Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody
Chapter Eightteen


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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.


Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Dorothy Worthington - wife of Dr. Robert Worthington, mother of Robert, III and attorney

Dr. Robert Worthington - Doctor and University professor, father of Robert III and husband to Dorothy

Kyle Cody Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingston' recently "adopted" 17-yr-old foster son

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge, Californiaq

Judge Taylor - Family Court Judge, Virginia

The Story

Deja Vu

With one last stroke Chaise sat on my cock and grinded down into me. "MMmmmmmm" he moaned as he came all over my chest and stomach. "I love you," he whispered as his cum subsided.

That was all she wrote. My cum erupted for the second time tonight inside Chaise's ass. Completely exhausted I scooted down and Chaise fell asleep in my arms lying on my chest. I looked at the clock beside Chaise's bed and it read 5:45. From the window I saw the most beautiful sunrise over the horizon. The only thing I could think was that even as beautiful as it is, the sunrise pales in comparison to the beautiful love Chaise and I made last night.

Chapter Eighteen



We returned to the James Madison Ordinary soon after enjoying the wonderful meal that Karl has prepared. As we entered the two hundred year old inn, Thomas suggested that we enjoy a quick drink in the beautiful colonial-appointed tavern located on the ground floor and to the right of the lobby area.

There were only a few takers as the hour was getting late; a corner table isolated from the view of the other clients provided us with a modicum of privacy. As my mind, my body, and my spirit were anticipating our soon-to-be love making, I became overwhelmed with a sense of peace. Having Thomas re-enter my life at this time was a godsend.

After losing my brother and sister-in-law (Kyle and Tanner's parents), through an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, I had somewhat lost my reason for being. My interest in the firm waned for several months following their death. Had it not been for the excellent and dedicated management team that I had put together over the years, the firm would have suffered. Rather, it provided a bit of stability that I needed; my hands-off management approach during that period allowed the team to grow and mature. The end result was that I did not have to spend as much time at the helm as I did before -- a bit of silver lining in an otherwise tragic event.

Russell and I had been close all of our lives; it had been rare for us to argue or even fight as children. In fact, our parents had commented many times after we became adults that they rejoiced that their sons were the opposite of Caine and Able. Even though we were two years apart in age, we were more like twins; you see one, you see the other. I was never treated like the pesky little brother. Damn, I still can't believe he's gone. SHIT!

Becoming a surrogate parent to Tanner and Kyle, however, forced me to remain focused on what was important. They were Russell's children and, thus, my responsibility now. And, the web of circumstances involving Tanner, Kyle, Robert and Jamie--these wonderful boys and their lives led me to Thomas again. For that I was extremely grateful.

"A penny for your thoughts," Thomas said as he interrupted my reverie. He smiled warmly at me and placed his free hand on mine that was resting on the table.

"Thomas, I was just thinking about the past six months of my life and how the tragedy of Russell's and Nan's death has somehow managed to bring us together after all these years. Naturally, I would give anything to have them back, but I'm also happy as hell that you and I have reconnected," I responded. "This mixed bag of feelings and emotions, peaks and valleys, tragedy and friendship rekindled ... I'm sorry, I'm just kind of ..."

Thomas interrupted my comments and thoughts as he set his drink down, placing both hands on mine. "Jason, I understand; what you and the boys have been though in the last half year has made you emotionally venerable. I just want you to know that I'm here for you and for them. And, yes, the rekindling of our friendship-- and I truthfully hope more -- is very important to me," Thomas whispered across the table.

"Thank you, Thomas. I need you right now, and I guess I didn't realize it until tonight. You ready to go upstairs?" I responded warmly.

We settled our tab and walked up the stairs to our room. While I hopped in the shower, Thomas went back down stairs to find some champagne .


I came back to the room just as Jason was stepping out of the shower. Fuck! He looked so good wearing nothing but a towel. He has a tennis player's body, lean with long defined muscles. No fat anywhere on this man that I can see.

