Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody
Chapter Twenty-One


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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.


Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Dorothy Worthington - wife of Dr. Robert Worthington, mother of Robert, III and attorney

Dr. Robert Worthington - Doctor and University professor, father of Robert III and husband to Dorothy

Kyle Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingston' recently "adopted" 17-yr-old foster son

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge, California

Max - brother of Hank, one of the bad guys

Hank Steadman - really bad guy (in prison)

Deter Gilliard - life partner to Luis, neighbor to the Worthington's

Luis Temples - life partner to Deter, a vet. and neighbor to the Worthington's

The Story

Deja Vu

Maximum Security State Prison, Virginia

Hank Steadman

"Max, I don't give a shit how you do it, but this Judge Worthington bitch is going to pay big time. Now, have you lined up Vinnie and Tony yet? They're real pros and owe me a few favors."

"Hank, man, if something goes wrong, we're all headed for the chair. Are you sure about bringing this shit down?" my brother, Max asked.

"FUCK, yea! Nobody's gonna screw with me and get by -- it's my time now!!!"


...Chapter Twenty-One


(Thanksgiving Day at the Worthington's home)

Bob Worthington

As we sat down to enjoy our traditional Thanksgiving meal, I chuckled quietly to myself as I counted the number of guests.

'We almost have as many seated at our table as did the Pilgrims that first Thanksgiving so many years ago -- well, not quite, but ...,' I thought.

To my right sat our new sons, Kyle and Tanner, then Robert and Jamie. To my left were Thomas and Jason and our newest friend, a policeman named Jacob. Dorothy sat at the other end facing me. And, Kurt and Katy would be over for dessert as soon as they finished their main course at their home next door. It seems that Kyle and Katy have developed an "attraction" to each other; kinda cute, I think.

"May we bow our heads and return Thanks, please," I said. "Father, we thank you for all the blessings of this past year. May we be ever mindful of the needs of others. We especially offer our heartfelt gratitude to you for leading Tanner and Kyle to us -- and Jamie to Jason. And, we thank you for our ever widening circle of friends, some of whom share this meal with us, Thomas and Jacob.

"Father, we ask your guidance for this country, that our weapons be turned into plowshares, and that the hate and intolerance against those deemed "different" be transformed into respect and acceptance -- remind us that we are ALL your children. Remind us, too, of your first two great commandants -- that we are to love you with all and hearts and minds and souls, and love our neighbors as we love ourselves. AMEN"

After the Blessing Dorothy spoke, "Jason, Thomas, Jamie, and Jacob, we're so glad to have you here with us today; and to our newest sons -- Tanner, Kyle, having you here as part of our family makes this day even more special than ever. We love you!"

She got up from her place at the table, walked over to stand between Kyle and Tanner, gave them a combined hug and kissed each on their cheek. I don't think I saw a dry eye at the table.

Lightening the mood a bit, Dorothy asked, "Jacob, just how did you meet my two boys here? You must have made quite an impression on them to have invited you for this dinner -- and, we're very happy they did, I might add."


"Well, Mrs. Worthington, I actually met those two under a kinda false alarm." Jacob commented. "I heard what sounded to me like screams of agony; however, it turned out to be something totally different."

Jacob glanced in Tanner's and my direction giving us both a wicked smile. My heart stopped. Jesus, he was NOT going to tell mom and dad the truth, was he!?

Mom and dad were both giving Jacob then Tanner and myself concerned looks, probably thinking one of was in pain or in some kind of trouble. He continued. "I was just getting off my shift; but, honestly, feeling someone was in trouble I rushed in the direction I thought the screaming was coming from."

"I got there and was kind of surprised to find your two boys in the back seat of Tanner's car huffing and wheezing..." Jacob gave a long pause grinning to himself obviously remembering the sight he saw that night. "Seems like your two boys were engaged in a wrestling match with your oldest boy dominating his little bro!"

Dad laughed "Man, boys will be boys! I remember wrestling with my brother all the time when we were growing up; we didn't care where we were or how old we got when we had disagreements we hit the dirt. Don't worry, Robert, my big brother usually got the better of me as well."

Tanner and I looked at each other and laughed hysterically, Jacob joined in as well, for obvious reasons. Dad chuckled, reminiscing about the past.

"Well, Mr. Worthington, I don't know what kind of moves those were Tanner put on Robert but we definitely didn't learn those in gym class when I was in school. I'm not quite sure, but I think the argument was about some white stuff Robert might have spilled all over Tanner and himself as well as on Tanner's car seat."

