done this act before.

Finally Kyle pulled his pants back up, sat down and began to read his book that he had started earlier - just like nothing had happened. This made his antics even more atrocious.


"Kyle, have you lost all sense of modesty and decorum? After all, we have a high ranking judge in our presence! Show some degree of civility here," I said between bursts of laughter. "I mean, he might take Jamie back after this display!!"

"Don't pay any attention to your uncle, Kyle," responded Thomas. "Frankly, I enjoyed the show myself. But I do have one question. Is that THING registered as a deadly weapon? After all, you could flog someone to death with that snake."

Everyone lost it again as Kyle turned crimson. Someone finally got his goat, and that's very rare.

Following a few more moments of comments and laughter the gang settled back down to their version of "normal". Thomas and I continued our interrupted conversation.

"Jason, I can't remember when I've been around a nicer bunch of kids", Thomas said with a serious tone in his voice. "They have so much love and respect for each other. Even though Jamie is still a family newcomer, they treat him like he's always been around."

Thomas continued, "And that Kyle, what a special kid he is. Here is a straight 16 year old teenage so comfortable around gay kids. He's amazing."

"I agree, Thomas. He's incredibly mature for his age. Funny you should point that out. Tanner and I were having this same conversation about Kyle the other night. He's so sure of his sexuality and who and what he is. Being around gays in not the least bit threatening to his masculinity. In fact, he told the guys the other night that he wants to go to a gay club with them soon. Can you imagine many 16-year straight kids saying that? I can't."

Our conversation centering on the kids continued until the chief pilot announced that we were now descending and would begin our final approach to touchdown in about 20 minutes. He asked us to secure any loose items in the cabin and fasten our seatbelts.

I looked at the excited faces of the boys, especially those of Tanner and Kyle. Their new life as members of Robert's family was about to become a reality.


-- end of Chapter 16 --