My eyes roamed his body and noticed that there was no hair on his chest and stomach. "He must shave," I thought. But hell, I don't care; he's still every bit as sexy with his cloths off as I imagined him to be. My eyes trailed further down and discovered the towel that was wrapped so tightly around his waist was now tented from his hard boner.

My eyes were stuck. My throat got very dry all of a sudden. I really don't know how long I had been staring, but I was pushed back to reality by Jason not to subtly clearing his throat.

"Do you see something you like, Tom?" Jason asked through a huge grin.

I regained my wits and answered, "I think there's something here I like, but I just can't put my hands on it."

Jason removed the towel and stepped closer to me.

"What about now?" he asked with a more serious tone. Before I could answer he grabbed my hands and brought them to his crotch. My right hand played with his smooth shaved balls as my other hand trailed around to his ass. Jason didn't waste any time as he soon pulled me into a deep kiss.

He gave me a sexy little moan when my hand trailed upwards and wrapped around his leaking shaft. As I continued to stroke his hard cock in my hands, he broke the kiss and bit into my neck a little bit .

"Damn, Thomas! That feels sooooo good. It's been so long since a man has touched me like this, babe!"

I squeezed his cock and started to stroke harder and faster, making him moan even louder. I was ready to make him cum right then; but, he pushed me away, and my hand released his cock.

"Fuck, Thomas, this really is not fair." Jason stated through a grin.

I was a little confused as to what he was getting at until he continued, "I mean...here I am, completely naked and letting your hands explore every inch of my body and you're still standing there fully clothed."

Before Jason could say another word my shirt was coming over my head, and I was stepping out of my pants on the floor.


I swear I have never seen anyone strip down to their underwear as fast as Thomas did after my little comment. He noticed my staring at his hard body, and he stopped to flex a little for me. Fuck, he was driving me crazy. Thomas used to play football in college; and from what he tells me, he played a little in high school too, so he's always been a big guy. But, hell, I think he looks better now than he ever has.

He stands around 6'2", 210 pounds. The guy looks like he wakes up every morning in the gym--he's fuckin' beautiful! He's got huge biceps that were meant for a professional wrestler and a 42" chest with huge pecs that just won't quit! His abs are to die for -- you can definitely tell he works those fuckers to death -- looks like he almost has an eight pack! His skin looks darker than it probably is because he is so fuckin' hairy. This guy is covered in dark brown hair all over his chest and abs arms and legs, a trait that usually turns me off; but, on this god, it just magnifies his sexiness and manliness -- if that's even possible!

Thomas just stood there and let my eyes molest his perfect body before he hooked his fingers in his boxers and slowly started sliding them down. He knew exactly what he was doing to me! After about 15 seconds, his underwear were down enough so that I could see his forest of thick pubes. My mouth watered. I know I was biting my bottom lip as he turned around and slid his underwear down even further, showing me his firm tight ass and muscular back. Thomas then shot a devilish grin over his shoulder and proceeded to slightly spread his legs, bend over and push his boxers down to his feet. I know I sorta' moaned when I saw his balls swinging through his partially opened legs. It took every thing in me not to step up behind and nail his tight beautiful ass to the nearest wall.

Thomas slowly turned around, and before my eyes was the thickest cock I have ever seen in my life. I gasped at his 7 inch monster that had to be at least 7 inches in circumference. Thomas grabbed his cock and started stroking it slowly.

Jesus, he could hardly wrap his hands around it. Damn, I bet Steven Tyler couldn't even get his lips around that monster. He made my 6 " stick look like a child's toy! I was still gaping at that killer cock as Thomas approached me and literally pushed me onto the bed.

He immediately crawled over my body and covered me with his massive frame. His hairy chest against mine created a surprisingly sexy sensation through my body; precum shot from my dick into his huge hairy balls that covered it. Thomas placed a kiss on my lips that turned more passionate in seconds. I moaned deeply as he held my wrists above my head and started biting my neck. He went lower, sucking and chewing on my nipples, making me scream every time his teeth raked across my sensitive skin.

