Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody
Chapter Seventeen


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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.

Additional Dedication

This chapter is also dedicated to some new Internet friends of this author: John, the author of "Ron and Bryan" from Nevada; Jevic, the author of "The Watchers" from North Carolina; Bert and his partner Walter from the Netherlands, Leo from Canada, and Ray from Texas. This one's for you, guys!



Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Dorothy Worthington - wife of Dr. Robert Worthington, mother of Robert, III and attorney

Dr. Robert Worthington - Doctor and University professor, father of Robert III and husband to Dorothy

Kyle Cody Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingston' recently "adopted" 17-yr-old foster son

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge

The Story

Deja Vu

Our conversation centering on the kids continued until the chief pilot announced that we were now descending and would begin our final approach to touchdown in about 20 minutes. He asked us to secure any loose items in the cabin and fasten our seatbelts.

I looked at the excited faces of the boys, especially those of Tanner and Kyle. Their new life as members of Robert's family was about to become a reality.

Chapter Seventeen


Captain Gilbert gingerly put our aircraft on the ground and engaged the thrust reversers. He then applied the brakes as we slowed to taxing speed and proceeded to the business/private aviation facilities. I'm not afraid of flying, but there's always a sense of relief once we've touch down. In fact, I usually utter a few silent words of thanksgiving to the Almighty for a safe flight and landing And, it also never hurts to have a highly trained and professional flight crew like Ron Gilbert and the others. I don't mind paying them well; they deserve it.


As soon as the aircraft came to a halt and the engines shut down, we were out of our seats and ready to deplane. Jason reminded us to stay close to the aircraft for safety and security purposes and to retrieve and carry our own luggage. Captain Gilbert would escort us to the terminal. Prior to 9/11, friends and family could be on the tarmac, but not now. Only official personnel were allowed, and they all wore security badges.

After we got our luggage Captain Gilbert led us toward the terminal entrance. That's when I spotted Mom, Dad, and Kurt. They were all smiles and waved as we approached. When I passed through the security gate I dropped my luggage, ran over to my mom and gave her a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Tanner was right behind me and proceeded to do the same. My mom was beaming. We did the same to my dad, much to his delight.

Then, I spotted Kurt. An "devilish" thought made its way into my consciousness. Acting on the thought, I grabbed him in a hug and placed a big fat kiss on his forehead. He feigned disgust, wiped his head dramatically, and said, "Yuck! People lips - worse than that, Robert lips!!" and laughed. He then shook Tanner's hand and gave him a big hug too.

Jason, Thomas, Jamie, and Kyle sorta stood back during all this family reunion stuff and observed. Kyle was busy mentally sizing up the family he was soon to be a part of. By then I had finished my "hellos" and went over to Kyle, took him by the hand and led him to my parents.

"Mom, " I said with great affection in my voice, "This is Kyle - my second new brother and your third son."

Mom immediately reached out as only moms can do, held him at arms length with her hands on his shoulder, looked him straight in the eye and said, "Kyle, son, welcome to our family. I have been so looking forward to finally meeting the person Robert has been so excited over." With that said, she gave him a big hug.

Kyle returned the gesture with great enthusiasm, held the hug for a bit then backed away. With emotion in his voice and tears cascading down his cheeks, he said, "Mrs. Worthington, There are no words that can describe how I feel at this moment. That I'm a part of this wonderful family now is almost overwhelming. I still can't believe all this is happening and in such a short time."

Mom responded, "The fact the you and Tanner are now part of this family makes us happy also. Frankly, I think we're all a bit overwhelmed, as you put it. I know that Bob and I can never replace your parents; but, we're going to try to provide you and Kyle with a home full of love, kindness, and respect for one another. And, Kyle, please don't call me Mrs. Worthington; I'm Dorothy; that is, if you're comfortable with that."

Kyle looked at me, than back at mom and said, "How about just 'mom'"?

Tears filled my mother's eyes when she heard that. She proceeded to kiss him on the cheek and hugged Kyle again. I knew he had won her heart!

Kyle then turned to dad, shook his hand and gave him a big hug also. He continued, "Dr. Worthington, ...uh ... Dad, it's great see you again.

My Dad's face lite up like a Christmas tree. Geez, I realized then that Kyle had Dad around his little finger once he uttered those words.

Kyle continued, "That plane ride you all endured gave us a real scare. I can't imagine what you guys went through."

Dr. Worthington

When Kyle and I finished our short, but emotional greetings, I spotted Jason standing next to a very handsome gentleman about Jason's age and also a very attractive teenager about the age of Robert.

"Jason, you folks come on through the gate. Let me introduce my wife, Dorothy. Sweetheart, this is Jason. You'll have to introduce your guests, Jason." I stated.