Kyle and Jamie's head shot towards each other finally catching on. They were literally on the floor laughing when they figured out what kind of wrestling we were doing and what that white stuff probably was!

"Whatever it was Robert spilled looked like tasted exceptionally good. If I were Tanner I think I would have been more upset at the fact that the cream was wasted instead of the fact that Robert got it all over the place!"

"That's our son." Mom chimed. "He's a real klutz. I hope you gave it to him good, Tanner!" Mom said jokingly. Jamie, Jacob and Kyle could hardly contain themselves.

"Trust me, Mom, knowing Tanner the way I do I can tell you...he gave it to Robert really good!" The whole table erupted in laughter! Mom and dad chuckled to themselves but they were clueless to what exactly was so funny.

We had just finished eating our dessert when the phone rang. Karl, our housekeeper and chef appeared announcing that a Mr. Luis Gilliard-Temples was asking for me. After excusing myself from the table, I went into the library where I picked up the phone.

"Luis, hi; this is Robert. Long time no hear!! What can I do for you?"

"Robert, I hope I'm not disturbing you and your family. However, may I ask a small favor of you? Deter and I are at his parent's home presently and are running several hours late. We had hoped to be back by six; but, with the heavy traffic, we'll probably not get in until after 10." Luis said.

"Would you mind rounding up the 6 horses and put them in the barn, please -- and also lay out fresh feed and hay. The forecasters are predicting some temperatures in the low teens. You still have your keys, don't you?" he continued.

"Be glad to, Luis. I've got to work off some of this Thanksgiving meal; besides, I've got some help now! And, yes, I still have my keys. By the way, are you and Deter going to be home tomorrow? There are a few new people in my life I want you to meet," I answered happily.

"Robert, how about you and ... your friends? ...How many are we talking? You folks come over and have a late breakfast with Deter and me; say ... 9:30," Luis suggested.

"Sounds great to me; we have no plans that I know of. Oh, there'll be four of us. And, thanks for the invite. Don't worry about the horses; I'll see that they're taken care of shortly. Great talking with you ... You know, I really don't get to spend as much time with you two as I like -- really miss you guys. Say 'hello' to your better half for me. Bye," I said, completing the call.

I returned to the table, took a sip of coffee and my last bite of dessert, looked around and noticed that everyone's attention was directed towards me.

"Nothing's wrong, folks. Mom, Dad, that was Luis. He wanted to know if I would stable the horses for him. It seems that he and Deter are going to be delayed getting back from Richmond tonight," I stated casually.

While I finished my dessert, Mom explained, "Luis and Deter own the farm that's adjacent to our property. It's not part of our subdivision, but one of their access roads to the farm is connected to our street."

I chimed in, "Luis is a vet; and, naturally, they have lots of different kinds of animals that call the farm their home, so to speak. Many have been rescued from injuries that prevent their being introduced back into the wild. It's almost like a petting farm, if you know what I mean."

Dad piped in, "Robert used to hang out over there so much when he was much younger that Luis and Deter almost considered him their son. In fact, back before football and basketball came into his life, Robert used to compete in Equestrian events. You remember those blue ribbons in a small case in the library? Those are Robert's."

Tanner grinned and responded, "Wow, I didn't know you rode horses, much less in competition. I'm impressed."

I shot him a "Don't-go-there" look, but Tanner continued, "Bet you looked REAL cute outfitted in chaps, spurs, a 10-gallon hat, -- and a frilly, Dale Evans-type western shirt."

Without thinking, I shot him a bird IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS and retorted, "Mom, is it too late to get Judge Taylor to rescind his adoption decision? I may have to reconsider this brother relationship thing."

Everyone at the table chuckled and then Mom responded, "Son, I'm afraid the decision is irrevocable."

"Even if I took it to the Supreme Court?" I quipped. "Doesn't the Constitution protect me from cruel and unusual punishment?"

"Talk about your frivolous lawsuits!" Thomas interjected. Everyone dutifully laughed -- at my expense. AND, Tanner's face revealed what I term a "shit-eatin' grin".

I held my hands up in the universal sign of surrender and said, "I give up, Sheriff. Just take me away and shoot me!" We all laughed.

Dad signaled that dinner was over by inviting everyone into the library for an aperitif -- even us minors. As we were finding a seat, Jason asked Dad, "This Deter and Luis, are they brothers, business partners?"