With every moan I made or little scream that escaped my lips, I felt his cock throb on mine; and, I would swear that monster was growing thicker. He trailed further south kissing and licking past my belly button until his tongue found my pubes. As his lips sucked and licked around the base of my cock, his nose inhaled the scent of my trimmed hair around my boned cock. Precum was leaking down the sides of my dick into his awaiting mouth as his tongue greedily lapped and sucked the drops of my warm seed down his throat.

Thomas then licked his way up until he was almost to the head of my cock -- and stopped. God, I was almost hyperventilating. His lips trailed down my shaft; and, then he immediately inhaled one of my hanging balls. He sucked and lightly chewed on it before switching to the other one. Thomas had me so fuckin' turned on I wanted to scream. Damn, when I thought life couldn't get any better, he went down further.

Thomas grabbed my legs behind my knees and pushed me up so I was almost lying on my shoulders. My ass was spread open and ready for his ready lips and eager tongue. 'Jesus, I know that I'm the first guy Thomas has ever been with so where the hell did he learn to do all these things to me?' I thought for a split second before I felt his tongue brush across my asshole. All conscious thought proceeded to escape my mind.

"Oooooh god!" I moaned breathlessly as his tongue attacked my hole. I gripped the sheets and held on for dear life as his tongue penetrated my bud. His lips were right there sucking and lightly biting as he gave me the best rim job of my life. My ass was sooooo wet as he persisted in eating out my hole. Just like he began, he suddenly stopped and let me lie flat on the bed again.

Before I could protest the head of my dick was in his mouth and headed down his throat.

"Thhhhooomas!" I moaned as I felt his throat around my dick head. He began his up and down motions on my shaft. I was thrashing around on the bed like an uncontrollable virgin. I didn't even notice his finger playing with my hole until it penetrated my cherry.


"Oh, god, baby! I'm gonna cum!!"Jason shouted as I stuck my finger in his ass to the hilt.

I immediately removed my mouth from his cock before he exploded. Jason was panting and tried to reach for his dick to finish himself off, but I slapped his hands away from his twitching stick before he could bring himself to a screaming orgasm.

"Awe... fuck, babe...please... please let me cum, baby. I'm fuckin' dying here!" Jason whined.

I knew exactly how he was feeling. With all of the teasing I was giving him, I, myself, was developing a serious case of blue balls.

"Not yet, babe; hold out a little longer," I said kissing his balls that were now pulled up in his sack. "We're not finished yet, baby."

I spit on my finger and added another to the one already probing his ass. The moans Jason gave me were music to my ears, turning me on more than I ever thought possible. Damn, I bet I had a huge pool of precum all over the sheets.

"Fuck me harder, Thomas; make me scream, baby!" Jason moaned.

Damn, this was getting to be too much for me. I added a third finger and started pumping his ass a mile a minute. Jason was writhing over the bed and pulling on his hard nipples. My lips found his balls and began sucking and chewing on them again as my fingers relentlessly pounded his ass.

"God...Thomas, I want you inside me," Jason moaned. "Please ...make...make love to me, baby!" Jason begged. "God, I need you...inside...inside me, babe! Please fuck me!"

Damn, that was more than I could take. I was excited and scared at the same time. Excited because I was finally getting to be with the man of my dreams in the way I had always imagined, and scared because I really didn't know what I was doing. I had never been with a guy before; and, I know that with the thick girth of my cock, I could really hurt him. I would die before I did that.

All the women that I have ever been with have never let me fuck them with my whole dick because of the thickness. They only wanted me to lick and finger their pussies while they sucked the head of my cock to get me off. But now, here I have a guy literally begging for me to impale him on my cock, and I hesitate!