"Dorothy, so nice to see you again. I remember our meeting casually at that medical convention several years ago," Jason responded and then continued, "And this is Thomas, a close friend of mine from law school days. I invited him to accompany us on this trip"

I glanced at Robert who grinned back at me and nodded his head ever so slightly. "Aha," my thoughts said as I understood the implications of Robert's silent communication to me.

Turning to Jamie and then back at us, and with an extra big smile on his face, Jason continued, "And this good looking hunk here is Jamie, my new son."

Jason saw the expression on Dorothy's and my face. He laughed and continued, "I know, Jason; the last time you saw me I did NOT look pregnant."

We joined him in laughing, but he continued resolutely, "It's a long story that only began a few days ago. Thomas, here, played a major role in facilitating this - - I started to say pregnancy -- as a joke, but I'm afraid of where that'll go with these guys," gesturing to Tanner, Robert, and Kyle and then to Jamie. We all laughed again.

"Thomas was the Family Court judge that awarded me custody of Jamie last week. I'll explain later; I know we've got to get our luggage and then get the boys settled in," Jason said.

I got the program on the road by saying, "You're right, Jason. And, it looks like everyone has his luggage. Everybody, listen! We brought two cars so that there would be enough luggage space. Why don't we ole folks ride in Dorothy's tank and you guys go in Kirk's SUV. That gonna work? OK, then, let's head to the house."

In Dorothy's vehicle - Dr. Worthington

"Well, Jason, what plans do you and Thomas have while you're here -- aside from getting Tanner and Kyle settled in?" I asked.

"And you two will stay with us, won't you?" Dorothy interjected.

"No, thank you both, but Thomas and I already have reservations at the 'James Madison Ordinary'. It's been recommended by several of our friends who've stayed there. I only hope it lives up to our expectations! You know how that can be." Jason answered.

"Dorothy and I have had dinner there several times this year, and we have never been disappointed. In fact, we think it's one of the best fine dining establishments in the state, if not the region - and that includes Washington," I commented.

"I sincerely hope I'm not imposing too much by asking if it's ok for Jamie to stay with the guys," Jason said.

"Of course, you're not. What teenager wants to stay with us ole folks when he can be with his buddies," I responded.

Jason continued. "It's been a long time since Thomas and I have seen each other, and we're going to use the time to catch up on an old and dear friendship. He and I, by the way, used to share a house during those law school years. Then, it seems, our professional lives took us in opposite directions."

Dorothy said, "That so often happens. It's nice that you two have this opportunity to renew your friendship. Oh, by the way, don't bother renting a car while you're here. We've got an extra one at the house. My mom died a few months ago, and we haven't disposed of her car yet. You know, it's of those things we keep saying we have to deal with, but it just keeps getting put on the back burner."

At that point a peculiar facial expression moved across her face -- maybe a slight smile -- then she continued with her comments. "Anyway, it's less than a year old -- a Chrysler Sebring convertible. It's at your beckon call while you're here."

"Thank you, both. You're so kind," Jason responded. "We'll be extra careful with it."

Thomas joined the conversation. "Dorothy, I hear that congratulations are in order. That's quite an accomplishment to be named to the Virginia Supreme Court - and the first women, Jason tells me."

"Why, thank you, Thomas. That's very gracious of you," Dorothy responded. "Yes, I'm pleased both on a professional and personal level. By the way, my swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for next Saturday. Perhaps you two could attend?"

Jason answered, "Dorothy, I don't know about Thomas, but I'm planning on being there. After all, you're family now, and I think the boys would expect me to also."

Thomas added, "Dorothy, I'll have to check on several things back home, but, if Jason is planning to attend, perhaps I can join him. We really have not discussed any plans past this present weekend."

"Well, it would be wonderful if the both of you could be here. It will be a small family affair. Hummm, well, on second thought, at the rate this family has been expanding the past few weeks, we could pack the courtroom," Dorothy joked.

"Dorothy, with all that's been going on the past several hours, I forgot to mention to you that March Harmon and his twin sons Alan and Chaise are flying out to attend the swearing-in ceremony."

Turning to Jason and Thomas I explained, "That's the family that came to our rescue last week when the plane had to put down on a county highway in Bumfuck, Arizona. They put us up overnight and then drove us to the airport the next morning. His boys want to have a look at the university while they're here; they're both seniors in high school."

Then speaking to Dorothy I continued, "Sweetheart, they're going to be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Highway 29. We'll have to plan to have them over for dinner one night. After all, I owe them big-time. And, I want the boys to meet the twins. I think they could become fast friends if they decide to attend school here next year."

"Well, I'm flattered that they would want to attend," Dorothy responded. "By all means, we'll help to make their visit as comfortable as possible. We can feed them more than once if their schedule allows."

"If I may change the subject a moment . . . " Jason said seriously. "I had Thomas draw up all the necessary legal documents for the State of California that will be needed here in Virginia to begin the process for you two to have legal custody of Kyle. We don't need that for Tanner, of course, since he's 19. May I assume that your intentions are as you stated last Monday?"