"Deter and Luis are in a domestic partnership. I think they've been a couple since their high school days, Jason. They're both in their mid-thirties. We couldn't ask for better neighbors; and they think Robert is theirs sometimes. When he was little, he was the 'hired hand' on their farm; and, I think he ate dinner over there more often than here. Right, Robert?"

Dad said. "Dad's right. Sometimes in the summer I would come home only to change clothes, shower and sleep. In fact, I've been down to Deter's folk's home in Richmond many times. I used to refer to them as my 'other' grandparents," I continued. "And Deter and Luis were Uncle Deter and Uncle Luis."

"Wow!" Jamie said. "Are we going to get to meet them?"

"Sure are; they've invited the four of us guys to a late breakfast with them tomorrow morning about 9:30. You're gonna love 'em."

The Gilliard-Temples farm adjoining the Worthington Estate


Little was left of the massive breakfast our hosts had prepared. And, Deter and Luis listened with rapt attention as I related the past two or three weeks of our lives at the Worthington's, beginning with Tanner's knocking on our front door that first time.

"Damn, Robert, what a story! Someone needs to be keeping a journal of the Worthington clan; this is like a fairy tale," Deter stated.

I looked at my brothers, grinned, and said, "You have no idea, guys; you have no idea."

Luis and Deter glanced at each other with a questioning look as I got the nod from Tanner.

"Luis, Deter, there's one other 'lit-tle' item I need to tell you, and I do this with Tanner's approval. We ... that is, Tanner and I ... though separately ... came out of the closet to our parents the night before last. Guys, we're gay," I said.

"And you point is?" Luis responded and laughed. Without communicating outwardly to each other, he and Deter walked over, kissed me and embraced us warmly. "Welcome to the club, guys."

"And your folks were fine with it, weren't they?" Deter then said as we continued our physical and emotional closeness.

"Yes, they were, guys. We're so lucky. However..." and I looked at Tanner again as he nodded his head. "We're a couple. And, that my folks DON'T know yet -- just one step at a time."

Not wanting to miss any of the action, Jamie blurted, "I didn't come out to the Worthington's last night; but, hey, guys, I'm gay, too".

We all laughed as Jamie joined the group hug. Not to be left out, Kyle quipped, "Hey, I'm the straight one here, but I think Jamie's kinda cute! Does that get me a hug too?"

He proceeded to become a group hugger too as the love fest continued. "And wouldn't you know it, Luis, those horses in the barn ain't got nothin' on Kyle when it comes to being hung. What a waste of good pecker meat! On a straight guy!!!" I quipped.

That brought the house down as Kyle dope-slapped beside my head.

We retired to their living room when Tanner asked Luis how he and Deter met.

"Go ahead and begin our story, babe; I'll just clean up in the kitchen since you did the cooking," Deter said as he kissed Luis lightly on the lips.

Luis sat down on the sofa and began, "Well, Tanner, I'm 34 now. Deter and I met in high school; he was 18 and a senior while I was almost 17 and a junior."

"It was the first day of football practice that year. My family had moved to Richmond that summer and, of course, I was new at the school. Luckily, my football coach from my previous school had written the athletic director at my new school, suggesting that I just might be an asset to the team. I guess the recommendation came because I had set a new school record in pass receptions for a tight end. What made the record more 'interesting' was that I was just a sophomore that year."

"Deter was the first string quarterback and was starting for the third straight year. Rumor in town had it that he was a prime candidate for an athletic scholarship to State next year. Money-wise, he didn't need the scholarship for his parents were and are -- how shall we say it -- well-to-do. His dad was Chairman and CEO of Gilliard Engineering, a large electronics manufacturing company that made circuit boards for computers. Deter's mom owned the most successful interior design firm in the region. Even with their busy professional lives, Deter's family managed to raise 4 boys, Deter being the oldest."

"State found in him their greatest quarterback yet; but, after college he turned down the opportunity to play professional football, deciding rather to begin learning his dad's business from the ground up. After all, someday he would be part owner, along with the rest of his siblings."

"His present position with the company is that of Senior Vice-President and Secretary to the Board. By the way, the Board is made up entirely of Deter's family - his mom and dad, his three brothers and two uncles. He is, however, the only one of his brothers that actually works for the company."

"We bought this 10-acre farm soon after we moved here and I set up my vet practice. We share this land with six horses, a few goats, god knows how many cats, 3 dogs and numerous winged creatures from barn owls to geese. These critters have been nursed back to health after suffering various life-threatening injuries that prohibit them from being able to fly. Our farm is now their permanent home."