"Jason, God, are you sure you want this?" I said. "I don't want to hurt you, babe...I would never hurt you!"

I removed my fingers from his ass, which caused him to whimper. He sat up.

"I think I can take it, Tom. I want you inside me now," Jason said, grabbing my steel hard cock. "I don't think I can wait any longer."

"Fuck, yeah," I said as I gently pushed Jason on his back again.

He opened his legs wide and let me continue to spit in his hole. Jason reached in the nightstand drawer, pulled out a tube of KY jelly, and proceeded to rub a good amount along the length of my cock. I grinned to myself as I realized that he had "prepared" our love bed by ensuring that we had the "necessaries" available within hands reach. After all, we were guests in an ordinary, and they normally would not offer KY jelly as they would chocolate mints on our pillow.

He placed the head of my cock against his hole and said, "go slowly, babe."

I firmly pressed my cock at his hole and the head popped in without too much resistance. I looked down amazed at how his tight little hole could stretch around my huge cock head. I pushed a little further until I felt his ass tighten up on my cock and his face wince a little bit.

Damn, his ass was so hot! Out of all the pussies I've been in, I have never felt one that was as tight and hot as Jason's ass. He relaxed and I pushed in a bit further. I was surprised when he allowed over half of my cock to slip into him before he stopped me. I fully expected this to be as far as he allowed me to enter him, but within a few moments, I again felt his muscles loosen and his ass allowed me to slip in further. His hole was spasming around my cock driving me up the wall. Fuck, it was like he was eating my dick!

I stayed paused for a minute because I wasn't sure what to do. Did he want me to try to go in deeper or just fuck him with the length that was already in his ass? I got my answer when he began to impale himself on the rest of my cock. He let out a deep moan as I felt my balls slap against his upturned ass. I stared down at my entire cock buried to the hilt in Jason's tight ass, stretching him further than he has ever been stretched before.

I continued my gaze not fully believing my eyes, "Fuck, Jay, you took my entire cock, babe...I'm all the way inside you, baby! God, you're amazing!"

"Fuck ...me!" Jason said between labored breaths. "Fuck me...with...your monster c...cock," he begged.

I pulled halfway out and slowly sent my cock back into him burying it completely. I fucked him slowly that way with him squirming and thrashing underneath me. My cock in his ass was the most incredible feeling in the world. Warm ... tight ... awesome!

"Fuck me harder," he begged.

God, this was too much. I pulled almost completely out, then slammed back in, long-dicking him. His entire body shuddered on my re-entry, and he damn near screamed in ecstasy! Fuck, I figure I was really stabbing his prostate now. I continued slamming into him but he wanted more. He started pinching my nipples and screaming for me to fuck him harder. I started pistoning like a jackrabbit. This really got him to moaning now. I gripped his legs behind the knees and folded him almost in half as I fucked his tight ass. In all my life I had never been able to be that strong and forceful with a partner -- ever! Jason still wanted more. "FUUUUCK!!"

I damn near yelled. I pulled completely out of his ass eliciting a whimper from his lips. I turned him so he was on his hands and knees and entered him from behind. Jason grabbed on to the headboard as I gave him the ride of his life. My hands gripped his hips and slammed my cock hard into his ass. There was the slapping sound of flesh hitting flesh as I relentlessly pounded his ass into the headboard.

There was a loud knocking noise from the bed frame slamming against the wall with each thrust of my love into Jason. I was fighting back my orgasm but Jason still wanted more. I slammed my body into his making sure my cock hit his button, sending wave after wave of electricity directly to his cock but Jason wanted more.

I held his hips and rolled over making him sit on my cock with his back to me. God, he started riding me like there was no tomorrow. Damn, I didn't know how long I could hold out. I started bucking my hips, meeting each downward stroke with an upward thrust. Jason fell backwards over my chest, and my hands immediately grabbed his cock while my arm wrapped around his chest. He was grinding his ass onto my dick as I was firmly jerking his cock. I sucked his ear into my mouth and lightly nibbled on it.