I looked over at Dorothy, took her left hand in my right hand, and said, "Nothing has changed since our last conversation, Jason. We intend to adopt Kyle as soon as the Virginia Court can arrange the hearing and complete the paper work. That is, assuming that he is still willing for us to do that."

Jason responded, "Folks, a herd of wild mustangs couldn't separate him from his new brothers now. I would feel sorry for anyone who would even suggest it. Those three have bonded like 'white on rice'."

We laughed at Jason's comment. Then, he continued, "And my son, Jamie ... damn, that sounds sooo good - 'my son' - never thought I would ever be able to say that phrase! Anyway, just in these past few days, he's become a like a brother to them. In fact, I sorta feel bad about having to separate him from the guys when we return to California."

I inserted, "Yes, it does seem like they've gotten as thick as thieves. However, you two can visit out here anytime you want - you know that, don't you? And you too, Thomas."

"We appreciate that, and I know you really mean it," Jason responded.

Thomas interrupted, "Dorothy, Bob, let me get back to this adoption thing with Kyle. I took the liberty to call Judge Taylor here and asked him to expedite the process, explaining that Kyle needed to be able to register for school and to have all those other documents that will be necessary for in his living here -- like medical records, dental records, grade transcripts, etc.."

"Anyway, He informed me of his friendship with you folks and saw no problem with arranging a hearing early next week. All you have to do is schedule through his administrative secretary. Everything is all taken care of - he has Kyle's records and the paperwork I faxed him. A short formal hearing and some signatures is just about all left to be done."

"Ralph Taylor and I have been friends for years. I was just calling in some favors he owes me. Seriously though, he's anxious to be of assistance and is looking forward to being a part of adding to this wonderful family," Thomas continued.

Dorothy responded, "Thomas, thank you so much. We just met today and already you've done this family a big service. How can we ever repay you?"

"No thanks are necessary. Just trying to be a friend to Jason and to you good people; that's all," Thomas responded.

"Well, please be our dinner guests tonight -- all of you. Karl has prepared his special favorites. We wouldn't want to disappoint him, would we?" Dorothy answered. "We'll eat early so that the boys can start getting their stuff put away and you two can get away early enough to have a good night's sleep.

Jason and Thomas glanced at each other and smiled.

In Kurt's SUV - Kurt

"Guys, I can't wait to hear all about these past two weeks." I said. "Kyle, are you OK now? Robert's dad told us that you were in pretty bad shape there for a while."

He responded, "Yea, I'm doing fine, just have to take it slowly for the next week or so. And, I'm not supposed to take part in anything really athletic until the effects of the concussion and surgery are over. Jason and Dr. Worthington say no contact stuff for at least three months; however, he did say I could resume my Tae Kwon Do workouts next week as long as there is no contact."

"Kewl! My sister is into Tae Kwon Do also. I feel sorry for some dumb jock that tries to take advantage of her. She's a year younger than me and a lot smaller, but she can whip my ass quick-like when we're sparing. She started taking when she was 10. Uh, guys! That doesn't go outside this car--that she can whip my butt, OK?" I said, somewhat embarrassed.

Robert interjected, "Hey, she's put me on the floor easily, too. The message is 'don't fuck with Katy'!" We all laughed at my comment and of the image of Katy tossing Kurt onto the floor.

"For Kurt to be such an hunk, I just can't picture his sister being some kind of butch lady wrestler," Kyle thought to himself. "Probably the 'roller derby' look weighing in at 150; geez, she must really stand out like a sore thumb among this crowd of very good looking people."

The conversation took on a serious tone as Robert turned to me and said, "Bud, tonight I'm going to come out to mom."

Somewhat startled that Robert would just blurt that out in front of the rest of this gang, I responded, "Babe, are you sure?" Nodding his head toward the back seat, he continued. "Do they ...?"

Robert interrupted my questioning. "Oh, yea, they know. And, dad -- well, I came out to him while in California. He thought it best that I tell mom, not him, and I agreed."

"But, Robert, why now? What brought on this sudden urgency to come out to your folks? I asked. Then, a light bulb went off in my head. I turned around briefly and looked at Tanner. He was suddenly blushing.

"Ooooh, ..." I continued.

Robert and Tanner immediately picked up on the fact that I probably had guessed the reason for the urgency.

Tanner reached out and put his hand on my right shoulder and said, "Are you OK with this, Kurt? I don't want this to affect your long friendship with Robert. I mean, you guys have been best buds forever."

I reached around and put my left hand on Tanner hand and said, "Tanner, I love and respect Robert as a brother, and I've known about as long as he has that he was gay. It's never been a factor in our relationship. I'm totally straight, and he's totally gay. We're fine with that, right, bro?" I removed my hand from Tanner's hand and cuffed Robert in the back of the head.