Deter joined us and continued, "Robert, did I mention that Luis and I are returning to our hometown to attend my 18th year high school class reunion during the Christmas holidays. Since we had so many mutual friends, he is as excited as I am to renew old friendships and acquaintances."

Jamie asked what we were thinking, "Are your classmates aware that you guys are a couple?"

Deter answered, "Yea, for the most part. We came out of the closet the summer after Luis graduated from high school, and for the most part, our family and friends were accepting of our relationship as life partners. In fact, we had even held a commitment ceremony following Luis' graduation from college. Many of those friends we will see at the reunion were in attendance at our 'civil ceremony'. Now that gay couples can marry in Canada, we're considering the option ourselves."

"Sure, there were detractors who could not accept our relationship, but they were in the minority and generally kept their opinions to themselves. After all, I'm still remembered back home as the quarterback who led the high school to its first state championship and who received a full athletic scholarship to the state university. Some of my records still stand at State, by the way."

Jamie asked, "Well, how did you guys come out to each other, let alone become a couple?"

Deter responded, "How Luis and I became a couple is an interesting story in itself. Are you sure you want to hear it; it's pretty graphic the way we tell it."

"Hell, yea, the more graphic, the better!" Robert quipped.

A bit of lecherous laughter permeated the room.

Deter began, "We were football buddies soon after he and his folks moved here. Since I was a senior and he a junior, we had no classes together and saw each other only at football practice and during the games. In fact, he was my favorite receiver that year. -- DON'T even go there, guys!"

We all laughed.

He continued, "When I would see him in the halls during school, he was often walking or talking with Susan Anderson, one of my senior classmates and a real hottie. In fact, they dated for a while when Luis first moved here. Then, all of a sudden, I didn't see them together anymore. I soon learned that Susan and her family moved to California - something about her father getting a promotion and a new job."

"As the football season progressed and the team remained undefeated, Luis and I decided to spend some extra practice time at his house with my passing to him as he ran all the patterns that our coach laid out for us. His backyard became our temporary football field in the evenings after we finished studying and on the weekends. Hours were spent perfecting our passing and receiving. More often than not, we would then shower at my house. The shower in my bathroom is big enough for 4 people, if the truth be known."

Luis interrupted, "Like all jocks in a locker/shower room, it's natural to walk around butt naked and catch glimpses of just what guys are sporting -- both straight and gays participate in this little exercise but for different reasons, I guess."

Deter continued, "Seeing that amazingly hard body of Luis' always takes my breath away, and it was very difficult attempting to prevent that "uplifting" feeling down there when he stripped to take a shower-- even now."

We could all definitely see that Deter was getting a little frustrated thinking of Luis's naked body. To tell the truth, so was I!

"It had been about a month since we began our almost nightly ritual of study, tossing and catching the football, then showering. One night Luis shyly suggested that we take a shower together to 'save water'. At first I thought he was kidding, but I realized he was serious as he blushed awaiting my response."

"First of all, you guys have no idea how hot I was for Luis at the time. My mind was reeling with all the possible scenarios that could play out in the shower. The mere suggestion reminded me of the start to all of my jerk-off fantasies I've had since the two of us met. Knowing that Luis was straight, I tossed the suggestion off lightly -- shows what I knew, huh!"

"Attempting not to appear overly eager, I calmly answered, 'Sure! Why not; it's not like we haven't seen what we each have at least once every day. Besides, you can wash my back; I'm never good a giving it a decent scrubbing.' "

"The next minute found us in the shower and Luis was giving my backside a most thorough cleaning. When he worked his way down to my ass, he soaped up the face cloth and began gently washing in my crack and then my pucker."

I remember thinking, "Damn, this is fuckin amazing!" My flagpole went immediately to high mast, but I attempted to hide my aroused state from Luis' searching eyes.

Luis broke in, laughed and remembered saying, "Kinda enjoying this, Deter, I see," Deter interrupted and said as he blushed slightly, "Uh, guys; maybe we're getting a little too graphic with our memory here."

"Oh, no! Keep going", Tanner commented as we all adjusted ourselves in our pants as we snickered.

Deter continued, "Luis then reached around me with the soapy cloth and began to wash my hard cock, and, at the same time, pumping it up and down slowly. I remembered thinking 'I have to be dreaming! There was just no way I could accept the fact that the man of my dreams was naked in the shower with me with his hand wrapped around my hard shaft jerking me off."