"Cum for me, baby," I whispered as Jason continued to grind on my cock. "I want to see you cum in my hands," I said as I started to play with his balls as I stroked his dick. "Let me know how much you love my cock up your ass, Jason! Cum for me, baby" I said and bit into his neck.

It was all over then. His cock spasmed and spewed gush after gush of cum from his slit.

"Holy shit!!" he breathed as his cum continued to fly all over his chest and abs. His squirming all over my body was the last straw for me.

"Fuck," I breathed as my seed erupted into his ass.

I thrust hard and deep as his ass drained the cum from my body. When we finally quit trembling, we just lay there breathless in the after glow of the greatest sex the two of us had ever had.


I awakened the next morning to find that I was still in Tanner's arms with his lips lightly kissing on my neck.

"Good morning, beautiful," he said through a huge smile.

'Damn, I can get used to this,' I thought. "Morning, baby," I said sleepily. "How long have you been up?"

Tanner's hands began running up and down my abs, and his kisses became more urgent on my neck.

"Who says I've been to sleep?" he said through a grin. "After what we did last night I couldn't take my eyes off of you. I think you're even more beautiful when you're asleep -- if that's even possible."

"God, Tanner, you're so damn sweet!" I said kissing his lips. "Last night was the best night of my life. I didn't know anyone could make me feel all the things I felt when you made love to me."

"I want to show you how much you mean to me again," he said turning me on my back kissing down to my chest. "I want to show you right now," he said with his tongue tracing around my belly button."

His tongue started going lower and my hard cock brushed against his cheek. 'God, this is heaven,' I thought. Then...

Knock ... Knock ... Knock

"SHIT" I breathed.

"C'mon you guys, let's eat," I heard Jamie's voice through the hallway and the distinct giggling of Kyle somewhere in the background.

"Fuck!" Tanner hissed and sorta collapsed in defeat. "You guys sure do know how to fuck up the mood!"

The two in the hallway burst into laughter, and I was kinda giggling myself.

"Karl said breakfast in five," Kyle said as they bounced down the hallway.

Tanner was thoroughly pissed; but, when he looked up and saw my smile, he smiled back at me. He jumped up off of the bed and turned to face me. He stood there with his hard rod pointing angrily at me. I couldn't help but stare.

"Ready to eat?" he said through a naughty grin.

"You have no idea!" I replied.

"Wanna bet?" he said, as he snatched the covers off my body and peered at my leaking shaft.


Robert (continues)

Sunday morning found the entire California gang and us seated at our dining room table enjoying a gourmet breakfast prepared by none other than our resident chef and housekeeper, Karl. The Eggs Benedict, cheese grits and country ham (with red eye gravy), along with homemade buttermilk biscuits, was a feast that duly impressed our West Coast friends.

As we had sat down to eat I questioned, "Where's Kirk and Kay? Weren't they eating breakfast with us? Kyle, here, was really anxious to meet the sister that can whip Kirk's butt in the martial arts. I'm beginning to think that he's having second thoughts after hearing us talk about her."

My audience was acknowledging my feeble attempt at humor with a few chuckles and snickers when in walked the infamous brother and sister. I glanced at Kyle to watch his reaction as he beheld this lovely creature of beauty as Katy gracefully entered. I swear his jaw bounced off the floor and his heart skipped a few beats.

When I introduced him to Katy he was all tongue-tied and only managed to mumble a few words that sounded something like "Nice to meet you."

How original!

He blushed with embarrassment. My mom and dad, too, noticed his befuddlement and chuckled silently while sneaking me a look. I winked at them in return.

Karl seated Katy next to Kyle while Kirk took his place across the table. The normally effervescent Kyle became quiet and shy. It took some occasional prodding from Katy to get him to even talk. Every time he turned to look at her he blushed slightly and continued to have trouble speaking without coming off like a blithering idiot. To say the least; Tanner, Jamie, and I were thoroughly enjoying Kyle's unusual demeanor.