Robert turned to me and smiled.

For a brief moment I thought a detected a tear run down his cheek as he responded, "Yep, best buds forever, babe!" He then reached over and lightly slapped me in the back of my head also. I knew we were fine.

A few moments of silence ensued. Finally Kyle said, "Well, since we're playing our version of true confession, I guess it's time for me to reveal my sexual orientation to Kurt also."

"You're gay, too? I responded, not believing this whole scene.

Tanner broke in. "NO, he's not. Kyle is just being a smart-ass. He's a straight as they come. Don't pay any attention to him."

Kyle continued his antics. "Moi, straight?"

I watched in the rear view mirror as Kyle then reached over, held Tanner's face between his two hands and planted a big kiss right on Tanner's lips. "Whoa, what is with this guy?" I thought to myself. "Is he gay or what?"

Tanner responded by planting one right back on Kyle. At that point, Kyle quickly pushed away from Tanner and responded, "Too hot far ya, babe?" and laughed.

At that point Robert and Jamie just lost it as they broke into gales of laughter. Finally Tanner and Kyle joined them. It was then that I realized that Kyle was just having some fun at my expense. I would soon learn just how atrocious his sense of humor was and just how far he would push society's boundaries to make a witty or humorous point.

Jamie had been silent except for the occasional laugh or small comment up until Kyle started with his foolishness.

However, at this point in the antics he spoke up. "Kurt, since it's true confession time -- I'm also gay. That's how I wound up being here."

I learned the whole story from beginning to end as Tanner, Robert, and Kyle relayed the saga to me. They were completing the final details about how Thomas dealt with Jamie's parents in the courtroom as we drove into the driveway of Robert's home.

As we got out of the vehicle, I walked over to Jamie and gave him a big hug and said, "Welcome to this wonderful, crazy family, Jamie. I'm sorry for all the crap you've been though lately, but this family is your silver lining in the dark cloud shit you've endured recently."

Jamie hugged me back and thanked me for my concern and love.

Tanner, Kyle and Jamie led the way into the house; I held Robert back and quietly asked, "Well, babe. Have you two done the 'nasty' yet"? He giggled and went quickly into the house before I could respond.

At Dinner - Robert

Karl had outdone himself; his feast matched any he had ever prepared. And, he fixed my favorite dessert, Baked Alaska!!

As the dinner conversation progressed, Mom asked Jason and Jamie how this new relationship came about so suddenly. When Jason began, Tanner interrupted and asked if he could begin the story. Jason nodded.

"Mom, after Kyle and I finished deciding what were we going to ship here, we had to make some decisions about what to do with everything else -- you know, clothes, furniture, etc. Well, we decided to donate it all to a new shelter and home exclusively for gay kids who have been kicked out by their parents or who have no place to live. It's called the Rainbow House." Tanner said.

He explained in detail about how the property came to be a shelter and that Uncle Jason was friends with the administrator. Mom smiled warmly and said, "I think it's a wonderful idea--the concept of the shelter -- sounds more like a mansion or fancy retreat -- and you and Kyle making such a large donation."

Jamie looked at Jason nodded his head, indicating that it was ok to tell mom how he wound up there.

Jason picked up where Tanner ended and went on to relate the entire story about how Jamie had been put out by his parents when he came out to them. Jason explained how they first met at Rainbow House when he, Tanner and Kyle and Robert were visiting there. He then related how Thomas became a part of the legal proceedings and how that led to their renewing their friendship.

Mom and Dad were intrigued by the whole saga. When Jason finished, Mom got up from her chair at the dinner table, went over to Jamie and gave him a big hug. Jamie beamed.

As we were getting up from the dinner table I turned to mom and said, "I've got something very important I need to discuss with you and dad. Can we take a few minutes in the den right now?"

Since Tanner and I were sitting next to each other at the table, he was able to grasp my hand and give it a loving squeeze as I arose to go into the den with my parents.

After Dinner - Robert

Dad sat next to mom on the sofa while I took a chair facing them across the coffee table. He nodded his head at me, reached over and took mom's hand in his and said, "Go ahead, son."

My palms were sweaty and I could feel my pulse quicken as I began.

"Mom, I've got something to tell you, something that I should have revealed to you and Dad a long time ago but was just too afraid to do so. I didn't want you to be disappointed in me, to not lo...lo ... love me."

"Robert, I want you to know that there's nothing you could do or say that could make me or your dad ever stop loving you. I want you to understand that," Mom responded in a warm and loving manner.

At that point, I arose from my seat, went over and kneeled in front of her, and taking her other hand, said, "I'm gay, mom. I'm gay."

Tears filled my eyes as I awaited her response. At first she said nothing. After a short pause she leaned forward and pulled me into a tight hug and whispered into my ear, "I love you, sweet Robert. And, your being gay doesn't change my love for you. You're our son, a son I'm proud to be a mom to.