"Still standing in the shower, I remember his snuggling up behind me and feeling his manhood brush up against my ass. I pressed back against him as he began to thrust his dick gently and slowly between my legs and into my ball sack. It felt heavenly! I'm the older one, you guys; I was supposed to do all the pursuing and seducing! Truthfully, I didn't mind the role reversal!"

It didn't take long for us two horn-dog teenagers to realize that our orgasms were quickly approaching. Luis increased his pumping of my dick and also the humping of my ass. With a gasp my body went rigid as I sprayed the wall with my cum; and, at the same time, Luis covered my ass and balls with his cum."

"Had Luis not had his arms around me I would have collapsed onto the shower floor -- I bet a couple of you guys know what I mean," Deter said winking at Tanner and me.

"I remember Luis holding me gently for oh, so long, and whispered into my ear, 'Deter, I've wanted to do that since I laid eyes on you that first day of football practice. In fact, I almost waited until I got home to take a shower after practice for fear that I couldn't keep from springing a hard-on in the shower stalls just because you were in the same area with me.' "

Deter continued, "I regained my composure and my weak knees began to hold my weight again as I turned around and facing Luis, pressing my body into his."

"Looking up into that manly, sexy face I responded, 'Luis, you're gonna think I'm lying, but the same thing happened to me. I swear, if you had walked into that shower area naked I would have shot my load right then and there.' "

"We both laughed at our confessions of horniness. Then I reached down to gently placed my hand around his semi-erect penis and slowly began to jack it. 'Let's dry off and continue this in your bedroom, babe.' "

"That was the first time he called me 'babe,' " Luis recalled.

Deter picked up the story, "Not wanting Luis to get lost between the bathroom and my adjoining bedroom, I retained my gentle grip on his love-tool as I lovingly led him into the room and over to my king-sized bed. As we lay down facing each other, I took up where I left off in the bathroom by starting to move my fist up and down his rod. Luis groaned deliciously as I continued my efforts."

"Our sexual activities were brought to an abrupt stop when we heard Luis' dad's car pull up in the driveway." Deter said.

Jamie exclaimed, "That's one hell of a story! Whew, I'm hard as a rock!"

Then Jamie realized what he had just said, turned blood red, and became totally embarrassed and began tearing up. Deter rushed over to Jamie, knelt in front of him, put one hand under Jamie's chin and looked him straight in the eye.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. I think you just verbally expressed what all of us are feeling. I know I was. I get that way every time Luis and I relate the story," said warmly.

Deter then hugged Jamie for a few moments.

Saturday morning -- Federal Court House, Charlottesville

Governor Roy Sams

"Dorothy, place your right hand on the Bible as Bob holds it for you. Please repeat after me."

"I, Dorothy McGill Worthington, do hereby solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia to the best of my ability and to apply its laws without prejudice or malice to its citizens."

"Congratulations, Justice Worthington! Now it's time to greet your family, friends, admirers and fellow justices," the Governor said in closing.


The reception lasted about an hour with some 200 in attendance. And the press ... well, they were everywhere since Mom was 'news' to them. After all, she had just become the first woman Justice on the State Supreme Court in Virginia's history.

"Robert, do you have any idea how I feel at this moment? I'm so lucky to be a part of this wonderful family, to have the kind of positive role models that Mom and Dad are daily to us. It's almost overwhelming, you know!" Tanner voiced.

"I agree, Tanner," Kyle stated. "We --you and I -- are so blessed." Then with a grin he continued, "Even having Robert around is kinda ok, if you know what I mean."

"Kyle, you're just lucky we're in the public eye at this moment or I would be forced to wipe this shiny floor with your white ass," Robert quietly retorted as he slyly giggled.

The bantering continued with Jamie and Kurt not being left out either. However, Katy was ever the proper lady and did her best to ignore us lowlife peasants. However, I did notice towards the end of the event that she and Kyle often stood off to themselves just talking and enjoying each other's special company. I was happy for both of them.

Maximum Security State Prison, Virginia

Hank Steadman (on the phone)

"Max, Last night I saw that bitch of a Judge Worthington being sworn in as a Justice on news. And, her fucking adorable family was there. That gave me the idea of how we're gonna have our revenge on the cunt judge."

"You be up here tomorrow morning sharp for visiting hours. She's going down next week, brother, along with her family."

-- end of Chapter 21--