Holy shit, I wasn't expecting this this morning! Sure, Kirk has a sister that can kick his ass at will, but I was expecting a 200-pound linebacker with no neck! Not a goddess.

Robert was really getting a good show giggling at my uneasiness. I can't help it. I get so fuckin stupid around beautiful girls, but this girl was--like I said--a goddess! She stood around 5"8, 120 with beautiful long legs and perfect skin. Damn, she had the most gorgeous long auburn hair I think I have ever seen in my life and the most remarkable emerald green eyes the world has ever known. And god, her smile!!

She walked right up to Robert upon entering the room and kissed him right on the lips. "We've missed you, handsome," she said wiping a little lipstick off of his lips.

I swear even her voice was sexy! Why did Karl have to seat her next to me?

"So what's you're name, sweetie?" she asked through her amazing smile.

'Oh, god,' I thought. 'Don't fuck up...don't fuck up,' I kept repeating to myself.

And what do I do; well, I fuck up of course.

"Ummm...Kirk...uh Karl...I mean Kyle."

'God, I'm such an idiot!' I thought to myself.

Jamie and Robert snickered through my inability to remember my name.

"You're too cute," Katy whispered in my ear and playfully rubbed her fingers through my hair in the back.

I could have died! And if that didn't kill me, Kirk was sending me looks that screamed "hands off of my sister"!

This was sorta funny seeing as how my hands and my eyes scarcely left my plate.

As we were finished our meal, Tanner quietly asked mom if he could speak to her in private. He glanced at me and smiled nervously. I knew he had made the decision to come out to mom this morning because, as he related to me, he didn't want to become a member of this family under false pretenses. That's why he had told Dad back in California the previous week.


Mom and I moved to the library; she sat in the straight back Jeffersonian chair while I faced her from the sofa. I looked her in the face, took a deep breath and stammered.

"Dorothy . . . uh, mom, there is something I need to tell you. I just hope and pray it won't change our relationship. I've already had this conversation with Dad back in Los Angles, by the way. Since I'm about to be a part of this family, I feel I must enter into this wonderful relationship with no secrets and hidden agendas."

I hesitated and began to stumble over my words.

At that point mom reached out and took my hands in hers and quietly said, "I think I know, Tanner. Robert and I had a similar conversation last night; am I not right?"

Tears appeared on my cheeks as I responded to her insightful question by solemnly nodding my head. When I looked up at her she arose from her seat, moved over next to me on the sofa and hugged me lovingly.

"Tanner, I love you like I love Robert. You're my husband's son, and, therefore, you're mine too. Nothing you could say or do will ever change that. I hope you know that," mom said. "What you and Kyle and Jamie have endured in the last six months is not what God intended for families to go through. You and Kyle are ours now--as if you had been born in this family, and I wish Jamie didn't have to leave as soon as he does. Do you understand that we love all of you very much?"

I nodded my understanding and softly responded, "Yes, and thank you for loving me . . . for who I am -- and for loving us for without any real reason to do so."

As mom kissed me on the cheek, I looked into her eyes and said, with great emotion in my voice, "Mom, I know I'm legally an adult since I'm 19 years old, but ... but... would you and Dad consider adopting me still? Like you going to do for Kyle? I really want to be an official member of this loving family."

Tears appeared in her eyes as she responded, "Tanner, I can't speak for my husband, but I think I'm safe in saying that we would be honored to have you as our adopted son. Let's ask the good doctor right now!"

She left the room for a few moments and returned with dad saying, "Tanner, ask him as you did me."

My voice broke as I repeated my question to him. His response was to grab me in a tight hug and kiss me on the other cheek from where mom has left some lipstick traces. There were no dry eyes in the room.