She continued, "I think I understand how hard this was for you to tell me. I gather that Dad knows?"

I nodded in the affirmative and answered, "Yea, I told him last week while we were in California. I asked him not to say anything to you, that it was my responsibility to be honest with you, and that's what I'm doing."

"Honey, I must confess that your dad and I have suspected for a while that perhaps you were gay," she said. "Since you were little you've always reminded me of your uncle Todd, your dad's brother who was gay. You look like him, not your dad, and you often remind me of him - your voice, your mannerism, your demeanor. Sometimes, it's just plain weird. It's like he has been reincarnated as you."

"Dad told me about this last week when I came out to him, Mom. I'm sorry he's not still with us. From everything I've heard about him, I'm sure I would have really loved him," I responded.

Dr. Worthington

"Dorothy, I'm not proud of the way I responded to Robert when he came out. I'll not waste time repeating the episode now, but later on tonite I'll give you the full picture. Suffice it to say, you handled it much better than I did."

"Dad's right, Mom. For a while there, I thought I was in BIG trouble with him and you," Robert stated. "But Dad will tell you all about it. However, I can't tell you how relieved I am that you and Dad have taken this revelation so well. I mean, look at what happened to Jamie. I just don't think I could have stood that."

Our family meeting ending with the three of us in a big hug feast. All was right in my world - - my folks loved me for who I was, and Tanner loved all of me. And, it didn't hurt to have friends like my guys!

Shortly after dinner Jason and Thomas excused themselves and left for the James Madison Ordinary. Kyle and Tanner began getting their things organized while Jamie and Robert played pool in the game room. Around 10, Dorothy and I headed to bed after ensuring that the boys were settled in and that sleeping arrangements were suitable for everyone.

Kyle and Jamie would share one of the guests rooms while Tanner would have the other guest room.


I went to bed tonight knowing I wouldn't be able to sleep. I know Chaise is right down the hall but he might as well be across the country. I'm so close to him right now and I can't touch him. It's driving me crazy not being with him. I never knew hell existed on earth.

I glanced at the clock; damn, 12:30 a.m.. I've been lying here for an hour and a half! I wonder if Chaise is still awake..."NO!"

I answered myself aloud. "I'm not going in there! I'm not going in there!" I kept repeating to myself. I kept repeating those five words until somehow I arrived at Chaise's door. "Now, how the hell did I get here?" I ask myself. I told myself I was going to the bathroom, but I guess I didn't seem to make it.

My head told me to turn around quickly and go back to my room. Other parts of my anatomy told me walk in the door, jump on the bed, and make all kinds of hot crazy animal love to Chaise's perfect body. I stood at his door for what seemed like forever; in actuality, it was only about 5 minutes.

My two heads came to a truce. I would just go in there and see if Chaise was sleep. If he was, I would just give him a good night kiss and leave; if he wasn't, I would just give him a good night kiss and leave. Both scenarios involved leaving. Now that I had my game plan I twisted the knob to the door.

I took in the whole scene before me and gasped out loud. Chaise was lying there with the covers at his feet, the curtains wide open and the moon seeming like a spot light illuminating only Chaise's body and nothing else. He was turned on his stomach completely naked. Damn! I swear I could have cum standing right there.

Deep in sleep with his hair mussed he still looks like an angel. My eyes trailed to his biceps as he hugged his pillow. My mind immediately flashed to all the nights in the past few weeks that Chaise and I have slept together, our arms wrapped around each other; and in that moment, I found that I hated his pillow with a passion. I wanted it to be me he was holding on to.

I realized I was standing at the foot of Chaise's bed with my hand wrapped around my cock. Somehow I lost my underwear from his door to his bed...Wait a minute; I didn't have on any underwear when I left from my room. Damn! When Chaise's on my mind, I seem to forget every thing else.

My eyes trailed all over the muscles of his back and the cleft of his ass. I moaned as my grip tightened and I slowly started stroking my cock. Jesus, the sight of Chaise's ass is enough to fuel a jack-off fantasy for years. I would give my right arm to be inside him right now.

I guess I made a little too much noise because Chaise shifted on the bed and turned on his back. I froze right there for a second, praying he would wake up...he didn't. He lay there with his lips slightly parted and his hair falling over his eyes. My hand moved faster on my cock as I watched his chest and his flawless pecs rise and fall with his breathing. Then, Chaise's hand roamed around on his hard abs and scratched in the hair over his rigid shaft. I moaned as I felt the cum getting ready to explode from my balls.

Chaise's hand grabbed around his cock and started waving it at me. I quickly looked to his face to see he was wide-awake with a huge grin planted across his lips. "Busted!" He exclaimed as he grabbed me and wrestled me to the bed.

"You little fucker," I said as I got over the initial shock and started laughing along with him. "You were awake the whole time!"