Ever the lawyer and judge, mom suggested that we discuss this new development with Thomas right away, especially since he as been working with Judge Taylor on Kyle's adoption. Maybe all this could be accomplished by Tuesday--that's the day of Kyle's adoption hearing.


Tanner, accompanied by mom and dad, joined us in the great room where everyone was enjoying samples of Karl's special dessert pastries and coffee. The smile on Tanner's face said millions to me. It was all I could do not to rush over to him and hug him and kiss him, but good sense prevailed. Our coming out to mom in the last 24 hours was enough for the family for one weekend. This was not the time to have to explain that we were boyfriends and lovers also. Nope, a little too much information for tonight!

However, my heart skipped a few beats when mom and dad quieted everyone down and said that Tanner had an important announcement to make.

'My God. He's surely not going to reveal our affair to the family is he? NO! He can't be doing this,' I thought.

Man, was I becoming stressed out!

"Everybody, can I have a moment of your attention, please. As you know, Kyle will be appearing before the judge Tuesday morning to petition for his adoption in this family. Well, he's not going to be the only one. Even though I'm nineteen and legally an adult, I've asked mom and dad to adopt me too! This is even news to Robert and Kyle. We" -- looking back and mom and dad -- "just decided a few minutes ago; that is, if Thomas can fix it up with Judge Taylor by then."

The room erupted into a cacophony of congratulations as everyone began celebrating Tanner's announcement. I, however, remained speechless for a few moments as I digested the implications of his announcement. My Tanner was going to be my brother legally. I could hold back no longer as I rushed over to him, wrapped my arms around his broad strong shoulders and planted a big WET brotherly kiss on this cheek. He placed his strong arms around me holding me as he always does. By this time I was crying with tears of joy. Tanner was going to really be MY brother!!!!

Kyle joined us in the circle of hugging and crying - us, "Larry, Curly, and Moe" . Ha!


Bob and I, as well as Robert, Kyle and Tanner, attended services at All Saints Episcopal Church, which is only a few minutes drive from our home. There were lots of curious stares from friends and other parishioners throughout our entire time there; but, folks were considerate enough not to make pests of themselves. Too see the expression on their faces when they saw the twin-like resemblance between Robert and Tanner was priceless.

Tanner and Kyle were introduced simply as our new sons, and Jamie was their cousin from California. I'm sure that minds and imaginations were operating on overtime as peoples' curiosity got the best of them. Bob and I felt that this was neither the time nor place to reveal the true nature of the relationship.

Following the services, Jason and Thomas joined us for a late lunch, as did Kirk and Katy. Bob and I noticed throughout the meal that Kyle and Katy, who were seated next to each other, carried on a continuous animated conversation pretty much as though none of us were present. My sweet husband every once in a while would gesture with his head ever so slightly directing my attention to the two and just grin. It was evident that there was something special developing here. I've never seen Katy seem so at ease with a guy her age. And, Kyle was absolutely mesmerized. Kind of awestruck in a way...he was so cute. 'Hummm, I wonder!'

I interrupted the various conversations at the table by my asking, "Thomas, Jason, and, of course, Jamie, what are your plans for the coming week? Obviously, Thanksgiving is Thursday, and, of course, my swearing-in ceremony is Saturday morning. Is there a possibility you folks could be our guests for the week and return next Sunday? Jamie would only miss a few days of school at the most, right?"

Jason put down his fork and answered, "Dorothy, funny that you should ask. Thomas and I have been discussing the same thing. We love it at the Ordinary; and, frankly, it's been a very long time since either one of us has taken any vacation time. We're enjoying this opportunity to renew our friendship and talk about old times back in law school."

I noticed that Jason, who was sitting next to Thomas, unconsciously place his hand on Thomas' hand and squeezed it. I'm sure he was not even aware of this display of affection; it was more like an unconscious gesture. Bob noticed also and just grinned a bit a me. I returned his smile. 'Hummm, another budding romance, maybe?'