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep without you here," he said more seriously. "I was about to get up and go to your room, but I heard you outside my door...I decided I'd put on a little show," he said through a wicked grin.

"I'd say you put on a LITTLE show," I said grabbing his fully hard cock.

He laughed for a second and finally got what I was saying. "HEEEEY," he said through a hurt expression. I snickereded as he finally caught on.

"You're too damn cute," I said as I leaned in a kissed his soft lips. I backed away but Chaise's eyes were still closed. "God, he is beautiful," I said aloud. Chaise opened his eyes.

"Yes, he is," Chaise whispered as his angelic eyes found mine and made love to them with his eager gaze. We both snapped out of our staring contest as Chaise realized my state of undress. "Hey, did you walk to my room wearing that?" He asked with an amused expression.


"Wearing what?" Tanner asked confused.

"That's exactly my point." I giggled.

"I don't know what I was thinking. My head isn't screwed on straight," Tanner responded as he snickered.

I reached down and grabbed Tanners cock "Your head seems pretty straight to me," I joked.

"That's it!" Tanner said as he rolled over and pinned me to the bed. I giggled and struggled, but he was just too damn strong. I gave up with out too much of a struggle.

"You got me. Now what?" I said, playing the role of the hostile captive.

"Now this," Tanner said as he again placed a kiss on my lips. He backed away. I wanted him to continue. He released my hands.

"I love you, Chaise," he whispered barely loud enough for me to hear.

"I love you too, Tanner," I said, wishing I had another way to tell him how I felt.

"Hey, Tanner, tell me what you were thinking about when you were stroking your cock."

Tanner gave me a confused look.

I continued teasing him. "You thought I was asleep when you were jacking-off?" I asked.

Tanner blushed and thought for a few seconds, then said, "I was thinking about you baby; you're all I can think about."

"I know that, but exactly what were you thinking, babe...tell me," I begged.

Tanner sat up and I sat up facing him.

He began, "Ever since the day I met you, every time I touch myself I think...I think about what it would be like to make love to you...you know, to be inside you. I imagine what you would feel like, if I could make you moan or even scream a little. I wonder if you would like the way my cock feels inside you, or if you would rather be the one inside me. Trust me, I'm versatile."

Tanner looked away from me as he continued with his revelation. "I try to imagine if you would like to be made love to fast with short quick strokes or very slow with long gentle strokes. I wonder if I would cum the first time you moaned my name, or if my cock head could even make it inside your ass before I start cumming inside you. I wonder if I could bear to see the pain on your beautiful face the first time my cock penetrates your virgin hole; and, if you do decide to give yourself to me, would I be able to make it everything you ever dreamed it would be."

"Chaise, you are my dream come true; but always when I think of you, I wonder if you are even rea,l or have I been dreaming for these past few weeks. I wonder if I will wake up at any moment and you will...and you will disappear and I'll never see you again. I...I don't know if I can live if I ever lost you."

I put my hand on Tanner's face and he looked me straight in the eyes. He had tears running down his face and I was crying too, crying because I felt exactly the same way about him that he felt about me. "Please, Chaise, please don't ever leave me, baby."

"I'm not going anywhere, baby," I promised. "I'm yours...I will always be yours."

Before I could say anything else Tanner kissed me -- the kind of kiss that makes your toes curl and makes you feel like you're floating away. He laid me on my back and lowered his body on top of mine as our kiss progressed. My hands were running through his hair and his hands were holding his weight off of me. Our deflated cocks were rapidly regaining their painfully hard status.

"I want to make love to you, Chaise." Tanner managed to say between kisses. "You have no idea how bad I want you, baby."

He released my lips and nibbled into my neck. God, Every time he does that I want to scream. Everything Tanner does turns me on in the worst way! People say they have hot spots...a place that you can touch and they lose their will. My hot spot is wherever Tanner happens to be kissing me at the time.

"Taaanner," I moaned as he moved down to my pecs nibbling on the tips of my nipples. He wrapped his hand around my cock and started stroking it slowly. He held me down while I tried to squirm all over the bed, his lips never relenting on my nipples.

"God, baby...I want you," I breathed.

"I'm yours, baby" Tanner said between kisses.

"No, Tanner," I moaned. "I want you inside me. I need to feel you inside me, baby." I felt his cock spasm on my leg and his lips attacked mine once again.

"You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear you say that" Tanner breathed. His hand released my pole and his fingers traipsed down to my ass ring. "I want you so badly, baby," Tanner whispered in my ear. "I promise I'll be gentle."

With that Tanner turned so that we were in the 69 position and rolled us over so that I was on top. I attacked his throbbing cock extracting a moan to escape Tanner's lips. God, I am so ready to give myself to him completely!


"Fuck, baby, your amazing," I managed to breathe as Chaise deep throated my cock. Damn his words replayed over and over in my mind. "I want you inside me...I need you inside me." It took everything in me not to cum as soon as his words registered in my mind. It's still hard for me to believe that someone as perfect as Chaise loves me as much as I love him, that my gorgeous baby brother wants me to be his first. He wants me to take his virginity.

"MMmmmmm" I moaned again fighting back the cum boiling in my balls. Chaise wanted my cock, and I be damned I don't give him what he wants.

Chaise's ass was over my face, and his balls were resting on my chin. I pushed him down lower on my face as I slowly began stroking my tongue across the length of his ass crack. Chaise shuddered and he sank deeper on my cock and moaned around it. I had to quickly put a death grip on the base of my cock to keep from cumming down his throat.

Chaise understood I was a little too excited so he released my cock and attacked my balls, lapping one then the other and some times both -- pleasuring my sack with each lick.

My focus again turned back to his ass and getting it ready for my cock. No matter how badly I wanted to just plunge my rigid shaft in his tight hole, I could never hurt Chaise. I would die first.

My hands spread Chaise's ass wide and my tongue attacked his hole. I nibbled around his rind and bit him slightly making him release his trademark sexy moans, a sound more beautiful than any chord of music ever created. His ass opened up, and I tongued him deep. "Aaaaarrrrrrrr" he moaned as he moved back to my cock and swallowed it.

My tongue was unmerciful as I burred my face in Chaise's ass and packed all the spit inside him that my tongue could produce. He was moaning like crazy at this point and feverishly grinding his ass into my face. I moved my tongue and replaced it with two fingers. Chaise nearly screamed. I spit on his hole and inserted my fingers to the hilt.

"MMMMnnnaaaaaaammmm!!" Chaise was moaning like crazy around my steel hard pole. I twisted and stretched his hole with those two fingers as much as I could, but I could tell he wanted more. I applied more spit to my fingers and added a third. Chaise was uncontrollable. At this point his mouth lifted off my cock and he started grinding his ass on my fingers.

"Taaaanner! I need you inside me now, baby," he moaned. I didn't need to be told twice.

I removed my fingers from Chaise's ass, and he moved from on top of me. I placed him on his back and positioned myself between his legs. My cock was dripping from Chaise's spit and a little of my precum. My spit was running from Chaise's hole. I grabbed Chaise's knees and pushed them against his chest. His arms immediately encircled them. I spit on my tool a few more times and placed the head of my cock at the entrance of his hole.

I gazed into my brother's beautiful eyes as he whispered, "I love you." I felt him open up.

"I love you too, baby, more than you know," I said. And with that I closed my eyes, added pressure to my shaft on his hole, and took my angel's virginity with the head and one inch of my cock.

The heat of Chaise's ass around my cock was incredible. His ass clamped down on my rod causing me to moan out loud. I opened my eyes to see Chaise staring at me with an expression between pleasure and pain and his eyes begging me to push a little further. I sank two more inches into his tight hole. Chaise squeezed my biceps to relieve the stress that I was putting in his ass. I stayed frozen in that position for what seemed like forever. Chaise's ass had a mind of it's own and began almost eating my cock, milking the cum out of me.

"All the way," Chaise breathed. "God, Tanner, I need you all the way inside me!" Chaise begged. His legs moved to my shoulders. I grabbed him by the ankles, leaned in and stretched him wide. I slowly moved forward and inserted the last few inches of my cock in Chaise's ass.

Electricity shot from my prick to every cell in my body. My cock had never been in anything so tight! I stayed there frozen trying my best not to cum. Chaise had to see my struggle because he stayed perfectly still; yet he couldn't help moaning at the sensations of my cock pressed against his prostate.

I regained enough composure to withdraw a little bit and slowly push back in. "You're soo fuckin' tight, baby!" I moaned. "Fuck, your ass is incredible."

All I could hear was Chaise's moans and his eyes clenched shut. I pulled almost completely out and pushed back in balls deep slowly long-dicking him. My hands still gripped his ankles and I felt his feet curl up. I pulled out and repeated the same motion with my dick. I heard his toes crack and was rewarded with a high pitched squeal. (I found out how he liked to be fucked)

I looked in his face and there was no more pain, only ecstasy in its purest form. I released my grip on Chaise's legs and allowed them to wrap around my waist. I pulled completely out and quickly thrust back inside him.

"Oh, God," Chaise moaned. "It's so fuckin' good baby, fuck me; Tanner, fuck me like that, Tanner."

I pulled out and fucked back in with new determination. Chaise's tight hole was driving me up the wall, and his sexy screaming was pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

"Faster, Tanner," Robert cried. I positioned my hands on either side of Chaise's body to support myself on the bed and began to slam my whole body into his. The sound of my balls slapping against his ass was ringing through the room --only surpassed by the whimpers of my baby brother.