Jason continued, "And, this city is so lovely at this time of year. We've talked about playing tourist for a few days and also continue to spend time with you folks."

Thomas picked up the train of thought, "We appreciate the invitation for Thanksgiving, but we would not think of imposing on your hospitality Thursday. The Inn is serving a wonder turkey dinner so we've decided to partake of our Thanksgiving meal there. However..."

"You'll do no such thing," Bob interrupted. "You guys are family now, and being with family is very much what Thanksgiving is all about -- being thankful for opportunities to spend with loved ones. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we would be honored to have you as our guests Thursday -- the latest addition to this rapidly expanding family."

Everyone laughed at my last statement.

Jason continued, "I called Jamie's principal at his school yesterday and arranged for his being absent without any penalties. He's only going to miss one and a half days so there's no problem there; that is, if Jamie doesn't mind."

He glanced over at Jamie who was displaying a huge grin on this face. "Jason ... Dad, that's great! I would love to stay here for the week, but..."

Displaying an official parental face, I interrupted, "And, Jamie, I'm afraid that you're stuck with staying here rather than at the Ordinary. Do you think you can handle that?"

His response genuinely surprised us all. With a solemn face he stood, faced me and stated, "Yes, your honor. I think if can sacrifice being left here with these guys (gesturing at them) while Dad and Thomas enjoy their time together. It's a sentence I'll just have to live with."

Jason smiled broadly upon hearing Jamie referring to him as "Dad".Jamie's face displayed a wicked grin as everyone else in the room burst into gales of laughter.

'My, this boy is sharp! And very cute,' I thought. 'I wonder if Robert or Tanner think so too. I wouldn't be upset if either of my boys ended up with this kid.'

Robert reached over and punched Jamie on the shoulder while Tanner grabbed him by the neck, pulling Jamie back down on the seat while ruffling his hair. They obviously love him very much.

In my best parental voice I said, "Boys, behave yourselves at the table; after all, we DO have guests."

Jason picked up on my act and said, "Damn right, boys; you quit picking on my son here."

Jamie blushed while everyone responded with laughter and giggles.

Before dessert was served Thomas excused himself for a few minutes to make a phone call. He was not gone long and, upon his return, was displaying a rather self-satisfied look on his face.

"Dorothy, Bob, guys, I just got off the phone with Judge Taylor; he had asked me to call him today even though it is Sunday. Anyway, I have some good news for you, I think. He has scheduled the adoption hearing for Tuesday morning, if that suits you all."

" Kyle, according to him, all the paperwork is in order. All that needs to be done is to hold a formal hearing in his chambers."

"And, Tanner, I relayed your wishes to be adopted to him; and, I thought, as is the law back in California, since you're over eighteen, you only have to go to his office tomorrow to fill out the necessary documents. Your request will be finalized at the same time Kyle's is."

Tanner was speechless for a moment; then, tears formed in his eyes as he walked over to Thomas and hugged him tightly.

"Thank you so much for you help, Thomas. I just can't believe all this is happening so fast. I keep waiting for the other foot -- the wrong foot -- to drop; everything is just occurring too easily," Tanner said quietly.

"Tanner, it was my pleasure to be a part of helping you fine young folks to become members of such wonderful families. It's not often in my job that I get to see truly happy endings. Too often the line 'And they lived happy ever after' is just that, a fairy tale; however, in cases like you folks, the tale has become a reality. And I giggled internally as I thought to myself, 'And I'm the fairy godfather who's in love with Thomas. Life is good!'

"One other thing, guys, Judge Taylor said to remind you that you would have the legal right to change you name -- your last name, mainly -- if you felt it appropriate. It's something for you to consider," I added.

Tanner proceeded to hug his new mom and dad, but his thoughts now turned to Jason's last comment. He glanced over at Kyle whose face betrayed a moment of contemplation also. 'Yes, there's lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving in this family,' I thought to myself.


-- end of Chapter 18 --