"It feels so good, Tanner...so fuckin' good. Your cock is so big, baby. Fuck me... your gonna make me cum, Tanner. Please fuck me, baby."

Chaise's hands clenched the sheets as he held on for dear life. My arms gave out, and I collapsed on top of Chaise still working my hips at a blinding pace in and out motions.

"So tight, baby...so fuckin tight! Damn your so fuckin tight!" I kept repeating.

"Harder!" Chaise moaned. I pulled out and slammed back in him and was rewarded with another squeal! I leaned in and kissed Chaise so hard it almost hurt. Our tongues wrestled forever in our mouths with no one really claiming dominance.

"God, more, Tanner. I want more!" Chaise begged. "Fuck me, baby; I'm gonna cum, baby...fuck me! God, Tanner, I love you." With those words a huge shot of precum erupted from my dick.

I turned Chaise on his side and straddled one of his legs and threw the other on my shoulder. "Make me cum!" Chaise begged as I rabbit-fucked him from that angle.

I reached down and grabbed Chaise's cock. I pumped it exactly twice before I heard "Oh, Fuck!!" With that Chaise shot the first spurt of cum up past his head to the head board.

Where the other shots landed I have no idea because Chaise's ass became tight as a clenched fist. One more thrust and I exploded in Chaise's ass. "God, baby, I love you," I screamed as I unloaded my seed into Chaise's tight hole.

I moved Chaise's leg to my side and collapsed on top of him, feel his slick cum between our heaving bodies. And, when I felt Chaise's cock still twitching beneath me, my shaft spasmed in his ass. I don't remember much after that because I blacked out. I came too not long after I went unde,r but I was out long enough to catch my breath. I found the strength to raise up a little off of Chaise, findinghim in the same condition I was in -- a perfect angel sleeping. I gently pulled my cock from his ass and heard him moan from the release of pressure.

I looked down at my baby brother and realized in that moment he was more than a brother to me, more than a brother, and more than a lover. Chaise was part of me, he was my life, but somehow more than that. In that moment I found that I loved him more than I love myself, more than I have ever loved anything in the world before.

I stood from the bed and gazed at Chaise for what seemed like an eternity. I went into his bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. There was a smile on my face that I couldn't wipe off, and the only thing on my mind was how beautiful Chaise, my life, was lying there in his bed after I made love to him. Then that repeated in my head, over and over again, "I made love to Chaise, I made love to Chaise."

I went to his huge whirlpool bathtub and ran some warm water in his tub and hit the jets so the bubbles could rise in the tub. I went back to toe room to find Chaise still fast asleep with the same smile planted on his facethat I had. I kneeled close to his face and kissed him softly on the lips. His beautiful eyes opened up and he gave me the most radiant smile that made the moon light look like a burned out match ember.

"Come with me," I said as I held his hand and helped him out of the bed into the bathroom. I had about 20 scented candles lit around the tub which was full of water -- just for the two of us.

I stepped in the bathtub first and Chaise followed after. He sat in my lap with his lying against my chest. We just lay there melted to each other. Not a word was spoken between us. There was nothing to say. The way I held him tight in my arms told Chaise every thing I needed to say.

We eventually got around to cleaning ourselves off and made it back to Chaise's room. I got in bed first and sat with my back against the headboard. Chaise straddled my waist facing me.

"Tanner," he whispered. "Tonight was perfect. "I never want it to end." He said glaring into my eyes.

"I know, baby," I said. "I know."

I could tell by the look in his eyes there was something else he wanted to say. "What is it, baby," I asked a little concerned.

"Well I was just wondering...umm...could we...umm, do it again?" He asked kinda sheepishly.

Blood rushed to my cock in record time. I gave Chaise a look that conveyed my feelings without a shadow of a doubt...

"Hell Yeah!!" I responded enthusiastically.

Chaise reached in a drawer beside the bed and grabbed a tube of Vaseline. He lubed my cock and smeared a glob on his hole. He positioned himself over my lap and eased my cock into his hole. I grabbed his hips, but I let him control the tempo. He went slowly up and down on the full length of my shaft slowly and steadily long-dicking himself on my rigid meat.

For nearly half an hour he rode my cock. Our eyes never lost contact. And the only sounds heard in the room were low grunts from my throat and soft whimpers escaping Chaise's lips.

With one last stroke Chaise sat on my cock and grinded down into me. "MMmmmmmm" he moaned as he came all over my chest and stomach. "I love you," he whispered as his cum subsided.

That was all she wrote. My cum erupted for the second time tonight inside Chaise's ass. Completely exhausted I scooted down and Chaise fell asleep in my arms lying on my chest. I looked at the clock beside Chaise's bed and it read 5:45. From the window I saw the most beautiful sunrise over the horizon. The only thing I could think was that even as beautiful as it is, the sunrise pales in comparison to the beautiful love Chaise and I made last night.

-- end of Chapter 17 --